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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


ju and tae are so freakin cute
writing letters and sht.
its so fcked up that they stopped
writing letters after two years.
but that does get tiring.
i'm liking it so far :) and
i'll be back to read more later

Run It

Christmas Eve 

The crew was chilling at Tae's house watching Christmas specials with Maliyah while drinking hot chocolate and eating  homemade caramel corn. Lola couldn't make it because she was going on vacation with her grandparents. With Lola's absence <a href="">Maliyah</a> was all up under Ju.
"Maliyah how old are you?" Tyler asked her

"I'm seven, but I turn eight on January 3rd and Shaunte' turns seventeen on January 5th" She responded 

"why you ain't tell me your birthday was coming up!" Ay squealed loudly

"I told Mo and Ju. I just don't think my birthday is a big deal"

"don't you wanna party?" Liyah got up and started shaking her butt

"yeah, don't you wanna party" Ay got up and joined her 

"we'll party on new years" I said 

"Yesss we should have a new years slash birthday party. It would be epic" she said kicking her feet up as she sat back down

"no, I don't want a party" I pleaded 

"fine" she said folding her arms

"I want to party" Maliyah said still dancing as everyone laughed

"Me and Maliyah about to go club hopping" Ay said laughing

"y'all look exactly alike but so different" Ju stated

"Princess Maliyah do you play sports?" Mo asked

"does ballet count as a sport?" she said sweetly


"then yes" she said practicing some ballet steps

"my girlfriend does gymnastics" Ju said to her

"so does Tae'" she said rolling her neck

"wow what's with the attitude?" he said grabbing her and hugging 

"noooo, you have a girlfriend" Maliyah said getting out of his grip and sitting with me and Mo.

Ju dropped his jaw "you shouldn't be leading girls on Julius" Tyler said wagging his finger

"Yeahhh" Maliyah stuck her tongue out as we all laughed

At about 7:30 everyone left and headed home to their families.

Maurice's POV

We all left Shaunte's house and began walking down her driveway and a little down the block when I stopped them.

"I know Tae said she ain't want a party but she's getting one"

"but you just heard her" Ay said 

"yeah I know but me and Ju been planning her party for a minute and everything is set. Even her parents know"

Ju nodded in agreement "damn, why am I just finding out?" Ayanna asked folding her arms

"because you're loud so don't say anything"

"I maybe loud but I can keep a secret"

"okay but the party is on New Years and I'll text you the address the day of"

"okay, bet"

"okay, bye y'all. Merry Christmas" I waved goodbye

"Merry Christmas!" they yelled back

I agree. Keep a tight grip on Mo. But tht boy love u ..he aint gng no run it!

Aria bust Aquafina ass! Nd she halld ass 2. Hope she dnt get charged again. Run it

Tighten Mo......

Run it

I laid in my bed thinking. My thoughts cloudy. I needed to vent to someone. I sent Ju a text "court in 5". He replied quickly "okay"

I slipped on my 7's grabbed my ball and went outside. When I got there he was all ready there sitting on the bench.

"hey" I said barely above a whisper 

"wassup" he said standing up as I tossed him the ball.

We played for all of five minutes before he realized something was really wrong. "okay, what's with you? You're playing like straight trash"

"Is that what you were trying to protect me from?"

He put the ball under his arm "huh?" 

"Mo's exes and side hoes and stuff" I said looking down

Ju sighed "Mo doesn't have side hoes and he doesn't have many ex girlfriends. Avion is just a rare case."

"I just don't feel like going through all this drama"

"it's just one girl. You can't let every girl that looks in his direction get to you"

"but what if he gets tempted and cheats?"

"then leave his ass and I'll f*** him up because my bestfriend deserves the best" Ju put his arm around Tae "but until then enjoy what you have because he hasn't done anything wrong" 

Tae smiled lightly "thanks"

"no problem, that's why I'm here"  he said hugging me. "look who's here" I turned around to see Mo walking towards us. "I'm going let y'all be alone" Ju said walking off and dapping Mo up.

"hey" Mo said

"hey, what you doing out here?"

"I come out here to think and clear my head sometimes. What about you?"

"same. What's on your mind?"


"oh really" I said with a little attitude

"not like that. What she did was way out of line and thirsty as hell" Tae rolled her eyes. "I was worried that you might have let her get to you and you think that it's always going to be like that."

"I did but I talked to Ju and he convinced me other wise"

"why didn't you talk to me?" he asked kind of offended

"I was gonna talk to you. I just needed to talk to Ju first since he knows you better and your past relationships"

He nodded and paced back and forth "I would have told you if you asked"

"I know but I'm a girl and girls go to their friends first,  I'm sorry" I said opening my arms

Mo walked towards her and hugged her back "you good ma"

thank you ladies :)

add coming later on today or tomorrow

i really love your story. i saw everything that girl was saying. even though i dont really know any of u on here i will back u all up because she cant even spell yet she talking about no talent and everything else.
i hope u continue to write. there is haters everywhere you go. she has nothing to fall back on. you have your stories because they are well written and if anyone says different f*** them lol

i really love your story. i saw everything that girl was saying. even though i dont really know any of u on here i will back u all up because she cant even spell yet she talking about no talent and everything else.
i hope u continue to write. there is haters everywhere you go. she has nothing to fall back on. you have your stories because they are well written and if anyone says different f*** them lol

Thiss is really good!! I like! Run it :)

Love It:)

Lol your right. I usually proofread but I was just too hyped.

But I just got done reading that post and I'm not going to comment because it was like yesterday or what ever but I know that b**** secretly reads this because how else would she get the idea of Tae being weak? So ummm irrelevant ass hoe I hope you read this cause it's about to get good as hell right now!

First off, b**** you stupid for even saying anything like that! How the f*** is Tae weak? She beat b****es ass left to right and she a baller! How many females you know can do that AND be a bad b**** at the same damn time bit? Not many at all, exactly, I thought so! And Fan of a Fan Tiffany ain't weak bit she ain't never say or acted as if she needed Chris, wait, she ain't even WITH Chris so how the hell she actin like she is in need of a man? She aint let him hit yet either! And neither has Tae! b**** come correct next time cause if you ain't written no story then you can't talk about other people story And that's some real s*** cause people on here put their all in these stories! They take time out of THEIR busy day to satisfy US!! The READERS!! And for you too disrespect that is rude as f***!

Now for the snappin' and s***! b**** you just dumb as f*** b****! You read the damn stories obviously! You prolly wish you could write like us b**** get real and get right! Foe (yup I said FOE!!) I get right in that ass bit f*** you thought this was? s*** I'll drop a address and see if yo b**** ass slide through! Cause yeen Neva had no Macon Thumpers!! And trust me, you don't want it! We get s*** poppin down here in thr 478!! Ahaa' hillside to the mutha f***in heart bit! f*** w/ that s***!

I'm done!
TeamBreezy Respect it or Check it b****!

lol it's okay I know you were typing out of anger and I didn't really notice because I was reading it out of anger. and when you're angry you notice nothing

Ok I am defiantly about to read that and also, I just realized how grammatically incorrect I was lol sorry about that! went tf off !!! lol Thats what the f*** I am talking about !!

But that b**** ain't s*** , my bestest s*** goes off so I just seat back sip on my lemonade and laugh at the simple hoe . *flips hair*

the girl that made the post CRAP, her first post said that all the writers on her are some s*** and then last night she called out some stories out including lost souls. but it's all good cus we ran her ass off *poof* begone b****.

but like I said Thank You to all my readers whether you comment everyday, periodically or you're a silent reader cus I'm not s*** without y'all lol f*** that b**** you all keep me going <33

WHO SAID THAT JAZZY?!? Cause b**** in sure Tae could beat yo ass.............AND TAE AIN'T EVEN REQL BIT!!!!! That b**** just don't know!!! We can have a full blown caps lock fight to b**** lol cause I'm sure yeen got the balls to fly to Macon Georgia and catch these hands! I ride for this story!!

*does kanye shrug, flips bird, throws up dueces and walks out of room*

*crowd cheers* it's always a good day when silent readers speak up :)) thanks for the love my loves

oh and before I forget shout out to the WEAK b**** that claims my story portray's my female characters as weak. Shaunte' seems pretty damn strong to meeee lol *back to all scheduled programs*

dang, she made the broad leak, it was about time!!! lol

Hopefully, they don't charge her, Tae definitely does not need that!!... smh

run it run it girlie!!!

P.S.- was a silent reader, but as you can see I have blossomed hahaha!

run it run it girlie!!!

this post had me laughing
run it

What is air !!! I laughed this entire add !!!

Runnn It!

Lmaooooo I woulda yelled "RAAAAAAAAPE!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAA-EEEE-AAAAA-EEEEE-AAAAAAPE!!!!" Lmaoooooo hell naww.

The thirst is real Mo.........the real.

Run it

Lo, Tae, and Ay got to the mall without the boys knowing. They had been calling and texting all day trying to purposely run into them but the girls weren't answering.

" Mo has called me five times back to back and text me saying 'I will find you muhahaha'" she said as they burst into laughter

"he is crazy" Lo said "but not as crazy as Ju, check this out 'where you at I'm tryna take you out....why you not answering the don't wanna be with me anymore....we're gonna find y'all just know *evil smirk*'" they all continued to laugh

"I didn't know Ju had an evil smirk" Tae said

"it probably look like the Stevie J face" Ay did her best Stevie J face while rubbing her hands 

They all bust out laughing again and had to stop walking to catch their breath. 

"omg my side hurts" Lo held her stomach

"aye let's go into Toys R Us so I can get something for Maliyah" Tae said as they began to walk off

Tae bought Maliyah three dolls and then they continued on to the Hugo Boss store, Armani Exchange, Polo Outlet to find gets for the guys. 

Tae, Lo and Ay were now walking to the food court when all of their phones buzzed. They each pulled out their phones and read the texts sent to them that all read 'we're coming for you' they stopped and looked at each other. 

"mine says we're coming for you" Tae said 

"me too" Lo and Ay said in unison

"maybe we should put our bags in the car and then go to the food court and continue shopping"

"yeah" they nodded in agreement

They came back from the parking lot and headed to panda express ordered their food and found a table in the middle and sat down to eat. They were eating and talking when Ayanna noticed a familiar face at another table.

"aye ain't that Aquafina?" 

"who in the hell is Aquanetta?" Tae questioned 

Tae looked up and saw <a href="">her</a> eyeing them with her friends and then blew a kiss and waved.

"Tae don't pay that water bottle no attention" Lo said

"I'm not, she not worth s***"

Just then Avion walked over to their table and sat down next to Lola.

"oh b**** you bold" Ay said closing her container

"hey Shaunte'" she smirked "where's Mo Mo?" she asked and Tae ignored her and continued eating and continuing her conversation with Ay and Lola

"oh did you guys break up? Maybe I can have him all to myself now because you know I don't like sharing"

"no b****, now fall back" Tae said closing her container and gathering her stuff

"I guess i'm to have to try harder" Avion said standing up

Shaunte' dumped her trash in the trash can beside them and walked over to Avion's side of the table "no that means you need to drink some water" Tae unscrewed her top and splashed the water in her face causing Avion to stumble and fall back into another table "next time you'll be falling back harder" Tae walked of with Ay and Lola laughing in the background. 

As they were walking out the food court they received another text saying 'I see you'. They all looked at each other and then around them and didn't see the guys so they kept walking. They walked in the foot locker and bought some shoes for the guys. They walked out with their bags and were about to walk into hollister. 

"ahhhhhhfngsgjusgfedcku!" the guys screamed grabbing them.

The girls panicked and went into attack mode and started kicking them in the balls until the turned around and saw Mo, Ty, and Ju on the floor in pain grabbing their man hood.

"that's what y'all get" Ay said as they helped them walk to the nearest bench

"damn, we're sorry" Tyler said wincing 

"is that water cold" Mo said pointing at Tae's half empty bottle. She handed him the bottle and he put it in his pants sighing in relief "that feels too good"

"that's disgusting" Tae said

"it wouldn't be disgusting if someone didn't kick me in the balls"

"and you wouldn't have gotten kicked in the balls if you weren't trying to follow us and see what we got you" she says getting in his face

"what did you get me" he said trying to peek inside the footlocker bag

"nothing, if you don't stop" 

"fine, lets go to hollister" he said getting up slowly. 

They slowly walked into hollister and saw Avion already in there with her friends. They guys began shopping while the girls were posted up waiting on them. Mo picked out a few items and headed to the fitting room. Avion followed behind but the girls didn't notice because it's dark as f*** in hollister and they were too wrapped up in their conversation.

Mo was about to close his door until it swung back open and Avion walked in closing it behind her.

"the hell are you doing!?" Mo asked confused

"getting what's mine" she said trying to take off his shirt

"girl if you don't get off of me" Mo pushed her back 

"oh baby you know I like it rough" she said taking off his shirt

"girl move...get the f*** out....ughhahhhxgg......Taeeeeeeeee!!!" he screamed

Tae heard him and darted to the dressing room. She saw Avion's shoes at the bottom and tried to open the door but it was locked from outside. She got on her hands and knees and grabbed Avion's foot causing her to stumble. Tae dragged her from underneath the door and started beating the s*** out of her. Mo opened the door and pulled Tae from off of her and then security came and escorted Avion out as Mo walked Tae out.

Ju, Tyler, Lola, and Ayanna came running out "what happened?" Julius asked

"Tae just beat the s*** out of Avion" he said holding her hand revealing her bloody knuckles 

"what happened back there for you to scream Tae's name like a little b****" Tyler asked laughing 

"nigga shut up. Avion snuck into my fitting room and was trying to rape me and I ain't know what to do so I called Tae" he said shrugging his shoulders

"damn, I wanna see her face cus I know you did damage" Ay said causing them all to laugh.

Yeahhh Ju!
We all knew she wanted u
Nd yea Dave n Busters gt cards Jaz.lls

Lo got game !! Lol

Them boys are up to something for sure !!

Smh, guys are sore ass losers

Runnn It !!

P.s. You don't get tokens at D&B! Lol that is chuck e cheese !!!

Julius came down the steps to see his mom dressed like she was about to go out.

"where are you going young lady?"

"I have a date" she said proudly

"with the same guy?" she nodded "what's his name"

"His name is Tracy"

Ju's face fell "you're going on a date with a man named Tracy" he said shaking his head 

"shut up, he's a really nice guy"

Ju grabbed his keys "I'm sure he is"

"where are you going?"

"I'm going on a date as well" Ju said smirking

"with the same young lady as last time I hope"

"yeah, her name is Lola"

"that's a pretty name"

"yup, and so is Tracy" he said opening the door "bye mom, hide your purse he might like it" he said walking out laughing.

Ju got in the car and drove to the corner to meet everyone else and then drove to Lola's house from there. They soon got to Lola's and headed to Dave and Busters.

They entered Dave and Busters and got a bucket of tokens and went off to play games. Ayanna and Tyler went to played air hockey while Mo, Tae, Lo and Ju went and played the motorcycle racing game. 

"player 2 is in the lead" the machine said and Lola cheered herself one. Ju put his hand in her face causing her to slow down "Ju stop cheating" she said pushing his hand out the way. "player 3 is in the lead" the machine said "haha" Tae said laughing. Mo then came up beside her and boxed her in by a wall "y'all some sore losers I swear". Tae got across the finish line in 1st with Mo in 2nd Lo 3rd and Ju in 4th. "shaking my head. All that cheating and you still lost" Lola said  to Ju

"bet I beat you in the basketball game"

"duhhh, you play ball all day everyday" as they walked over to it. 

Mo and Tae went over to the skee ball game. They put their tokens in and began rolling their balls in the holes. "you're going to lose" Tae said laughing. "Naww not this time I'm a pro" Mo said still rolling his balls" Tae continued to roll her balls and end with a score of 300. Mo rolled his balls with precision and ended with a score of 450.

"haaa, I told you" he boasted

"okay, you finally beat me" Tae said snatching her tickets

They all played a few more games and then sat down to eat. The waiter came and took their drink orders. He came back momentarily  with their drinks and then took their meal orders and dismissed himself. 

"are y'all having fun" Tyler asked

Everyone nodded their heads "yeah even though some people were cheating" Lola said glaring at Ju as he turned his head

"it's not cheating it's strategy" Mo said as the guys laughed 

"it's gonna be strategy when y'all don't get nothing for Christmas" Ay said

The guys all got serious "let's not get crazy now" Mo said as we laughed

The waiter came back with their food and they ate and made small conversation.

"so what y'all getting us thought" Tyler asked

"what makes you think we're gonna tell yall" Ayanna said

"that's code for y'all ain't get nothing yet" Ju said 

"you're right, we're going shopping next weekend"

"what a coincidence, so are we" Mo smirked.

"mhmmm y'all are up to no good. Do be harassing us" Tae said 

"why would we do that?" Ju said

"because you're Julius, Maurice, and Tyler" 

They finished eating and then got ready to leave. They walked out to the parking lot and said their goodbyes as they went their separate ways. Ju pulled up to Lola's house. He ran over to her side and opened her door and walked her to the door. 

"did you enjoy yourself?" he asked her

"yes, I always enjoy your company"

"cool...." he said growing nervous. "uhhh Lola I know we haven't been dating that long and I just got out of a REALLY bad relationship. You're like a breath of fresh air.My friends like you and consider you a friend." Ju rambled

Lola put her fingers on his lips "shhhh.." he looked at her confused. She smiled "yes, I'll be your girl" Ju let out a sigh of relief and hugged her. Ju moved his head back and looked into her eyes and pecked her lips. 

Lmao yes and I heard YG say it a couple of times in a few songs lls Victorious is my s*** boo your are not alone

Tae shouldn't let that chick get to her. But I'm glad Mo apologized. I guess they use full names when they're mad at each other!! Lol

OMD! I might be wrong but did you get "North Ridge Girl" from that one episode of Victorious? N yes I still watch that show.
Loved the last few chapters!
Run It!!!!

Tae shouldn't let Avion or any other chick get to her.

Run it tho (: