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Welcome To Hell: When Chris Brown Goes Insane

(I had to write this over since my story disappeared...)

Chapter One: Be Very Careful, He’s Dangerous. . . .

Hi my name is Angela Newman. I am 22 years old. I am the youngest psychiatrist here at the Springville Insane Asylum. And if you’d ask me, I’ve done seen it all. My first day working here was total chaos. Human sh*t was thrown at me by the patients. I was even attacked by this woman who claimed I killed her dog. It’s just crazy! It’s a good thing I have a loving, supporting husband to go to whenever I need him. Michael Newman *smiles*. He’s so amazing. We’ve been married for 3 years now. We married straight out of high school and broke as ever. It’s a good thing we were smart and graduated from college. I had got my degrees and masters and all that good stuff to become a psychiatrist. It was just one of those days where I came into work and was immediately put to work. We were having a meeting with the owner of the asylum, Mr. Hayes. I walked into the conference room as I was greeted with many “Good morning Dr. Newman, lovely weather we’re having.” I smiled and greeted everyone just as Mr. Hayes walked in looking ready to get straight to the point.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen I have brought you all here today to inform you all that we are having a new patient being transferred here at the asylum. But here’s the catch, he’s no ordinary patient….no he is different. He is VERY and I repeat VERY dangerous. He was put on trial years ago for the various brutal murders of many innocent people. How were they killed, you might ask? Well he killed them cannibal style. Now I want you all to be very cautious of him because he has escaped jail many times and I’m sure he will try and escape this asylum. But anyway he is being transferred here under heavy security. Now is there any questions?” he asked looking around the room.

I quickly raised my hand.

“Ah yes, Dr. Newman, what question do you have?” he asked smiling.

“Well this patient you speak of, did he ever show any signs of remorse for the murders?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head.

“No he didn’t. In fact his records report that during his trial when the prosecutor would present the gruesome pictures of the victim’s bodies or remains he would lick his lips and declare he’s “hungry”. It’s very sickening. I will be assigning you as his personal doctor. Any more questions?: he asked.

“Well did he have a rough childhood to cause him to grow up a serial killer?” my co-worker, Dr. Berry asked sounding concerned.

“Well in his records it says that as a child he would be beaten, molested, and raped by both parents who were drunkies. It also states that at the age of 3 he started hunting and torturing animals as a hobby whenever his parents were gone. Whenever they would come back and see the carcasses they would literally beat the hell out of him as a punishment or they would hang him upside down, naked by his ankles by a tree. He’d skin the animals making ridiculous toys with them even started eating them.

At the age of 10 he started having a sudden desire in killing humans the way he did animals. And that’s when he began killing. His first victims were his parents. He brutally beat them to death then dismembered their bodies and ate them. His next victim was 2 year old

Annie Parker. Of all the killings, her death was the most cruel and inhuman. I don’t want to get into too much details of it, but yes he had a rough childhood but that’s still no excuse for his behavior. Anymore questions before this meeting comes to an end?” he asked looking around the room.

I raised my hand again.

“Yes Dr. Newman?”

“This man, what is his name?” I asked.

Mr. Hayes paused before responding.

“His name? His name is Christopher Maurice Brown. . . . . . “

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It's been 4 days!!!!

Where are you?!

Im going through withrawls !
Im addicted to this story..
Run It!!

Maybe it's from Joyce slapping her?!! Maybe Joyce put some kinda evil spell on her? smh.
Just dont want the baby to be evil!
It keeps Chris grounded and changed. &Angie loves Chris more with the baby. ugh!!!

Run It!!!

ok so she going crazy and killed a man but she isnt in control.... that baby is going to cause more issues

run it

Please don't let this be like Twolight I hate those movies -.-
Run it sis :)


[Just thought I'd say that again.......]

This kinda reminded me of the third twilight movie.
Why they tryna kill her child tho?
This all I have, sorry my comment is so short.

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So basically it's the baby whose actually causing her to act the way she is

Awww come on! U left us hanging.... add soon!

If this baby is the evil spawn, then I imagine Joyce went through this while being pregnant with Chris. And WHERE TF IS HER LAWYER??! SOMEBODY needs to get her out of jail, somethin?? smh. This is not even cool. RUN IT!

im so confused
so wat the baby is lik the child of satan or something lik wtf
was she dreamming or is she really in prison ?!?

im dead lost now please add the whole chapter n end my confusion

run it

I'm on my phone so I'm going to just summarize wht I really would like to say...

Ummmmm I agree with the priest! She better kill that evil child! Ewwww Imagine when she gives birth, and the baby come out and kill everybody in that damn room lmaooo hell naw! She better listen before its too late like he said! You are where you at now!!! KILL IT!!!

Run it

LOL hey, i just write this sh*t off the top of my head. lol :-P glad yall enjoyed though i love making yall wonder whats gone happen next! Lol

omg that was too good.. i think the baby is a demon child and its causing her to act evil. maybe she should kill it.. omg u have to update asapp..

OOOOOH LeLe I just thought about that, GOOD POINT !!
But damn you done ruined the story!


This s*** is wild !!! ....
I dont even know this like some twilight baby sucks the life out of you type s*** . Lawdy she better kill that demon child !!

Chris wanna know why he can't find what is watching her because it is in her !!!

*grabs popcorn and sits crisscross applesauce waiting for more*

Runnnnn It !!!

man... this s*** right here nigga
this s*** right here nigga lol
this s*** crazy!!

angie got demons taking control of her

run it

Run It!

I know he's still watching. He's gotta be watching!
He cant let this happen to Angela.

& If she passed out after killing that hobo, how could they arrest HER for it if she was passed out when they found them??

This just cant be happening! :(

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Yaaaaay! :D
* does happy dance *

My mouth dropped to the floor reading that. My eyes were so bugged out. WOAH! You on some exorcist, rosemary's baby, freddy krugher type thing with this. But that was wild! I could picture it as a movie. Please, PLEEEEASE let that be only a nightmare! I dont want the baby to be evil! Chris is becoming a chaged man! Why! Why is this happening?!! Im so scared, worried, and a little sad. Poor Poor Angie! *tear* :(

I am still confused af lol. But this was a very good preview. I pictured everything. It was like I was watching a movie in my head. Man she is really losing her goddamn mind! Is that baby really the reason? Damn the baby is evil? Idk man. I'm just shocked and confused. I'm speechless also. She killed an innocent man! That's the s*** I don't like! Ugh WTF? Why Angie?! Is she dreaming? Because this is just crazy as hell but I freaking LOVE this!

RUN IT!!!!!!

Lol he cray af lol i hope this all a nightmare she having cuz its bizzare. I mean all pregnant women wana kill someone while pregnant but dang. Lol she went over board. This could b a nitemare i had plenty of those n my first trimester. Angie trippn run it

@iYa yeah imma still use your character! :D

Chapter Twenty-Five: You’ve Made A Big Mistake Part Three (Preview Number Two)

Angela POV

It was all like a dream. I was being hand cuffed and escorted to the police station. People crowded around in curiosity. I was so ashamed at what I’d done yet I felt like I hadn’t been in control of my body when I killed that man. Yes killed. His body was put in a body bag an escorted into the ambulance truck. I ducked my head and got into the back of the cop car and sat there in silence as the news teams came rushed out of their trucks demanding questions and trying to get close to the car but the police wouldn’t allow them.

I could see from the window of the car that some people were shaking their heads in disgust while others were mourning the death of that innocent man. I looked down in shame, in silence. I don’t know if I was imagining things or not, but it was almost as if I could hear the laughter in my head. Suddenly I felt this sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I screamed in pain and squirmed as the pain worsened.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!” I cried out.

I don’t know what was happening to me. It felt like someone was hammering my stomach. Then just as fast as it came, the pain left. I was in a cold sweat, shaking and feeling weak. Two of the officers finally got in the car and then begin heading to the police department not even acknowledging the fact that I was in pain. as we were riding down the road someone screamed

“B*tch!” and threw a brick at the back window.

We soon arrived to the station and I was immediately treated like a cell mate. I was stripped and stripped searched against my will and I was sprayed down with Lysol and then forced into an orange jumpsuit. I was then put in a cell and waited and waited and waited. Several minutes later an officer appeared at the front of the cell.

“You have a visitor.” He said with an attitude.

I sighed heavily as I got up wondering who it was. He unlocked the cell and hand cuffed me to make sure I wouldn’t try nothing and then he escorted me down to the visitation room. Two guards were standing by the doors, looking ready to shoot if someone tried anything stupid. They didn’t make eye contact but just stared straight ahead. They reminded me of the guards that would stand posted up beside the door that would lead to the Interview Room at the asylum. Only this time I was the criminal and not the psychiatrist. The officer that was with me opened the door and led me inside. I frowned deeply as a saw some man, a priest rather, standing there looking sullen and scared. When he saw me he quickly got up and gulped. The door was closed behind me. I looked at him weirdly as I walked towards the table. He seemed to take two steps back everytime I got closer so I just stopped walking and just stood there staring at him. After a long silence he finally spoke in a shaken tone.

“Are y-you Mrs. Newman?” he asked in a Jewish accent.

“…….Yes.” I said slowly.

“I’m Abraham Abba I’ve traveled very far…..looking for you.” He said slowly.

I looked at him confused.

“E-Excuse me? You’ve been looking f-for me? What for?” I asked beyond confused.

“To…… give you a message.” He said his face looking blank.


“W-what kind of message?” for some reason my heart started to thump.

“You’re in great danger Mrs. Newman. Great danger. You have to kill it before it’s too late.” He said pulling out a knife.

My eyes went wide and my hands went straight to my stomach as if on instinct.

“What the hell are you doing?” I questioned.

“I’m sorry but it must be done! It must be doneeeeee!!!!!!!!!!” he yelled as he charged at me but out of nowhere I punched him in his face hard knocking his glasses off his face.

He fell back but quickly got up. I growled at him menacingly.

“Get away from me! HELP!” I screamed as I begin to fell something come over me like I wasn’t in control of my body anymore.

I was starting to become enraged with a fury greater than any anger I’ve ever felt.

“I SAID GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” I hissed.

He then charged at me again and tried to stab me in my stomach but just in time officers rushed in and grabbed him as they begin to drag him out. He was fighting, but failing.

“THAT BASTARD IS EVIL! KILL IT! KILL THE BABY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! KILL THE BABY! KILL ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” he screamed as they dragged him down the hall and out of sight.

I felt my body quiver and shake as I fell to the floor feeling weak yet still angry. I screamed in pure agony as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. The pain seemed endless as I cried out for help and then suddenly I was back to reality wondering why was I sweating and why the hell was I on the floor.

To Be Continued. . . . .

<strong>@TaquillaSamoneJackson:</strong> did you get my message about my character? are you still using my character?

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Im addicted to this story.

OH MY Gooooooooooosh!
Angela is going insane.
Maybe she&Chris are closer than they think.
This could be him sharing with her, how he felt, what caused him to kill innocent people.

Who the hell is following her & vanishing?? Where tf is Chris??!

Run It !

Sounds like either Angie is crazy or she has a guilty conscience. Update Soon

Angie is obviously turning into a monster!
Its karma for all the times she called Chris those names.
I bet that voice in her head is Michael coming back from the dead.
Why tf did she just kill that poor hobo?
What has gotten into this woman?
Crazy ass b****.

Run it

thats it the b**** done gone crazy that aint no damn hormones she is losing it i dnt believe she saw anyone that b**** hallucinating smhh it may have been caused by the stress she's been through n going through but she is defiantly losing it

thats what happens when your a psychiatrist or work with crazy people
you end up being the same way!
damn i wonder who that was following her though!
this was a good mysterious intense preview