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Welcome To Hell: When Chris Brown Goes Insane

(I had to write this over since my story disappeared...)

Chapter One: Be Very Careful, He’s Dangerous. . . .

Hi my name is Angela Newman. I am 22 years old. I am the youngest psychiatrist here at the Springville Insane Asylum. And if you’d ask me, I’ve done seen it all. My first day working here was total chaos. Human sh*t was thrown at me by the patients. I was even attacked by this woman who claimed I killed her dog. It’s just crazy! It’s a good thing I have a loving, supporting husband to go to whenever I need him. Michael Newman *smiles*. He’s so amazing. We’ve been married for 3 years now. We married straight out of high school and broke as ever. It’s a good thing we were smart and graduated from college. I had got my degrees and masters and all that good stuff to become a psychiatrist. It was just one of those days where I came into work and was immediately put to work. We were having a meeting with the owner of the asylum, Mr. Hayes. I walked into the conference room as I was greeted with many “Good morning Dr. Newman, lovely weather we’re having.” I smiled and greeted everyone just as Mr. Hayes walked in looking ready to get straight to the point.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen I have brought you all here today to inform you all that we are having a new patient being transferred here at the asylum. But here’s the catch, he’s no ordinary patient….no he is different. He is VERY and I repeat VERY dangerous. He was put on trial years ago for the various brutal murders of many innocent people. How were they killed, you might ask? Well he killed them cannibal style. Now I want you all to be very cautious of him because he has escaped jail many times and I’m sure he will try and escape this asylum. But anyway he is being transferred here under heavy security. Now is there any questions?” he asked looking around the room.

I quickly raised my hand.

“Ah yes, Dr. Newman, what question do you have?” he asked smiling.

“Well this patient you speak of, did he ever show any signs of remorse for the murders?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head.

“No he didn’t. In fact his records report that during his trial when the prosecutor would present the gruesome pictures of the victim’s bodies or remains he would lick his lips and declare he’s “hungry”. It’s very sickening. I will be assigning you as his personal doctor. Any more questions?: he asked.

“Well did he have a rough childhood to cause him to grow up a serial killer?” my co-worker, Dr. Berry asked sounding concerned.

“Well in his records it says that as a child he would be beaten, molested, and raped by both parents who were drunkies. It also states that at the age of 3 he started hunting and torturing animals as a hobby whenever his parents were gone. Whenever they would come back and see the carcasses they would literally beat the hell out of him as a punishment or they would hang him upside down, naked by his ankles by a tree. He’d skin the animals making ridiculous toys with them even started eating them.

At the age of 10 he started having a sudden desire in killing humans the way he did animals. And that’s when he began killing. His first victims were his parents. He brutally beat them to death then dismembered their bodies and ate them. His next victim was 2 year old

Annie Parker. Of all the killings, her death was the most cruel and inhuman. I don’t want to get into too much details of it, but yes he had a rough childhood but that’s still no excuse for his behavior. Anymore questions before this meeting comes to an end?” he asked looking around the room.

I raised my hand again.

“Yes Dr. Newman?”

“This man, what is his name?” I asked.

Mr. Hayes paused before responding.

“His name? His name is Christopher Maurice Brown. . . . . . “

Run it? (:


Chapter Thirty: A New Life

Angie's POV

"Omg Omg!" I shrieked taking her from him.

He chuckled lowly but then his smile faded when he saw C.J. in Jake's arms. He clenched his jaw tight.

"Chris, please. Calm down." I said looking at Jake who was doing the same.

"B*tch if you don't get your hands off my child Imma-" I cut him off.

"CHRIS! Stop it! Now! Today has been a good day. Don't ruin it." I said sternly.

He didn't say anything he just continued to glare at him. Jake got up slowly and handed C.J. to Chris.

"I think it's time for me to go home." he said lowly and heading for the door.

"But...but...." I said but he was already half way to the door.

When the door slammed shut I glared at Chris.

"Seriously. Was all that really necessary?" I argued.

He rolled his eyes.

"Whatever Ang. He know better than to try and disrespect me in my own home." Chris said rocking C.J.

I sighed heavily feeling a slight migraine form. I shook my head.

"So, what's for dinner?" Chris asked playing with C.J. as he giggled.

"Well a little bit of this and a little bit of that." I smiled.

"Sounds delicious." he teased.

"So....can I see what your side looks like?" I said as he looked at me uncertain.

"Chris, I want to see what it looks like. You said it was no big deal so lemme see." I said looking at him seriously.

He sighed and handed C.J. to me then took off his jacket and his tie. I can't lie I was getting a little excited. But that's just what Chris does to me, without even trying. He just has this sex appeal to him that makes me want to jump all over him. But of course I contained myself, reminding myself that I'm pregnant. He then took off his shirt and I sighed with relief seeing just a little cut.

"See I told you, so chill man. You act like I can't handle myself out there in the streets Angie." he said walking up to me causing me to breath a little heavier.

I looked down. "Well I'm sorry, but I just get concerned about you." I said.

"I know, I know, but come on now, you know me. I can handle my own. Trust me." he reassured me with a kiss.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you to." he said as C.J. yawned.

"Sounds like my little man tired." Chris said picking him back up.

"Yeah, but I'm almost done cooking. He needs to eat and have a bathe before I put him to sleep." I said going back to cooking.

When I was finished we sat down at the table. I put C.J. in his high chair and we ate.

~After Dinner~

After dinner I washed the dishes and went looking for Chris. He had just given C.J. a bath.

"Chris? Where are you?" I said walking into the living room but he wasn't there.

"Chris? Are you in here?" I asked walking upstairs into the guest bedroom, but he wasn't there either.

Hmmmm....where are they hiding? I walked into the library we had and they weren't in there either. I sighed heavily as I walked up the stairs again and checked our master bedroom, but nothing.

"Ah ha! Maybe they're in his room." I said to myself as I walked into C.J.'s <a href="">room</a>. I smiled immediately to see Chris holding C.J. in his arms, along with a book, but they were both sleep. I chuckled lowly and tip toed over to them and carefully picked up C.J. and put him in his crib. I kissed his forehead softly and turned to wake up Chris, but he was already waking up slowly rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Come on babe it's time to go to bed." I said yawning.

"Yeah, I'm tired as hell." he said getting up and we walked out C.J.'s room.

We walked into our <a href="">bedroom</a> and Chris plopped down on the bed. I shook my head and went to the draw to grab some night clothes.

"Hey, where you going?" Chris asked.

"To take a shower." I said simply.

"Can I join?" he winked.

"Hmmmm....I'm pretty sure you don't just want to take a shower." I said flirtatiously.

He grinned.

"You know me too well."

"But it's not even my birthdey yet. It's only 9:00." I stated crossing my arms as he approached me smirking.

"Well consider this an early birthday present." he winked kissing my hand and leading me into the bathroom.

I thought "Oh boy. This is gonna be a loooooong night."

~Next Morning~

The next morning I woke up to someone jumping on my bed.

"OMG seriously?!" I said angrily cause I was trying to get my beauty sleep turning on my stomach, not feeling too good.

"Come on b*tch you gotta get up! It's your birthday!" I heard a familiar voice say.

I smiled immediately knowing it was my good friend <a href="">Jada</a>. I sighed heavily sitting up in bed to see her holding a present in her hands.

"Awwh what's that?" I smiled.

"You gotta open it girl!" she smiled excitedly.

I shook my head, laughing at her attitude. She was always like that. So energetic, that's why we were best friends in the first place. I shook the box a little. was a small rectangular box, could it be jewelry I smiled even harder.

"Tear it open girl!" she cheered as I open the box and gasped.

"OMG no you didn't!!" I screamed jumping up and down on my bed holding the tickets in my hands.

"YES I DID! ME AND YOU ARE GOING TO SEE TYLLER PERRY'S NEW PLAY!!" she screamed as we hopped and bopped around until I started feeling nauseous.

"Uh oh." I said holding my stomach.

"What's wrong girl?" she said as she stopped jumping and looked at me concerned.

"I...I think I'm gonna..." before I could finish I doubled over and threw up on the side of the bed.

"Ahhh man. Omg are you okay?" she said rubbing my back and pulling back my hair as I continued to throw up.

"I'm.....I'" I was cut off by throwing up more chunks of last nights dinner.

"What in the world? Are you sick?" she questioned running into the bathroom and grabbing a towel.

"Something like that. I think I ate something I wasn't suppose to." I lied.

I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant yet. I just didn't feel it was the right time yet. I cleaned my mouth with the towel. She continued to rub my back.

"Girl you gotta be careful what you eat." she said as she covered up the mess with the towel.

"I'll clean that up in a minute. I just need to lay down." I moaned lying on my back.

"Damn Ang, you might not be able to go, being sick like that." she said.

"No, no. I'm fine. I just got a little nauseous. I'll be okay. When is the play?" I asked.

"Next week. I had to get them early cause he show was sold out an hour after I got the tickets. The line was so long!" she said crossing her arms.

"Omg really? But of course, he always has a sold out show." I said nodding my head.

"You're right about that. Sooo....I got you an ice cream cake to. I put it in the fridge since I didn't want it to melt." she smiled.

"Awwwh thanks....did Chris let you in?" I asked.

"Yeah, but he said he really had to go to work. He said something came up and they needed him down at the office. He said to tell you he's extremely sorry for not being able to tell you happy b0day when you wake up. He said he'd make it up." she shrugged.

I frowned deeply. Something came up at work? But it's my freaking 23rd birthday! He's suppose to be here with me, holding a cake in his hands and telling me to blow the candles out. This isn't fair.

"Awwh sweetie. It's gonna be okay. You know he wouldn't just leave you alone unless it was something absolutely important." she said giving me a little hug.

"But it's not fair." I whined.

"Girl it's gonna be okay. Plus, Jake gave me his credit card. He told me to do with it whatever I want. Let's go out!" she smirked.

I laughed at her.

"Well lemme get some more rest and I'll defiantly be in the mood for that." I smiled.

"Good, good. I'll come pick you up around 4. See you until then love." she smiled giving me one last hug then prancing out.

As soon as she left I laid my head down on the bed still feeling a little upset about what Chris did.

~Later On That Day~

Around 4:30 I heard a horn outside. I knew who it was. I put C.J. in his car seat.

"Heeey you ready to leave with Aunty Jada?" I cooed as he smiled his toothless smile.

"I take that as a yes." I giggled and walked out the door making sure to lock it.

I then got in the Jada's car, which was a pink Ferrari.

"Hey girl! Hey C.J.!" she cheered looking back at him in his car seat.

"Hey chick! Let's roll!" I smiled.

"Hell yeah!"

~At the Mall~

Me, C.J., and Jada were at the mall just having fun. We had been shopping with Jake's credit card. We knew he was probably gonna kill us, which made us laugh, but we didn't stop using his card though! I was able to get C.J. some cute baby clothes. Most of the time he either slept or laughed. We were now at the Aeropostale store and looking around at shorts.

"Oh Ang(Jada already knew our situation so she didn't call me by the fake name) how I look in these?" she smiled strutting in some high waist mini shorts.

"They look good." I complimented.

"I'm so gonna get these!" she beamed walking back into the dressing room.

I didn't really like Aeropostale like that so I wasn't gonna get anything from here. I rocked C.J. in my arms, feeding him formula from his bottle. I felt I was being watched so I looked up and there was this <a href="">woman</a> staring me down awkwardly. I looked at her the same and she immediately smiled and started to make her way over to us. I was deciding whether or not to be alarmed. I mean she was staring at me like she was gonna try something. I was knocked out of my thoughts when she approached me.

"Hi, my name is Lisa Sheridan. I work here. I hope you didn't get offended by me looking at you. I just think your son is so adorable. What is his name?" she asked smiling brightly.

"Um...his name is Christian." I said trying to smile politely, but she had this look about her that didn't sit right with me.

"Christian? That's a nice name. Omg can I hold him?" she asked.

"Uhh...sure." I said carefully handing him to her.

"Omg he is so beautiful. How old is he?" she gasped.

"Two months." I said proudly.

"Two months? Omg he is kinda tiny though." she said.

"Well he's starting to grow." I said.

"Umm...if you don't mind me asking, who's his father?" she asked.

I kinda looked at her sideways, but before I could say anything Jada came out with the shorts in her hands.

"Come on girl. I wanna get something to eat." she smiled, but then she saw the look on my face.

"What's wrong?" she questioned then she noticed the Lisa standing next to us holding C.J.

"A friend?" she asked looking at me.

"Actually we just met, but it's like I've seen her before. Do you happen to know someone named..." before she could finish a <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">man</a> approached her carrying an arm full of shopping bags, which I'm assuming are hers.

"Honey, who's this?" he said smiling at us and then C.J.

"Oh just a woman I just met. She just looked a familiar to me, but anyway....we should be going." she said handing C.J. to me.

"Yeah, thanks." I said slowly giving a fake smile.

"Very well then. Nice meeting you ladies and little man." the man said walking out the store, but before they walked out the door Lisa turned and looked at me one more time and then left.

"Wow, that was awkward." Jada said rolling her eyes.

" was." I said furrowing my eye brows.

"Well anyway lemme pay for these shorts and we can go to your favorite restaurant." she said walking to the register.

I couldn't shake the eery feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach. That woman was about to ask me something about someone, but who? I may never know. I shook my head. I probably won't even see this woman again. Maybe she's just a weird person. I'll just have to be cautious.

~At 8:00 P.M.~

At 8 o'clock that afternoon me and Jada were at one of my favorite restaurants in Rio called Martinez. They serve the best Italian food I've ever tasted! Since we almost spent up half of Jake's money from the credit card I decided to pay for the food with my own credit card. We were sitting there eating having a good time. Honestly, I was secretly mad because I didn't get not one call from Chris all day. Not even a text. Which kinda had me worried, hopefully nothing went bad while he was at work. I sighed heavily.

"Chica, what's wrong?" Jada asked looking concerned.

"I don't know. It's just that, Chris hasn't called or texted me all day. I don't understand that." I shook my head.

"Girl stop worrying. Chris is okay. He's probably just really caught up in his work. You know how he is. I'm sure he is okay. Stop worrying so much okay? And just have fun, it's your birthday." she smiled, reassuring me.

"Okay, okay." I chuckled.

"Looks like someone is enjoying themselves." Jada laughed looking at C.J. who was making a mess with his food, smearing the pasta sauce all over his mouth and hands.

Just then I heard chanting and singing.

"Omg yes they made it!" Jada clapped as these cooks walked around in a circle around the table singing.

One of them had a <a href="">cake</a> in his hands. I smiled widely and looked at Jada.

"B*tch! Did you do this?" I exclaimed happily.

"Of course! I had to get my best friend another cake!" she chuckled as the cook sat the cake down and they put a candle in it.

"Make a wish beautiful." he said with an Italian accent.

"Awwwhhh! Okay. Okay here I go." I closed my eyes and made my wish and blew the candle out.

Everyone in the restaurant clapped and I couldn't help but feel all the anger I was holding in disappear.

"Happy 23rd birthday girl!" Jada clapped.

"Hey! Let's dig in!" I said holding up a fork in my hand and diving into the delicious cake.

After eating my cake, not all of it though, it was too big, lol, it was time to go. I gave the waiter my credit card and sat waiting for him to come back.

"So did you have fun?" Jada asked.

"Omg girl yes! I thank you soooo much. This was AHmazing." I smiled.

"I'm glad it was chick." she said sipping on her iced tea.

Just then the waiter came back.

"I'm sorry ma'am but your card has been declined." he said handing it to me.

"Declined? Declined? What do you mean? I have over a thousand dollars on that card." i said confused and getting angry.

"I'm sorry ma'am but the card has 0 dollars and 0 cents on there." he said showing me a little receipt and sure enough he was right.

My mouth dropped and I looked at Jada like OMG. She looked just as shocked.

"You know what....I'll just pay for it." she finally said reaching in her purse.

"No, there's got to be some kind of mistake here. I have money on that card damnit!" I yelled causing people to look.

"Look Ang, it's okay. I got this, please." she said.

"Are we going to have a problem ma'am?" the waiter said looking over at some nearby policemen that were sitting at a table, eating.

I shook my head angrily.

"No." I mumbled.

"Good then." he smiled getting the card from Jada and leaving.

"I can't believe this! I had money on that card! There's no way it's gonna f*cking disappear like that! I haven't touched that money in a month!" I loud whispered to Jada.

"Girl what the hell? I can't believe that. Do you think Chris might have taken the money out?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"There's no way. He wouldn't do that." I said biting down on my lip, thinking hard.

Or would he?.......

To Be Continued!!!

Please let me know what you think of his update!! :D

lol i know right! who know's?! i might add a steamy chapter! :-P but imma get to writing now. i have TWO stories to update!

you would think he be cool with jake considering they all flew out together
how the hell did jake get a gf? does she know about them? how did they get the baby? im guessing they got the grand prize... the money right? thats how they flew out ?
im not likin this new job.. i dont want him to get hurt or get caught with his identity
and thank you for not changing the names cuz i would of gotten mixed up! lol
i wonder what else chris got in store for her bday;)
i think she will tell him or maybe he already knows??
run it!

awwwwwwwwwwwwh thanks!! i'm very glad to hear that! and i will being updating tomorrow!! Pinky promise!! Lol :)

run it

i will forever read this story! even when its over! i have some of my fave chapters bookmarked . espscially that scene when she got her memory back and chris knocked her boots ALL the way off ! i'm still weak to this day from that! but dont stop till you feel its a need for an end .


yeah chris is being harsh towards poor jake! but then again chris has always had that jealously attitude when it comes to angie. and one thing about this story is when i first made it i wanted to make it original and something totally different from what everybody else has read. and when i posted my first chapter everybody was like "omg omg what's going on this story is crazy as hell.....but i love it!" lol but after posting chapter 26 i got stuck and didn't know what to write anymore and that's the mistake i made, my story fell off and then was old news, unfortunately.... :/ i don't have ALL of my readers, but im still happy that it's being read by you ladies and i can continue to write this story until i finally finish it!!!! :-D <3 <3 <3 <3

oh, and chris need to kill that bs with jake s*** ! jaake aint tripping so why should you? he has a whole gal at the crib that brought to rio sooo.... yea . chris ya betta check ya self fo ya wreck ya self bruh. might get a taste of your own medicine. i know you were crazy and all but, its ppl far by more insane and unstable than you boo-boo

been so long since i commented.... lawd words cant describe, i cant obtain, explain, and express the last adds were all crazy delusional, and beyond well written all wrapped up into one !theyre names lol but i think she should tell chris about the unborn child and chris need to quit that job asap ! s***! getting diced up like he at a butcher shop !

Chapter Thirty: A New Life (Preview)

So it's been a month now since I found Chris and surprisingly things have been going great. Oh I'm sorry, did I forget to mention we moved to the beautiful island of Rio. Jake and his new girlfriend also moved to Rio with us to. We were starting a new life under different identities. My new name was Selena Sanchez and Chris's name was Romeo Sanchez. We had to change our names because we were Americas Most Wanted back in the US. Baby Chris is now two months old and he is healthier than ever. Luckily we were able to keep him from being adopted by another family. That would've been a disaster. Anyway did I forget to tell you, I'm pregnant. Yes, pregnant. That night that Chris finally came back home he put it on me all night. It was amazing. I was sore for the rest of the week. ;-) But anyway I just found out I was pregnant and I haven't told Chris yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not scared to tell him, it's just that he's really been under alot of pressure since he's got a new job working with an agency. Sorta like working with the secret police, but finding all the drug kings and killing them illegally. Did I agree with it, no, but hey that's how money was brought home. Chris wouldn't dare let me work anymore. He says he wants to take care of me and our baby. So what am I doing now? Sitting at <a href="">home</a> preparing dinner for Chris when he gets home. He works from 5 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon and he be exhausted. Just then I heard baby C.J. crying in the living room. I had him in a little car seat on the couch facing the tv. Hey, the boy likes to watch cartoons.

"Heey what's going on there boo?" I said picking <a href="">him</a> up.

"What's wrong huh?" I said as he continued to cry.

I was beginning to get worried. He doesn't cry like this on the regular. Suddenly I heard heavy footsteps. My heart skipped a beat as I hurriedly went to the kitchen to grab the house phone. I started dialing the emergency number when I heard footsteps behind me. I screamed, turning around only to see a laughing Jake. I put my hand to my chest.

"Jake wtf?! That's not funny. You scared us!" I said angrily cradling the baby.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just wanted to stop by the birthday girl's house." he smiled.

I rolled my eyes playfully.

"It's not my birthday yet." I chuckled as I finally calmed C.J. down.

"Awh man he's gotten big." Jake said taking him from me.

"Well you know, I do feed him. The boy's gotta eat." I grinned as I went back to cutting the cabbage.

"So what's your plans for your birthday tomorrow?" Jake asked sitting down at the island, playing with Chris.

I sighed.

"I don't know. I mean I almost forgot my birthday was tomorrow." I said.

"What? Come on, you can't be that forgetful that you forget your own birthday. What's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"'s just....I have a lot on my mind right now." I said.

"Such as?" he asked.

"Ehh, it's probably just home sick I guess. Nothing serious. So, where's Jada? How's she?" I asked.

"She's great. She's just at home getting a little dinner ready. Her Dad just flew in from the navy and she wanted to give him a surprise party. She asked me to invite you, but I see you're busy cooking yourself. She'll understand though." Jake smiled.

"That's good. That's good."

"Well you know I am a chef. I could help you with that food." Jake joked.

"Whatever, just because you cook for the governor of this island doesn't make you Gordon Ramsay." I teased.

"Ouch that really hurts." Jake said playfully.

Just then the house phone rung. I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said politely.

"Hey baby it's me. I'm coming home now. I got a little injured." he said sounding like he was in pain.

"What happened Chris?" I asked worriedly.

"Nothing, just a little meeting that went bad. One of the guys had a knife a cut my side. It's as bad as it sounds." he said trying to keep me from worrying.

"Chris are you serious? This is the third time this has happened! You need to be careful." I argued.

"Babe please calm down. It's nothing I can assure you. If it were bad I wouldn't be able to call you let alone drive home now would I?" he said.

I sighed heavily.

"Yeah...I guess you are." I said smiling slightly.

"Hey there buddy buddy." Jake cooed at C.J.

"Who is that?" Chris asked.

"Oh that's just Jake playing with C.J." I smiled.

"What? You letting this n*gga touch my son? Angela I done told you I don't like h-" I cut Chris off.

"Chris don't even go there. He is my best friend okay. Get over it." I whispered so Jake wouldn't hear me.

Chris was silent for a minute.

"Hello?" I said thinking he'd hung up.

"Yeah, I'm here. Anyway I'm outside, be there in a minute." he said before hanging up.

I rolled my eyes slightly and put the phone down and went back to cooking. Minutes later I heard the door open and then footsteps. I smiled to myself knowing it was Chris.

"I'm home." he sung.

I giggled and walked over to him as <a href="">he</a> held something behind his back.

"Hey what's that?" I smiled widely.

"It's a surprise." he grinned.

"Chris don't play lemme see it!" I said excitedly.

"You have to guess first." he smirked.

"Chriiiis pleaseee. Lemme see it!" I said standing on my tip toes pecking his lips.

"I said guess."

"Hmm....I don't know! Uhh...give me a hint." I smiled.

"Well....." he said pulling a pink leash from behind his back.

I gasped loudly jumping up and down.

"Ahhhhh!!!! OMG no you didn't!!!" I screamed happily.

"Yeah I did. Here she is." he said walking into the living room and coming back with the cutest little <a href="">puppy</a> I've ever seen!

"Surprise." he smiled handing her to me.

To Be Continued.....

Awwwh wasn't that so sweet?! Chris bought her a little pup for her b-day!! Now although Chris and Angela have new names I'm not gonna use them cause I don't want to confuse yall but anyway is Angie gonna tell Chris she's pregnant or will she keep it a secret?!Lemme know what you think about this preview! I'll be updating soon!

yay he met his son run!!!

Run It Run It Run It.....

OMG! I'm in love with this creepy, funny, tear crying, hate-love story! MORE!!!! &hearts;

OMG! I'm in love with this creepy, funny, tear crying, hate-love story! MORE!!!! &hearts;

run it

so im guessing jake and her bout to get 50000 each
enough for them to take off
but how will they fly out if they are wanted??
i sure hope they can save baby from bein adopted
run it

Run It!!!

Chapter Twenty-Nine: No More Playing Games

Angie's POV

I smirked at her.

“I can’t believe it was you this whole time. Laying in my bed. Eating my food!” she yelled.

“Hahaha you’re right. But it’s funny how you were so nice to us, but you couldn’t even raise your own chi-“ before I could finish she slapped me hard.

Oh hell no. I thought to myself as I glared at her and reached my hand back and punched her dead in her nose. I heard a sickening pop and next thing you know her nose was gushing blood. That’s when the real cat fight begun. We started fighting like men. I’ll admit she was getting in some good punches, but I wasn’t about to let her defeat me. No not this time. All the anger I’ve been holding back for months I was letting it all out on her face. I flipped her on the bottom and got on top of her throwing punches from left to right. Next thing you know someone grabbed me by my hair and yanked me off her. I yelped in pain.
“Get off her!” Tony hissed throwing me halfway to the other side of the room.

“Ahhh!” I shrieked, holding the back of my neck.

I was but so big, why the hell he had to throw me like a rag doll.

“Hey! Pick on someone your own size!” Jake shouted jumping on his back and choking him.

I took that moment to see what Chris was doing. He was in a corner struggling to get up. I ran over to him and knelt down.

“T-there’s a gun in the shelf behind the books in the bottom row. Get it and-and do what I didn’t have the courage to do….kill them.” He whispered looking me in the eyes.

I trembled.

“B-but I c-can’t.” I said as he put his hand to my face.

“Please. Otherwise they won’t leave us or our son alone.” He said and kissed me slowly and passionately.

I felt myself melting. I didn’t even care that he was getting blood on my lips. It felt as if there was no one else in the room, just us. This is the feeling I missed. This is the touch I’ve missed for so long. I was becoming overjoyed when he suddenly pulled away. I gave him a disappointing look.

“Trust me. We’ll finish that later. But for now go take care of business.” He smirked, winking at me.

I giggled lowly and slowly crawled over to the book shelf while Jake was fighting off both Joyce and Tony. And might I say he was putting up a fight. Anyway I found the gun and stood up and pointed it at them.

“HEY!” I screamed as it got extremely quiet as Jake was pushed to the floor.

“I will shoot you!” I threatened.

“Hahaha you don’t have the balls.” Joyce said crossing her arms.

“You’re a b*tch. You won’t shoot.” Tony taunted.

I clenched my jaws.

“Shut the f*ck up! I will kill you! I swear! All the hell you’ve put me through I will end your lives right now!” I growled taking the gun off safety.

I walked over to where there were, making sure I kept a good distance. I glared at these two monsters.

“You’re a weak son of a b*tch. You don’t deserve to be a mother! You killed an innocent homeless man! You deserve to rot in jail!” Joyce spat.

I felt my eyes water.

“What are you gonna do cry? You are a worthless piece of sh*t! You turned our own son against us! I know you think we raised him to be a monster but look at him he IS a monster! He was a monster since birth! I hated him! He was always giving us trouble! The little punk! But you know what? He’s worthless just like you! And just like I tried to get rid of him…Imma get rid of you” Tony shouted turning red in the face as he balled up his fists and lunged at me.

Next thing you know I closed my eyes and BAM! I heard two loud popping sounds and then a shell hitting the floor. My whole body trembled as I opened my eyes. I gasped. Lying on the floor, in front of me, in a pool of blood was Tony. I shakily looked at the gun I was holding. Had I shot him? But I couldn’t have. Could I? I looked back up, tears pouring down my face as Jake put down the gun slowly, looking just as shocked as me. I looked not too far from him another pool of blood. But this time it was Joyce lying in it. A gunshot wound to the head. I covered my mouth and slid to the floor, falling out crying.

“I….I…I’m so….” Jake’s sentence trailed off.

“I-it’s okay.” I heard Chris say as he finally was able to get up and was limping towards me.

“Oh…my….God…” I cried as he knelt down slowly and pulled me into a hug.

I held onto him tightly. I couldn’t believe what just happened. It happened so fast.

“Shhh…it’s okay babe.” Chris said as he put his hands on either side of my face and looked me dead in the eyes. His eyes were watery but he refused to shed a tear.

“I….I…” I stammered, but couldn’t find the words to say.

“Let’s just……just get outta here.” He said as he slowly rose and brought me up with him.

He looked at Jake.

“Let’s burn this sh*t down.” He said with Jake nodding.

We looked in silence as the house was burning in flames. Chris had his arm around my shoulder and my arm around his waist. We then heard sirens in the background.

“Hey, we gotta get outa here.” Jake said.

“Yeah…” I said lowly as we begin to walk down the side walk as if we were just normal people but deep down inside, we were all a little shaken.

All of us had hoodies on to cover up our faces. But we made sure not to look suspicious. We made it all the way down the street when police and fire fighters raced passed us.

“So…..what does he look like?” Chris asked looking at me.

I was helping him walk since he was limping a little.

“He looks just like your twin.” I smiled lightly.

“Really? Ah man…..I can’t believe this….I wanna see him.” Chris said as it got quiet.

“We would have to disguise ourselves because we’re wanted right now and Jake…..he would get tied up in this whole situation.” I said.

“How bout we dress as officers?” Jake suggested.

“But where would we get the gear?” I asked.

“I know some people not to far up the street that could help us.” He said.

“Sure then. What do you think Chris?’ I asked looking up at him.

He rolled his eyes.

“Man I don’t like this dude. Where you get him from?” Chris said stopping and facing Jake.

“Chris, please, not now.” I said holding his arm.

“Ay man I was just watching over her while you were gone. Chill.” He said getting in Chris face.

“Chill? Hahaha I don’t think you know who I am. I will beat the sh*t outta you, skin you’re a**, and feed you to some damn bears. Don’t f*ck around with me. I can have you dead in seconds.” Chris hissed pushing Jake.

“Hey! Stop it! Please!” I cried getting in between the both of them as they were trying to go at it.

“You better tell that little p*ssy I don’t play!” Jake yelled.

“Oh really? What? You mad bro? You want my woman? Sorry but she’s all mine.” Chris smirked.

“Nawh bro. She wasn’t all yours when she was with me. Yeah, she was with me the whole time homie. Kissing on me.” Jake said as Chris glared at me.

“The f*ck is he talking about?” he growled balling up his fists.

“Jake?! Wtf?! That was one time okay!! Why are you acting like it was some big deal?!” I yelled as Chris pushed my hands off his chest.

“I can’t believe this bullsh*t! Why the f*ck would you put your damn lips on this p*ssy a** nigga?!” Chris yelled at me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn’t. I felt my eyes water.

“Chris please.....I-I thought you were dead, okay?” I cried wiping at my tears.

“Dead?! You know what get the f*ck outta my face with that bullsh*t. I don’t wanna hear it!” he yelled in my face.

“Aye bro back the f*ck up!” Jake said pushing Chris and the next thing you know they started fighting.

I was crying for them to stop. I didn’t want to see my best friend and my boyfriend fighting. Especially over a meaningless kiss! I tried to push Chris off of Jake and I guess he had a reflex because his hand popped me in my face. I fell to the ground, almost doing a 360. That’s how powerful his hand was. It got real quiet as I laid there on the ground crying, holding my eye.

“Oh….my….baby I’m so sorry.” Chris said pushing Jake away and kneeling over to me.

I continued to cry as Jake said “F*ck!.

“Look what the f*ck you did man!” Jake argued.

“Baby..I’m so sorry.” Chris repeated trying to touch me.

“Don’t touch me!” I said getting up and pushing him.

He didn’t say anything he just looked at me, looking sorry.

“Are you okay?” Jake asked trying to touch my arm.

“Don’t you dare touch me either. Let’s just go….NOW.” I said with an attitude.

“Fine….fine.” he said holding his hands up as if to surrender.

The walk to Jake’s friend’s house was quiet. When we got there Jake told us to wait by the gate. He knocked on the door and a teen boy answered and dapped Jake up. They started talking and then went in the house. Minutes later Jake came back.

“Alright let’s do this.” He said clapping his hands together.
Chris and I walked into the house. As soon as we stepped in the smell of weed slapped us in the face. I scrunched up my face at the horrible smell. Chris just smirked. We went into the living room and there were two guys sitting on the couch. One was a big dark skinned man, with a beard. The other was skinny and light skinned. I also noticed he had four tear drops under his eye. My eyes widened a little. Both of them were smoking some strong weed. It was cloudy in there. Jake stood next to us as this guy walked in with his pants halfway off his butt with a huge blunt in his hand.

“What up Cole?” Jake said giving <a href=" ">him</a> dap.

“What up man. You tryna hit up some of this Mary Jane though?” Cole said offering Jake some, his eyes bloodshot red.

“Hahaha nawh man. Not this time. Maybe later.” Jake said sitting down next to him.

“Whatup Ricky Rozay?” Jake said giving <a href="">him</a> dap as well.

“You already know…being a boss. Ugh!” Ricky Rozay said, laughing as his titties jiggled.

I looked at Chris who was biting on his lip to keep from laughing.

“So Jake who this?” the dude that had his pants sagging asked puffing on his large blunt.

“This is my friends Shay Shay and Don Don. They pretty cool peoples Tip.” Jake said signaling us to go along with it.

“Mmm…Shay Shay looking mighty good over there.” Tip said referring to my outfit I had on because my jeans defiantly showed my curves.

I blushed looking down.

“Thank you.” I said putting my hair behind my ear.

Chris looked at me turning red in the face.

“What?” I whispered shrugging my shoulders.

“Yo shawty, why yo eye bruising up?” Cole said looking directly at me.

“N-nothing.” I said playing with my fingers.

“Well, anyway, let’s get down to business. I’m sure my sisters can help yall spruce up.” Tip said clapping his hands together.
Minutes later me, Jake, and Chris were walking into the hospital wearing cop outfits. Tip sisters completely concealed our faces. We didn’t look like ourselves. We looked like totally different people. And we actually looked like cops. (My <a href=" ">outfit</a> and Chris and Jakes <a href="">outfits</a>) We walked up to the desk the nurse was sitting in.

“Yes, I’m looking for the doctor that was in charge over a baby that was brought here earlier yesterday.” I said disguising my voice.

“Yes, Dr. Jackson. He’s in his office right now. I will lead you there.” the nurse said getting from behind the desk and leading us down the hall.

As we were walking down the hall I was peering in all the rooms, looking at all the patients in their rooms. It somewhat reminded me of the insane asylum I used to work at. We finally got to this door that had a gold plate on the door reading Doctor Jackson.

“Here you go. He’s not busy so you can just knock and go in.” the nurse smiled walking away.

Chris knocked on the door and we heard a deep voice say come in.
Chris opened the door.

“Ladies first.” He said as I nodded and walked in.

We walked into the office and sitting at his desk, typing on his computer was Dr. Jackson. I sat down in a chair that was in front of his desk. It was the only one so Jake and Chris stood behind me with their arms crossed in front of them.

“Why hello officers. I assume you’re here to investigate the situation with one of my patients.” He said giving us a warm smile.

“Yes. I was informed at the department that there was a baby found in the woods with great wounds. I also heard he was found by a couple of homeless people.” I said sounding very cop-like.

“Yes, that is true. We finished surgery yesterday and it was successful. The baby is in the recovery room. He is doing well. And we are still trying to find out who his parents are. And we were also going to give a reward to the homeless people that found him, because if they wouldn’t have found him, he could’ve died within days.” Dr. Jackson said.

I felt a little lump form in my throat. I guess Chris could sense it because he put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a little squeeze. I put my hand on top of his and bit my lip to keep from crying.

“What kind of reward are we talking about?” Jake asked.

“Nothing much, just $100,000 courtesy of the owner of this hospital.” Dr. Jackson smiled.

“Wow.” I heard Chris whispered.

“Well, this baby. Can we see him? Just to get a little report of his injuries.” I asked praying he’d say yes.

“Of course! I want you to catch these bastards that did this to that poor innocent baby.” He said getting up and we followed him out the door.

We walked into the baby unit of the hospital. All the beautiful babies on that hall brought tears to my eyes. Some were new born. Some were a few months. We walked into the little recovery room for infants and surprisingly I saw other babies in there. I grabbed Chris’s hand and he was shaking a little. I looked up at him.

“You okay?” I whispered.

He looked down at me and smiled slightly.

“Just a little nervous.” He said.

I gave his hand a little squeeze.

“It’ll be okay.” I reassured him.

“Okay he’s right here.” Dr. Jackson said pulling back a little curtain and revealing C.J. in an infant hospital bed with I.V.s and other things hooked to him.

My heart skipped a beat. My baby. He looked so small and fragile. I wanted to cry so bad but I held it together.

“I’ll leave you alone now.” Dr. Jackson said walking out.

“So this is little man huh?” Chris said taking off his hat and walking over to the bed and touching C.J. little hands as he laid in the <a href="”bed</a>.

“Yeah.” I whispered walking beside Chris and caressing C.J’s
little foot.

“He looks just like me.” Chris said his voice cracking.

“Yeah, he’s your twin.” I said a tear flowing down my face.

“I’m just gonna wait outside.” Jake said walking out the door.

“So….what are we gonna do now?” I asked looking at Chris.

He sighed heavily.

“I don’t know….I honestly don’t know.” He said.

“Maybe we should just get away. We should just go to Puerto Rico or to the Caribbean.” I suggested getting a little excited.

“I’m not sure…I mean are you really willing to give up your life here just to start a new one so far away?” he asked.

“Of course. I’d love to just have a family away from all this drama and mess. It’s stressing. I don’t want our son growing up in a place where his parents are known as killers. He doesn’t deserve that.” I said looking at C.J.

“You right…….how about we take that trip to Rio?” he smiled.

“Oh my God are you serious?!” I said with excitement.

“Yes…..anything for you babe.” Chris said holding out his arms.

I ran into them and hugged him tight. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I missed you so much.” I said pecking his lips.

“I missed you like crazy. And don’t think I abandoned you during your trial. It wasn’t my fault. My parents abducted me as soon as I stormed out that restaurant that night you-“ I cut him off with a passionate kiss.

He tried to be slick by moving his hand down to my a**, squeezing it. I giggled and moved my hands down to his pants, but then a thought occurred to me. We’re in a freaking hospital!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” I said backing up.

“What? What’s the matter?” Chris asked confused.

“We’re in a hospital Chris. Have some dignity.” I said playfully.

He sighed.

“Come on just give me a little taste. It’s been so long. You know I don’t wait for long.” He said getting serious.

I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever boy.” I said turning my attention back to our son.

He smacked me hard on my butt. I’m sure he left a print.

“Ouch! Nigga what the hell wrong with-“ I got cut off when Jake
walked in.

“Hey you guys. Visiting hours is over. We have to leave. I talked to Dr. Jackson and he said we could go to the adopting agency because some couple are trying to adopt C.J.” he said.

“What?!” I yelled.

“Yes. But the agency is closed right now. We can go tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm. So calm down.” Jake said.

“Well I guess it’s time to go.” I said giving little Chris a kiss on his soft cheek.

“Goodbye little man. I love you.” Chris sighed touching C.J.’s hand and as if on instinct C.J.’s little fingers gave Chris’s thumb a little squeeze.

“Oh my God he squeezed your finger.” I said tears forming in my eyes.

“Haha yeah he did. He knows his Daddy is here.” Chris smiled as he put his hands on my shoulder and we walked out the door heading home to get some well needed rest.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: No More Playing Games (Preview)

Joyce hurried us into the living room which I must say was amazing. We sat down on the couch and she turned on the television.

“So….how was your breakfast?” she asked.

“It was good.” I said slowly still trying to look into the kitchen.

“Umm..Jake how was yours?” she asked.

“It was great ma’am.” He said looking concerned.

Just then we heard an even louder bang. I jumped up.

“What was that?!” I screamed feeling my heart jump a little.

“Calm down sweetie. I think it’s just Tony in there fooling around. He is so clumsy you know. How bout I get us some tea?” she said and hurriedly walked into the hallway and into the kitchen.

“Jake I really think Chris is down there. I heard them talking and Joyce said he was down there and that if we found out they would kill us.” I said worriedly.

His eyes widened.

“For real? Sh*t! We have to get down there fast. We’re gonna have to play along though if we don’t want to blow our cover. Let’s just go to the movies and out to eat and when night falls we’ll go check it out okay.” Jake said.

“Okay, but we can’t wait long, I think Chris is really hurt. I think this is what my dream was about yesterday. I dreamed he was in a dark room being chained up.” I said as my eyes begin to water.

“Don’t worry. He’s gonna be okay. I promise.” Jake said reassuringly.

I gave him a small smile and him gave my hand a little squeeze.
Minutes later Joyce and Tony walked in and sat down on the couch across from us.

We talked and talked with Joyce and Tony and the whole time I was zoned out in my own little world. Finally it came time for us to go to the movies. We were going to see the movie House at the End of The Street. On our way there me and Jake sat in the back of the car planning what we were going to do to help Chris. When we got to the movie theater it was packed! There were so many people trying to see that movie. Thankfully as we got our ticket it got sold out. We walked in and waited in line to get some snacks. Joyce and Tony were being so nice. I couldn’t believe they were Chris’s parents! They were being so nice. But was it just a front? I don’t know, but they weren’t fooling me one bit. I knew who they truly were and that’s monsters. Joyce and I got popcorn, candy, and a large drink. While Tony and Jake got popcorn, nachos, a large drink, AND bags of candy.

“Well damn, do you have enough for the movie?” I teased Jake.

“Hahaha. Whatever. You know I like to eat girl.” He said as we all walked into the theatre.

It was packed in there as well. It was kinda hard to find a seat in the middle so we just walked up the stairs to the top row of seats and sat down.


After we ate we went back to the house. Joyce and Tony surprisingly went to sleep but left their door open. I was so happy. Time to put our plan into action. I didn’t feel like hiding my face no more because if something pops off, then oh well, let it be. It was dark as hell in the house and it started raining, thundering, and lightning. I was terrified of thunder. I was quietly trying to make my way down the hallway into Jake’s room. I had to pass by Joyce’s and Tony’s room so I had to be extra quiet. I quickly made up my bed and made it look as if I was in there, but all I did was stuff some pillows under the covers. I quickly grabbed a flashlight then tiptoed out the door and closed it quietly. I cut the flashlight on, looked left and right to make sure the coast was clear. When it was I tiptoed down the hallway that would lead to another hallway. I flashed the light down the hall, squinting my eyes. I then heard the floor creak behind me. I quickly turned around ready to strike.
“Calm down. Calm down. It’s just me.” Jake said holding up his hands defensively.

“What are you doing up here? I was coming to get you.” I said confused.

“Well you were taking too long.” He chuckled.

“Where’s your flashlight?” I asked.

“Don’t have one.” He said.

“Oh well. Come on let’s go. We have to pass their room quietly.” I whispered.

“Okay. Let’s go.” He said as we begin walking down the hall again coming close to their room.

I made sure that I cut my flashlight off so we wouldn’t wake them up. Tony was snoring loudly. For some reason that make Jake laugh. I elbowed him in his side.

“Ssssh!” I hissed/whispered.

“Ouch! Sorry sorry. Damn.” He groaned lowly.

We were just getting by their door when a loud thunder cracked the sky causing me to jump and bump into Jake who then bumped into a small table that contained a vase that was about to fall over and hit the wooden floor. My heart felt like it was gonna do flips.

“Whoa!” Jake whispered as he quickly caught it and put it back in place carefully.

He looked at me with a warning look. I shrugged.

“Sorry.” I giggled lowly.

“That’s not funny. You’re gonna get us caught.” He loud whispered.

“Awh whatever.” I whispered as we crept by their room and rushed down the stairs to the kitchen. I cut my flashlight back on.

“Okay I think the basement is this way. I said as I was heading towards a little walkway leading to a door.

“Yeah that looks right.” He agreed.

I walked over to the door and reached for the handle, but it wouldn’t turn.

“F*ck!” I yelled and Jake grabbed my mouth.

“Girl if you don’t be quiet Imma shove my foot up you’re a**.” Jake warned.

I bit his hand.

“Ouch!” he hissed.

“Don’t be talking to me like that boy.” I said giving him “the look”.

He held up his hands as if to surrender.

“It’s locked isn’t it?” He asked.

I nodded my hand.

“Now what are we going to do?” I sighed.

“I can Jimmy the lock. Just find me a knife.” He smiled.

“You sure you haven’t secretly robbed houses?” I joked.

“Nawh nawh. It’s just something I taught myself to do.” He chuckled.

I went to find him a knife and found one. I finally found one and gave it to him. He started jiggling the handle. Suddenly we heard Joyce voice.

“Hello? Is somebody down there?” she said sounding like she was near the stairs.

I looked at Jake worried.

“Hurry.” I pleaded.

“I’m trying. It’s not wanting to move.” He said nervously sticking the knife back in the handle and start jiggling it again.

“F*ck!” I said frustrated as Joyce was getting nearer.

“Hello?” she said as she was about to go into the kitchen.

“Got it!” Jake whispered and hurriedly pulled me in as Joyce cut
the kitchen light on.

He peeped through the crack of the door. Joyce was looking around the kitchen and found nothing out of place so she cut the lights off and went back to her room. I sigh of relief. He closed the door and I cut the flashlight on to look for the light switch. I found it and cut the lights on. I noticed we were on a set of stairs, that lead to another door. I turned my flashlight over to it, but then my flashlight started blinking and then it went out instantly. I sighed heavily. Great, just great.

“What is this some type of mystery game?” Jake said scrunching up his face.

“Hahaha. Feels like it. Let’s go.” I said as went down the creaky stairs.

I then opened the door, thankfully it wasn’t locked. It was extremely dark so I felt on the walls for the light switch.

“Be careful Ang.” Jake said.

I kept feeling around and around on the brick walls as I carefully went down the stairs. I thought I was about to step onto another step but nothing was there and I ended up falling.

“OUCH!” I cried and out of nowhere a pair of hands grabbed me around my neck.

“Ahhh!” I cried as the hands suddenly let go of my neck.

“Angie are you okay?!” Jake said alarmed as he found the switch and turned it on.

I jumped up and ran to Jake. He held onto me and I turned around to see what it was that grabbed me. My eyes flew wide open.

“C-C-Chris?” I said barely above a whisper.

He looked so beaten up you’d barely recognize him.

“Baby oh my God!” I cried running over to him and hugging him tight.

He hissed in pain. He could barely open his left eye. I held his head in my hands, looking him directly in the face.

“A-Angela?” he said a single tear rolling down his face.

“Yeah, baby it’s me.” I cried as tears started flowing down my face.

“I-I thought you’d never make it……did you r-read the letter?” he asked.

I looked at him confused.

“What letter?” I said looking in his eyes.

“The letter I sent to you during your court case. I told one of your friends boyfriend to give it to you. It told you where to find just in case something happened to me.” He whispered his breathing getting heavy.

I looked at him dumbfounded. So that’s what that envelope was for.

“I d-didn’t even open it.” I said shamefully.

“I’m so sorry.” I said putting my forehead against his.

“I-it’s okay. I love you so much. How’s little one?” he asked looking down at my stomach but noticed it was flat.

“W-what happened?” he asked alarmed.

“Calm down. I already had him. Yes, a boy. And he looks just like his father.” I smiled through tears.

“Whaat? I can’t believe it. How long has it been? I’ve been down here so long. I’ve got to get outta here. Help me.” He said referring to the chains.

“Jake help me real quick before Joyce and Tony get down here.” I said now noticing Jake was standing there watching us.

“Sure.” He said with no expression on his face, which confused me a little.

“I think you need to just use the knife to-“ I was cut off by Chris angry voice.

“Who the f*ck is this?” he growled angrily.

“Chris calm down, he’s a friend. He helped me when our son was kidnapped.” I explained.

“Kidnapped?! Who the f*ck kidnapped my son?!” he said angrily.

“I- don’t know, but it was a cult, they were trying to sacrifice
our son. He’s in the hospital right now. But please let’s not worry about that right now. We have to get you out pronto.” I said as Jake came over and was working on unlocking the chain around Chris’s hands.

He was finally able to get him out and we put his arms around our shoulder and were working our way up to the stairs when we heard the door open. We all looked up and saw an angry Joyce and Tony.

“Oh sh*t.” Jake said looking at me.

“Well well well, look what we have here. I must admit Angela, you played the game and you played it well. But here’s how we’re gonna play you….” When Tony said that I looked at Chris and he smirked.

“I see where you get your sarcastic mouth from.” I said.

“Look here it doesn’t have to go down this way.” Jake said trying to make peace with his parents.

“Shut the hell up now! Don’t you say not a damn word! Up here in my house playing homeless! Ooh boy when I get my hands on you, you gone wish you was dead!” he threatened.

I saw Jake gulp.

“You know what I’m tired of this little b*tch. I know now that’s that MY grandson in the hospital! You little lying slut!” Joyce said lunging for me.

Jake and I dropped Chris and Tony then lunged at Jake and they started fighting. I got up off the floor and glared at Joyce.

“Oh this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.” I smirked putting my hands up.

TO BE CONTINUED............Feedback Please!!!!

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: It's Time To Play A Game Part Two

The next morning I woke up from a horrible nightmare. It was about Chris. He was trapped in a dark room tied up by chains and screaming for help. I woke up screaming and kicking. I guess I scared Jake cause he woke up, jumping up with a stick in his hand.

"What?! What happened?!" Jake yelled alarmed.

I covered my mouth.

"I'm so sorry. I just had a bad dream." I said wiping the sweat off my forehead.

"What? Damn it Angie, don't play like that. You had me thinking you saw a snake or something." He said putting his hands on his hips.

"I'm sorry." I said as I got up and dusted my clothes off.

"Well, it's time to go head to the city now." He said picking up Chris who was surprisingly undisturbed by my screams.

"Sure, but no breakfast?" I said poking out my lip.

"What have we got to eat? Bugs?" He chuckled.

I nodded my head laughing.

"You're right. We are broke. Anyway if we get to the city in time we'll be able to go to my house and get some money and get something to eat." I said.

"But first we need to get C.J. to a hospital. He looks like he's turning a slight shade of blue." Jake said concerned as I walked over looking at my baby.

He was right, C.J. did look sort of blue in the face.

"Omg we have to hurry." I said grabbing C.J.'s diaper bag and my first aid kit which had the letter inside.

~An hour Later~

An hour later, I'm assuming we finally made it to a sign that said Welcome To Springville. I sighed in relief. I saw a light pole and a bench next to it.

"Can we sit for a minute. I need to give my legs a rest." I said a my legs felt wobbly.

"Sure." Jake said as we walked to it and sat down.

"Hey I think you might have to go to the hospital with C.J. instead of me. The police are looking for me, I'm a wanted woman. I can't show my face around here or else he's not gonna have a parent to look after him." I said looking at Jake with sad eyes.

"Cheer up Ang. Everything is gonna be alright. God makes no mistakes. You're only going through this as a test. I'll make sure to get him the best care okay? Just smile okay." he said wiping away the tears that were flowing down my face.

"This wasn't suppose to happen, Jake. This whole thing with Chris. He wasn't even suppose to be in my life. I wasn't suppose to fall in love with my patient. But look at this, we have a son and I don't know whether he's nowhere to be found. I just wish I had never met him! I hate him! He's so stupid!" I said angrily balling my fists up.

"Hey! Angie, don't say that. If it weren't for him you wouldn't have this blessing from God right here. Your son. And I know you don't regret having him in your life. Please just calm down. Everything is gonna be just fine okay. God is gonna work everything out for the best." Jake argued putting his hand on my shoulder as I broke down in tears.

After what seemed like forever I finally stopped crying. I told Jake we had to put on some sort of "disguise" so we rummaged through a trash can and surprisingly found some old torn raggedy clothes and a scarf. I wrapped the scarf around my head to hide my face a little. Jake put on a torn baseball cap he found and a dirty shirt and pants and socks. I had on dirty dress that stopped to my knees and slippers.

"You look so...handsome." I teased Jake.

"Hahaha and you look so sexy. Is that Herve Ledger you're wearing?" he joked back.

"Matter of fact it is." I chuckled as we were about to start walking a car stopped in the grass and a woman got out to look at her tire.

"Hey do you think she'll give us a ride to the hospital?" Jake asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe, it's worth a try isn't it." I smiled.

"Hey! Hey Excuse me!" Jake said walking over to the woman.

He talked to her for a minute and she nodded her head. Jake ran back to me.

"She said of course. Come on." he said as we walked over to car.

"Thank you so much ma'am." I said smiling, but my smile disappeared when the woman turned around and I saw her face.

"" I whispered.

"Hello sweetie. My name is Mrs. Joyce Brown." she smiled.

"H-hello." I said lowly praying she didn't recognize me.

"Do I know you from somewhere? You look kinda familiar." She said squinting her eyes a little bit.

" don't." I said feeling a lump form in my throat and covering up C.J.'s face a little.

"Well let's get you to the hospital. This gentleman Jake told me yall found this baby in the woods all cut up." She said holding her hand to her heart as if to show great sympathy.

"Y-y-yes ma'am." I said as she opened the car door for me and we got in.

When she got in the car and started driving to the hospital I was shaking the entire time. Jake looked at me concerned.

"What's wrong?" he whispered.

"I-I-I know this woman." I whispered my bottom lip trembling.

"Really? Who is she?" he whispered confused.

"Chris's mom. The one I was telling you about. Her and her husband was trying to steal C.J. away from me before my court case." I whispered as she looked back at us through the rear view mirror.

"So darling, what is your name dear?" she asked sweetly.

"T-Tammy." I lied giving her a faked smile.

"Hahaha That is a pretty name. Nice to meet you Tammy. We're at the hospital." she said smiling as she stopped right in front of the hospital entrance.

"T-th-thank you s-so much Mrs. Brown." I said opening the car door.

"Are you sure we never met before?" she asked getting out the car as well and closing and locking the car doors.

"I'm sure!" I said almost too loudly.

She looked at me strangely.

"I've never seen me before. I-I don't roam the streets that much. I just-I just live under a bridge most of my life." I said calmly.

"Oh okay dear. Well when you walk in, I'll be waiting outside. I would love for you two to get cleaned up and have dinner with me and my husband." she smiled.

"Yes ma'am. Thank you so much." Jake said as he grabbed my arm and we walked into the hospital.

Surprisingly there was no one in there. We rushed to the desk where a nurse was sitting filing her nails.

"Excuse me! Excuse me! I found baby in woods!" I yelled putting on a Chinese accent.

The nurse looked at me alarmed.

"A baby in the woods?! Omg is he okay?" she exclaimed running from around her desk.

"No! No! He cut up bad! Help him!" I said as she picked up C.J. who started crying.

Jake looked at me in amazement. I bit down on my lip to keep from laughing at his facial expression.

"Okay I will! Doctor Jackson we have an injured baby!" the nurse yelled as nurses and doctors came out of nowhere and took C.J. to the back.

Me and Jake walked to the waiting room and sat down. As soon as my butt touched the seat Jake burst out laughing. I hit him in his chest lightly.

"Jake ssshhh. You gonna blow our cover." I said chuckling lightly.

"Wow Mrs. Jackie Chan you really know how to put on an act." he chuckled.

I smiled.

"Hey I had to play it off." I said shrugging my shoulders.

Just then Joyce walked in.

"So, did they take the baby to the back?" she asked.

"Yes, they did." Jake answered.

"Good good. We'll just waist here til the doctor comes back." she said sitting down across from us.

I looked at her intently feeling pure hatred for her rise in the pit of my stomach. She was texting on her phone when she noticed me glaring at her.

"Is something wrong dear?" she asked confused.

I came out of my little anger bubble and gave her a fake smile.

"No-no ma/am. I'm just upset. I mean who is the hell would leave a poor defenseless baby in the woods alone? What kind of parent wouldn't take care of their child." I said acting angry.

She nodded her head.

"I agree. I agree. I know what you mean about that." she said shaking her head.

"You do?" I acted confused.

"Of course. I recently had to fight to keep my grandchild. *sighs* The mother is a worthless piece of sh*t. She's a crazed woman. She killed a homeless man you know. You better watch out for her when you're walking on these streets. She might just randomly attack you." Joyce said shaking her head again looking angry.

I felt my blood boil. Did this b*tch really just call me CRAZED?! And she was the one that raised a f*cking MONSTER! I clenched my jaw tight. I guess Jake could sense my anger cause he grabbed my hand.

"Hey umm...why don't we go to the bathroom for a minute I need to talk to you." he said not waiting for my answer and dragged me out of there before I showed out.

We walked to a bathroom and went in. Jake put his hands on my shoulders.

"Calm down Ang. You know she's not aware of who you are so you gotta keep your composure. Otherwise we're f*cked." he said.

I sighed heavily and nodded my head.

"Okay, okay." I said breathing deeply as we walked back out to see Joyce talking to a doctor.

We walked up and stood next to her. I wanted to grab her by that wig and beat her a**, but I didn't. Not here, not now. Her time would come soon.

"Is this the young lady and young man that found him?" the doctor asked.

"Yes sir it is." Joyce smiled put her hand on my back.

I wanted to literally bite her hand off but I gave her my best smile.

"Is the baby going to be okay?" I asked.

"Yes he's going to be fine. He's in surgery right now. He was literally blue, so my guess was he wasn't getting enough oxygen to his brain. My team are doing the best they can. He's going to be fine, but in cases like these we're going to have to notify the police and find out who the parents are." the doctor stated.

"If the parents aren't found...what's going to happen to him?" Jake asked.

"He's going to foster parents." the doctor said.

I felt my heart cringe. There's no way I can lose my baby again.

"Hmmm could I possibly have the baby?" Joyce asked concerned.

I jerked my head towards her wanting to slap the hell outta her/ Was this b*tch smoking meth?! Did she pop a molly(WOO)?! Did she sniff some coke?! Was she insane.

"Uhhh, I can't say for sure. I'm not responsible for that sort of thing." the doctor said honestly.

"Doctor Jackson! Doctor Jackson! We're losing him!" a woman said rushing in there. She had blood on her shirt.

I felt my legs become weak and my stomach tighten just looking at her blood covered hands.

"Damnit!" Doctor Jackson said rushing to the back.

"Oh my God." Joyce said covering her mouth in shock.

I looked at Jake and he looked upset. I looked back towards the doors Dr. Jackson rushed through. I felt my heart thumping in my chest. My head spinning.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

Next thing you know everything went black.

~The Next Morning~

The next morning <a href="">I</a> woke up in a <a href="">huge bedroom</a>.

"Where-where am I?" I questioned looking around confused as my throat felt sore.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"C-come in." I said hoarsely, my throat was burning badly.

In walked Mrs. Brown with a tray of food in her hands.

"Goodmorning Tammy. I made you breakfast." she smiled as she sat the tray on the bed.

I looked around noticing I was still in my tattered clothes. I frowned.

"I didn't want to wash you off while you were sleep. I thought you'd want your privacy. But I have found some clothes of my daughters to give to you." she giggled.

She has a daughter? Chris has a sister? Why didn't he tell me?

"Y-You have a daughter?" I croaked.

She nodded her head.

"Yes, her name is <a href="">Christina</a>. She's coming to visit tomorrow. You'll get to meet her." she smiled.

"O-okay." I gave her a fake smile.

"Well eat up. And take a shower to get freshened up. Your clothes will be on the bed." she said getting up.

"Wait, where's Jake?" I asked.

"Oh he's in his room taking a bath." she said before leaving out the door.

I ate my breakfast and got up and went into the <a href="">bathroom</a>. After taking a shower I put on the clothes that was left on the bed. I felt so much better taking a descent bath. I looked on the table drawer and saw Mrs. Brown had left me something for my soar throat. I drunk it and instantly felt better.

" am I gonna hide my face?" I said to myself looking around in drawers.

"Ah ha." I said finding two scarves. I wrapped one around my head and the other around my face. I also put on the shades I found.

I looked in the mirror and laughed slightly. I looked like an Indian woman.

I walked to the door and opened it and walked into the hallway and down the stairs that lead to this beautiful living room. I heard talking and I started walking in the direction of what I thought would lead to the kitchen. I was near the doorway when I heard an angry male voice.

"Are you out of your mind Joyce?! Having them homeless people in our home! What if they go looking around and find the basement. We can't risk them finding him down there! They'll call the police." the man, who I realized was Chris father, loud whispered.

"Calm down honey. They won't find him okay. And if they do, we'll kill them. Plain and simple. Anyway what is Chris doing?" she asked.

I gasped loudly to myself.

Oh my God they have Chris here?!?! In a basement?! I felt my heart pumping. I have to find him!

"You already know. That little punk keeps running his mouth and he's getting on my damn nerves. We need to find that b*tch Angie and that baby fast! I can't wait no longer." Chris's father said.

"I know. I know. I found out what house they were living in and I'm gonna stop by there to see if she's hiding there." Joyce said.

"Or we can talk to my buddy Johnson down at the police station and have him and his squad look for her. You know he's a good friend of mine. He'll do anything I ask." he said.

"Well that's up to you, but Imma still stop by the house. Well lemme go Jake and Tammy and I'll be back." Joyce said before she started walking off.

I quickly rushed into a nearby bathroom and flushed the toilet to pretend I was using the bathroom. When I washed my hands I dried them and walked into the hallway where I bumped into Joyce.

"Oh darling you scared me!" she chuckled.

"S-sorry." I said lowly.

"Why you got all that on?" she giggled referring to the scarves on my face.

"Very very bad scares." I lied.

"Ohhh okay. Okay I understand." she smiled.

Just then Jake came down the stares looking <a href="">fresh</a>. My mouth kinda dropped a little. He chuckled.

"Are you okay?" he smiled a bright smile.

"Uhh...y-yeah." I said my voice cracked and raspy.

"Whoa, what's up with that voice? You sound terrible." he teased.

"I have a sore throat for your info." I said coughing a little.

"Well you two what do you want to do today?" Joyce asked breaking our little moment.

"How about we all go to out to eat and to the movies." Joyce husband said walking in smiling.

I eyed him carefully.

"Sure, that's sounds nice. Nice to meet you, I'm Jake." Jake said shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you son, I'm Mr. Brown." he said then looked at me.

"And you're Miss Tammy?" he said giving me a bright smile.

I felt a little uncomfortable seeing that him and his wife were planning to kill us.

"Y-yes." I said lowly and shaking his outreached hand.

Just then we heard a loud bang. My eyes went wide. Joyce glared at her husband. He clenched his jaw a little.

"Umm...that must be that stupid latter I left in the basement. I think I left I didn't set it on the wall straight. Sorry. I'll be right back." he said rushing away.

"Well let's go into the living room and chat." Joyce smiled grabbing our arms and guiding us into the living room.

I looked back in the direction he'd went wondering if that was Chris down there. Was he okay? I asked myself. *sighs* Well I wouldn't know until later on tonight. I had to make a plan fast. Whatever is going on down there is that basement, Chris is trying to get out. And with my help he would...