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Sex Stories

This is no ordinary story . This story has no chapters. This story is about many women and their difficult sex lives . Though each of these stories Differ , They Share one common thing . They All Came From a Terrible upbringing Which Let Them To a Life of sex. These Are Theirs Sex Stories .


Smh That's How All Prostitution Begins . Run it .

<a href="">Diamond's</a> Story.

My name is diamon'd simmons and this is my story.:

I was born and riased in the beautiful Las vegas. The place of lights and cash. My dad was a terrible gambler who always gambled off his every penny. My mom on the other hand couldnt get a job to save her life. My Our Family Was how You say "Poor." We would have to steal food from the supermarket and Clothing From the Thrift Store. I Waas 15 When My Life Changed Forever.

I Was beginning to realize that i was holding my parents back so i pack up my belongings and Ranaway Leaving Only a Note That Read:<EM>
Do Great Things , Love always , Diamond .</EM>

So There i was, out on my own trying to survive another day . Struggling .One day as i was resting on a bench a <a href="">Man</a> approached Me.

Him-What are you doing out here all alone?
Me-Ihave nowhere else to go.
Him-Would You Like To Come Stay With Me? ...My name's Russ.

Ultimately i Really had no choice , Me not having a place to live. So i agreed and got in his car.Over the Months we bult a friendship That turned into a relationship. One Day he had A Friend Come Over.Russ Took Me into the Room.

Russ-You Love me right?
Me-Of Course
Russ-Then Do Me a favor...I need you to sleep with him.
Russ-C'Mon.Do it for me , i gave you a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear.If You loved me you's fo this one thing for me.

He Left The Room And His <a href="">Friend</A> Came in, We Got Undressed And Had The Worst sex ever.I had no urge to cum, his c**k wasn't very big. and my moans were extremly faint. But i did it all for russ. And from That Day on, i Was Another one Of Russ` prostitutes.

There's Nothing iHate More Than a Rapist ... RUN IT

<a href="" > MEGAN's</a> STORY

Hi My name is megan and this is my story :

i Was Born in Dallas Texas. Crime Rate is out the roof . Little Kids dont know who their Daddy's are . Little boys are either in gangs , jail or dead . And The girls are mothers at 15 . Dallas is not the place to be . i was 11 when my life was changed forever .

i Had just gotten home from school . The house Felt like it was empty ." hello ". i called out.There was no responce. So i tried again "Mom !" . For a while there was no responce . " your momma aint here Girl ." Said my <a href="">Stepfather</a> Justin .

He was the meanest man you could ever meet.Always yelling and throwing things around . He hit my mother but she always said she loved him . She was too blind and stupid to realize he was no good . My mother wasn't all good in the head either . iF she wasnt drunken and passed out . she was hopped up on something . i would only get to talk to her about 2 times a day .

Seeing That my mother wasnt home i went to my room to get started on my homework . i was in there about 15 minutes till he came and stood in my doorway.

Justin-What you Doin
Justin-Put That Homework Down And Lets Talk.
Me-But i have a quiz tommorow and i need to do my work
Justin-it'll only take a minute

i put my textbook on my dresser and sat up on my bed.He came and sat up next to me , Played with my hair and said .

Justin-You know .. your geting older . and yoour starting to look alot more prettier
Me-thank you
Justin-your starting to become a woman . Arent you ?
Me-uh.. iGuess So
Justin-There's one more thing you have to do to be a woman .

He began kissing and sucking on my neck and tried taking off my clothses . I tried to fight him onn but he was too strong . he Pinned Me Down on The bed While i Screamed " stop it . stop . get off me ."

Justin-shut up b**** .

Scared . i Just Shut Up And Cried Silently . He Ripped my clothes off me And Took off his pants. i Tried to escape while he was pulling his pants off but he just picked me up and threw me on the bed. He Entered me Hard With alot of force . I was still a virgin so it hurted like hell . He moved in and out fast and hard. making my vagina throbb . He was pounding me for at least 3 minutes then he came . But he wasnt through yet . He Teid my hands to my bed and spread my legs open . He Messaged my clit with he tounge . flickering it back and forth . i didnt want to but it felt kinda good . i tried so many ways to stop he but he just wouldn't . he tounge f***ed me . and then i came in his mouth . Then he kissed me . and just left me there. Alone. Tired . and scarred for life .

Run It .

I like it Bumpz