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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


My grandma, mom, Ava, Maliyah and I were all in the kitchen preparing our thanksgiving dinner while my grandpa, dad, Julius and Brendan sat in the living room watching football.

"Ava your boys are so well mannered  and handsome too" my grandma complimented

"thank you" Ava smiled sweetly "sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong because they don't have that male figure anymore"

"honey there are gonna be things that you can't teach them that they'll have to figure out on their own" 

"like shaving" she said laughing "one day I came home from work early and I heard Brendan yelling in pain. So I stood outside the bathroom and watched him try to shave" we all bust out laughing "he had a few cuts but he did it" she said smiling proudly

"so have you been dating" my mom asked her

"I've had a few dates here and there but nothing ever got too serious. It never felt right" she said while cutting up some potatoes

"well you deserve to be happy, and when Ju leaves your gonna be all alone" my mom said while stirring a pot of macaroni noodles 

"I know but it seems like there are no good guys out here anymore" 

"I know a guy" I said as they are turned their heads at me

"who do you know?" my mom said draining the noodles

"just this guy" I said smiling "I could set y'all up on a date" 

"oh no, I hate blind dates besides you might try to set me up" she setting potatoes to boil

"no I wouldn't. Besides are all dates blind date because you never really know what your getting till you get there" 

"the girl is right" my grandmother said rolling some dough "give it a try"

"hmmm okay" she said hesitantly 

I hoped up happily "yay, I'm match maker" I said as they laughed

"come here Maliyah and help me make these biscuits and Shaunte' come here so I can tell you the secret to the butter, this is how you keep a man" she said laughing 

A couple of hours later most of the food was done. All that was left was the turkey, ham and macaroni and cheese. I was laying on the couch with Ju watching the game with rest of the guys while the ladies sipped on some wine in the kitchen. 

"who you texting?" I asked 

He lowered his phone from is face and looked at me "Lola" he said grinning.

"you like her?"

"yeah, she's cool, down to earth, in to sports"

"when y'all gonna go out on a date"

"geez Tae I've only know the girl for two days, can I take it slow"

"no, you need a girlfriend ASAP" 

"yeah whatever, is Mo coming over?"

"yeah, him and his mom Mel are coming over later"

Ju's New Friend Is Wayyyyyy Better Than Alexis:)

YEEEAAAAAAA JUUUU!Done booked him a cute shawty, shyt that happend 2 her was tragic tho
Nd when females gona learn that we let yall win!! lol

Run it

I respect lola. Sweet girl. I can't believe she lost her parents like that. ... Tragic, smh

The guys going to learn to stop talking trash and getting they tail beat. Lol

Ju putting his mack down.

Runnnnn It

"so where do you go to school Lola?" Shaunte' asked 

"Bay Point High"

"oh true, that's not too far from us" Ju said

"do you play any sports?" Ayanna said leaning over

"I play volley ball and I do gymnastics here and there but nothing too serious"

"oh cool, I do gymnastics in the summer usually but we all play basketball" 

"wait all of you play basketball?" she asked amazed

We nodded "wow that's crazy" she said 

An hour later or so the guys went back to playing football on the beach and Ayanna was listening to her iPod and tanning. 

"Shaunte' can I ask you a question" Lola asked 

"sure" I said 

"Julius is cute and he seems really sweet but is he truly as that he seems to be?" she asked 

"yeah, Ju is probably one of the best guys you'll ever meet. His last girlfriend took him for granted and cheated on him" I said truthfully 

"really, why?" she asked shocked

"he wouldn't have sex with her because he wanted to wait but she was a slut" I said truthfully

Lola's mouth dropped in shock "wow, you don't hear that everyday. Usually it's the other way around" she said glancing at Julius running around

"yeah, he's a great catch. If you want him you better grab a hold of him" I said turning to look at him

"can I ask you another question?" Lola asked again

"yeah" I said waiting for her to ask 

"y'all seem VERY close, have y'all ever dated?"

"no, we've known each other since we were like 5. We started out as neighbors then teammates then best friends. We are very protective of each other but that's as far as that goes" I said skipping the fact that he kissed me once 

"so if me and Ju dated you wouldn't mind"

"no girl, you seem cool and sweet. Just what he needs. As long as you don't start tripping like his ex we'll be cool" I said laughing "but I respect that you asked, that's cool" I said 

I got up an dusted the sand off my butt "come on let's go bust their asses in volleyball" I said pulling her and Ayanna up 

"what we about to do" ayanna said pulling her earphones out

"volley ball" 

"oh bet" she said dusting herself off 

We walked over to the net past the boys and grabbed a ball of the floor. 

"what y'all doin?" Mo yelled

"about to play volleyball, wanna join us" I said smirking

"we're gonna beat you" he said as they walked over towards that

"yeah, just like you beat me in everything else" I said tossing the ball up in the air 

"is that a challenge?" Tyler said jumping up and down

"yup, get ready to lose babe" Ayanna said 

The guys got on their side and we got placed on our side about to start the game. Lola served the ball, Ayanna hit it and then I spiked it over giving us one point. From there the game went downhill for the guys.

"I told you, you can never beat me and my girls" I said to Mo

"we let you win" he said 

"sure you did" I said kissing his cheek

He then threw me over his shoulder and ran into the ocean. Everyone soon joined us as we all started dunking each other and splashing around.  

At around 8 o'clock we started winding down and sat around a fire making s'mores. 

"okay, this is the best part of the day.   We make s'mores and go around saying what we are thankful for" Ju said passing out the marshmallows. 

"I'll go first..." we all looked intently as we waited for him to start. "okay, I'm thankful for my mom because she's been holding up strong for 6 years...since my dad died and I know it's not easy for her. And my best friend finally moving back"

"I'm thankful for my mom, everything I do, I do for her and I just hope one day I make it so she doesn't have to lift a finger anymore. And my girl" Mo said winking at me 

"I'm thankful for my family and everything I have because I know that I'm very fortunate and blessed" Ayanna said smiling

"I'm thankful for my family and friends because without y'all I would I would have no type of motivation" Tyler said 

"ummm, I'm thankful everyday for my grandparents taking me last year after my parents died in a plane crash" Lola said as we all gasped and I rubbed her back "thank you" she whispered

"I'm thankful for Cali because this is home to me. I'm thankful being able I come back and make new friends like you all. And I'm thankful for my family, my best friend and my boyfriend" I closed out and we all started eating our s'mores and then cleaned up to head home

"do you need a ride home or anything?" Ju asked Lola 

"no my house is right up there" she said pointing

"well ima give you a ride anyway so I can walk you to the door" Ju said opening the door for her

"that's cool with me" she said getting in as he closed it

We drove all of one minute to her house. We all waved goodbye from the car and Ju walked her to the door.

"did you have fun today?" he asked as she lead the way up the porch 

"yeah, a lot of fun. thanks for inviting me to join you all" she said blushing a little

"no problem, maybe I can invite you out again" he said pulling out his phone

"I'd like that" she said taking the phone and entering her number. "use that" she said giving him a hug 

"I will" he said as she walked in the house. 

Aww Ju found himself a lil something!! Lol That's so cute how they are protective of them, but they out there with no clothes on either!! Boys SHUT UP!! Lol I wonder how Lola is and if they like her. Run it!!



We packed up the car and drove off to the beach blasting starships by nicki minaj. 

"let's go to beach each, let's go get away..." we sang

We soon pulled up to the beach at 12. It was pretty early and we planned on staying all day. We laid out our towels and put up our umbrellas for shade on this sunny day. 

Ayanna was laid out on her towel tanning. The guys were playing football on the beach . <a href="">I</a> was walking out of the ocean headed back to our spot when I saw Mo staring at me like a 16oz. steak. He stood there licking his lips when Ju threw the ball at him and it hit him right in the head. Mo rubbed his head then started running towards me picking me up off the ground.

"ahhhh Mo put me down" I said giggling 

"Naww, you walking around here naked got these niggas staring at you" he said putting me down on my towel

"what are talking about ain't nobody staring at me but you" I said 

Ju and Tyler finally caught up to us "Tae go put some damn clothes on, you're distracting my players" he said as Mo tossed me his shirt 

"put that on"

"no it's hot out here, besides it's the beach I'm suppose to look like this" I said tossing it back 

"Naww man y'all naked" Tyler said laying his shirt over Ay's butt

"nigga the f*** are you doing? I'm trying to tan" she said throwing his shirt at him 

"y'all got these dudes staring at y'all" Tyler said 

"soooo, look at <a href="">you</a>....and <a href="">you</a>.....and <a href="">you!</a> y'all out here coming out the water glistening with the sun reflecting off y'all bodies and s***"

"these girls out here checking y'all out too" I said as me and Ay dapped each other up

"what girls? Where?" they said looking around 

"I don't know, but that girl over there been checking Ju out for a minute"

Ju spun around looking "where?"

"over there" Ay said pointing in <a href="">her</a> direction

They all looked at her for a moment. As took a seat on her towel drying off.

"she kinda cute, go talk to her" Tyler said pushing him

"she ain't checking for me"

"what, are you scared" I said taunting him

"no" he said defensively

"then go" 

"fine" he said turning around and walking towards her 

Julius POV

I walked across the beach to approach this girl. I'm not gonna lie I was kinda nervous. I usually don't approach girls, they approach me.

"hey" I said as I stood over her

"hey" she said lifting her sunglasses up and smiling 

"my names Julius, what's yours?" i asked sticking out my hand

"my name is Lola" she said shaking my hand

"well what brings you to the beach today Lola" I said squinting down closer to her 

"just tanning"

"well you look kind of lonely so your more than welcome to come join me and my friends" 

She smiled "that's sounds cool" she said getting up and gathering her stuff

She grabbed her bag and towel and we headed back over to the crew. They saw us coming and were all grinning trying to act natural. 

"guys this my new friend Lola" I said as she waved 

"Lola this is Maurice "Mo" and his girl and my best friend Shaunte' "Tae", Ayanna, and Tyler" I said as they all waved 

I sat down on my towel as she laid hers down next to me and we began to get to know each other a little better. 

Can't Wait Til Thanksgiving:)

Aww they going to the beach!!! How cute are they!!!

*sings*Lets go to the beach each ! Lets go get away !!!!!!!

Runn it !!

I was upstairs in my room doing my homework to my J Cole playlist when my parents called me down. I walked down the stairs to see my parents waiting for me by the steps. I took a seat already knowing what they were  gonna say.

"it seems as though Alexis' parents are dropping the charges" 

I sighed of fake relief " really, do you know why"

"no, but just be thankful" my dad with a serious look on his face 

"you're still grounded but only for another week" I small smile formed on my face "come on let's go eat"

I got up to walk towards the kitchen "thanks dad" I said softly

"you're welcome, just don't out your hands on anybody unless it's self defense or your in the boxing ring"

"but I don't box" 

"you should be, the way you beat on that girl" he said chuckling 

"dadddd" I said pushing him playfully 


We all stood at the court shooting around and discussing thanksgiving plans. 

"well my brother is already here so I think it's just gonna be us this year" Ju said laying in the middle of the court

"naw, I think my mom said something about y'all coming to our house along with my grandparents"

Ju popped up "word, is your grandmother making them home made biscuits with the cinnamon apple butter"

I laughed at his greediness "you remember those"

"who could forget those things, it's like being in food heaven" he said closing his eyes with a big smile on his face

"I'm tryna taste these biscuits though" Mo said 

"me too" Ay and Ty said in unison

"see what you did" I said throwing the ball at him. "what are y'all doing for thanksgiving?" I asked 

"I'm going to my GiGi's house" Mo said 

"I'm staying home and all of my brothers and sisters are coming home" Ay said excitedly

"how many siblings do you have"

"seven and I'm the baby" she said smiling " four boys and three girls"

"Damn" Tyler said as we all laughed at his reaction "I'm going to everyone's house and eating, that's what I'm doing"

We all shook out heads because we knew he was serious.

"aye are we going to the beach this year though" Mo asked making a layup 

"the beach?" me ad Ayanna said in unison confused as ever

"yeah, every year the day before thanksgiving we go to the beach and just cool it, eat, go smack at girls...." Tyler said 

"but this year y'all have girls so I'll be the one going smack" Ju said laughing 

"y'all down?" Mo asked 

"I'm always down" Ayanna said as I nodded my head in agreement

"don't I know it" Tyler said

Ayanna glared at him and c**ked her hand all the way back about to slap him "say something else" she said getting closer as Tyler backed up and stumbled as we all laughed

Go head captain! Glad he doin the right thing nd got her to drrop da charges.
nw its time 4 tae to get jelly

run it

run it

Runn It ! :)

Glad Ju is backing a bit off of Tae and Mo's relationship. He should wanna see her happy.

Shoulda been sent her lil tail to the Catholic school -______________-

Run it (:

lmaooo their funny. And it was funny how Ju
was talkin to the pastor lol knowin damn well
he prolly don't talk like that for real. Smh
Goodbye Alexis. Bout time!

OAN: I don't know what to say about Ju and Tae, it's like I want them to be together, but her and Mo are so cute. But Ju seem so damn depressed. Ugh. I hope he finds a girl.....

Run it

I don't know why Alexis thought it was a game!!! Nigaas ain't playing with her!! I'm glad Julius helped out Tae and is agreeing to step off so Mo and Tae can be together!! I wanna see more of Mo and Tae, how their relationship is going. Will she ever tell him what happened? What happens if he finds out? Lol Run it!!

I Hope He Can Respece Her Relationship With Mo:)

I pulled up to Tae's house in hopes that I could talk to her. I walked up the steps and rang the door bell. Her mom answered the door smiling sweetly.

"hi Julius what brings you here"

"I know Tae is grounded but I really need to talk to her, it's important"

She sighed heavily "okay, hold on" 

I waited outside for a few minutes until she came out.

"hi" she said awkwardly

"hey" I took a deep breath "I know you really don't want to talk to me right now but I'm just letting you know that I respect you and Mo's relationship and I'm not gonna overstep any boundaries"

"but you already did Ju" 

"I know and I'm truly sorry and I promise to chill out and let y'all do y'all and to just be the supportive friend because I don't want to lose you again"

"okay, thanks" she said about to turn around

"wait...." she turned back around

"I have some good news" I said excitedly

"what" she said with a small smile

"I got Alexis to drop the charges"

He mouth dropped "W- what? How?"

I pulled out my phone and showed her the pictures "ewww, you black mailed her"

I nodded my head "yup, and I sent one to her father to scare her"

"damn" she said dapping me up "that's crazzzzyyy, what did her dad say"

"he thanked me since her dad is a pastor. And Alexis might be going to a catholic school now"

Tae bust out laughing "that's what she get for messing with us" she said hugging me tightly.

"well, I should get going since you on house arrest and s***" 

She laughed and playfully hit me "shut up, I'll see you tomorrow" she said walking backwards into the house.

I walked in the house to my brother eating a big ass bag of Cheetos.

"what's up captain save a hoe" he said licking his fingers

I looked at him funny "what?"

"Nyla lives across the street from Alexis and I heard y'all conversation when I was sitting in the car"

I straight faced him "your nosey ass"

"yeah whatever. but I see you grew some balls today getting rid of Alexis" he said chuckling

I plopped down on the couch and snatched the bag of cheetos "yeah"

"pretty heroic thing you did captain" he said saluting "I knew you still liked her" 

"yeah well she's with Mo so ima just cool out"

"mhmmm well if it's meant to be it will be" 

"okay, Dr.Phill" I said licking my fingers "why are you home do early any way"

"thanksgiving break little nigga" he said rubbing my head as he left 

A couple of days went by and really haven't been talking to Shaunte' partially because she was grounded and she was avoiding me. The only other time I saw her was at our game but she left immediately after seeing Mo with her parents. I haven't heard from Alexis about our deal So I think it's time that I pay her a visit. 

I pulled up to her house and dialed her number for her to come out. She walked out slowly taking her sweet ole time. 

"what do you want?" she asked with an attitude

"did you tell your parents to drop the charges yet?" 

"no" she said holding her arms across her chest

"why not? Are you not scared?"

"of you? No, you don't have the balls to do it"

"oh word" I said pulling out my phone and sending one picture to her dad. I showed her the sending message and her mouth dropped. "still think I won't do it?"

"why would you do that?" she screeched

"because you think this a joke, I'm not playing Alexis. Tell your parents to drop the charges" I said sternly

"look captain save a hoe, doing this isn't gonna get you the girl you want'" 

" I saved your hoe ass, and I don't want Shaunte'" I said lying 

"nigga stop lying. Everyone that knows you two knows that you had a huge crush on her when y'all were younger and you probably still do" she said moving her neck 

"Alexis shut the f*** up, you sound dumb. Go in the house and tell your parents to drop the charges or these pictures will also be on every computer in the school and you know I can do it since I know how to hack"

Alexis looked like she wanted to cry but she held it together and nodded her head "okay, fine" she walked off

I watched her walk into the house and as I was about to get in the car her father pulled up. He got out the car quickly and walked over to me smiling.

"thanks Julius" he said shaking my hand

"no problem sir, I just felt it was the right thing to do being a child of god in all"

"I don't know what's getting into her lately" he said shaking his head

"me either, I think the enemy is really getting to her. Maybe catholic school wouldn't be such a bad idea" I said sincerely

"that might be a good idea son" he said patting my back "well I have business to handle, I'll see you around Julius"

"Bye Pastor Lucas" I said waving and hoping into my car. 

I drove down the road with the biggest grin on my face. Shaunte' was good and Alexis was about to be gone.

Thank you Ladies and Thomas lol
Adding later

run it

Its always them preacher kids smh lol. Uh Oh Ju be all devious and ishh. Run It


Dang Alexis. Busted!!!! Smh. That's a shame.

Run it.

That's what im talkin bout Ju!

And smh them preacher kids, smh them be the worst kids out there.

run it

Ohhh its nothing like some good black mail ... *that just got my d*** hard *

Runn It Bestest :)

"Oooo I could kill that b****" Ayanna said

"naw don't do that, she might press charges on you too" I said dryly

"but more importantly what are you gonna do about Ju?" she asked curiously

"Ughh idk, I guess that kiss means he has feelings for me"

"duhhh, so are you gonna tell Mo?"

"no, that could ruin their friendship. So don't tell Tyler pleaseeee"

"I gotchu boo" she said as we went to our separate classes

I sat down in English and put my head down. Mo came in and sat down in front of me as usual.

"hey what's wrong?" he said tapping me 

I lifted my head a little "everything"

"what do you mean?" he asked curiously

"Alexis is pressing charges on me because of the fight"

"she's what!?" Ju said sitting down beside me.

I just put my head back down because I honestly didn't want to see or speak to him right now.

When class was over I walked out with Mo until Ju pulled me back.

"can I talk to you real quick" he asked 

"yeah" I looked over at Mo "I'll catch up with you later" and kissed him on the cheek.

"look about yesterday..."

"what about it" I said adjusting my books

"I'm sorry" he said looking down

"you should be, that's not something you do when your best friends are in a relationship"

"I know, are you gonna tell Mo"

"no, just chill out. I just wanna be friends and everyone be cool"

"okay" and with that I walked off

Julius' POV

I walked to my next class to see we had a sub. I took a seat next to <a href="">her</a>. She turned around and mugged me with disgust written on her face.

"what do you want? You finally want to taste this pussy huh?" she said touching my face.

I moved my face back quickly "No b****, I want you to quite them charges on Shaunte'"

"why the f*** should I, manly b**** got what she deserved"

"because you've been provoking her, and you cheated on me and I ain't do nothing but treat you like royalty"

She looked at me like she was thinking about. "and if you don't I'll just send those lovely texts you sent me to your dad" I said mischievously

"what texts?" she asked panicking 

"these texts" I said scrolling through my iPhone displaying naked pictures of her that she sent me on a daily basis. "remeber these? Now wouldn't it be nice if your father and Pastor recieved these. I think he would appreciate it and thank me. Don't you"

Alexis looked at me with her mouth wide open in shock. "you wouldn't do that" she said shaking her head 

"like hell I would"

"you don't have the balls to do it"

"keep playing Alexis, I'll have your ass in a all girls catholic school"

She gave me a death stare an nodded her head "fine, just delete those pictures"

"I will as soon as I know for sure you did your part" I said sliding my phone into my pocket.