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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


Score 79-76 North Ridge. 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . The crowd counted down as Ju made an over hand pass across the court to Mo. Mo jumped up and caught the ball in a swift movement. 7 . . . 6 . . . Mo set up the shot and just as the ball was leaving his hands one of the players on the other team ran up and pushed him causing him to fall to the ground as the ball flew towards the net. Mo fell to the ground hard and the crowd stood in silence as the ball made its way to the net in what felt like slow motion. SWOOSH "THREE POINTS BROWN" the announcer yelled into the mic just as the ref blew the whistle " PUSH, WHITE TWO SHOTS"  he pointed to Mo as he hopped up off the ground and the crowd cheered. Mo walked to the free throw line dusting himself off. He tucked his jersey into his shorts then wiped the bottom of his shoes. The ref tossed him the ball. Mo dribbled the ball and dusted his hands on his jersey at the same time. He dribbled again then set up the shot following through. The crowd cheered again them immediately fell silent again in anticipation. Mo set up the shot once more and followed through again. The guys from North Ridge got the ball and threw the ball across the court while the buzzer rang. Game over 81-79 Spartans.


East Compton came to play today. They had great defense and played rough. The refs were on their side and weren't making any calls. The score is 60-50 with five minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter. Scouts from UCLA were at this game and taking good note of every player that stepped foot on the court. 

"were on offense and we can come back as long as everyone is playing defense at all times. The refs aren't on our side so you have to play smart. Play D but don't touch. Tyler I need your speed on this play. I want you here then move here and pass the ball to Kyle then Kyle pass it to Mo and Mo be prepared to make a three" everyone nodded their heads. "Win on 3" everyone put their hands in "1, 2,3 WIN" they ran out on to the court and played as a team and raised the score, 60-53. Four minutes left. The guys were playing great defense never letting their opponents score. Tyler swiftly stole the ball and ran up court and passed the ball to Ju, who made a three. 60-56. Compton called a timeout. "good job guys. You got them shaking right now. Ju and Mo, we need another three. And try to get them to foul you hard so they have to call it" the guys nodded and each took a shot of water being passed around. "the play is Kansas when we get back on offense" the ref blew the whistle and the guys went out on to the court. 

Tyler got low with his hands up guarding and his team mates where guarding everyone else making sure they didn't get the ball. The guy with the ball threw it anywhere and Ju popped up grabbing the ball then passed to Mo. Mo ran up and passed it back to Ju then to Kyle. Mo and Ju both got on the three point line. Kyle passes it to Ju and Ju shot the ball while getting clearly pushed onto ground. The BHHS side booed while the ref made the call and the coach from Compton took out that player. Ju laid on the ground his back hurting .

"Ju get up! You have a game to finish" Lola yelled from the stands

Mo and Tyler walked over to Ju and held out their hands to help him up.

"you Iight?" Mo asked


"good cus you got two shots. And the score is 60-59 with 1 minute left" Ju nodded and walked over the line adjusting himself.

The ref tossed him the ball and as he began to dribble the ball. Compton's side began making noise. SWOOSH, he made the shot. The score is tied at 60. Ju dribbled again and made the next shot. As the ball came falling down the net Mo jumped up over Compton's players and got the rebound he jumped up once more to make another shot. 63-60 Spartans. 40 seconds on the clock Compton got the ball and made an over hand pass across the court and attempted to make a three to tie the game but shot an air ball. 20 seconds left the ref handed the ball to Tyler who passed it to Mo. Mo dribbled the ball across the court passing the ball to all of his teammates to pass the time.   10 seconds left and counting. Ju got the ball and eased his way through making a lay up as the buzzer rang, 65-60 Spartans.

the team walked down into the locker and discussed the highlights and down falls of the game. Once finished the guys got dressed and packed up their stuff.

"aye Maurice and Julius, y'all gotta go do an interview" coach called out

We walked down the hall and talked to the interviewers about today's game. Just when we were finishing up the coach from UCLA approached us.

"Maurice Brown and Julius Cruz" he held out his hand "nice to meet you, I'm-"

They cut him off "Ben Howland. It's an honor" they shook his hand 

"you two played a hell of a game out there. Good team work between you two and Tyler McCoy but I understand he's being recruited for football" we nodded our heads to every word "I could use two starters like you on next years team. Here's my card" he handed it to them and flashed an award winning smile

"thanks" they said in unison as he walked away.

"we in there!" they said grinning like some idiots and dapping each other up.

yea bring on the juicy stuff! ive been waitin since the incident

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*popcorns popping, sour patch bought and sprite ready to be drunk* I am ready for this..

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Run it!

Thanks Giving was great. Tae and her family went to Linda's parents house. Tracy took Ava, Ju and Brendan to have dinner with his family. And everyone else was with their separate families having a great time. 

The next day everyone went black Friday shopping. The crew was just about finished when they were in the food court eating their panda express. 

Mo and Ju silently picked at their food "what's wrong with y'all?" Tae asked

"yeah, y'all been pretty quiet all day" Lo added

Mo looked up "it's the case. It's in less than two weeks"

"damn, it is. I almost forgot about it" Tae said

"we did too until Emily called us this morning to remind us" Ju took a small bite of his food

"well there's no need to trip about it. Emily is gonna win the case. All evidence proves that those two are crazy and guilty" Lo rubbed Ju's back

"we know. It's just...for a moment it felt like nothing ever happened. And now we've been snapped back to reality" Mo said

"we've all been there every step of the way and we're gonna be there on the 5th" Tae pecked his cheek

"yeah man we got y'all back" Ty said standing up to throw his food away "don't let this take over your mind and throw you off. We got two important games this week and we need y'all"

"Tyler!" the girls said harshly "can't you be a little bit more sensitive "Ay said plucking his forehead

"naw he's right. Saying that just got us back on our grind" Ju stood up to throw his food away. "this s*** is not about to mess up our undefeated record. Not on my watch"

"hell yeah f***in right" Mo dapped up Tyler and Julius.

"our boys are back" Lo said laughing 

Something slight before the juicy stuff !! Run it

I love their tradition, it's cute and unique. RUN IT!

Awww !! Liyah was jellin lol.
That seemed really fun !! I love the beach, I don't know about sandcastles though.

I don't even wanna think about what kind of fun tae parents had... Nasties !!!

Runnnn It !!!

"are y'all all packed up" Linda said walking into my room

"yes mom, I have everything. You acting like I've never been to the beach before" I zipped up my bag 

"I know but it's just you kids and you're taking Liyah"

"I know ma, but we're not kids anymore. And Liyah is almost 9. I think you should start giving her some responsibility"

"I know. And you're almost 18" she began to sob

"mom relax, I'm not going anywhere yet" I hugged her and rubbed her back

"I'm ready!!" Maliyah jumped into my room posing in her bathing suit and shorts.

"okay, Mo is going be here in a little a bit" I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs with Liyah and my mom

"do y'all need any money or food"

"no, mom. We already got that covered" I laughed at her anxiety 

"Linda will you leave that girl alone" Shaun said coming out the kitchen "come just relax with me" he pulled Linda into his lap

Mo honked the horn from outside "and that our que. you two have fun" I walked out with Maliyah by my side

Mo took our bag and put it in the trunk next to the cooler. I made sure Maliyah was secure in the back and then I climbed into the front with Mo.

"y'all ready"

"yessss" Maliyah squealed as Mo backed out of the driveway.

We arrived at the beach and met Ayanna, Tyler, Ju and Lola at the spot they found.

"hey everybody" maliyah waved happily

"hey Liyah" Ay said while everyone one waved. "you wanna help me build a sand castle?" she brought out er buckets and shovels

"Ooo I wanna help" Lola got up and dusted herself off

"yeah y'all go make sandcastles and collect sand castles while us men cook on the grill" Ju said flexing his arms

"yeah, whatever. Just don't burn yourselves" I said laughing 

The girls went to work gathering wet sand, digging holes and gathering sea shells for the sand castles. After about an hour they finished and stood proud gazing at their finished project.

"we did damn good" Ayanna snapped her fingers 

"mhmm lets go see what the guys are doing"

"yeah I'm hungry" Liyah went running ahead.

"y'all came back just in time" Mo stood proudly over the grill

"oh my gosh, it actually looks good" I said shocked

"what do you mean. Girl I can cook"

"let's just hope it tastes good" Lo said sitting on her towel.

The guys fixed our plates with hamburgers, hotdogs, shrimp kabobs,   Corn, and grilled pineapples.

"Mmm this is good" I said biting into my burger

"don't ever question my skills girl" 

"okay y'all did good" Lo said pecking Ju's cheek

"hey none of that" Maliyah pouted 

Ju grabbed her and tickled her until she turned bright red.

After we finished eating we went swimming in the ocean for a while. When we got out the guys set up the fire and the girls got the marshmallows and chocolate out for the s'mores. 

"I'm thankful for....." we all went around in a circle and gave thanks for everything in our lives. "to one amazing year of great friendships and relationships" we clinked our cups of lemonade.

I love this story, hurry up and RUN IT!

Awww how cutee :) runnnnn

cute :)

Lovely add skank

Runnn It !!

*lights shut off*

"Now let's hear it for our Baldwin Hills lady  Spartans!!!!" the announcer said as the stands got hype. You couldn't hear anything but the screams from the crowd and the booming voice of the announcer.

#23 Diamond Scott, #4 Ayanna Tadowwww Taylor #3 Shauteeee Brooksssss, #22 Bianca Stormmmm, #15 Ginaaa Mendezzzz we ran through the huddle dapping up our teammates then shaking the hands of the other teams coaches and the referee officials. 

They turn the lights back on and Gina goes to the middle for jump ball. The cheerleaders start their cheer and the refs blow the whistle throwing the ball up in the air. Gina grabs the ball and Coach Aaron yells from the side lines the play Barney.

Gina passes the ball to Bianca. Bianca runs up court then turns to pass the ball to Shaunte'. Shaunte' sets up to make a shot with one of the girls trying to block it in front of her. Shaunte' fakes and passes the ball to Ayanna who's at the three point line. Ayanna grabs the ball and executes. "tadowwwww!" the crowd yells in sync as the ball fall through the net. 

After the first half the score was 50-23 Spartans. The team headed downstairs into the locker rooms. Ayanna and I quickly put on our warmup jumpsuits provided by Nike on. We grabbed the signs we made and headed back upstairs until our que. Ju and Brendan met us in the lobby and grabbed their signs. Coach T came up looking nervous as ever.

"man get it together" Brendan smacked his back

"I got it. I'm just nervous, I've never proposed before"

"that's a good thing" Ay said 

"you got the ring" Ju asked

Coach T nodded "Oooo can we see" he pulled the ring out "damnnnnn! Now that's a big rock" Ay said 

"ladies and gentle can you take your seats. We have a very special announcement to make" the announcer said as everyone calmed down a bit.

We all walked in, in a neat file line with coach at the end. We all lined up in the middle of the gym floor

"can y'all help read these signs out loud as they each hold them up" the announcer requested 

One by one we held them up for the crowd to read.

"AVA.....WILL....YOU.... MARRY.....ME?" Coach T dropped his sign and got down on one knee

"who's Ava?" the announcer yelled

"she's Ava" Mel screamed sitting next to Ava who was in shock. Ava stood up to her feet and walked down the bleachers with the biggest smile on her face as everyone applauded. She got down to the gym floor and walked straight to Tracy who was still on one knee.

"will you marry me Ava Cruz?" she nodded her head with tears of joy in her eyes. She held her left hand out as he slid the ring on her finger. Tracy stood up and she wrapped her hands around his neck hugging him tightly as he swung her around in pure bliss. The crowd cheered louder with some "awwwww's" and "yeah Coach T's" in the mix. 

We won the game with a ending score of 105-60.  The guys also won 70-65 it was an extremely close game. We all went out to celebrate the wins and Ava and Coach T's proposal at TGI Friday's. 

"I would just like to thank everyone for being here for this joyous moment" she smiled at Tae "and thank you Shaunte' for introducing us and setting up that blind date"

"just call me Cupid"

"and I can't believe all of you knew and didn't say a word" she pouted 

"it wouldn't be much of a proposal if you knew ma" Ju stood up and kissed her cheek

"I'd like to propose a toast to my mom and Tracy. It's been 7 years since my dad and I haven't seen her this happy since then. All I ask is that you continue to make her happy and protect her" he raised his glass in the air "to the future" everyone old clapped and raised their glasses clinking them together 

"thank you sweetie" Ava pecked his cheek

ok thangs goin smoove wit man day. but wat about them steaks tho.lls
run it

lmao at ju and his convo about the girls!
see brendan know wassup
aww thats cute he got the blessing
but i have a feeling she gonna think its rushed and ask for a long engagement...
runs run

Awwww man day went well !! :)

Runnn It !!

"Tracy in going to get my nails done with the girls." Ava said grabbing her purse and jacket.

"okay" Tracy didn't take his eyes of of ESPN

"And Brendan should be home in an Hour or so" Tracy's head popped up knowing he had to talk to Brendan

"Iight" he got up and pecked her lips "have fun with the girls" he walked her out the door.

"Julius!!" Ju came running down the steps

"wassup T?"

"call the guys. We're gonna have a man day"

"uhh... okay" Ju walked back upstairs  and texted the guys

<em> Coach T is up to something. He said we're having a 'man day' whatever that means. Get over here now</em>

Tracy went to the grocery store and picked up some steaks to throw on the grill. When he got back to the house Mo, Ju, Tyler and Brendan were sitting on the coach.

"wassup y'all" he closed the door behind him

"nothing just chillin" Ju answered

Tracy went into the back yard and fired up the grill. All the guys followed behind to see what he was doing.

"so what's this man day about" Brendan asked curiously

"I just wanted to hang out. Eat good. Since the girls are out doing their own thing."

"mhmmm" Brendan turned to the guys "something's up. I can smell it" he whispered

"nigga you tripping. Aye T you need some help" Mo walked over to the grill

Mo and coach T cooked up the steaks while talking to the guys about sports, schools and the female mind.

"females are so confusing. They say don't do something but really want you to do. The f*** is that about?" Ju said 

"like the other day I was making a food run before practice. Shaunte' said she ain't want nothing. I get back with everyone's food and she's like 'you ain't get me nothin'" 

"she was tryna see if you knew what she liked" Brendan said 

"then her ass shoulda said surprise me. Then I would have surprise her with what she like"

"true" they said in unison

"so uhhh coach T what's up with you Ms. Cruz" Tyler said being nosey

"hold on" Tracy ran into the house and came right back out with something in his hand. "this is what's up" he sat the ring case on the table.

Everyone's eyes widened "I wanted to get you and Julius' blessing first" he said to Brendan 

"umm well my moms been happy with you. I haven't seen her this happy since my dad. You're a good guy and you take good care of her. You have my blessing" Brendan said then looking at Julius

"you don't think your rushing into this? It hasn't even been a year yet"

Tracy nodded his head "it's been the best eleven months of my life. She's the one for me"

"just continue to treat her right or that's your ass. All I want is for her to be happy. She's been the happiest since she's met you so you have my blessing to."

Tracy smiled to himself "thank you" he then pulled them into a hug

Okk coach !!! ihope she dnt crush him n frnt of
run iit

lmao Alicia what the hell do you be talking about??

about to write a little something something.

more love??

Love is the air !!!
She better say yes..

The guys hatin on the grind of a basketball star !!! lol (i dont know what i be sayin)

Runn It Lil Monster

noo we got love!
we are just in shocked that ava getting married! lol
deets girl! autobots ;D
run itt please :)

*peaks inside* no love?? *walks back out*

Day three of tryouts were over and we had our team. Coach T and Coach Aaron had us gathered around on the court telling us all the goals and expectations for this season. Reminding us that we made it all the way to the state championship and lost. But not this year. We're going to take it home.

They dismissed to go home and we began gathering our stuff and heading out the gym doors.

"Shaunte' and Ayanna" Coach T waved us over

"wassup coach" we said walking over

He looked nervous and uneasy "are you okay?" Ay asked reading his face

"yeah, I just need your help with something"

"with...." I urged him to continue

"um I want to propose to Ava" our eyes widened 

"okay, how?" I said

"ummm I think I want to do it at a game"

Ay c**ked her head to the side "are you sure"

"yeah with signs or a big banner that says 'will you marry me Ava?'"

"okay, so how do we tie into this?"

"can you two make the banners? Make it all pretty and what not?" 

"okay sure" I shrugged my shoulders "when" at the first game. It's gonna be a double header so she'll be here to watch Ju"

"have you gotten Ju and Brenden's blessing?" Ay asked 

"not yet, but I will. Brenden is coming home next weekend and the first game is the following weekend."

"okay well we got you" we patted his back and walked off.

We got outside and the guys were waiting for us looking tired as hell.

"what the hell took y'all so long?" Ju yelled

"yeah man I'm tired! I need a nap....and some ice cream" Mo chimed in.

"ummm we were talking to Coach T" I looked at Ayanna not wanting to give anything

"oh s***, I forgot to ask if he's coming over for dinner tonight" Ju said

"well he's still in there" Ayanna pointed at the doors

"I don't feel like going back in there I'll just tell my mom I forgot" he shrugged it off

"you think your moms gonna marry him?" Mo asked curiously

"I don't know, and I kinda don't care. As long as he treats my mom right I'm good. I just want her to be happy and taken care of."

"awww that's so sweet Julius" I kissed his cheek

"you know cus I'm a lover" he batted his eye lashes 

"nigga you gay" Ty said in his Riley voice

"NO! I'm a romantic" he got into his car "let's roll"

"autobots move out" Ay said getting into her car

"okay optimus prime" Ty laughed at her as she flipped the bird and drove off with everyone following behind. 

Im back run it
lets go Jaz
im ready for sum real bigg!

<em> pick me up. I don't feel like driving. </em> I texted Ayanna

My phone vibrated immediately.

<em> okay, I'll be out there in five minutes</em>

I out my hair in a nice high ponytail. I looked at my <a href="">outfit</a> in the mirror and grabbed my gym bag. I headed downstairs and grabbed my Gatorade and a blueberry muffin for the road.

Ayanna honked the horn and I headed outside.

"good luck Tae!" my mom yelled 

"thanks" I yelled back as I got in the car.

"what the hell do you have on?" I looked at her <a href="">outfit.</a>

"mom I have a hoodie" she mocked as she pulled out the driveway and made her way to school

"can you believe we've been friends for a year" Ay pinched my Cheek

"I know and it all started with an orange basketball" we laughed at my Wizard Kelly impersonation

We pulled up in the student parking lot. Ayanna pulled on her Pink Nike Hoodie and book bag and locked the car as we walked in the direction of the front door.

"aye" a voice called from behind.

We turned around and saw Coach T behind us.

"wassup, y'all look like y'all ready for tryouts now" he grinned

"we are, we were ready when the season ended" Ay said

"that's what I like to hear" he patted our shoulders "I'll see you two later" and he walked off to the main office.

We walked over to my locker and the guys were all standing there.

"what y'all want?" I said 

"good morning to you too" Mo pecked my cheek

"Tae your shoes crack" (crack=cute,tight etc DMV slang lol) Ju held my foot up as wobbled off balance

"where you get these from" Ty examined my foot

"uhh my dad got them for me. Can I have my foot back" I yanked out of Ju's grip 

"your shoes might come up missing. Be aware" Mo said 

I shook my head "I gotta go" and walked off with Ay and Ty followed behind since they all had class together.

"what the rush?" Ay caught up with me

"I'm just trying to get my mind right"

"girl you have all day to get your mind right. You do have a half day"

"you know she got OCD when it comes to ball" Ty said

"you damn right. Ball is life" I chuckle

"you sound like Ju and Mo" Ay laughed

"I should since it's the truth" and we walked into class and took our seats .

run it

Carter better sit his short ass down before Ju tap that ass again!!! b**** ass, then he came w/o a team!!! wtf?! Ju there with his team! They could have just jumped on his ass with no damn problem! But I'm happy that Ju was being the bigger person tho because we don't catch no cases over no b**** niggas!

I'm happy that her mom got the bakery started! I hope everything goes well.

I also hope that they graduate with scholarships!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Run it

Seriously, carter please go somewhere. b**** made ass.

Yaaayyy !! Momma got her business!! :)
Them crazy heffas bout to be locked up

Runnn it!!

"I think this is the one" my mom spun around in the <a href="">shop</a>. "and look at the <a href="">display case</a>"

"I love it too" 

"yes so this is it" Eden cheesed

"yes how much is it?" 

"ummm $30,000"

"okay I can work with that. The bank gave me a $75,000 loan so I can use the rest for any renovations"

"okay all you have to do is sign the papers" Eden handed the papers over along with a pen

Linda signed her name perfectly at the bottom of the paper and handed it back to Eden

Eden smiled widely and handed my mom the keys.

"ahhhh I own my own bakery!!" she hugged me tightly

We all sat in Emily's office eating Chinese take out and each taking turns talking to her about the case.

We finished up around 8 and began cleaning up the empty food containers. 

"it's looks like we got some good stuff here. We're definitely gonna win this case and send those girls to jail" Emily sat her papers on her desk

"Thanks Emily" Mo said 

"No thank you.  you all made this case so much easier. We have nothing but proof that they are mentally unstable. The case is on December 5th, so we won't need to meet again until the day before"

"okay, cool" Ju hugged her 

"cool, now just focus on school so you can all become amazing Lawyers" she giggled 

We all have her a hug and left her office. We got into our cars and drove to the bowling alley. 

"gutter ballllll" Ayanna walked back defeated

"I don't like bowling" she folded her arms across her chest

"you don't like it because your losing" Ty popped a few fries in his mouth

Mo went up next "didn't you and Lo go bowling for your first date?" Tae asked

"yeah" Lo pecked his lips 

"this is a PDA free zone" Mo walked in between seperating them

"you and Tae stay wrapped up in each other" 

"Liesssss you got us confused with them" Tae pointed to Ay sitting on Tyler's lap

"yeah they got us all beat by a long shot" Ay and Ty flipped them the bird

"where did y'all go for y'all first date?" Ju asked curiously

"it's a secret" 

"nigga stop bluffing and tell us"

Ty sighed "we went paintballing in the  park then had a picnic under the stars"

"awwww" the girls cooed and Ayanna just sat there cheesing.

"are you trying to make us look bad" Mo said

"I said it was a secret" Tyler shrugged

"damn look at them b**** ass niggas" <a href="">he</a> called out standing my their lane

The crew looked over and shrugged him off "don't even acknowledge him" Ay said flipping her purple hair.

"Alexis said you were scared of the pussy but damn Ju you gonna call rape on the girl" Carter approached us 

"nigga what the f*** do you want? We're trying to play a game here" Mo stepped forward 

"I'm just tryna figure out why you calle rape on my girl"

"your girl?" Ju chuckled "your girl came to brothas  party tryna get me back taking bout you don't treat her the way I did, and she made a mistake and some more bulls***. Then she came to homecoming and drugged me and raped me while I was unconsious. If you don't believe me you can go visit her in Juvie or wait to visit her in Jail. Your choice." Ju turned around 

Carter pulled him back "naw I don't like that answer. Tell the truth nigga. You cheated on your new girl over there and ain't wanna get caught" Carter stepped closer.

"nigga get the f*** up outa my face. I already beat your ass once and I'll do it again but I'm not tryna catch no more cases. You feel me"

Carter stepped back "naw I don't"

"f*** this, y'all lets go" Ju grabbed Lola's hand and walked out with everyone following behind. 

When Ayanna walked past Carter she bucked at him and he stumbled back "Tadoww" she shook her head laughing .

"graduation can't come fast enough" Ju said 

"amen" they all said in unison