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Welcome To Hell: When Chris Brown Goes Insane

(I had to write this over since my story disappeared...)

Chapter One: Be Very Careful, He’s Dangerous. . . .

Hi my name is Angela Newman. I am 22 years old. I am the youngest psychiatrist here at the Springville Insane Asylum. And if you’d ask me, I’ve done seen it all. My first day working here was total chaos. Human sh*t was thrown at me by the patients. I was even attacked by this woman who claimed I killed her dog. It’s just crazy! It’s a good thing I have a loving, supporting husband to go to whenever I need him. Michael Newman *smiles*. He’s so amazing. We’ve been married for 3 years now. We married straight out of high school and broke as ever. It’s a good thing we were smart and graduated from college. I had got my degrees and masters and all that good stuff to become a psychiatrist. It was just one of those days where I came into work and was immediately put to work. We were having a meeting with the owner of the asylum, Mr. Hayes. I walked into the conference room as I was greeted with many “Good morning Dr. Newman, lovely weather we’re having.” I smiled and greeted everyone just as Mr. Hayes walked in looking ready to get straight to the point.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen I have brought you all here today to inform you all that we are having a new patient being transferred here at the asylum. But here’s the catch, he’s no ordinary patient….no he is different. He is VERY and I repeat VERY dangerous. He was put on trial years ago for the various brutal murders of many innocent people. How were they killed, you might ask? Well he killed them cannibal style. Now I want you all to be very cautious of him because he has escaped jail many times and I’m sure he will try and escape this asylum. But anyway he is being transferred here under heavy security. Now is there any questions?” he asked looking around the room.

I quickly raised my hand.

“Ah yes, Dr. Newman, what question do you have?” he asked smiling.

“Well this patient you speak of, did he ever show any signs of remorse for the murders?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head.

“No he didn’t. In fact his records report that during his trial when the prosecutor would present the gruesome pictures of the victim’s bodies or remains he would lick his lips and declare he’s “hungry”. It’s very sickening. I will be assigning you as his personal doctor. Any more questions?: he asked.

“Well did he have a rough childhood to cause him to grow up a serial killer?” my co-worker, Dr. Berry asked sounding concerned.

“Well in his records it says that as a child he would be beaten, molested, and raped by both parents who were drunkies. It also states that at the age of 3 he started hunting and torturing animals as a hobby whenever his parents were gone. Whenever they would come back and see the carcasses they would literally beat the hell out of him as a punishment or they would hang him upside down, naked by his ankles by a tree. He’d skin the animals making ridiculous toys with them even started eating them.

At the age of 10 he started having a sudden desire in killing humans the way he did animals. And that’s when he began killing. His first victims were his parents. He brutally beat them to death then dismembered their bodies and ate them. His next victim was 2 year old

Annie Parker. Of all the killings, her death was the most cruel and inhuman. I don’t want to get into too much details of it, but yes he had a rough childhood but that’s still no excuse for his behavior. Anymore questions before this meeting comes to an end?” he asked looking around the room.

I raised my hand again.

“Yes Dr. Newman?”

“This man, what is his name?” I asked.

Mr. Hayes paused before responding.

“His name? His name is Christopher Maurice Brown. . . . . . “

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run it

*crickets* where da hell u at with that add?! >:/

the hell! i thought she read it as soon as she got it out the car! ahhh i wanna know what it says! dam well in those types of situation u kinda fall into that so they could fall for each other but in truth i dont think it last to long since they are both still mourning and angie hoping for chris to come back
so its more of a comfort thing in my opinion
run it!!!

Run it

It's good that Jake is taking care of her. She seems to like him. I hope Chris gets the care that he needs. What ever happened to his father? What's in the envelope? Update Soon

where is my chrisssy ? come back chrissy? no? k.

update please chris is being an utter jerk ! where is he ? Waldo aint got s*** on him !

omg hi im shai i love the story i been a quet reader for a long tim but im pissed at that chap when is chris comeing back :(


Run It...

Will she open that damn letter already the suspense is killing me.. RUN IT!

Chapter Twenty-Eight: It's Time To Play A Game Part Two (Preview)

I kept running and running until I reached the same woods. I stopped and gasped as I took a long gasp for air. My heart was starting to thump. My head begin to spin and my balance was a little off. Sh*t! Please don't have an asthma attack! Please don't have an asthma attack! I pleaded to myself mentally. I took a couple deep breaths to calm down. C.J. had stopped crying by now but he was moaning lowly in a painful way. I fell to the ground feeling my legs give up on me. I started crying. Why did this have to happen to me? I'm literally at the end of the rod right now. I don't know what else to do right now. I just feel so lost. I held C.J. in my arms and cried. After what seemed like forever I heard someone calling my name. I lifted my head up slightly looking around to see where it was coming from.

"Angela! Angela it's me Jake!" I heard the familiar voice of Jake.

I immediately tried getting up but I was still feeling woozy and weak.

"J-Jaaaaake." I screamed, my lips trembling.

"I'm here. I'm here." I heard his huge footsteps as he was getting closer and closer until felling his feet stopped at my legs.

"You're not dead." I smiled weakly.

"Of course not. But we need to get out of here in a hurry. I set the church on fire and it somehow started a freaking wildfire out here. If we don't hurry we're gonna be burnt to crisps. What's wrong?" he said looking at me concerned.

"I-I feel so weak. My chest hurt, my hearts thumping hard, my head is whirling. I don't think I can go any further." I whispered.

"No. Don't say that. We have to get out of here and get your son to a hospital immediately." He said holding my shoulders as he looked at me directly in the eyes, kneeling before me.

"B-but I ca-" he cut me off by a tender kiss.

I was in so much shock my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He pulled away and looked at me nervously.

"I-Im so sorry. I didn't mean t-" I cut him off.

"Let's just go okay." I said feeling my face get hot with embarrassment.

He nodded and helped me up carefully and we walked the path where he said would lead to our way out of here. We finally made it to a dirt road and by then half of the woods was in a blaze. We made it to a familiar road but I couldn't quite put my finger on it on how I know it.

"Oh sh*t look a car! You think someone's i it?" Jake said suddenly smiling and pointing ahead of us at a car that I had to squint my eyes to recognize.

"My car!" I exclaimed.

"That's your car?" Jake asked confused.

"Yes! Omg! But wait...*smacks teeth* I don't have any gas in it." I sighed.

"Well....I think I we're gonna have to travel by foot..." he said scrunching up his face.

"What?! Are you crazy? It's scorching out here man! I'm asthmatic I can't take the heat." I said dramatically.

"Calm down. Calm down. I have a water bottle in my bag." he said pointing to the backpack I just now noticed.

"And besides we can get to know each other while we walk." He said smiling.

I sighed heavily and nodded.

"Fine, but let me get something from my car." I said as we approached it.

"Here hold him I need to see if I have a first aid kit or something." I said as I handed C.J. to a smiling Jake.

"Man....I love babies." He smiled down at C.J. and begin to rock him slowly.

I smiled at them and thought Jake would make a great father. Wait whoa. Wth am I thinking?! I shook that crazy thought away and continued to searched through the car. I got C.J.'s diaper bag and a first aid kit that was underneath my seat. I was about to close the door but then something was telling me I was missing something.

"Hmmm...." I thought to myself.

After pondering for a minute I finally thought about what I was missing. My enevelope! (Refer back to chapter 26 when her friend's boyfriend said a man bumped into him and gave him an envelope to give to her.)I'd never opened it. I was too afraid to for some reason. I walked to the other side of my car and opened up the glove compartment. Ah ha! There was the white envelope neatly sitting on top of some tissues. I picked it up and closed the door and walked back over to Jake, who was playing with C.J.

"You ready?" I giggled.

"Yeah." he smiled.

I sighed heavily looking at the road ahead.

"Well let's start this long journey." I said shaking my head.

"Don't worry it won't be that bad." he chuckled.

We begin to walk down the long a** road.

*30 Minutes Later*

30 minutes later we were still walking down the long hot road. My feet were aching and I was beyond hot. I was sweating up a storm. I decided to cool down a little so I carefully removed my top and slung it over my neck to keep from getting burned. I could tell Jake was looking at me. I chuckled and looked at him.

"What?" I questioned.

"N-nothing." he stammered looing away.

"So tell me about yourself Jake." I smiled.

"Well...My full name is Jake Austin Ramirez. I'm half white/Puerto Rican. I am 22 years of age. I dropped out of high school when I decided to marry
the love of my life in the 11th grade. Yes, crazy, I know. Hahaha But anyways we lived with my parents in their basement for a while. And we just
seemed to fall deeper and deeper in love. There wasn't anything I wouldn't do for her.....God I miss her." he said his voice cracking a little as
we stopped walking momentarily.

"I'm so sorry for your loss." I said hugging his waist since he was inches taller than me.

"It's okay...I just wish I could see her face again." he said holding me tightly.

I felt my heart break for him. I knew exactly how he felt. I'd lost the love of my life and wish he were still here and no it's not Chris. It's Michael. I missed him so much even though I love Chris, I just can't leave my love for Michael behind. I begin to cry into Jake's arms.

"I-I know how you feel." I cried.

"Things just aren't the same without her." he mumbled.

We sat there for what seemed like hours until we finally pulled away. He chuckled lightly.

"You don't think I'm a punk do you?"

"Of course not." I giggled wiping away stray tears.

We then heard soft muffled crying. Almost forgetting Chris was in his arms Jake looked down and smiled widely.

"Hey there little man. Did we squish you?" he cooed playing with his hair.

"Hahaha." I laughed.

"Come on, I think he's hungry. And we still have a lot of walking to do. I think there's a little river up ahead not too far from here. We can maybe
clean up a little there." Jake sighed looking at the long road ahead.

My stomach growled real loudly.

"Ugh! I'm starving." I whined.

"You're not the only one." Jake said as we started walking again.

"So...tell me about you." he said.

"Well....I'm 22 years old. I am a phychiatrist at Springville Asylum. I...." I didn't know whether to tell him about Chris and all that's happened.

"You what?" he questioned looking over at me.

"......See I would tell you more, but it's it's crazy. I just can't explain it." I said lowly.

"Come can tell me anything." he smiled.

I sighed heavily. What damage could I do?

"Do you know who Chris Brown is?" I asked.

His eyes widened and he looked at me.

"Yes, he's that crazy cannibalistic dude. He's sick man. Everyone knows about him. He was practically all over the new sleighing people like he was
Mike Myers or something. What about him?" Jake said cringing a little.

"Well....he was one of my patients at the asylum and...." I looked at him and took a deep breath as I begin to explain EVERYTHING to him.

When I was finished he looked at me in complete shock.

"WHAT?! SO...SO you're suppose to be in the crazy house for killing that homeless guy?! Wait, so are the police looking for you? OMG! This is some
twisted freaky type sh*t man." he exclaimed.

I nodded my head.

"I know and yes. The judge told me I wasn't found guilty, but I would have to spend some time in the asylum since he thought I was crazy or
something. But when me and my friends were at a restaurant I started getting these weird feeling and the next thing you know I ended up in a
freakin' abandoned hospital and some freakin spirit was coming for me. I don't wanna talk about that experience. (shivers) And now look at me now,
10 months later, no friends, no family, no boyfriend, no n-" Jake cut me off.

"'ve got me." he smiled lightly touching my shoulder.

I smiled a little.

"Yeah, you're right. I got you and you got me." I giggled.

"Of course. But if the cops are looking for you does that mean we can't take Chris to the hospital. I mean he's cut up pretty bad." Jake said
worried looking down at Chris who was sleeping peacefully but had on a blood stained onsie.

I sighed heavily.

"I-I don't know. I think we just need to clean him off first then I can see what I can do with the first aid kit. We can't go to the hospital unless....." my voice trailed off.

"Unless?" Jake insisted for me to continue.

"Unless YOU pretend to be his father!" I exclaimed.

"What?! Sorry but no way. Chris would kill me if he found out I was-" I cut him off.

"Look, *sighs* I just have to face the facts that, Chris is not coming back. He's gone. I don't know if he's dead or not. I don't know if he's
freaking off in another country with another b*tch. I just don't know. But when he left he didn't even turn back." I said.

" this for me." I pleaded.

He sighed and nodded.

"Okay....okay I'll do it." he said giving in as I jumped with excitement.

The sun was starting to set and the sky became a beautiful orange, purple, yellow color. We were getting closer and closer to the river Jake said as I started to hear a soft sound like water hitting rocks.

"Hey! Hey look the river!" I exclaimed running over to it as I spotted it near a bridge.

"Be careful Ang!" Jake warned running after me.

"Come on Jake it looks so clean!" I cheered as I made my way to the bridge and stopped looking down at the sharp rocks that were leading down to the

"Hey..... hahaha calm down .....there girly. We have to make .......sure it's sanitized ......first. You don't ......wanna catch any .....bacteria or .....anything." Jake said catching up to me, panting holding onto Chris was dear life.

I chuckled at this.

"Come on Jake. Let's put our feet in the water. It looks so...omg." I smiled widely.

"Wait wait lemme check it out first." he said carefully handing me Chris and walking carefully down the small rocky path leading to the water.

He took his shoes and socks off, which were quite dirty might I add, and slowly stuck his big toe in it. I rolled my eyes.

"Come on Jake you call that making sure it's sanitized?" I said playfully.

"Hahaha yeah yeah laugh all you want. But you can never be too sure these days." he said looking at me putting his hands on his hips.

"Well is it safe?" I questioned getting excited again.

He bent down and cupped some water in his hands and threw it at me. I screamed.


"Come on it. It's perfect. And it's clean." He said sipping at the water.

Sweet Jesus! I was so happy. I quickly, but carefully made my way down to the water and put the diaper bag and first aid kit down. Chris then started

"Awwh. Mommy's got you. I'm get you all cleaned up okay. I said carefully taking off his onsie. I cringed when I saw the cuts on his chest. They
weren't too deep but they were deep enough to leave a scar. I patted his back as I slowly made my way into the water until it stopped at my knees.

"This water feels amazingly warm." I sighed feeling at ease.

"Here I thought you might want to use this to wash him off." Jake said handing me a ripped off piece of his shirt.

"Thanks." I smiled and dipped it in the water and begin to wash C.J. off.

When I was finished I put him on a fresh diaper and a fresh href="$%28KGrHqF,!lUFCysjFCHlBQvODOBu9g~~60_35.JPG">onesie< I found in the bag. Since I was kinda an expert on nursing I patched up his wounds and made sure to disinfect them, which made he scream and holler. I sighed, exhausted as it was literally getting dark outside.

"I think we need to just rest for a bit. And get on our way tomorrow morning." Jake said yarning.

I nodded my head slowly as my stomach growled.

"Yeah...but we have to get up early in the morning. I don't wanna have C.J. starving. He's already so tiny." I said looking down at his tiny body in my arms.

"He's gonna be okay Ang. I know he is. We're almost there. Don't give up now. When we do finally get back to where we need to be. I'll go to the hospital with Chris and make sure he gets the best care. Do you trust me?" Jake insisted.

"Of course." I said getting a little teary eyed.

"Good. Now let's try to spark up a little fire with these two pieces of wood I found." He chuckled and started to rub them together.

I carefully sat Chris down on a little "bed" I made out of my shirt, stuffing leaves inside it to make it soft enough for him to sleep on. He yawned in his sleep.

"Here you go. Hopefully these can spark up something." Jake gave me two piece of wood as I started to rub them toghether.

"This is hopeless." I said after a while.

And just as I said that Jake sparked up a small fire.

"Hey, that's not fair. Mines didn't spark." I said playfully.

"Hahaha you must have never went camping before. Lighting a fire with wood is like one of the first things you learn." he smiled sitting it down on top of a pile of leaves and tree branches.

"There. That should keep us warm through the night." he yawned sitting down near the fire and rubbing his arms as it started geting a little chilly.

"Hopefully there's no freaking bears or tigers out here." I said sitting down next to the fire.

"Tigers? Hahaha no. Poisonous snakes, creepy crawlies, wild rabbits, yes. But no tigers." he chuckled.

My eyes went wide. I absolutely hated snakes! I got up and sat closer to him.

"I hate snakes...I'm scared..." I mumbled as my entire body started to feel exhausted.

"Don't be....I'll protect you from any danger. Even if it's just a little mouse." Jake smiled.

I giggled and my eyes started fluttering.

"Hey, you see those stars right there?" Jake said pointing at a group of stars in the skies.

"Yeah...?" I said confused.

"Whenever I thought of Sarah(deceased girlfriend) and my mom and dad and Raven(deceased sister) I use to name the stars after themm. And think that maybe they're one of them and looking down, watching over me.....Maybe Chris's watching over you." he said looking down at me.

I felt a little lump in my throat when he said that. If Chris were really gone, was he really watching over me and his son? Just the thought made me wanna cry. I looked up at the stars and observed them before one caught my eye. It seemed to be the brightest star in the entire sky. I pointed at it.

"I'll name that one Chris." I smiled a little feeling my eyes water.

"And I'll name that one Sarah." Jake said pointing at the star next to "Chris".

I wiped at my eyes and continued to look at the star until I became too tired. I laid down on my side. I felt Jake do the same but he turned around and cautiously put his arm around my waist as to ask for permission. I didn't reject so he pulled me close to him and I could feel his breathing in my hair.

"Goodnight Angela." he said softly.

"Goodnight." I whispered as I slowly shut my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. And the beginning of a nightmare....

To Be Continued....

Uh oh! What do you think is going on between Angie and Jake? What's gonna happen next? Will Angie ever get to open up that envelope that could possibly tell her where Chris is? Sorry you're gonna have to wait until my fingers feel like typing again. :-P ENJOYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU PPLS!

writing right now! :-D

Finally Chris comes back!

She finally got her baby back :) I'm so happy. Too bad he is badly cut up :/ Where the hell is his damn daddy? Update Soon



Man what happened to that update? I'm on edge here you can't disappear on a sister like that (>_<). When is Angela and Chris reuniting again and whose head did she see that got her all shook up?

Run iT! <3

oh fasho!
run it

chris is gonna be in the next chapter so yall look forward to that !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

omg thank you so much! Im gonna update tomorrow!! :-D

i am a new reader this is freakin good omg.....i hope Chris comes back and saves her and everything and what jake did was good and kind and Angela is fraking brave cause i dont think i would have been as brave as her i probably would have broke down real talk

i am a new reader this is freakin good omg.....i hope Chris comes back and saves her and everything and what jake did was good and kind and Angela is fraking brave cause i dont think i would have been as brave as her i probably would have broke down real talk

oh man i wanted to know what the surprise was? was it chris??
run it!

Lol Yes I Did

LOL thank you! I'm guessing you enjoyed it! haha :D I'll update SOON!

Run It................

SO sorry for the wait and any spelling errors!! :-P

Chapter Twenty-Seven: It's Time To Play A Game Part One

*Angie POV*

I was so scared my heart begin to race like hell. All the men suddenly started running in my direction! I quickly got up and started running away from the men. They were growling and howling like maniacs! I looked back and noticed that the "thing" that had my son had disappeared. I guess he ran inside the church. I had to fool these things if I was going to get inside the church. I looked forward and there was a path cutting to the left. I quickly ran to my left and crawled inside a log that was ,thank goodness, big enough for me to fit in there. The beasts were looking around furiously for me. I held my breath and covered my mouth as I saw big feet walking around. The pair of feet started coming towards the log. I squeezed my eyes shut and held onto my mouth to keep from screaming. And suddenly out of nowhere BAM there was a loud screech and the body belonging to the pair of feet dropped to the ground, a huge arrow went through his head. I gasped loudly. Was this a sign of help?! The other men started shouting angrily and was quickly cut off by shots of guns. I crawled backwards hoping to escape. As soon as the back of my foot touched what felt like grass I looked over my shoulder and screamed loudly. One of the beasts was standing there with an evil smirk on its face. I screamed even louder and tried to crawl fast back to the other side of the log, but it grabbed my tiny legs and yanked me out. Holding me upside down.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" I screamed as it taunted me with a sharp knife in its hands.

"Let her go!" I heard someone yell.

I looked behind the beast and there was this guy holding a shotgun in his hand. I was literally the happiest person in the world. He looked at the best angrily gripping his gun tightly.

"I said let her go." He said in a threatening tone.

The thing looked at him and laughed then was about to gut me with that knife but I heard a shot go off and I was suddenly dropped. I quickly scurried to my feet and ran behind the guy as he kept shooting til his gun was empty. He looked at me and smiled.

"Are you okay?" he asked and turned to me.

I guess I was still in shock because I didn't say anything I just stared at all the bodies that was on the ground.

"We need to get out of here. It's not safe. There are many cannibals out here." he said grabbing my hand. I felt a little tingle go up my spine when he did that.

"No! I have to get my son." I said holding his arm.

"Where is he?" he asked.

"Those things took him into the House of Sacrifice." I said pointing in the direction it was in.

"Okay well we have to hurry. Come on, let's go." he held onto my hand as we ran all the way back to the church and then we stopped at the door.

" it safe?" I questioned scared of what was inside this church.

"No...but we have to find your son quickly before he is sacrificed and killed. He'll never make it out if we don't go now." he said concerned.

"O-okay. L-lead the way." I said hesitantly looking around.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything hurt you. I promise." he said holding my hand and looking into my eyes.

I started feeling some type of way that I knew I shouldn't at this time. His eyes were just so hypnotizing. They were a mixture of blue and green and staring down into mine. He cleared his throat a little a smiled.

"You ready?"

"I g-guess so." I said finally as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a hand gun.

"Here you're gonna need this. Stay with me at all times. Do not wander off. This place is a maze of pure hell." he said handing it to me.

I was starting to feel a little suspicious of this guy. I mean I don't know him and he just came out of nowhere. How do I know this ain't some kind of trap.

"How can I trust you huh? W-what if you're on their side! You're tryna trick-" he cut me off angrily.

"Hey!...listen. I'm not a crook. I'm not a criminal. You can trust me. If I was a crook I would have let those f*ckers make a full course meal out of you, but I didn't. I want revenge on them just as bad as you want your son. They killed my mom, my dad, my sister, wife." he said his eyes getting a little teary.

"Can you trust me now? And my name is Jake if you want to know that to." he said looking at me intently.

I was shocked. I can only imagine the pain he went through. I felt guilty and sorry for accusing him. I looked down ashamed as it got quiet and all I could hear was he heavy breathing.

"I-I'm so sorry...I-..." he cut me off softly.

"It's okay...can we please just save your son? I really want to help you in the be-" he was cut off by the loud cry of baby Chris.

"Oh my gosh Chris!" I screamed as I ran inside the <a href="">church</a> throwing the door open. I was quickly grabbed but I tried to fight Jake off but he was strongly holding me against his chest. His hands wrapped around my waist from behind.

" can't just barge in here. I told you to stay by my side!" He loud whispered in my ear.

I started crying.

"My son..." I cried.

"I know. I know. It sounded like it came from this way." he said pointing to a dark tunnel that was lighted up by candle sticks sitting in little holes in the wall.

"Come on follow me. I know this place like the back of my hand." he said grabbing my hand and quietly leading me down the hall as it seemed to get darker and more creepier. He looked back at me constantly to make sure I was okay. We were turning left then right then right then left again. Jake wasn't lying when he said this place was a maze. We got to this small room full of boxes, nasty looking weapons, books, etc.. and could hear faint sounds of chanting. He suddenly stopped as we this <a href="">door</a>.

"Ouch!" he said.

"Sorry. Why did you stop?" I whispered.

"We're here. The Doom Room." he said looking back at me with serious eyes.

The Doom Room? What the hell was this? I thought to myself.

"The Doom Room?" I asked confused.

"Yes, this is where hell really opens up for its victims. hear that? It sounds like chanting." He said slowly placing his ear on the door and listening carefully.

I looked at him wondering what was making him scrunch up his face so much.

"What's wrong Jake?" I asked quietly.

"I hear chanting and drums..." he said.

"Come on we have to go in there now! They're probably trying to serve my son on a f*cking poo poo platter! We have to go in there!" I exclaimed he quickly covered my mouth.

"Will you be quiet! You're gonna get us both killed. What good are you dead to your son? I don't know about you but I will not have my d*ck served on a silver plate for them to pass around like turkey." He said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and nodded my head showing him I understood. He let my mouth go and looked around.

"What are you looking for?" I questioned.

"We can't go in there like this. They'll kill us instantly. We need to find black cloaks." he said searching around the room.

"Help me." he said as he searched through the boxes.

I ignored him and started looking around the room and noticed a bookshelf. I curiously walked over to it and peered at the stacks of books on the shelves all in a neat row. I picked up one book that was kinda heavy. It had dust all over it. I scrunched up my face and blew the dust off and wiped some off with my hands.

"History of the House of Sacrifice." I read the title.

Hmmm...I wonder what's in here. I flipped open the book and the found the first page. It was a picture of a group of church men in long black cloaks carrying knifes in their hands. as I looked over their scary, intimidating faces something caught my eye. One of the men were holding a cut off head in his hands. It was the head of a young looking man. I gasped and dropped the book terrified of what I'd just seen.

"Hey! Wtf are you doing?" Jake hissed walking over to me with two long black cloaks in his hands.

"Sorry. Sorry. I was just reading that book." I said quietly.

"Wth we have to save you're son and you're trying read a scary book?" He said shaking his head.

"I said I'm sorry damn. Can you just hand me the cloak?" I said with a little attitude.

He shoved it in my hands.

"Here. Put this mask on as well." he said impatiently handing me this black mask.

I nodded and put the cloak on as it seemed to almost swallow me whole. I shook my head and put the black mask on over my face.

"Now what?" I asked as we walked to the door.

"We have to go in now." Jake said looking at me with a nervous look.


"Don't worry we'll blend in. This room is huge by the way. And a lot of these beasts are going to be in here. Some of them look even more disgusting than anything you've ever seen. But you have to be brave for your son, okay?" he said looking in my eyes.

"O-o-okay." I shakily said as he smiled a little and opened the door a little peeking in.

I peeked in and gasped. There were at least 20 of those things in there. They each had put on all black <a href="">masks</a>.Inside the room was pictures of peoples body parts being showed off like trophies. Some were more gruesome and cruel than others. I begin to shake. I could hear the cry of baby Chris loud and clear now. My heart ached to get to him a.s.a.p.

"There. I see him." Jake said pointing at this wooden table that had knives sitting on top of it. And there was little Chris.

Crying his eyes out. His entire face was red and he was squirming as one of the beasts had his arms held out. I almost broke down right then and there.

"Come on....let's slipped in so no one will notice us coming in." Jake said as he opened the door and we slipped through the door and closed it behind us.

The men were just starting to form a circle. One of them looked at us and said something sounding like ahh and rawr mixed together. I guess that was our signal to join them. Me and Jake looked at each other and then joined them in the circled as the beasts held hands and continued to chant whatever they were saying. I held tightly onto Jake's hand as we got into the circle and the person beside me held out his <a href="">hand</a> for me to hold. I felt a lump in my throat. Jake elbowed a little and I looked at him and he nodded his head with warning eyes. I slowly grabbed its hand and it nearly squeezed the life out of my poor little hand. I then heard the door open behind us and looked back. In walked the a Caucasian man. I felt my blood boil as he walked in and stepped in the middle of the circle near the table as C.J. continued to cry hoarsely. He looked at each and everyone of us intently and his eyes stopped on me. He squinted his eyes a little. I felt my heart begin to thump against my chest. He continued to study me but then he looked away and looked at the others then he looked at baby Chris and smirked.

"Shall we begin?" he said pulling out a long knife as everyone roared and howled excitedly.

I squeezed Jake's hand letting him know I was about to go crazy. He sneaked a looked at me and shook his head no. I bit my lip to keep from going fool.

"But first I would like to say this is the 40th Anniversary of the House of Sacrifice. It is an honor to be participating in such an act that our fathers and ancestors have started for our generation to rise and finish. We shall make this very quick then we will feast. I have quite the surprise for you all." He snickered.

Then he walked over to Chris and looked down at him.

"Where's your mommy huh? You gonna cry for mommy?" He chuckled as Chris continued to cry.

I felt my blood boil. He took the knife and slowly made a little cut on C.J.'s chest causing him to start crying harder. I felt my heart stop and tears started to come down my eyes, but no one noticed due to the mask. I squeezed the sh*t out of Jake's hand and he held onto it. I think he was feeling just as eager as I was. The man made another cut and another and began chanting and everyone else joined in. I was basically on pins and needles. He then lifted up the knife and shouted something and was about to stab Chris in the chest but I'd had enough. I grabbed a knife that was on the end of the table, forgetting about the gun Jake gave me, and charged at him stabbing him in his chest. He fell down as blood sprayed out of his body like water. Jake ran as the thing holding Chris down charged at me and jumped on his back and stabbed him in the neck with a sharp knife. I ran and grabbed Chris and held him as I cried hysterically. I finally had my baby back. Jake grabbed me as the others were coming for us angrily.

"Let's get the f*** out of here!!" He said throwing off his mask and we charged for the door and opened it then slammed it shut.

Chris continued to cry as I held him. Jake was holding onto the door handle of the door of the Doom Room. I looked at him like he was crazy as there was loud banging on the door.

"Wtf are you doing?!" I yelled taking off my mask.

"I'm going to burn this place down. He said struggling to keep the door open.

"WTF we have to go now!" I screamed.

"No! I will not! These monsters killed my family. And now....I'm gonna kill them." He said clenching his jaw together.

"What do we do? We can't just leave you here." I said as I held onto a still crying Chris.

"Look, just go. Let me die. At least I can stall them enough for you to escape. You have to go. I'm not worth you or your son's life." Jake said.

I shook my head.

"No! I'm not leaving you!" I cried feeling helpless just like I did with the little girl who saved me from that gigantic monster, back at the house.

"Please...just go....please." he pleaded.

I hugged him tightly and he held me with one hand.

"Go." he whispered and I wiped away my tears and ran out the room and down the hall thinking:

Finally.....I Have My Son Back....


damn... i got a lot of catching up to do i can't even remember the last add i read...ugh

Wow I've missed this story I didn't think you were continuing on with it, but I'mm happy you did. Those people were so creepy man...I hope she finds Cj and Chris