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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Indigo and I were grocery shopping in the nearby Walmart for my grandmother’s house. I had been back in Columbus for a few weeks after my weekend stay with my parents.

“So have you heard from Chris?” Indigo asked as I shrugged my shoulders while picking up a package of chicken.

“Nah not really. I know he just wrapped up the first half of his tour and he’s doing some charity work in Virginia and stuff. No biggie.” I said lightly as I continued to look at different meats.

“You never really got into what happened out there. OR that night ya’ll was in his hotel room ALONE, while we all came in drunk af.” Indigo chuckled remembering the night as I smiled.

“Nothing happened. He was really sick so I just laid with him till he fell asleep.”

“That’s that sucka sh*t.” Indigo said turning up at her nose as I nodded in agreement.

“It is huh? I don’t know. I look at him as a really good friend now. Just wanted to make sure he was cool.”

“You still throw around that friend word huh? Admit you like Chris.” She smirked as I gave her a nonchalant look.

“I don’t look at Chris like that. He’s not really my type..” I said before I accidently bumped into someone not really paying attention. <a href="">He</a> turned around and smiled at me.

“I am so sorry.” I apologized mesmerized by his eyes.

“You’re alright beautiful.” He grinned before he turned and disappeared down an aisle.

“Now THAT’s my type.” I said as Indigo nodded.

“Hell that’s my TYPE! He was gorgeous.” She said fake fanning herself as I laughed.

“Yes he was. Wouldn’t mind seeing that face everyday.”

“Me either.”

We continued small talk as I finished getting everything on the list my Granny had given me. We walked towards checkout and got in line.

“It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, Walmart is always STACKED.” Indigo groaned as we got behind a slew of people. I rolled my eyes at the line as I turned around to see my mystery man from earlier standing behind us.

“So we meet again, Beautiful.” He smiled causing me blush.

“Tiffany is fine.” I corrected him as he chuckled.

“I’m Jason. Tiffany reminds me of Diamonds so Beautiful works.” He smirked as I laughed a little shaking my head. “You know..I feel like you owe me for running me over with your cart earlier.”

My eyes widened, “Owe you? Owe you what?”

“ about accompanying me to dinner. I’m pretty hungry.” He said smoothly. Did this man just ask me out on a date?

“So I just have to pay you back with my time?” I asked verifying as he smiled.

“Yes beautiful, if that’s okay with you?” I looked at Indigo as she gave me a crazy look, basically signaling me to accept.

“Of couse.”


“Babe, you wanna help me put these baskets together?” Kae asked walking into the living room of Chris’ Virginia home. They were putting together Thanksgiving baskets for less fortunate families in his home town. He looked up from his game and nodded as he stood up. She smiled as they walked back into the kitchen.

“I’m just kinda putting meals together. The turkeys will be handed out separately from the side dishes.” She said as she threw her hair back in a pony tail. Chris nodded as he grabbed a basket and began putting things into it.

“I always loved this about you.” He commented as she looked up and smiled.

“Loved what?”

“That you’re always so willing to do things for charity and give back. You stay on top of this sh*t and I admire that. It’s great to have a woman like you on my side.” He said as he poked his lips out for a kiss. She blushed as she grabbed his cheeks and pecked his lips repeatedly.

“You’ve been so affectionate lately..what’s up with that?” She asked curious as she continued to put her basket together.

“You want me to stop?” He chuckled as she quickly shook her head.

“Of course not! I’m loving all of the attention. I just haven’t seen this side in a while. You haven’t even been bringing girls back…”

“Yeah well. I just haven’t been wanting to lately.” He said looking over at her to see her reaction. She lightly smiled to herself.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong. Some nights it’s fun. I love me a bad b*tch just like the next nigga. I just like it better when I bring it to YOUR attention first you know? So that way I’m more involved, versus you just finding somebody only YOU want to f*ck. Then I feel played.” He laughed a little at her honesty.

“I understand you’re young bae, and I don’t want to take anything from you. You’re 23, you have a lot left to live and explore when it comes to life. You’re attractive and you attract a lot of women. I get it. I just want to be heard in this relationship. I want how I feel to matter too.”

“And it does. That’s why I’m calming down. I love you and only you. And I want to prove it more with my actions more than my words. I don’t care about these other b*tches, but I value your feelings.” She smiled as she stood on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“I don’t know who’s telling you to say this sh*t, but I need to thank them a million times over.” She giggled as Chris instantly thought of Tink.

“Hey, and what was up with you inviting those fans from Ohio out with you again in Dallas? Keeis was telling me a little about it.” Chris shot her a funny look.

“What’s wrong with me doing that? They were in town…”

“I just didn’t think you were cool with them like that. I mean they’re JUST fans. You normally blow fans off that want to kick it. Just wanted to know what was so special about them…” Chris began to get irritated.

“They’re cool, so just drop it. You weren’t there so you it really doesn’t concern you too much.” He said drily as Kae eased up. She could tell it was bothering him, so she made a mental note to revisit the topic.

Chris helped Kae with a few more baskets before leaving the kitchen to bother Tink. He always sent her random song lyrics when he wanted to mess with her.

<strong>Bands ah make ha dance</strong>


Chris chuckled to himself. He could see her irritated and confused face.

<strong>Imma put it down. U gon fall in love.</strong>

<em>-__-. I’m on a date. Go away.</em>

His eyes widened at the word date.

<strong>Who dis nigga?</strong>

<em>I’ll tell you later. Leee me lone!</em>

Chris scrunched up his face as a hint of jealousy came over him. He attempted to call Tink on FaceTime but she quickly ignored it causing him to burst out laughing.

“FOR REAL!” He laughed out loud at the phone as he quickly went to text her. Kae peeked her head around the corner.

“You say something babe?” She asked as he looked up at her before shaking his head still smiling. She shrugged him off and walked back into the kitchen.

<strong>So you just gonna ignore my call like that?</strong>

<em>BYE. Creep.</em>

Chris laughed while he continued to bother Tink but she had stopped responding. His last message he told her to call him when she got home from her “date”. He had to know more about this.

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i love this story!

Please update I really want to know what's gone happen

Aww, she's the only one who's helped him. That's sweet (:

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Awww they are cute

"Ugh you smell like ass!" that cracked me up
That was too cute Chris is SOOOOO in Love with Tink
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smh nobody else could tell he was sick..or they probably just didnt care...glad she noticed..i really like them together..i see something happening with them in the near future lol.RUN IT

I absolutely love ur story!! It makes me feel as if this story is based of his life forreal and I love it because I'm an huge Chris Brown fan. I can't wait until you add again...hopefully it will be today!!

awwwwww that was sweet run it


That was such a cute ending.
In the beginning it didn't seem like Chris was paying Tink any attention, but it was because he was sick.

Tink is such a good friend for taking care of him.
She even noticed something wasn't right.
Glad she did though.

Chris is gonna end up falling for Tink, if he hasn't already.
He needs to figure out what he really wants.
Tink or Kae.

Speaking of Kae, it doesn't seem like she's checked up on Chris at all.
Very interesting.

Hopefully something happens with the other four while Tink and Chris are away.
Something good.

Run It!!!

Awwww Rubbing Facial Hair Leads To Other Things:)

Oh yeah....he's in love with Tink..

That was so cute to take care of him though.....he's good for her.......his own dose of Real when he feels like no one else cares....I love their least for now they have a friendship.

It was good that she was there for him and it does seem like she is the only person that cared. Run it

Aww that's so sweet of her to stay with chris. Run the story soon!

Aww aww and more awww
it's crazy how all those people claim to be his "friends" but didn't know he was filling well.
I'm glad tink was there tho
And I love how cute they are together
I secretly wish I could play with his facial hair


aaawww, that was a cute chapter!!!

That's sad, even your own personal crew ain't see what was up... smh

Feelings are getting deeper and deeper, can't wait for the next chapter!!

run it run it girlie!!!

All I can say is awwww !

That was sweet :)

Runnn It !!

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I Like That She Was There For Him To And He Really Likes Her
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After our shot I looked around at the bus full of unfamiliar faces. I looked up at Mijo who was pouring all of us another shot.

“Who are all these people Mijo?” I asked as he quickly looked around before shrugging.

“People Chris asked me to pick up. They cool I guess.” He said lightly as he finished pouring our shots before walking off. Me and Indigo both shot each other a look.

“I didn’t like the way that sounded.” I said looking at Indigo.

“Me either.”

“So how do ya’ll know these people?” Lauren asked as Indigo and I our both quickly took our shots before making ugly faces.

“We met them at his concert. We all just vibed and ended up kicking it all night.” I replied as I carefully stood up to grab a bottle of orange juice. I looked around at everyone talking and laughing as I felt the bus stop. Before I knew it about 10 different women stepped on the bus. All of them dolled up and stuck up acting. They mugged us before sitting closer to the unknown guys in the back.

“Who deeze b*tches?” Indigo asked as she waved her hand towards the group causing Lauren and I to laugh.

“I don’t know. This time around seems strange. It seems like a lot of randoms trynna get on.” I said turning my nose up at the group.

“I agree. The only people messin with them really is Rob and Hood. Mijo and Keeis are more so doing them.” Indigo commented as we looked back at them again. Mijo and Keeis walked up to us loud as hell.

“Aye ya’ll good?!” Keeis slurred as he plopped down in between me and Lauren.

“Yeah, who them hoes we just picked up?” I bluntly asked as they both shrugged.

“B*tches that can’t f*ck Chris so they settle for us.” Mijo shrugged as we all laughed. He tried to pass his blunt to me as I put my hand up to turn it down; I didn’t want to smoke in front of my younger cousin.

He looked at Lauren. “You smoke?” She shrugged as she took the blunt and took a long drag. We all looked at her in shock.

“What?” She asked as she blew circles out of her mouth and relaxed before passing it to Keeis. His mouth was still dropped looking at her.

“I think I just fell in love.” He sighed as we all chuckled.

Indigo and I decided to join in on the mini smoke session as we pulled up to the back of club Zouk. We needed to be as faded as possible to deal with the entourage we were with tonight.

We all walked in and Zouk was LIVE and packed wall to wall to people. Cameras immediately started flashing as we all got comfortable on the center stage where the celebrity of the night’s VIP section was held. We watched as the unknown entourage went to the other side of the stage. Hood, Keeis, Mijo, Indigo, Lauren and I were all dancing to ourselves and laughing as we took shots of vodka mixed with redbull. I was energized as sh*t.

“Yo I’m hype as sh*t!” Indigo said as I laughed. She took the words right out of my mouth. I turned to look at Lauren who was dancing to herself off beat.

“You coo cuzz?” I asked her giggling as she turned and nodded with this goofy grin on her face. She was f*cked up. I hope my Aunt never finds out about this.

“These hoes be actin up…” I started singing with the song as I began to rock a little. Hood walked up and stood next to me.

“You ain’t trynna cook tho!” He challenged as he hit his cooking dance. He looked dumb af. What type of meal was he cookin?

“Bruh. You can’t touch my cookin dance.” I said as I began to cook. He gave me a side smirk as he watched me.

“Your cookin ain’t shiiiittttt!” He said as I busted out laughing. F*ck Hood. We were still clowning and dancing as we heard loud screams come from the audience. We turned to the direction of the commotion and noticed Chris walking in with a few of his dancers. I smiled when I saw him. I missed him a little.

I watched as he waved politely at the crowd and jokingly posed as people were taking pictures of him. He caught my glance and gave me a light head nod before he walked over to greet the unknown entourage. I scrunched up my face. He asked me to come and couldn’t even come say hi? I shrugged it off before joining my cousin and best friend.

“Chris here!” Indigo said stating the obvious. I gave her a blank stare before rolling my eyes as she laughed.

“Well daammmnnnn who got yo pantines all in a bunch?!” She joked as I chuckled.

“Nobody, just need another drink.” I said lightening up.

“Well here, have mine boo boo. You need to be TURNT!” She said as she handed me her drink. I guzzled it down quickly before wincing.

“Tf was this?!! Straight goose?!” I asked as she grinned.

“It was a Long Island. They barely put anything else in it.”

“That was strong af.” I said looking around for the bottles of juice they had set on the tables. I walked over to grab an OJ as another hand was reaching for the same drink. The minute I saw the skull with the halo on his hand, I knew it was Chris. I rolled my eyes and avoided eye contact as I tried to walk away before he gently grabbed my arm.

“Whoa. Where you think you running off too?” He asked as he looked me smiling. His eyes were bloodshot red and he seemed…off.

“You coo?” I asked dropping my pride as I looked into his eyes. He grinned as he nodded.

“I’m coo.” He said as he pulled me into a hug. He felt really warm.

“Who are those people you had us come with?” I asked as he shrugged and took a large sip of his drink.

“People I know from around here.” He replied.

“They seem plastic. Why you play me for them?” I asked as he looked stunned.

“I didn’t play you. Who am I spending my time with right now?” He asked smirking as I just brushed him off. I walked back over to the group with Chris on my heels. My cousin looked at him star struck.

“Chris this is my cousin Lauren.” I introduced as he walked up and gave Lauren a hug. She started blushing immediately and asked for a picture. She’s so corny.

Chris stuck around with us majority of the night. I watched him closely because he was acting really weird. I’ve seen him drunk before but this was a different kind of drunk. I was dancing when I saw him immediately run off the stage towards the bathroom. It seemed as if no one else was paying attention but me so I quickly followed him to the men’s restroom. I could hear him throwing up in the stall. I sighed as I grabbed a few paper towels and soaked them with cold water. I went to rub his back and placed it on his head as he vomited in the toilet. His skin was burning up.

“Chris, are you sick?” I asked as he continued to cough into the toilet. “Ugh, you smell like ass!” I said plugging my nose. I heard him chuckle a little as he spit one last time before he flushed the toilet. I handed him a dry paper towel so he could wipe his mouth off.

“I don’t feel good.” He pouted as I laughed a little. He looked like a helpless little baby.

“Ok. Let’s get you back to the hotel.”


Chris and I walked into his room, and he instantly plopped down on the bed. I walked into his bathroom and started up a cool shower for him. I reached into my purse and pulled out an orange juice I took from the club and some advil.

“You need to take this so you’ll feel better.” I urged as he poked out his lip and shook his head.

“I don’t wanna.” He said as he put his pillow over his head. He was such a baby when he was sick.

“I didn’t ask you. Now here.” I said removing the pillow and handing him the pills. He reluctantly sat up and popped the pills in his mouth and gulped down the orange juice.

“I ran you a cool shower you can cool your body down.” I said as I sat in a chair. He nodded as he stood up. He turned to look at me before he entered the bathroom.

“You gonna be here when I get out?” He asked softly as I nodded. He gave me a light smile before he entered the bathroom. I sent Indigo a text telling her to have Mijo bring her and Lauren back here to stay the night. I didn’t want to leave his side.

Chris was lying next to me after his shower. I had my arm wrapped around his shoulder as he laid his head on my chest.

“I’m surrounded by a bunch of people who don’t care.” He said randomly.

“Why do you say that?”

“Nobody asked me if I was okay tonight. Just you. And I’ve been feeling sick since before the show. I wanted to cancel that club appearance so bad, but no one could tell I was sick. Then when I ran to the bathroom, you were the only person that followed. And the only person here right now taking care of my ass.” He said chuckling in disbelief. Everything he was saying was true.

“Just thanks. For caring. I was surrounded by people I’ve known for years, and they didn’t gaf. And I’ve only known you for a month and you held me down. I appreciate it.”

“No big deal.” I said casually as I subconsciously began to rub my fingers through his facial hair. I felt him smiling.

“How’d you know I liked when girls did that?” He asked as I suddenly realized what I was doing.

“Oh. Uh. Idk?” I said stopping questioning my damn self. It felt like second nature.

“Don’t stop.” He said snuggling closer to me. I smiled a little to myself as I continued to softly rub his face. I could bask in this moment forever.

I need an update now.......

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It would be cute if Lauren and Indigo started dating Mijo and Keeis though

they STAY getting f*cked up, hahaha

Can't wait to see how THIS after party goes down...

I feel like protection WILL be needed!! ;P

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