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Groupie Chronicles.

Hey, <a href="">my</a> name is Chyna. I am a filthy, stripping whore who got knocked up by one of the hottest rap niggas in the game, <a href="">Tyga</a>. I do not understand how this sexy ass gecko impregnated my knock-off Minnie Mouse and Nicki Minaj looking ass. My ass shots are the f*cking worse! Look at my nasty <a href="">ass</a>! Whew! Somebody gotta be a ho nowadays 'cuz we surely are winning! Until he leave me and I become an unwed babymama! 'Cause y'all know this nigga not gon' marry my ass! How the f*ck make up make me look worse! I look totally better without it. Sheesh, i'mma weak ass ho! I can't spell simple ass words either! Geezus! I'm a lil conniving lil gutter butt ass b*tch too! My ugly ass knew I would be <a href="">this.</a> Damn I'm so shady! I won't ever have to strip again thanks to my boo's dumb ass! I put the pussy on him so good that I convinced him not to wear a condom! And boom! I'm pregnant. Everywhere I go people think I'm Nicki! The s*** is annoying! But I blame it on my dry ass, itchy ass, Dollar Tree ass weave! I'm so damn ratchet, but guess what you can be ratchet too! This is my groupie guide on how to snag a baller and how I managed to make it work! Karrueche I'mma show yo dumb ass how to get pregnant and trap Chris wild ass too. Tehee.


This is not a real story. I'm just bitter af 'cuz I saw a pic of her & Tyga being a couple & shid. So, I'm hating hard lmao. And now I feel so much better :D lol 




Awee Breee boo dnt be bitter
ill handlee his asx for you

@coke addiction thank u and chyna does look like a bootleg nicki :/ tyga could've done so much bettah than that

Lol thank y'all for reading...

I'm glad it made you laugh. I'm ignant af lol.

But I'm about to go check out your story @Taquilla

damn treated her lemar looking ass
naw kae cant do it her ass aint big enough
to trap chris lol
My ass shots are the f*cking worse! Look at my nasty ass!

Lmao! xD damn i can't stop laughing!

rotflmao!!!!! BAHAHHAHAHAH This shxt was funny as hell!
lol Dollar Tree weave!!
lol Kae still aint gonna get pregnant any way! Chris way to smart for that!
This made my day!