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My name is Melissa "Meme" Hallow.I'm on 21 years old.I stand at 5'2 and weigh 128 pounds.I Have Brown eyes and Dark wavy hair.I'm mixed with Black,Italian,and French.I wasn't much a smoker but a social drinker.I have only had 5 boyfriends been in love twice and had 1 sexual encounter which led me to where i am now.I honestly don't even know where exactly it is i am.I know I'm dead... at least i think i'm dead.All i remember is yelling everyone was yelling he was mad at her and she was mad at me then there was a a pop,blood,and then i felt really cold and faint really fast,then there was nothing but darkness.There's still nothing but darkness but yet here i am...where ever that may be.Can dead people think....can we remember things....i know i can that's why i'm not sure if i'm dead.I feel like i am i can't see,hear,smell,touch,or taste anything.I'm completely still ...frozen in time.maybe if i told my story then together we could figure out if i am.....maybe i'm in limbo or maybe this is just my hell...can't be heaven ..too dark to be heaven...who knows maybe somewhere someone is trying to save my life bring me back to my insane reality.....i like it much better here until then i'll tell my story....yeah that's what i'll do....cause who else will?!?

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man wtf happened i need to know asap
oh and by the way malcolm fine
hell i would creep with him...
WAIT is that what she did?



Ohhh ..
I like this,
Stories like this interest me lolz..

I think she`s in limbo, or a coma.. who knows..
Dangzz, so wait? she was hooking up with a married man? or just a dangerous man? *rubs chin* ..

This Malcolm character, so don`t trust him!

I need to know more lol


Run it

<em> where do i start .... i can't start from the beginning it'll take to long to get to the point...i guess i'll start from a couple hours ago.....and take it back from there...maybe there's something i missed...who knows<em>

<strong>5 hours earlier<strong>

" <a href="">Malcom</a> where are we going" i asked as i watched him run around the room throwing clothes into a suit case."we're not going anywhere you are" he said pausing for a momment."what...why"i said as i started to tear up thinkin our 3 year fling was over.he noticed me about to cry and put down the clothes in his hands and walked over to me."its not over...its just not safe for you to be here anymore"he said as he then kissed my forehead and went back to what he was doing."and why is not"i said now picking out a few things."if i could tell you i would ... but i can't not enough time but i promise if everything works out the way its suppose to i'll tell you then"he said as he closed my bag and headed down the stairs."i wish you'd come with me ..the way you're making things sound...its like you'll never see me again"i said walking behind him.He turned around and embraced me giving me our one last kiss as i now know "don't worry we'll meet again soon i promise"he said flashing me his beautiful smile.About 5 minutes later there was a honk and a cab was outside waiting.I made my way to the cab and put my things in the trunk as malcom told the cabby where to take me."well see you later"i said looking up at him."yeah....later"he said as he turned and walked back into the house.I got into the cab and looked at one place i've known to be home for so long pass me by as we pulled off.

(i know its short add will be longer) Run It!!

Runnnnnnn it!

Ooooooh I like this run it!!!!!!