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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Chris SIT yo ass DOWN! If your not willing to change for her then honestly you don't deserve her. You probably could'v had her a long time ago but you said yourself that you still want an open relationship! She don't need that s***! And I know you <em>Chris Brown</em> or what not but that s*** is nasty.....

Soooooo SIT yo ass DOWN before you do something STUPID and end up losing Tiffany AGAIN! UGHHHHHH!!!!

What this nigga don't understand about <strong>FRIEND</strong>ship?!?! Lol

Run it

s*** is about to go down between chrus and william!
I know chris is about to look at tink like he loves her or something, and will is gonna know that something is up....
Or chris will bite his tongue and just deal with the heartbreak that is to come...
run it :)

awww helll...i hope this confrontation doesnt start a fight!

rite bee! andre 3000 fits this so rite lol
bt really tho ithink he shuld go over and
introduce himself bt wait til everybody
gets home to tell her and see wat she does
or says....iwant them 2 together bt she
seem so into will (shrugs) idk immma jus
have to find out huh....RUN IT!

Awwww s***!! This is getting more and more interesting

Runnn It!!!

I dont think Tink is allowing Chris to tell her how he feels. She's stuck up wills ass to try and hide her feelings for Chris and that is not cool.

Run it

Aw poor Chris

Love it! I agree with Indigo. Tink and Chris deserve each other.

awwww im really loving her n will. im confused.. i know u are confused on what to do writing this.. i like how will is opening up to her.. thats cute he wanted to see her.. damn chris is getting mad jealous.. i wonder what he is going to say when he approach them.. this is going to be so awkward lol but run itttt i cant wait

*in my Andre 3000 voice*
Chris, don't do it!
Reconsider! Read some liter..a-ture on the subject.
you know what? f*** it.
you know we got yo back like chiropracts!
say if Tink do ya dirty, we'll wipe her ass down in some detergent
now hurry, hurry, gon to the alter,
i know you been a pimp,
but pimp remember what I taught you.
keep yo heart Breezy man, keep yo heart.
keep yo heart breezy man!

ok. i'm done.

but no...seriously...I don't think he should do it. but if he goes over there and pours his heart out to her and she do him bogus,
he has the right to be mad. mad as hell.

run it.

Love love LOVE your comments!

<strong>One Month Later</strong>

“Bruh, it is hot AF in this club!” I said fanning myself with my hand as Indigo nodded mimicking my actions. We were invited to Superclub by Chris and the guys to party with them. He and Karrueche had officially decided to end things and their break up was going viral. This night was dedicated to him celebrating his new found freedom and to take his mind off of the many questions that were being thrown at him.

“Ya’ll need to drink to not think about how hot af it is in here!” Hood yelled as he handed us two drinks. I crossed my eyes at his comment.

“Drinking makes you hotter Hood!” I laughed as he shrugged his shoulders.

“I may be hot. But I bet you I’m too drunk to gaf! I’m finna take my shirt off.” He said as our eyes widened.

“Take my shirt off and all the hoes stop breathin!” Indigo sang as she did a little dance causing us to laugh. Hood shook his head at us before he walked over to join Chris, Red and Keeis on the other side of the VIP section. Indigo turned up her nose when she noticed some chick Chris was talking to.

“He’s smiling hella hard in her face!” Indigo said as I nodded in agreement. It was good to see him smiling again so I wasn’t bothered by it. “He should be smiling with you like that.”

I shot her a crazy look before I shook my head, “No he shouldn’t be. He’s good where he’s at.”

“Tiff, I normally keep my thoughts to myself, but I’m drunk and don’t gaf. Ya’ll are perfect for each other.” She said as she poked her bottom lip out. I rolled my eyes and took a sip of my drink.

“It’s fine the way it is. Chris isn’t willing to change his ways for me, and I’m not going to make him. I would rather be cool then end up like another Kae.”

“But you’re NOT Kae though.”

“You damn right! Cuz I’m making the choice to be his friend instead.” I said as we looked back into his direction and watched the girl whisper into Chris’ ear causing him to flash a sexy smirk. He was definitely not going home alone.

Mijo came over and pulled Indigo off to dance and I was starting to miss Will like crazy. We had spent nearly every day together and I was falling for him harder than I ever thought I would. I pulled out my phone and decided to send him a text.

<em>I want nothing more than to see your face right now.</em>

<strong>Soft sh*t.</strong>

I rolled my eyes at his response when I felt a body sit next to me. I looked up to see Chris smiling and sweaty.

“Somebody’s getting some ass tonight.” I teased nudging him as he chuckled. I looked back down to my phone to text Will back.

<em>I’m serious.</em>

“Why you over here mopin tho?” Chris asked as he draped his arm over my shoulder.

“Indigo left me and everyone else was talking to girls. I felt lonely af.” I sighed as Chris laughed.

“Aye, to be real I don’t wanna really go home with that girl..” He assured me as he smiled a little. I looked up at him strangely.

“Why not? She had ass AND titties. Hell I’d hit.” I joked as he chuckled.

“Cuz I’d rather go home with y..” I tuned Chris out as I felt my phone vibrate in my hand. It was a text from Will.

<strong>Look up.</strong>

I scrunched up my face as I instantly looked up to see him standing on the other side of the blocked VIP section smirking at me.

“I’ll be back.” I said to Chris as I excitedly jumped up and rushed out of the section. I wrapped my arms tightly around Will’s neck as he laughed.

“Damn girl!” He chuckled as I looked up at him and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Whatchu doin here?” I asked softly as he smiled.

“Guess you can say I wanted to see your face more. I was standing in line when you texted me.” I giggled and shook my head before placing another peck on his lips.

Chris looked painfully at Tink’s embrace with who he assumed to be Will when Indigo walked up next to him and shook her head.

“You gon let him have who should be yours?” She asked as Chris continued to watch them.

“I don’t want to come in between her happiness. I’ve never seen her look so..smitten.” He said as Indigo screwed her face up.

“Smitten? Tf? You been havin hella meetings wit white folks again?” She asked as he laughed and nodded.

“Hell yeah!”

Indigo paused for a moment as she took a sip of drink, “She’s happier with you.” She said before she shrugged and walked off.

Chris took in her last words and took in a deep breath before he decided to approach the two of them.


run it

run it

At first I was all for Chris and Tink being together, but now I don't want Will to get hurt cause I know Tink is going to get with Chris eventually

aww that was sweet. iabsolutely LOVE their relationship! friendship...aahh wateva friendship thats gonna turn into a relationship n e way shes always there for him like a friend shuld be ya kno. igotta go get me a friend like that....preferably chris brown lol bt ithink he was rite he was always jus stringin kae whether it hurt or not it was the rite thing to do. like he said he was comfortable
.....comfortable and happy arent the same thing. being comfortable can make yu happy bt only for a little while. ilike that he can take time from his busy schedule to be wit his tink tink :) ooh and will puttin up that front act is gonna make him fall in love quicker.....he keep frontin she seein rite thru it he's gon love her b4 he kno it lol or at least like her sooooo freakin much it scares him lol love it tho! RUN IT!

RUN IT!!!!!

I really like the fact that there's current events in the story (Oprah Interview with Rihanna..Neck Tattoo..) it's not just another 'Chris Brown the singer story but leave out the personal issues' type of thing. Tink, I love how she's there for Chris during his lowest points but I'm torn between him and Will. Will is just a litle too cool for me

Run iT! <3

i wish i had a friendship lyke tink and chris

Awwwwww, how cute. She's gone be in love with two dudes yo!

Lmaooo you so silly! I Don't know if anybody knows Rich Kidz but like they said "Friends with benefits can do what they want!"

Awwwh...chris n tinks moment was so stong and emotional even if they didn't say much..I fell like chris is gonna break down soon n tink will be there to comfort him when he cries then it will all lead RUN IT

Omg! I feel bad for Kae, but she shudda seen this coming...Chris and Tink are really adorable, and Im glad that she can comfort him in his time of need :)
Run it :)

Teeelllllll me againnnnnn that we'll be Lovers AND Friendssss *usher voice* @Tia. LOL

Bee calm your hormones. There's a time for everything ;)

Awwww I love her and Will! #TEAMWILL! Fym?! Lol Had a nigga speechless in that car lmaooo!

But poor lil Chrissy! I'm glad his FRIEND is there to comfort him. I love their FRIENDship! It's so sweet. Like Future said "I heard she be there anytime you need her she come through!"

[I know you caught on to my hints about them remaining FRIENDS! Lol]

Run it

aww how they be there for each other is cute. i think he is doing the right thing wit kae.. dont be there if u really not gonna be all in it.. aww tink n will are just cute. he know he like her...
i like how u added the situation wit his tattoo in the story but ahh run it. i cant wait to see what happens next

That's what I love about Tink and Chris' friendship......where the other may be weak at times the other is there to be strong for them.....i love that.....

run it

omg!!! I am gon be late to class because of this but i don't even care.
They have to freak! OMG!
Or at least come close!
He's vulnerable, she's horny, it's the perfect concoction for good sex.

On a serious note, I love them together.
I'm glad Chris is doing the right thing like Spike Lee
and I'm also glad Tink is enjoying Will,
even tho this is going to make complications for when Chris and Tink freak on eachother in the next add (gotta speak it into existence ya kno? lol)

anyways, run it =)