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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


Basketball season was rapidly approaching. Football season just ended with the big win at states. Tyler had big recruiters knocking on his door. Volley ball season was slowly coming to a close. 

The crew was at Lola's school for her Volley ball game. This game was the second round of playoffs with three more games ahead before states. 

"let's go babe, serve that ball" Ju cheered

We all looked at him weirdly "was that the best you could come up with" Ay laughed

"yeah" he nodded

One of Lola's teammates hit the ball. Then another and then she leaped up and spiked it to the ground. Ending the game of a final score of 6-5.

Lola and her team celebrated in the middle of the gym then respectfully shook the hands of the other team. She soon made her way over to us.

"hey y'all made it"

"Duhh we wouldn't miss it" Tae said

She pecked Ju's cheek "I somehow heard you"

"they are extremely loud" Tae shook her head 

"I didn't know it was such a crime to cheer for your girlfriend" Mo pulled Tae to his side 

"it is when your that loud breaking everyone's concentration" we began walking to the car

"so what the move tomorrow?" Lo asked 

"um after we all get out of school we have to meet up with Ju and I's lawyer."

"she wants to hear everyone's point of view of all of the confrontations with Alexis and Avion"

Everyone nodded "and afterwards?..." Tae asked

"umm we can go bowling" Tyler suggested 

"Iight tomorrow I got finish my college apps" Mo said

Everyone nodded in agreement 

"me too and I gotta got with my mom to look at these locations"

"there is entirely too much going on right now. I need to get some sleep" Ay stretched her arms out 

"on that note. Let's be out" everyone got in their cars and drove off.

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Macbeth though ! Lol

That was a nice chill add. Ctfu lost boys !!!

Runn It.Bestest :)

"Trick or Treat" a group of kids lined up on our porch yelled

I handed out the candy and closed the door "they start early in California. It's only 6 o'clock" my dad looked at his watch

"I know I haven't even started getting ready yet"

"go ahead and get ready I'll handle the trick or treaters" I handed him the bowl

"thanks dad" I kissed his cheek and headed up stairs.

I took my shower and did my <a href="">hair</a>. I did my makeup giving myself a smokey eye since I was going to be a witch tonight. One I got on my <a href="">costume</a> I went to help Maliyah with her <a href="">princess costume</a>. I primed her hair and we headed downstairs. 

We walked downstairs and saw Mo sitting next to my dad looking like <a href="">royalty</a>.
"oh my gosh! We're gonna look like a real princess book"

"you two look cute" Shaun said

"witches aren't cute dad"

"well you look gruesome" he chuckled. "let me take a few pictures and you can be on your way"

He took three pictures and we left to meet everyone else at sixflags. We got our tickets and met everyone all dressed up in their costumes .

"Maliyah, you see this. I did this for you" Tyler pointed at his Frankenstein costume

"thank you!! Now let's go get one some rides" she skipped off

We got on all the rides and took Maliyah to the kiddie section to get on a few rides. She got loads of candy and even got scared a few times. We decided to call it a night around 9 and went to go see my mom by the Haunted House.

"heyyy Mrs. Brooks" Ayanna yelled loudly 

"hey tinker bell" everyone laughed

"are you leaving" Ju asked

"yeah I just finished up. Everyone loved the cookies and cleaned me out earlier than I expected"

"wow that means business will be booming when you open up" I said 

"I know but I have more cookies in the house if you want any"

"sure" everyone said in unison

We all helped my mom pack up and headed back to the house.

We sat in the living room eating cookies talking about our night and all the crazy costumes we saw.

"well it looks like someone had fun" Linda said pointing at Maliyah asleep in Mo's lap

"yeah she did. I always wanted a younger sibling that's probably why I love her so much"

"aww well she loves you too" Linda said

"she really does" Tae said getting up

Mo got up holding Maliyah and followed Tae to Liyah's room

"just lay her down" 

"you're not gonna take off her costume?"

"naw I'm sure she'll love waking up as a princess"

Mo an Tae headed back down as her parents were heading upstairs for bed. The crew stayed downstairs talking and watching tv.

"Oooo Hocus Pocus" Ayanna leaned closer to the tv

"Tae cast a spell"

"double double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble" I moved my hands in a witch like motion 

Everyone fell out laughing "not with you quoting Shakespeare" Lo said 

"your scary ass" Ay said still laughing 

"Alakazam b**** bye" 

"girl hop on your broom and fly away"

"girlll go get some fairy dust and fly to neverland" Ay straight faced me as the boys laughed

"what y'all laughing at? Y'all the lost boys like s***" the guys stopped laughed as the girls started again

"that's not even funny"

"but it is though" Lo said inbetween laughs

<em> it's been too long since we all laughed like this</em>

I was just about to add add got deleted

so yeah i'm gonna retype it now smh

Jazzy hunny
I been reading as I said I would
but I think it's time I leave my sis a comment

Them 2 chicks should fall dead before the trial
They aint insane... they the devil!

I love Mali that lil girl is adorable
Why is she so bossy at such a young age?

Any who
Run it sis

Everyone had finished eating and me and the guys were in the kitchen cleaning up and talking.

"so why did you guys come over here" I pulled out the drying cloth 

"to see you of course" Mo kissed my cheek

I straight faced him "no really" 

"fine, you caught us. We were thinking for Halloween that we could all go to sixflags and take Maliyah with us. We don't really feel like partying foreal because of all the drama and what not" Ju explained

"that sounds cool. But Maliyah would most likely want us to dress up"

"we know" we laughed

"all I know is that I'm not being no damn pony" Ju said 

"well lets go ask my parents first" we finished off the dishes and walked back into the family room. 

Ju, Mo, and Tae all walked in slowly "y'all walked in here like y'all want something" Linda put down her book

"oh it's nothing really. I just had the idea to take Maliyah to Fright fest at sixflags on Halloween"

Maliyah jumped up from her coloring book "Oooo mommy, daddy can I go!! Pretty pretty please!!!" she pleaded 

"yes, you can go. I actually planned on going to the little market  outside the haunted house on sunset drive to hand out my Halloween cookies."

"Mmm what kind of cookies exactly?" Ju asked licking his lips

"fresh pumpkin cookies, chocolate cookies with orange chocolate kisses and sugar cookies with orange food coloring topped with green sugar sprinkles"

"sounds fancy"

"presentation is key Julius. But if you all are gonna go Tae you have to get Maliyah's costume"

"yayyyy!"Maliyah jumped up and down "wait are you guys gonna dress up with me?" she asked with big eyes

"yes, what do you want us to be?"Mo asked 

She stroked her chin as she thought "I'm going to be a princess and Mo will be prince and Ju-" 

"will not be a pony"

"Duhh that would be embarrassing. You and Lola will be king and queen. Ayanna can be a fairy and Tyler will be monster and Tae you will be a wicked witch"

"okay" we all said in unison 

"we'll go pick out costumes tomorrow" I said

"thank you" Maliyah gave us a tight group hug

Lol they funny as hell.

I'm glad things are going better, and I'm ready for this trial so them thirsty hoes can go to damn jail! Whoosh! Be gone! And the people at school who still saying slick s*** need to stfu because it's been a month. GTFO!

I'm excited for this bakery too! I really hope that it thrives.

Run it

Lol!! I am excited for this bakery. It is going to be a hit.

The trial is making me alittle nervous though. but i think we have a strong case.

Runnn it!

Lol!! I am excited for this bakery. It is going to be a hit.

The trial is making me alittle nervous though. but i think we have a strong case.

Runnn it!

Mo and I sat with our <a href="">Lawyer</a> Emily Walker discussing all of the events that built up to our kidnapping. 

"okay so I want all of your friends to be their the day of trial" we nodded " and maybe both of your parents and your brother Julius"

"why my brother?"

"because last weekend when your families were in he mentioned that she tried to come on to him multiple times and doesn't think that she is mentally stable"

"neither one of them are" Mo stated

"and thats what we're going to prove come December. So we need all the proof we can get"

"okay" I said as we nodded our heads

"Good" she smiled "that's all for today. Oh and we're going to need to get phone records and text messages. Anything like that" Emily said as we got up.

"okay" we hugged her goodbye and left her office and headed to the parking lot.

"I'll be glad when this is all over" Mo said 

"Amen to that"

"what you doing for Halloween?"

"hmmm nothing I guess. I don't really feel like going out or nothing"

"me either. I was thinking we could all go to six flags and take Maliyah with us"

"not a bad idea bruh" I dapped him up" when is Halloween tho? Next weekend?"


"Iight. Maliyah probably gonna want us to dress up"

Mo bust out laughing "kill she is though. We should head over there now" 

We pulled up in front of Tae's house just as they were getting out the car. 

"hi guys! Come help with the groceries" Maliyah yelled

"okay bossy" I said as I grabbed a few bags 

We walked in the house and set the bags on the counter and was greeted by Shaun cooking.

"I don't think i've ever seen you in here" 

"Haha well you'll be seeing me in here a lot more because I'm gonna be a stay at home dad"

"you say that so proudly" Tae said walking in

"I am. And you girls are gonna realize I can cook"

"when did this happen?"  I asked

"when my mom decided to get a job and now she's trying to open a bakery"

"but what does that have to do with your dad being a stay at home dad"

"he retired this month"

"ohhhh" Mo and I said in unison

"wait, so there's gonna be a place open all week where I can buy your moms baked goods" I asked excitedly

Tae and Linda laughed "yes and you might even get them on the house" Linda said 

"thank you Jesus my prayers have been answered" 

"boy you are a trip" Linda chuckled "Shaun what are you cooking it actually smells good"

"it's my worlds famous chili and cornbread"

"I think we're staying for dinner. What do you think Mo?"

"I agree it's only right that we stay for dinner"

"yes you two can stay for dinner" Shaun said

"thanks for the invite Mr. Brooks" Mo shook his hand laughing 

*one month*
I sat in the real estate office with my mom overseeing locations for the bakery. Right now <a href="">Eden</a>, the real estate agent, was narrowing down the locations to the top ten. 

"okay this is looking good" Eden stood pleased at her work. "I think the next time we meet we'll go look at these locations and narrow it down from there"

"that sounds great" Linda smiled widely 

"Shaunte' it was very nice meeting you" she stoke her hand out

"the pleasure is all mine. It's nice to see who's gonna make my moms dreams come true" 

"Thank you but it's gonna be Linda's hard work that will make her dreams come true"

Linda shook Eden's hand and then left  the office with Tae. 

"I can't believe this is happening" Linda said driving down the road

"well it is, so believe it"

"and it's all because of you" she kissed my cheek at the stop light

I giggled "Mom don't get all mushy"

"okay I'm sorry. So what's going on with Mo and Ju?"

I sighed deeply "well they should be meeting with their lawyers right about now. Some of the kids at school still try to talk slick stuff. But it's pretty good for the most part"

"basketball season should be starting soon. Do you think all of this is gonna be a distraction?"

I shook my head "no, if anything it's keeping them focused. They really keep to themselves now. This experience whole experience made them realize you can't call everyone your friend"

Linda nodded in agreement "very true. Soooo ummm have you and Mo been sexually active"

Tae's mouth falls open "oh my god mom"

"what I have a right to know and y'all have been together for almost a year so it's bound to happen"

"yes mom"

"oh my gosh! Why are you just telling me?" she tells excitedly 

"I don't know it's an awkward thing to talk about. Why are you so excited?"

"because my baby is growing up" Linda leans over and hugs Tae and accidentally swerves 

"mom keep your hands on the wheel!"

"sorry" Linda giggles 

yay! thanks for letting us know when ya post up!
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Tomorrow is Friday. So that means i'm going to add woop woop!! *raises roof*

(I usually add in the beginning of the week then take a tiny break then add on Friday if you haven't noticed the pattern)

Sooooo there's a lot going on (and going to be happening) in here so bare with me. Some of this stuff was planned and ALOT of it wasn't. It be like that sometimes tho, you just get writers block then BAM you get some crazy ass idea that messes up the flow of the original idea. But yeah hold on because i'm about to take you on a ride filled with happy moments and some sad moments. I'm rapping (talking alot lol) so ima go and work on these adds now.

todoodles *blows kisses*

NR: run it

all those
people @'ing Mo and Ju
can go suck a dck.
they're so immature and
need to grow up. male rape
cases are a serious problem
and they should recognize
that. im glad the girls
put them ignant twitter
fools in they place

Run It

runn it girl:)

I swear I love their team, they don't let anything get in between them and they ride no matter the situation! The girls got them hoes STRAIGHT! Lol

Run it

Ctuuu ! Keep Calm and Ride With My Team :)

Runnn It Bestest !

Lmao that sht was funny. they got a tigt ass ccrew
Tae spazzed on shawty too!lls
ineed 2 do wat mo did whole t
run it

The next day school was closed due to it being a crime scene and the police were looking for any more evidence.

Avion and Alexis were being held in juvenile detention center until the trial in about four months. When they are found guilty of all charges they will be moved to a women's jail in New Mexico. 

News had spread like wild fire and everyone was talking about it.

We were laying in the living watching tv when Me and Ju's phones started blowing up with notifications from twitter. 

I looked in my phone and saw twenty new mentions.

<em> @MoGotRacks how you get raped nigga??</em>

<em>@MoGotRacks you wouldn't be screaming rape when you get my pussy ;)</em>

<em>@MoGot Racks and @HollaAtJu weak as f*** and scared of pussy</em> a few of them read. I shook my head

"Ju are you reading this s***!"

"yeah man, these niggas going crazy talking s*** about us"

"who talking s***??" Ayanna said pulling out her phone.

Ty, Lo and Tae did the same and remained quiet and began typing away on their phones 

<em> @KnowAbout_Tadowww: Y'all can stop sucking my brovas @MoGotRacks and HollaAtJu now smh</em>

<em>@Tae_AllWilddd: RT@SexySassyShay:@MoGotRacks you wouldn't be screaming rape when you get my pussy ;)</em>

<em>@Tae_AllWilddd: @SexySassyShay b**** you wasn't with him shooting in the gym #FallBackHard</em>

<em>@Tae_AllWilddd: The thirstttttt smh</em>

<em>@HollaAtLo: RT@Tae_AllWilddd: @SexySassyShay b**** you wasn't with him shooting in the gym #FallBackHard</em>

<em>@HollaAtLo: Aye my Boo Tae went in lls they don't want it</em>

<em>@Tae_All Wilddd: @HollaAtLo lmao they know what it is! They wasn't with them sitting in the Hospital #RideorDie </em>

Mo, Ju, Ty, Ay, and Lo retweeted Tae. 

<em> @MoGotRacks: my baby ride for me :D </em>

<em>@HollaAtJu: call me sweet but waking up to @HollaAtLo in the hospital was the greatest <3</em>

<em>@AskAboutTy: *crickets* I think everyone is quiet now smh </em>

<em>@KnowAbout_Tadowww: Aye we got a tight ass circle. No strags allowed</em>

<em>@Tae_AllWildd: Mo change your twitter name @MoGotRacks <----that s*** is wack lls</em>

<em>@KnowAbout_Tadowww: RT "@Tae_AllWildd: Mo change your twitter name @MoGotRacks <----that s*** is wack lls" PREACHHH LMAO</em>

<em>@MoGotRacks: forget y'all *changes twitter name*</em>

Everyone watches and waits for him to change his name.

"ahh I got it" he typed away on his phone and pressed save

<em>@WildddBoyMo: <----my new twitter name</em>

<em>@WildddBoyMo: aye follow my baby @Tae_AllWilddd she rides for her niggaaaa </em>

<em>@Tae_AllWilddd: *blows kiss* @WildddBoyMo</em>

<em>@WildddBoyMo: @Tae_AllWilddd you're right next to me! Give me a real kiss</em>

<em>@Tae_AllWilddd: lol and I'm out</em>

Tae leaned over and placed a kiss on Mo's lips

"ewwww" Ju yelled and threw a pillow at their heads.

that add had me laughing he's stupid funny
I glad he stopped by he did lighten up
lol on the background check
runn itt sweetie

Lmaooooo that boy is a fool! But I would have reacted the same way "WATCHU MEAN THEY GOT RAPED?!?" lol its kind of funny thinking about it lmaoooo I'm sorry, I know getting raped isn't funny, but to me, in THIS situation it is lmaooo ok I shouldn't laugh.

Lmaooooooooooo ok.

Run it girl lol

Ctfuuu ! Brendan is a funny guy !!

Runnnnn it

The crew was sitting in the living room watching cartoons with Maliyah. Everyone was really quiet not really knowing what to say. It was an awkward silence. The adults were in the kitchen talking about the legal matters of the situation and cooking breakfast.

"Man why y'all so quiet" Mo asked irritated

Everyone looked startled "we're just tired. We were up all night"  Tyler said 

Mo sighed heavily 

"breakfast is ready" Ava called out

We all went into the kitchen and fixed our plates. We sat down at the table and that awkward silence was back.

"y'all got something to say?"

"yeah, y'all ain't never this quiet especially when you're all together" Mo added 

Ava stepped behind Ju and rubbed his shoulders "our nerves are just a little shook"

"we thought we lost you two" Tae added with tears escaping her eyes

Mo wiped them away "our nerves are shook to but we're still here. We just gotta keep moving like nothing happened. We're thankful to have family and friends like you but y'all gotta lighten up a bit. Make us not think about it" 

Everyone nodded and smiled a bit at how strong they were being.

The front door slammed. Everyone looked at the kitchen entrance waiting on whoever it was. 

"hey hey hey! What going on in here" Brendan walked in being loud as ever. "oh breakfast. Don't mind if I do" he began fixing his plate with everything and sat down at the table. 

"what are you doing home" Ju asked 

"Ma said there was a family emergency." he winked his eye hard "but we all know she just missed ya boy" he held his arms out.

"so you don't know" 

"know what?" he took a bite out of his bacon. 

Ava came and whispered in his ear. His eyes widened and his mouth fell. "what you mean they got raped!?" 

Everyone chuckled a bit.

"guys can't get raped" he stated 

"oh it's very possible" Mo said 

"so who raped y'all?" he asked now curious

"Alexis and Avion"

"so your ex and your ex raped y'all" he pointed and shook his head "I believe it to because those two were crazy. Where in the hell do y'all being finding these girls? Crazy R us, Sluts R us. Avion came on to me one time to" he shook his head 

Brendan definitely lightened the mood.

"you still talking to the girl from when I left....uh Lauren?"

"Lola" I pointed to my left 

"oh Lola, wassup. I'm letting you know now that we're gonna have to do a background check on you. All necessary  precautions" everyone laughed

"nigga shut up" I pushed him

<em> I've never been so happy to see my brother</em>

i wonder what the preacher has in store for his daughter as punishment
jail time!

& that s*** the worse wen u cnt remember something like that happenin to u!
Lo and Tae they mad cool staying with they man like that too sweet :)

iigh thas all good and sht they fine
i just hope them stupid hoes don't get
pregnant or is required to take a pill
that prevents them from getting preggo

Run It

Run it

They better had been clean or s*** would have got reaaaallll !!

Sweet that tae and Lo was cuddled up with them

Runnnnn It !!

Thank You Readers!!

I never realized how much I switched the gender roles in this story. I swear everything I do for this story goes over my head until one of you point it out. Thank You!!

run it!!