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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


ok I'm going to reply to this add right here now.

Chris is too sweet for giving her that ring for Christmas, well I think he is just sweet all together for taking her there because I know they have had A LOT of stress and all this other stuff w/ all the bulls*** they've been dealing with.

Ok, let me go back a little bit, when they tried to tell Chris' family about Tink being pregnant I wanted to slap his damn auntie like damn b**** this ain't yo baby and it ain't yo relationship! back tf up! Keep the negativity to yourself because that's just adding stress on the both of the parents and for Tink it isn't good for the baby an for Chris it isn't good because he already has a lot on his plate.

And also the way Tink's mamma took the news, Tink really should have back handed her ass too! I slick don't give a DAMN if that was her mamma it's just certain s*** not even a MOTHER says to her daughter I'm glad her father isn't petty like his damn wif, she needs help, MAJOR help!


Will.......I was waiting for his ass to reappear too because I mean, I know he just wasn't gone.....let her ignore him? I guess I'ma put it that way. I think it's kind of sweet that he checked on her though even though I guess she felt some type of way about it or just awkward, at least he ain't say no out the way s*** like "I miss you" or "You should be with ME not HIM!" or "I can treat you better than he can!" just anything f***ed up. He truly just wanted the best for her and it's kinda sweet.

The whole d*** conversation tho>>><<< Me, personally, I don't like looking at niggas butt ass naked, lol it's just.....awkward to me! And I don't like how d***s look LMAOOOOO don't get me wrong! I'm far from gay!!! But they just.....I don't ANYWAAAY! Lol he was swearing that CJ stay on hard lol but she shut that down REAL quick! Poor CJ lol can't always be hard.

But I do think that he should do the interview because it's like closure for the fans I guess you could say, so they can know the real story and not be iffy about what they read and they can know the truth because it's coming from him directly. But I'm iffy about Tink doing it, I don't know that it will go well you know? I just got the feeling that she, I just DON'T KNOW! I just think it's good for HER because she has NEVER done an interview of any sort I'm sure besides job interviews and I'm sure that those are two completely different ball parks.

Can't belive he WANTS her to talk to Will, but I do agree with him that he needs closure. Can't leave his ass hanging. But I hope Will doesn't get all emotional and s*** and say something deep that makes me wanna cry or something. But I know he can't make me switch teams again because I'm dead set on #TeamCrink I swear!

Hmmmmm Take You Down? I can do some THINGS to that song! My goodness! I just can't when it comes to that song, Poppin' and 2012 can't even get me how Take You Down gets me and those are my favorite "In the Mood" songs by him, oh and Sex. I like that one as well. But that one takes the cake! It makes me weak.

And I remember that night LMAOOOOO the next morning he had her looking crazy at the dinner table when he told her about it! Talking about "But if you woulda threw me the ass, I would’ve taken it kindly and put yo lil ass to sleep" LMAOOOOO I was DEAD! Like really?! ok! And they should just have sex right there right now LMAOOOO it would be...something new!

They have been doing really good and I hope it stays that way!

I want a baby BOY!!!

Run it!

Awwww they make me so jealous! I knew Wills ass was gonna pop up again and I have a feeling that it wont be the last, but at least no drama started, aint nobody got time for that!

Run it!

Lol don't hate you! Just missed you! And yes you cn always reply to the most recent add honey you don't have to start from where u left off lmao

lol ending was funny

run it

I've been reading Scared of Beautiful too :(

I'm sorry!!!



since I'm on BREAK! Can I just start from your adds now?

and oh GOD! Just think how LONG my comment would be!!! I have like 6 pages of adds if not more that I have to reply to.....the s*** would be ENDLESS!

okaaaaay you caught me! Lol but HEAR ME OUT!!!!

ok, here I go,

See, what had happened was, I became a silent reader a while back because of school and work and cheerleading and all that other s*** that's why I stopped replying because I really wouldn't have time but I would always read when I had the time. But nooow we're on our break (THANK GOD!) and I know I don't have an excuse but Tif, do you know how many adds I would have to reply to? and you KNOW I HATE leaving short ass relies like "oh no he didn't! you better fix that Tink! Run it!" I like to just express all my feelings out, all my thoughts and everything to you. But I feel bad as hell because I've been adding to my story on EC so really I'm just a lazy f*** lol. I'm sorry!!! :(

Don't Hate me! School was kicking my ass :(

Me readers know me well :) how ya'll know i was going to bring Will back in?

And I finally figured out how I'm going to end this story. It's not soon.....but soon lol


And where is my Tia?!! Keyanna emails me her runs lol. Tia has no excused -___-

Hi new readers! And Old readers! and Silent Readers!

I sat and looked at the ring on my finger in amazement while Chris was in the shower getting ready for our day exploring the Island on a yacht he had rented. I was in pure bliss and amazement from our time here so far. I’ve never had a better Christmas.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my phone vibrate on the night stand and was startled to see Will’s name attached to a new text message.

<strong>Hope you had a good Christmas. Would be nice to hear from you at least. I know you’re back wit him. Just want to make sure you’re ok</strong>

I sighed as I read the text over. I had disappeared on Will, even after he practically introduced me to my movie opportunity. I had just been so caught up with Chris and the baby, Will was the furthest thing from my mind. And the way my life was going, it was probably for the best.

I deleted the text just as Chris stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He smirked at me before he walked over to the dresser to put on his underwear.

I chuckled as I watched him slide the underwear underneath the towel so I wouldn’t see anything, “Why do you do that like I haven’t seen you naked before?”

He shrugged a little as he turned and looked at me before picking up the towel to dry off his arms, “It doesn’t look the same after I get out the shower..”

“So. I’ve seen your d*ck in it’s softest form.” I laughed as he furrowed his brows.

“No you haven’t! My d*ck stay hard.” He said confidently as I shook my head.

“The hell it does. Not when you sleeping.” I replied as his mouth dropped.

“You be copping peeks of CJ when I’m sleep tho?!!” He asked as I laughed and nodded.

“Hell yeah. How you think I would get you up when I would mess with you in the middle of the night? You wasn’t always hard buddy..”

“Yeah okay..” He said brushing me off as I laughed.

I watched him get dressed and we made our way to the beach to board our yacht. Once we were on we made our selves comfortable on the deck as the ship made its way to a private island.

“I swear I haven’t been this relaxed in months.” Chris sighed happily as we both looked at our surroundings, enjoying the scenery.

He was quiet for a moment before he looked at me, “Hey I gotta talk to you about something.”

I gave him a strange look, “Go on…gotta talk to you about something too.” I said thinking of my text message. Chris and I both didn’t want to enter this relationship this time with any secrets.

“I was asked to do an interview in the next few months. On Oprah’s show..” He said searching my face for a reaction. It remained blank, so he continued.

“I’m thinking about doing this one. I want people to know my side of sh*t.”

I nodded as I took in his words, “Your side of what? Rihanna?”

He shrugged a little, “My side of everything. I keep quiet about a lot of sh*t. But I’m tired of the rumors and the assumptions. I wanna make sh*t known. But on my terms.”

I shook my head a little, “I don’t know, Chris.”

“I’m saying something early because, I’m not going to do it until after the baby is born. And I want to be able to talk about you guys. They even want to hear from you…only if you’re cool with it. Not a lot. Just in regards to me.”

I shot him a crazy look, “Chris I ain’t trynna be all over TV..”

“But you’re in a movie though.” He said turning up his nose at me as I chuckled.

“We’ll talk more about it when it gets here. I’m just shocked you even want me to speak on it..”

“Oprah’s very convincing. I’ve been telling her ass no for years. But ever since Rihanna went on there, her people have been working TOUGH with my people. And now that I’m getting over all that and entering into a new chapter in life, I want to express that. People don’t get to see the REAL me often. Why not give the world what they’ve been waiting for. Chris Brown’s FINAL 60 minute interview, done the right way.”

I nodded as I looked at him closely. He wanted to do this, and I wasn’t going to stop him. Didn’t mean I was going to be on the show, but I was definitely going to support him.

“Do it. Show the world what I see every day.” I smirked as he rubbed his hand on my thigh before resting it there.

He looked out into the ocean before looking back at me, “What was it that you had to say?”

I took in a deep breath, “Will texted me this morning, checking on me. I deleted it before I read it though.”

He sighed before he looked back out at the sea, “You should talk to him. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Robyn, is that people need closure. Can’t just cut em dry.” He advised as I looked at him crazy.

“You’re seriously telling me to talk to Will?” I asked him as he lightly shrugged his shoulder.

“I’m not pushing you into the nigga’s arms. Just telling you to give him the closure he needs to move on. My insecurities died when I realized I had your heart and you had mine. We ain’t goin no where. Especially not now with my seed in you.” He teased as I smacked his arm causing him to laugh.

“You owe him an explanation though. But I don’t like that nigga still, and he better not try no funny sh*t.” He warned as I chuckled and nodded. I was proud of our growth.

“I’m really on a yatch with Chris Brown.” I said grinning as Chris shook his head at me.

“I ain’t sh*t.” He said casually as I nodded in agreement.

“Oh you ain’t! I’m just saying. Never in a million years did I think this would happen. I used to sit in my room and listen to your CD all day. Not to mention slow grind to “Poppin” at every party.”

He couldn’t stop laughing, “I had sex with my first real groupie to Poppin. That song got me all the hoes. Grown ass women.”

“Wait…you’ve had sex to your music?!” I asked surprised as he gave me a ‘duh’ expression.

“Girls would request that sh*t. You don’t even wanna know how many hoes I had playing Take You Down in the background. That was the number one request.”

“I couldn’t imagine. Hearing your whiney ass voice singing while I’m riding you. Creepy as f*ck!”

He rolled his eyes, “Right cuz you’d rather hear this whiney ass voice telling you to call me Daddy and asking who pussy it is.” I busted out laughing as I pushed him.

“F*ck you.” I giggled as our laughter calmed down. “Best you ever had?”

“You.” He said confidently as I smacked my lips.

“Don’t patronize me. I know you’ve had freakier hoes than me.”

“I mean yeah. I’ve had freaky and all that sh*t. Even made love. But by far, I loved loving you the most. I mean look who got pregnant out of all the three women I’ve ever loved.”

“True. Why me though?” I asked as he looked at me.

“You were my genuine friend first. I loved you as a person and respected you as a woman before I loved you deeper. And I waited for you. I took Robyn’s virginity, then we faked like we were only friends. And Kae and I f*cked the first night. She was just pretty and hung out with Mijo’s girl at the time.”

“Did you wanna hit when you first met me?” I asked as he shook his head no.

“Nah. I could tell from jump you weren’t that kind of girl. You had a genuine vibe though.”

“When was the first time you wanted to hit then?” I questioned, never knowing the answer to this.

He bit his lip a little before he smirked, “That night you had a wet dream about me. And you were moaning in your sleep. And wore them little ass shorts to bed, teasing a nigga. I saw your body for the first time truly. And wanted it ever since then.”

“I wasn’t trying to tease you. I respected your relationship.”

“I know. I respected you too. But if you woulda threw me the ass, I would’ve taken it kindly and put yo lil ass to sleep.” He responded before kissing me on my temple. This whole conversation was turning me on.

“Is there a such thing as the ocean club? Like the mile high club?” I asked slyly as he looked at me.

“Shiiiitttt we can make one today. You trynna get inducted in this b*tch?!” He asked as I laughed and nodded.

“Hell yeah.”

Awww tht was cute. They asses got some good gifts. Run it.

run it

***New mutha luvin' reader!!***
Read all this in a day and a half<333
Well let me start by saying, I loved the way you started the story! How you believe every girl is beautiful.
That was great! Like I've never read a story like that, they always had a description on the main girl character.
I couldn't stop reading your story ever since I picked it up, and get way too excited reading it lol
But let me comment on the recent post since I'm all caught up now.

CHRIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!! But I feel as though someone of their past is going to come and ruin everything.
The media is going to know about her pregnancy soon and sh*t is going to go down!
How far is she 6-7 months?
How is Sammie and Indigo?
What is Will doing with his life?
Please don't let Chris mess up because he's doing oh so well and I love this treatment<333

RUN IT grah!!!!!!!


awww how cute i love it lol
does will know about her being pregnant and is he ever going to be in the story again?

run it run it run it

that was romanicly sweet an so cute of chris..their relationship just gets better an better....

run it

Awwww that was beautiful *tear

I so love couple ever! I'm jealous. Me and my man gone get like them one day lol.

Run it!

Run Itt !!!

i loved that! RUN IT!

Awwwww, RUN IT!

how sweet !!

merry christmas (:

run it! those

Chris is the MAN!!! RUN IT!

*wiping tears* Where can I find one of Chris?

Awww that was soooo cute I almost cried their sooo in love:)))
RUN IT:)))

That was to fricken cute!!!!!!!..Merry Christmas


That was to fricken cute!!!!!!!..Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas :)

<a href="">I</a> finished placing the last gift under the small tree I had bought here in Thailand to surprise Tink for Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and I had sent her out on a “Spa Day” to give me time to set up our suite just the way I wanted so she would be in the Christmas Spirit. We had gotten here last night and were planning on staying for a whole week just to clear our heads and get some peace before the new year.

She had wrapped her gifts to me before coming here, so I placed those under the tree as well and lit candles all over the room to give it a homey feeling. The candles were nutmeg and cinnamon scented. I was proud of the creativity I was able to come up with on such short notice and that the hotel staff were so willing to help me put this all together and to keep her busy and fed for most of the evening.

I checked the time and realized her pedicure would be wrapping up soon, so I went to my suitcase to pull out the smallest and most precious gift, and tucked it in my pocket. I quickly made my way out of the room and stood in the hallway as I waited for her to arrive.

Moments later I saw her strolling my way grinning from ear to ear and looking all around humming. She was such a dork, but it was cute because I could see all in her mannerisms that she was happy.

When her eyes finally landed on me, she furrowed her brows in question. “What are you doing out here creep?” She asked walking closer as I smiled.

“Waiting for my Queen.” I said flashing a goofy grin before placing a kiss on her lips.

“You could’ve waited inside weirdo.” She said fanning me off after our kiss and pulling out her room key.

“Yeah, but I wanted to see your reaction.” I said coolly as she looked up at me strangely.

“Reaction for what?” She asked as she opened the door. She scanned the room and her mouth quickly dropped in shock.

“Looks like Santa came early.” I said in her ear before I kissed it softly and wrapped my arms around her and her protruding belly.

“ did this for me?” She asked quietly still looking at all the presents surrounding the tree. I had went all out to spoil her for Christmas.

“You deserve the world, Love.” I replied grabbing her hand and leading her over to the gifts.

“Come on lets open them!” I said excitedly as she smacked her lips.

“It’s not Christmas yet!” She responded placing her hands on her hips as I shrugged.

“I got plans for us on Christmas. It’s better for us to open them now.” I said with a smirk as she looked at me and laughed.

“You big ass kid. Okay.” She agreed as I excitedly went to my section of presents. She couldn’t stop laughing.

“Your ass placed all of your presents together?!” She asked shaking her head as I nodded.

“Man hell yeah. All your sh*t is taking up the room.” I said looking for what seemed to be the heaviest gift.

“Thank Meagan for all your presents. Without that check I wouldn’t have been able to afford to anything that I really wanted to get you.” She smiled happily as I went to open the first gift.

This was one thing I adored about Tink. Unlike most people in my life, she was a giver and not someone who came to take. She found in excitement in finding gifts for the “man who has everything”. And I was pleasantly surprised at the sh*t she would buy me.

She watched happily as I opened the box to find <a href="">this</a> inside. I nearly sh*tted on myself.

“Oh my f*ckin God! This is DOPE AF!!” I yelled as I quickly took the watch out and put it on.

She giggled a little, “You like it?”

“I LOVE this babe!! I’m never taking this off!” I said excitedly as I continued to admire the watch on my wrist. I was a collector of Rolexes and this would be one I would add to the collection. But of course it was already my favorite.

“Open your other stuff!” She said excitedly as I looked at her crazy. I couldn’t even believe there was more stuff added with this. This was the best gift I had ever gotten from her. The bike was in the number 2 spot.

“Nah, you open your gifts. I got you hella sh*t.” I smiled as she gave me a shy blush. She hated when I bought her stuff.

“I told you, you didn’t have to get me anything. This vacation was enough.”

“Yeah yeah, f*ck all that. Open your presents dammit.” I teased as she laughed and started to open her gifts while I joined her.

I had gotten her several maternity dresses, a couple Chanel purses, a couple pair of Jordans, a couple pair of heels and boots, some skully hats, a necklace and matching bracelet, and the surprise gift in my pocket that I had yet to reveal. She had gotten me clothes from my favorite boutique, some hats, a chain, a new set of grillz for my bottom set of teeth, and two pairs of custom made Lebron’s that I adored. My boo did good.

“I have one more gift..” I said softly as she looked at me confused.

“I seriously have way too many gifts Chris.” She chuckled as I did too while reaching into my pocket. I pulled out a small blue box with “Tiffany & Co.” on the front and her eyes instantly widened.

“Merry Christmas Baby.” I smiled as I placed the box in her palm and she looked at me suspiciously before she opened it.

“I’ve never had jewelry from Tiffany’s before..” She said as I already knew. Which was part of the reason why I made sure the buy something special from there, just for her.

She carefully removed the bow before opening the box. She lifted the top of the ring box and found <a href="">this</a> inside and gasped.

“Oh my God..” She said as she looked up at me and I smiled.

“Now, I know you’re not ready to get married to me yet. Which is why I got you this ring as a promise. A promise to continue to love you genuinely and truly. To be honest and committed to you and you ONLY, to let you know that I only have eyes for you. My heart is with you, and so is my soul and I want this for eternity one day. This is a promise to you and our child that I will always be the loving partner you need and a loving and dedicated father. I will never walk out on the two of you, because you guys are my world. I didn’t work hard to win back your trust and love for nothing, and I promise to spend every day proving that to you.” I said as I placed the ring on her left ring finger.

“This is the promise before the real thing. Only when you’re ready. Whether it be in the next 6 months or 6 years. I’m here to stay.” I kissed her lips softly before wiping a few tears that managed to trickle down her cheeks.

“This is probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better man and father to my child.” She choked before kissing me repeatedly and wrapping her arms tight around my neck.

“I love you with everything in me.” She expressed as she squeezed tighter and I wrapped my arms around her frame.

“I love you even more than that.”