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Welcome To Hell: When Chris Brown Goes Insane

(I had to write this over since my story disappeared...)

Chapter One: Be Very Careful, He’s Dangerous. . . .

Hi my name is Angela Newman. I am 22 years old. I am the youngest psychiatrist here at the Springville Insane Asylum. And if you’d ask me, I’ve done seen it all. My first day working here was total chaos. Human sh*t was thrown at me by the patients. I was even attacked by this woman who claimed I killed her dog. It’s just crazy! It’s a good thing I have a loving, supporting husband to go to whenever I need him. Michael Newman *smiles*. He’s so amazing. We’ve been married for 3 years now. We married straight out of high school and broke as ever. It’s a good thing we were smart and graduated from college. I had got my degrees and masters and all that good stuff to become a psychiatrist. It was just one of those days where I came into work and was immediately put to work. We were having a meeting with the owner of the asylum, Mr. Hayes. I walked into the conference room as I was greeted with many “Good morning Dr. Newman, lovely weather we’re having.” I smiled and greeted everyone just as Mr. Hayes walked in looking ready to get straight to the point.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen I have brought you all here today to inform you all that we are having a new patient being transferred here at the asylum. But here’s the catch, he’s no ordinary patient….no he is different. He is VERY and I repeat VERY dangerous. He was put on trial years ago for the various brutal murders of many innocent people. How were they killed, you might ask? Well he killed them cannibal style. Now I want you all to be very cautious of him because he has escaped jail many times and I’m sure he will try and escape this asylum. But anyway he is being transferred here under heavy security. Now is there any questions?” he asked looking around the room.

I quickly raised my hand.

“Ah yes, Dr. Newman, what question do you have?” he asked smiling.

“Well this patient you speak of, did he ever show any signs of remorse for the murders?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head.

“No he didn’t. In fact his records report that during his trial when the prosecutor would present the gruesome pictures of the victim’s bodies or remains he would lick his lips and declare he’s “hungry”. It’s very sickening. I will be assigning you as his personal doctor. Any more questions?: he asked.

“Well did he have a rough childhood to cause him to grow up a serial killer?” my co-worker, Dr. Berry asked sounding concerned.

“Well in his records it says that as a child he would be beaten, molested, and raped by both parents who were drunkies. It also states that at the age of 3 he started hunting and torturing animals as a hobby whenever his parents were gone. Whenever they would come back and see the carcasses they would literally beat the hell out of him as a punishment or they would hang him upside down, naked by his ankles by a tree. He’d skin the animals making ridiculous toys with them even started eating them.

At the age of 10 he started having a sudden desire in killing humans the way he did animals. And that’s when he began killing. His first victims were his parents. He brutally beat them to death then dismembered their bodies and ate them. His next victim was 2 year old

Annie Parker. Of all the killings, her death was the most cruel and inhuman. I don’t want to get into too much details of it, but yes he had a rough childhood but that’s still no excuse for his behavior. Anymore questions before this meeting comes to an end?” he asked looking around the room.

I raised my hand again.

“Yes Dr. Newman?”

“This man, what is his name?” I asked.

Mr. Hayes paused before responding.

“His name? His name is Christopher Maurice Brown. . . . . . “

Run it? (:


Chapter Six: Let the Mind Games Begin. . . . Part One

I was walking down the hallway to Mr. Brown’s cell. I was shaking extremely bad. I hope Mr. Brown wouldn’t notice. I think my fear was a slight turn on to him in a weird sick way. I took a deep breath as I prayed that this meeting will go better than before. When I got to his cell I felt my heart pick up speed, my head felt a little light. Come on Angela, you can’t get scared now. Brave up. Brave up. I told myself as I plastered on a fake smile and walked into his cell. Two of the same guards that Chris was throwing around yesterday was there with heavy weapons.

I guess they say if he went out of control they were going to make sure they were well equipped. Mr. Brown was sitting on his bed in his straight jacket. But this time he was chained to his bed and he had a muzzle on his face. My eyes widened when I noticed his black eye and the nasty cut above his right eye. I wonder what the hell happened to him. Not like it was any of my business, but he was badly beaten.

“Goodmorning Mr. Brown.” I said calmly as I sat down at a small table that was near the wall.

He didn’t say anything he just glared at me with those deadly eyes. I coughed and looked down.

“Um…well I’m hoping you’re willing to cooperate today. I really don’t want a repeat of yesterday, okay. My name is Dr. Newman and I will be your psychiatrist. I am here to help you not hurt you. Yesterday you told me of your childhood, which is a good start in communicating with me. I want us to be able to communicate with each other like human beings, okay?” I said hoping he would at least say something.

He looked at me then looked down at the muzzle on his face then back at me. Just then one of the guards came up and forcefully snatched the muzzle from his face then unlocking the chains on him. He flinched and clenched his jaws. He glared menacingly at the guard as he handcuffed him as the other guard pointing the gun at him to make sure he cooperated.

“Problem?” the guard teased.

“f*** you.” Mr. Brown growled as the guard punched him in his

I gasped loudly covering my mouth as Mr. Brown’s face jerked down as a result of the punch. He smirked and looked at the guard.

“Is that all you got, pussy.”

The guard was about to hit him again until I yelled.

“Hey! Stop! Please none of that.”

The guard looked at Brown for what seemed like an eternity before turning and walking back to his spot. Mr. Brown got up slowly and limped over to the table where I was and sat down propping his feet on the small table on top of my papers. I jumped back a little. I hope he didn’t notice that.

“Scared much?” he said grinning.

I gulped and looked down, playing with my fingers. I looked back up and noticed his lip was swollen and bruised. What the hell was going on with him? I sure hope and pray that he wasn’t being abused by any of the guards that work here.

“N-no. I’m not.” I stuttered looking down quickly.

“Ha ha ha ha Rachel… were always the shy type…. No need to be shy around me baby.” He chuckled.

“Mr. Brown for the last time….I’m not Rachel I’m Dr. Newman.
Now….we have to start your daily sessions. During these sessions you will be learning how to connect with your anger and learn to control your anger okay. Then if you’re good you can go outside tomorrow for a nice walk around the garden we have here at the asylum. Does that sound nice?” I said as I plastered a smile on my face to brighten the mood.

“That sounds like complete bulls***. I’m not a f***ing child Rachel. I’m a grown ass man. I need to be treated like a grown man and nothing less. You’re sitting here talking to me like I’m a baby. I don’t like that s***.” He growled at me making my skin crawl a little.

“I-I’m sorry. O-okay. I just-that’s how I talk to all my patients.” I stammered.

Mr. Brown sniffed the air then looked at me laughing.

“I smell feeeear.” He sang in a low tone as his teeth were visible.

I scrunched up my face. His teeth are just so disgusting looking. Like he been chewing on animal meat. Anyway I started shaking again and of course he noticed.

Out of nowhere the escape alarm begin to go off. It was loud as hell. The security guards immediately ran out the room.

“Wait! Where the hell are you going?!?!” I yelled as the door closed and locked behind them.

Omg I’m all alone with this psycho! I’m completely vulnerable right now. He can do anything he wants to me. I can’t believe those stupid ass guards left me alone with him like that. I wanted to crawl into a hole and cry. I was still shaking and I had begun sweating now. I slowly turned around and Mr. Brown was sitting there smirking.

“Looks like it’s just us now beautiful.” He grinned as he was looking me up and down as if he were stripping me with his eyes.

I felt completely disgusted.

“P-p-p-please don’t hurt me.” I whispered as he slowly got up.

As if things couldn’t get worse it started thundering and pouring rain outside. I could see it through the little window in the cell. And the lights started flickering on and off. My heart begin racing. I was so scared I couldn’t even move. Suddenly the lights went off. I begin to feel light headed and woozy like I’d pass out any minute now. The lights then flickered on and Mr. Brown was nowhere in sight.

“M-Mr. Brown?” I said out loud.

I suddenly felt this hot breath on my neck that sent chills down my spine. I slowly turned around and there he was standing behind me smiling evilly.

“Let the games begin.” He grinned as he grabbed my neck and started choking me. And before I knew it the lights flickered off again…..

Wow that's rather creepy don't u think smh

Rachel was her twin? That explains it all! Damn that's some crazy s***. Her mom was wrong for lying to her like that. I feel bad for Chris even though he's insane. I wonder how this meeting will go? Update Soon

She has a twin?!?!

And to make matters awkward, her twin fell in love with Chris?!?!

Kudos to her for swooping up a sexy cannabalistic killer. I'd do the same. Lol

Why the hell would her mother keep a big ass secret like that???

That does not make you a good mother.

Oh man, Chris is gunna get her and try to do harmful stuff to her or maybe not. Maybe he just wants his love back.

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run it


lol u know what, i cant keep yall waitin 4 too long. imma get to writing now lol

I can't wait to read either!

I can't believe that Rachel was her twin! Oh MY GOD! Chris think she reincarnated lol. Her mama wrong af for not telling her about her own sister! Who does shid like that? How was that helping her? I'm just anxious af... I hope Chris don't hurt this woman. Damn, he might not hurt her though... Idk, but I can't wait..


thank you ladies so much for the reviews! i'll be updating maybe tomorrow or the day after. i have to study for my final exams so i'm a little busy with school. ttyl <3 ;P

Run sis :)

Wow.......that's crazy. wonder how she is going to deal with this. I cant wait till you add about how their next meeting goes.

add soon. very, very, VERY SOON!!


oh my damn...

i can't wait to read
about the next meeting
this gon' be gud
hopefully she's not as
scared as before since
now she knows a bit about
him and knows his girl
was her twin sister


Updates as promised! Enjoy! ;D

Chapter Five: Who is Rachel? Part Two

I begin walking down the halls of the asylum. It’s been exactly an hour since I had that crazy a** dream about Rachel. I still couldn’t believe Mr. Brown actually had a girlfriend, let alone a son. More importantly I couldn’t believe she looked like me! That’s so creepy. Today I am supposed to have another meeting with Mr. Brown since the one yesterday didn’t go as planned. Before I did that I stopped at Danny’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” he sang.

I giggled as I walked in and sat down in the chair next to his desk.

“So what’s up girl? How you feeling?” he asked as he smiled at me.

“Danny…..I found something out today and I just…it’s so overwhelming. I can’t even believe it.” I said as I sighed heavily and sat back in the chair.

“Omg don’t tell me Michael’s cheating on you!” he shrieked.

“No! No it’s-“ he cut me off.

“Omg he’s gay! I knew it!” he exclaimed shaking his head.

“NO! Now would you listen!” I yelled.

“Oops! Haha sorry dear. What is it then? I haven’t seen you this stressed since you found out you were going to be that psycho’s doctor.” He said sitting back down in his chair and propping his feet on the desk.

“Well…..I found out that he had a girlfriend and a son, but they both died in a terrible way. Her name was-“ he cut me off.

“Rachel….” He said as he looked at me with an emotionless face.

“Yes…..Rachel…how did you know that?” I asked curiously.

“Honey everyone knows about her. When she and Chris’s son died everyone knew hell was about to break loose. Even worser than before. That’s the reason that psycho started killing females more than he did males. It was crazy. He went straight up Ted Bundy. Freakin Jack the Ripper. You get me?” he said.

“W-what? Are you serious?” I said my eyes widening.

“Yes, dead serious. I’m surprised you never about it. It was all over the news. Poor guy. I see why he’s so delusional. His parents abusing him as a baby on up and then his fiancé and baby killed. It’s crazy. He goes crazy when someone even mentions her name.”

“Really?......He’s been calling me Rachel and I’ve never understood why until I read that article about her death. And then I saw the picture of her. She looks just like me, only with blonde hair. It’s really creepy. She has my eyes and everything. It’s like she’s my…….” My voice trailed off as it all begin to sink in.

“Oh my God………..she’s your twin……” Danny gasped.

“Oh my God there’s no f***ing way! Are you kidding me!” I yelled frantically.

That’s when it all started to flash inside my head. When I was about seven years old my mother told me I had a twin sister but she supposedly died during birth. She said even if she were to be born she couldn’t take care of two girls. See, my mom was trying to be a model at the time and she was always busy so she really didn’t have time to take care of me at all. I always felt as if my mom were lying to me about the situation but I never questioned her. I just thought that maybe just maybe my twin sister had lived and maybe my mom gave her away….. Could this be her? This Rachel girl? Is she my sister? All these questions rushed through my head as I suddenly stood up.

“Omg what are you going to do Angie?” Danny asked still in shock.

“I-I’m going to see my mother.”

“Wait, but you have a meeting with that psycho in an hour. Will you be back in time?” he asked.

“Yes, it won’t take me long.” Before he could say anything further I ran out the door and down the hallway onto the elevator.

When I got outside I rushed to my car and got in. I don’t know what the hell got into me but I needed answers. And I needed them now. I was driving like a bat outta hell to get to my mother’s house in time. Twenty minutes later I was in front of my parent’s house. I got out my car and walked to the huge double doors and rung the bell. A minute later my mother opened the door, smiling.

“Why hello darling. It’s nice to see you finally come by.” Her smiled faded once she noticed the angry look on my face.

“Oh dear, what’s wrong sweety?” she said concerned.

“Mom, we need to talk.” I said as I pushed pass her and walked into the living room and stood waiting for her.

She soon came in after me looking worried.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked.

“Mom, you told me when I was a little girl that I was an only child, am I correct.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Y-yes? Why are you asking me this?” she said walking up to me.

“Well I’ve had this……dream and did some research and I found out something about my patient’s girlfriend.”

“Haha And? What does that have to do with y-“ I cut her off.

“I looked at the picture of her and she looks just like me Mom! She has MY eyes MY nose MY lips MY smile MY everything! Tell me now! Am I really an only child?!” I yelled angrily.

She gasped as her eyes filled with tears.

“Angela Elizabeth Denice Newman don’t you ever use that tone of voice with me young lady!” she yelled back at me.

My eyes widened.

“She is my twin isn’t she?” I whispered as tears threatened to fall from my eyes.

“Darling please. L-let me explain. I-I just couldn’t t-take care of the both of you. I-I didn’t know what to do. It was what was best for Rachel. F-for you sweetie.” She cried as she tried to touch my face but I pushed her away from me.

“You lied to me! All these years! All this pretending! I can’t believe you how could you do this to me?!” I cried angrily.

“I didn’t know how to tell you okay! I was only thinking of you.” She cried as she hugged me.

I held onto her as I cried like a baby. She stroked my hair softly.

“Angela please don’t h-hate me. I love you very much. And I loved your sister just as much okay. I just didn’t want her around you cause it would’ve been too much to handle. I-I know I can’t take it back but please don’t hate me. She tried to contact you when you were ten, b-but I just couldn’t let her. It would’ve been too much. I was only being a good mother.”

Good mother? Good mother my ass. She was being selfish and a
b****. That’s what she was being.

I pulled away from my mom as I wiped at my eyes, sniffing.

“I-I just I gotta go.” I said as I rushed passed her as she called after me but I didn’t want to hear it. I got into my car and raced off as I begin crying again. I can’t believe this. Rachel was MY sister, MY twin sister and my mother just gave her away as if she were nothing more than trash. When I got to work it was 3:55PM.I missed my lunch, but oh well, lunch would have to wait. I had five minutes to spare. I ran into the bathroom and walked to the sink and put my hands on both sides of the sink. I sighed heavily as I sniffed. I looked into the mirror and my eyes were red and puffy, my face red from crying. I had to straighten up before the meeting with Mr. Brown. I turned the cold water faucet on and put my hands under the faucet. I took a hand full of cold water and splashed it on my face. When I was done I dried my face with some paper towels and threw them away. I looked a little better, but my eyes were still a little puffy and red. I peered at my watch and looked at the time. It read 4:00PM. I sighed heavily as I walked out the door heading for Mr. Brown’s room.

“Here goes nothing.”………

and she crazy to go back especially
if she look just like his ex smh

Run It

about going back to work!
aw helllllllllll no! lmao she
needa pack her bags and get
the hell outta there and why
she ain't tell michael to not
come to work! don't stop by
or his ass is gonna get chopped
up and thrown in a pot right
along with her ass! or...maybe
hopefully she got the guts to
go back and actually treat this
patient and help him. well...
i still think she needs to
move the hell out the country


Now feel kinda bad for crazy ass Chris!
Run it!!!!

Yes!!! You reposted!

Those were some scary ass dreams for real! But aww Chris was being a good daddy lol. I'm mad that the baby died though. Smh. So Rachel died and she looks like ole girl?

We need more! What the f*ck you mean writer's block? Think of something lol.

RUN IT!!!!

Thank GOD you reposted this!

I can't wait for the next chapter seriously.

run it

im having writer's block 0_0

Yayy its back can't wait for the next chapter. Run it

awwwww yes!

You reposted!!!! =)


Damn okay, so I wasnt crazy. lol I was trying to find it but I couldnt. Update Soon

You rewrote it!! Yay!

I'm kind of too lazy to write a comment about everything i've already read, but i'm ready for the next chapter now that she knows who Rachel is.

Run it

Chapter Four: Who Is Rachel? Part One

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” Mr. Brown cooed as I was running down the hallways of the asylum.

“No! Leave me alone! Please!” I cried as the hallways seemed to get longer and longer.

“You can’t run from me baby. I’m everywhere.” He chuckled menacingly as he appeared right in front of me.

“Ahhhh!!!!!!” he covered my mouth with his big hands as I stared at him wide eyed as tears continued to pour from my eyes.

“Rachel….I told you I’d find you.” He chuckled as he dragged me into this dark closet as I kicked and screamed and cried for help but none came.

That’s when I suddenly woke up shaking kicking and crying.

“Get off of me! Get off of me! AHHHHHH!!!!”

“Baby baby! Calm down! Calm down. It was just a nightmare.” My husband Michael said as he quickly cut on the lamp and looked over at me concerned and full of worry.

I was shaking and sweating badly. It has been a few hours since that little incident with Mr. Brown. Mr. Hayes gave me the rest of the day off to calm down and get my mind straight. I was very thankful for that. I needed the rest. But every time I closed my eyes I saw his face. I saw that mean glare in his eyes. I say that evil smirk. I saw how much he wanted to just tear me apart as if I were an animal. I had nightmare after nightmare about me running away from him, but each dream seemed to get more and more detailed each time. It was agonizing. I was so afraid to even close my eyes, afraid he’d pop up out of nowhere suddenly like he did in my dreams.

I looked over at Michael and held onto him tightly as he stroked my hair softly.

“Don’t worry baby he’s not going anywhere, especially near us.

It was just a dream. Now come on back to bed.” He said tenderly as he kissed me slowly.

I smiled a little and he cut the lights off and we laid back down.

“You’re right….it was just a dream.” I said looking around the room one last time before I finally dozed off.

The Next Morning

The next morning I woke up yawning and stretching. I was so sleepy. I barely got any sleep last night. I got up slowly and got me some underwear and a towel and went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. After showering I dried up, lotioned up and put on a short pencil skirt with high heels and a ruffled silk pink shirt. I added light lip gloss to my lips. I looked in the mirror and adjusted my shirt. Just then Michael walked in trying to fix his tie. I giggled. He was never really handy with tying his tie.

“Here let me here.” I smiled as I helped him with his tie.

“I’m glad to see that beautiful smile of yours again. Ever since yesterday you were freaking out bad when you got home. Maybe all you need is a little relaxation. How about we take a little vacation to your favorite restaurant tonight and then spend a night on my yacht. How does that sound?” he asked holding my waist.

“That sounds lovely. I’d love to.” I grinned kissing his lips.

“Good, good. I’ll come by on your lunch break so we can have lunch together. Nothing heavy so it won’t spoil your appetite.”

“Okay that sounds awesome. Hey babe I gotta go to work. I’ll see you later.” I quickly rushed out the door and got in my car.

Before going to work I took a quick stop at the coffee shop.

After that sleepless night I needed me some caffeine to keep me up. I got me a frappe from McDonald’s and was on my way. Once I got to work, once again all eyes were on me. I sighed and rolled my eyes. This was getting very annoying. I can't stand all of the stares. I have an appointment with Mr. Brown again today. Hopefully he'll be more calm and collected today...hopefully. I drunk my frappe as I got in the elevator. Once on the second floor I walked to my office and sat at my desk. Since Mr. Brown destroyed all of his papers by making them fly everywhere I had to resort all of his papers all over again. I sighed heavily feeling the sleepiness return. I yawned and laid my head down on the my desk. I then dozed off into a little nap.

I was yet again running from Mr. Brown, but this time he had a knife in his hand that already had blood on it. I suddenly started feeling light headed as I begin to slowly race down the hallway of the asylum. I looked down and noticed I had blood pouring from my womanhood. I gasped and ran into the conference room and locked the door. I shrieked and doubled over in pain as there was severe pain going through my lower body.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” I screamed and held my stomach as I felt something......something moving inside of it.

Holy sh*t it was the most worst pain ever. I cried as I stumbled over to the conference table and fell on top of it.

“Heeeeeeelep! Pleaseeee! Ahhhhh!!!!” I screamed in pain again as

I felt the moving becoming hard kicks.

What the hell was wrong with me?

“Rachel, you've been a bad girl and you need to be taught a
lesson.” Mr. Brown chuckled sexily as he stood at the door smirking at me with those deadly eyes.

“P-p-p-please j-just l-leave me al-alone.” I cried as I grabbed my stomach.


He c**ked his head to the side curiously. Then he started smiling which creeped me the hell out. He slowly begin walking towards me as he dropped the knife in his hand.

“'s time.” he smiled evilly as the conference room suddenly turned into a delivery room.

I was on a table as there was doctors and nurses running around me barking orders. I was so confused. It was as if they were speaking in tongue. Then this nurse looked at me and smiled.

“Are you ready Rachel?” she questioned.

Ready? For what?

“F-f-for what?” I gasped as I saw these huge pair of scissors.

“Why for the birth of your son sweetie.” she giggled.

My eyes grew wide as hell. Wtf?! I'm not pregnant! When did I get pregnant?! I slowly pulled my hand up and touched my stomach. I gasped loudly as it was no longer flat but it was huge, round, and hard.

“I-I-I-I-I-AHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!” I screamed as I started having bad contractions.

“Okay everyone it's time! She's having contractions! The baby's coming! Where's Mr. Brown?!” the nurse yelled.

“I'm right here.” I heard him say as he rushed in smiling and grabbed a hold of my hand as I involuntarily squeezed it out of pain.

“Okay Rachel we want you to push at the count of three. One, two, three.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” I screamed/cried as I couldn't help but to try and push hard as pain surged through my body.

“Come on baby. You can do it!” Mr. Brown smiled as he kissed my forehead.

“I-I can't do this.” I cried as tears streamed down my eyes.

“Of course you can. You can do this Rachel. I know you can.

Think about how beautiful it's going to be to finally have a family together and becoming my wife.” he said as he held onto my hand reassuringly.

For some reason that made me smile widely.

“I love you Chris.”

“I love you to baby.” he smiled.

“Okay that was a good push Rachel but we need you to try and push harder this time okay.” the doctor said as I pushed and pushed and screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs when I suddenly heard this soft cry.

“It's a boy!” the doctor cheered as he cut the umbilical cord and handed me a beautiful baby boy.

He looked exactly like Chris, but he had my eyes. I smiled as I started crying tears of joy. Chris hugged me tightly.

“That's our little boy.” he cried as he stroked the side of the baby's face.

“What are we going name him?” he asked.

“Christopher Maurice Brown Jr.” I grinned as little Chris smiled up at the two of us.

“You look just like your daddy.” I cooed softly as I played with his small fingers.


I shot a worried look at Chris.

“Chris! What was that?!” I said as some more shots went off.

He looked at me.

“Listen Rachel I need you and Chris to get the hell out of here now.” he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled put a huge knife.

“They're coming after me. You have to run now!"

I got up hurriedly making sure not to alarm Chris Jr. Chris peeked outside the door before telling me to move down the hallway fast. I couldn't move very fast cause I'd just had a baby!

“But Chris what about y-.” he cut me off with a kiss.

“I love you so much but you have to go to safety. Please.” he said looking into my eyes.

I had noticed something was very different about his face. First off his eyes weren't dark, black, and cold. Instead, they were brown and soft, very loving. Second, he didn't have that long scar on his face.

“I-I love you to.” I said shakily as I gave him one last kiss before running down the hall limping as Chris Jr. started crying.

It caught the attention of whoever was after Chris and they begin shooting at me. Thankfully they were missing me.
Chris ran after the two guys shooting at me and started fighting them off to keep them from shooting me. Out of nowhere four more people ran up and started attacking him.

“Kill that b*tch and that baby!” some woman yelled angrily.

No please! Not my baby! I cried inside my head.

“This is for little Annie Parker!” some guy yelled before a shot went off.

I felt it pierce through my heart and out my chest. I was right out the door, but when the bullet hit me Chris Jr. was thrown out of my arms as I fell to the ground, blood pouring from my mouth and spilling from my chest. I could hear this loud truck coming, but it seemed to sound so far away. Baby Chris was in the middle of the road crying hysterically when suddenly the truck zoomed by and the crying stopped. I felt a single tear fall from my eye as I fell to the ground, dead as I could hear Chris yelling and screaming my name.....

“Ahhh!!!!” I shrieked as I jumped up out my desk holding my stomach.

I looked around nervously as beads of sweat poured down my face. That was the most scariest dream ever. It seemed so real as if I was actually there. I sighed heavily relieved that it was just a dream as my heart rate slowed down from it racing pace. Suddenly something sparked into my head.

“Rachel was Mr. Brown's girlfriend. She died, but why would he assume I'm her?” I said to myself confused.

I reached into my drawer and pulled out his files to see if there was anything about Rachel in his papers. I searched and searched but found nothing. So I went to my computer and clicked on the internet. I typed in 'woman shot and killed in hospital' and almost instantly her name pulled up in an article. I read it and I couldn't help but cry a little. When I got to the end of the article it had a picture of her and my heart stopped.

“Oh my God......she looks just like me.......”

To be continued!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :D

Chapter Three: Meeting the Devil Himself Part Two

The huge scar that reached all the way from his neck behind his left ear to his right ear. It looked as if someone tried to cut his face off fighting him. I quickly looked down because I did not want to make eye contact with this man. He was just so creepy. Oh wait, remember what Mr. Hayes said. Don’t let him since my fear. It’ll just entice him more. I quickly prayed to God again and looked up at him with a nervous smile. What I got back was what I expected, no smile, not even a hint of one. He stared at me coldly. His eyes blacker than coal seemed to pierce right through me.

I didn’t know whether to look away or stare back. It was as if he was hypnotizing me with his eyes. I was in a little trance. His lips slowly curled up into a smirk.
“Well hello there, beautiful. I’ve been waiting for you all day long. You’re the doctor my cell mate has been telling me about….” He said lowly as he sat down.

He’s been waiting for me? O_O Who was his cell mate? WTF?! Was I being watched?!

“Umm…M-Mr. Brown. I want this meeting to go as smoothly as p-possible okay?” I said gulping.

“Why are you sweating? Are you scared Rachel.” He said biting his lip.

Rachel? Who the hell was Rachel?

“N-no, my name’s not Rachel it’s Dr. Newman. Please call me that everyone else does.” I chuckled slightly but he showed no signs of laughter.

“U-umm well I’ve read your records and it says here that you’ve had a rough child hood. Do you care to explain the type of parents Mr. and Mrs. Brown were.” I asked hoping to strike up a conversation of his past.

He looked at me and squinted his eyes then he looked down at the wedding ring on my finger. I quickly hid my hands under the table. For some reason I did not want him to know I had a husband. He’d probably try to kill him to.

“So Rachel…’re married now?” He asked peering back up at me with those deadly eyes.

“U-um no my husband’s dead. He’s been dead for years.” I lied as

I quickly looked down.

See, when I lie my eyes tend to turn to a light gray color. Pretty unfortunate right? When I was a little girl and I’d do something bad such as steal the cookies from the cookie jar (ha ha) I’d lie and say my little brother, Jonah did it. But my mom would always know I was lying when I looked up at her and my eyes weren’t the same brown color they’d usually be. I guess it’s true what they say when they say the eyes tell the whole story. When I was around the age of 16 I asked my mother if something was wrong with my eyes and she’d just giggle and say

“No sweetie, I actually think it’s a good thing. It’s like a gift God has giving you maybe.” I never understood what was so fortunate about having my “special eyes” as so my mother would say.

“You know Rachel…after all these years I thought you’d learn to tell me the truth by now. I know you’re lying to me. You can’t even look at me.” Mr. Brown said grinning showing off his sharp teeth. Not like sharp sharp, but they were sharp enough to bite through anything. God I wanted to throw up! His teeth were yellow as if he was chewing on a yellow crayon and I saw a hint of red at the tips of his teeth as if he’d eaten something with blood in it….Gross. I coughed and shook my head. Why does he keep calling me Rachel?

“Mr. Brown w-with all due respect my name is not Rachel. It’s Dr. Newman okay.” I said playing with my fingers.

“Back to my question, tell me of your past p-please.”
He sighed heavily and sat back in his chair and slowly propped his feet up on the table.

“Well…..Rachel….it goes a little something like this: There was a little boy named Christopher. When he was born his parents always assumed his was the devil himself. They declared he was going to be evil when he grew up. When he was a baby he’d be beaten with a switch whenever he’d cry. What type of parents do that to a 2 month old baby? By the age of 1 they begin to starve him to death as a punishment for “doing bad”. And one day they had starved him so bad to the point where he collapsed while at the grocery store with his mother. Someone called 911 and they came and got him and took him to the hospital.

When the doctor questioned his parents about why he was so skinny and seemed to have not eaten within months. The only thing they would feed him was muddy water. They’d shove his head into a pile of murky water that cows and sh*t done pissed in, seeing that they lived on a farm in a broken down trailer. His mother pretended as if she was shocked. She pretended to cry hysterically and she claimed that she didn’t know and his father was to blame because he lived with his father. Well, that caused his father to be put in jail for 2 years. When he got out he immediately came back for him and his mother.

When he returned to the house, he beat the sh*t out of his mother and forced Christopher’s head into a pile of cow sh*t for “not defending him”. How can a 2 year old possibly know what the hell is going on at the time? Ha ha ha parents are so unfair aren’t they Rachel? But of course you’d never know about that seeming that your parents always spoiled you……but back to the story. At the age of 3 ohhh boy Christopher turned into a beast. By that point his parents stopped taking care of him altogether. He had to fend for himself. He started hunting animals for food. He was too young to buy food and he was poor as f***. So what other option did he have? None. He had no option at all. And you know what he made his own weapons. Arrows out of sticks. Knives out of wood. BY the age of 10 he got a little bored with hunting and eating rabbits and s***. It was time he went for the big hunt…..humans. Humans are so cruel, so careless, so
self-centered. He hated the human race.

He blamed God for all of his troubles and he wanted to punish God’s people. And that’s exactly what he did. And he started killing them. But that wasn’t enough, no he had to taste them to get the full effect. Yes, ha ha and if I say so myself they taste divine. He cannot be stopped! Not then! Not now! Not ever! Humans are weak pitiful animals that deserve to die slow painful deaths! They care for no one but themselves! And he will make sure he clears this hell hole of those people. He will continue to kill and kill until finally there is none to kill…” he yelled jumping up and banging on the table.

I screamed and jumped up quickly running to a corner as the security guards instantly ran over to him and tried to hold him down. He had kicked the table over with his big feet and sent his papers flying all over the place. I covered my ears crying scared he might get loose and go insane.

“Oh God please make it stop.” I cried crunched up in the fetal position.

“I will make you pay! I will kill and kill and kill until none of you f***ers are left! You cannot stop me! I am your worst nightmare! I will have my revenge!” he yelled evilly at the guards.

The guards were slowly losing as Mr. Brown was snapping at them and throwing them around even though he was tied up in that straight jacket. Suddenly I felt these hands grab me. I thought they were him so I begged and cried trying to get out of his arms.

“Calm down Angela it’s me Danny.” The person shouted above all the chaos Mr. Brown was causing.

I looked up at him and held onto Danny crying. He stroked my hair.

“It’s okay Angela. Come on we have to get out of here now.” He grabbed my hand and we hurriedly ran out of there as more security guards ran into the security room to fight and pull Mr. Brown down. He was losing his mind in there. All you heard was stuff hitting walls and roars of anger.

“RACHELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK!!! RACHEL I WILL FIND YOU AND WHEN I DO-!!!!” he growled but he voice was muffled when the doors of the Interview Room was slammed shut.

It was destruction in that room and I defiantly didn’t want to be near it.

When we got in the elevator I slowly fell to the floor, still crying wondering what in the hell have I gotten myself into….

Chapter Two: Meeting the Devil Himself Part One

After the meeting in the conference I was terrified of what was to come. I didn’t want to be Mr. Brown’s doctor, but I had no choice. Mr. Hayes said he’d double my pay if I took Mr. Brown as a patient. I couldn’t disagree to that. As I was walking down the hallway all eyes were on me. Some people were whispering. Word sure got around fast. Just then my best friend and neighbor, Dr. Danny walked up to me.

“Please tell you did not take that crazy ass man as your patient.” He exclaimed.

I sighed and nodded my head.

“I did. I didn’t want to but, the pay is worth it. Plus, I got bills to pay. I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Mr. Hayes says he’s under heavy security.” I assured him as we start walking towards the elevators.

“Girl are you nuts! That man will try and kill you. I can’t believe you did this. Do you have a death wish or something?” he sighed rubbing his temples.

I shook my head giggling at his actions. He can be so overprotective sometimes. I pressed the 2nd floor button.

“Look Danny I feel just as scared as you. You’re not the one in my shoes. I have to deal with this. Mr. Hayes says Mr. Brown will be coming in today around 4 o’clock. It’s now 8:30 so I got a few before he arrives. I have to read his case so I know what I’m dealing with. I’ll see you later Danny.” I smiled.
He shook his head and gave me a hug as if it were the last time I’d see him. He wiped a single tear from his eyes.

“See you hopefully.” He said walking out.

I sat Mr. Brown’s papers on my desk and begin to read.

~3:30 p.m.~

After reading those papers I was shocked I didn’t even know what to say. I wasn’t dealing with an ordinary patient. This guy was the true definition of C.R.A.Z.Y. What caught my eye is how all his female victims were sexually assaulted before killed. His papers said he was very manipulative so I really had to watch out for him. I grabbed my lunch box and headed to the cafeteria. Once off the elevator I walked into the cafeteria were all the patients were some were staring at me, others were playing checkers, some talking to walls, others acting a fool. It was very sad. My heart always went out to this one guy named Dale who was a little slow. He had killed his mom because she forgot to put mustard on his sandwich and he was declared crazy and ended up in here. He showed out almost every day and had to get injected with an anesthetic. I sat down at a table near the window. I sighed heavily as a felt a lump in my throat when I heard one of the employees whisper “She’s gonna be his next victim. That guy is insane!” as they glanced at me and

continued. “I heard he was a sick bastard growing up. Torturing animals then he upgraded to humans. I’d be damn if I’d be his doctor!” I rolled my eyes and pulled out my sandwich packed with ham and mayonnaise with pickles and tomatoes, lettuce. Just how I like it. After eating I noticed it was now 4 o’clock. My heart nearly skipped a beat.

“It’s time.” I whispered nervously.

I did NOT want to do this. I packed all my stuff and ran into my office not wanting to get out and meet this maniac. I laid my head on my desk and did a silent prayer to God that he would protect me at all times. I was too young to die by the hands of this man, let alone be his next meal. I was suddenly knocked out of my thoughts when there was a loud bang at my door.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!!!” I screamed grabbing my mace from my purse. This mothaf*cka wasn’t getting me, not here not now.

I slowly walked to my door and put my ear to it. I soon regretted it cause my ears rung from the sudden and louder bang on it. I jumped and fell to the floor crying.

“God I’m so sorry for whatever sin I’ve ever committed. I’m so sorry!” I cried.

The door opened and I prepared for my death, but was met by giggling. I looked up and blowed a breath of relief. It was only Mr. Hayes.

“Am I interrupting something Dr. Newman?” He questioned.

“Of course not! You just scared me half to death knowing that I am the official doctor of some cannibal maniac!” I yelled sarcastically as I got up holding my hand to my heart.

He threw his hands up. “Sorry, sorry. I just wanted to notify you that Mr. Brown has arrived and he has been moved to the interview room. He is under heavy security so don’t worry about him trying anything crazy. But I must warn you, he’s had a rough day today. He nearly killed eight of the guards when they tried to put him in the transferring bus. Anyway come on with me. I’ll take you to him.”

I gulped loudly.

“O-okay.” I straighten out my clothes and grabbed his records from off of my desk and followed slowly behind Mr. Hayes.
Every step I took it felt as if I were walking closer and closer to my death. All eyes were on me. I looked over and noticed Danny staring at me, he looked just as scared as me. I looked back down as we got into the elevator.

“Cheer up Angela. This is going to go fine okay. Don’t let him intimidate you, he feeds of the fear of his victims- I mean he feeds of the fear of people he know are scared of him, so show no signs of fear and you’ll do just fine. “Mr. Hayes chuckled nervously.

Did he just call me a victim? I wanted to just press all the buttons on the elevator wall anything but the 1st floor! Sadly, I was too stiff to even move. As we got to the first floor my heart begin to race, making my head spin a little. I took out a handkerchief and wiped the beads of sweat on my neck and forehead. We walked off of the elevator and begin walking towards the interview room. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I didn’t know whether I was dreaming or this was reality.

It didn’t seem real. I can’t believe I actually agreed to meet this man after all I’ve read about him. Maybe I should turn back around? Am I crazy for doing this? Could I make a difference in his life and change Mr. Brown’s ways? All these questions were flashing in my head that I hadn’t noticed we were already at the door of the Interview Room. Mr. Hayes smiled at me reassuringly.
“You can do this. Security is already inside with their arms just in case. Go ahead.” He walked off after patting my shoulder.
Okay Angela this is it. I slowly reached towards the knob and slowly opened the door. I walked in slowly and closed the door behind me.

“H-h-h-h-h-h-hi I-I-I-I-I’m D-Dr. N-Newman. Are-are you M-Mr. B-Brown?” I stammered nervously as this tall figure sat on the opposite side of the table that was in the middle, his back towards me.

He didn’t respond. He was being very quiet which scared the sh*t outta me. I didn’t know whether he was secretly planning an attack or what. I sat his papers down on the table and pulled out my chair cautiously. I didn’t want to sit down just yet.

“Umm…I’m your psychiatrist and I’m here to help you anyway I can. I-I hope you’re okay with that Mr. Brown.” I stuttered sitting down but making sure my chair was far away from this table just in case he tried to flip it over.

“Okay so let’s get started shall we? I’ll need you to turn around in your seat Mr. Brown.”

His head lifted up slowly and he slowly got out of his chair. My heart skipped a beat. This guy was at least 6”0 feet compared to my small 5”2 frame. The security guards quickly positioned their shot guns.

“Don’t try anything stupid Brown.” One of the guards said.
He chuckled lowly. His laugh made my skin crawl. It was creepy. As if his laugh came from the devil himself. He slowly turned around and smirked at me. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I noticed. . . . .

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