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I Should Be

Based off: <a href="">this</a>

"Soo <a href="">Skylar</a> whats on the agenda tonight"<a href="">Toni</a> asked hopping into the driver side."s*** who knows girl all i know is i got to go check on this man of mines before i make any plans"I said slouching into the seat.Toni rolled her eyes as she started the car and pulled off."I will never know why you choose to put up with that ain't s*** nigga"she said lighting a cigarette as we pulled up to a red light."What is your problem with him exactly"I asked rolling down my window."You want to know my problem ... 1.He ain't got no job 2.he ain't got no job 3.he ain't no job 4,5,6,7,8,9, and motherf***ing 10. he ain't got a f***ing job"she said rolling her neck.I laughed and shook my head."You know what you need to do"she asked."whats that"I said as i looked over at he intrigued.She took a pull and carefully exhale as she said "you need to come out with me and the girls tonight and shake what your momma gave"she said dancing in her seat cause me to laugh even harder."I'll see"i said pulling out my phone to see if i had any missed calls or texts."Mhhmmm more like we'll see ...I'm not taking no for an answer you're coming out with us tonight"she said eyeing me."okay okay"i replied putting my hands up in surrender.We soon pulled up to my apartment."i'll hit you around 9:30 10ish when we're out front"she said."copy cool"i said throwing up the deuces and closing her car door.I placed my key into the door and walked up 4 flights.As usual i could hear my neighbors Robert and Mo'Nae arguing about some bulls***.I just shook my head and continued to my door.Soon as i got inside i was hit with the harsh smell of weed which clouded the whole living room area."what the f***"i said fanning in front of me as i made my way back towards my bedroom.I opened my door to be hit with another cloud of smoke accompanied by three niggas i did not know sitting on MY goddamn bed playing MY 360 with <a href="">Jerome</a> right along with them."what the f***"i yelled causing them all to jump."hey baby"Jerome said jumping up pausing the game walking over to me with he eyes real low."don't f***ing hey baby me nigga what the hell did we just talk about Jerome"i said throwing my stuff down."i know i know i promised as soon as this game is over.."he started to say until i cut him off."no nigga this game is over now so tell your little friends buh-bye and clean this s*** up" i said yanking the power cord out the wall.He turned to tell his friends they had to go but one of them put they hand up and said "we know" they dapped it up and left out without even saying a word to me."rude ass motherf***ers"i said slamming my door closed after them."damn bae why you got to come at me like that in front of my boys"he said picking up weed clips."no why every time i come home you and your boys all up in my s*** got my clothes and covers smelling like weed raiding my fridge when not one of you goddamn f***ers paying a f***ing bill"i said with my hands on my hips."you know you starting to sound like my mom"he mumbled under his breath."i wouldn't have to if you'd just get a got damn job"i said taking off my clothes."i'm trying Sky don't you see that but its hard out here"he yelled."don't give me that bulls*** Jerome it ain't that goddamn hard okay and trying what all you do is sit around eat my food get high and play my god damn system letting your funky ass friends sit their nasty monkey s*** slinging probably haven't washed in days asses on my goddamn bed like i don't have to lay there later"i said.He just rolled his eyes and walked pass me.I sighed loudly and made my way to the shower.something is going to have to change and change soon cause this was getting old real fast.

Gonna try writing again...its the only thing that keeps me sane....well besides penis its the only thing that keeps me sane :D ANYWAYS
Run it Or Dump it


I wanna read this when I can see the video lol..

so consider this a runnn in advance lol..