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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Stupid ass, she is just so stupid, very stupid. Should have stayed yo ass up out the picture Kae!

Anyway, I imagined Chris driving her to work in his Red black and grey Bugatti Veyron. Lol I wouldn't have let him take me to work in that lol. I would have been like "Umm? You can't go home, switch into your black Rove and take me?" Lol cause that's is just too much to be pulling up to work in. But I hope Tink has a good first day and a good day at school with Wiiiiiilliaaaaam! Lol

I hope Chris be ok, he seems to be going through alot right now. Poor thing.

Run it

umm i have been reading this story since the beginning and finally decided to make a profile.
I am happy Chris decided to be true to kae about his feelings towards their relationship. No use to leading her on and he know it aint progressing. I love his relationship with Tink. But he has to come to grips that Will could possibly be the new man in her life. If he's truely her 'friend' then he will understand. I hope everything works out for the best.


Awwwww, that my girl comment threw me off. and I knew the Chris and Kae thing was coming!

That 'my girl' comment Chris made to Tink was the gateway to him saying goodbye to Kae in that bathroom. I love it!


Kae is starting to be annoying

daaaaaaang he said he aint wanna come home cuz Kae was there lol poor least he finally let it out tho..and he think he slick talkin abt ive never got to take MY GIRL to work before mmmhmm lol too funny RUN IT!

aww damn. he told kae he didnt wanna come home.. that must hurts.. yeah he is not feeling that anymore..but things are still confusing wit tink because she mentions will ..any chance she get.. i guess she starting to like him n chris is growing more fond of her.. she is in a tough situation.. but please update this.. its getting better n better by chapter

Lmao! I can't get over the fact that his ass skipped to his side of the car!....he was right though...the whole scene was kind of heart kinda cracked for him when she said she'd get Will to pick her up.....he just gotta work faster about knowing what he wants...and he better do it before Tink gets in too far with Will......and YES! it's about damn time...he should been told Kowabunga what was up (sorry...watched too many Kid fury vlogs) but I bet deep down she already knew it wasn't going to there's no need in stretching out the inevitable.

Snuck a quick little add while at work.

Spamfilter wouldn't let me be great so I can't post Tink's outfit, Chris sleeping or his car :( use your imaginations lol.

THANK YOU! adding more later.

I heard my alarm go off and groaned a little in my sleep. I turned over and saw Chris knocked out next to me. We must have fallen asleep watching TV because it was still on. I rubbed my eyes and crawled out of bed to get in the shower and do my hygiene routine. When I was finished, I curled my hair and got dressed and walked into the kitchen to make a small breakfast before I woke Chris up.

I cooked a simple meal of eggs, sausage and bagels and fixed me and Chris a plate, and put up Indigo’s plate in the microwave. She didn’t have to be at work until later. As I set our plates down on the table, I saw Chris enter the dining room yawning and scratching his stomach.

“I didn’t even know I fell asleep over here.” He said in a sleepy voice as he sat down at the table. He looked up at me and smiled. “You look nice.”

“Thanks,” I blushed as I sat down in front of my plate. “You gotta eat fast because I need to be on my way out in 15 minutes.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said sarcastically as we continued to eat breakfast. We both finished and I grabbed our plates and dishes and put them in the sink. I grabbed my purse and waited patiently for Chris at the door before he followed me to my car.

I decided to start my car before we said our goodbyes. I placed the key in the ignition attempting to start my engine, but for whatever reason it wouldn’t start.

“This is can’t be happening.” I whined as I placed my head on the steering wheel in defeat as Chris chuckled.

“I told you your car was crap.” He teased as I mugged him.

“Not today Christopher.” I scowled as he stopped his laughter.

“Let me just take you to work.” He offered as I shook my head and attempted to start my car again. Still no luck.

“Just give it up. Come on.” He said reaching his hand out for me to grab as he assisted me out of my car. I pouted as I turned back to look at Mona. Just something else I would have to get fixed.

He unlocked the door to his car and I rolled my eyes.

“You’re seriously about to take me to work in this?!” I asked as he looked between me and the car.

“Uh duh. Get in.” He grinned as he opened my door for me. I got in buckled my seat belt as I watched him skip in front of the car causing me to giggle.

“This is so…cute.” He said as he sat in the driver’s seat and I looked at him strangely.

“What’s cute?”

“I never got to take my girl to work before. I used to see my dad and step-dad do sh*t like this.” He chuckled as he started the car and took off. I brushed off his <em>my girl</em> comment. I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

We clowned and listened to music as I gave him directions to my job. He drives crazy af, but it was fun none the less. We pulled up to the front of my office building.

“What time should I be back to pick you up?” He asked sweetly causing me to smile a little.

“It’s cool, I’ll see if Will can come get me, since I have class right after.” I informed as his smile slightly faded. I smiled softly and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks Chrissy.” I said before getting out of the car and briskly walking into work.


Chris tip toed into his house and went straight to his downstairs bathroom to do his standard hygiene ritual. He finished brushing his teeth and hopped into the shower and let the water run freely over him as he processed his night and morning smiling to himself. He enjoyed Tink’s company.

As he was lathering up his body with soap the glass doors to the shower quickly swung open.

“Where tf you been? Immediately you come home and take a shower! What b*tch was you wit?!” Karrueche yelled startling Chris.

“Rueche get the hell up out the bathroom!” Chris roared back as he closed the shower door.

“No, I’m going to stand right here. I was calling you all last night wondering why you ain’t come home.”

“I didn’t want to come home..” He said lowly, but she still heard him.

“Why didn’t you want to come home Chris?” She asked, her voice booming with attitude. “Why di-“

“Because you’re here..Kae.” He admitted cutting her off.

“Wh-what?” She choked as she held back tears. He sighed as he turned off the water and slid the door open.

“I’m not happy…with us anymore. And I don’t want to continue to confuse things for you. I think it’s best if we follow through with that break.”

oooooo this was sooooo gud! kae my baby yu need help. yu and i both kno mama that was becuz of u-stream bt denial is ok buddy lol ummm ithink her and will can make a gud couple (not as gud a couple as her and chris) lol bt a gud couple none the less lol umm his tough guy exterior was gettin annoyin bt im glad a person like tiff can see thru that cuz iwulda been he fine as hell so iprolly wulda kept tryin too lol that kiss was sumn special huh...had poor lil tiff in a daze lol idnt think chris shuld have jus showed up bt im glad he did......she said sum things he needed to hear even tho he didnt take heed to them. ithink indigo shuld have said sumthin abt it tho like soon as will left bt the endin to the last add was sooooo kute! they noth kno theyre in love wit each least they kno now its no hidden feelings and one feels this way while the other has no clue abt the feelings. ithink them 2 will go far wit this lil crush thing thingy too. cnt wait for more RUN IT!

I support him barging in too. He's getting close to admitting how he feels through his actions more.

actions speak louder than words...

Run it

Ok so I'm sorry yall vut I'm in full suport of chris barging in!!lol I realy like this new guy but maybe for Indigo or kae...I sence a steamy scene coming up between chris n tink..*waits with hope* n noooo I love fame!!!you better do a sequal??? RUN IT!!

<em>“I’m sorry.” He said placing his head on my shoulder and looking up at me with his big brown eyes. “You forgive me?”</em>

<em>I stared at him intently before I responded, “You have 31 freckles.”</em>

<em>He scrunched up his nose before he laughed. “You counted them?!”</em>

<em>“Yeah. When you were sick in Dallas I counted them while you slept. Does that make me weird?”</em>

She counted his freckles. That is EXACTLY something I would do! And how she didnt apologize, but only changed the subject. I do that too. I dont say Im sory but I have my own way of changing the subject to let them know it's like saying let bygones be bygones. I just wont apologize because half or 75% of the time you mean what you say when you're mad. I may not mean to say it in the way I said it, but I mean it..

<em>“Yes. Yes it does.” He teased as I shoved him a little with my shoulder. “No actually it means you love me.” He finally said as he wrapped his arms tight around me.</em>

<em>“Nah.” I said flatly as he let out a light laugh.</em>

<em>“I’ll admit it when you do.”</em>

Slick move Chris. But Tink keeps waving it off. smh. Although what is he gonna do if she doesnt admit it?? hmmmmmmm...????


I can't ... You had 666 comments sooooo I had to change it

Runnnnn It !!

I think it's ridiculous how good this story is. That last add was like whoa! I like Will, but I love Chris. And if I'm able to admit it, damn it, him and Tink can too! JS. Lol!


I sooo wanna see where things go with her and Will

RunIt!! (:

RunIt!! (:

Why Everyone Getting On Chris Ass???
I Feel As If Though Someone Is Goin To Get Their Feelings Hurt.,Either Tiff, Chris, Will && Its Not That I Don't Like Will Its That I Really Don't Know Him So For Now Im #TEAMCHRIS:))

them too are a MESS! so dysfunctional lol..but im glad they dont stay mad at each other long...and he need to cut that jealous stuff out..he dont wanna give his all to tink then he need to move around and let somebody who will give it a shot.. but i think soon he gon end up telling tink how he feels abt her..he almost slipped when they was on skype but Will called..and speaking of Will tink is falling for him and fast! even tho he is an a** they are still cute together..she dont let his rudeness phase her..RUN IT!

I got so confused, lol. RUN IT!


That was the cutest add!
lmfao when Chris was like: "I'm Maurice Today."
that made me laugh hard af!

I feel like Tink should not be messing with Willy because he will end up more heartbroken than he was before he started messin with her. We all know who Tink is gonna be with in the end....
Their little argument was too funny to me! I love that goofiness about them :)

run it !!!

I was scanning and saw:
<em> Ummmm excuse me? D-Did you just say e-end?</em>
My heart DROPPED! Then I was able to read the update and saw that you were talking about Fame.... FAME??! OMG! It just doesnt feel the same, not fair to be a new reader and missing the first part. But I will have to finish that one......

Wow.. I knew he wouldnt soften up completely. I cant wait to really know his background. I like his mysteriousness. He's cute. That voice! And she did it! Tink has broken and made it through Will's guarded walls.

This nigga is a trip! He really brought his lil yellow ass over there trying to block and s***?! I know why Tink is pissed. How the hell he get to string Kae along and all that but Tink cant move on while he wont decide? StevieJ-ing her ass. Hell no! Then... Their argument almost had me in tears. I love those type of fights. smh. Chris kept his cool, he didnt say anything outrageous. I really thought it was gona end in "f*** YOU!" But I was sad for a minute. Thought I was about to lose my bestfriend. But Chris is ruining their friendship, he's messed up by letting his emotions cloud his judgement. He's making more intimate moves and not remembering Tink is his BESTEST FRIEND.And he keeps running from saying how he feels. EVERYTIME. Latest excuse is when they were on Skype. smh. Chris is gonna get hurt. I wish it wasnt so, but if he keeps it up. smh.

<strong>Run It!!</strong>

Chris was kinda in the wrong for just showin up like that!!!

He knew he was in the wrong... smh

Will is intriguing to me, I feel like he's hidin some deep sh*t though too "/

run it run it girlie!!!

Awwww I love the ending of the last add but he is wrong for coming to her house when she told him not to come. Run it

I love their relationship.....they do love each other...anybody with eyes can see it....hell even if they are's so cute how jealous he wouldn't be a problem if he would just straighten up his act........but....on the other hand there's will.....the guy who has this wall up because he's obviously been hurt real bad.....I like him...I really do......he's different a good type of way.

ok wow both adds was intense like but chris cant be jus popn up at they house like that he aint her man he cant get mad cus a nigga talkn to her he jus her friend damn boy get ova it