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Poveglia (New Story){Re-Posted -__-}

Author:Lexi MF's Bang! Bang!
Start Date:7/19/12;12:46 am
End Date:????

<strong> This story has been officially copyrighted by I Wish A Motha Fu*ka Would.Inc && I'll Bust A Cap In That Ass.Corp<strong>

Chapter 1.

<strong><em>Started off as a trip.Ended in disaster<strong><em>

"b**** are you ready yet" Zonnique yelled from the bottom of the stairs."Hold on hoe i'm still packing s***" <a href="">i</a> said throwing clothes into my suit case.About 5 minutes later she came barging into my room and flopped onto my bed."are you sure about this"she asked scrolling through her phone."yeah why'll be exciting"i said getting hype just thinking about it."but why poveglia why not just go to a haunted house on Halloween or something"she asked with a hint of fear.I just shook my head it was just like her to try to punk out at the last minute."don't tell me you not trying to go now heifer hell no not after i purchased your ticket"i said getting aggravated."i'm just saying i know you heard the stories about that place"she said now looking directly at me.I stopped what i was doing and sat next to her giving her full eye contact."Zonni that's just it...there just stories just like the boogieman...don't worry you'll see"i said taking her hands into mines."okay if you say so hoe...but just in case some s*** goes down don't run off on me and leave me for dead hoe...i'll come back and haunt your ass for the remainder of your life"she said jokingly."yeah yeah yeah"i said throwing a pillow at her.

It was another hour till we was both packed and headed out the door when my phone ran."hello"i sung."hey babe where you at"my boyfriend Tyler asked."Me and Zonni are on our way to come get you now"i said jumping into the car."iight so just call me when your out front"he said as he than hung up."what did chicken legs want"asked zonni as she climbed into the driver's seat."to see where we at and dont be talking about my man you toothless hag"i said as i then gave her a wet willie."ugh!"she said swatting my hand away "i swear you still act like a big ass kid"she said as she started to pull out the driveway."well i am still the baby"i said giving her my cheesiest smile.she just rolled her eyes and turned the radio up as we headed over to pick up <a href="">Tyler</a> & <a href="">Ana</a>.

Another hour had passed when we finally pulled up in front of their house."you want me to honk or you going to go knock"Zonni asked while adjusting her makeup in the mirror."i'm calling trick"i said pulling out my phone.I dialed his number and waited for him to answer.after three rings he finally picked up."yurr"he said."ew that is not how you answer the phone when you talking to me"i said screwing up my face.He just laughed."we're out front" i said."iight"he replied as he than hung up.2 minutes later him and Ana appeared at the door."nigga get my bags"she yelled smacking him in the back of the head"."what the f*** you think this is"he asked her rubbing his head.she turned around and mushed him in the face and said "you heard me now chop chop get to it"she said as she then strolled over to the car."hheeeeeyyyy girlies"Ana yelled as she climbed into the back.we both laughed and said hey back."why you always treating my boo like that"i asked as i watched him struggle with their bags."cause he be actting like he dont know who the mf' boss is"she said popping her invisble collar.zonni just shook her head and laughed."i'm going to go help him...tsk tsk poor child"i said as i got out.I walked up to tyler as he dropped the bags and opened his arms to hug me."hey babe"he said as he then pecked me on the cheek." need some help"i asked trying to hold in my laugh.he sighed and said "yeah".we both grabbed 3 bags each and walked over to the car."why you be letting Ana punk you like that"i asked him smilng."who said she be punking me ....i'm a G i run things i just let her think she do"he said fixing his clothes."suureeee"i said as i threw in the last bag and closed the trunk.We both got into the car when Ana said "your weak punk ass" as she then smacked tyler in the back of the head again."b**** you got one more time to ..."he started to say till she cut him off getting in his face"who the f*** are you calling a b**** b****".He sucked his teeth and moved over closer to the window folded his arms and rolled his eyes."yeah i thought so"she said eyeing him.Me and Zonni busted out laughing while shaking our heads.This was going to be one hell of a trip.

Run It!<3






LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jay wrong for smacking bert!
but like nana said, it's just tough love!
i don't trust these tour guides either
up here whispering and sht! NO they acting suspicious
as fck. we need to get the hell up outta here but
3 HOURS! oh helllllllllll no! my ass is about to get
to swimming or find some sht that i can float on!
fck a damn bout! and now nashaee gone! not like i care
that btch can be gone! as long as everybody else is ok
then we good lol


Poor Michael is scared s***less.

I hope Zonni don't die.

Cleondra and Lexi know exactly what the f*** is up!

Actinv like they dont know a goddamn thing.

They probably the reason this place is so f***ing haunted.

Oh god! That little girl is gunna get us and kill us!

Im too young to die!

The. That b**** that no one likes is missing and she probably gunna kill us too!

Run it

lmao good job J
takee tht bxtch up out him !

uhn uhn see see Trey shldve let Ana
get her asx!
theyy knw whts gng on
&& we ALL are gng to die
unless we find a wayy off the usland !


"here take this and keep pressure on her neck"ana said hanging some rags to tyler and me.we all were crowded around zonni trying to keep her from bleeding to death...well all of us except nashaee lexi and cleondra."what the hell happened out there mike"sofia asked."i...i...i don't know...everything just happened so fast"micheal said stuttering."ah hell ....we gonna die"bert said b****ing up."nigga man the f*** up"jay said slapping bert."dddddddddddaaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"we all said looking at bert who had the "what the f*** just happened" face."damn babe you ain't have to do him like that"nana said."i know....i'm sorry man"jay said reaching out to pat bert's shoulder making bert jump and hide behind amber."is there anyway we can get her to a hospital"danyell asked lexi."i called for a boat it should be here in a matter of 3 hours thats the best i could do"lexi said nonchantly shrugging her shoulders."you know what b**** i done had enough of you"ana said taking off her shoes about to charge lexi."just chill we cool"trey said holding her back.lexi just laughed and walked off somewhere."i don't trust her"i said shaking my head holding a rag to my sister's neck."i dont blame you"tyler said doing the same looking in the direction lexi had disappeared off to.

"that b**** had something to do with it i just know she did"nicole said looking at nashaee who was rocking back and forth in front of the fire."how would she have done anything"asked ana."i dont know i just know she had something to do with it"nicole replied getting mad."look now is not the time to start pointing the fingers besides if the finger is to be pointed it should be at those triffling hoes lexi and cleondra"said tami."true did you see how they we're whispering to eachother before micheal and nashaee popped up they didnt even act all that surprised that anyone got hurt"sofia said shaking her head."well this place is haunted"danyell pointed out."yeah but it was like they knew excatly what was going to happen and who it was going to happen to" sofia said."i don't know but i'm ready to get the f*** out of here...i feel like i'm being watched"amber said looking around at our surrounding.we all nodded in agreement."but on a lighter note did you hear that smack jay gave bert" nana said laughing.we all cracked a smile and nodded."ya man was baby not built for that type of abuse"amber said smiling."ahhh it was just some tough love"nana said waving her comment off."yeah well he better not be slapping you like that"ana said seriously."hell no nigga know better only thing this nigga be slapping is this ass when i throw this s*** back"nana said popping her booty."ewwwwwww" we all asaid in unision laughing."aye its the truth"nana said.suddenly there was a loud boom."what the f*** was that"lucien yelled."better yet where did that b**** go" tyler said as he pointed to where nashaee was once sitting......



I read all this....

Run it



It was 3 am when we heard pots being banged together.We all scrambled out our tents."what the hell"ana yelled looking like a wild woman with messed up hair wearing nothing but one of trey's shirts."ewww what we're ya'll doing"giggled amber."shutup"ana said throwing a pebble at her."rise and shine"cleondra said with lexi standing next to her with the pots."what the hell you mean raise and shine its only 3 in the goddamn morning"said micheal rubbing his eyes."we know but if you want to experience poveglia 3 am is the perfect time"lexi said putting the pots away."well do we have a choice"na'shaee asked with an attuide."nope"cleondra said with a smirk.We all either grunted or sighed loudly."now get dressed so we can get moving"cleondra said.we all went back into our tents and threw on some clothes.we all gathered outside our tents within 20 minutes."now here are some flashlights we'll take you to a certain point explain the history and then split you up into two and you'll explore that area"lexi said passing us each a flashlights."do we get to pick who we want to go with"asked tami."no now follow us"lexi said .we all grunted and sighed again and began to followed them into the dark woods.

"this is some bull"nicole said knocking tree branches out her way."oh just suck it up"tyler said aggravated."how bout you go suck something"ana said.tyler just flipped her off."man i'm telling you soon as i see some s*** im out"bert said."so you'll just leave me babe"amber asked."everybody got to die at sometime"he said causing her to smack him in the back of the head."hey! what i tell you bout that keep it up"he said rubing his head."man my feet hurt"sofia whinned."awww babe want me to carry you"lucien asked.she pouted and nodded yes."come on hop on"he said bending down for her to get on his back."awwww"zonni said as sofia smiled and got on his back."sucka"trey said as ana slapped him in the head."ow what was that for"he said with a screwed up face."how u know my feet don't hurt"she said rolling her eyes."dont do it you'll break your back trying to carry that hippo"tyler said.we all laughed as ana punch tyler in the back."okay we're here"cleondra said.we all stopped and looked around everything looked burnt and dead with the air smelling strong of smoke."where are we"asked nana."we are now standing where nearly 3000 plagued victims were burnt"lexi explained."ooooohhhhhhhh hell nah"jermaine said trying to turn around and leave."where you think u going"ask nana pulling him back."now as for teams of two"cleondra said pulling out a piece of paper."trey and tyler,ana and nicole,kiana and amber,tami and sofia,bert and jermaine,jamie and lucien,dany and nana,and our one team of three micheal,zonni,and na'shaee"cleondra said looking up at us."oh hell no"zonni said."is there a problem"lexi asked obviously annoyed at this point."yes i dont mind micheal but that skank ...hell no"zonni said."all teams are final"cleondra.zonni sighed loudly and threw her hands up in surrender."now if there isnt anything more off you guys go you'll meet back here in a half an hour"lexi said as her and cleondra took a seat.we all took off with our partners all laughing and feeling lucky we hadnt been paired with na'shaee...expect for zonni of course.

"you think the girls will be okay with any of us guys"trey asked walking with tyler."yeah they should be good especially nicole you know ana is part pitbull nobody gonna f*** with her"he said chuckling."trey laughed and shook his head then said"how come you two go at it the way you do".tyler shrugged and answered "i don't know that's how we've always been since we were kids i guess".trey just nodded his head as they continued to walk on."i know tyler talking about me"ana said pushing some branches out her way.nicole laughed and asked "how you know girl"."because when my ears feel hot he always flappin his beak"she said causing nicole to burst out laughing."you and tyler are a mess you can tell ya'll are related"she said shaking her head."i guess but in all honesty i love my little brother that's my best friend"ana said shrugging."awwwwwwwww that's so sweet"nicole said hugging ana."yeah yeah better not tell anyone i said that s*** either"ana said with a smile."i feel bad for zonni"i said holding hands with amber."i know girl"amber said as she shaked her head."this isn't so bad though"she said looking around."yeah i guess ...i just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach"i said."what feeling"amber asked rasing her eyebrow."i don't know something is very very wrong about cleondra and lexi"i said looking directly at her."oohhh they do come off a bit....odd"amber said."yeah who you telling ...."i said as a ducked a branch."so how did you and jamie meet"sofia asked."i was working at footlocker covering for a co-worker of mines and he came in wanting the new pair of jordans and well it kinda just took off from there"tami said smiling remembering."aww ok you seem like a cool chick so im happy for the two of you"sofia said."yeah you all seem cool as well...expect you nashaee i want 5 minutes alone with her"tami said rolling her eyes.sofia laughed and said "dont worry you not the only one we all cant stand her including the guys"."yeah i'm starting to see why.."tami said."man this is that bull"jermaine said swatting a mosquito away."yeo jay"bert said outta breath."yeah"jermaine said looking at him."lemme get on your back nigga my little legs cant take no more"bert said grabbing onto him."man get the f*** outta here with that ...hell i look like"jermaine said pushing him off."come on man fo'real i have asthma"bert said pretending to wheeze."you don't have no damn asthma nigga so no"jermaine said walking up."oh so you just gonna leave me"bert yelled."nigga come on then"jermaine said stopping long enough for bert to catch up."why is she even here man"jamie asked."who"lucien asked screwing his face up at the dead animal on the ground."na shaee ..if i knew she was comming i wouldve never came"jamie said shaking his head."dont let that hoe get to you deadass just enjoy what you can while we out here"lucien said uncertain of what there was to enjoy."i guess man i just start feeling itchy when i see her face even when her name is brought up"jamie said as he began to scratch his arm and neck.lucien laughed and said"just chill ignore her act if shes not even here"."pssstt i wish it was that simple"jamie said with a hidden message behind it all."i want my baby"nana whined and pouted stepping over a little puddle."oh girl suck it up"dany said shaking her head."nooo sho i dont get why we couldnt pick our own teams"she said."so you dont like being with that what you saying"dany asked."nooooooo girl you hella chill i just wish i could dragged jay along at least he'd carry me"nana said."oo girl if that all you wanted all you had to do was ask"dany said playfully slapping her arm."for real"nana asked getting excited."no"dany laughed "what i look like"she said still laughing."thats mean"nana said as she pouted once again."well i'm a mean person"dany said as she stuck her tongue out at her."micheal walk ya ass up"zonni said annoyed she was stuck with nashaee."i'm walking as fast as i can"he said."dont talk to my man like that hoe"nashaee said."the only hoe here is you"zonni said."funny ass goofy ass hoe"nashaee said rolling her eyes."oh i got yo hoe"zonni said getting in nashaee's face."yeo chill..."micheal said yanking them apart staring at something ahead.they all turned to see what looked like a child hunched over crying."i think we should turn back"micheal said backing up."yeah i second and third that"nashaee said following his lead.zonni stood still and watched the figure."zonni"micheal whispered loudly.there was a breeze and then a child laugh as someone then screammed out causing everyone to run back to see what happened."so you think everything is going according to plan"cleondra asked lexi with a smirk hearing the scream."yup right on time like always"lexi said staring off into the 2 minutes everyone expect micheal zonni and nashaee was back together."where are they"i asked panicing."i'm sure their fine"cleondra said nonchantly."so you dont think we should go look for them"sofia said yelling."there they go"lexi said.micheal and nashaee walked over to the group slowly covered in blood with zonni in micheal's arms."what happened" i asked looking at my sister who was wide eyed covered in blood as well gasping for air with half her neck bite off.nashaee and micheal just stood there shaking covered with blood staring off in a daze....

RUN IT......

Chapter 2.

<em><strong>The silent warning<em><strong>

We Landed in Italy 2 pm and caught the boat over to the island around 3.We were now standing on Poveglia facing our guide."hello my name is <a href="">Lexi</a> ,i'll be your guide while visting with me i have a local <a href="">Cleondra</a> who will explain some of the island's history".She stepped aside and allowed Cleondra to speak."well Poveglia first came to be when people from Padua and Este fled there to escape the barbaric invasions.1379 Venice came under attack from the Genoan fleet; the people of Poveglia were moved to the Giudecca, and the Venetian government built on the island a permanent fortification, called "the Octagon," still visible today"she said pointing it out."umm....excuse me this little history stuff is cute and all but that's get to the real point here"Danyell said.Cleondra smirked a little and said "ok fine,when the Romans decided the best thing for society was to round up all the plague victims of the era, and stick them somewhere. That somewhere happened to be here.
Several thousand people were gathered and quarantined on the island, where they died together.When the plague got worse, they lowered Poveglia's requirements from "plague sufferers" to "anybody with any sign of sickness at all." They also changed their policy of "let the infected die peacefully" to "throw them in a large pit
and set them on fire.Estimates put the death toll at 160,000 on the island, where charred bones still wash up on shore."Danyell sighed loudly as i elbowed her in her side."is there a problem"Lexi asked."No"i said as Danyell said "yes".Lexi raised her eyebrow as if to say "explain".""you little local here"danyell started pointing to Cleondra "is taking to damn long to get to the point"."and what point might that just be"Cleondra asked smirking again."the fact that in 1922, a mental hospital with a bell tower was built on the island and according to legend, this particular hospital featured a doctor who routinely experimented on his patients with such things as lobotomies performed with a hammer and chisel.As the legend goes, the doctor tortured his patients in the bell tower, and ignored their cries that they heard and saw the ghosts of plague victims.The doctor was then supposedly thrown off the tower by the ghosts of plague victims and, while in the dirt struggling to stay alive, was "strangled by a mist that arose from the ground. Though the bell in the tower was removed decades ago, locals still claim to hear its chimes echo " Danyell said in a knowing matter.Cleondra clapped sarcastically and said"well what am i here for"."yeo just chill homie"sofia said."since you know it all you must know of the rumors of the ghosts of both the plagued and mental patients as well the the doctor and some of his staff still roam this island"cleondra said folding her arms."what"Bert said looking back and forth between Danyell and Cleondra "wait a minute wait a minute what did she just say"bert asked the rest of us."man calm down"jamie said putting his hand on bert;s shoulder."nah f*** that i ain't dieing i watch horror movies i'm black and i'm short cant run that good hell no"bert said knocking his hand away.we all laughed at that moment."baby just relax we'll be fine there just rumors"amber said shaking her head."you know what fine i hope we all die"bert said finally giving up."well if you'll all just follow me we can be on our way"lexi said as she started to make her way towards camping grounds.

we were walking through a bunch of bushes and trees when suddenly i felt sick and my nose started to burn like i smelled smoke."Does anyone else smell that.the girls said yeah while the guys said no.Lexi and Cleondra gave each other a knowing glance and thought no one had caught on to it as they once began walking again."bet she dont do you like me"na'shaee whispered to jamie."would you just shut the hell up"he said rolling his eyes.Tami looked back at Na'shaee and grilled her."is there a problem"she asked batting her eyes."yeah there is when you speaking to my man"Tami said."girl please"na'shaee said as she laughed and put her hand in Tami's face as she walked pass her.Tami c**ked back her arm ready to punch Na'shaee in the back of the head when Trey grabed her arm."chillax lil mama"he said laughing."she tapping dancing on my last nerve home girl dont know me"tami said smashing her fist into her palm."oh snap we got another lil G"tyler said grinning."nothing bout my G little homie"Tami said as we all laughed."we're almost there"Cleondra said turning her head towards us."we need to be there now..s*** all these goddamn bugs"Lucien said swatting away invisible bugs."your bugging out babe"sofia said shaking her head smiling."am i really"he asked as he slapped his arm then looking to see a dead mosquito.

the guys were sitting around in their folding chairs drinking and being loud.Na'shaee was somewhere being Na'shaee."i mean i'm not the only one who felt it right"i asked looking at my friends who were huddled around the fire with me."nah your not"nicole said looking around at our surroundings."damn it kiana ....what you gets us into"amber said shaking her head."i didn't do anything and as far as any of us knows it could just be our nerves"i said shrugging off her comment."yeah okay you say that now but don't come looking for me to save your ass when your being chased down by something"nana said.I rolled my eyes and shook my head and said"fine be like that hoe"."i'll tell you one thing"zonni said."what"the rest of us asked."i know one person i defiantly won't be risking my life for"she said as she turned and looked at Na'shaee who stopped and gave us all the finger then headed to her tent."oooooooohhhhhhhh that girl just makes me wanna whop her ass"amber said.we all laughed."What the deal with her and jamie"Tami asked.we all looked at each other with a worried looked."i think you should ask jamie to explain that one him self cause to this day i still don't get it"sofia said shaking her head.we all continued to talk and laugh the rest of the night but the whole time i couldn't shake the feeling of someone or something evil lurking near by watching us ........


"i know you didn't invite that hoe"ana yelled standing up looking directly at someone causing us to turn around and see <a href="">Na'shaee</a> who was grinning while waving at us and <a href="">Micheal</a> who seemed to want to disappear at that very moment."welll......"i said shrugging."well nothing you know none of us like that skeet bag"sofia said rolling her eyes at Na'shaee as they made their way over to us."i know i know but please guys can we call just get along"i said trying to plead with them."oh somebody gonna get along just fist & that b**** face"nicole said getting ready to stand up."yeo chill"lucien said pushing her back down in her seat."hey everyone"na'shaee said with the cheesiest smile."hi'i said while Zonni,Nicole,Sofia,and Ana just mean mugged her."hey trey"Na'shaee said looking directly at him."he..."he started to say before ana shot him the look of death."okay be that way"na'shaee said taking a seat."sup micheal"tyler said as mike gave him,trey,and lucien dap."nothing much just ant to get away for awhile you know"he said plopping down into a seat."i don't know what kind of get away you had in mind then cause this is not gonna be fun"sofia said laughing and shaking her head.I just rolled my eyes and sat back in my seat.

Another 20 minutes and i spotted another friend of ours."yeoo baby"i she grinned and made her way over."hey boos" <a href="">Amber</a> said as she gave all us girls hugs."wheres Jamie his guest and Bert"i said."oh"she responded as she turn around to look for them "somewhere back there i guess"she said waving it off as she sat down."so...wass....oh heeeellllll no"she said getting up as she finally noticed Na'shaee."hello to you too b****"na'shaee rolling her eyes.Amber laughed and said "oh somebody better get her....cause if you don't i will" as she jumped toward na'shaee making her flinch.nicole and ana laughed and gap amber dap.tyler just shook his head and said "that's yo friends".2 minutes later <a href="">Bert</a> and <a href="">Jamie</a> walked over to us with some girl trailing behind them."hey guys"i said giving them hugs and eyeing home girl suspiciously."oh s*** oreo"tyler said cracking up while giving bert dap."you know whatever laugh all you want don't be mad at me because i take the time out to say my words because i know how to annunciate b****"he said stepping over some of our bags to get a seat."pay them no mind baby they just some haters"amber said pecking his cheek."i know they are and that's all they ever going to be but it's cool"he said trying to cross his legs but couldn't cause of his jeans.we all laughed until Na'shaee took it upon her self to say"why hello to you to jamie".He just looked at her disgusted and roll his eyes."now now is that anyway to treat your ex....the mother of your child"she said smirking."somebody better get her"amber said shaking her leg."ANYWAYS!"Ana said changing the subject "whose this jay"she asked smiling at the girl."oh this is my babe <a href="">Tami</a> "he said smiling."hey"she finally said still looking a bit uncomfortable."girl relax we all cool we don't bite"lucian said."micheal do"nicole we busted out laughing knowing what she was talking about."shut up"micheal said throwing a skittle at her head getting it caught in her hair."oh hell nah you done got me f***ed up "nicole said shaking her hair out trying to get the skittle to fall out causing us to laugh harder.

"boarding will start in 20 minutes"was the announcement over the speakers."so babe wheres this friend of yours"tyler asked while kicking the back of ana chair."should be here any moment"i said laying my head on his shoulder."who is this friend anyways"bert asked looking in his phone."a friend from school"i said as i suddenly heard someone call my name." <a href="">Danyell</a>.she waved and walked over to us and we hugged."everyone this is my friend danyell or dany"i said as then introduce everyone to her."so how did Kiana talk you into coming"Zonni asked danyell.she shrugged and said "she really didn't have to this kind of thing interest me"."pssshhh you bugged"sofia said shaking her head."all i wanna know is where Nana and Jermaine they asses txted me and told me they were out front like 45 minutes ago ...where they at"nicole said getting loud ....again."there they go"lucien said pointing in their direction.soon as we seen them we knew what was up."heyyyyy girlies"nana said walking over to us cheesing obviously not noticing how she looked.she tried to hug ana but ana put her hands up and said"na uh b**** did you wash your hands clothes all wrinkle hair all over the place with the big ass kool aid not fooling nobody you nasty ass hoes".<a href="">Nana</a> and <a href="">Jermaine</a> just started laughing."so where ya'll do it this time"Jamie asked."the men's bathroom"they both said together.I just shook my head and looked at Dany and Tami's faces which was filled with complete shock.This was nothing new to us though it was expected of them they were just nasty like that."umm what is she doing here"nana said now completely changing her tone.knowing their past jermaine grabbed onto her to hold her back and said"woooo sahhhh"making nana back hand him playfully."we'll discuss this later everyone is starting to board"i said nodding over to the line that had started to form.We all gathered up other lines and tickets and headed over to the line.In a matter of hours we would finally be at Poveglia,Italy ....

Run It

"are we there yet"tyler whined from the backseat for about the hundredth time.We all took a deep sigh trying to refrain from backslapping him."yes tyler damn we get off on the next exit the airport is right there"Zonni said trying to keep her calm."wooo sssaaahhhh"i said fanning her.She just looked at me annoyed and said "Kiana .... Shut the fu*k Up"."well exxxxccccccccccccuuuuuuusssssseeeeeeeeeeeee me bit*h"i said rolling my eyes.I was about ready to get out this hot tight ass car smelling like feet pus*y and ass.It took another half an hour till we were actually in the airport due to traffic."AIR!!!"tyler exclaimed as he jumped out from the car.Zonni just looked over at him evilly and shook her head."aye tyler .....bags"Ana said snapping her fingers at him to his attention and then pointing to the bags."b****"tyler said imitating her grabbing his own bags and walking off.Me and Zonni looked at Ana looking confused and busted out laughing."ohhh now he wanna act like he got some balls....okay we'll see"she said picking up her bags and storming off after him.Me and zonni just continued to laugh as we gathered our stuff and walked in after them.

We got through security and found our gate 6B and sat down>we still had about an hour and a couple of minutes left before everyone started to board the plane."where the hell are the rest of these hoes"ana asked propping her feet up on the seat in front of her."well <a href="">Sofia</a> <a href="">Lucien</a> <a href="">Nicole</a> and <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Trey</a> said they were parking when i spoke to them 5 minutes ago so there be here in another 10..everyone else still on the highway the traffic is still bad"I said digging in my bag looking for my Hershey.In exactly 10 minutes all we heard was "yeah sure....oh please kiss my fat black ass....yo momma....yo mommma xs 10000 hoe....oh b**** yo great great grandma on yo daddy side heifer....yo great great great great great great great grandmomma who use to turn tricks and breed monkies at the same damn time double heifer"."who...what in the world"tyler said turning his head in the direction of the noise.All we seen was Trey and Lucien speed walking over to us in front of sofia and nicole loud arguing asses trying to pretend they didn't know them."Trey ...Trey....Tremaine...i know you hear me nigga"nicole yelled walking behind them with sofia behind her making faces.

"what are ya'll arguing about now"Zonni asked shaking her head."This hoe....."nicole started stopping to roll her eyes at sofia "gonna step on my damn foot and then lie and say she didn't know...i bet you didn't with those big ass country bamma corn dog smelling feet of yours"she said waving her finger in sofia face."you better take your finger out my face before it comes up missing"sofia said in a low tone now that pretty much everyone walking by and sitting down were now staring at us."i wish i wish i wish you would b****"nicole said bouncing up and down."okay that's it time out break it up"lucien said getting in between them."hey babe"trey said to ana."hey" she said smiling as they then proceed to have a full make out session.Tyler looked at them as if he was about to throw up everything in his stomach.i laughed ""babe stop be nice"i said.he shook his head and look at them nauseously and said "how can i be nice about that can anyone kiss that ...that's like making out with a whale....a sea lion..... walrus".i cracked up and shook my head he was stupid."so how long you guys been here"lucien asked."not long"zonni said now looking into a magazine."well where is everyone else"nicole said trying to rub off what i guess was sofia footprint on her sneaker."stuck in traffic"i said shrugging."well besides Diggy and Roc who else is suppose to be coming"asked sofia raising her eyebrows.i fiddle with my fingers while looking down and said"well see about that .....i kinda invited.........."

Run It