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For The Record {Chapter 55 Added} {3/10/13} {I'M BACK!!!}

HI! :) Haha, this is my first CB story so let me know what ya think!

<em>Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first time
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind</em>

The lyrics spill out on the page without much effort. She doesn’t have to try hard. They’re embedded in her brain and easily transferable to the paper. She tries her damn hardest to withhold the tears that are threatening to fall. Her make up for today isn’t waterproof and she doesn't feel like taking time out to do it over because her jolted emotions can’t control themselves. Misty eyes are as far as she’s letting it go. He’s not worth her tears. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Then again, she’s been telling herself a lot of untrue things lately.

Sighing heavily, <a href="" target="_blank">Layla “Lala” Brown</a> sets the pen and paper to the side. She doesn’t feel like writing anymore. The sudden urge she previously had to finish the song is no longer there. She gets up from the writing desk and makes her way over to her California King Size bed. Yanking the covers back, she slides in the warm bed, huddling under the covers. The vacancy next to her is impossible to ignore. She lies on her back. Her long jet-black hair splays all over the pillow. She does not bother wrapping it up. She sees no reason to; it’s not as if she has to wake up tomorrow looking presentable for <a href="" target="_blank">him</a>. He won’t be there.

She winces slightly thinking about where he is. She doesn’t know exactly, but she has a pretty damn good guess. A guess that makes her heart ache even more. She wonders how she got there. How they got there. She has a good life. At the tender of age of 20, she lives a life most people would kill to have. Her debut album went multi-platinum and won her two Grammy's along with countless other awards. She has sponsorships with mega companies like Juicy Couture, Nike, South Pole, etc. She successfully ventured into the acting business and received critical acclaim for all her performances. Millions of girls look up to her and want to be just like her. Guys think she’s sexy as hell. Most importantly, she’s the wife of international superstar Chris Brown. Yet, she’s miserable as hell.

Her eyes start to water even more as she thinks on how much things had changed. She knew marriage was going to be hard, but she never thought it would be this difficult. She always knew she would never be enough for Chris, sexually. How could she? She was inexperienced when it came to sex before Chris. She knew the logistics of it, but that was it. She was clueless when it came to what guys liked, what turned them on and all the right places to attack. He wasn’t. He knew exactly what to do and was perfect at it. He constantly reassured her that she was fine in bed and shouldn’t worry so much. She blindly listened to him. She should have known better. If she was really fine in bed, why the hell was he out somewhere f***ing one of his many whores?

She wanted to believe, if not her skills in bed, then maybe her undying love for Chris would keep him from straying. Their love should have been enough. But it wasn’t not anymore. They weren’t the same people they were almost two years ago. His love for her has diminished and she wonders if there is any hope for them. So much has happened.

Is it too much to overcome though?


OMG is she pregnant?!?!

::.Chapter 49.::

*No One’s POV*



“Yeah bae?”

“What are you doing?” Lala questions, a medium size-moving box on her hip, watching her husband with inquisition.

With his back facing her and a spray can in his hand, he continues his ‘work’ and simply responds with, “Painting.”

“No s***,” She rolls her eyes and places the box on the floor. “<em>Why</em> are you painting though?” She questions, walking over to the side of him. “You’re <em>supposed</em> to be working.”

“I am,” He answers, still painting.

“I meant working on unloading the boxes Chris.” She stresses, crossing her arms.

“I was.” He shrugs, still not looking at her.

“Well what happened?” She demands, her voice rising.

He finally turns to look at her with an amusing smile, “I unloaded my paint.”

She groans and runs her hands through her dark locks, “Chris….”

“Chanel,” He mocks, but when she sends him a venomous glare, he drops it, “I’m sorry.”

“You should be,” She huffs, “I’m upstairs opening up box after box, thinking you’re down here doing the same when instead, your
ADD ass is getting our Da Vinci on.”

Chris feigns mock surprise, “Da Vinci?” He places his paint-free hand over his heart, “I’m honored. Thanks bae.”

She sends him an even more heinous glare, but eventually gives in.

Dropping the box to the floor, she walks over to the paint and grabs a brush.

Chris watches her with confusion, “What are you doing?”

She turns and smirks, “Painting.” She answers in the same nonchalant tone he used earlier.

He chuckles and shakes his head. Dropping his spray can, he walks over to her and prepares to hug her from behind. She hurries up and spins around to distance herself from him before he can do so.

“Nu uh!” She stops him, raising her hands in a defensive manner,
“Nigga you got paint all over you. I ain’t trying to spend all day trying to get that s*** off.”

“Then why are you painting in the first place?” He asks, crossing his arms.

She looks down and blushes before replying quietly, “Maybe I just wanna be near you....”

He smiles softly, and pulls his shirt off, leaving him in a paint-free, white beater. He pulls her into him and kisses her forehead,
“Well then you should’ve said something..” He moves his mouth by her neck, “I can fix that….easily.”

Her face reddens even more and she shoves him away, “Not like <em>that</em>.” Chris tries not to laugh at his wife’s flushed face, “I’m still sore from last night.”

“I bet you are,” He laughs and turns back around to finish his own artwork. The two work in silence for not even five minutes before Lala starts to find the lack of conversation irksome.

“I need some entertainment.” She mumbles, walking over to the sound dock and grabs his iPod. “Throwback?” She murmurs, gazing at the playlist. “The f*** you know bout that boy?” She jokes, and proceeds to scan the playlist. “No way..”

“What?” Chris asks, focused mostly on his artwork.

“You have “<a href="" target="_blank">Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me</a>?” She smiles, looking at him as he turns around to face her.

“Yeah…” He answers sheepishly; seeming a little embarrassed which causes his wife to smile even more.

“I love this song.” She cheeses.

“Really?” He seems genuinely shocked. She nods. “My mama use to play it all the time when I was younger.”

“So did my parents.” Lala grins, selecting the song, and placing it back on the dock.

“I've had my share of life's ups and downs,” She sings softly, while stroking her paintbrush across the previously barren white wall. Around the second or third line in the song, she notices the addition of someone else’s voice. Chris.

“….That’s it’s all because of you,” They sing together and Chris decides to try to sneak up on his oblivious wife, but the plan backfires when she catches him and spins around quickly, flicking some of the paint on him. She tries to stifle her giggles by covering her mouth. “Oh my Gosh, I’m so sorry bae..” She starts apologizing, barely hiding the amusement but stops smiling when she notices the evil look on his face. “You wouldn’t.”

“I would.” He smiles mischievously.

“Chris, I swear if you-“ She’s cut off my her husband flicking paint on her….and her hair. “Nigga you gon regret that.” She threatens before snatching the paint bucket from off the floor and throwing the remains on him. Of course, Chris retaliates and throws paint back and the two engage in a paint war, which leaves the room a mess. Somewhere along the way, clothes become too soaked with paint and stripping ensues which results in the newlywed couple “christening” the room with the song on repeat in the background.

<em>*End Flashback*</em>

They never do make the flight or out the room for that matter.

Chris spends the rest of the evening, holding his wife. She goes through phases of crying and sleeping, but never talking. It bothers Chris to no end because he feels helpless. It’s a miserable feeling watching the person you love suffer while you’re unable to help them. At least, that’s how Chris feels.

Lala feels safe and loved in her husband’s arms. And even though she knows he wants to talk, she welcomes the silence with open arms. She feels unfathomable guilt at how she treated him and mentally apologizes to him incessantly. Now on their bed, wrapped up in the expensive, but comfortable bedding, Lala wishes time would stand still.

After making sure his wife has been sleep for a good amount of time, Chris decides to get up and call Lydia about Lala’s incident.

“Don’t go….” Lala’s soft and gentle voice resembles that of a needy adolescent—scared and in need of guidance, protection,

It warms his heart.

“Though I can’t blame you for wanting to…” She adds on, sitting up and pulling her knees to her chest. Smiling and staring at him with her Hershey eyes, she laughs softly, “I bet your ass is wishing you had left while you still had the chance, huh?”

He realizes what she’s trying to do-- Avoid talking about what happened. And even though he knows not talking about it will only exacerbate the situation, he’ll do just about anything to keep a smile on her face.

So he plays along.

“And who said I missed my chance?” He teases, sitting back on the bed next to her.

She playfully glares at him and smacks him with a nearby pillow,
“Nigga, I wish you would try to leave me.” She laughs, “I’ll hunt your ass down like the IRS did Wesley Snipes.”

He laughs and Lala takes that opportunity to kiss him. Chris deepens the kiss by pulling her into his lap and against his chest. She suddenly jerks back with a questioning look.

“What’s wrong?” He breathes, obviously upset about her pulling back.

She silences him by raising a finger. He quirks his eye brows and feels himself start to feel slightly turned on when she starts feeling on her breast.

“Why are they….” She frowns slightly and trails off. Her frown soon turns into a startling, happy, and bewildering expression. She starts counting with her fingers before hopping off the bed and running to get her cell.

“What are you-“

“You need to leave.” She tells him abruptly, typing away on her phone. “Did Lee Lee and Mickie already head to Trinidad?”

Chris is so confused. “No…but why do I-“

“Good.” She smiles brightly, before placing her phone on the bed and moving to pull Chris up. “I can’t explain, but I need you to just trust me and..…leave.” He opens his mouth, but she continues, “I know I’m not making any sense, but just….give me two hours and then…I promise….everything <strong>will</strong> make sense.”

He’s unconvinced, “I don’t like this Chanel…”

She sighs, “I know, but…..,” she smiles. “If everything goes like I hope and pray it will….you will….I guarantee it.”

He sighs heavily and agrees with a simple, “Fine.”

She squeals and thanks him with a peck on the cheek before basically pushing him out the room, but not before screaming out for Adrienne and Tia to come to their room.

Walking out the house and into his car, only one thought remains on Chris’s mind.

<em>What the hell is she up to?</em>


Okay, I really am special. Like mentally challenged. I seriously
did not realize it had been this long since I updated. Please forgive me. :-(

Anyway, what the hell is up with Lala? ;)

RUN IT!!!!

Awwwwww. He said he loved her, how beautiful and sweet. It was funny when she didn't realized what he said at first; I would have been astonished too! Awwww, he flew out 8 hours to see her, that's love right there. Lana is an amazing girl and so full of a good heart, I can see why Chris loves her; you can tell her does; she's a challenge to him; a breath of fresh air he needs. She was shy to show him her hair! Awwwwl, he didn't even complain. Have a feeling Chris is one of those guys that would help her during her period--if she was cramping totally bad to cater to her, complain about going to buy her things, but go and do it anyways . AWWWWWW!! They are beyond cute. Run this!

::.Chapter 48.::

*No One’s POV*


It’s a known fact that Lala hate surprises. She’s always vocal about it and that’s why it drives her crazy that Chris insists on popping up and surprising her with his visits.

“Babe,” Chris sounds from the other side of the door, trying to control the humor in his voice. “Would you please come out? You look fine.”

Lala can’t contain the small smile that appears on her face whenever he calls her by a nickname. It’s an inevitable reaction.

“Hell no,” She refuses, crossing her arms, pushing a string of <a href="" target="_blank">hair</a> out her eye. “I done told your ass about popping up unexpected and without calling.” She reminds him, “And you know damn well I don’t look fine. I look a hot-ratchet ass mess.”

He chuckles, leaning against the door. “Yeah, but you’re doing your hair so it’s understandable.”

His reply cause Lala’s eyes to bulge open and, without even thinking, she swings the door open. “Excuse <em>you</em>?” She glares at him, impatiently tapping her foot up and down. “Wrong answer d*** head. You weren’t supposed to agree with me.”

Chris just smiles slightly at the sight of her. It’s the first real look he’s gotten at her since his arrival minutes beforehand. Upon hearing his voice, she dropped the towel she was using to dry her hair and ran to hide in the bathroom.

“Chanel,” He chuckles, playing with one of her curls. “I was just f***ing with you.”

Lala gapes at him, “Why would you do that?!”

He shrugs and flashes a toothy grin, “I needed you to come out.”
She gasps, realizing she’s revealed herself to him and hurriedly turns around to go back in the bathroom, but he stops her. “Come on Chanel; I didn't fly 8 hours just to talk to my girlfriend through a damn bathroom door.”

“Well maybe you should’ve called so I could have had some time to get myself together.” She mutters quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. “Or at <em>least</em> finish my hair which is getting dry which makes it harder to style.”

“What are you doing to it?” He asks, releasing her and leaning against her bathroom door.

“Well I planned on giving it a break from heat, but since <em>some</em> people don’t know how to use a phone,” She glares at him through her bathroom mirror. “I guess I’ll just flat iron it.” She sighs heavily, “There goes my day.”

“How long does it take to do your hair?”

“On a good day,” A beat. “Including the combing, moisturizing, blow drying, and straightening…..” She pauses for dramatic effect, “5 hours.”

She giggles when his eyes widen. “The f***? That don’t make no damn sense….why can’t you just wear it like that? I think it looks cute.”

Using the mirror, she glares at him and starts sectioning off her hair. “Bunnies are cute Chris. Babies are cute-“

“Some babies.” He interrupts and laughs at Lala’s disapproving glance. “Don’t front. You know damn well not all babies are cute. Some be ugly as fu-“

“Boy if you don’t stop!” She laughs, trying to be serious. “I hope God smites your black ass!”

“He already has.” Chris winks, his voice low and sexy, and smiles as his girlfriend’s cheeks redden.

“I think you mean smitten.” She murmurs, clipping sections of her hair. “Dumbass.”

“Oh, I got your dumbass, Ms. Smartass.” He shoots back.

“That was really lame.” She laughs.

“What were you expecting? A smartass comment? Not from a dumbass.” He scoffs, turning to walk away.

She frowns at the abrupt change in his mood. Surely, he has to know she was only kidding with her “dumbass” comment. She always jokes around with him like that.

“Chris…” She trails off, watching as he sits on her bed, playing with his phone. She hesitates for a moment before slowly walking up to him. “You know I didn’t meant it like that. I just…”

He doesn’t say anything. Instead, he replaces the phone in his hand with one of the multiple school related papers spread over her bed. She’s silent as she watches him skim his eyes over the paper she wrote for her AP Advanced Writing class.

“Damn, “ He breathes, glancing back between her and the essay. “Ya know, if I could write not even half as good as you--Hell, if I was not even half as <em>smart</em> as you-“

“Don’t.” She interrupts, raising a hand. “Just….don’t, okay? Because you’re hell of a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for and believe me, I’m not that smart.”

Chris sucks his teeth, “Could’ve fooled me.”

“Whatever Chris,” She rolls her eyes and walks back to the bathroom. A quick rush of anger fills Lala and before she realizes it, her feet carry her back over to her boyfriend. “Did you have a lot of friends in school?”

He looks up at her with confusion, “What?”

“You heard me,” She places one hand on her hip. “Now answer the damn question.”

“...Yeah, I guess.”

“I didn't.” She shoots back immediately. “I never have. Lee Lee and Mickie have pretty much been the only friends I've had that haven’t turned on me. No one wants to be friends with the “smart” girl Chris, She uses hand gestures, “The girl that can never hang out on weekends because she’s too busy studying. The girl that nobody knows exist until she’s the center of ridicule from some conceited b****. The girl that constantly gets clowned on by stupid guys because she’s not skinny like Sarah or pretty like Mary Sue. The girl that can’t go a damn day without one of her teachers reminding her that if it wasn't for her being “smart” she wouldn't even be considered for the scholarship she received. The girl that no one ever invites over because they know her bat s*** crazy mother probably has her working on work that she won’t even cover for another 6 or 7 grades. The girl that’s…that’s invisible.” She shakes her head and turns to walk away, “Just forget it. Forget I said anything.”

Chris hurries and rushes to stop her by grabbing her wrist, “You done?”

She glares and yanks her wrist from him, “I just pour my heart out to you and all you can say is-“

“I love you.”

“I love you!” She continues, not even realizing what he really said. “The nerve! And you men wonder why women be going all snapped on your asses.”


She huffs, walking back into the bathroom. “I mean, I literally reveal some of my deepest and most inner thoughts to this nigga and all he can say is ‘I love you’!”


She brushes through her hair with excessive force. “That is the last time I ever tell your insensitive ass any—“ Her eyes widen and she drops the brush. She spins to face him. “Did you just say you love me?”

“Yes,” Chris says carefully, noticing how Lala’s face is starting to whiten. “You okay?”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no,” She repeats incessantly, rushing past him to go into her room, as she paces back and forth. “This isn’t happening. You don’t love me. You did not just tell me you love me. You can’t. You’re f***ing Chris Brown. You’re…famous and….sexy….and….rich….and….sexy….and crazy talented…and really, <strong>sexy</strong>.”

“You forgot something.” He mumbles, tracing the outline of her face with his index finger.

“What?” She whispers, feeling her heart beat increase.

“That I’m completely, totally, and utterly in love with the girl that wise spent her time focusing on her education, even if it deprive her of some s***. The girl that didn’t miss a damn thing when it came to nigga’s that were too blind to see how amazing and sexy she really is. The girl that didn’t even realizes b****es were only hating on her cause they were jealous….Look Chanel....I don’t expect you to say it back right now, I just-“

“I love you too.” She murmurs, throwing her arms around his neck.
“I just….I didn't want to tell you and not have the feeling be-“

He silences her with a kiss. He doesn't need to hear anymore, and neither does she really. They've heard all they needed to hear.


Hmm wow that add was just WOW. Crazzyyyy. Runnnn

*camps out in ya' post, looks around* I'm coo' here. ;X



It's good to be back. I was kinda stuck on what to do and kinda hesitant but I'm glad you like it. :) Yeah, story Chris is just....amazing...or is he? ;) lol

Right back atcha

yaaaaaaaaaaaayy, my baby is back! :D I'm excited that you've came back! I understand that school is seriously a big ole attention seeking whore. But as for that add, it was more than BOMB! Amazing, although the add was a bit scary; I felt sorry for both her and Chris, more like Chris; he had to experience her not recognizing him, I knew her ass was having problems. She needs help, poor woman is just...overall scared and needs to go see a good counselor. I know Chris is gonna be there, and help her throughout it all. :) he loves his wife, notice he packed THEIR BAGS, not only hers. Add more ASAP, like now! I'm craving more.


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::.Chapter 37.::

*No One’s POV*

“I’m going to go take a shower.” She mumbles, hastily pulling her discarded clothes back on. Avoiding eye contact, she simply gathers her change of clothes and scurries off to their bathroom. She can sense he wishes to speak to her, but she’s not having it. She has no desire to speak to <em>him</<em>. None at all.

Rationally speaking, she can understand why Chris decided not to tell her about her grandmother. He didn’t want to add on to the mounting stress she was already dealing with. He was only looking out for her. But at the same time, the irrational side of her can only see the negative impact of his secrecy. She can only picture and focus on the fact that her beloved grams is thousands of miles away lying in a hospital bed. Without her treasured grandchildren by her side. And it’s all Chris’s fault.

She knows that’s far from the truth, but with her current emotions, it serves as <em>her</em> truth. The only truth she cares about or wants to believe. As the sizzling water cascades down her body, she thinks about their previous actions not even minutes ago. It wasn’t love making; it was f***ing. Pure, ardent, hard f***ing. The exact opposite of what being with Chris is usually like. She loathes the way it felt, even if it did feel good, amazing even. Still, it lacked the emotional and romantic feelings she usually feels.

She can hear faint voices over the sound of the running water and realizes it’s Chris talking to Tia and Adrienne. Most likely informing them that they’ll be in charge of watching over the house while their away. Under normal circumstances, Lala would be scared s***less of leaving her house and dogs under the care of those two. But with such short notice and out of desperation, they’re her last resort.

<em>You know it’s not him who you’re really mad at….don’t you?</em>

Lala inwardly scolds at her subconscious thoughts. She’s in no mood for a moral lecture, especially from her conscious, of all things. Scrubbing down her body until it’s red and inflamed from the friction, she hurriedly cleanses herself and jumps out the shower. She tries to avoid looking at herself in the mirror because she knows her reflection won’t be to her satisfaction. After moisturizing and “pampering” herself, Lala pulls her clothes on and settles for pulling her “sex” hair into a messy bun.

She takes a deep breath in an attempt to calm her nerves before exiting out the bathroom. However, she stops dead in her tracks at the sight of her room. It’s not the same way she left it. The floor is void of the clothes it was previously decorated with. Everything is back in its rightful place and both her and Chris’s luggage are packed and zipped up. Even her purse, which had remained untouched during their “fight” is placed by her bags.

“I talked to Tia and Adrienne and told them what’s up,” Chris’s voice sounds from behind, but she refuses to turn around. “They’re gonna watch the place and the dogs for us. I also called Stephanie and Amerie to tell them what’s up. Everything’s pretty much set for us-“

“Do yourself a favor and don’t touch my stuff again,” She interrupts harshly, still not looking at him, while walking over to her bags. “I can pack my own s*** my damn self. I don’t need you to do it for me.”

The severe tone of her voice shocks even Lala, maybe even more than it does Chris. She can barely process how or why she’s so angry with him.

<em>It’s not him….</em>

“Shut up.” She hisses to herself, checking her phone for any notifications.

“I didn’t even say anything!” Chris defends, still in the same spot he was when Lala walked in.

“Not you!” She spits back, making sure her suitcases are zipped all the way. “And didn’t I tell your ass to stay here? I don’t want you to come with me. I don’t <em>need</em> you to come with me. That’s-“

She doesn’t even hear him approach her until he forcefully spins her around to face him. The enraged, but mostly irritated and hurt look on his face, startle her but she remains firm. “What the <em>f***</em> is your problem?”

She growls and pulls herself from out of his grasp, “Don’t f***ing touch me!” She glares up at him with such hate that it causes
Chris’s own anger to diminish slightly. “Don’t you <em>ever</em> touch me again!”

He just stares down at the spiteful and rage filled woman before him, “Why are you so angry?” His voice is low and filled with hurt and confusion, “Better yet, <em>who</em> are you so angry with? Cause it’s obviously just not me-“

“Stop acting like you know me so damn well! Because you don’t, okay?! You don’t! Now get the hell out of my way!” She motions to move past him, but he grabs her wrist to stop her. He pulls her into him, with her back pressing firmly into his front.

The next event happens so fast that neither have time to fully process it.

Something clicks in Lala. Being in her current position brings her back to that dreadful night. She’s not there. This isn’t Chris. It’s Justin. He’s behind her, about to violate her again.

“Get off of me!” She screams, trying to break loose from him. “Get away from me you son of a b****!” She starts kicking at Chris. Her outburst surprises him, but he reacts quickly. He moves his arms to around her waist, holding her firmly.

“Chanel! Baby!” He tries to plead with her. “What are y-“

“I said let me go!” She continues to try to fight him off, trying to scratch at his hands. “I said <strong>NO</strong>!” Her voice starts to crack and Chris can hear the fear growing in it. “Leave me alone Justin!”

Chris pauses momentarily, but keeps his grip on her. That name. It sounds so familiar to him, and it takes him a moment for it to register in. He finally remembers. Justin. Her rapist. She’s having a flashback. She thinks he’s Justin.

He somehow manages to turn around to face him through her relentless fighting, arms still tight around her middle, her tries to get through to her. “Chanel! It’s me, Chris! Baby I’m not Justin!”

She continues fighting pounding her tiny fists against his chest as the tears start to flow more freely. “I’ll kill you motherf***er! I swear! I’ll do it! Get your filthy hands off of me!”

“CHANEL!” Chris roars, his voice traveling through their large home.

The sound scares Lala, but manages to do the trick. Through teary eyes and a hoarse voice, she ceases her fighting and stares up at her <em>husband</em>. “Chris?”

He breathes a breath of relief and nods in confirmation. “Yes baby, it’s me.”

“Oh my God,” She gasps, placing her hands over her mouth. “I’m sorry…I….I didn’t mean…I thought…” she starts shaking her head and sobbing again. “God what’s happening to me?” She weeps, dropping to the floor. Chris is quick to join her, holding and comforting her as she weeps and apologizes profusely. He tries to assure her everything’s going to be fine and that he’s there for her, but even he feels unsure if she is in fact going to be fine. The same question she asked him moments before floats around in his head.

What <em>is<em> happening to her?


Don’t kill me. School is a b****. But a performing arts school is an even bigger b****. :/

Hope you guys enjoy this one. Poor Lala. What is up with her?


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Hey ya'll. I am still among the living! lol

I just had exams this past week and I <em>was</em> taking two, AP English classes and one is past due so I had to spend this weekend finishing it up. Which SHOULD give me some more free time to work on this. Lord knows I've been missing my Crayla. :(

Haha. No update tonight though. I'll start on it and hopefully have it up by tomorrow night. :)


Would you guys be mad at me if I posted another story up here? *cowers*

Tehe. I don't know. I've been working on it in my spare time and even though it's really personal...I feel like posting it....I don't know. I'll contemplate it. *shrugs*



Been M.i.a , where'd you go? :(
Run, ASAP.

It's been a while Love.

I hope everything is ok your way.

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Ha! I just knew they were gonna do it after gettin in that argument and all heated nd ishh...hmm lol runnnn

Lmaooo me and Kianna sitting there like little puppies watching the whole thing talking like somebody actually listening to us lol. It was just rough on us.

But that argument was intense, lol but honestly I thought that nigga had hit her for real. My heart started racing when you were like "Chris’s next action surprises him and his wife." I was just silently praying "Lord, PLEASE don't let this nigga had of hit her! Does he not remember what Chanel's daddy told him at the wedding? Taken? Yeah. But omg that whole argument reminded me of Baby Boy, I love that movie, especially when she was like "f*** me Jody? f*** me? f*** YOU!!!!!" Lmaooo

And the sex, ahhhhhh nice! Nice and rough *wink* Lol but the sex reminded me of Tell Somebody, that's my song, I wanna experience him hell, so I can go and tell somebody! Lol, he gone have Lala going and telling somebody, but I know she won't have to because I'm sure that everyone heard them......Lol. Trying to keep in her moans and s***! "Trying to hold it in, trying to keep it down, but you keep screaming ohhhh!" You better sing it Chris!!! Lol

And you stay breezy too girl lol

Run it

Lmfaaaaaao, this couple are truly idk. Seems like they were arguing like hell. Both throwing countless amounts of shxt around the room. But I still think--Chris and her should work on their anger. Throwing suitcases & stuff--isn't that pleasant. Lmaaaao, but they got their FREAAAAAKK ON! Freaky asses, falling on the floor. Ooooooohhhhh, no condoms either? :D

::.Chapter 46.::

*No One’s POV*

“You have got some damn nerve being mad at me.” Lala hisses at her husband, while sorting through her clothes and picking out various pieces. “Especially since you’re the one who’s in the wrong.”

Chris rolls his eyes and proceeds to throw a couple s***s in his own suitcase. “Yes, because I’m so wrong for looking out for my f***ing wife.”

“We’re back!” Tia yells, walking in the room with Adrienne following close behind.

“And we come with gifts!” Adrienne smiles, lifting up a bag, smiling at her cousin and his wife.

“Yeah that’s nice.” Lala says absentmindedly, before shooting a glare towards her husband. “How is not telling me my own grandmother had a stroke ‘looking out for me’? And didn’t I tell your ass that I don’t want you coming with me?”

“What?!” Tia and Adrienne yell in unison, eyes bugging wide open. “When did this-“

“I told you already.” Chris grits, trying to control his temper. “I’m not letting you deal with this by yourself-“

“Go?” Adrienne echoes. “Go where? Where are we going?”

“I’m so confused right now.” Tia mumbles to no one in particular.

Lala chuckles darkly. “Clearly, you’ve developed amnesia or some s*** because I’ve spent many nights and days alone, dealing with other s***, while you spent your time sticking your d*** in-“

“We’re just going to leave now.” Adrienne mutters, feeling incredibly awkward and out of place.

“Now see,” Chris shouts, forcefully shoving more clothes in his suitcase. “That’s that s*** I don’t like about you! Whenever you try to start something with me and realize you’re in the wrong, you wanna bring up old s***!”

“We’ll be in our rooms.” Adrienne laughs nervously as she and Tia slowly start backing up out the room. “If you need us.”

“Grow the f*** up Chris!” Lala shouts back, slamming her own stuff in the suitcase.

“But if God cares about us at all… won’t need us.” Tia mutters, before she and Adrienne rush out the room.

“Get the f*** over yourself Chanel!” He yells back.

“God I can’t stand your ass sometimes!” She shakes her head, roughly folding up a Victoria Secrets top. “You can be so Goddamn immature!”

Chris’s next action surprises him and his wife. With a sudden burst of anger, he throws the suitcase off the floor. Because it wasn’t zipped, the clothes come falling out and spread all over the floor. She shrieks and jumps back in shock, stares at the mess and back at him with anger. “What the he-“

“f*** you Chanel!” He cuts her off. “I’m sick of your s*** too!”

“f*** me?!” She yells incredulously. “f*** me?!” Without even thinking it through, she mimics Chris’s actions and tosses her own suitcase on the floor, creating various piles of clothes. Stepping in front of him, she pushes on his chest, feeling her anger grow when he hardly even moves. “Naw, f*** <strong>you</strong> motherf***er!”

Starring down at his wife, Chris notices how her chest heaves up and down, revealing her hardened nipples. He admires how her short, green dress seems to cling to her curves and shows off her womanly shape. Nose flared, defiance in her big brown eyes, Chris smirks inwardly at how bold she tries to be, even though his 6”2 frame towers over her lesser 5”2 one. Even in her enraged state, he can’t help the bulge growing in his pants.

Surprisingly, Lala is the one who initiates the kiss, by literally jumping in his arms. She catches him off guard and the two go stumbling back on the bed, with Lala remaining on top, refusing to detach her lips from his. His hands go everywhere. Her hips, ass, thighs, breast, and any other section on her he can reach.

Always liking to be in control, Chris rolls over so that he’s the one on top. Unfortunately, the shift causes their kiss to break. It allows them a few seconds to catch their breath, but the two are quickly back at it. Chris can literally sense Lala’s hostility.

“What’s wrong with you?” He mumbles, through kisses as his hands start drifting under her dress.

She glares at him and he looks at her with confusion. “I want to be on top.” She says casually, before flipping the two back over.

He looks back at her with agitation. “Since when?” Without any hesitation, he returns the two to the position he’s used to.

Her glare intensifies even as she moans when Chris starts kneading her breast. “Since I felt like it motherf***er.” She flips the two over, but neither realize they’ve reached the far end of the bed
and go falling down.

“s***.” Chris hisses, when his back hits the floor and he squeezes the back of her thighs.

“Nigga don’t be squeezing me and s***.” She informs, as he sits up, and she quickly moves to lift his shirt over his head. Her freshly manicured nails softly graze over his chiseled abs. She frowns slightly. “You better not get your ass any more tattoos. s*** is going overboard.”

He rolls his eyes and lifts her green dress up until she stops him. “What now?”

“I don’t want it off. Leave it there….” He looks at her questioningly. “I’m cold.”

He smirks. “You won’t be for long.” His fingers are quick to move to her lacy underwear as he tries to slide them off, but finds the task more difficult than it should be. Growing frustrated, he simply rips them clean off her body.

“What the hell?” She complains, moaning loudly as he stars palming her ass and kissing her neck. “I just bought those.”

“Buy some more.” He grunts, starting to unzip his pants.

“I shouldn’t have to—Oh God.” She mumbles, as Chris lifts her up and slowly starts sliding her onto his hardened length—only to abruptly drop her. “s***!” She hisses, before she slowly starts riding him, as he presses his back against the floor.

He grunts and clicks his teeth, gripping her hips. “Faster baby.” She smirks down at him and continues her <em>purposely</em> slow pace.

Chris realizes she’s doing this on purpose and finds his patience is starting to waver. “f*** it.” He mutter, sitting up and flipping them so he’s on top.

“Yesss.” She moans, when he pulls all the way out. She smiles, expecting him to vigorously thrust into her. She loves it when he’s rough. Sometimes. This, being one of those times. Instead, she’s left unsatisfied when he starts gradually inching himself into her.

“The f*** Chris?” She scoffs, shifting her body, trying to push herself onto him.

He quickly moves his hands to restrain hers above her head. “Payback’s a b**** baby.”

“Look.” Her nose flares and she stares up at him with fury. “Any other time, I would be willing to go back and forth with you, but not today. I’m stressed, my nerves are through the roof, I’m about to see my mother since our blowout, my grams is in the f***ing hospital, and I’m going to have to stand trial and testify about the most painful thing I have ever had to go through in only God knows how long. So, with that being said, I’m in no mood for f***ing games. f*** me and f*** me hard--s***!” She’s cut off when Chris pulls himself entirely out before slamming into her.

“What were you saying?” He smirks, plunging into her with powerful thrusts.

“Mmm” She mumbles, allowing herself to fully relax as he takes her places she could never imagine. Sex with Chris is heaven. Pure bliss. Almost unreal. His skills under the sheets are beyond this world. It’s euphoric.

“That’s it.” Chris purrs, kissing her neck, while groping her right breast. “Scream for me baby.”

It takes everything in her, but Lala manages to press her lips together muster out a defiant. “No.”

He pauses for a moment, looking pissed. “What?”

“I said….n..nn…nn..oo” She smirks, closing her eyes as she tries to keep her moans to a minimum. “You…want….God….me….to scream….you’re gonna….have to do…..better….than this. Damn Chris.” She arches her back, wanting to roam her hands over his body, but is unable to do so because of his restraints.

He chuckles and stares down at the woman who he fell hard and fast for. The woman he will spend the rest of his life with. The woman who he’ll have screaming in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

“Not a problem.” He pulls out again and retreats back, lowering his head.

“What are you?” She gasps when he roughly grabs her thighs and pulls her throbbing pussy onto his face. “s*** Chris!” She shrieks as his tongue starts circling her clit in a teasing manner. “F-fffuucckkk.” She moans; playing with her breast, as his grip on her thighs tightens. His tongue starts exploring her, licking and sucking in all the right spots, evoking load moans and borderline screams. “D-dddeeeppper bbbaabbyy.” She moans, feeling her lower body involuntary shutter as he continues to work his magic. She places her hand on top of his head, to push him deeper in her. “RIGHT THERE! YYESSS!”

“Who’s pussy is this?” He asks, pulling back and blows on her clit. His cools breath makes her shriek.

“Mmmm!” She whimpers. “Yours baby!”

He glares up at her and slaps her ass. “Louder!” He shoves his tongue back into her.


He takes a brief respite to mutter, “Damn straight” before going back to ‘work’.

“I’m…mmm…ggoonnnaa ccccuuumm.” Her back arches again, as she feels her organism is about to explode.

“That’s right…do it for me baby….cum for daddy.” His voice is deep and sensual and, for a second, she’s pretty sure hearing him say that is what causes her juices to spill out. Chris, being the certified freak he is, licks up every drop.

Her body is still shaking from her organism. He pulls himself up and inserts his c**k back into her, preparing to make her scream again, again and again. “You ready?” He smirks down at her, loving the effect just his tongue has on her.

“Yeah….but this time,” To his somewhat surprise, she returns his smirk before flipping them and starting to discard of the rest of her clothes. “I want to ride.”



I know…it’s not even CLOSE to being as good or as graphic as some of the other sex scenes on her, but like I said, I’m not good at writing this type of stuff. Plus, I’m not really horny. I have to be ‘in the mood’ when I’m writing smut. Lol

Either way, constructive criticism is appreciated.

Until next times…




I think you guys might like this one.....

Let's just say...

I'm trying to get a little practice in before I do the honeymoon add. ;)

Should be up by midnight. :)


Wow. O____o wow at the fact her mother said she loved her. That was...strange. Layla's mom is one funny ass character, TF? -.- she seems to strongly dislike Chris, but decides to tell him a big ass secret instead of telling Lala and telling her about her own family. Something is wrong with that. Despite Ashleh's horrible condition--she deserved the right to know soon as it happened. What f her grandmother died? Or something? What would be said then. O_____o Ridiculous.

It's trouble in paradise, oh no. :( it's stress on the baby! Calm down Layla, maybe he was just tryna spare her feelings, but wait...PAUSE...rewind: of course he probably was tryna do the "right" thing and not tell her so she wouldn't want to worry--complete fckery if you ask me. /:

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