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Dream State:The Continuance

Tittle:Dream State:The Continuance
Author:Lexi MF's Bang! Bang!
Genre: Unclassified;Based Off A Dream
Start Date:8/1/2012; 3:44 AM
End Date:???

<strong> Cast: <strong>

<a href="">Shawn</a>
<a href="">Angel</a>
<a href="">Tysaan</a>
<a href="">Gabriel</a>
<a href="">Raymond</a>
<a href="">Alexis</a>
<a href="">Renee</a>
<a href="">Dessarie</a>
<a href="">Gloria</a>
<a href="">Christina</a>
<a href="">Justin</a>
<a href="">Trey</a>

**Still need three more people**


"Shawn i'm so glad you finally decided to let me meet your family"Gloria gleamed as her and her boyfriend of 4 months walked hand and hand up to his house."yeah well just don't be shocked just know I've warned you" he said with a smile as he put in the key into the door and turned it."Shawn is that you nigga"his big brother Tysaan yelled coming down the stairs."well it ain't boo boo the fool"Shawn replied."oh and who is this lovely little thing"Tysaan said eyeing Gloria."this is my girlfriend Gloria,Gloria this is my brother Tysaan"he said introducing them."hello"Gloria said as she gave a shy wave."no need to be shy none of us are shy around here"Tysaan said with a wink as he then walked off into the living room.

"so what do you want to do while we wait"Shawn asked as he watched he girlfriend collapses onto his bed."i dunno watch some tv i guess" she said.Shawn shrugged and grabbed the remote as he took a seat next to Gloria.5 minutes later his door flew open and in walked his other brother Gabriel."what the f***"yelled Shawn."nigga please i'm just looking for my MW3"he said with a dismissing wave."yeah well learn how to knock nigga"shawn said with an eye roll."why nigga everybody know you don't last no more than 1 and 2.5 seconds"Gabriel said as he picked up his game."nigga don't confuse me with you"Shawn said now embarrassed."Ha never not even on a good day could you ever compare with me"Gabriel said throwing up the deuces over his shoulder.Shawn got up and slammed his door close."so i guess that's Gabriel"Gloria said looking at him."yeah that's Gabriel"Shawn said laying back down on the bed."he seems......okay"she said rubbing his back.Shawn just laughed and shook his head.

There was a loud bang that cause Shawn to jump up."what was that"Gloria asked scared.All they heard was "Ma its not my fault that b**** had it coming"."my mom is home...come on"Shawn said getting up and heading down stairs while Gloria hesitated for a moment before following.Once they both reached the bottom of the stairs they stood face to face with Shawn's little sister Angel and his mom Alexis."Hey ma"Shawn said as he then gave her a kiss on the cheek."hey...who is this"Alexis asked with a disapproving look on her face."Ma this is my girlfriend Gloria;Gloria this is my Mom"Shawn said pushing Gloria in front of him."hello"Gloria said as she stuck her hand out.Alexis just looked at it then looked at Gloria up and down and said "Hmmph".Angel laughed and said "yeah she won't last".Shawn and Alexis shot her a look as Alexis then said "nobody asked you little girl now take your ass up stairs and wait for your father to get home".Angel rolled her eyes and bumped Gloria as she stomped her way up the stairs."what she do now"Shawn asked his mom."busted some little girl head open just for knocking her food over" Alexis said as she shook her head "i swear sometimes that girl has ya'll father's temper....but anyways how long have you two been dating"she said now directing her attention back on Shawn and Gloria."4 months Ma'am" Gloria said now fidgeting with her fingers."Hmmph ...and i'm just now meeting you"Alexis said and she shot Shawn a look and then walked off.Gloria looked down at the ground and said "i don't think she likes me".Shawn wrapped his arm around her and said "don't worry it'll take time trust once my dad gets her it'll get better".

It wasn't until around 8 that Raymond came in."daddy"angel screamed as she flew down the stairs into his arms."hey baby girl"he said with a smile as he kissed her on top of her head."no no no don't try to butter him up"Alexis said to Angel "do you know what your daughter did today"She said now turning her attention to her husband.Raymond sighed and looked down at his daughter and asked"what did you do pumpkin and don't lie"."i busted this girl head open on the cafeteria table but daddy she asked for it she keep bumping into my table even after i politely asked her to move which she didn't which caused my lunch to fall all over the dirty floor"angel said as she then pouted.Raymond shooked his head and said"Angel go up to your room till dinner afterwards we'll have a talk about this"."yes daddy"she said said she then turned and stomped her way back up the stairs.Alexis rolled her eyes and walked back into the kitchen with Raymond right behind her."I've missed you today"he said coming up behind her trying to hug her.Alexis pushed him away with a screwed up face and said "yeah right sure you did when you got that b**** Dessarie working for you...b**** lucky she Tysaan's mother or else i would've been cut her ass".Raymond chuckled and pulled his wife into him and said "babe when you gonna let that s*** go ain't nobody worried about that girl"."yeah the way your son popped up in our home today with some girl claiming to be his girlfriend for 4 months now"Alexis said with much distaste."i have 3 sons you have to be more specific" Raymond said peeking into the pots that were cooking on the stove."i'm taking about your youngest one"Alexis said swatting his hand away."and why is it that you don't like this one"Raymond said with a smirk."same reason why i didn't like the others girls this days too f***ing fast and i'll be damned if i let any of my boys get caught up with some baby that ain't theirs or some STD hell no over my dead body" Alexis said with much conviction in her voice.Raymond kissed his wife's forehead and said "i doubt she's like that Shawn is a smart boy"."yeah we'll see"Alexis said as she went back to cooking.

30 minutes later everyone was called down for dinner."bow your heads"Raymond said as he than blessed the food."amen"everyone said in unison."so Gloria what grade are you in"asked Angel grabbing the bowel of salad."10th"Gloria said as she dug into her mac and cheese."hmmph"Alexis said with a roll of her eyes."Ma"Shawn said in a pleading tone."don't ma me Shawn Andrew Smith"Alexis said breaking a piece of garlic bread off."i don't mean to speak out of place or come across disrespectful but why is it that you don't like me haven't even got the chance to know me"Gloria said with a bit of attuide in her tone.Tysaan and Gabriel looked at each other than looked at Angel who than looked at Shawn who than looked at Raymond who than grabbed one of his wife's hands just in case she lost control.Alexis chuckled and pushed her chair back a little.Angel Gabriel Tysaan and Shawn all prepared for the worse with the look of fear on their face.Alexis sat back in her chair and with a cunning smile replied "little girl normally i would've jumped across this table and snatched you up by your hair but i'm learning self control and to answer your question its simple its because i grew up with girls like you pretend to be all goody goody when your really a f***ing snake plotting and scheming on how you gonna make it big but let me tell you something NOT GOING TO HAPPEN i carried these boys for 9 agonizing months gave birth to their big ass heads trust the size it is now is pretty much how big is was then i'll be damn i let all that plus the 20 to 17 years i put into raising them go to waste over some conniving little b**** like you now if that's satisfying enough for you if that answers your question i suggest you find your way on the other side of that door cause in 5.5 seconds if i don't get you Angel will"she said pointing to the house door as Angel than got hyped and started cracking her knuckles."fine it'll be my pleasure"Gloria said getting up from the table "oh and Shawn when you get some balls holla at me"she said as she than made her way out the house with a stank catwalk."damn ma"Shawn said shaking his head"yeah you didn't have to do her like that"Tysaan said with Gabriel nodding in agreement."oh well this hoes better learn momma don't play that"Alexis said as she scooted back up to the table and they all continued their dinner.


still working on how to continue this....really was meant as a short story .....just may stay that way...we'll see but run it :)

Run it.!!!

I need to see what happens next!

Run It!!

can i get some runs