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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


damn chris itll get betta he only told you the truth and tink hav made the last say lol smh bt im startn to fill a lil effy bout will idk its sumn bout him

Small teaser to tide you over ;) Rest of this add is coming TONIGHT.

“I want to talk to you about something though,” Will said as I gave him a puzzled look.

“What about?” I asked over the loud music that was playing.

He leaned forward to say it in my ear, “Us.” I was taken aback by the response. Before I could dig deeper into what he had to say, I felt someone stand next to Will and I. I looked up to see Chris standing awkwardly with his hands shoved in his pockets. He removed one and stretched it out in Will’s direction.

“Sup man? I’m Chris.” Will looked at him apprehensively before returning his gesture.

“Will.” He said shortly as he finished shaking Chris’ hand. I could tell they were sizing each other up.

“Heard a lot about you.” Chris stated trying to be friendly.

“I’ve heard a little about you.” Will was definitely being an ass intentionally. It was kinda cute, him wanting to stand his ground with Chris.

Chris smirked and nodded to Will’s response, “Well you’re welcome to join us in VIP. I’ll get you a drink.” He turned to head back to the section and I grabbed Will’s hand. He was staring intently at Chris.

“Come on. It’ll be fine.” I assured as I kissed him on his cheek. He let a small smile escape as we made our way into VIP.

We walked up and Chris grabbed Will’s shoulder strongly, “Let me introduce you to some people.” Will turned to look at me as I gave him a reassuring smile before Chris swept him away.

“Well, them two together isn’t awkward at all.” Indigo said sarcastically as she walked up to me. We watched Chris smile as he introduced Will to the crew.

“I just really hope he likes him.” I said aloud as she looked at me with confusion.


I paused for a moment, “I don’t know...”

After Chris introduced Will to everyone he knew in the section, he fixed Will a drink and they both took a seat. Will caught Chris sneaking glances at Tiffany and laughed a little.

“You love her don’t you.” Will stated rather than asked. Chris looked over at him puzzled.

“Whatchu talkin bout?” Chris asked casually as he took a swig out of his bottle. Will chuckled again.

“I see the way you look at her brah.” Will said as Chris fell silent. They both looked up to see Tiffany laughing with Indigo and Red. “She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent and amazing. I’m not letting her slip. My only message to you is, if you ain’t willin to be half the man I am to that girl, stay out our way. If you are…let the better man win her heart.”

Will concluded his message as Tiffany walked up and grabbed his hand, “Come on bae! We’re about to take some shots!” She turned and looked at Chris. “You too big head.”

Chris paused for a moment as he turned to look at Will who was smirking at him. They both caught the term of endearment she had used in regards to them, unconsciously admitting who she had chosen.

“I’ll catch up with ya’ll.” Chris responded flatly before watching Tink pull Will away. He took a huge gulp of the liquor in his bottle. He had to numb the feelings he wasn’t willing to admit he had.

YAAAAAY! I've missed you!!!

Welcome new readers!!!!!

Wooowww your comments! Awww! And sorry I've been absent. I went home over the weekend and I've been driving everywhere! I'm adding to this and fame tomorrow loves!! PROMISE! Ill do my best to make them nice and long with lots of action!

You slippin shugs!!!

Where you at?!

Run it [towards Fame tho Lmao]

Where you at? (in my J.Hud voice)

Run it!

I love this story Chris and Tink are perfect for each other.

Im going through withrawls !
Nicci, Nicci, Nicci, Where are you??!

Run It!

ADD !!!!!!! P.S. LOVED THE Last add :-)

~New Reader!!!~
After finally catching up i am sooo in love with this story. Tink and Chris are so perfect for eachother and they know it.
RuN iT!!!!

run it

I feel like Tink is going to be heated with WHATEVER Chris interrupted them to say... smh

run it run it girlie!!!

Run it

i feel like everytime chris is abt to tell her how he feels something ruins the moment and distracts tink..she needs to just sit still and listen idk if she is cutting him off on purpose so she dont have to face his feelings and eventually have to admit to her ownn feelings for him or what..but some stuff needs to be said! I think it wouldnt be a problem for chris to go over and introduce himself to Will as long as he dont go over there starting nothin then everything should be kool..maybe
lol and indigo is not making it no better..she over there instigating.. "she's happier with you" "I know you not gon let him have what should be yours" even tho she IS speaking the truth..cant wait to see what happens..RUN IT!

Run It !!


If Chris is really in love with Tink he needs
To say something before she completely fall
For will
Run it

run it run it

Im Still A Little Fishy With Will
Cause I Don't Know That Much About Him!!!
RUN IT:)))

What is Chris about to do?!? I think her and Will are perfect together but ehhh, RUN IT!!!

Why is she falling for Will?
he was only supposed to be a MINOR distraction
until ChrisTOPHER got it together..
SO.. Now what ?

This is REALLY bad ..

Im worried about Chris
and worried for Tink ..

Run It

I honestly think Chris will change for her......he obviously loves her.....he told her he'd rather go home with her than go home with that heaux and smash....I bet he wouldn't have told Kae what I'mma need Christopher to grow a steel pair....and tell Tink how he feels before this goes any further with Will...who I still like by the way....

Awwh chris is in love.he needs to tell her before she falls for will completely.*waits for next add* RUN IT

Chris cant do this ... and he's doing it to himslef!
Clearly! Ugh! Can he not remember what he says??

If Kae deserves better, What about Tink??

Really. Chris, Really!? smh.

Tink is about to get all kinds of hurt if it pops off in this club.. I just know it. It's about to be some words thrown around and said about her. Oh man.


This is the defining point....

Aw Damn Aw Damn!!
Indigo, REALLY??! She wanna speak up now??! smh.

Oooh Dont Do It, Please Dont Do It, Cause 1 of us goes In & We all go Thru it.. smh. Oh my bad! Got caught up...
Chris pleeeease dont do something stupid! Dude chill, get out yo feelings! See. See, i KNEW this was gonna happen. WHYYYYY?!

Tink got em fallin in love. But it really looks like Will dont feel the same. Like he's cool with her&all but he constantly pushin away, even after softening up on her. The "date" thing. And just, She all in. THIS is NOT about to end well. *worried look*

Run It !

<em>“Yeah not to mention ain’t no pussy that good to make me get someone’s face on my body.” He chuckled slightly shaking his head.</em>

HA!! smh...

But ok... that entire add just confused the hell out of me!

Her <em>"date"</em> with Will and then she walks into her house to be hit with a consumed bestfriend.

<em>“You staying with me tonight?” I asked wanting nothing more than to comfort my friend.</em>
Giving me mixed emotions... hmmmm.. i'll let it ride.

And Chris didnt tell the whole truth. C'mon buddy, you put her lil ass out! You tiptioed into your house and said "Ruche, Im done with your coochie, BOUNCE!" lol. smh.

This is getting interesting and complicated. Got those butterflies and knots at the same damn time.

[ on to read the next add ]

Run It!!

i agree sometimes ppl have the best friendship n when they take that step forward its not the same.. they need to stay friends for now. cause cleary if he cant make that change wit is tink going to be different.. run it again