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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


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Mo drove home with his mom after the game in pure bliss. His final highschool basketball game was amazing with him making the winning shot.

"you know your balls was all up in that poor boys face right" Mel chuckled

"eww ma" he laughed "but he shouldn't have been in my way"

"mhmm cus my baby was in it to win it" she pinched his cheek as he pulled into the driveway

"did you call Shaunte'?" Mel said getting out the car 

"naw, not yet. Why?"

"Linda called me and told me the girls won their game too"

"oh okay, I'll call her as soon as I get upstairs" he unlocked the door and let his mom walk through

"oh yeah, you got some mail. I sat it on your dresser" his eyes lit up and ran up the stairs

"stop all that running boy for I pop your ass"

Mo ran into his room closing the door behind him. He collected the mail off his dresser. One from UMD and the other from UCLA. His heart pounding through his chest, he decided to open the UMD letter first. 

<em> Dear Maurice Brown, The University of Maryland Undergraduates is pleased to grant with you a full sports scholarship for four years...</em>

Mo slowly placed the letter back in the envelope and placed it in his night stand. He picked up the UCLA letter and ripped it open with his keys. He read it over an over.

"half! Only half!" he yelled 

"what you yelling for" Mel bust through the door. 

He handed the letter to her and she read it "well what did the one from Maryland say?"

"what you think" he said irritated

"don't be getting no attitude with me or you won't be going to college at all" she hit the back of his head "you knew there was a chance that you wouldn't get a full scholarship. Now you have to accept it and move on"

"move on? My dream was to go to UCLA. Tae is going to UCLA. Ju might her going. I don't know anything out there."

"look I don't know why this happened. But god works in mysterious ways ad this might be your destiny. Maryland is a great school and exceptional in sports." she rubbed his back

"okay" he mumbled ad she walked out his room closing the door behind her. 

Mo pulled out his phone and scrolled down his news feed on Instagram.  And saw this <a href="">picture.</a>

<em> this has got to be the greatest day of my life. Won the state championship and I got a sports scholarship to UCLA. The dream came true.</em>

Mo let out a frustrated sigh and exited out of his app. Just then his phone started ringing

<em>Only thing that keeps me up when I'm feeling down. I don't know about you but I gotta keep mines around</em>

Mo shook his head knowing Shaunte' set this as her corny as ringtone. He couldn't bare to talk to her right now so he let the phone continue to ring.

Ayyeee! They wasnt ready for them Spartans!
Boyys nd Girls champs they dnt want it

im coming back to this when this work has completed itself

-_- a game...

we get a game... !

*falls out*

run it



"DEFENSE *clap clap* DEFENSE" the crowd stomped their feet shaking the gym floor.

"forty four" coach motioned with his hands

Four minutes in to the second half with a score of 50-36, Long Island Raiders. Tyler got the ball and swiftly moved around the court passing the ball to another teammate. He then faked the ball and passed it to Julius who set the shot and executed making the score 50-38.

"Maurice, your in" coach tapped Mo and he ran to the side and waited. 

"push, white! Two shots!" the ref called out. One of the players from Baldwin Hills stood at the line. He straitened himself out and wiped the bottom of his shoes. The ref blew his whistle and passed the ball to him. He dribbled and dribbled then missed the shot. The crowd awww'd in disappointment. Mo ran up and traded places with another teammate. He dapped up Tyler and Ju and stood ready to play. His teammate got the ball, he dribbled the ball and wiped his sweaty palms off on his jersey. He gripped the ball and looked up at the net, dribbled once more and executed the ball making the score 50-39. Mo leaped up over everyone getting the rebound and put the ball in the net again changing the score to 50-41. 

"sashay, shaunte'" the coach yelled. That was a play he stole from Shaunte' after seeing her, Ayanna, Mo and Ju play two-on-two on day.

"Shaunte'!" Tyler yelled on the court while dribbling the ball. Ju stepped out from under his opponent who was guarding him and caught the ball that Tyler was passing to him. Ju dribbled the ball and looked in the eyes of his opponent. He stepped to his left and passed the ball to Mo then went right still being guarded, did a 360 turn around him and caught the ball from Mo and made a three. That was Shaunte' fancy footwork and tricks up her sleeve. 50-44.

"ball ball ball ball" Ayanna jumped up and down in her opponents face trying to distract them. It worked because they had passed the ball and ended up in the hands of a Lady Spartan.

"Kansas" Coach T yelled. The girls executed the play and tied the game at 56-56. Two minutes left in the fourth quarter. The coach from Orange county called a time out.

"full time out, blue" the ref called

"okay, y'all are doing great but can definitely do better. Don't look at the clock just play. Ayanna I want you here and cut through the middle and pass the ball to India. Shaunte' you'll be at he three point line ready. India pass it to Bailey then to Shaunte'. We need this lead" the buzzer sounded and the girls went on to the court. 

They did exactly what they were told perfectly. Shaunte' made the three and the game continued with one minute left and the score at 59-56. OC was looking a little shook but determined. Ayanna gaurded one of their players knees low and hands high following their every move. They got a little annoyed and bumped the s*** out of Ayanna causing her to slid across the floor. The crowd boo'd at the opposing players actions. The red made the call making it our ball. 
50 seconds on the clock. Shaunte' caught the ball and dribbled up court and passed the ball to a teammate she shot the ball while being pushed from behind by another player. The ball circled the rim and reluctantly went in. 

"push, two shots" she went up to the free throw line and knocked out her shots making the score 63-56. OC had the ball with 30 seconds to spare. One of their players overhand threw the ball down the court to their teammate and they caught it making a shot. 63-58. Ayanna got the ball and passed it India who slowly dribbled up court passing the time. 15 seconds she passed it to Ayanna then to another player. That player then made another shot 5.5 seconds. Shoosh! The buzzer rings. The girls fall out on the court crying tears of joy.

Thirty seconds left and tied up at 65. The guys were in their last full timeout all drenched in sweat.

"hey don't look at the time look at me" the coach directed "I don't have much of a play for right now. But out best three point shooter are Julius and Maurice. Someone get the ball to them and you two be ready. Tyler will give the ball to Kyle who will be here. Kyle pass the ball to whoever is open. Okay" they all nodded "1,2,3 win!"

The guys went on to the floor and adjusted their jerseys wiping off excess sweat of their foreheads. 

*whistle blows* Tyler gets the ball and overhand passes the ball to Kyle. Kyle gripped the ball and looked for Mo who was being heavily guarded then looked for Ju who was open. Ju caught the ball and set up the shot while the opposing players then ran to Ju. Ju shoot the ball but it went right over the rim. Mo leaped as high as he could and caught the ball and dunked it into the net. The buzzer rings. Mo lets go of the room and looks around in a daze while his team bum rushed him. 

The State Championship 3B division winners are the Baldwin Hills High School Spartans and Lady Spartans 

I am playing along like I dont know lol
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Awwwwwwww Poor Lola & Ju. They will work it out.

Damn i forgot that Tae was even Ju's BF in this story. lol

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Alicia wtf are you talking about?? Everything that I said is gonna happen is happening lol
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*puts tape over mouth* I'm not telling lol but your questions will be answered soon enough

I know Toya lol that's why I wrote it like that. so the suspense could rise then .....BOOM


I thought Lola was pregnant!!!

Run it!!

Omgesus! Is this where mo doesn't get in too? Does tat mean the best friends ju and tae gonna get together in college :0
I was liking mo and tae tho
I hope the long distance works out tho
Run run!! :)

"hey can I come over?" Lo said into the phone

"yeah, is everything okay?" Ju asked

"yeah, I just need to talk to you" Lo sounded a little uneasy and then hung up.

Julius stood outside on the front steps of his house waiting for Lola to pull up. 

<em>She didn't sound like herself. Did I do something wrong?</em>

He thought back for a moment and shook the thought. He pulled out his iPhone to look at the time. This has been the longest ten minutes of his life. He began pacing back and forth and then stopped dramatically.

<em> what if she's pregnant!? No, I wrapped it up every single time. But there's that 1%</em>

Ju sat back on the steps with his head in his hands. "Ughh i'm thinking too much" just then Lola pulled up parking on the curb. She walked over and sat next to him on the steps.

"hey" she said shyly fiddling her thumbs 

"hey, what you need to talk about" Ju tried his best to act calm and relaxed

"this" Lola pulled out an envelope and handed it to Julius.

Ju looked at her confused and took the envelope not looking at the address to see where it came from. He slid his thumb under the tab and opened the envelope and slid the papers out. He unfolded the papers and read over the material over and over in shock. His mouth grew dry not knowing what to say exactly.

"say something" Lo turned his face towards her.

"so you're leaving?"

"I guess so. But don't say it like that. I'm gonna come back for breaks and we still have six months until then" she tried to lighten the mood a little

"do you wanna try a long distance relationship?" Ju asked with worry in his eyes

"I would love that. I was praying that you would suggest it before I did" Lola smiled a little 

Ju pulled her into his arms "I wouldn't have it any other way" he pulled back from the hug and looked into her eyes "I love you Lola" she smiled and hugged him tighter.

"and I, you Julius" she whispered into his ear. 

"come on let's go inside" Ju motioned for her to walk ahead then held the door open for her. "you want something to drink?" Lola smiled and nodded while sitting on the coach.

Ju pulled out two cups and filled them with ice and poured some lemonade in them. He paused for a moment finally exhaling, letting out all that just happened and the many thoughts that were running through his mind. He pulled out his phone and texted Tae.

<em> Lola is going to Howard University</em>

Nastie!!!! Lol

Mo need to get it together like for serious he a killjoy at times.

That party was poppin and V-day was swweeeettt!

Runnn It :)



That seemed like a cool bday party!

The part that had me laughing was when it was like

"All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl"

And mo was like "No I don't"

lol run it¡

"aye where the birthday boy at!?" Tyler shouted from the DJ Booth as the crowd cheered 

<em> all I want for my birthday is a big booty girl</em>

"no I don't" Mo shouted as he watched Tae twerk on him.

<a href="">Ju</a>walked around feeling himself. Just a little turnt up dancing behind some girls. 

"girl you just gonna let him dance with other girls" Ayanna said taking a sip of his drink.

"yeah, I don't care. It's just a dance" Lola shrugged

"I would probably kill Tyler. I don't want nobody feeling on what's mine"

"I understand but what this. As soon as he realizes I'm watching he's gonna come over and pull over to dance with him"

And like clock work Ju looked up and noticed Lola smiling at him. He pushed the girl off and walked towards Lola and <a href="">Ayanna.</a>

"hey baby" he nuzzled in her ear

"hey" she looked over at Ayanna

"come dance with me" he wrapped her arms around him and began walking backwards to the dance floor. Lola looked back and winked at Ayanna as she laughed. 

 Tyler played Dance for you by Beyonce and dimmed the lights. All the girls got their sexy on and grabbed any guy they could find and gave them lap dances. Lola slowly whinneded her hips against Ju to the song

"are you you having fun" Tae turned around and wrapped her arms around Mo's neck

"yeah, but I had more fun yesterday" Tae just put her head on his shoulder and swayed to the song

*Two more hours into the party*

"it's time to cut the cake" Mel said into the mic 

Julius and Shaunte' walked out with his <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">birthday cake</a> (act like it says Maurice lol) and everyone began to sing happy birthday.

Mo blew out the candles making his wish then grabbed the mic. "thank you all for coming. 2012 was a crazy year and I know 2013 is gonna be crazier. Turn uppp!" he handed the mic back to his mom and went to cut the cake.  

All the guests crushed the cake and continued partying. The party was coming to a close around 1am and Tyler decided to play clique by Kanye, Big Sean, and Jay-z

<em> ain't nobody f***in with my clique. Ain't nobody fresher than my muthaf***in clique. As I look around, they don't do it like my clique</em>

The crew climbed into the DJ booth with Tyler and danced and sang the last song together

<em> and all the bad b****es, man they want the, they want the, they want the d***</em>

As the song ended everyone screamed "happy birthday Mo!"

"how was your birthday?" Tae asked looking up at him

"it was great" he pecked her forehead 

just managed to read

check them out with their valentines love
tae best not end up pregnant
or i will kill her and mo!

Run it hun

no love??

We returned to the empty house and plopped down on the couch wrapped up in each other.

"so what do we do now?" 

"we can watch a movie" I suggested

"what movie? Love and Basketball?" he said sarcastically 

"good idea" I said picking up the dvd case and putting it in.

"where them cupcakes at?" 

"in the kitchen" 

He came back out eating the unfinished cupcake from early. "these cupcakes are bomb. When your mom opening the bakery?"

"I made them, Thank you. And she opening in March"

"damn, my baby can bake too. Smart, can play ball and can cook. Sheesh I'm lucky" he grinned

"you sure are" I grabbed the strawberry cupcake off the plate and sat down as the movie started.

Love and Basketball got to the part when Monica and Q where playing strip basketball.

"we should do that" Mo nibbled  on my ear.

"Mmm" I moaned as his hands began to roam over my body.

Mo placed small kisses on my lips tracing down my neck. Mo slowly moved his hand into my jeans, under my underwear slowly rubbing my clit.

"Mmm you like that?" he said slowly inserting one finger into my sweet spot.

Mo took his hand out and scooped me up in his arms, carrying me up the stairs into my room. Mo laid me on the bed and began to unzip my jeans and slid them off. Mo spread my legs making himself face to face with my hot, wet center. He moved my panties to the side and licked the inside of my pussy lips. Mo swirled his tongue around her clit, flicking it with his tongue. He slowly inserted a finger to increase her pleasure. Dipping his tongue in and out, slurping up all of her juices, Tae's legs began to shake. Mo stopped leaving her wanting more. 

"what the f***!" Tae yelled frustrated

"chill be patient" Mo said taking off his shirt.

Mo climbed on top of Tae kissing her lips gently. "you know you're beautiful right" he kissed her again and Tae blushed. Mo lifted her shirt off leaving her in her bra and underwear. Mo left a trail of kisses from her neck down to her navel. He unbuckled his pants letting his pants fall to the ground. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom. Mo ripped the wrapped open with his teeth and slid it on his hardening erection. He proceeded kissing down her stomach down to her sex. He blew inside making her squirm. He stroked himself and fingered her at the same time seeing she was more than ready for him. Mo positioned himself in between Tae's legs. He entered her gently since they hadn't really done anything since the incident. Tae was tight as ever and winced a little at the familiar feeling. Mo slowly moved in and out of her letting her get comfortable to his size since it's been a minute. 

"am I hurting you?" Tae shook her head

"no, it just feels like I'm a virgin again"

Mo buried his face in her neck "that's how I feel too" he said continuing his slow even strokes.

"ahhhh-Mmmm...shiiit" Tae moaned as Mo began to pick up his pace a little. "I wanna ride" Mo looked at her surprised then flipped her over so she was now on top and he was laying on the bed.

Tae removed her panties completely and climbed back on top of Mo sliding down on to him. " damn your f***ing tight" Tae began to move her hips at a nice pace. Tae gradually increased her speed as she grew with pleasure and began bouncing up and down on him "ahh f***! I love you Shaunte'" "I love you too baby" Tae said out of breath. . . . 

I will. I'm writing right now

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aww my babies, they are too cute...

what other drama is on its way in this story?