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CB & Mariah Carey

What do u think if CB & MC TeamUp to make a great love song ? :D


Agreed Kokolocco... :D
lets make Chris Breezy proud!!!!!

Sup Fellas! :))

i think it would top the charts if they team up. With their legendary voices, uuhhhh. I can't imagine! It makes me feel excited if that happens. i hope it will. :))

Please check my post. Here's the link :

Let's make Chris Brown very proud of us. :)

i think that would be great cuz they both have some beautiful voices.


yes they should do it ... it'll be great :D

It would be like a modern day version of "I`ll be there" .. Love Mariah's voice - can`t no one touch her voice.. They would definately compliment eachothers voices as well.

They should so do it!