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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


He needs to make a f***ing ustream like today!! But thats besides the point.

Him and tink are tooooo funny!!! Chris needed this day :)

Rue may have something to say about this though ..

Runnn It!

“What are you doing here?!” Chris asked me as he finally released me from the hug. It was so warm and I felt so in it. I took a heavy sigh.

“I live here now.” I confessed as he furrowed his brows.

“What in-the-f*ck! How long have you been here?! And why the hell ain’t you tell me?!” He asked, before he skimmed my outfit. I knew what he was about to comment. “Those my <a href="">sweat pants</a>?!”

I giggled before I nodded, “Yeah, you accidently left them at my house. So I kept them.” My outfit was real chill for the occasion. I was wearing Chris’ sweat pants, a baby white tee, <a href="">Jordans</a> and my custom made Mechanical Dummy beanie with my hair flowing underneath.

He looked down at the bags I had rested next to my feet, “What’s in the bags?”

“Oh, I brought you a gift,” I started as I handed him one bag. “And I planned on cooking for ya’ll.” He looked surprised when I said cooking but nodded before he looked in the other bag and instantly started cheesing.

“You bought me some paint?!” He asked giddy as he pulled out one of the many cans that rested in the bag.

“Yeah, I’d figure we could zone out and paint or something after we eat.” I said shrugging a little as his eyes widened.

“You paint?!” He asked as I quickly shook my head.

“Hell no. But you can just paint over my sh*t.” I chuckled as he smiled widely before pulling me into another hug.

“I’m so f*ckin happy you’re here.” He said before planting a kiss on my temple. I smiled as he led me inside the house. His <a href="">house</a> was amazing. It was the first time I had ever been here and I couldn’t help but look in awe. It was the perfect house for him.

We walked into the living room after setting the bags containing the materials to make spaghetti in the kitchen. I saw the game they were playing and instantly got excited. I loved Call of Duty.

“Ok sooo…which one of ya’ll want yo ass beat in this game first?!” I taunted as they all turned and excitedly greeted me. I was so happy to have been accepted by Chris’ friends. They were really my homies.

“Man, you stay talkin sh*t!” Hood groaned as I laughed.

“Aye, I can back it up. I got next!” I yelled as I plopped on the couch between Redd and Keeis.

“No the f*ck you don’t! I been waiting ever so patiently for Chris to die so I can play.” Keeis said as he gave me a quick mug before Chris smacked his teeth.

“Nigga what?! Who said I was losing?” Chris asked as he picked up the controller.

“Chris, you play COD faithfully and you still suck ass. You’re definitely losing this round.” Keeis said matter of factly as I added in an ‘oooohhh’ for effect.

Chris looked coldly at me, “Who side you on Tink?”

“I’m on the side that gets me to play quicker.” I said honestly as the group laughed at the fake hurt expression on Chris’ face.

Keeis’ predictions were right and Chris did end up losing to Mijo. I don’t think he cared though because he quickly joined me in the kitchen as I started to cut up the peppers, onions and mushrooms for the meal.

He was sitting up on the counter watching me cut intently, “So why didn’t you want to tell me you moved out here?” He asked after I finished explaining to him about my job offer and the real reason I was in LA for New Years.

“I don’t know. Just didn’t want you to think I had other motives for moving out here. I wanted our relationship to stay the same without any speculation.” I said as I grabbed another pepper to cut it up.

“I know your intentions are good Tiff. I would’ve helped you buy a place and everything..” He said sincerely as I shook my head.

“That was another reason. I know you would’ve wanted to provide monetary assistance. And although I know Indigo wouldn’t have mind, I know I wouldn’t have been comfortable with it. I’m a big girl and can take care of myself and my needs.”

“You can’t always be prideful. I’m your friend Tink, I would’ve wanted to help in any way I can.” He paused for a moment. “At least let me bring a house warming gift when you invite me over tomorrow.” He slipped in as I shot him a look.

“Who said you was coming over tomorrow?! I gotta work.”

“After work then. Aye, can I take you to work?!” He asked excitedly as I looked at him strangely.

“Nigga NO! I can drive myself.” I said as he slightly leaned his head back.

“What in that thing you call a car that’s parked outside?!” He asked as my mouth dropped.

“Don’t disrespect Mona! We’ve been through a lot.” I said defending my car as he chuckled.

“That part is obvious. I was scared as hell when you was driving us around. I just knew it was going to break down.” He said shaking his head.

“Whatever. She gets me from point A to point B. I’m saving up for my dream car. But for now, I will pretend she’s a beamer.” I said casually as Chris chuckled.

“So I can’t take you to work, OR see you after work?” He asked again as I sighed in defeat.

“You can come over when I get off. Or before. Indigo doesn’t start her new job until next week.” I said as we made light conversation while I continued to cook for the house. He had left me before I finished to continue playing games with the guys.

I finished and fixed everybody a bowl and brought it all out to them. I saw Chris messing with his laptop but I didn’t pay much mind to it. They paused the game and instantly started digging in. These niggas must’ve been hungry.

“Damn, this is good!” Mijo moaned as he ate his food. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Man, can you move in?!” Hood asked sincerely as I laughed.

“Ya’ll act like Chris doesn’t have a chef.” I said shaking my head as I swirled some noodles around my fork.

“Yeah, but he doesn’t come every day. Other than that it’s every man for himself.” Keeis said as he stuffed a forkful of food in his mouth. I was happy everyone liked my spaghetti.

“Well now she can cook for us more often. She lives in Calabasas.” Chris announced as everyone gave him a ‘duh’ expression. I shook my head. Indigo.

His face fell, “Tf?! Ya’ll knew?!” He asked as everyone hesitated before nodding.

“That’s old news son.” Mijo said flatly as he turned the game back on. Chris gave me a playful glare as I returned with an apologetic smirk.

Hood finished his food first and turned on the speakers in Chris’ living room to start playing music for everyone.

“You know what I ain’t heard in a minute…” He said with an evil smirk as ‘Run It’ started blasting causing everyone to crack up. “We about to listen to this whole muh f*ckin album!”

“Man noooo!” Chris giggled as Keeis and I got up and started doing the running man. “Ya’ll wildin!”

Chris watched Tink clowning with his friends as ‘Gimme That’ played before looking back down at his laptop. He had been U-Streaming for the past 15 minutes because of the many requests he was receiving on Twitter from fans.

“You see how they do me?” He asked the lap top as he scanned the replies in the chat room from fans. Mostly telling him they loved him and asking about the Rihanna/Karrueche situation. He ignored most of those comments.

“Ya’ll wanna meet somebody?” He asked the screen as he saw plenty questions marks fill the post. He smiled as he looked up at Tink.

“Tink!” He called as she looked up from laughing with Keeis. “Come here.”

“Why weirdo?” She asked as he smacked his lips. She was always questioning everything. She could sense his irritation. “What?! You over there smiling and talking to yourself like a creep!”

“Just come here!” He requested again as she rolled her eyes.

“Stop trippin! I know you gotta girl but man she’s slippin!” She sung purposely off key as Chris laughed while she walked up. “I sound just like you.” She giggled as she approached him closer.

“Whatchu want man?!” She asked before she looked down at the laptop to see a reflection of herself. “Whoa! What’s this?! Why I see myself?!”

Chris chuckled, “I’m on U-stream.” He confessed as Tink’s face fell.

“Tf Chris?! I look ugly!” She said quickly moving away from the laptop. He gave her a side smirk as he grabbed her before she could walk off and pulled her down next to him. She covered her face, but he quickly moved her hands.

“This is my bestest friend in the whole wide world! Tink Tink.” He said smiling bright as Tink gave a small wave. She laughed when she saw a comment posted in the chatroom.

“Haha someone just said ‘po lil tink tink’!” She laughed as he joined her. She was receiving a lot of positive comments. “Aww, thanks to whoever said I was pretty.” Not every comments was a positive one though.

“Tf? Why is your U-Stream channel called The Chris Brown Show?! LAME!” She said rolling her eyes as he shoved her a little.

“This is really the Tiffany and Chris Brown show.” She teased looking into the laptop as Chris tilted his head back.

“Uh, no tf it’s not. They don’t want to know anything about you.” He joked as she raised her hand to silence him.

“They want to know everything about me, honey!” She said in a goofy accent. “But for real tho B! What ya’ll wanna know about my manz Chris Breezy? I’ll tell you everything yo!” She said trying to imitate a Brooklyn accent as Chris started laughing.

“For real doe! Dis nigga Chris Brown…got HELLA…HELLA BI..” She was about to say b*tches but Chris quickly cut her off.

“Bread!” He said as she looked over at him strangely for a second but rolled with it.

“He gots HELLA bread! Hella mustard, cheese, pickles! All dat shiidd!” She said pounding her fist in her hand to show emphasis as Chris continued to laugh.

“I got allll dat shidd at my crib yo! I gotz sammiches for DAYZ son!” Chris said joining in. He started counting off his fingers. “I gots ham, turkey, SALOMI my nigga!”

“HELLA Salomi B!” She chimed as Chris laughed. The chatroom filled with many ‘LOL’ and ‘LMAO’ as the two of them continued to pretend to talk with a New York accent.

“Yo Tink, you trynna ride the four wheelers?” Mijo interrupted as the two of them looked up at him.

“Hell yea!” She chimed before looking back at the screen. “Bye!” She quickly said before jumping up as Chris watched her get up.

“Don’t leave me. I wanna come.” He pouted as she turned back around to look at him.

“Come on then goofy. Bring the lap top.” She suggested as he smiled before looking back on the screen.

“Ya’ll wanna watch us race?” He asked not really caring for the response as he grabbed the lap top and carried it outside. Mijo was getting Tink adjusted safely onto the four wheeler as he instructed her on how to ride it.

“Man be careful girl! Keeis ride wit her the first time.” Chris told him, concerned about her safety. He knew how fast and powerful they could be. Keeis did as he was told and jogged over to ride with Tink.

He watched carefully as she rode up and down the street smiling and laughing. She zoomed past him and he instantly got worried.

“Slow down lil girl!” He yelled as he shook his head. For whatever reason he was feeling an overwhelming sense of protectiveness when it came to her.

“Get on one! Do it with me!” She yelled back as he sighed a little but shrugged as he got on his other four wheeler. He was having too much riding up and down the street with Tink not thinking about his problems or the week’s failure. She was the perfect medicine for an aching heart.


“I seriously think I just created a masterpiece.” I said as I stepped back to look at the drawing I just put on Chris’ wall in his basement. He stopped what he was working on and looked at my figures and smacked his lips.

“Tf? Two stick figures?!” He said as I laughed.

“Man, do you not know who they are?! That’s you and that’s me!” I said pointing to the stick figure that I drew with a fitted on his head and a gold chain around his neck and then pointing to mine. He shook his head at my ‘art’

“You missin something on yours.” He said as he shook up his spray can and drew two boobs on my picture. I laughed as I smacked him in his arms.

“Nigga who’s boobs are those?! Ain’t my titties.” I said pointing to my chest while looking at the ones he drew. He giggled a little before he set the can down and walked over to pull me into a warm and tight hug.

“Thank you. For this.” He said softly still holding me.

“For what?” I asked as I squeezed him a little tighter, taking in his scent.

“For being my hero today.” He replied as I felt a chill shoot up my spine. No one had ever called me their hero before.

“Well when your friend tells you they need a hug, you have to do everything you can to make sure they get exactly that.”

The add switches from first person POV to third then back to first so don't get confused! lol I did it like that on purpose. Enjoy!

Mijo is the bro he needs, Tink is the lady in his life [ MichealJackson style!! ] But really.. This is getting real, and TOUGH. poor Christopher. ChrisBrown is ruining everything! smh.

AND OH NO YOU WONT! I like my Fan of a Fan & Fame Seperated [in Avant's voice. lol ]

[ im slippin on my long comments ] :(

Run Run Run Ruuuuun Iiiiit !

I dont think it's the right time for Tink to tell Chris ESPECIALLY with Kae out the pic
[ hope im not too late!! ]

I love your stories Ms. Nicole!!!! Just awesome!!! This one mimics his life so much! Crazy how he just kissed Rihanna at the VMAs!!! Run it please

Im reading and it starts all hectic. Kae is packing, crying, yelling. Im like WTF IS GOING OOOON???! And then it says <em> that night with Rihanna</em> WHAT NIGHT???! Just throw in random and dropping bombs. woooah. lol. smh.

[ goes to read next update ]

Run It !

Run it!

run it run it run it

well that made his night..! run it!!!

run it

aww finally caught up on the thats crazyy.. idk wat to say.. im happpy that tink n chris finally know how they feel about one another.. i think they both realize your friendship is more important once u make that step to be more, it can never be the same again.. will seem ok. u never know he might be a real good guy.. chris cant be gettin jealous. and i feel bad for chris.. everything is falling apart but im glad kae is actually standin up for her self..we'll see if things r meant to be wit them.. i kno he was so happy to see tink at the door..they are too cute..... run this girl.. love this story


awwwwwwwwww =)

they are too cute.
go head Tink Tink, cheer him up =)

run it =)

I bet he felt like he was a kid at Christmas again.......Tink's exactly what he needs right now.

Awww, RUN IT !!!

That was cute!!!!!!

More...give me more!!!!


I know chris is happy af right now
run it


ready 4 tht long add! I lyke fame and fan of a fan separately...

That is so cute!!!!!!!
Tink is so adorable for that s*** :)
Chris will definitely feel something deeper for her after this visit, but where does she fit in the chaos that is his life?
Run it :)

I Know Chris Happy As Fck:)))

I Know Chris Happy As Fck:)))

Chris is like scrappy he don't know who he want to love ! Kae should have roundhouse kicked his simple ass.

Bestfriend fun to come!!! No hanky panky !!!

Runnnnn It !!

Lmaoooo aww man! You Idea tho. That would have just combined the two stories. I'm glad you didn't do that though because then it would really be like starting Fame all over again.

But it's just rough on Kae and Chris. I feel bad for Chris because he can NEVER get a break. NEVER. N.E.V.E.R. lol. He's always being judged, talked about, it's just sad. It's rough on Kae because she had already fallen for him and all she wanted was a monogamous relationship. And I know what he means by saying because it was Robyn she was upset. I would have been mad af too.

Tink need to stop acting like that. She supposed to be his friend. Best friend at that. And I'm glad Indigo talkin' some sense into her. Or at least trying.

Huuuuuuuuug! Loooooong Huuuuuuuuug! Lol

Run it


Add of them at his house next :) I plan to make it nice and lonngggg. Not until I conjur up a long add for FAME too.

you know what I had thought about doing for a hot second? somehow combining the two. Like when Chris was finally going to get serious about Tink, THAT'S when he met and fell in love with Charli leaving Tink in the dust! lol crazy right?!! But I'm not going to do that lol. Especially now that I told you!

“Ooh Kill Shot!” Chis said out loud as he thought he shot another enemy. He was playing Call of Duty with Mijo, as Keeis, Hood, Redd and Rob all watched.

“Nigga, you just killed me! I’m on your team! Ol’ b*tch ass.” Mijo growled as the guys laughed.

“My fault.” Chris chuckled as they continued to play.

“You talk to Kae?” Hood asked as Chris shook his head.

“Nah, she won’t return any of my calls. She’s mad af.” Chris sighed as Keeis shrugged.

“It’s Kae. She’s pissed now, but she’ll get over it soon. It ain’t like she didn’t know what the deal was. You f*ck b*tches all the time.”

“Yeah, but it’s different cuz it’s Robyn and you know it. Plus I’m normally honest about my sh*t. I didn’t tell her we linked up after the awards.”

“Yeah, I just don’t understand why whoever leaked the photo of you leaving Robyn’s crib waited this long to do it.” Redd commented shaking his head.

“Me either. Must’ve been waiting for the right price. You can barely tell it’s me though. Just shows a tall dude in a hoody. All that mattered was that Kae knew it was me. I had to just own up to the sh*t.”

“Why’d you do it though?” Mijo asked as they continued to play. Out of everyone, he was the closest to Karrueche because he had known her first, even before Chris.

Chris shrugged hard before he scowled, “I don’t know. I was originally just going over there to roll up, cuz we wanted to see each other. One thing just led to another after that. I love Robyn, but that that night made me realize I wasn’t in love with her anymore. It just felt like sex, nothing deeper.”

“Prally left after Drake’s ol soft ass hit. He probably took every bit of emotion with him just so he could make Take Care.” Hood joked as they laughed.

“This sh*t just came out at the wrong time. I’m getting hit at every angle. Everybody is on my ass about everything.” Chris sighed heavily as Mijo smirked.

“I got a present for you that will probably cheer you up.” Chris shot Mijo a questionable look.

“Whatcho gay ass get me now?” He asked as Mijo laughed.

“Bruh, chill! It should be here in a minute.” He said as they all heard the doorbell ring. “Go get the door.”

Chris looked at Mijo strangely before he paused the game to get up. What could possibly be waiting at the door for him? He looked through the peephole and his heart dropped down to the pit of his stomach before he opened the door. Tink stood there with her arms stretched wide open.

“I’m here to give you that hug you need.” She said as Chris pulled her close and held her tight in his arms. He never wanted to let go.

Yass !! Kae leave that niggaa he ain't s*** for that ..
But his week is rather s***ty ... Sucks for you(I am pretty mad at him right now .) I dont even wanna know why he f***ed that heffa...

Tink bout to do her job as a best friend and save the day!
Runnnnn It !

Damn......Kae was serious........well....Chris.......I honestly don't know what this could could lead to so many other possibilities......and now that Tink permanently lives in California....I feel like he could become dependent on her.....emotionally that all seriousness....Kae should've been walked out on Chris......the moment that open relationship s*** started...... anyway tho......I bet it's gonna make his day when he sees Tink at his door.