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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


YAY!!! Its a boy just like I thought! Im just md that Will got me a little shook now with that mess.

Baby Will is too much for me...He need to just face it there would have never been a thing between him and Tiff again

Awww I know Chris' is jumping for joy on the inside....a little chris jr. lol

Really will you had to say some s*** like that??? Ughhh anyway Im happy their having a boy soooo Chris better pay up:))))

lol, that's big money to lose Chris! And Will.. what if that was a possibility >.<
RUN IT!!!!!!!

i so called that , lol . a mini chris . how cute .


Im scared for that point that Will made. It would crush both Tink and Chris if it was Will's child. AND Chris needa PAY UP! a mother always knows lol.

And I Know Im Late but my favorite moment had to be the church scene also. Girl its like you were preaching to me directly I felt the holy ghost with that one. I commend you for your willingness and determination to write a book. I hope you go very far with that cause I sure as hell will be reading it! lol

lol run it

Awww they're having a little boyyyy. Chris lost tht bet lol he better be ready to spend tht green lol. Run it.

Will got some nerve..I would've slapped his ass lol

RUN IT!!!!

Oh my.. I hope the baby is Chris'. I'm glad the baby is a boy though! I agree Scared of Beautiful should be made into a novel. Run It!

Yay!!!! Its a boy!!! Anyways, I'm glad she told Will the truth and left him in the past. That's where he needed to stay. Now if only Chris could do that with Rih...Lol But omg their having a boy!!!! I knew it would a boy!!! I'm so excited for them. I hope they name him Christian like Chris wants. Run it!!

And she bunned Will huh? Bet 5 the story ends with her finding out the baby is for him...

I say make Scared of Beautiful the novel! That would be epic!!!

Really will?? Ugh...i hope he doesn't try to come between Chris n tink wit day bullshyt...don't need no drama! I'm happy they're having a boy :) Chris wouldn't no what to do wit a girl...can u say overprotective? Lol. I'm excited for them... :)

Run it!!!

i cant believe Will..he just will not let her leave..gon seriously ask her if she sure its Chris baby..smh she came to tell u goodbye so say goodbye! glad they are having a healthy baby boy! he gon be just like his daddy lol

Thank you guys for sharing your moments with me!! Most of those are my favorites tooo!!

Tia, I'm judging you for that comment lmao.

Thanks for all of the support! I've been debating about re-writing Scared of Beautiful and turning it into my novel, but then again, I at least want to give you guys some type of closure with that as well. I definitely won't let it get to 2500 post like this one lmao.

Thankk youuu!! Your support and comments are everything!! You all have been the BEST readers! Even the silent ones that never talk to me :(

I stood awkwardly outside of Will’s dressing room after the play with his security. It was hell trying to convince them that he had invited me back here. Apparently Will was hot sh*t. He was very good in the play, couldn’t even deny that. Even Indigo and London made slick comments about how good he looked. None of that phased me though. I was over my Will stage.

A couple moments later, he opened the door and smiled softly at me before pulling me into a hug, I made sure not to allow my belly to touch him, so he wouldn’t be able to feel how solid it was.

“Come in girl.” He said grabbing my hand and gently pulling me into the room. I smiled at the security before Will closed the door behind the two of us.

“You look…beautiful.” He commented as he leaned against his vanity.

“Thanks. You did really good tonight. I’m truly proud of you.” I smiled as he let out a small chuckle.

“Long way from driving cabs. I have you to thank.” I raised an eyebrow.

“How so?”

He shrugged, “You just always believed in my talent. Made me think I could do more than just sell some records. This play is probably the best thing I’ve done with my life. I have some type of legacy to leave now. My kids will be able to watch this play and see what all I’ve done.” He explained as I nodded in understanding.

“I’m…I’m sorry for just disappearing on you the way I did. A lot has changed..” I confessed softly as he looked into my eyes.

“I already know you and Chris are back together. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.” He said crossing his arms as he looked at me close. I took a deep breath before I stepped closer to him and grabbed his hand and placed it on my stomach. He looked at me with widened eyes.

“I’ll be five months tomorrow…We find out the sex of the baby then.” I explained as he continued to look at his hand resting on my stomach in shock.

“Damn…and you’re sure it’s his?” He asked as my mouth dropped. I could’ve smacked him clean in his face.

“What kind of question is that?” I questioned, quickly removing his hand from my stomach.

“…So we’re both going to act like that night didn’t happen? The real reason why I thought you disappeared…” He reminded me as I almost felt myself wanting to throw up. It was a night I had pushed out of my memory.

It was a few weeks before Chris and I had reunited. It was the day he had gone to the Laker game publically with Rihanna and they were all over each other. I had gotten drunk and gone to Will’s just to get back at him.

“Will, the dates don’t add up. I had my period right after that night. And it didn’t even last that long.” I sighed as I shook my head before heading to leave. “I knew I shouldn’t have even come here.”

As I was turning to leave he gently grabbed my hand to stop me, “Stop acting like that Ti. Can’t blame for at least asking…” He said as I sighed.

“I was really just coming to say goodbye Will. I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me in the course of our relationship. But my life is moving forward. I have a family now and I have to focus on that.” I told him as he slowly nodded in understanding.

“Ever think about what it would’ve been like if I would’ve fought harder?” He questioned as I quickly shook my head.

“It wouldn’t have mattered how hard you fought…I was always going to rock with Chris.”


I lied back on the bed in the dark Doctor’s room as Chris and I waited for him to enter and give my ultrasound. I looked over at Chris and watched him anxiously biting his nails.

“Stop, that’s disgusting. Your hands have been touching everything today.” I said shaking my head as he giggled and removed his fingers from his lips.

“How’d last night with Will go? He get the closure he needed?” He asked as I shrugged. I definitely wasn’t going to mention the fact that Will even questioned the paternity of my child. I knew I was having Chris’ baby without a shadow of a doubt. What happened with Will that night was a mistake and irrelevant.

“You can say so. Told him some things he probably didn’t want to hear..”

“You tell him about the baby?” He questioned as I nodded.

“Yeah. He got in his feelings about that, but I handled it. No more Will.” I answered with confidence as he smiled and nodded.

“How much you want to bet on the sex?” He asked me as I chuckled.

“What you think it is? I already know what it is.” I smiled as he furrowed his brows at me.

“How you know?”

“A mother always knows. Me and the baby are one.” I smirked as he smacked his lips.

“5,000 it’s a girl.” He said confidently extending his hand. I shook it to confirm our agreement.

“Headed to the mall right after this then. You buying me and the baby all kinds of sh*t with that money.” I replied before he frowned at me.

Dr. Parker came in shortly after our bet and smiled brightly at the two of us, “Tiffany! Chris! Pleasure to see the two of you.” He greeted sitting down in his chair and putting on his gloves.

“Did you drink lots of water today?” He asked me as he lifted up my shirt. I nodded as I continued to squeeze my legs together. I had to pee like no one’s business.

“Yeah, I made sure she drank lots of water this time. Because I know last time you weren’t really able to see the baby too good.” Chris answered as the Dr. Parker nodded and poured the jelly on my belly before placing the sonogram against it. All three of us looked at the screen as we watched the small body flicker.

“My! They are very active today!” He chuckled as we joined him.

“Yes. I’ve been getting kicked in my kidneys and spleen all morning.” I said laughing softly, as I was in awe of my baby on the monitor.

“Let’s see if we can get em to sit still long enough to determine the sex..” He said rubbing the sonogram across my stomach back and forth. I looked over at Chris and he was smiling happily at the screen.

“Already has your energy.” I teased pinching his cheek as he grinned while squeezing my hand tighter. I looked back up and could automatically tell the sex of the baby. The legs were spread wide open.

“Well! Guess there’s no second guessing here. You guys are having a boy!” The Doctor announced as Chris’ mouth dropped.

“Wait, how can you tell?” He asked as Dr. Parker laughed and pointed on the monitor.

“There’s the penis right there.” He said as he clicked a button to take a picture.

“Whoa! THAT’s the penis?! I thought that was a leg this WHOLE time.” He replied in shock as I couldn’t stop laughing. Dr. Parker took several more pictures before wiping the jelly off of my stomach and instructing me to sit up.

“You guys have a healthy baby boy. I won’t need to see you again until your 9th month for your weekly appointments until the due date.” He explained as he handed us the ultra sound print outs before explaining check out. Chris and I both looked at them in awe. Excited to be having a little boy. I could already tell he was going to be just as active as his dad.

“Thanks Doc.” Chris said shaking his hand before we watched him head out of the room.

I looked over at Chris and smirked, “So about that $5,000…”

My favorite part would definitely have to be the chruch scene I really felt like I was there you could really picture it all, another one is when they first met eachother and what the nickname really ment to Chris I thought that was cute. There was so many good parts this story is really good, I've been ready your stories for a while so hearing that your working on your book I'm very happy for you, I will definitely buy your book.


i wonder how will going to feel and say about the it

Nooooo!!! dont end it in two weeks!!! im not ready!! end it in two years!!

And I agree the church moment was deff my favorite moment
And their first time
All the crazy moments with Indigo and Mijo
And you cant forget Kelvin's crazy ass

Rrrrrrrun it!

I really have true love for this story and please believe I will buy your book when you publish it:))) Also my favorite moment would have to be when Tink told Chris about how bad ol dude was when he gave her head(can't think of his name) and when they went to church also when she first met him at the concert and you could just see the chemistry build up from there:)))))))
RUN IT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


run it

i honestly don't think i can choose a favorite .. i love every bit of this story . will better not try anything after the play . i kinda want them to have a boy . a mini chris would be cute .

& i really don't want this story to end . i won't know what to do when it does .

I'm so in love with this story lol. I'm glad Chris and Tinks relationship has grown. It great to see they will start out on a great foot before the baby is born. I like that Chris finally want to get his side od the story out in the open and that he respects Tink's friendship with Will like she respect his friendship with Ri. I think the ring Chris gave her was beautiful but the feelings he expressed to her were better. Keep up the good work.
Run It!!!

So I joined this board just to be able to reply to your stories lol....

1st thing, I've been reading fanfiction for about 12yrs now, and have only found one reader to ever make me anticipate the next add; checking everyday for a new post, until I found this story. I hate to compare people, but your writing skills are so much like hers yet so different, I'm beyond excited I found this. The fact that it's CB makes it even better since I'm so used to reading B2K fanfiction.

Congrats on being published! Can't wait for the book, I will definitely be buying :)

Now to the story....I love their relationship, at first I thought it might've been too perfect but then, he messed up; and all though it was messed up, I was happy because it made it realistic. Him taking so long to mess up, made it even better. It reminded me of my relationship, my boyfriend left after 3yrs, never cheated or anything just needed a break, and we were together again after about 3 months lol. So I can see why Tink was so nervous about getting back with him, it seems so soon after you get your heart crushed by your love, but it's life and we can not control our feelings.

I think they are so good for each other, so much alike yet so different. I don't believe in opposites attract, there's always that common ground you have with your mate or else there is no chemistry. The fact that all his true life drama, that we know of, is played out in here makes me like him even more. He's only human!

Will...I believe he truly does like Tink and vice versa but clearly her feelings for Chris outweigh her feelings for Will. I won't be surprised if that's who she ends up with in the end though. CB's baby and all, lol, just because it's so expected for her to end up with Chris and that's what we all want.

Favorite moment...hands down the church scene, I damn near cried.
It was a deep moment for them.

Can't wait til the next add, run it!!

My favorite part..was when they were at this party..and then they got stuck in the bathroom..and had pure lust for second favorite part is when he would spend the night innocently as friends