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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


I woke up in Mo's bed naked. I didn't remember half of what happened lastnight. I rolled over slightly and felt him behind me still sleep. I got out of bed and put on one of his t-shirts and some basketball shorts. I walked down the stairs kicking down cups from lastnight. I walked into the trashed living room seeing Lola and Ay beginning to clean up. I went into the kitchen a found some trash bags and began picking up trash along with them.

"good morning" I said 

"more like great morning" Ay said cheesing

"I heard that" Lo high fived her

"ewww y'all nasty" I giggled

"oh b**** I know you not talking" Ay waved her finger in my face "I heard yo ass lastnight. I might have been drunk and high off my ass but I remember hearing you lastnight" Lo laughed

"you not off the hook either, I saw Ju with his head buried in your pussy b****" I laughed

"And it was damn good" Lola said smirking

The guys came down rubbing their eyes and yawning. "what y'all cackling about?" Ty stretched his arms out 

"oh nothing" Ayanna rubbed his face 

"mhmm" he looked at her suspiciously.

"y'all go make breakfast and I'm going to finish cleaning the living room and Ju and Ty will start cleaning the outside" Mo directed 

"what time does your mom come home?" Ju asked 

"I don't know she late tonight"

"Iight" he said 

"ready break" we clapped and dispersed to our respected areas.

Ayanna and Lola began cleaning the counters and throwing away cups and any other trash that was around while Tae started mixing the batter for the pancakes.

"so what you and Ay do lastnight" Ju put a bag of trash on the curb.

"what you think we did" Ty said doing the same

"say no more" Ju chuckled "you wrapped it up tho right?"

"Duhh nigga" they dapped each other up 

"what y'all talking about" Mo said bringing out three bags of trash

"our late night activities" Tyler said 

"Ohhh" Mo chuckled 

"you wrapped up right?" Ju asked 

"yeah, Tae put it on herself" Mo boasted

"eww please stop" Ju shook his head 

After about thirty minutes the girls were finished cooking and they all sat down to eat. Once they finished eating they continued to clean up the rest of the house. After about two more hours they finally finished and went to get cleaned up and dressed for the day. 

"I'm tired as f***" Mo shook his head "and we start school tomorrow"

"Aye but that was party was like that" Ty siced "you had a pajama, glow in the dark, foam party with TWO DJ's"

"let's not forget the slip and slide" Ju said as we shared a laugh

"I'm actually ready for school. Time to get these recruiters on my ass" Tae said

"ayyeeee UCLA bound" Ay said 

"ayeeeeee" everyone else cheered

"if we all went to UCLA that would be a blessing" Ju stated 

runnnnnnnnnnnn it

I Wonder Who's Gonna Be Pregnant??
RUN IT:)))

More Love??

Writing now

There isnt really much I can
say about this add.
All I can really say is that
these teens are some nasty,
horny mofos.
That right there is why there
are so many teen parents.

Run it

Lmaoooooo now they just some little nasties, but hell. Most of us can't even talk about somebody being nasty lol.

Run it

they sum nasty smhit was fuuny hw he kickd ery1 out tho
but that ws like the best way to end a gud party

nasty ass children!

Mo makes me laugh
this guy shut the party down
JUST to get his!


We all some nasty ass b****es!!

.... That is all

Runnn It

The party continued like nothing happened. Everyone was turnt the f*** up. People were sliding on a slip an slid from the living room to the kitchen. Someone else had brought in a foam machine. This pajama party had turned into a skimpy clothing foam party/rave. Both Ty and the other DJ were bumping.

"I'm sorry about earlier" Ju said with his eyes low "you know about Alexisss" he slurred

"it's okay, as long as you promise to make it up" Lola kissed his ear

Ju smirked and grabbed her hand leading her upstairs. They went upstairs into the first guest bedroom. They attacked each other with their tongues making out until they reached the bed. Lola leaned back falling on to the bed with Ju on top of her. He continued to kiss her moving down her neck. Ju moved down lower sliding off her yogo shorts exposing her bare pussy. Julius spread her legs kissing her lips. Ju began eating her out sucking up all of her juices with every stroke of his tongue. Lola's legs began to shake as she arched her back. Ju dipped his tongue in and out of her, vigorously flicking his tongues against her clit sending shockwaves through her body. Ju added a finger as he ate her out giving double the pleasure. Her body reacted by locking her legs around his neck, burying his face in her face as she came in his mouth. Ju licked up all of her juices licking his lips.

Ayanna laughed behind the door as her and Ty walked in "oh my gosh!" Ayanna covered her eyes as Ju looked back at them.

"my bad son" Ty said as they backed out looking for another room. 

Ayanna and Ty stumbled into another room closing the door behind them. Ty sat down on the bed while Ayannna walked over to him seductively.

"come here girl" he bit his lips with his eyes low

Ayanna continued to walk over to him swishing her hips biting down on her finger. She came face to face with him kissing his lips sloppily then bit down on his bottom lip while running her hand over his manhood in his basketball shorts. Ay felt that he was hard and went lower now face to face with his crotch. She slid his shorts off then his boxer down to his ankles. Ay on her knees took him into her mouth. "oh s*** Mmm" he grunted as Ay bobbed her at a moderate pace. Ty leaned his head back as she spit on the tip and stroked him. She put him back in her mouth now going faster and deeper. "damn girl!" her grunted as he began to feel his d*** hit the back of her throat as she went deeper. Tyler began moving with her, f***ing her face. "ughhhh f***kkk" he grabbed her face going faster knowing he was about to reach his peak. He pulled out shooting his babies on her makeup.

"babeeee!" she yelled in frustration 

"I'm sorry" he said still stroking himself getting everything out.

"where Lo and Ay at?" Tae asked sipping on her drink as she danced on Mo

"I don't know. I haven't seen Ty and Ju in a minute either. They all probably somewhere being nasty" he chuckled. "we can go somewhere and be nasty too" he whispered in her ear while nibbling on it. " well when the party over because I don't trust these people"

Tae turned around facing him and tongued him down. "oh you want it now" Mo smirked "I gotchu."

Mo walked away and went to the DJ booth and got on the mic "OKAY EVERYBODY IT'S BEEN FUN BUT THE PARTY IS OVER. NOW GET THE f*** UP OUT MY HOUSE" everyone whined while exiting from every direction. Once it looked like everyone had cleared Mo had triple checked outside, upstairs, the basement to make sure everyone was gone. 

Mo walked over to Tae throwing her over his shoulder and walked upstairs into his room. Mo threw her on the bed then climbed on top of her taking her shirt off and kissing all over her body. Tae pushed him off flipping him on to his back wanting to please him. She slid down removing his pajama pants and boxers simultaneously. She took him in her hand and started stroking him slowly and Mo grunted lowly. Tae soon kneeled down and took him into her mouth. Mo looked at her in amazement as she pleasured him. She moved her head back and forth picking up her pace. Tae stopped and reached into his drawer getting out a condom. She slid it on his d*** then took off her shorts and underwear. Tae climbed back on top of him and began bouncing on his d***. "s*** babe you're so f***ing tight" Mo grabbed on to her waist and began to f*** her back. "Mmmmm...f***kkk" Tae moaned out. Mo flipped her over on to all fours and got behind her. "f*** this pussy" Tae's voice muffled as she buried her face into the sheets. Mo slapped her ass and went harder,deeper, and faster beating the pussy up until they reached their peak twenty minutes later.  .  . 

Lls go head Lola!! Get gt hands like pacquio
nd she frm da wood go head. nice fight
Party was tight. run it

Omg Alexis was still alive?! Looooooooool
That girl need to be gooooone like the wind.
Party is livvveeeee

oh yeah lola got down on that hoe
thas what im talm bout put alexis
in her muhfckn place gon show up
and pull that sht fck she thought
this was.

Run It

damn she f***ed her up lol thats wat im talking about...this party getting juicy
run itt

They are some spoiled mofo's.
Ay and Tae got some Audi's and
Mo got a range while Tyler and Ju
whippin in Benz's!!!
Do they like s*** gold?!?!

Aw, Mo and Tae shared a
special moment!!
How ca-yute!!!
That was kinda awkward
how she told Ju.
If it was awkward for me,
for sure it was awkard for him. Lol

Oh snap! Ju is jelly.
He shouldnt be tho.
Tae is not his girlfriend.
I sometimes think that Mo,
doesnt like the fact that Tae be
telling all their business to Ju.

Thank God her daddy is not cheating.
But he has Cancer :(
Damn, life is throwing bullets her way.
I feel bad.

Mo isnt gunna like this.
I feel like she should have
went to him not Ju.
Mo is her BOYFRIEND!
Poor Tae, hopefully they can
get thru this.

Mo needs to stop trippin over
all the little things.
He needs to trust Tae and Ju.
I was weak at Ju's comment.
'This is a drama free zone'
Lol, i was laughing.

Im glad her daddy is fine.
He gaveme a little scare for a min.
Mo is the sweetest boyfriend ever.
I want a boo like that.
Yo this party is wild af tho.
Lo goes hard.
That cali kush is the best.

Run it

wow who thought lola had it in her she whoop some ass
run it

I knew some s*** was gone pop off! I ain't know with who but I knew it would!

Lo beat that ass! Have Alexis then IngleWood thumpers! Hell yeah I see ya girl!

Alexis better fall back! 3 times!

I want Moore

Run it

That's it ...... I WANT MORE DAMNIT!!!!

We looked cute!! And her ass got whooped .... AGAIN !!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!!!

Stupid boosh! Can't stand her ass !!

Runnnnn It!!!

"hey boo, who's the new b****" she looked in the direction of Ju and Lola with a sly smile.

Mo and I looked at her like she was crazy "uhhhh hey boo, that's Ju's girlfriend"

"yeah he's happy" Mo added in

"oh really, not for long" she walked towards them. 

"hey Ju" she caressed his face

"uhh hey" he said still focused on Lola dancing on him.

Alexis moved Lola out the way and started dancing on Ju herself. Lo looked at her like she was crazy.

"who are you!?" Lo said with an attitude.

Ju pushed Alexis off and pulled Lola into him with his arm around her.

"I'm Alexis" she flipped her hair

"Alexis?" Lola squinted her eyes remembering hearing something about her. "ohhhhh Alexis the ex, honey he don't need you no more. So do yourself a favor and step"

Alexis stepped closer challenging Lola "or what?"

"Alexis chill out" Ju pushed her back "where's Carter? Ain't he your dude"

"no baby, I want you back. I'm sorry for everything" she said rubbing his face

"I'm not, so step"

"yeah b****, step" Lola said shooing her away. 

Alexis mugged Lola and stepped closer to Ju. Alexis analyzed his face and kissed his cheek slowly. Lola couldn't take no more and pushed Alexis to the floor. The music stopped and everyone stopped and looked at Alexis on the ground and Lola mugging her. Alexis hopped up and pushed Lola back. Lola reacted immediately grabbing a fist full of hair and putting into a headlock and slamming her into the ground. Lola had on hand still on her head pulling her hair while punching her in her face. Alexis had zero hits in and had no control over her body. 

"b**** don't you ever disrespect me, I'm from IngleWood b****!" Lola screamed banging Alexis head into the ground.

"hood baby in the house" Ty said on the mic as everyone laughed 

Ju and Mo came up pulled Lola off but Lola still had a grip on Alexis' hair and began dragging her across the floor. 

"oh s***, Lo let go!" Ju yelled. Lo immediately dropped a kicking and screaming Alexis to the ground.

"Dayummmmm you just got your s*** rocked" Ty said into the mic and then started playing pop it by YG and all the girls went wild.

Back in the kitchen we had Lola washing her hands because her knuckles were bloody from Alexis. 

"so when were you going to tell us you are from IngleWood?" Ju asked bewildered

"and that you can fight like a grown man" Mo added in

"girl you whooped that tricks ass!!" Ay said all hype

"I was born and raised in IngleWood. I moved away my freshmen year to LA "

"you did number on her" I said laughing 

"aye Ju I'm scared of your girlfriend" Mo said and Ju nodded in agreement and then moved back with his hands up.

Ayanna, Lola and I were in my room getting ready for the party. My parents went out of town one last time to do something fun with Maliyah before school started. Mo's mom was out on business and Ju's mom went to visit Brendan in New York. Ayanna <a href="">curled</a> her hair up a bit and put <a href="">this</a> on. 

"your butt is hanging out" I pointed out

"I know" she looked back and winked

"Ty is gonna beat your ass"

"no he's not. He's gonna be too distracted when my ass is grinding against his d***" she did a slow grinding motion 

Lola and I laughed as we continued to get dressed. Lola straightened her hair and put <a href="">this</a> on. I let my hair dry curly and put <a href="">this</a> on. We applied some lipgloss and grabbed our bags since we were sleeping over at Mo's tonight after the party.

We walked inside and the party was already started. Blunts were being smoked outside and drinks were being passed all around. We walked into the kitchens and saw <a href="">Ju</a> dancing in his Captain America pajama pants.

Lola went up and pecked his cheek "hey y'all" he took a sip of his drink

"where's Mo? I asked 

"he's somewhere around here, I think he with Tyler behind the Dj booth" he took another huge gulp out of his drink

"you better slow down Ju" Ay said 

"whaaaattt? Ms. I wanna party all day and night. This is the last party of the summer I'm finna get turnttt" he slurred 

"you right. SHOTS!!" she yelled as everyone in the house cheered and crowded around the table to take them. I took one and went to find Mo.

I went to the living room and found Tyler mixing behind his booth.

"where's Mo!?" I shouted over the music

"he's in the basement with the other Dj"

"there's two Dj's!?"

"yeah he tryna have some project X type s***"

I went downstairs to the basement. It was dark as f*** with colorful strobe lights hanging from the ceiling. The air was cloudy with smoke and everyone had on glow in the dark necklaces and glow sticks. I walked deeper inside and moved through the crowd to find Mo with this guy whom I'm assuming to be the other DJ. Mo was fist pumping to Pound the Alarm by Nicki.

"hey!" I shouted over the music

Mo looked down and smiled then pulled me up on the platform. 

"hey, when you get here?" he asked with his eyes low

"like five minutes ago"

"oh Iight" he kissed my lips sloppily 

"are you high?" he nodded his head and pulled out another blunt.

We went back upstairs and saw Lola twerkin on Ju against the wall. The song ended as we approached them.

"you got the lighter?" Mo asked Ju

"yeah, y'all bouta smoke?" Mo nodded "let me hit, I got another one"

"Iight" we went around to the back pitch and sparked.

"I am feeling myself" Ju started flexing and blowing out smoke

"Aye Lo you smoke?" Mo asked passing the blunt to me 

"only on special occasions" she inhaled from Ju's blunt and blew out the smoke then passed it to me as I passed her Mo's.

"Me too, but not during the season"

"when did you start smoking Tae" Ju asked inhaling

"back in Wyoming with the white kids"

"damn, the white kids always got the good s***" Mo said as we nodded in agreement "but Cali bud is better" he did weird wiz Khalfia laugh.

We finished off and walked back inside on cloud 9. We entered the living room and everyone was feeling right and dancing to the music that Tyler was playing. I felt someone bump me and I looked up and saw <a href="">her</a>.

"hey boo, who's the new b****" she looked in the direction of Ju and Lola with a sly smile.

right here my fave person is Ayanna
we both screaming the same thing

I wanna know what's gonna go down!

glad he cut her off.! She knew she was gna get sum lingerie.. watch b****es gna show up n shyt like cheerrshorts nd sports bras

*dougie* ohhhh yeaaaaaahhh

He ain't have to cut her off lol

"I'm not ready for school, I'm ready for basketball season" Ju said tossing the ball in the air

"I heard that" Ayanna said dapping me up 

"I wish I went to school with y'all" Lola said frowning 

"why don't you just transfer" Ju said hugging her from behind

"my senior year! Ha! And I got scouts looking at me for volleyball"

"Truuueee" Tyler said "who you got looking at you?" 

"Howard, VA state, UCLA, Michigan, and Florida state. But at this point it's about who offers the most money"

"true, how much they offering?" Ay asked

"I'm not gonna know till the season starts"

"well people!" Mo got our attention "the party season for summer 2012 is about to end and I plan to have it go out with a bang"

"word bruh. What's the plan?" Ty asked

"I'm having a pajama party. What's better than a party with a theme? And I'm gonna charge for this party"

"well I better get a cut because I gave you the idea" I said

"don't worry your pretty little heart. Your all getting a cut cus your all gonna help me"

"I'm down" Ju said as we all nodded our heads in agreement

"Oooo we need to go to the mall to get something sex-" Ty cut her off

"no you're not getting anything sexy. This is a pajama party not a lingerie party"

"I wasn't gonna get no lingerie" she said 

"yeah you were" I mumbled 

"shut up" she whispered as we laughed 

"so mark your calendars because I'm about to have the blow out of the summer"

"with everyone in their pajamas"Lola stated

"yes, in their pajamas"

"this might just be epic" Ty said "don't nobody have legit pajama parties anymore"

"exactly" Mo pointed his finger in his face 

"calm down nigga, it's just a party.....that will go down in history"

"y'all are too serious about this" I said  " I know y'all have the best parties and what not but calm down"

"Partyyyyyy!!!!!" Ayanna squealed and started to dance

Since my bus was stupid late and I'm gonna miss my first class I think I gonna write something up until it's time for me to leave again.

She is just too cute! And I love how Mo and Ju play along with her. I was scared as hell when her daddy passed out, I just skipped to the end and saw "he's fine" and read where I left off lol. I had to. Sorry.

Run it

Damn pops thouught we lost u therer for a
awww nd liyah go head boo, doin her ballet thing.
run it

Damn, pops scared me.
Love Ju and Mo
Somehow I am seeing props with Mo and Tae in the future
Then her and Ju getting together
Love Mali!!!

Run Run Run Run Run Run Run !!!!!!
Run Away My Beautiful Bestest Bestfriend :)