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Hoes spreadin rumors

For all the dumb hoes out there who keep sayin CB has cancer needs to suck a d*** and stop spreadin rumors, ur not a real fan. One B**** postin a link of his leaked song, like c'mon stop writing unknown s*** if he didn't say any thing him self leave that s*** alone it's not a fact.



Look! Her spelling improved

wait did she just say thats the only pic you'll find of her .........lmfaoo im done

so wat ur sayin is your different from just about every other girl in the world cus theres damn sure other pics of me kus im who i claim to be im not a liar who needs to make a fake pg w a fake name n now thanks to yu just saying that yu basicly admitted that aint you in the pic im done your pathetic delusional bum b**** smhh sad

you won't be finding any off the pics i put up here online because i' real and i take all my pics unlike ya'll i don't need the internet for sources(: okay im done ciao

oh and my profile pic is me amiya arnaja clinton. Asia carter looks totally different lol get your facts straight that hair is mine that ass is mine that dress is mine those shoes mine that iphone mine everything in the pic mine so get over yaself

lmao ya'll got it all figured out huh lol imma let u dumb asses think my name is asia^_^ but i can't be arguing with stupidity i've got more important stuff to do and to tatty xo or watever you can't just jump in a f***ing convo and believe wat u see lol but ya'll have fun talking about me imma be on the other side of this website not giving a f*** peace love and happiness <3 (:

wow thats the 1st time i've been compared to her wen i was younger it was keke palmer except i dont have a gap but thanks lol

Y'all look alike in the face plus both of y'all from NY

@Harlem you just read her so well. I wonder if she gets tired of living a lie tho likeeee


She`ll make a new profile and come on saying we are victimizing her other account haha.. Stupid Asia..


Since I said that, she`ll nah be like "Nah, I`ll log back in on my name and act the opposite to everything I really am"..

Each way..

She`s a wrath of TB she can`t handle

LOL how?!?

Lexi, you remind me of Teyana Taylor

Shieettt who you telling?

im just waiting on that reply mannnn shoo lol

Hell yeah because that made NO type of sense! I was sitting here like dafuq? ASIA BABY STICK TO YO NATIVE LANGUAGE! You and Harlem have me dying laughing over here! LMFAO

@taty thank you like we really that stupid we kno google wen we see it

@kenni why i gotta be slow *pouty face*

@harlz well she need take her trollin ass elsewhere

This chick just killed me w/ that online translator ass Spanish. LMFAO
& Asia I simply can't w/ that dress looking like you waltz your ass straight outta Tumblr

Lmfaoooo ima pray for yall slow ass


She`s just trolling in all honesty..
thats what it looks like!

she not all she gonna do is pop up tlk bout oh you a hoe slut bum blah blah blah and try to make me forget that i want to beat that ass but nah uh srry try again wen i say i wanna fight thats what i wanna do & im not gonna stop sayin it till it happens so she betta just get it over w kus if i have to hunt for the b**** there will be no happy ending

hmmmz - did she drop where she wanted to meet up for a fight hahaha.. BET she wont

record that s*** too

im just gettin started
wat niggas dont kno is this is how me & my bestfriend tlk and his a guy
i cut ass for a living i've grown up cuttin ass frm the age of 4 this is nothing new
she dead tried to call me ugly tlkin bout my eyes when thats the one thing niggas always compliment me on lmfaoo srry boo boo NO try again lmaoo


omfgoshhhh!! Girl you on a roll!!



f*** an abortion her mother should've just swallowed

"THAT" shouldve never seen daylight smhh even flava flav wouldnt get at that lol

ugly bum b****es dress look lik it came from walmart lmfaoo

i dont know how anyone could claim that as there child foh how could any mother love a face like that b**** look like she belong back in the caveman days ctfuu

i dont even know why you smiling in that pic teeth look like you been using them to sharpen rocks lmaoo

teeth a new type of yellow yet to be discovered lmfaoo

standing there looking like a c**keyed chihuahua

eyes stay going in different directions dont they one leaning left while the other going right lmfbaoooo

them eyebrows god they put drake's too shame niggas can dead take refugee in them s***s and never be found lmfaooo

im done im done i kill myself rotflmfaoooo

FYI we're not your mother so stop confusing us with her damn us and damn near every nigga in the U.S done know bout that pussy b**** didnt even have to push you out did she your birth was like a slip and slide lmfaoooo

okay im done im done lmaoo



omg dumb ass im not asia u stupid f*** perra por favor tu eres puta sucia que se la follan en la calle por todo lo que pasa no estoy preocupado por estoy tu culo mierda con unos caballos polla de mierda pedazo de mierda

You`re an idiot Asia.. Delusional..

I actually have them all on my Facebook, FYI - How is Ms. Smiles not a fan?? Please explain..

She is defending Chris Brown, unlike your stupid ass - spreading melicious rumours about him.

God, I prey God gives YOU CANCER!! I hope he makes you suffer in the worse possible way. You`re so dumb..

Your mother should have went through with the abortion when she found out you were conceived Asia LMAOOOOO!

HAHAHAH, You`re such a weirdo

b**** you not a real fan get yaself together lol you wanna know the truth add em on fb


Someone with sense int his section!

B****es are so f***in stupid ur not real fans