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For The Record {Chapter 55 Added} {3/10/13} {I'M BACK!!!}

HI! :) Haha, this is my first CB story so let me know what ya think!

<em>Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first time
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind</em>

The lyrics spill out on the page without much effort. She doesn’t have to try hard. They’re embedded in her brain and easily transferable to the paper. She tries her damn hardest to withhold the tears that are threatening to fall. Her make up for today isn’t waterproof and she doesn't feel like taking time out to do it over because her jolted emotions can’t control themselves. Misty eyes are as far as she’s letting it go. He’s not worth her tears. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Then again, she’s been telling herself a lot of untrue things lately.

Sighing heavily, <a href="" target="_blank">Layla “Lala” Brown</a> sets the pen and paper to the side. She doesn’t feel like writing anymore. The sudden urge she previously had to finish the song is no longer there. She gets up from the writing desk and makes her way over to her California King Size bed. Yanking the covers back, she slides in the warm bed, huddling under the covers. The vacancy next to her is impossible to ignore. She lies on her back. Her long jet-black hair splays all over the pillow. She does not bother wrapping it up. She sees no reason to; it’s not as if she has to wake up tomorrow looking presentable for <a href="" target="_blank">him</a>. He won’t be there.

She winces slightly thinking about where he is. She doesn’t know exactly, but she has a pretty damn good guess. A guess that makes her heart ache even more. She wonders how she got there. How they got there. She has a good life. At the tender of age of 20, she lives a life most people would kill to have. Her debut album went multi-platinum and won her two Grammy's along with countless other awards. She has sponsorships with mega companies like Juicy Couture, Nike, South Pole, etc. She successfully ventured into the acting business and received critical acclaim for all her performances. Millions of girls look up to her and want to be just like her. Guys think she’s sexy as hell. Most importantly, she’s the wife of international superstar Chris Brown. Yet, she’s miserable as hell.

Her eyes start to water even more as she thinks on how much things had changed. She knew marriage was going to be hard, but she never thought it would be this difficult. She always knew she would never be enough for Chris, sexually. How could she? She was inexperienced when it came to sex before Chris. She knew the logistics of it, but that was it. She was clueless when it came to what guys liked, what turned them on and all the right places to attack. He wasn’t. He knew exactly what to do and was perfect at it. He constantly reassured her that she was fine in bed and shouldn’t worry so much. She blindly listened to him. She should have known better. If she was really fine in bed, why the hell was he out somewhere f***ing one of his many whores?

She wanted to believe, if not her skills in bed, then maybe her undying love for Chris would keep him from straying. Their love should have been enough. But it wasn’t not anymore. They weren’t the same people they were almost two years ago. His love for her has diminished and she wonders if there is any hope for them. So much has happened.

Is it too much to overcome though?


Lmaoooo well DAMN!! Just SNAP on me!!! Po lil me :( lmaoooo but damn that party is crazy! We gotta end that! ASAP!!!

And lmaoooo I'm working in it!!!

Mmmm. I can see it now.

<em>A slightly tipsy and infuriated Adrienne pushes through the throngs of people, mumbling "excuse me" and "sorry's" to people she shoves, not really meaning any of it.</em>

<em>She doesn't know 99.9% of these people and could care less if they find her rude. Hell, they shouldn't even be here! She mentally groans when she comes across an expensive looking glass vase lying on the floor. In pieces.</em>

<em>"Ya'll some reckless motherf***ers!" She hisses, kicking some of the shards to the side. </em>

<em>She continues to make her way through the crowd and her eyes go wide when she notices a drunk Mijo participating in a three-way kiss with two blonde sluts. She rolls her and makes a mental note to slap the hell out of him when she gets a chance.</em>

<em>Her eyes harden when she sets sight on the desired person.</em>

<em>"Tia!" She shouts over the loud music. </em>

<em>"Go Tia! Go Tia! Go Tia! Go Tia!" The crowd yells, rooting on an inebriated Tia as she dances suggestively on the island in her cousin's kitchen. </em>

<em>"Tia! Get your ass down her NOW!" Adrienne shouts, climbing up and pulling Tia down.</em>

<em>"Why? I'm having fun!" Tia pouts, sounding like a toddler. "Loosen up!"</em>

<em>"Loosen up?" Adrienne's eyes go wide. "Loosen up?" She repeats. "I loosened up when I agreed to let you have a few of your new 'friends' over. I loosened up when those friends invited more friends. I loosened up when they decided to bring alcohol, food and blast out this loud ass music! I am DONE loosening up Tia!"</em>

<em>"Watch out!" Both girl's heads snap to the source of the voice and gasp in horror as they watch the drunken guests mattress surf down the stairs.</em>

<em>"Oh my Gosh!" Tia yell, covering her mouth. "Isn't that Chris and Lala's mattress?!" </em>

<em>"Correction." Adrienne mumbles. "It was."</em>

Something like that....I don't know...that was just off the top of my head. lmao.

And girl if you don't get that quack quack nigga locked up, I am TOO done with yo ass! lol

Ohhhhhh LAWD!!! It's about to be hell in that house! Me and Kianna about to tear that motherf***er UP!!

And HELL NO he ain't cute! Lol ughhh!!!


Why invite Mijo? I'm sure a certain cousin and her best friend will have everything under control. ;)

And you BETTER.
I have to ask he cute? lol

Lol I need to KNOW!!! Lol I've never seen her mother being so........nice!

And I had a feeling that Chris wasn't gonna let her go by herself, even though they are having their problems, he can't let her go through all this alone. Drake needs to go too!

What the hell? It better not be no damn idiots coming in that house! Hell! Let Mijo stay! I trust him more than anyone else!!!

And YES! I'm seriously thinking about getting one but I just feel that he won't stop even if I do that lol. I don't know, I just can't deal at the moment.

Yeah her conversation with her mother....there's a reason she acted'll see. ;)

I will give you this 'hint' though. Don't think Chris is just going to let Lala go with just Mickie. He sticks with his wife. I wonder who's going to watch the house while they're gone. Hmmm...if only they had two guests staying.....but lets hope these two guests don't do anything stupid. ;)

And GIRL, you NEED to get a restraining order on his psycho ass! Nigga talking about you need to go visit your grams, following you, and all type of s***. HELL to the NO. He needs his ass beat! That's doing the MOST.

She called her mother.........I mixed, I don't know whether to be mad or be some what happy. But I will say that I am some what happy that her mother sounded kind of.......I guess you can say, sincere about the things she was saying. And the fact that she said "I love you" made my eyes pop and when Lala said it back, I thought they were about to roll out of their sockets, I never would have thought.

But damn, Lala don't be playin', I can just imagine her, standing there like she was ready to whoop somebody ass! But uh-uh, when Chris call himself yelling at her and standing up or what ever I would have been like "Don't get aggressive!" Lol, better sit your ass down! I'm the only one that can loud in THIS mohterf***er! Ok? But I don't blame her for being mad but at the same time I understand where Chris and Drake were coming from. Ashley was already in the hospital. And then they had to go through that whole testifying thing, even though they didn't go through with it. I understand but damn......I don't know who's side to be on. I would be one of those people sitting in the middle of the room like, "Well.......I mean..........BUT!" lol just struggling. Smh. And Ashley? Lmaoooo what you got for them girl?!

But yeeees I have a stalker! He knows my full name, where my Grandmother stays, my number! And everytime he sees me he follows me, like sometimes he just walks up to me and starts talking to me or he'll just follow behind me, and I'm not stupid, I can hear your footsteps you dumbass! Like one day, I was at my locker and he came up and whispered in my ear, "You should go see your Grandmother, you haven't been there in 2 weeks and 3 days." and walked off. I'm looking like WTF?! He calls me and texts me all the time and everytime I block the number he ups and gets a new one! I just can't win!!! Lol

::.Chapter 45.::

*No None’s POV*

“Layla?” Crystal breathes in astonishment from the other end of the phone. “Is….is that really you?” She doesn’t sound convinced it’s really her daughter, but deep down, there’s not a doubt in her mind that it is really her.

“We need to talk.” Layla says quietly, fighting to keep her impersonal tone. Hearing her mother’s voice for the first time in over a month is having a stronger effect than she initially thought it would.

“I know.” Crystal’s volume matches Lala, but Lala can’t ignore the obvious disarrayed tone in it. She sounds horrible. “Layla I-“

“Not like this.” Lala interrupts. “Not on the phone.” She sighs heavily, rubbing her temples. She’s starting to question if this was such a good idea.

“When’s the soonest you can fly out?”

“When are you arriving?”

They both say at the same time causing both mother and daughter to scrunch their eyebrows together in confusion.

“What are you talking about?” Lala questions. “Arriving where?”
There’s a pause on Crystal’s side. “I take it Chris hasn’t told you yet.”

“No…” Lala is perplexed. Why would her mother tell Chris anything? She hates him. “Tell me what? What are you talking about?”

“Drake probably hasn’t told Mickie either.” Crystal releases a heavy breath. “I thought they would have told you by now.”

“Tell me what mother?!” Lala shouts rather loudly. She quickly looks around her to make sure she hasn’t disturbed anyone or brought attention to anyone.

“Sweetie I-“ Crystal stops and Lala hears noise in the background that sounds like another person. She vaguely hears the other person tell her mother something about no cell phones and that she can now see her mother.

“Grams?” Lala whispers to herself. She freezes. Is her mom with her Larissa? It makes no sense though. The two hardly ever speak to each other, let alone pay each other visits. Lala starts mentally panicking.

“Okay.” Crystal tells the other person. “I’m sorry Layla, I have to go, but please just…ask Chris. He’ll explain everything to you.”

“No.” Lala says sternly. “I’m asking you. Wh-“

“I really have to go now.” Crystal cuts her daughter off. “Layla….I love you.”

Lala tenses and struggles to form the words that come out next. “I love you too.”

“I’ll see you soon.” Crystal says heartily, before ending the phone call. Lala stares at the phone and sits in silence, thinking about the conversation. It sure as hell isn’t what she was expecting. She’s already pissed at Chris, but now, she’s furious. Placing her phone back in her bra, she rises up and straightens out her clothes. She starts making her way back to the room they were in only to see he’s gone. She guesses they’ve probably returned to the room they were previously in. Marching her way over to it, she sees everyone, namely, Christopher.

They all seem to be laughing over something.

“Hey girl.” Mickie laughs, smiling at her cousin. “You missed it. Ashley’s crazy ass-“

“What the f*** is going on?” Lala demands, ignoring Mickie while, starring straight at Chris.

He looks confused, along with everyone else in the room.

“What are you talking about?” Chris asks her.

“I don’t know Chris, why don’t you tell me?” She chuckles non-humorously, crossing her arms over her chest before dragging her eyes over to Drake. “Better yet, why don’t you Drake? This apparently concerns Mickie too.”

“What?” Mickie says aloud, now fully invested in the conversation. She turns to look at her lover, only to see he looks uneasy and somewhat nervous. “What is she talking about?”

“Excuse us.” Olivia and her assistant, murmur, before sliding their way out the room.

“Maybe we should go…” Dee Dee mumbles, confused as to what she should do.

“No.” Lala tells her. “Stay.” She returns her eyes back to her husband. “I’m waiting.”

“Waiting for what?!” Chris yells, rising up from the table, with both hands on the expensive piece of furniture. “I don’t have s*** to tell you!”

“You’re such a f***ing liar!” She yells back, looking between him and Drake. “Both of you!” A beat. “I just got off the phone with my mother Chris.”

Chris’s whole demeanor changes, as does Drake, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

“Okay.” Mickie mumbles, moving to stand up by her cousin. “Ya’ll are starting to really scare me.”

“All of us.” Ashley sounds, watching intently at the scene in front of us.

“We were going to tell ya’ll.” Drake chimes in, moving to stand by Chris. “It was just…with everything going on with Ashley; we didn't want to overwhelm you.”

“Tell us what?!” Mickie screams.

“Your grandmother is in the hospital!” Chris yells. “She had a stroke!”

Cue gasps. Both Mickie and Lala seem to stop breathing. Silence.

“What?” Lala finally says, sounding shaky.

Drake sighs. “Your mom called Chris and Brandy called me about two weeks ago when it happened-“

“Two weeks?” Mickie speaks up, sounding angry. “You mean to tell me ya’ll have been keeping this from us for two f***ing weeks? The hell is wrong with you two?!”

“She’s our grandmother! We should have been the first to know!” Lala shouts.

“There was a lot going on.” Chris sighs. “Ya’ll already had a lot you were dealing with.”

“f*** that! I don’t care! You should have told us!” Mickie yells, with tears forming in her eyes.

“I can’t…” Lala places her hands on either side of her face. “I can’t deal with this right now.” She pulls her phone out and starts moving her fingers rapidly. “I need to get a flight out ASAP.” She mumbles to herself.

“Make that two.” Mickie says coldly, while looking straight at Drake. “We need to get home so we can start packing.”

“We’ll help.” Ashley stands up and looks towards Nix and Dee Dee. “You guys in?”

“Of course.” They both confirm.

All the females stand up and send murderous glares towards the guys.

“The f*** did we do?” Mijo questions.

“Don’t even start!” Nix yells. “Ya’ll nigga’s are just as guilty as Chris and Drake.”

“Damn straight. We know they must have told ya’ll asses.” Dee Dee adds.

The other three men look down or avoid eye contact with the enraged women.

“Oooooh!” Ashley sounds, cracking her knuckles. “Just wait. I got something for all ya’ll trifling asses. Just wait. It says Cuisinart motherf***ers. And the Special Edition b****es set at that!”

The women start to exit the room, but Lala leaves last to say one more thing to her husband, who looks conflicted as to if she should follow her.

“Who’s the one keeping secrets now?”


Uh oh. Trouble is paradise.

Don’t get mad at me!



PS: Tia, what the hell you mean you got a stalker? Lawd. this b****! I can't! lol

Lmaoooo Mr. Brown I just can't with him right now! This nigga gone try to talk to her in a different language?! He is just doing the most right now! I just don't understand him!

And Kae, somebody should have beat the f*** out yo scrawny ass! And b**** don't nobody give a damn WHAT you are! Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, b**** you over seas! That's all we know, and all we care to know! Hell, yo lil bitty self would have got dragged up and through that damn church! I would have asked the Lord for forgiveness afterwards because you shouldn't do that in his house but maaaaaaan, b****es be deserving that ass whoopin'!!!!

Crystal, she was waaaay out of line for everything she was saying especially when she brought Rihanna up, she crossed a MAJOR boundary that should have never been crossed. I mean everyone's family was being very rude and stuff, like damn! That's how ya'll feel?

Now for Madea, she is just a damn fool lmaoooo I could just imagine her ass too! Just sitting down watching everybody act like they ain't got no home training! And I just knew she was about to pull out that heat when people wouldn't calm they nervous systems! She just crazy lol and Kae was still over there talking s*** calling people monkeys and s***! "Oh Heeeeeell no" is about damn right! If she had of called my ass A monkey oh please believe me bo I would have showed her what the hell a monkey is and how they act like cause I would have went straight ape s*** on that b****! Loose pussy ass! Got me all over here heated and s*** lol.

But me, smh that is me right there, pulling out cameras and s***! Some things are just too good not to get on camera. You want something you can cherish, and relive lmaooo.

But I'm sorry to hear about that, glad that you're ok now! I know that your grandmother's in heaven smiling down on you and you're family. *internet hug* lol

But honey! You know damn well you wanted in on me and Kianna good ass conversation! Lol. And It was not all me! Like I said, I like to record things so that I can relive and cherish that moment. Lmaooo

But OMGEEEEZ! I got a stalker!

kae is crazyy for tryna ruin the wedding
yoo madea n mr brown are tooo funnnyyy
he was tryna order chinese food lmaaoo n that speech madea said was the truth..but run it.. looking forward to what else happens with this story...

That add was LOVE & so hilarious that I re-read lines 3 or 4 times. Mr. Brown is a damn fool, lmfao. A damn Chinese delivery girl? Really? Chinese food at a wedding? Lmfao. "eggbowls" I swear that old man doesn't have the brains he was born with. Lmfao, Tryna get that food huh? :)))) lmfao. Ridiculous, he is such a funny character. And Tia ghetto ass, video taping s***. That is shame, but of course in the future that video will be something to laugh at. Lmfao. -.- I hated how Crystal smart ass comments started te whole argument; like damn. It's her daughters wedding, couldn't she have spared her damn thoughts for a day? -_____- ugh. That's Crystal for you, damnit. She knew damn well Chris wouldn't have invited drama to their day, have some common sense. Lol. Madea is a fool too! Lmfao. In my head I imagined this scene from a movie of hers, her sitting around watching the family act foolish and stuff. Lmfaaaaaaoooooooooo, that comment she said about Brown being in the planet of the Apes was hilarious to me, I actually laughed outloud at that shxt. As for Kae, that shxt is ridiculous. She needs true help, stupid ass. /:These flashbacks are great. :D I guess it's back to the present couple, I hope nothing bad happens their way.

Lala is about to get KNOCKED UP ASAP!!! C'mon now!

Awwwl, I bet that was a tough time for you to go through. I'm sorry & my condolences go out to you & your family. I'm glad your better girl. :D & excuse us, but it was Tia ass! Recording shxt in school when she suppose to be getting' her learn on! Lmfao.

::.Chapter 44.::

“Chris!” Karrueche, Kae, screams while running away from security.

“Aww <em>hell</em> naw” Ashley jumps up and starts pinning her hair up. “I knew this broad was going to try something. I KNEW it!”

“This is so fancy Cora! Ain’t it?” Mr. Brown smiles cheerfully. “They got carry-out and everything.” He gets up and walks toward Kae. “Yes, I’d like a large Shrimp Fried Rice; with some General Horseshoe Chicken and-do ya’ll got have them eggbowls? I love me some eggbowls.-“

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kae asks confused and enraged.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I though you spoke English.” Mr. Brown apologizes. “Me would like BIG-“ He starts, talking louder and using hand gestures.

“I don’t work for the damn Chinese restaurant you moron!” She spits harshly. “And I’m VIATNAMESE, not CHINESE, but VIATNAMESE.”

“Child.” Larissa sighs, turning in the chair so that she’s looking at Kae. “I don’t care who you are or where you are from. All I know is, you got some damn nerve coming up in here and trying to ruin a damn wedding. Ain’t you got no damn sense? Didn’t nobody ever teach your ass it’s rude to just show up at places unanoun-“

“Would the both of you just shut the f*** up?” Kae groans, before looking at Lala with a dirty look. “Must be your side of the family. Certainly not Chris. He doesn’t have such ignorant and uneducated-“

“b**** I wish you would finish that sentence.” Lala warns, gritting her teeth. “Hoe, I will jump up across this table and beat the rice out of you. Don’t play with me. I will go to jail for whipping your ass. Yes, I will.”

“b**** I am NOT scared of you!” Kae tries to act tough. “I beat your ass once and I’ll-“

“You beat my ass?” Lala scoffs. “Hoe, if my memory serves me correctly; the only one who got they ass beat was <strong>you</strong>.”

“And you about to get beat another damn time!” Mickie yells, pulling out her earrings.

“See. It’s starting already.” Crystal says loud enough, so the people around her can hear. “This boy is already causing problems.”

Brandy rolls her eyes and turns toward her sister. “How the hell is he causing problems? It’s not like he asked this girl to show up.”

“Who said he didn’t?” Crystal proposes. “You know how these men are now days. They do all kinds of crazy s***.”

“Watch your mouth Crystal.” Joyce warns, feeling her temper start to rise. “That’s my son you’re talking about. Chris would never do anything like this and especially not to Lala of all people.”

“Is that the same thing you told yourself when you heard news of how he beat poor Rihanna?” Crystal shoots back.

“Crystal!” Larissa, Marcus, and Brandy hiss at the same time.

“I don’t see how they gon try and blame this on Chris.” Kym, a relative on Chris’s side, comments. “When <em>everybody</em> knows that little tramp he just married is nothing but a gold digger.”

“Uh uh!” Niecy, a relative on Lala’s side interrupts while holding up a lengthy acrylic nail. “I know you not talking about my family like I ain’t sitting right here. You must done lost your damn mind. My little cousin is <strong>not</strong> no damn gold digger!”

Kym scowls in contempt. “Could’ve fooled me considering Christopher,” She says loud enough for the nearby guests to hear. “Paid for this whole wedding, when <em>everybody</em> knows it’s traditional for the bride’s family to pay.”

“Heifer you obviously have no idea what the hell you talking about.” Niecy shoots back, getting just as loud. “Lala paid for half of this, while Chris took care for of the other half, ya broke ass two cent weave wearing trick!”

“We should take the kids to another room.” Lisa whispers to Tootie. “I have a feeling that this is about to get <strong>real</strong> ugly.”

“About to?” Tootie scoffs, gathering the children. “It already has.”

“Ooooh!” Tia smiles, pulling out her camera. “This gon be good!”

“Good?” Adrienne looks at the girl like she’s insane. “These damn fools bout to pull a Do The Right Thing riot and your ass talking about this gon be good?”

“Yeah.” Tia shrugs nonchalantly.

“I seriously question your sanity sometimes.” Adrienne shakes her head. “And why the hell do you have a camera out?”

“Girl, if something goes down, you best believe, Imma be all up in that thang! I ain’t missing s***!”

“How could you do this to me Chris?!” Kae yells, faking tears. “I –I love you!”

“You a lie!” Mr. Brown interjects, standing up while pointing an accusing finger at Kae.

“You really expect Chris to believe that?” Ashley scoffs, looking ready to pounce on Kae. “Slut, if you really did love Chris, your skank ass wouldn’t have been cheating on him <em>before</em> he even told you he wanted an open relationship!”

“Was I even talking to you?!” Kae glares. “b**** you don’t have any room to talk. Everybody knows you a low class hoe!”

Cue the chaos.

Chris tries to constrain a seething Lala as she and Kae spar with nasty jabs while Ashley and Mickie do the same as Tyga and Drake try to hold them back. The adults engage in their own arguments as well. With Chris’s family along with Lala’s family arguing over which of the two is to blame for Kae’s intrusion. Meanwhile, Madea sits and just observes how her family and her now extended family bicker like animals. Eventually, she decides enough is enough and gets up to stop the fighting.

“Hellur.” She clears her throat. “Excuse me.” A beat. “I’m not gon say this agai-“ She ducks as a stiletto shoe is thrown. “Oh hell no!” She hurriedly reaches for her purse and starts digging around until she finds the desired item. She snatches it out, raises it up, and releases a single gunshot.

A series of “What the hell’s?’, “WTF?’, and other frightened complains fill the room as all eyes fall on a pissed Mabel “Madea” Simmons.

“What the hell,” Madea starts, placing her gun back in her purse.
“Is wrong with all of you?! This is a damn wedding, not a damn zoo, although I can understand how some of you might confuse Brown with some type of creature from Planet of the Apes. But still, this don’t make no damn sense! I’d expect this from you young folks since ya’ll don’t seem to know a damn thing about life, but ya’ll older folks should be ashamed of ya’llselves! This is not soul circus-“

“Could’ve fooled me.” Kae murmurs, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Damn monkeys.”

Another series of “Oh hell no” erupt from the guests.

“I know you ain’t talking.” Lala grits, feeling her temper trying to escalate again. “When your ass looks like you got some damn d*** balls stuck in your deformed jaws!”

“Ooooh!” Mickie laughs, playfully slapping her cousin on the arm.
“You ain’t ever lying! b**** do look like she got some saggy balls up in there.”

“Did ya’ll not just hear a word I just said? I tell you, you damn young children. I can’t be bothered.” Madea complains. She turns to Kae. “Lil girl you must be as dumb as you look. How stupid can you be to just crash into someone’s wedding, wanting to start something, when you know they got family to back them up. That’s just stupid! You so unedjumacated! I should beat the hell out of you just for being so damn dumb! Don’t make no damn sense!”

“She’s right.” Lala sighs, finally calming herself. “This is my Goddamn wedding day and I’ll be damned if I let this thing,” She motions to Kae. “Ruin it for us.” She smiles up at Chris and the two kiss before she snaps her fingers and motions for the security.

“Security, please remove the dead weight off the premises.” She says in a posh voice.

“Get your f***ing grimy hands off of me!” Kae screams, while trying to fight off the security men. “Chris! Please don’t do this! We’re meant to be together!”

“b**** shut your psycho ass up!” Chris yells back at her. “You need to get your ass admitted cause you on some mental s***.”

The sounds of Kae’s yelling and fighting and claims of undying love for Chris eventually cease as she’s taken out of hearing distance.

“Well.” Lala clears her throat and straightens her dress out. “Now that <em>that</em> is over.” She attempts to make a light-hearted joke. “Where were we?”

“That was such a nasty delivery girl.” Mr. Brown exclaims. “Ya’ll need to call and ask for a rerun. She ain’t even bring no food! What Chinese place you know send someone out without no food?!”



Sorry I went sorta MIA on ya’ll.

This past week would have been my grandmother’s birthday so I was kinda depressed and didn’t feel up to adding. *shrugs*
I’m better now though. :]

Umm…I think I want to add another part to this, but it probably won’t be until a couple chapters later on. Present Chris and Lala are calling for me. Lol.

And Kianna and Tia? b****es don’t be engaging in chit chat on my thread! Get yo asses on the messaging features or something! Lmao. Jk


Lol they sure don't!

And yeah, I like to watch girls fight because it's hilarious to me how they scream and s*** and you can see the veins about to burst out their damn throat I was like omg! Lmaoooo


@Tia- rofl. ROFL. Some teachers nowadays don't really give two f-cks, actually no fcks are really given. LMFAO. I rather see two girls fight--versus two boys. Because--they get right too it. Girls, they constantly talking and hollering, clapping they damn hands and telling everybody the whole story on "why" they fighting. ROFL!

@Amber , baaaaaaaeeeee, where ya at! :(

You haven't added in a while.

Hope everything is ok.

Hope YOU are ok.

Lmaooo Kianna! I was about to walk past it until the one girl yelled "b**** you been muggin' all day! You must want yo one?!" and I reversed my ass right on back and pulled out my phone. Lol the teachers let it go on for a long time. They just showed us how much they don't gaf lol.

<em>And you're not the only one, school is hell. It was yet ANOTHER fight today in the hall on our way back to homeroom. And where was I? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CIRCLE RECORDING! HELL YEAH! Lmaooo</em>

<em>Run it</em>

....lmfao. this girl... *busts out laughing & looks around the post* like damn, school that wild already? EVEN mine is too. During lunch these two girls started arguing, *rolls eyes* of course...over some shxt. -_____________-

LMFAO. should have got my phone out, record that shxt.

Ok, starting off with her gown. It is beyond beautiful. Her wedding dress was beautiful too, I went back to look at it again lol. I love it! Can't wait until my wedding. My wedding dress might me the most expensive thing out of all the expenses lol. Going all out! Now the area, it was just beautiful too. It was so elaborate and organized!

I swear, Lala is just a bag of water lol. Crying during the dance I just imagined how she pulled away and covered her hands and it was so cute! I wanted to cry too but I was like NOPE! I REFUSE! I can't have you making me cry all the time lol.

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<strong>This chappie is dedicated to Tia, who I just realized, has yet to have a chapter dedication in her name. Sorry girl. You've commented on every single add. That's serious dedication and I don't take it lightly. Much love. <333</strong>

::.Chapter 43.::


*April 1, 2012*

After the wedding ceremony, Chris and Lala separate while the newlywed changes into her <a href="" target="_blank">reception gown</a>. The two meet up again and proceed to walk into the <a href="" target="_blank">reception area</a>, hand-in-hand, as the guests cheer and clap for the married couple.

“Bruno!” Mr. Brown yells, clapping and cheering. “Bruno! Bruno! Bruno!”

“Mr. Brown, what are you doing?” <a href="" target="_blank">Cora</a>, Leroy’s daughter whispers to him, noticing the strange looks people are giving her father.

“What’s it looking like I’m doing?” Mr. Brown shoots back in a ‘duh’ tone. “I’m congratulating the whoyoumad couple.”

“That’s <em>newlywed</em> Mr. Brown.” Cora corrects, shaking her head. “And why do you keep yelling Bruno?”

“You ain’t ever heard of Bruno before?” Mr. Brown shrieks in a high-pitched voice. “Girl everybody know about Bruno.”

“Bruno Mars?” <a href="" target="_blank">Adrienne</a>, Chris’s younger cousin, who he regards as a little sister pipes up, including herself in the conversation.

“Naw girl.” <a href="" target="_blank">Tia</a>, Adrienne’s roommate and best friend, chimes. “He talking about those Mars candy bars.”

“I’m talking about BRUNO.” Mr. Brown interjects, growing frustrated with the three female’s lack of comprehension. “That’s what them white folks yell at other folks during special events like this.” Cora, Adrienne, and Tia all give Mr. Brown blank expressions. “What’s wrong with ya’ll?”

“You mean <em>Bravo</em> Mr. Brown.” Cora sighs. “And most people use that during musical performances. Like at the opera.”

“Same difference.” Mr. Brown shrugs and resumes yelling out “Bruno.”

Tia and Adrienne shake their head proceed to start their own conversation while Cora sulks down in embarrassment.


“And now, Chris and Lala will share their first dance as husband and wife.” The DJ smiles, the crowd grows silent as Chris and Lala make their way to the middle of the stage.

“What song did you choose?” Lala asks, as the two wait for the music to start. She left the decision of what their ‘first dance’ song would be.

He kisses her hand and winks. “You’ll see.”

She blushes and not even 10 seconds later, the intro to Luther Vandros <a href="" target="_blank">"Here and Now"</a> fills the room.

“s***, you’re gonna make me cry again.” Lala mumbles, as the two starts dancing. While dancing, she tries her damn hardest to withhold the tears, but it becomes extremely difficult. She loves this song, but the words, along with her jolted emotions start to become too much.

By the end of the chorus, Lala pulls away from Chris to cover her face as the tears start to fall freely.

“It’s okay baby!” Grams yell out as the crowd watches the visibly shaken up bride. A chorus of “awe’s” erupts from the guests when
Chris pulls his wife back into him, rubs her back, and whispers comforting words into her ear.

“Mommy, why is Auntie Lala sad?” Lil Drew whispers to his mother.

<a href="" target="_blank">Tootie</a> c**ks her head to the side. “Lala’s not sad baby.”

“But she’s crying. Don’t people cry when they’re sad?”

Tootie cracks a small smile. She has the best son in the world.

“Usually, but sometimes they cry when they’re happy. That’s what Lala’s doing. She’s crying because she’s happy.”

Lil Drew stares at his mom, then at Lala and finally at his mom again before shaking his head. “I still don’t get it.”

“You will, one day baby.” Tootie laughs and kisses her son on the cheek.

Lala wipes her eyes. “I’m okay.” She sniffles. “Really.” Placing her arms back around Chris, she smirks up at him. “I’m going to get your ass for making me cry so much today. Believe that.”

He laughs and shakes his head. “I look forward to that.” He whispers seductively, gradually moving his hands down her body, until they settle on her hips.

Her face reddens. “My parents are watching us…..”

“And?” He challenges, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “We should give them a show…”

Her eyes widen with fright. “Christopher Maurice Brown, I swear, if you try anything that is x rated, I will-“

“X?” He smirks. “Damn bae, I was thinking about keeping it R, but if you wanna take it <em>there</em>-“

“The only place I wanna take <em>you</em>” She smirks, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “Is down.” Drawing back, she giggles at the pained look on his face.

He spins her around and pulls her into him. She blushes profusely when she feels his growing erection pressing in her backside. “f*** you.”

She laughs softly and spins herself, twirling until she’s back to her previous position. Pressing her chest into his, she says innocently. “I love you too.”

The song finally stops and Lala and Chris share a long kiss before Chris walks off and her dad takes his place.

“I know it’s probably a little late to be asking this but….what the hell.” Marcus chuckles, starring down at his youngest child, while the two dance to Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole's <a href="" target="_blank">"Unforgettable"</a>. “Are you happy Layla? I mean, really and truly happy?”

“A little late? Try a lot late.” Lala laughs, but quickly turns serious. “He completes me daddy. I can’t really explain it, but….when I’m with him….I feel……free. Like, all of my inhibitions have been released. He makes me forget all the bad things in my life. He….he….” She shakes her head, unable to come up with the right words. “I don’t know how to describe it.”

“It’s okay.” Marcus stops her. “Besides, we wouldn’t want you crying again.” He teases.

“Not funny.” Lala laughs, and notices the strange look her father is giving her. “What is it?”

“When did it happen?” He questions softly.

“When did what happen?” She asks confusion in her voice and on her face.

“When did you stop being my little girl?”

Lala feels her throat her heavy. But she refuses to cry. “Who says I did?” She teases back and the two share a touching smile. “I’ll never stop being your little girl daddy.”

‘Unforgettable’ suddenly stops playing and is instead replaced by Stevie Wonder’s <a href="" target="_blank">"Isn't She Lovely?"</a>. The two look towards the direction of the DJ to see Chris standing there with an innocent smile.

“Ya’ll was killing me with that depressing song.” He says into the mic. “This is supposed to be a happy occasion. So be…..happy.”

Lala giggles and mouths ‘I’m going to get your ass’. He smiles and mouths back ‘I love you too’.


After the Father-Daughter dance, Chris meets back up with Lala and expects for them to cut the cake, but see’s she has something else in mind. He’s confused when she instructs one of the workers to place a single chair on the middle of the dance floor and tells him to sit in it.

“What’s going on?” He ask, watching as a microphone is placed a few feet away and all the bridal party form a line behind the mic.

“You’ll see.” She winks, copying his earlier gesture. She walks away and stands in front the mic.

“I know you all are probably hungry and ladies, I know your feet are killing you, but that’s too damn bad. Suck it up.” The guests laugh. “Now, I’m sure ya’ll have noticed, this isn’t your typical or traditional wedding. And you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing up here, but you’re about to find out.” She takes a deep breath and stares at Chris. “I wanted to give you a wedding gift, but couldn’t think of anything good enough, so I decided to write you a song.” The crowd awes. “Don’t ya’ll get soft on me just yet!” She jokes, before turning back to Chris. “And here it is.”

<strong>A/N: <a href="" target="_blank">THIS</a>is the video I got the idea from and the song is the same as in the video....Love On Top. Skip to 1:25.</strong>

She takes a deep and shaky breath, before cueing for the DJ to start the music. The bridal party start doing the rehearsed dance moves while Lala sings and dances to/on Chris like they’re the only two people in the room. The audience claps and watches in awe as the husband and wife interact with each other. Chris is impressed by how well she’s able to sing while dancing in her heels.

By the end of the song, each guest is standing and applauds the bride and her bridal party. Chris rushes to his wife and lifts her up to spin her around.

“Did you like it?” She asks, after he sets her down.

“I loved it.” He cheeses. “Although…..”

She frowns slightly. “Although what?”

He smiles. “I’m a little upset you stole my idea.”

“What?” She questions, as he leads her to the seat he was sitting in. “Chris what-“ She stops when he takes her places at the mic and all the groom men stand behind him.

He doesn’t even say anything and gestures for the DJ to play the music. He, along with the men, turn around and Lala stares in confusion. The sound of The Temptations <a href="" target="_blank">"My Girl"</a> fills the room and Lala throws her hands over her mouth as the guys start to mimic The Temptations dance moves.

However, unlike the ‘dancers’, Chris opts to actually sing. Lala is enchanted by his voice. He hits every note and sings directly to her. She dances a little in her chair and mouths the words to the song. Surprisingly, she doesn’t cry and instead laughs in glee and smile in pure bliss.


After Chris and Lala give their ‘gifts’ to each other, they proceed to move on to the meal part of the ceremony. Of course, security almost had to intervene when Mr. Brown tried to cut to the front of the line to get his plate.

After everyone got their food, it was time for the ‘toasting’.
Marcus and Crystal went first. “Being the non-creative person I am, I’m going to start off with the cliché, it seems like it was only yesterday.” The guests laugh at Marcus’s ‘joke’. “That I was teaching Layla how to ride a bike for the first time-“

“Showing her how to French braid her hair.” Crystal chimes in and Lala is unable to read her facial expression, but cannot deny the obvious sentiment in it.

“Or trying to convince her that the boogeyman wasn’t real.” He shoots a playful glare towards Damon, who was responsible for his younger sister’s belief in the mythical creature after scaring her with this fictitious story.

“But today, we stand here, proud of the beautiful, intelligent and ambitious young <em>woman</em> she’s become.” Crystal continues, looking straight at her daughter.

“We’re….<strong>so</strong> honored to be your parents Layla.” Marcus adds.

“And even though <em>I</em> may not agree with some of the decisions you’ve made.” Her mother interjects, fighting to maintain her indifferent tone. “You have been the best daughter a mother could ask for and I wish---we wish you nothing but the best as you start the next chapter of your life.”

“Both of your lives.” Marcus adds on, trying to cover up his wife’s underlying message. “But let me say this….I’m sure almost all of you have seen Taken-“

“They ain’t fin to take me!” Mr. Brown starts panicking. “Cora, don’t let em take me. You gon let them take yo daddy?”

“Brown if you don’t shut the hell up.” <a href="" target="_blank">Madea</a> warns. “I swear; I’m fin to murder your little, hobbit ass. This gon be your first and last wedding/murder-.”

“Anyway:” Marcus clears his throat loudly. “I bring up the movie because I think it makes a clear and genuine point of how far a father will go to protect his daughter.” He states sternly, looking straight at Chris. “In other words, if you do anything, and I do mean <strong>anything</strong> to hurt my little girl-“

“Okay!” <a href="" target="_blank">Gabby</a>, Lala’s aunt interjects, standing up with her bottle. “I think we get the point big bro. Chris hurts her. You kill him. Point blank.” She laughs, before starting her own toast. “Chris, I may not have known you for very long, but I <em>do</em> know my niece and I know that you have a true gem on your hands. I-“

“Let me see him!” A voice interrupts Gabby and countless heads snap towards the direction of the voice. “Do you know who I f***ing am? Chris will have your ass FIRED for treating me like this.”

“Please.” Lala closes her eyes. “<em>Please</em> tell me that is <strong>not</strong> who I think it is.”

“How the hell did she even find out where we were having it?” Chris asks nobody in particular.

“Chris!” <a href="" target="_blank">She</a> screams while running away from security.


*Hides Behind Bushes*

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That sneak peek add was adorable--I love flashbacks. Mr. Brown is a true clown. He keeps me laughing all the time, like he is ridiculous. This old man said "whoyoumad" LMFAAAO. How tf you get that out of "newlyweds"? Lmao. We shall never know the true answer to that. & BRUNO? Tf? Lmaaaao at Me & Tia's comments, "Bruno Mars". We are some characters--I tell ya! Lol. Awwww, the first dance. How beautiful---I wonder what the song is gonna be. Very classy and romantic, to set the mood right. And then the cutting of the cake, and then..omg. The throwing of the bouquet & all the other festivities! Ah, the toasts. It'll be a flashback to remember. :) Chris is so sweet, winking and sly shxt. :))))))

Run this for me Chica! :)

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But I wonder what song it is. And Mr. Brown, I can't right now. Bruno? Lmaooooo Hell naw, that was hilarious to me. He is a fool. Poor Cora, she embarrassed. I would be too lmaooo. I'd be looking like, "Ummm, I have NO idea who he is!" And walk away slowly.

Run it

::.Chapter 43 (Sneak Peak).::

A/N: Here's a sneak preview. Oh, and thanks for reaching out to me Tia. I'm okay though. My grandmother passed in June of this year and I had been keeping this secret I had concerning her death ever since, but I finally admitted it to my parents. And that resulted in what my parents are calling a "family meltdown." It was just a very emotional thing, but I'm doing better now. :)

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*April 1, 2012*

After the wedding ceremony, Chris and Lala separate while the newlywed changes into her reception gown. The two meet up again and proceed to walk into the reception area, hand-in-hand, as the guests cheer and clap for the married couple.

“Bruno!” Mr. Brown yells, clapping and cheering. “Bruno! Bruno! Bruno!”

“Mr. Brown, what are you doing?” Cora, Leroy’s daughter whispers to him, noticing the strange looks people are giving her father.

“What’s it look like I’m doing?” Mr. Brown shoots back in a ‘duh’ tone. “I’m congratulating the whoyoumad couple.”

“That’s <em>newlywed</em> Mr. Brown.” Cora corrects, shaking her head. “And why do you keep yelling Bruno?”

“You ain’t ever heard of Bruno before?” Mr. Brown shrieks in a high-pitched voice. “Girl everybody know about Bruno.”

“Bruno Mars?” Adrienne, Chris’s younger cousin, who he regards as a little sister pipes up, including herself in the conversation.

“Naw girl.” Tia, Adrienne’s roommate and best friend, chimes. “He talking about those Mars candy bars.”

“I’m talking about BRUNO.” Mr. Brown interjects, growing frustrated with the three female’s lack of comprehension. “That’s what them white folks yell at other folks during special events like this.” Cora, Adrienne and Tia all give Mr. Brown blank expressions. “What’s wrong with ya’ll?”

“You mean <em>Bravo</em> Mr. Brown.” Cora sighs. “And most people use that during musical performances. Like at the opera.”

“Same difference.” Mr. Brown shrugs and resumes yelling out “Bruno.”

Tia and Adrienne shake their head proceed to start their own conversation while Cora sulks down in embarrassment.

“And now, Chris and Lala will share their first dance as husband and wife.” The DJ smiles, the crowd grows silent as Chris and Lala make their way to the middle of the stage.

“What song did you choose?” Lala asks, as the two wait for the music to start. She left the decision of what their ‘first dance’ song would be.

He kisses her hand and winks. “You’ll see.”


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