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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


I hope they get to meet Chris run it

Smh Kae you a fool
I hope Tiffany meets chris
Run It!


Thanks guys!

Tiffany went through her closet over and over looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the Chris Brown concert the next night. Indigo’s aunt was able to get them the backstage passes they had begged for, but she warned them that even though they had passes, it didn’t mean they were going to get the chance to meet him. She said more than likely they would meet the opening acts quicker than the headliner. Even with doubt in her rearview, she was determined to meet Chris. She had been following his career since the beginning. She wasn’t a mega crazed fan, but she adored him and his music. Her thoughts were interrupted when <a href="">Indigo</a> and their other best friend <a href="">Jordan</a> entered the room.

“You figure out what you wearing hoe?” Indigo asked as she plopped down on the bed. Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“How ya’ll get in here? Granny?” She asked as they both nodded. “I be telling Granny not to let ya’ll in. She don’t listen.”

Jordan stood up and looked at some of the clothes Tiffany had sprawled across her bed, “None of this is YOU Tiff. All this is prissy sh*t. And it’s October, it’s too cold to be wearing this.” He said as he picked up a dress she had and threw it back on the bed.

“Well…I wanted to look good..” She sighed placing her hands on her hips.

“You’re putting too much thought into it. Just be YOU. You won’t send the right impression if you go to a concert in a dress.” He replied as he joined Indigo on the bed.

“As bad as I want to disagree right now, he’s right. Sh*t I’m finna change what I was gonna throw on listening to this nigga.” Indigo said as they chuckled.

“Yeah true. I don’t see how comfortable I’m gonna be walking up on him in heels. Knowing me, I’ll trip. And I’ll be too self conscious with my chest and legs being out.” Tiffany agreed as she started to put her dress back up. “He gotta a girl anyway. Ain’t like he needs to be impressed like that.”

“Last interview I saw, he didn’t even claim his girl. I heard they had like an open relationship or something.” Indigo said as she began to search through Tiffany’s closet with her.

“Shiiiitttttt, if I was that nigga I wouldn’t claim no b*tch either. He can have ANYBODY. I bet some of the COLDEST females be getting at him.” Jordan commented as they nodded.

“Well he can have all that. I just want to say hi.” Tiffany replied as she pulled out her favorite jeans. She decided on this <a href="">outfit</a>, but she was planning on adding her black skully to pull it all together. She had a sew in with wavy Brazilian hair, so she would let it fall loose underneath her hat.

“That’s the Tiff I know! Swag it out one time.” Jordan said walking up and admiring the outfit she had chosen. She was beginning to feel more comfortable about the concert tomorrow, and hoped for the best when it came to meeting Chris.


Chris had his Beats by Dre headphones on as he listened to a few instrumentals his good friend Kevin ‘K-Mac’ McCall had sent him. He was flying private late night to the next city for his tour: Columbus, Ohio. He hadn’t had a show there since 2008, and the fans in that city were begging him to make an appearance. He had only gone there once in 08, just because Bow Wow was on tour with him at the time. It was only right they went to his home town.

He sung a few melodies and jotted down some lyrics when Kae calmly sat next to him. He looked over at her and smiled as he removed the headphones from his head.

“What’s up babe?” He greeted as he kissed her on her forehead. She wrapped her arms around his left arm and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Nothing, just woke up missing you.” She sighed as she got more comfortable.

“You so corny.” He teased as she giggled a little.

“Tomorrow night…after your club appearance..can it just be me and you?” She asked as Chris made a weird face.

“Um..isn’t it always?” He lightly chuckled.

“I mean like..period. No other girls.” She said as she finally looked up at him.

“I thought you didn’t mind when I brought other girls back? We’ve had this talk before Kae..” She got a little irritated as she cut him off.

“Yeah I know. Just sometimes it gets to me when I see another b*tch pleasing you. Sometimes it’s fun and I enjoy it, but other times like the other night it pisses me off. You seemed more into her than me.” She confessed as Chris grinned.

“She was sexy huh?” He asked as she smacked her teeth.

“I’m being serious Chris! Don’t f*ck with me right now.” She replied sternly as he playfully nudged her with his shoulder.

“Ok. I’ll chill on that since you trynna act all jealous n sh*t. But we’ve talked about how we have an ‘open relationship’. This works for us…”

“Us? Or you?” She asked, the attitude clear in her voice.

“You KNOW the type of position I’m in. It’s either this or I cheat all the time. I’m doing what I can Kae, damn. You know for a fact that I’ve calmed down since the beginning of all this. My heart is with you, just please stop acting like that.” He finished as he placed his beats back over his ears before she could even respond. She sighed in defeat as she placed her head back on his shoulder. The life of being Chris Brown’s “girlfriend”.

Run it

Hey, hey, I wanna see where this goes. ^.^
I agree, Kae is too damn out there with that BS. /:

wow.. low self-esteem, much??
I thought you was better than that, Kae!!
run it!!

i would get tiered of it too but he young run it

@dany fa real yo. exactly! lol

um...kae KNOW good and damn well
that she can't compete with a big
booty btch! but i guess chris
don't care about that...even though
he claim he got one in a song of his

ANYWAYS i like the story and
i ain't read a Y/N story in a minute
so this should be interesting.


Nope! Nope! No ma'am!

If I was Karreuche I would have been done with Chris' ass.

I am not one to share my man.

He got me all f***ed up.

Kae needs to grow some major balls because what he is doing is not okay.

Run it

I'm still debating about reposting it. Its just alot to repost and some scenes are missing and aren't saved because i wrote them at other places. I'll know for sure by Monday because I want to see if the website will release it back. Keep supporting this though :)

Does That Mean You Going To Keep Writing Fame???

I know I have 90% of it saved but not all. And it's like over 100 pages long :( but I have some interesting ideas for this one. So don't lose hope! Thank you!


I hope Fame comes back because that was my favorite out of all on this site. If it doesn't come back I'm going to cry:(

I like this story so far. Kae is dumb, who the hell lets their man do that. I don't care who he was, If you with me, you are with me and ONLY me. Kae need to tell him that.

I hope Tiffany has fun at the concert and I hope she meets him.

run it

<a href="">Chris</a> stood in the middle of Mijo and Keeis as they looked down at the many screaming girls in the club. Majority of them had their camera phones out taking pictures of him shirtless. He had his sweaty shirt in his hand, and randomly threw it into the sea of women as he watched a group of them wrestle and fight for it. He laughed as he watched the crowd go nuts.

“Lil mama checking for you TOUGH.” Mijo said in Chris’ ear nodding his head towards a beautiful <a href="">girl</a> that was eying him up and down. Chris bit his lip as he looked in the girl’s direction and then back at Mijo.

“Go send somebody to get her for me.” He grinned as Mijo nodded before walking off. He looked back in the girl’s direction and noticed she was still staring at him. He gave her a slight head nod and she instantly started blushing. He smirked to himself as he turned around to find <a href="">Kae</a> sitting on one of the couches looking through her phone. He walked over and sat next to her.

“You good babe?” He questioned as she looked up at him and nodded. He looked down and noticed she was going through her many Instagram comments.

“Are you seriously on that sh*t right now? You want a drink?” He asked as she shook her head. He could tell something was bothering her.

He clenched his jaw in frustration. “I need you to be cool tonight, aight? If you not in the mood..” He started as she sighed.

“I’ll be cool Chris. Just do you.” She said finally lookin up at him as he grinned and kissed her on the lips. He rubbed her back before he stood up and went to talk to the girl he was admiring from earlier.

Karrueche looked up at the girl to check her out. She had to see if she was cute enough to partake in the bedroom that night with her and Chris. She looked from her breasts down to her ass. She was attractive. Possibly more attractive than her.

“She’s cute.” She heard her friend Seiko say as she sat down next to her on the couch.

“Yeah. Too cute.” Kae said crossing her eyes as she looked back down at her phone again.

“One day, you’re gonna get tired of this sh*t and ask for monogamy.” Seiko said taking a sip of her drink and looking over at her friend.

“It’s all apart of the role. If I want him, I have to accept this. I know who his heart belongs to at the end. It’s just sex to him.”

“Sex to him, heartbreak for you?”

Kae shrugged, “All I need is some hen and a blunt…and I’ll get through. Probably forget it ever happened in the morning.” She looked up to see the girl grinding her large ass into Chris’ pelvis. She rolled her eyes before looking back at Seiko.

“I need that shot of hen. NOW.”


omg run!! I'm already excited to see what happens!!!

Chris looked from backstage at the hundreds of fans waiting for him to come out and give them an unforgettable show. This was the first night of his <em>Fortune</em> tour and his heart was racing fast. He wanted this tour to be better than his lasts. More than anything he wanted to finally be accepted as a true artist. He wanted people to feel his art, and passion. He wanted to finally be understood.

“You ready CB?” His cousin Keeis asked gripping his shoulders. Chris turned and gave a slight nod, as he looked past Keeis to see Kae and Seiko laughing with Mijo. He gave a small smile before he heard his DJ preparing his intro. It was show time.


On the other side of the country Tiffany sat in her room with her best friend Indigo as ‘Wet the Bed’ blasted through the speakers from her iPod deck. She was letting the fresh paint on her toes dry as she softly sang the lyrics to herself.

“Hey,” Tiffany said as Indigo looked up at her from her phone. “You think Chris Brown’s head game is as good as he says it is?”

Indigo shrugged, “Probably. I would LOVE to see what that neck like!” She said as they both laughed.

“That nigga wouldn’t just give up the neck. He’d be EXPECTING the neck!” Tiffany joked as Indigo nodded in agreement.

“Real true. Man f*ck a Chris Brown, I wanna see what Trey working with. I have to close my legs every time I hear French Kiss.” Tiffany turned up her nose at her friend.

“You a hoe.” She said with a straight face causing Indigo to giggle.

“Aye, I’d be Trey Songz hoe. And I am not ashamed to admit that.”

“You trying to go to the Chris Brown concert next month? Tickets go on sale Saturday. I can buy them for us, and you can just pay me back.” Tiffany asked as she checked the paint on her big toe.

“Sure. The last concert we went to of his was back in what? 08? With Bow Wow? And I think Soulja Boy was there..” Indigo said trying to remember as Tiffany nodded.

“Yep. That was the one. We were late af too. I think we got there and Soulja was randomly humping the stage. Why? I have no idea.”

“Well I’m down for the cause. He hasn’t been here since then, so I guess we can go.”

“I want to meet him.” Tiffany blurted as Indigo shot her a look.

“Meet him? You think they’re selling backstage passes?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out. If not they’ll be giving them away on the radio.” Tiffany said as she grabbed her lap top to search on TicketMaster.

“You know Auntie work for 107. I can call her tonight and see if she has any info, and if she can get us backstage to meet him.”

“That’d be dope.”

I Hope Fame Comes Back Too:)

Working on something, until HOPEFULLY <strong>Fame.</strong> comes back. Add(s) coming...