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Welcome To Hell: When Chris Brown Goes Insane

(I had to write this over since my story disappeared...)

Chapter One: Be Very Careful, He’s Dangerous. . . .

Hi my name is Angela Newman. I am 22 years old. I am the youngest psychiatrist here at the Springville Insane Asylum. And if you’d ask me, I’ve done seen it all. My first day working here was total chaos. Human sh*t was thrown at me by the patients. I was even attacked by this woman who claimed I killed her dog. It’s just crazy! It’s a good thing I have a loving, supporting husband to go to whenever I need him. Michael Newman *smiles*. He’s so amazing. We’ve been married for 3 years now. We married straight out of high school and broke as ever. It’s a good thing we were smart and graduated from college. I had got my degrees and masters and all that good stuff to become a psychiatrist. It was just one of those days where I came into work and was immediately put to work. We were having a meeting with the owner of the asylum, Mr. Hayes. I walked into the conference room as I was greeted with many “Good morning Dr. Newman, lovely weather we’re having.” I smiled and greeted everyone just as Mr. Hayes walked in looking ready to get straight to the point.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen I have brought you all here today to inform you all that we are having a new patient being transferred here at the asylum. But here’s the catch, he’s no ordinary patient….no he is different. He is VERY and I repeat VERY dangerous. He was put on trial years ago for the various brutal murders of many innocent people. How were they killed, you might ask? Well he killed them cannibal style. Now I want you all to be very cautious of him because he has escaped jail many times and I’m sure he will try and escape this asylum. But anyway he is being transferred here under heavy security. Now is there any questions?” he asked looking around the room.

I quickly raised my hand.

“Ah yes, Dr. Newman, what question do you have?” he asked smiling.

“Well this patient you speak of, did he ever show any signs of remorse for the murders?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head.

“No he didn’t. In fact his records report that during his trial when the prosecutor would present the gruesome pictures of the victim’s bodies or remains he would lick his lips and declare he’s “hungry”. It’s very sickening. I will be assigning you as his personal doctor. Any more questions?: he asked.

“Well did he have a rough childhood to cause him to grow up a serial killer?” my co-worker, Dr. Berry asked sounding concerned.

“Well in his records it says that as a child he would be beaten, molested, and raped by both parents who were drunkies. It also states that at the age of 3 he started hunting and torturing animals as a hobby whenever his parents were gone. Whenever they would come back and see the carcasses they would literally beat the hell out of him as a punishment or they would hang him upside down, naked by his ankles by a tree. He’d skin the animals making ridiculous toys with them even started eating them.

At the age of 10 he started having a sudden desire in killing humans the way he did animals. And that’s when he began killing. His first victims were his parents. He brutally beat them to death then dismembered their bodies and ate them. His next victim was 2 year old

Annie Parker. Of all the killings, her death was the most cruel and inhuman. I don’t want to get into too much details of it, but yes he had a rough childhood but that’s still no excuse for his behavior. Anymore questions before this meeting comes to an end?” he asked looking around the room.

I raised my hand again.

“Yes Dr. Newman?”

“This man, what is his name?” I asked.

Mr. Hayes paused before responding.

“His name? His name is Christopher Maurice Brown. . . . . . “

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run it

Run this b**** :) lol love u twin sis <3

***New Reader***

I Love This Story!

Glad You Started Back Writing It Because It Is THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol Run It!

Run it!

Missed a chapter! I cannot believe that his parents did this! Why? They try and make it seem like Chris is the di*k but when in reality, he's just a cloe of his psychotic a$$ parents. Poor Chris. Why cant his parents let him be haPPY? I FEEL BAD FOR HIM :( uPDATE sOON

I'm soooooo confused!

Im So Happy ur Bac....
Run It...

So the girl Caroline was a little evil b*tch? Hmmmmm At least she ngot away. But those beasts tho.... And the men in the forest heard her. Oh sh*t! I hope she gets her baby. Update Soon

i am soo confused! hold up i thought his parents were alive? thats what the cops told Angela
were those his real parents and the ones that hes with right now are the adoptive ones?? or is it the other way around ? im lost af lol

Yay! Chris is alive *jumps up hella happy* but I'm pissed they have him >:[
what do they want with her son??
these people are crazy!

run it

Chapter Twenty-Seven: It's Time To Play A Game (Preview)

*Anonymous POV*

"Where is she?!" I yelled punching him in his side as she hissed in pain.

"I don't know!" he yelled menacingly.

"Hahahaha look at you. "The monster" himself. Look at you. You look pitiful." I teased him as he glared at me.

I smiled at the damage we'd done. His face was decorated with a black eye, a busted lip, and a cut above his eyebrow. I was going to do more damage but my beautiful wife stopped me.

"Don't kill him! At least not yet. We have to find her first and that precious child of hers. Which rightfully belongs to us. You hear that? That baby is ours." she smirked walking up to him and slapping the hell out of him.

He sat there doing nothing. As much as I knew he probably hated us, he'd never touch the ones that created him. I sighed out of frustration.

"Fine. I won;t touch him...yet." I said sitting down in a chair and crossing my legs looking at the pitiful bloody little boy that laid in front of me.

He started breathing heavily and tried to yank at the chains that held him down but of course he was too weak to break them. I chuckled to myself.

"Did you send her that letter like I told you to? She was suppose to be here already!" my wife complained as she walked over to me and sat down in my lap.

"I did baby. Just wait. I know she'll be here in no time. She's not gonna let anything happen to that mutt over there." I said pointing at him.

"Oh I'm so excited! I've always wanted a little grandchild! Now I do!" she giggled.

"I know. I can't wait either." I smiled.

"You're.....not....gonna....touch....her...." I heard from the bloody body.

"What you say to me boy?" I said clenching my jaw as my wife got up and moved to the side knowing what I was about to do.

I stormed over to him and gripped his jaw real tight as drips of blood poured from his mouth. He was on his knees so I had to bend down to look him dead in the eyes.

"'re....not...gonna..." before he could finish I raised my hand high and backhanded him so hard he fell to the floor moaning in pain.

"You see! This is what happens when you betray your own parents! This is what happens when you choose a little disgusting b*tch over the people who made you who you are today!" I yelled angrily kicking him in his bruised rib as he hollered in pain as I continued to stomp him with my huge boot. When I was satisfied enough with one last powerful kick, I walked back to my chair and sat down. My wife looked at him and shook her head in a disappointing way. I looked over at my laptop which I installed a tracker to find "her".


It was a cold night.....She and my son had met up at a restaurant. Little did they know I was watching them..closely. They must have had a little argument because my son stormed out the restaurant door and I quickly took action. He walked down a dark alley that was leading to his car. I was hiding and watching him closely. As he was reaching in his pocket for his keys I jumped out of the darkness and grabbed his neck as he tried to yell but I covered his mouth and quickly reached into my pocket and pulled out a long syringe containing a medicine that would temporarily paralyze him. He was struggling to get out of my grasp, but I was the stronger man, I always was.

"You missed me, huh?" I chuckled lowly pushing the syringe in his neck making sure not a drop was left in the needle.

I let him go and he immediately dropped to the ground with his mouth wide open trying to speak but he couldn't. Only his eyes moved back and forth. He then looked at me and his eyes got watery. I felt a tiny lump form in my throat. I didn't want to do this....but I had to. I bent down and gripped both his legs and dragged to the car that my wife was waiting in. I picked up his body and threw him in the back seat. I looked at her and she nodded and I closed the door and she drove off. I then walked back to the alley and waited patiently for "her" to make her way down here. And as if on cue she started walking down the sidewalk. I pulled my black hoodie over my head and black shades and walked unseen behind her.

"Damn it's cold!" she complained.

I guess she felt she were being watched because she suddenly stopped looked around but saw nothing. I'd ducked behind a trash can easily camouflaging myself.

“Chris this is not funny!” she yelled.

I chuckled lowly to myself. She's so dumb. She waited for a good bit and then she started walking again, but a at a faster pace. I wanted to really scare her so I grabbed an empty glass bottle and threw it on the ground and ducked again under a another trash can. The glass shattered everywhere on the cement ground. She fell back and fell on bits and pieces of the glass.

"F*ck!" she screamed. I knew she'd probably cut her hand or something.

She took a rag from her purse and wrapped her hand. I sighed heavily. It sure does take a lot to get this girl in my trap. I shook my head looking at the watch as time was ticking away. I had to be back at the house soon. I couldn't wait any longer and I started walking behind her again. She looked back and I hid once again. She then started running so I ran after her. Then I stopped as my throat begin to burn. I was defiantly not the running type. I stopped near a little tree and punched it angrily. I'd failed. I shook my head as my phone started vibrating in my jeans. I grabbed and looked at the caller ID. It was Joyce calling. I rolled my eyes knowing she was gonna be pissed with me but I picked it up anyway.

"Hello?" I said.

"Did you get her?" she asked sounding excited.

I sighed heavily. "No....I couldn't catch her. She was running to fast." I said as she begin to scream and shout at me.

"Just bring your a** home! We've got more important things to take care of. We'll get her later." she said after fussing for 10 minutes and abruptly hung up.

We defiantly had to come up with a different plan......And soon....

(End of Flashback)

"Come on.....I know you're out there....I'm gonna find you...." I said lowly.


Ooooooooh what's gonna happen next?!?! :-O lol

aww poor little girl! she should have came :/
but if she came she probably would have slowed Angela down
and dam everyone wanted her to believe her baby was dead
hell no! they tryna raise him to be a cannibal too! shiitt his daddy could of taught him that!
i sure hope she can get her baby without her getting more hurt
Chris needs to show up! watch he ends up being mayor or something of that creepy ass town he gon go ballistic
run it!

Chapter Twenty-Seven: I Have Got To Get Out Of Here

Angie's POV

I was completely horrified. I had sudden flashbacks of when Chris had me trapped at that house and made me eat body parts. I looked at him in complete horror.

"What's wrong aren't you hungry? I suggest you sit the f*ck down." Caroline's father said in an aggressive tone.

I shook my head no.

"I-I want to l-leave now." I said as he lunged at me.

I quickly grabbed a knife that was near me and pointed it directly at him.

"Don't move or I swear I will gut you like a f*cking fish." I threatened as Caroline looked at me in shock.

"Step the f*ck back." I warned him.

He chuckled and backed up.

"You know if you run out there you will be dead." he said.

I looked at him confused.

"What the hell do you mean?" I questioned.

"You and Caroline here....we don't like our food to go to waste. We'd hate for someone else to find you out there and kill you to have on their own....that's not fair." he smirked.

I started to shake uncontrollably.

"Y-y-y-you mean t-t-there's cannibals out there?" I croaked.

He shook his head yes.

"Of course my dear...and now you're going to put that knife down and eat dinner with us. I mean after all, I do know where your baby is. Or at least whose stomach he's digesting in." he chuckled menacingly.

"Shut up you bastard! I will kill you I swear!" I yelled feeling hot tears pour down my eyes.

He took a step closer to me and I swung the knife at him and cut his throat, but not deep enough to kill him. He fell to the floor grasping his bleeding neck. Caroline screamed.

"Daddy no!" she screamed then she looked at me with pure evil in her eyes. She started growling.

"You little b****!" she hissed.

My eyes flew wide open. Did she really just call me a b****?

"Listen here you little....creep don't think I won't hurt you just because you're a child. Now you're gonna tell me where my son is and I mean now." I said the last part pointing the knife at her father who was still on the floor holding his neck.

"There's only one place he could be....and that's at the House of Sacrifice." he huffed.

"Tell me where the hell do I find it?!" I yelled angrily. No one was about to sacrifice my baby!

"I told you...he's dead! Dead! And you're gonna be dead when the rest of them come for you!" he growled in pain.

"Oh yeah well I guess I'll just have to kill them to." and with that I stabbed him in his eye and ran out the door with him screaming in agonizing pain.

I ran out the house and stopped as I looked for where I was gonna go next. I had to find Chris. I know he's still alive! He has to be. I looked to my right and saw a little map on a wooden sign. I ran to it and searched it frantically looking for the House of Sacrifice. I then heard a loud bell ring as if it were a signal. I had to hurry.

"Come on damnit!" I yelled trying to find it on the rusty map.

I then heard cars from a distance and howling. Sh*t! They were coming! I quickly found the House of Sacrifice on the map. It was located near a church that was hidden in the woods near a river. I ripped the map off and started running down the road just as a truck full of <a href="">people</a> looking like beasts came racing down the road. They had blood all over their mouths and clothes and carried bows and arrows with them. Some even had knives and spears. I screamed loudly and continued to run down the road. According to the map I had to go down this road and make a turn on the left, through the town, and into the woods where the river was. I could hear the evil laughter of the people behind me on my tail. I ran harder and harder until I could see a little town in my view. I quickly made a run for an abandoned house that was near. I ran onto the porch and tried to open the door but of course it wouldn't open. I looked around frantically looking for an entrance. I hopped off the porch and ran to the gate leading to the back yard. I put my foot on the gate and then hopped across to the other side. I ran to the back door and gripped the handle trying to pry the door open but it wouldn't budge. I started panicking as I could hear the truck stopped directly in front of the house. The beasts were growling and I guess they were communicating with one another. I looked down on the porch hoping to find something to break a window.

I finally found a old rusted hammer. I picked it up and bust the back window to the door. I carefully reached inside and unlocked the door. I rushed in and locked the door back and turned around looking for a place to hide. I nearly screamed but I quickly covered my mouth. This place was creepier than anything I've ever seen. There were bones everywhere and skulls. I heard a soft moan coming from somewhere. I tip toed to the hallway to see where the noise was coming from. It also sounded like a TV was on. I scrunched up my nose as a strong pungent smell filled the entire hallway. I covered my nose and stepped close to a doorway leading to a living room. I gasped and covered my mouth as I saw something in a chair. I didn't know what it was but it looked deformed and <a href="">weezing</a>. It then looked at me weakly and started laughing.

"Hahahahaha you better ruuuuuun. Hahahahaha you better ruuuuun." it chanted.

"Where is my baby?!" I hissed holding the hammer firmly in my hand walking up to it.

It just sat there laughing and laughing. Like I was playing damn jokes with him. I begin to feel the anger build in my chest.

"Hahahahaha you're never gonna find him. You're never gonna find himmmmm." he sung.

I clenched my jaw real tight.

"I'm gonna tell you one more time before I beat the sh*t outta you." I said slowly and deliberately.

It looked at me and just smiled.

"Dea-..." before he could get the rest out I bashed the hammer at his head and blood splashed out onto the walls.

He started screaming and I reached into its' mouth and pulled out the tongue and jammed my hammer into it making it come out easily. Blood was splattered all over my shirt. I threw the hammer on the floor as began to choke on its blood. I continued to bash at its' head until I heard a loud bang at the front door. I quickly dropped the hammer and ran into the hallway and into one of the rooms. I quietly closed the door as I heard a door being broke down. I cracked the door and saw those....things bursting in like field mice. They were dressed in farmer clothes and had axes in their hands. I was so scared. I didn't know what the hell those things were! I've never seen anything like that in my life. Even working at an insane asylum you can't get used to something like that! They stormed into the living room and I guess they saw the mess I made because they started growling and howling in agony. Maybe I'd killed a brother? Father? Who the hell knows. I quickly closed the door quietly and locked it. Hopefully those things will leave if they think I've gone.

I turned around, my eyes closed and slid down the door as I felt like my whole world was crashing down on me. I can't believe this sh*t is actually happening to me! I felt hot tears come down my eyes and I wiped at them. I sniffed and held my hands to my face, knees pulled up. Just then a small red ball rolled my way. I looked up just as it softly tapped my foot. I picked it up and stared at it, wondering where it came from. I was so observed in staring at it that I didn't notice the little girl that tossed it to me.

"Psst..." <a href="">she</a> said causing me to jump. She looked at me sideways. She was a little girl, a little younger looking than Caroline. She looked so harmless. I defiantly didn't want to have to hurt her. She got up slowly and walked over to me as I slowly backed up trying to find a corner to curl up in.

She frowned slightly and shook her head no. She then pointed to a little piece of paper on the floor next to a small box of broken crayons. I looked at it then back at her. She shook her head yes. I got up slowly to my feet and walked over to the white paper and discovered it was a drawing. She walked to my side and picked up the drawing and I looked at it closely. It was a picture of a house with a broken cross on the top of it and stick figures with all black on. I was confused until she showed me one of the figures carrying what looked like a baby. I felt my heart flutter. I looked at her and made a motion with my arms as if I were swinging a baby back and forth. She nodded and pointed at the house on the drawing again.

"Sacwifice." she tried to say but I knew what she was talking about.

The house must be the House of Sacrifice and those people must be the ones that took my baby! I can find him now! I was getting so happy but then she quickly put her finger to her lips to signal me to be quiet. I shook my head yes and she looked scared all of a sudden looking at the door.

"What?" I mouthed and she signaled for me to get low and we did.

I could now see two huge boots standing outside the door. I looked back at her alarmed and she pointed to a window that must have lead to outside. I gazed at her as whoever it was started banging on the door making some kind of growling sound. She quickly got up and I followed her to the window as she tried to open it but the window was jammed. I started to panic as the banging on the door begin to get more severe and the wooden door started to crack. I gently moved her out the way and tried with all my strength to move the window up, but it wouldn't budge. Not one bit. I was beginning to get even more scared when a fist burst through the door and tried reaching for the door knob.

"Damnit! Come on!" I cried using my shoulder to try and push the window up.

The little girl ran under the bed and then pulled out a shot gun and gave it to me. I looked at her and then at the gun as I slowly took it from her. She chuckled lightly and shrugged. She made a motion with her hands to bust the window with the gun. I nodded and went back to work on the window and hit it with the gun tip to push it up. After two attempts the window finally open and I pushed it up. I peered outside the window and saw that if I jumped from where I was I'd land on the side of the house and down a small path leading to the woods where it appeared to be a river. I never felt so happy in my life. I was almost there.
The little girl gently pushed on my leg trying to warn me that the man was close to getting in the room. I immediately stepped out since the ground wasn't that far form the window. I held the gun in on hand and drawing in the other. I looked at the little girl telling her to please come with me. She shook her head no sadly and looked back at the door as it suddenly tore open and standing there was a gigantic <a href="">beast</a> holding a knife in its' hands.

"Come on sweetie please!" I begged the little girl as her eyes got big and she started crying for me to.

"T-thank you." I whispered.

I felt hot tears running down my face but I knew what I had to do. My son was out there and I had to find him. I quickly gave her a small hug and ran and jumped over the fence. I felt so bad for her. She helped me and I couldn't help her. I didn't look back though. I had to look forward otherwise I knew I was gonna turn back and probably die in the process of trying to help that little girl. Just then I heard a loud, angry roar and then the loud, cry of the little girl. It sounded like he'd cut her head off. I didn't stop I kept running and running until I reached the woods and a little bridge. I sighed a sigh of relief as I came upon the river under the bridge just like in the map. I ran across the bridge and made my way over to the old, abandoned church. I looked from left to right looking for a hidden house. I then heard a loud baby cry. My heart nearly dropped down to my feet. I knew that cry. A mother knows her baby's cry. It had to be Chris! I followed the sound and hid behind a bunch of bushes as I heard strange chants and men dressed in long black cloaks. Their faces hidden. They were in a line making their way into a rusty looking house. I squinted my eyes more and recognized C.J. One of the men were holding him in his arms and he was just about to go into the dark building. I suddenly stepped back and SNAP! A branch broke and the men immediately stopped and looked in my direction.....To Be Continued...

I know yall are wondering WHERE THE HELL IS CHRIS?! But don't worry he will be back! I promise! Lol I hope yall really enjoy where I'm going with this story and yall just keep supporting my story and I will try my hardest/best to give yall a great and interesting story. And trust me there are more crazy twists and turns to come next! ;-D

omg their eating penis! and so glad yu started writing again

When I first started reading this story I was like this is oc but one I couldn't stop reading it was just to addicting to me. Lol but I really like it so Run It!!!!

Omg! yay you're back :) I loved this story! They're eating a man's genitalia and glazed peecans i think? Hmmmm I hope she finds her babies. And if you ever find a street with a creepy a$$ name, don't turn down that street bruh! Glad you're back, update soon

i hope she finds her baby... alive ! poor lil baby probably staving
and its like she going thru this again except with a new guy....
run it!


lol i know it's been sooooooooooooooo long but im back! :D

Chapter Twenty-Seven: I Have To Get Out Of Here! (Preview)

*Angie POV*

I woke up with someone shaking my arm slightly. I opened my eyes fully to see Caroline smiling brightly. I gave her a small smile.

"Hey friend." she giggled.

"W-where am I?" I asked my throat extremely dry.

"We're at my home. My mama's making dinner for us right now!" she chuckled.

I felt a chill go up my spine. I looked down and noticed I didn't have on a shirt but there was a bandage wrapped around my stomach. I looked back at Caroline confused.

"Your father did this?" I asked.

"Yeah. He send me here to get you up so we could eat dinner together as a family." she smiled playing with my hair.

I looked at her confused.

"There's more of you?"

"Of course. There's me, Daddy, Mama, Brother Tom Tom, My uncle Russell, my grandma Joe, and our dog...Red." she said in a country accent similar to her father's.

"But I have to find my baby." I said worrying wondering if he was still alive and where the hell was he.

"That's alright Daddy already informed the sheriff." she giggled.

I got up slowly and got to my feet looking around the room. It was extremely rusty looking. There was dirty underwear and dolls everywhere. Creepy ones. Clown ones. Naked barbies. You name it.

"Come on it's time to eat. I want you to meet my family." Caroline cheered as she gripped my hand kinda tightly and walked into the hallway.

The hallway was full of old rusty pictures of family's. What I noticed on each picture was that all of the faces were cut out. Even pictures of babies. I started getting a weird feeling about Caroline and her father. I wonder what the family is like. As we continued down the hall we were passing many doors that had Don't Disturb signs on them. We finally made it to the kitchen and I almost threw up instantly. The foul smell in there was horrific. It smelled like something had died. Caroline then let go of my hand and ran to a table full of mannequin people.

"Hi Mama." she said kissing the <a href="">*woman mannequin*</a> on the cheek. I jumped at the sight.

"Mama look we have a guest!" Caroline giggled as her father appeared with a steaming pot in his hands.

I was shaking a little. This was beyond creepy and I needed to get the hell out of here. These people were crazy. Talking to mannequins?! He smiled at me as he put the pot down on the rusty table next to a grandpa mannequin.

"Please sit. I've cooked a special meal for you." he said taking the lid off the pot and I saw......<a href="">*this mixed with*</a> <a href="">*this*</a>.....

Omg!!! Its been so long.... Happy ur bac....
Run It...

Omfg that man fine as hell. I would hop on it xD but you can't trust him though not just yet. Well kinda cause he could've left her ass there but instead he got her. I hope nothing happened to her precious baby. Where the hell is Chris!!!!! He needs to find them & take care of his family.
Run it <3

Hmmmm.....I think I'm gonna bring this sh*t back! Shall we begin? I think we shall!

Chapter Twenty-Six: Welcome To Hell, Make Yourself At Home

Angie's POV

*10 Months Later*

It's been 10 months since that crazy experience in the hospital. Which I dare not speak of. It was too horrifying to even explain. But now I'm sitting here driving down a dark road with my son <a href="">*Christian*</a>. Yes, I gave birth to a completely healthy baby boy. But that's where things started to take a whole turn on me. After being in the hospital for a week or so I cut off all communication with my friends. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I was hurt that my parents were no longer here to see their first grandchild. I was hurt at the fact that I have to be a single parent and take care of my son on my own. *sighs* Anyways, I know you probably wondering where I am right now. But honestly I don't even know my damn self. I rushed and packed my clothes and baby Chris's(that I previously bought) and just drove to the middle of nowhere. Now I'm stuck on this dusty a** road, my heart beating rapidly, not knowing which way to turn. I finally came to a stop where I saw two signs pointing to two different roads. One sign read Terror Road while the other read Horror Street. I shivered at the names and shook my head.

"Wow...I don't know where to go." I sighed.

My instincts were telling me to turn the f*ck around and drive, back home, but my heart was telling me there was no home to go back to. I laid my head on the steering wheel and begin to think on what I should do. My thinking was interrupted when I heard a soft cry. I looked back and C.J. was just waking up and starting to cry. I smiled and reached back and caressed his little hand.

"Hey there little man, what's wrong you hungry?" I cooed.

He looked at me and slightly tried to reach for me.

"Hold on little man, we're almost there(wherever "there" is). Then mommy's gonna get you all cleaned up and full, okay." I said as he quieted down and I reached inside my purse and gave him a Mickey Mouse pacifier. He started to shut his eyes slowly and then he fell back to sleep. I turned back around in my seat and buckled up again.

"Okay....I think I'm gonna go on Horror Street." I said to myself and turned down that road hoping to run into a motel or something.

*An Hour Later*

It's been an hour later and I still haven't found sh*t out here. I was starting to think I'd made the wrong decision. But as soon as I thought that I came across another rusty sign. I squinted my eyes trying to read it, but I couldn't make out the words. I put my car in park and I shakily unlocked my doors. I was very terrified to get out of the car cause I've seen so many horror movies where people end up in the middle of nowhere and get out their cars and get snatched by monsters. But of course my life is no movie, so I guess I shouldn't expect a monster to snatch me. I said a quick prayer to Jesus, hoping he'd protect me and I got out my car and slowly, and quietly, closed it back. I looked around making sure it was safe to move further. All I could hear was crickets chirping and owls whooing so i moved closer to the sign. I came upon it and took my hand and rubbed at the dust on the sign.

"2 Miles to.....damnit I can't read the rest." I hissed as the rest of the sign was scratched out with what looked like dark red paint. I could make out something under the words of the place and it said Turn Back Now Or Be Condemned. When I read the last part I heard something like a branch snap in the woods. I spun around looking in the direction from which the noise came. I squinted my eyes looking in the woods trying to find what it was, but all I could see were trees and....more trees.

"W-who's there?" I called into the woods, but of course I got no reply.

I then heard another branch snap on the opposite of me. So, I spun around to my left and shouted to the woods.

"WHO'S THERE?! I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!" I screamed absolutely shaking.

And I don't know if it was just me but it sounded like I heard laughter. Almost a devilish laughter. I ran back to my car and locked the doors. I grabbed my purse, shaking nervously and grabbed my phone. I looked to see if I had any connection and of course I didn't and my phone was suddenly going dead.

"No, no, no, no, NO." I cried as I tried to call 911. They could help me if I'm lost right? But as I pressed 9 my phone suddenly cut off.

I wanted to screamed and curse so loud, but I had to remember my son was in the back sleeping peacefully. I looked back at him to make sure he was okay and he was. I sighed with relief and turned back around and froze. There was something in the road up ahead.....It was just standing there looking in the direction of my car. I squinted my eyes and leant forward trying to see it clearer and I realized it was a dog. An all black dog with red eyes just glaring directly at me with its' fiery eyes. I felt my heart jump. I don't know where the hell that dog came from but it wasn't there before and it defiantly looked hungry, angry, and pure pissed. I tried to convince myself that I was just seeing things but when I slammed my eyes shut and opened them again, he was still there, unmoving.

"I-I-I think it's time to go home now." I said as I put my car in reverse and I tried to back up but my back tires were stuck in something deep, maybe a hole.

"Damnit!" I shouted, but I quickly covered my mouth, scolding myself silently, forgetting C.J. was asleep.

I looked back at him and he moved his head slightly but didn't wake. I sighed softly and looked back at the road and now standing with that dog was this huge manly figure. The figure had a long stick, looking like a rake in his hand. My eyes widened as I started crying trying to get my car to move but it wouldn't budge. Not one bit. I hit my wheel completely frustrated and I did the only thing I knew how to do. I put my car in drive and clutched the steering wheel.

"Okay you wanna play? Let's play." I said wiping away my tears and jerked my car forward, full speed. I raced towards the man and the dog and as I got directly to them my car just went straight through them. I slammed on the breaks and looked out my back window.

The man and the dog were still there but now facing me. I was about to piss my pants! This couldn't be happening! I just hit those motherf*ckers and they're still there! NO! HELL NO! This cannot be happening! My whole demeanor changed as the man started walking towards my car dragging the rake. The dog walked beside him growling its' teeth, drool oozing out of it's mouth. My car then started to make this sound as if its' battery were about to die. My gas tank then came on. I knew my gas had run out. Oh hell no! I had to get out of here! I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and rushed to the back of my car and unbuckled C.J.'s car seat and grabbed him, wrapping him in his Mickey Mouse blanket. I looked up to see the man and dog getting closer and closer. I had to hurry! I quickly unlocked the door and jumped out and ran into the woods. Not looking back but I could hear the dog barking furiously. I started crying hysterically screaming help as I gripped onto C.J. as I could hear the dog running behind me. I ran and I ran until BAM! I had hit something hard, it might have been a tree. I don't know, but all I know is that I dropped C.J. and he begin crying. I hit the ground with a thud as my head started whirling and my eyes started getting heavy. I tried to move but there was something stuck in my side. It hurt like hell and I could feel warm blood pouring from my side.

"Ch-Ch-Chris...." I barely whispered trying to reach for him but the pain in my side said otherwise.

I suddenly heard this low, evil growl. I slightly looked where my feet were and there was the dog. It looked even more horrifying up close. It had glowing red eyes, sharp razor teeth, and it looked like it had been in a fight with a bear. Half of it's right ear was gone. It had bite marks and scratches all over it's body, which barely had any fur. I wanted to scream so loud, but no sound came out. I then heard big foot steps coming my way. And creeping slowly was the large man. He had on a farmer outfit that had multiple bullet holes in them. He was bleeding from his chest. I felt a warm liquid leaking down my jeans. I was literally pissing on myself. I slowly looked up at the man's face and he had no eyes and a long black and gray wiry beard. His eyes were gone and you could see right through the sockets. The last thing I remember were those bloody hand reaching for me........

*The Next Day*

I felt something wet hit my face. I squinted my eyes as they opened slowly. I looked around, my eyes hurting badly from the bright sunlight. I lifted my arm slowly and over my eyes to protect them. I lifted up slightly and pain shot through my whole body giving me goosebumps. I hissed and sat all the way up. I looked a mess my shirt and jeans were stained with blood and urine. I looked at my side and saw a long branch sticking out of it. I gasped and bite my lip as I gripped it.

"1...2....3...." I counted as i ripped the branch out and screamed loudly. It hurt so bad.

I pressed down on the wound and looked around furiously.

"Chris? Chris? CHRIS?!" I screamed noticing my baby boy was gone.

"No! No! No! NO!" I cried as I got up slowly and limped over to the tree I had hit.

There was something hidden under the small branches. I bent down painfully and moved the branches out my way as I discovered Chris's little blanket. I covered my mouth and begin to cry. There was blood all over his blanket. I picked it up and held it to my chest as I burst into more tears. My baby...the only reason I live anymore was gone. Gone from me like that. Why was this happening to me? Was I being punished for something I didn't do? Why? I heard tiny footsteps behind me and I turned slowly to see what it was. Standing there with a creepy looking baby doll was a <a href="">*little girl*</a> in a dress decorated with dragonflies. She had long blonde hair. She looked at me with her blue eyes. She looked at me nervously. I rose up slowly clinching onto C.J.'s blanket.

"H-Hello." I whispered feeling a little lump in my throat.

She looked at me and then looked past me as if she were looking at someone. I turned around and saw nothing but trees. I looked back at her.

"What's wrong sweetie? I-I'm not gonna hurt you." I spoke in a soft tone noticing she didn't have on any shoes. Her feet containing little scratches on them.

She still didn't respond. I decided to take a little step closer to her. She jerk backed. I stopped in my tracks and put my hands up slowly.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." I said again.

"I-I'm not suppose to t-talk to strangers." she said softly still looking behind me as if she were scared.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. I-I-I just need you to help me....please?" I croaked.

"Nooo...Daddy will be mad." she said clinching onto her doll.

"Daddy? I don't see him anywhere. It's just you and me. Please, just tell me where I can find my son. I need to find my son....please." I begged as she noticed the blanket in my hand.

"Someone took my baby away from me. I need to find my son." I said on the brink of tears.

"O-o-okay. B-but you can't tell my Daddy. He will ki-.." before she could finish her sentence I heard a booming voice.

"Caroline? Come here now!" the male voice yelled.

She looked at me frantically.

"Hide. Hurry. He's gonna see you!" she half yelled.

I quickly ran behind the big tree and ducked as <a href="">he</a> stormed up.

"Caroline what the hell are you doing?" he said in a country accent.

"D-Daddy I was just.." she stuttered.

"Just? Just doing what? I told you not to be wondering out here in the woods. Don't you know something can happen to you. All these wild animals running round." He said.

"But...But..." Caroline tried to talk as he cut her off.

"But nothing. Now come on let's go home." he said sternly.

I peeped and looked at her father. He was around 6"9 and he looked like a giant compared to her. She looked at me from the corner of her eye and he caught her gaze.

"What are you looking at?" he questioned squinting his eyes at her.

"N-nothing." she said quietly.

He turned slowly looking at the tree and I quickly pulled back praying like hell he didn't see me.

"What's behind that tree?" he said looking back at Caroline.

"N-nothing Daddy I promise." she said her eyes looking from side to side frantically.

"Oh really now...well I think I'll take a look." he said slowly walking in my direction.

"My eyes widened and I stepped back and a branch snapped under my foot. I cursed myself silently.

"Who's there?" He said as I backed up shaking as he walked from the tree and looked at me angrily.

"No Daddy don't hurt her please!" Caroline begged.

I held my hands up as to surrender.

"P-please don't hurt me. I-i just need to fi-..." he cut me off.

"Who the hell are you?!" he barked storming towards me as I backed up and tripped.

I started crawling backwards holding up one of my arms.

"Please! I need help please!" I cried/begged as he glared at me with light blue eyes, just like his daughter's.

"Caroline go home NOW!" he growled.

"Daddy no! She's innocent!" Caroline cried pulling on his pants.

I gulped looking up at this furious man. He clenched his jaw and looked at her then back at me.

"What do you want?" He said in a more quieter tone.

"Someone has stolen my baby and I need him back....please." I cried.

It was eerie quiet before he responded.

"Caroline....go" he said in a more civilized tone.

"But...what about her? She's hurt badly." she asked looked at me then at my wound, which I'd forgotten about.

"I'll take care of that. You just go home before anyone sees us." he said.

"Yes Daddy." she smiled a little and ran off.

My heart thumped when he continued to stare at me suspiciously. He then walked up to me slowly and bent down and scooped me up in his big arms. I hissed at the pain in my side as I felt a little light headed from losing some blood. He gripped me tightly and began to walk towards what looked like a little path.....To Be Continued.

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