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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


So I was thrown for a loop just now with him boning Ri! I just can't. In real life, I never really did like her. I don't care to much for Kae, because of this story. Lol! Anyway, Chris gone be shocked as s*** when he finds out she's in Cali!


come on chris how u gon go have sex with rihanna..and then get caught!! how did that even happen in the first place?? but at least kae is finally sticking up for herself i guess that was the last straw for her..chris is really in a bad spot right now he done messed up least he still has tinks FRIENDSHIP to fall back on..RUN IT!

see dats wat he gt he should be hurtn rite now he f***ed up that girl stayed by his side threw it all and he acted like she was nun im glad she finally open her got damn mouth and said enuf is enuf cus he was startn to do a lil to much and as for him n tink i think sumn gone go done seens kae not in the pic now bt then again it mit not cus will in the pic now unless she dont f*** with him like that run it

damn...Kae leaving that jam?
Woah o.O
Well...hopefully Tink can make Chris feel better.
Not even on no freaky s***, but on some comforting, best friend s***.
I do feel bad for Chris...kinda.
But idk...
I know one thing...he's going to be happy as hell to see Tink. it =)

“I can’t f*ckin believe you!” Karrueche yelled as she vigorously began stuffing clothes into her suitcase. Chris stood, watching his entire relationship fall apart.

“You just think I’m dumb af! Along with the rest of the got damn world. Your sneaky lying having ass really thought I wasn’t going to find out?” She screamed before shaking her head. Chris was lost for words, he knew he f*cked up.

“You know I didn’t say sh*t when that picture was released of the two of ya’ll kissin…” She said calming down as tears threatened to leave her eyes. “ really just had to f*ck her huh? You just don’t gaf about ME or what we have do you?”

He remained silent causing her to get angrier, “DO YOU!”

“Rue, I’m sorry..I never meant for any of this to happen..” He started as he attempted to approach her but she quickly backed away.

“Well you sure as hell didn’t prevent anything from happening now did you? I’m not some f*ckin door mat Chris. You can’t walk all over me and still expect me to stay in the same spot! I’m a person! And I have feelings too dammit!”

“I never wanted to hurt you in any of this. It was a mistake…” He began before she cut him off.

“Bull sh*t! You don’t just fall into your ex girlfriend’s pussy! I hate you so much for doing this to me Chris! There was a time when you used to love me so f*ckin much! You didn’t want to do anything to risk losing me…and now I’ve allowed so much to happen that you don’t care. You don’t even f*ckin care that I’m leaving now.” She said putting her head down as the tears freely fell. He lifted her chin up with his index finger.

“Don’t say that because I do. You think I want to watch my love walk out the door because of some sh*t I did?” He asked as she moved her head from his fingers.

“Being with you…is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve always held my head high and stood by your side in the midst of all the bullsh*t. I can’t do that with this one Chris. I WON’T do that with this one. You’ve crossed a major f*ckin line and my heart can’t take it anymore.” She cried as she zipped up her suitcase.

“I think we need a break or something. You need to decide if it’s ME that you really want. I’m tired of playing backseat to you and your b*tches, and I’m tired of not having a voice in this relationship. I’ve put up and dealt with enough.”

“So you’re breaking up with me?” Chris asked, more shocked than hurt.

“If that’s what it takes for you to get it, then yes. I’m breaking up with Chris Brown. Call me when the Chris I fell in love with comes back.”


Indigo and I both looked at our apartment with pride. All of our stuff was finally moved in and unpacked. It was a long weekend, but the finished product was worth it.

“Wow, we really live in California.” Indigo said in disbelief as I nodded.

“Yup. Sh*t just got real.” I happily sighed as she looked over at me.

“Too real. You tell Chris we moved in?” She asked as she walked over to the refrigerator. I froze in my tracks. I still hadn’t told Chris I moved to LA. I just never found the right time to do so. She took notice of my sudden change in my mood and smacked her lips.

“Man, you still haven’t told him? You know he’s gonna be salty af if he knows you moved here and didn’t say sh*t.”

“I’m working on it. Just waiting for the right moment.” I said lying down on the couch. I was exhausted from the move.

“What right moment? Just be like hey Chris, I live in Calabasas now. What’s so hard about it?” She asked as she sat on the love seat across from me.

“I’ll tell him next time we talk.” I promised as my phone started to ring. We both looked at the picture popping up; it was a photo of Chris giving me a kiss on my cheek as I made a silly face.

“Perfect timing.” Indigo smirked as I rolled my eyes before answering the phone.

“What you want?” I greeted as the response I received wasn’t as pleasant.

“I’m having the worst f*ckin week!” He growled in the phone as I jumped a little.

“Whoa! What happened?”

“I’m getting pressed by the label because <em>Fortune</em> didn’t even go gold, my clothing line isn’t sellin for sh*t, and now Kae decides to finally leave my ass.” He scoffed as my heart saddened for him.

“She..she found out didn’t she?” I asked referring to the night Chris had with Rihanna. He told me about it the next day out of guilt.

“Yeah. The whole damn world found out. I swear Tink, I’m always caught up in some bull sh*t..” He sighed as I empathized with him. “I just need a f*ckin hug.”

I chuckled a little at his last statement. I could tell he was hurt and vulnerable right now.

“I’ll come over and give you a hug.” I said half serious as I heard a small laugh on his end.

“Man I wish. You don’t know how I bad I need one.” He replied, not taking me seriously. Little did he know, I was going to be stopping by after all.

Run it

aawww thats gud! :)
how long yu been in
chi-town?? is seems
cool...iwanna move
from my place of
residence also.....
bt thats gud for yu??
yu love ur job??

Woot Woot !! lol. I wasnt sure about it at first but I kinda like it.

Lol I'm a certified Medical Assistant as well ^_^

Sounds very exciting. Im hoping to et somewhere with this MedicalAssistant thing under my belt..

I was moving from Columbus and I work for Bank of America :) it was exciting! I've never done anything this drastic in my life but I don't regret it one bit. I love Chicago!

where r yu movin from??

The emotion is real, the insecurities, and not just from Tink. And being able to put yourself into it.
Even just reading this as a fictional story, Chris's parts are very believable as well.

What's your occupation Ms.Nicci?? And how was it having to pick up and move your life in 2weeks??

I had to blink twice! Lol ya'll got this well over 500 lol. Adding all weekend, starting TOMORROW!

And yes Keyanna you can call me Nicci :)

I appreciate that ya'll notice I'm trying to make this as real as possible. I mean of course some things are a little fabricated, but it is fiction so of course some things just have to work perfectly lol!

But the job offer stuff is reality bc that's how I ended up moving my whole life to Chicago in two weeks. Somethings really do just fall in place.

yes the reality makes it
POWERFUL! lol yu gotta love it! :)

I agree with nessie_j
Indigo & Mijo do need to make it Official S00N!

<em>I'm having some type of writing bug with this story! I can't stop writing lol. So many ideas are flowing through my head. After this last add I'm giving it a slight rest, so I can work on FAME a little more. Ya'll better cherish these adds! </em>

--- Keep it coming ! The addictiveness is the reality of this story. I love it!

<em>Can we get to <strong>500?</strong> I'm sure that's easy for ya'll right?! lol damn near there already lol</em>

--- It was TOO Easy !

<em>Thankkk youuu!!!</em>
---- You are VERY welcome (:

aww im glad they finally came to an understanding :))))
they needed that...and her and will.....kute :) lol
iabsolutely loooooooooooooovvvveeee this story! ithink
maybe one of these gud ole days they shuld get witt each
other(chris and tink) bt for now her and will cuddle up
nxt to each other ummm and Indigo and mijo shuld hit it
off too ummm and can kae take her fake ass on sumwhere
ugh! bt other than that RUN IT PLZ!

It .....

RunIt ......

RunIt ..........


@HowIFeel CHALLENGE, That's the word. lol. I kept trying to think of it. I think that's what makes him a better fit with Tink. Chris is a challenge but in a much more complicated way.

Will Is A Challenge...An a**hole, But A Challenge:)))

Tia, Tia, Tia. Child, you a mess.
<em> I just thought of something, you know how Karrueche name is pronounced Ka-rue-chi? and Chris calls her Rue-chi. So I was wondering, like in the real world. When he wanna have sex, does he say "Ayee Rueche I want some coochie!" Lmaooooooo, that was funny to me because it rhymed.</em>

<strong>L M B O ! !</strong> smh......

- - - as for YOU, Ms.NicciNicciNicci [ 2Chains voice ]
Wait, Nicole, do you mind if I call you Nicci? - - -

I cant believe Im kinda speechless..

I like Will. Something about that whole a**hole type of guy. smh.
But really, he keeps it real. I like the cokiness, keeps them at a safe distance, and easy for Tink lil sarcastic ass to flirt with him. [ I would know. lol ]


<em>I quickly sent Will a text.</em>

<em>You think you slick.</em>

<em>I didn’t feel the need to tell him who I was. I was sure there weren’t that many chicks he had given his number to in one night.</em>

<em>That was quick witcho thirsty ass.</em>


<em>Night grumpy girl</em>

<em>I chuckled to myself at our exchange as Chris sat next to me on the bed.</em>

<em>“Come on, your taxi cab confessions is over.” He said playfully snatching my phone out of my hand.</em>

<em>“Jealous?” I asked slyly as I retrieved my phone from his grasp as he smacked his lips.</em>

<em>“Never that.”</em>

Now Chris is gonna stalk Will. lol. He sneaky.
And now Chris is on the outside looking in.
How th he gonna live, watching Tink freely flirt &maybe even fall for Will? All the while, "stuck" in this draining relationship with Kae. Out of convenience, and obligation. smh. Because it's the <em>right</em> way to handle things? smh.

Im loving your ideas!!
When I used to wtite, I would have so many that I couldnt even keep up with my own stories.

<strong>Run It !!</strong>