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Lie To Me

Up North....

<a href="">Rashad</a> looked out of his bedroom window at the Manhattan skyline and placed his hand on the glass. He dropped his head and looked around his room. He had everything he wanted, he was your typical rich boy. Spoiled by his wealthy parents. You would think he had it all, but he would think otherwise.

Down South...

<a href="">Bryce</a> stood on the balcony of her step mothers apartment and took in the winter air. Bed-Stuy to her was home whether she liked it or not. She turned her head at the sight of red and blue lights and sirens whaling from both directions. Gun shots went off and she slowly stepped into the warmth of the apartment shutting the door. She went to the room and cuddled up next to her step sister and fell asleep. She didn't care for Bed-Stuy much but this was home.


<a href="">I</a> stood bye the train platform and watched  <a href="">Mason</a> rap and act a fool while <a href="">Angelo</a> made beats. Man I loved getting away from it all and coming down here just to be myself. Well at least the person I wanted to be. No one judged me, well the niggas I f*** with didn't. I looked up and saw Bryce and her girls walking down the steps. She looked good. I stood up and nodded my head towards their direction forcing Mason and Lo to look their way. Mason's face lit up As he took off towards Bryce.

"You act like you haven't seen me in months. I saw yo drunk ass last night." She said hugging him back and wrapping her arm around his shoulder. 

She walked towards me and Lo and looked over at Lo.

"Angelo! Long time no see. How was your trip?" she said hugging him.

"It was cool. Glad I'm home though. Them country bumpkins down in Atlanta mannnnn." He said causing her to laugh. Her smile was cute.

"Hey Rashad." she said motioning for a hug. I did as I was told and embraced her. Compared to me she was so tiny, it was cute.

"Wass good." I said now looking at her she smiled a bit before looking in the direction of her friends.

"When did y'all meet?" Lo asked with a look of confusion spread across his face. 

"At my party last night B." Mason said diverging the conversation from me.

"Oh yeah? How was it? I heard through the grapevine that it was dope." Lo asked.

We say and chatted about the party until our train came. We hopped on the train and attempted to find a seat on the crowded train. I looked over to see Carmen and Lo flirting. I sat and looked in Bryce's direction. I must've been looking to hard.

"I mean take a picture." She said laughing and getting up from her seat to come sit next to me. My palms immediately got sweaty. This never happens to me.

"Why you so red?" she asked pointing to my cheeks. I blushed more and immediately got embarrassed. "You're nervous?" She asked sliding back a bit. 

"Nahhh," I said as calm and collected as I could. I felt my phone buzz and pulled it out of my pocket to see an iMessage from Renee.

<strong>Hey baby.</strong>

I looked over to see Bryce being nosy. I laughed and she jumped a little.

"That's your girl?" she asked pointing to the message. I nodded and she nodded too. I replied swiftly and put my phone back in my pocket.


I looked over at Bryce playing temple run. And laughed a little when she fell off the cliff.

"How long y'all been going out?" she asked exiting out of the app and looking at me.

"For a little under a year. You don't have a significant other?" I asked with raised eyebrows. She laughed a little.

"Is that your way of asking me if I'm gay or have a boyfriend at the same time?" my eyes got big and she burst out into laughter. Laughing so hard she cried, "No, I don't have a boyfriend. We broke up a few months back." she said putting her head down and playing with her thumbs.

"Why? If you don't mind me asking?" she looked up and shrugged.

"He went away for his dads funeral and just never came back. So we both decided to just let it go." She was getting emotional, I could tell this was her soft spot. I felt my phone vibrate again and looked at it. It was Renee again.

<strong> I miss you already :)</strong>

I smiled a little but got distracted by everyone racing off of the train. I stuffed my phone in my pocket and followed Bryce forgetting all about the message.

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Rashad is trying to start something he can't get out of...He should just tell her the truth

Runnnnnn it

I know this is gunna backfire.

I can feel it.

Hmm, Mason lookef good in that pic ;)

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wonder why she dnt like rich boys..well hope rashad's plan works out lol cant waait to see wat happens at the mall! RUN IT!!!!!!

<a href="">I</a> fluffed the last part of my hair and made a smirk of approval at my appearance. 

"Girlllllll yes. Lil nigga was on me last night." I heard Lorryne yell to Carmen. "Oh b**** you cute, you must be ready for today. It's just Mason and them." Lorryne said putting her lipstick on.

"b****, I look like this everyday." I laughed and walked out of the bathroom to admire Lorryne's <a href="">apparel</a>. 

"What are we doing anyway?" Carmen asked while fluffing her <a href="">hair</a>. 

I dug into my purse and grabbed my phone and slid the bar unlocking it and revealing a message from Mason.

<strong>Best friend! lol, meet us at the subway we going shopping *in my white girl voice* </a>

I laughed hysterically at the message my best friend had just sent me. "Bring money b****es we going shopping." I said while replying to the message.

<em>Lol, you a fool best friend. Aite bet who you bringing?" </em>

I texted in hopes that I could see his cousin again. I looked over at Carmen and Lorryne joking about something before I heard the door knob turn on the front door of the apartment. We all got silent and waited to see who was on the other side. I sighed in relief when I saw my step sister <a href="">Shay</a>. 

"Where you been?" I asked hugging her and doing our secret handshake.

"Just with Taryn. Ma home yet?" I rolled my eyes, that was not my mother. I shook my head no and read the message Mason sent me.

<strong> Me, Rashad, and Lo. But we boutta head out so I'll see you in a minute.</strong> 

"We boutta go down to the mall out BK. You staying in the house?" I asked her getting myself ready for the cold weather I was soon coming to face with. 

"Nahhh, just came to change my clothes me and T going back out." she said rummaging around the room trying to find something.

"Oh aite, well be safe. Hit my phone if you need anything." I said kissing her forehead and heading towards the door. 

"Byeeeeeeee Shayyyyyyyy" Carmrn and Lorryne said before tackling her onto the bed.  

"Y'all play to damn much." Shay said through her laughter. 

We got out the apartment building and began walking towards the subway. 

"Sooooo who's Mason bringing? I hope he's bringing my boo boo." Carmen said while laughing.

"Girlllll he don't want you though." Lorryne said while dying laughing.

"Hmmm I don't know he might, he be staring at her when she not looking." I said while Carmen's eyes got big. "it's Mason, Rashad, and Lo."

They both stopped dead in their tracks and looked at me.

"Ooooooh Rashadddddd" I fell into laughter at how stupid my friends were and looked ahead towards the subway. 

"Y'all are a straight up mess." I said while walking down the stairs into the somewhat warm yet crowded subway.

<a href="">I</a> opened my eyes to the sun shining brightly. I looked around Masons room and sat up on the air mattress. I rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth, still quite hungover from last nights events. I threw on a sweatshirt and some jeans and went to the kitchen greeted by <a href="">Mason</a> and his little sister <a href="">Taryn</a>. 

"Ewwww," Taryn said rolling her eyes and taking a bite of her toast.

"Sup fat head." I said nudging her causing her to stumble a bit.

"Damn Rashad, take your light bright ass somewhere." She said pretending to be annoyed. I rolled my eyes and walked to the fridge and toasted a bagel and added butter and cream cheese.

"What y'all doing today?" Taryn asked brushing off her hands and throwing away the paper towel.

"We going out, mind ya business." Mason replied while going through his phone and sending out a quick text. 

"Well if you go see Bryce and them tell her thanks for the t-shirts." Taryn threw on her coat grabbed her purse and keys and left. "I'll be back hoes." with that she shut the door.

"Aye, what's up with Bryce tho?" I asked studying my bagel.

"Don't waste your time B. She don't go for guys like you." Mason said shaking his head and chuckling a bit.

"Tf does that mean? Guys like me?" I was turned off by that statement, I wasn't a bad guy.

"I mean rich boys." I laughed and looked at him.

"Well she doesn't have to know now does she?" I knew this sounded crazy but I wanted her.

"And when she finds out?" Mason said looking at me seriously.

"We my friend will make certain that she won't." I threw my napkin away and scrolled down my instagram.

"If this backfires and Bryce finds out and stops f***ing with me. I'mma f*** you up. That's like my best friend and I'll be damned if I lose her cause yo dumbass wants to hit. That's all I'm saying." With that Mason put on his coat and we left.

Damn I hope things with Bryce don't get out of control.

Me likey !!

Runn It Mama :)

Damn, party must've been the s*** if they f***ed up!!

They were faded!!!

Haha, why did Rashaad lie tho?

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Loving this so far
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The party was over. It was 3:57 in the morning. I looked around at the messy house and found Mason in the corner.

"Hey boo, we boutta be out." I said hugging him. He attempted to open his eyes.

"You going back to your crib?" he slurred heavily. I nodded. Aite bet, you know this my brothers spot anyway so he got cleaning people and s*** coming in the morning." I hardly understood what he said buy nodded in agreement. 

I stumbled over towards my girls and saw them leaning on the wall.

"Where we going?" Carmen asked loudly and barely understandable.

"My house." I said before walking out into the cold winter air.

30 minutes later.....

<strong> Mason is super wasted. He said we'll hook up wit y'all 2mar</strong>

I looked at the message and nodded my head as if the person on the other end could see me.

<em> cool </em>

I looked at my girls laughing and cracking jokes while halfway sleep.

"TF did you go at the party hoe?" Lorryne asked while eating a powdered donut.

"Blow a blunt." I responded while taking a sip of my water.

"By yourself?" Lorryne shouted.

"Nahhhh, she was with Mason's cousin." Carmen interjected while making love faces at me.

"b****, shut up." I said laughing hysterically. "I'm through with y'all b****es, good night." I turned over on my bed and shut my eyes immediately drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow was gonna be long and interesting.

<a href="">I</a> led the boy to a back alley behind Mason's house. I looked up at him and he seemed uneasy.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna murder you." I said as clearly as possible. I sat down on the step and tied my shoe. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a freshly rolled blunt. 

"You smoke?" I asked placing the blunt in between my lips and lighting it.

"Yeah," he said taking a seat on the step below me. "You don't even know me and you're gonna let me smoke with you?" He asked while taking the blunt from me and inhaling.

"You provided a lighter," I shrugged and leaned back on the cold steps looking around at the blankets of white covering the sidewalk. 

"Respect, so what's your name?" he said handing the blunt back to me. I inhaled long and slow and blew O's into the air.

"Bryce, yours?" I stood up and brushed the excess snow off of my butt. 

"Rashad. You missed a spot." he said pointing to the middle of my butt.

"Get it for me please?" he did as he was told and brushed the spot off. It giggled and we both laughed. "You stay down here?" I said inhaling and twirling in a circle. My high was beginning to combine perfectly with my drunkenness. 

"I stay with Mason from time to time." He said shoving his hands in his pockets and looking up at me from under his hat. I nodded my head and passed him the blunt. "You can kill it." he nodded and finished the blunt off throwing down the street. He stood up and brushed the snow off his pants.

"you stay around here?" he said putting his hands back in his pockets. I nodded yes.

"Look, I'm having a kickback after this is over. I know Mason is coming through so if you like you can come too." I said while walking away. 

"Aite, coo." He slurred his words heavily and I laughed. 

"Come on let's get you back." I put his arm around my shoulder and led him back to the party with my assistance.

I returned to the party high as a kite. I parted ways from Rashad and found myself back at the bar with my girls. I took another shot and let the warmth of the alcohol consume me. I was definitely turnt and my girls were too. I walked drunkenly to the living room where the dj was and stood in the middle of it with my hands in the air.

"Take it to the headddddd, yeah yeah. Don't think about it be about it don't be scared to take it to the headddddd, yeah yeah." I swayed my hips back and forth before my girls joined me. And that's where we were for the rest of the night.

Up North...

<a href="">Rashad</a> zipped up his book bag and shut the door to his room. He waved good-bye to his parents and they shrugged him off. He sighed a little but quickly got over it while thinking of the events he had in store for the evening. He eyed his cars and decided against driving all together. 

<em> They not bout to get me for my s***</em>

He thought to himself. He looked at his watch, 10:27. The bus would be here in about 10 minutes. He walked to the bus stop and put his headphones in. He listened to No Lie and was at the bus stop just as the song was ending. He pulled out his wallet and grabbed two dollars out just as the bus was approaching. He gave the driver his money and found a seat in the back. He turned up the volume on his iPhone and listened to Kanye West all the way there. 

He looked up and saw his stop approaching. He pulled the cord to request his stop and stood up. He walked to the back door and proceeded off of the bus. He got off a block away from the party and walked the rest of the way. It was freezing outside and the redness on his nose made it clear. He dapped a few people that he knew through Mason and said Wassup to a few females that had one-night stand potential. He made it to the door and entered. He heard Mercy blare through the speakers and began bobbing his head. He spotted Mason in the corner talking to some girl that Rashad had seen once before. 

"Wassgood B!" Mason said excited to see his cousin. 

"Ain't s*** man chilling." Rashad said dapping Mason up and eyeing the female. 

"Damn, my bad this is my cousin Rashad. Rashad this Cari." Mason slurred and took another sip of whatever was in his cup. 

"Now let's get you turnt cuzzo!!!" He said again slurring and barely able to hold himself up. 

Cari laughed and her grill was f***ed. So I decided against having anything to do with her. I followed Mason to the kitchen and caught a glimpse of <a href="">her</a>. She looked up and smiled a bit. Her eyes were low. She was cute, really cute. I decided I'd get her number before I left, or atleast a name. I finally found Mason and he had shots ready. 

"Aite, bro. I got 4 shots each, you down?" I studied Mason knowing that these 4 would send him over the edge. I looked at the shots and back at my cousin.

"Well if you don't take em boo I will." <a href="">she</a> said with a drunken smile. She was cute too.

"You've had enough Car." Mason said before they both bursted into laughter. I looked back and forth between the two of them and picked up each shot and tossed them back. I scrunched up my face and shook my head.

"Strong s***." I said watching the girl from earlier walk towards me. 

"Hey Car, have you seen Lorryne?" she asked in a somewhat slur.

"Nah, why?" the big haired girl who I assumed was named Car or something of that nature said.

"She has my lighter." I quickly interjected.

"I got one." I held up the lighter and she snatched it softly.

"C'mon." She motioned me to follow her and I did. I saw Mason shake his head and laugh a bit. I had this in a bag.

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Love The Add:)

I like how they live totally two different lifestyles.

Renee seems like a downer of a girlfriend.

Her friends are crazy. Haha

I wanna see how this party goes.

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Down south...

Bryce put her final touch of mascara on and puckered her lips in the mirror. She turned to see Lorryne in her bra and underwear ironing her clothes, and <a href=""> Carmen</a> fluffing her hair.

"Girl, you don't got no titties!" I shouted from across the hall. 

"Shut up b****, at least I'm cute!" Lorryne said rolling her eyes and poking out her lips.

Carmen laughed to herself before her eyes jetted to the radio in the corner. 

"This my song!!!!!" Carmen shouted while beginning to sway her hips to Don't Lie by 2 Chainz and Drake. 

"I'm smoking on that gas life should be on Cinemax, movie. Bought my boo bigger tits and a bigger ass." Bryce began to rap before she felt her iPhone ring. "Hello?" She said without looking at the caller ID.

"Bryce! It's Mason, y'all coming out here tonight?" I heard Mason's squeaky voice come through the other end of my line. 

"Who is that?!" Lorryne yelled from the bedroom while making her way to the bathroom where I was. 

"Mason," I said handing her the phone.

"MASON!!!! Oh you know we in there boo, it ain't a party without us! You hear me though!!!" Lorryne made her final touches to her hair and make-up before Carmen did the same. 

They hung up the phone from Mason and threw on our coats, hats, and gloves and headed out the door. They walked to the main road and Carmen whistled for a taxi. They jumped in and tried their best to get warm. After about a 5 minute drive they arrived at Mason's house party. The taxi stopped and they all jumped out and ran through the crowd of people.

"DAMN KIDS!!!!" They heard the taxi driver yell, they all laughed and walked into the house.

Reaching the front door they saw <a href="">Mason</a>and walked towards him each giving them hugs.

"You ladies look lovely tonight." He said eyeing each one of them. His eyes were low and his words were slurring.

"Mason you holding out! I'm tryna get like you!" Carmen said while snatching his cup and taking a sip of the unknown liquid. She squinted her eyes and made a sour face before coughing.

We all laughed at her while Mason pointed us in the direction of where drinks were being made. We thanked him and walked over to the "bar".

"6 shots please! Mason said they're on the house." Lorryne said while playing with a few loose strands of hair.

The bartender for the evening smiled at us and poured 6 shots of ciroc. He cut us 6 lemons and went to the next customer. We stood by the counter and looked at the shots. Bryce laughed and began to pour salt in between her thumb and index finger. She licked the salt, downed the shot, and sucked the lemon. She shook her head violently and swallowed again. She looked up at her girls and smiled. They all followed her lead and drank the other 5 shots that were present. Slightly feeling her buzz Bryce spoke.

"Let's party!" She lifted her hands in the air and took of towards the dance floor.t

Down South...

"It's cold as f*** out there!" <a href="">Carmen</a> stated loudly while entering the school. 

She snatched her hat off and looked at <a href=""> Bryce</a>. She laughed at her and wiped a few snowflakes off of Carmen's rosy cheeks. Bryce said hi to a few people she knew before running into Lorryne.

"My b****es!" <a href="">Lorryne</a> said excitedly while snatching off her scarf and hugging the two of them. "Mason is having a party tonight. We in there?" Lorryne said while taking off her coat and walking towards her locker. 

"Oh hell yeah! I need to get turnt up plus I haven't shaken my ass in a minute." Carmen said while slightly popping her butt. 

"Y'all know I'm down for whatever." Bryce said in her raspy voice.

They each laughed while the late bell rang. They went their separate ways knowing they wouldn't see each other until the end of the school day.

Bryce walked into her AP calculus class and took her usual seat in the back. She pulled out her math book and a sheet of paper getting lost in her doodling instead of her work.

Up North...

<a href="">Rashad</a> sat in the front row of his AP calculus class tugging at the tie on his uniform. He wiggled around in his chair counting down the minutes until he could go home. The final bell for the day had rung which cause him to quickly jump out of his seat and jet for the door. He felt a buzz in the pocket of his slacks and quickly pulled out his iPhone. He put in his password revealing a message from his cousin Mason.

<strong>Party at my house bro, take a break from them rich folks and kick it with some real niggas lol </strong>

Rashad laughed and replied swiftly excited for tonight's events. He nodded to a few people he knew and saw his girlfriend <a href="">Renee</a> waiting by his black on black range rover. He kissed her forehead. And opened the door for her.

"Hey baby, how was your day?" Renee said while playing with her phone.

"It was cool, got Ms. Dubois to give me an A on that world issues project." He said proud of his achievement.

"Well what are we doing this weekend bae?" She asked while changing the channels on the car radio. 

"I'm going down to Bed-Stuy to chill with my cousin Mason." Rashad said knowing that Renee had a mouthful for him. 

Instead she rolled her eyes and continued to play on her phone for the rest of the ride.

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Oh, great start.

I wanna see how this goes.

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