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Please Don't Judge Me

I LOVE this song! What do you think of this song when you hear it?


Yes best song on the album for sure.
We made a video clip to this song ( Don't Judge Me) , let us know what you think.
We shoot this in France by the way !


this song is so beautiful...

yes chris brown reigned when he released please don't judge me. its his most triumph song of the year. if anyone has had any doubts and skepitcals conserning chris brwons person growth and development as artist this song will shut them down. i just hope he learns from his mistakes and never repeats it again. everyone deserves a second chance chris has gotten his. and for this i respect him chris brown has redeemed hiself.

Don't judge me is a song that people will learn from hopefully they'll learn to not Judge people by the mistakes that they make and actually get to that person.

I love this song ......

I truly love this song. It represents so much of Chris, and you can hear in the way he sings and the way he's written those words, that he really means it all. He's sincere and honest, and this song is for everyone out there, who judges him so harshly because of his past. We all know he's made mistakes, but who doesn't make mistakes? And if you can't move on from them, then what can you do? He just wants people to love and respect him for who he is now, not for who he was. Appreciate him for his music, his art and for being him, present day, not past.

it's a very powerful one; hopefully people will finally learn to leave the past alone and not be so quick to judge Chris. Unfortunately I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon because misery loves company.

On a side note the song makes me want to cry :,)

Run It! <3


Mines too.

Yea i love all the songs but Don't Judge Me is my favorite one!!!!!

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"Saying some things we'll regret
Can we just slow it down and press reset.
You're beautiful"...

**"don't judge me" is One of my favorite songs on the album** :)