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Lie To Me

Up North....

<a href="">Rashad</a> looked out of his bedroom window at the Manhattan skyline and placed his hand on the glass. He dropped his head and looked around his room. He had everything he wanted, he was your typical rich boy. Spoiled by his wealthy parents. You would think he had it all, but he would think otherwise.

Down South...

<a href="">Bryce</a> stood on the balcony of her step mothers apartment and took in the winter air. Bed-Stuy to her was home whether she liked it or not. She turned her head at the sight of red and blue lights and sirens whaling from both directions. Gun shots went off and she slowly stepped into the warmth of the apartment shutting the door. She went to the room and cuddled up next to her step sister and fell asleep. She didn't care for Bed-Stuy much but this was home.



Well, she has now forgiven him and herself. On to the next hurdle...

btw what is Mason gon say...

Umm yea y'all should be cool cuz she should of only
Been mad at herself for falling into temptation
Everybody know a nigga only gonna do what u let him
& he need to get his mind right cuz obviously he want to have his cake & eat it too
Which ain't right at all

Obviously, he is confused because he wants Bryce but f***s her and calls her Renee.

I'm glad Bryce can own up to her feelings and say she was wrong.

But i really want them together.

Run it

<strong><em>3 weeks later...</em></strong>

<a href="">I</a> was staying with Mason for the week since my parents were out on business. I sat on the couch and listened to Taryn and Mason argue about who was cuter. I was bored and agitated. I got up and put on my coat.

"I'll be back."  I opened the door and let the cold air consume me.

I haven't talked to Bryce since that day. I tried calling her but then she'd tell Mason and he'd get all in my face and s***. I don't know why she was being anything right now. We made a mistake get over it but whatever. I walked around Bed-Stuy and came across the corner store. I decided to go get something to satisfy my sweet tooth. I heard the bell chime as I walked in. I removed my hat and walked back towards the refrigerators to get me an energy drink. I shut the door and looked over my shoulder and saw <a href="">her</a>. My eyes widened and she looked in my direction. I turned on my heels and walked towards the cash register. I put my items on the counter and reached for the loose bills in my wallet.

"Hey," she said in a light voice. I nodded my head. She studied me for a moment and spoke again. "You dyed your hair." I made an "obviously" face. "It's nice." 

The cashier handed me my change and the items in a bag. I thanked him and walked out the store. I heard footsteps running after me.

"So now you don't know me?" Bryce said while pulling my shoulder and turning my body towards her. I rolled my eyes in frustration.

"What Bryce? You told me to leave you alone, 'keep my distance' remember? So when I see you and don't speak don't act like s*** is new. I'm doing what you asked me to do." I shoved my hands in my pockets and looked at her.

"You're right." I looked at her confused. I was not expecting this from her. I thought she'd fight for it. She shoved her hands in her pockets and looked down. "Walk with me?" I nodded my head and followed her.

We walked in silence for a minute and she finally spoke. 

"How are you?" I shrugged and opened the top to my drink. "You walking with me is pointless if you aren't gonna talk." I stopped and looked at her.

"Why we're you so mad?" She looked away and shook her head.

"That's not what I wanna talk about." she began walking away 
"You can't avoid the big pink elephant forever." she looked and stopped.

"I don't know Rashad. It's like I developed feelings for you. But you had a girlfriend. When that night came up I just went for it. You called me and her name and then I knew where your head was. So I didn't wanna dig a deeper hole for myself." she dropped her head and I picked it up by her chin.

"I'm feeling you B. believe it or not. But neither of us are in a position for each other right now. But I still wanna be able to talk to you and stuff. It may sound gay but I want what you and Mason have." she giggled. "So we cool B?" she nodded and I kissed her forehead.

What the f*** is it about this girl.

Thanks guys :)

I really do appreciate all the feedback

Adding tonight!!!!!!

Bryce should feel dirty girl u don't know him
U see the moment ain't last all of 5 mins
I don't feel sorry for her act like a hoe get treated like one

Mason seems so dope I like him :*

poor bryce she is really hurt..rashad how u gon call her somebody else! UGH...mason is such a good friend! RUN IT

awww check Mason. Happy he didn't kill Rashad. Still feeling bad for Bryce :-(


I like this! :D


I don't feel that he used her it was both of them caught up in the moment the. Only bad part was hos cheated on his gf which put Bryce in a bad spot and makes her look bad also run it tho

I don't care about his feelings. Soooooo he can go back to shawty.

*claps for mason* Bravo Bestfriend

Runn It !

Rashad got what he deserved.

Suits him right

I'm in love with Mason. He is a great bestfriend.

Mason, please marry me?!

Run it

"The f*** you mean you f***ed her?" Mason yelled.

I shrugged, "I don't know nigga. It just happened!"  I said rubbing my hands over my head.

"f*** that s***! A kiss just happens, slipping a finger in just happens. Getting completely undressed, putting on a condom, and f***ing her. That s*** don't just happen nigga!" Mason began to pace the floor. "I wanna beat the f*** outta you, but you're blood. Just lea--," he was interrupted by his phone buzzing.

We both looked at the table and saw it was a message. He walked over to it and slid his finger across the screen.

"Its her." He handed me the phone and I read the message.

<em>I feel so dirty.</em>

I dropped my head. I felt terrible. I looked over at Mason and didn't say anything. I could see the hurt and anger in his face. I had hurt his best friend and no apology could make up for that. He looked at me and went through his phone. He placed at his ear.

"Don't say s***." He said sternly as he put the phone on speaker.

"Hey." I heard the hurt in Bryce's voice and saw Mason's head shoot up at me, he cut his eyes at me,

"You cool best friend?" He asked putting his head in his hands.

"I guess. I just don't normally do that. You know me Mason. He just had me so open and I thought he was feeling me, I mean he might be but," her voice started cracking. "It's like he never bothered to ask if I was ok with it. You know? Like he never made sure. He didn't stop either. Like he knew he had a girlfriend and I did too, but it's just all so ugghhhh. I just feel used." she sighed. 

"I know, I'm sorry Bryce you know I'm a s***ty advice giver," she laughed, "So I really don't know what to tell you." 

"It's cool. Just make sure he keeps his distance from me." I shot my head up and looked at the phone. I was hurt and felt like I treated her like a sideline hoe. I looked over at Mason and shook my head no. He dropped his head and responded.

"I got you." he rubbed his head and looked at me and mouth 'sorry'. I stood up and left the room.

"I love you best friend." was the last thing I heard her say.

"I love you too." he hung up the phone.

<strong>Damn</strong> was all I could say.

Damn girl *lauren london voice*

OMG thanks for the comments guys!!!!

There will definitely be an add later :)

she shouldnt feel so bad. I mean I know it was to soon, but what else do you do when your in the heat of the moment? he should have been the one that decided to stop because he has a girl and if he was thinking about his girl the whole time then why didnt he stop. im getting upset so let me stop typing lol.

run it

Aw man, Bryce!

I feel bad.

Mason is gunna kick his ass.

Atleast you know where his head is at.

Is it wierd that when I was reading this I was listening to J. Coles workout.

Run it

Aww poor bryce :(
Runn It . . .

Poor Bryce, I feel for her. I pray Mason don't kill Rashad!

I Mean Hit It Bryce!!!

Why Would Yo Let Him Hit Bryce???

Aww poor bryce :(
Runn It . . .

<a href="">I</a> sat on my bed listening to Watch The Throne. After the mall we all went our separate ways. I hated being home but I had to get ready for school? Ha! Who am I kidding. Well Lorryne and Carmen went home. And Mason, Angelo, and Rashad went back to Mason's place I guess. I was rapping along with No Church in the Wild when I felt my phone vibrate.


I looked at the unfamiliar number and smiled to myself knowing exactly who it was.


I sat my phone down and turned on Beyonce's Dangerously in Love CD. I looked back at my phone and opened the message.

<strong>Who tf is Rashad?</strong>

My eyes got wide and I began to panic a bit, I didn't know who it was at this point.

<em>Oh I'm sorry. I just thought it was.</em>

<strong>Lol. I'm joking. It is Rashad. Wyd?</strong>

<em>Ooooh, you better stop playing lol. Nothing just in the house bored.</em> 

<strong>Well get out the house and come see me.</strong> 

I smiled and threw on my Ugg boots and my North Face coat. 

<em>Meet me at 7-eleven in 5.</em>

Even though it was damn near midnight no one was here. But no one was ever here. Joanne (my step-mother) came and went like she didn't have children living here. She always had a different man in and out of here. I guess ever since my dad died s*** hasn't been the same since. I dropped my head and walked out the door. After about 5 minutes of walking I spotted Rashad sitting on a bus bench nearby. I stepped up to him unnoticed and spoke.

"You waiting for somebody?" He looked up and smiled scooting over for me to sit down. 

"Come on." He stood up and motioned for me to follow him. 

"Where are we going?" I asked looking around at the empty snow filled streets.

"Somewhere warm." He and I both chuckled a bit. 

"Come on we can go to my place." He widened his eyes and I laughed. "What?" 

"Inviting me over already? Naughty girl." He laughed and I did too.

"Shut up boy. It's cold as f*** out here." We laughed again and began walking to my house....well apartment.

We got in and we walked to my room. He looked around and stood at the door. I took my coat and boots off and sat down on my bed. I cut the tv on and looked at him.

"Are you gonna get comfortable?" He laughed and jumped a bit.

"oh yeah yeah." He took off his shoes and coat and sat next to me. "What are we watching?" He leaned back on my head board and I leaned back as well.

"Love and Basketball." I smiled as he kissed his teeth.

"Girls and this movie man." I laughed.

"Shut up and watch it," it was the part after prom when she got the acceptance letter to USC and they were outside together. "I love this part."

"You're a little freak huh?" I playfully punched his arm as Maxwell's woman's worth played on the screen. 

Rashad out his arm around me subconsciously and I felt it hit my shoulder. I looked at his hand and then up at him. He went to take his arm off but I leaned my head on his shoulder as an OK to keep it there. The part where they went to the bed was on now and they began to strip on the screen. I felt Rashad adjust his position in my bed and I looked up at him. I could feel the heat form between the two of us and it was just a matter of time before one of us went in for the--.

My thoughts were interrupted by his soft, pink lips pressed against mine. I felt a chill rush down my spine his lips were amazing. I pulled away and dropped my head.

"Rashad, we shouldn't be doing this." I looked back up at him and completely contradicted myself going in for another kiss. I wasn't rejected. 

I felt him slip his tongue in and I opened wider in acceptance. I could feel him smile while we kissed and I giggled a bit. I slid down my head board and he made his way on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he moved his lips to mine. He dragged his tongue around in circles on my neck.

"Oooh," I let a small moan escape my lips. I grinded my hips on his pelvis and he moved his hand down to my area. 

He lightly played with my pussy through my pants making me even more wet. I pulled his shirt off and he did the same to me. He trailed his tongue from my neck down to my breasts. I undid my bra and let my babies breathe. He smiled and began to take each one in his mouth it was driving me crazy. He moved his tongue down to my belly button and slid off my pants. He played at the top of my panty line before tugging at them with his teeth. He pulled them down successfully and placed kisses on my inner thigh headed towards my clit.

I grabbed his chin and bought him back up to my face. And shook my head no.

"Why not?" He asked in shock.

"Because, only my man can do that." I winked and he laughed. 

I flipped him over so I was on top now and began to kiss his neck. I ran my tongue up and down his neck and he let out a slight moan. He pulled his pants down and I shoved my hand in his boxers. My eyes got a little big when I felt his size and we wasn't even all the way hard yet. I continued to play with it until he stopped me and made me kiss him again.

"I want you." He said. I smirked and leaned over to me nightstand giving him a full view of my ass. He grabbed it and I laughed. I took the condom out and handed it to him. 

He put it on and flipped me back over. I looked him in his eyes and he leaned forward and kissed me while slowly pushing himself in. I gasped and arched my back. He pushed himself in more and I threw my head back and sat up on my elbows. He went in and out slowly.

"Damn Rashad!" I said while he Buried his face in my neck. He grunted and pushed himself all the way in I screamed. He smiled and looked at me kissing my lips. He went in and out faster and harder like I instructed him to. I was in the heat of the moment.

"Damn Nay." He said, his eyes closed. I looked at him as he continued to thrust. I was hurt. I knew what I was doing was wrong but he was thinking about his girl the whole time. I made an irritated sigh and pushed him off of me and sat up. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and put on my shirt and pants. 

"What?" he said not even realizing what had happened.

"You called me Nay." I never too my eyes off of the window. I felt him crawl over to me and kiss my shoulder. I dropped it and laid his head on the other one. 

"I'm so sorry Bryce. I swear I didn't mean too." he kissed the back of my neck and I dropped my head.

"Look Rashad this was a bad idea from jump. Just go." I wiped a tear from my face. 

He sighed and did what He was told. He walked over towards my and kissed my forehead. I turned my head away from him and he sighed and walked out of my room. I heard my front door shut. I immediately began crying. How could I let my guard down I've only know this boy for all of 3 days and I already let him hit. Tf kind of girl am I. I wiped my tears and found Mason's number and sent him a text.

<em>I feel so dirty.</em>

See they got that little connection already.

But, he really shouldn't pretend to be someone he's not.

Poor Renee, she doesnt even know.

Run it

ooooo I likey RUN IT!


lol. his girl gone be mad cause he aint text back. but him and bryce needa get together.

run it

We arrived at the mall and naturally everyone coupled off. Lorryne and Mason. Carmen and Angelo. And of course....

"And then there were two." Rashad said nudging me as I looked straight ahead. I laughed and nodded.

"Wanna go eat?" I asked stopping and pointing in the direction of the food court. 

"Are you asking me on a date?" He said while putting his hand on his chest and making googley eyes. 

"Boyyyy" I said laughing and pulling his arm towards the food court. We decided on sharing a foot long steak and cheese with some fries and two sodas.

"So tell me about yourself Bryce?" He asked wiping his fingers with a napkin and looking at me. I took a bite of my sandwich and covered my mouth with my napkin.

"What do you want to know?" I finished chewing my food and took a sip of my soda.

"What do you do for fun?" He asked while dipping a fry in ketchup and taking a bite of it.

"Well I love taking pictures. Ummmm I guess partying but I like to just chill most of the time." I said taking the last bite of my sandwich. "That was bomb." I said throwing in my napkin and wiping my hands.

"What kinda guys do you like?" He asked with his voice kind of shaky.

"I like down to earth boys. Boys who have good head on their shoulders, smart, funny, interesting. Can just chill. But most importantly can be my boyfriend and my best friend." I said thinking back to my last relationship. I smirked a little and realized how much I missed him. But quickly shook the thought.

"If I am thinking correctly I would say you're describing me." He said smiling.

"Get over yourself. You're off the market." I said getting up from the table. "Come on I wanna go buy some s***." I said grabbing my bag and watched as Rashad got up and threw the stuff in the trash and followed. 

I walked into Lord & Taylor with Rashad on my heels. I grabbed two pair of Tom's and a pair of Uggs. And rang them up.

"You ballin huh?" He said playing with key chains in the counter.

"On a budget." I responded while grabbing my bags. He looked at me and laughed.

"Come on let's get matching beanies." He said grabbing my hand.

"Why?" I asked with curiosity written all over my face.

"So whenever you wear it you'll think of me! And vice versa." He smiled and put has hand on my head.

"I'm no home wrecker." He looked at me and fell out laughing but I didn't find anything funny, well maybe a little bit.

"Shut up and come on." He took off in front of me towards Urban outfitters. I watched him walk ahead of me a little and I thought to myself.

<em>His girlfriend is lucky</em>