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~~Cold-Hearted~~ (Repost) Finished!!

<a href="">Tristan</a> is sitting at the bar like he does every Friday night. He doesn’t even know why he bothers anymore, the bar scene seems to get more boring every week. He looks around as he takes a sip of his Hennessey on the rocks; he swears he sees the same people every week; desperate men looking for woman and desperate woman looking for men. Tristan is not a desperate man and he is not looking for a woman. His motto is “never trust a b***h.” He has been this way for years and he does not think it will change anytime soon. All women are evil to Tristan and he doesn’t want anything to do with them. He continues looking around and notices <a href="">a woman</a> he has never seen before. He knows all the regulars and she is definitely not one of them. She is standing awkwardly against the wall with a drink that appears to be cranberry juice in her hand. Tristan looks her up and down and does his normal routine of rating her appearance. Her large, natural hair definitely catches his attention, pretty face, petite little shape squeezed into a fitted dress, and toned legs defined by 4 maybe 5 inch stilettos. Tristan thinks she is the perfect 10 looks wise. The woman catches Tristan staring at her and she looks away awkwardly. Tristan takes this to mean that is shy as well. She is looking around and Tristan just watches her. Tristan snaps out of his daze and looks away; he doesn’t even know why he was staring. Yes she is beautiful, but pretty faces are always deceiving. Tristan finishes his drink and asks the bartender for another one. Tristan only has two drinks for the night and he decides at 1 am, it’s time to head home. He pays and tips the bartender and then gets up from the stool and walks outside. As soon as he walks outside, he sees the woman arguing with this man. Tristan just shakes his head: wonder what the b***h did, is all Tristan is thinking. Tristan walks forward, but stops in his tracks when he hears what sounds like a slap and hears a woman’s gasp of pain. Tristan turns around and sees the woman holding her cheek and the man with his hand up. Now Tristan may hate woman, but he just doesn’t like when men ever put their hands on a woman. Tristan quickly walks over to the man and grabs his arm and spins him around and the man looks at him like he is crazy.

“Weren’t you ever taught never put your hands on a woman?,” Tristan said.

“N***a get off me. This is none of your business,” the man said while jerking Tristan’s hand off of his arm.

“When you hit a woman in the street it becomes anyone who is watching business,” Tristan said boldly.

“Man whatever. This is MY woman, you mind your own,” the man said.

“I’m not your woman,” the woman said softly.

“B***h what you say?,” the man said.

“I am not your woman Michael! You need to accept that!,” the woman yelled. Michael looks like he is about to hit the woman again, but Tristan gets in front of her and lifts up his shirt and Michael sees a 9 mm handgun. He just glares at Tristan and then looks at the woman.

“This isn’t over Malila. We have a lot to talk about,” Michael said. Michael just turns around and walks away and disappears around the corner. Tristan pulls his shirt down and then starts to walk away.

“Wait!,” Malila yelled. Tristan just shakes his head and Tristan hears Malila’s heels clicking as she tries to walk towards him. He hears her picking up speed and she gently touches his arm and then stands in front of him and Tristan just stares at her. He notices her left cheek is slightly red from the slap and her eyes are glassy from tears.

“I….I just want to say thanks for what you did. I really appreciate it,” Malila said shyly. Tristan just nods his head and walks past her.

“Wait…..what’s your name?,” Malila called out. Tristan just ignores her and keeps walking and Malila watched him disappear into the dark. She wanted to thank him personally, but guess she won’t get the chance. Tristan gets to his car and takes the keys from his pocket and unlocks the car doors and gets in the car and just sighs heavily. What he just did was so stupid. He doesn’t know this n***a Michael or what he is into to, Michael could come at Tristan for retaliation. And he did this stupid s**t over a woman?! Yes she got slapped by a man, but hell Tristan doesn’t know her. Why would he stand up for a woman, when he swears he hates every last one of them? Tristan just shakes his head and Malila pops into his mind. She has to be one of the most beautiful women Tristan has ever seen and her sweet smelling perfume is still lingering in his nostrils. Tristan just puts Malila into the back of his head and speeds off home; what is happening to him?


Awww , I was really excited and ready to read a nice long add but I can wait a little longer. :)

I have been trying to add for the longest but my laptop is having issues again -____- ugh I am not sure when I will add again please forgive me ladies :(

I'm always nice, But she put my story on there too I don't play that s***! But f*** Her! I'mma continue with my story Lip Service. If yall get a chance read it plz and tell me if my female characters are weak.

RUN THIS!!!!! (lol)

Nicole, ignore that irrevelant b****. She just wants some attention. And we shouldnt give it to her. She's a weak attention seeking hater. Do you and continue to write, what we enjoy.

I don't know who that chick is, but when she learns correct grammar,and writes a story of her own, then she can criticize someone else. StupidBiotchNumber1 should be her screen name. Lol Anyways, to my review...Tristan and Malia are just adorable with Imani!!! I love her lil self. I know they will make the best parents. Tristan is just sooo cute with Imani, I know he'll be a great father. I hope they move to Pittsburgh. They could start a new life. Run it!!

Readers: I usually don't entertain ignorance, but this low-key just pissed me the f**k off -_____- read >> <a href="">this</a>
When you say something about way I WRITE I take it very personal even though I shouldn't......UGH!

That was so sweet, Imani loves her some Tristan and Malila alot. Too grown, that was nice of Tristan and Malila to babysit for Lauren and Damien. So Malila's eating like a horse ehh, yeah those are sign og pregnancy *fingers crossed* that she is. And Malila's parents are some big ol freak like for real.... Big ol freaks lol. Malila showing Tristan around her city and the lil festival they went to was nice... RUN IT!!!

lol I caught up =D

they're gonna haveeeee a friggin fam fam lol

adorable lil Imani, the cutest i dont wanna see her cry when they leave

run this!

Tristan and Malila wake up the next morning, Saturday at a little past 9 am. Tristan sits up in the bed and looks next to him and sees Malila yawning in the bed.

“Morning gorgeous,” Tristan said.

“Morning handsome,” Malila said. Malila sits up in the bed and pecks Tristan’s lips. They both stretch and get out of the bed and go into the bathroom and brush their teeth. They then walk hand in hand downstairs and they smell breakfast cooking.

“Mmm something smells good,” Tristan said.

“Sure does….reminds me of my childhood. My parents use to always cook breakfast Saturday morning,” Malila said.

“My mom use to do the same thing for me Saturday morning,” Tristan said. Malila just smiles at him and pecks his lips and then Malila and Tristan proceed to the kitchen and they see Sandra sitting on the counter with one of her legs wrapped around David’s waist and they are making out intensely.

“Mom! Dad!,” Malila said embarrassed. Sandra and David quickly pull out of the kiss and look at Malila and Tristan and wipe their lips and smile.

“Good morning baby girl. Good morning Tristan,” Sandra said.

“How did you and Tristan sleep?,” David asked.

“We slept great,” Tristan said while smiling big. Malila just looks at her parents and shakes her head.

“Baby girl…..we didn’t mean to embarrass you,” Sandra said.

“Baby you don’t have to be embarrassed,” Tristan said.

“I know….I should be used to it by now,” Malila said. Malila moves closer to her parents and they both hug her and kiss her forehead.

“Please disinfect this counter mom and dad,” Malila said. Sandra and David smile and nod their heads and Sandra gets off of the counter and David slaps her a** and Sandra giggled out loud. Tristan just laughs and he hugs Sandra and David.

“Something smells really good in here,” Tristan said.

“Well we have pancakes, French toast, sausage, bacon, grits, eggs, biscuits and orange juice to drink,” David said.

“Mmm that sounds great….I am starving!,” Malila said. Everyone just looks at her and raises an eyebrow and Malila just looks at them.

“What? Why are you all looking at me like that?,” Malila said.

“Baby girl… you know how much food you ate last night? You had two full plates of food,” Sandra said.

“You sure did baby and you’re already hungry?,” Tristan said.

“Mmm…..reminds me of something familiar….your mother’s appetite increased greatly before she found out she was pregnant with you and your brother… I going to become a grandfather?,” David said while smiling big.

“Oh I am going to be a grandmother!,” Sandra exclaimed. Sandra walks over to Malila and gently rubs her stomach.

“Mom, dad, I can’t say for sure if I am pregnant or not….but it could very well be….me and Tristan….well we have a lot of sex,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“Oh baby girl if you are pregnant me and your father would be so happy for you and Tristan….and we would spoil our grandbaby or grandbabies to death,” Sandra said. Malila just smiles and hugs her parents and then she hugs Tristan.

“Ok well we invited Lauren, Damian and Imani for breakfast. They should be here at 9:30,” Sandra said.

“Ok,” Malila and Tristan said.

“Me and your father are going to get dressed real quick,” David said.

“Make it quick too! And clean up this counter first,” Malila said. Sandra laughs and she cleans up the counter really quick as Tristan and Malila go upstairs to their bedroom. Malila puts on a t-shirt and jeans and Tristan puts on a t-shirt and basketball shorts. They then come back downstairs to the kitchen and Sandra and David come down shortly after that. At 9:30, the doorbell rings. Malila and Tristan go to the door and open it and they see Damian, Lauren and Imani.

“Hi Malila! Hi Tristan!,” Imani exclaimed.

“Hey gorgeous,” Malila said. Tristan just smiles at Imani and picks her up and kisses her cheek and Malila kisses her cheek as well.

“Hey Lauren and Damian come on in,” Malila said. Damian and Lauren walk in and Malila closes the door behind them and then she and Tristan hug them both. They all walk into the kitchen and Damian and Lauren hug Sandra and David and David and then they hug Imani.

“You hungry pretty girl? How about we fix you a plate?,” Tristan said to Imani.

“Ok Tristan,” Imani said while smiling big. Tristan takes a plate and Imani tells Tristan just what she wants and everyone just watches this; they think it is so sweet.

“Malila, you really have yourself a good man….look at him with Imani…he is going to be a great father someday……probably real soon huh?,” Lauren said.

“What?,” Malila asked.

“Malila I saw all that food you ate yesterday….you have always been a health freak and you eat so healthy and you always eat the appropriate portions….but yesterday you didn’t portion anything, you just ate everything,” Lauren said.

“Wow everyone has noticed huh? Well….the way me and Tristan have been having unprotected sex, I would not be surprised if I were pregnant…..that would make me so happy. You know I have always wanted kids,” Malila said while smiling.

“And you would make an excellent mother Malila….you are Tristan would be great parents,” Lauren said.

“Thanks Lauren….I really admire you and Damian as parents….you are both doing such a good job with Imani. She is an absolute sweetheart,” Malila said.

“Thanks Malila,” Lauren said. Malila and Lauren hug each other tight and everyone else makes their plates and drinks and then sit down at the table. Malila and Tristan sit next to each other and then Lauren, and Damian sit across from them and Imani is sitting in Damian’s lap. Sandra and David are sitting at each end of the table.

“So mom and dad what are we doing today?,” Malila asked.

“Well I thought we could all show Tristan Pittsburgh today how does that sound?,” David said.

“That sounds great I have never been to Pittsburgh so I would love that,” Tristan said. Sandra and David smile and nod their head and everyone enjoys their breakfast together. After breakfast, Sandra and David clean up while Malila and Tristan go upstairs to get dressed. They take a quick shower, no sex (lol) and then they get dressed. Once they are all ready, they go downstairs and see everyone else waiting for them.

“Ok is everyone ready?,” David asked.

“Yes,” everyone said in unison.

“Tristan and Malila you can ride with us. Damian and Lauren and Imani will ride together,” Sandra said.

“Ok let’s go,” Malila said. They all leave the house and David locks the door behind them and Malila and Tristan get into her parents car and Lauren, Damian and Imani get into their car. David starts up the car and drives off. Malila and Tristan are sitting in the back seat and Tristan has his hand rested on Malila’s thigh and he is gently caressing it. Malila rests her hand on top of his and she looks at him and they smile at each other. Tristan leans over and pecks her lips.

“Baby I am so happy you are here with me,” Malila said.

“And I am happy to be here with you,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and opens her hand and Tristan smiles and locks his hand with hers. As they are driving to downtown Pittsburgh, Malila shows Tristan the high school she went to, and the church she grew up in. Once they are downtown, they park in a parking garage and then everyone gets out of the cars. There is a festival this weekend so that is where they will start their day. They walk out of the parking garage and downtown and it is very crowded. Damian is holding Imani in his arms, just so she doesn’t get lost. There is plenty of rides, and food, live music; just a great family event. Tristan and Malila lock hands and walk around with everyone and enjoy the festivities. Malila was hungry by 12 pm and she and Tristan went off to get some food. Malila ended up getting a cheeseburger and fries and a chocolate milkshake and Tristan just got a cheeseburger and onion rings and water to drink. They find a four person table and sit down and Malila instantly starts eating.

“Malila we need to talk about….this,” Tristan said. Malila just looks at him and nods her head and takes a big bite out of her cheeseburger and then sets it down. She chews and swallows and then wipes her lips with a napkin.

“…..I think I may be pregnant Tristan,” Malila said honestly.

“You really think so?,” Tristan said as his eyes lit up.

“Yes….I know my body Tristan and it just feels different. I wish I could describe it, but I can’t. I know my appetite and I don’t eat food like this ever, but now….it’s all I crave….I can’t say for sure because I haven’t missed my period yet or anything like that, but Tristan…..I really think we are expecting a baby,” Malila said while looking in Tristan’s eyes. Tristan just stares at her and Malila sees tears fill up in his eyes.

“Malila…..if you are pregnant….I swear to you that I will be the happiest man in this universe and I mean that…..I love you so much and if you are carrying my child, I….I don’t even know what to say…..I just know that I would be so happy.”

“Oh Tristan baby…..I would be so happy too. I have always wanted children. For so long I have wanted to be a mother.”

“Malila you would be an excellent mother….I can tell that by the way you act with Imani. You just have this motherly instinct that comes out when you are around her and I admire that.”

“Tristan when I saw you fix Imani’s plate this morning, my heart melted. You are so good with her and she clings to you already… are going to be the best father in the world and I mean that… have so much love inside of you and I know you want to give it to a child of your own and if I can give that chance to you, that would make me so happy……you know I would never ever take your child away from you.”

“Thanks baby I do know that…..if you are pregnant…..what do you think about us moving in together?,’ Tristan asked.

“Tristan I would love that…..we practically live together anyway and I would love to live in a place that we can call our own,” Malila said.

“I want that too…..but where do you want to live baby? Do you want to live here? Or Richmond?”

“Oh gosh I don’t know. I love Richmond and I love Pittsburgh.”

“But you miss your family. I know you do.”

“Yes I do…but baby what do you think?”

“Malila you know you are all I have. I will go wherever you want to go.”

“You’re so sweet baby….how about we both just do research on jobs here and if we both can find something, then we will decide together ok?”

“Ok Malila we can do that… know something? It’s crazy how one meeting can change your whole life…I remember that first night I saw you at the bar… were breathtakingly gorgeous….but when I saw you arguing with Michael….I didn’t have to say anything, but when I heard him slap you, I had to stop him…..and ever since that day we met… have changed my life for the better… have come in and just completely changed me….and you are giving me everything I have ever wanted….I mean you, are an amazing women and you may be giving me a child soon… have given me the family I have always wanted and I am so thankful. I am so grateful and I am so on love with you baby,” Tristan said. Malila just stares at him as tears roll down her cheeks.

“I love you too baby,” Malila said through tears.

“Come here,” Tristan said while patting his lap. Malila stands up from her chair and she sits in Tristan’s lap and he wipes her tears and then pulls her into a tight embrace. After that they peck each other’s lips and then Malila goes back to her chair and they finish eating. As they are sitting and talking, Damian and Lauren come up to them and sit down.

“D**n Malila after that breakfast you were still hungry huh?,” Damian joked.

“Damian be nice…..I think Malila is expecting my little cousin,” Lauren said while rubbing Malila’s stomach.

“Whoa really? Congratulations ya’ll. Tristan I am sure you are excited,” Damian said.

“Well it’s not official but I do have this feeling that I may be pregnant,” Malila said.

“And yes Damian if Malila is pregnant I will be beyond excited,” Tristan said.

“Where is Imani?,” Malila said.

“She is with your parents,” Lauren said.

“….I have an idea. How about you and Damian go out tonight? You know have nice date or romantic evening and me and Tristan will watch Imani for you,” Malila suggested.

“Oh Malila we couldn’t do that to you and Tristan. You two are here on vacation,” Lauren said.

“Honestly me and Malila would love it… would give us some practice for the future,” Tristan said.

“Are ya’ll sure though?,” Damian asked.

“Yes of course and I know she would love it,” Malila said.

“I am sure she would love spending time with her cousins Malila and Tristan….she loves you both I know that much….what do you think Damian? It would be nice to get out and do something together,” Lauren said.

“I would love to get out with you Lauren….but Malila and Tristan are you sure?,” Damian asked.

“Yes,” Malila and Tristan said in unison.

“Ok….well we will go then. Thank you two so much for this….I know Imani will be happy to hear this news,” Lauren said while laughing. Everyone laughs and nods their heads and they all talk until Imani comes running up to the table.

“Mommy! Daddy look what I made!,” Imani said. Damian and Lauren look at the piece of paper Imani is holding in her hand and they smile big.

“Aww it’s a family portrait huh? Baby girl it’s beautiful,” Lauren said.

“It sure is baby girl…..but why is daddy so skinny? I’m not that skinny,” Damian said.

“Yes you are daddy,” Imani said while giggling. Damian just picks her up and tickles her stomach and Imani laughs loudly. Lauren smiles at this and leans in and kisses her daughter’s cheek multiple times.

“Malila and Tristan I made one for you too,” Imani said. She shows Malila and Tristan and they smile at the picture that includes the both of them, but also a crib.

“Baby girl who is in the crib?,” Malila asked.

“Aunty Sandra said you and Tristan were going to have a baby soon,” Imani said.

“Oh she did huh?,” Malila said while laughing.

“Yes she did….and when you do will I get to see him or her?,” Imani asked.

“Of course you will baby girl.”

“I wish you and Tristan lived here. I miss you Malila,” Imani said while frowning a bit.

“And I miss you too baby….but I will try to see you as often as I can,” Malila said.

“I know,” Imani said while looking down.

“Hey Imani, how would you like to spend the night with me and Malila at your Aunty Sandra and Uncle David’s house tonight? Would you like that?,” Tristan said.

“Really?!,” Imani said excitedly.

“Yes….your mommy and daddy are going on a date tonight and we are going to watch you,” Malila said.

“Yay! I can’t wait!,” Imani said while clapping her hands.

“We can’t wait either,” Malila said while smiling big.

“Uncle David said we can see the fireworks later. Can we still go?,” Imani asked.

“Of course we can gorgeous. We can do whatever you want tonight,” Tristan said. Imani just smiles and Damian hands her to Tristan and Tristan kisses her forehead and Malila does the same.

“Malila and Tristan you are both going to be great parents someday. I mean that you two are so good with Imani,” Damian said.

“Thank you,” Malila and Tristan said. Malila, Tristan, Lauren and Damian talk for a little bit and they get Imani something to eat and at around 3 pm, Imani starts to get really tired. Sandra and David are going to take her home along with Malila and Tristan and Lauren and Damian are going to go to their house so they can pack Imani an overnight bag for tonight. So once Malila, Tristan, Imani, David and Sandra get home, Tristan takes Imani out of the car and they all walk in the house. Tristan takes Imani to the living room and sets her on the couch and she yawns. Tristan smiles and he sits next to her and Imani lies down across the couch, but so her head is in Tristan’s lap. Tristan gently hums and gently rubs her back and she falls asleep instantly. Tristan leans down and kisses her cheek and smiles to himself; he could get use to singing a child to sleep. Malila, David and Sandra went upstairs when they came home, and Malila called Nia to check on Kevin and she also called Erica as well. Once she is done, she wonders where Tristan and Imani are since she has not heard them in a while. She goes downstairs and looks around and her heart melted when she walked in the living room. She sees Imani sleeping across Tristan’s lap and Tristan has his head rested against the couch pillows and he is sleep as well. She can’t help but smile at the sight and she grabs a small blanket and places it across Imani. She leans in and gently kisses Imani and Tristan’s forehead and then goes back upstairs to the bedroom she is sharing with Tristan and lies down and just thinks. She can’t help but ignore the fact that she could very well be pregnant and Malila just smiles at this; she could be a mother soon! She could be the mother of a baby to the man she loves with all of her being. She slowly pulls up her shirt and she gently rubs her stomach. It amazes her if there is a new life beginning to grow inside of her. She lowers her shirt and turns on her side and falls asleep with a smile on her face. At close to 5 pm, Tristan wakes up to Imani slightly tapping him.

“Tristan….I have to use the bathroom,” Imani said.

“Oh ok,” Tristan said. He stands up from the couch and takes her hand and walks her to the nearest bathroom and she closes the door behind her. Tristan waits outside the door and a minute later he hears the toilet flush.

“Tristan!,” Imani called out.

“Yes Imani?,” Tristan said.

“I can’t reach the sink. Can you help me please?,” Imani said.

“Yes I am coming in ok?”

“Ok.” Tristan opens the door and sees Imani trying to reach the sink but she can’t. He smiles a bit and picks her up and turns on the water and she pumps the soap in her hand and rubs them together really good. She then rinses them off and Tristan turns off the water as Imani shakes her hands. Tristan sets Imani down and she dries her hands and then looks at Tristan and smiles.

“Thanks Tristan,” Imani said.

“No problem Imani….let’s go check on Malila,” Tristan said while extending his hand out. Imani nods her head and takes Tristan’s hands and they leave the bathroom and go upstairs to the room Tristan and Malila are sharing. Tristan opens the door and sees Malila sleeping peacefully on her side. Tristan just smiles and Imani looks up at him.

“Malila is so pretty Tristan,” Imani said.

“She sure is,” Tristan said.

“You and her are going to make pretty babies,” Imani said while giggling a bit.

“You think so?” Imani smiles and nods her head and Tristan smiles at her and picks her up and kisses her cheek.

“…Ya’ll are so cute together,” Malila said while opening her eyes. Tristan and Imani look at Malila and smile and Tristan walks over to the bed and sits next to Malila with Imani in his lap. Malila sits up and hugs the both of them and then kisses Imani’s cheek and then kisses Tristan’s lips.

“Imani you like Tristan huh baby girl?,” Malila said while rubbing her cheek.

“Yes I do Malila…he is sweet and very cute,” Imani said while smiling at Tristan.

“Awww you’re sweet and cute too Imani,” Tristan said.

“…I told Tristan you and him will make pretty babies,” Imani said.

“Oh you did huh?,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“Mmhmm it’s true,” Imani said.

“You are such a sweetheart….you hungry baby girl? We should eat before the fireworks ok?,” Malila said.

“Ok I am hungry,” Imani said.

“Ok…Tristan will you take her downstairs and get her something to eat? I will be down shortly,” Malila said.

“Ok baby that’s fine. One more kiss,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and leans in and kisses Tristan’s lips a few times and Imani just laughs at them. Malila kisses Imani’s forehead and then Tristan stands up with Imani and goes downstairs and starts to fix Imani, Malila and himself a plate of food leftover from last night. He heats Imani’s plate up first and gets her a glass of juice and sets the glass on the table. Once her food is heated up he places the plate on the table and he sets Imani in the chair.

“Ok be careful Imani. The food is going to be hot,” Tristan said.

“Ok,” Imani said. She picks up her fork and starts to eat her food. Tristan heats up his plate then Malila’s and Malila comes downstairs just in time. She sits next to Imani and Tristan sets her plate in front of her.

“Thank you baby,” Malila said.

“No problem….if you need seconds just let me know ok?,” Tristan said.

“Ok,” Malila said. Tristan gets his plate and sits across from them and they talk every now and then as they eat. At around 5:45, Lauren and Damian drop off Imani’s overnight bag and they both hug her tight and give her multiple kisses before they leave. Malila’s parents told her and Tristan that they were going to stay in tonight and Malila knows what this means; they just want some alone time to have sex. Malila gets the keys to her mom’s car and she leaves along with Tristan and Imani to head downtown. The fireworks don’t start until 8, but Tristan and Malila wanted to take Imani to the park and just play with her for a bit. At 8 once Malila, Tristan and Imani are at the fireworks sight, Malila lays a blanket down on the ground at a place really close to the fireworks. Malila and Tristan lie down and Imani sits up between them. Tristan places an arm around Malila and she looks at him and smiles and Tristan smiles back.

“Imani you ok sitting up?,” Malila asked.

“Well can I lie down too?,” Imani asked.

“Of course you can baby girl,” Tristan said. Imani smiles and she lies down between Tristan and Malila and Imani rests her head on Tristan’s arm. The fireworks start and Imani enjoys every second of it. Malila and Tristan noticed she was smiling the whole time and they just smiled at this. Tristan just feels so relaxed right now; he doesn’t have a care in the world. Tristan is usually stressed about something, but spending time with Malila and her family, just puts Tristan at ease. 25 minutes later, once the fireworks are over, Imani sits up and yawns loudly.

“We should get you to sleep Imani….did you enjoy the fireworks?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes I did! I love fireworks!,” Imani said happily. Malila and Tristan just smile at her and Tristan stands up with Imani in his arms and then Malila gets the blanket and then they all head back to Malila’s parents’ house. Once they get there, Malila and Tristan take Imani upstairs. Imani takes her bath, while Tristan and Malila change into their pajamas. Once Imani is done with her bath, she goes into the guest bedroom she will be sleeping in and she lotions up and then puts on her pajamas and then brushes her teeth. She then goes to Sandra and David’s room and she says good night to them and she then goes to Malila and Tristan’s room and knocks on the door.

“Come in,” Tristan said. Imani walks in and sees Tristan and Malila lying down in the bed cuddling close.

“You take your bath and brush your teeth?,” Malila asked.

“Yes I did…can you help me take down my hair?, Imani said.

“Yes I can come here,” Malila said. Malila and Tristan sit up in the bed and Imani walks over to the bed and climbs in and Malila takes out Imani’s hair and Imani shakes her head once her hair is down and Tristan and Malila laugh at her.

“Thank you Malila….I hope my hair is like yours one day. Really long,” Imani said.

“Aww you’re so sweet and I am sure your hair will be just as long as mine one day….you need to get some sleep baby girl,” Malila said.

“Ok Malila,” Imani said.

“You sleep tight Imani,” Tristan said.

“Thanks you too!,” Imani said. She hugs Tristan tight and kisses his cheek and then does the same to Malila.

“I love you Malila and Tristan,” Imani said.

“I love you too,” Malila and Tristan said in unison. Imani gets out of the bed and leaves the room closing the door behind her.

“That little girl is so sweet. She thinks she’s grown too,” Tristan said while laughing a bit.

“She sure does….and yes she is a sweetheart. I can tell she really loves you too….she is going to have a hard time when she leaves….she always cries when I leave,” Malila said.

“Aww really? That’s sad….I don’t want to see her cry,” Tristan said.

“I hate it I know that much.”

“….Malila I am really enjoying my trip so far. I am enjoying every minute with your family. Everyone is so sweet and you know….I just feel at ease here. I’m usually stressed out of my mind, but I just feel relaxed with your family….they make me feel really comfortable…..but Malila baby, your parents are really freaky. They must be sex addicts huh?”

“Yes they are….but luckily they are only sex addicts with each other and not other people…..they just love sex and at their age it’s crazy because that is when couples usually their spark but I swear my parents spark just gets brighter every year,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“Whoa that’s crazy….s**t we can be like them when we get their age I have no problem with that,” Tristan said.

“I bet you don’t.” Malila leans closer to Tristan and pecks his lips multiple times and Tristan holds Malila tight and they watch a few tv shows as they talk. About an hour later, at a little past 10 pm, they hear a knock on their door.

“Malila, Tristan,” Imani said.

“Come in baby girl,” Malila said. Imani walks in with her head all over her head and she is rubbing her left eye.

“What’s wrong?,” Tristan asked.

“I can’t sleep….can you two sleep in my room? This room is kind of creepy,” Imani said. Malila and Tristan laugh to themselves and get out of the bed.

“Of course we will sleep in your room…Tristan can sing you to sleep would you like that?,” Malila said. Imani smiles a bit and nods her head and they all walk to the room where Imani is staying. Imani gets under the covers and Tristan and Malila lie down on each side of her. Tristan starts to softly sing and Imani stared at him the whole time, and Malila noticed Imani’s eyes close as she fell asleep within minutes.

“Baby you are so good with her,” Malila said softly.

“Thank you baby….she makes me really want to start a family with you. I am very ready Malila and I mean that….that is why I hope you are pregnant so we can start our family together,” Tristan said.

“Awww baby you’re so sweet. I can’t wait to start OUR family. We are going to be so happy together.”

“I know we are…I love you Malila.”

“I love you too Tristan.” Malila smiles and she holds out her hand and Tristan locks his hand with hers and their arms are across Imani and they drift off to sleep as well.

Okay fo'real her familys a bunch of freaks lol. esp her parents. Setting up that room and giving Malila tips on what to do with Tristan lol they doing Too much. Imani's too cute with her lik grown butt, she's feeling Tristan I see lol. Im glad her family likes Tristan esp her parents. Lauren and Damien are cool too. Wow they made sure they used those toys and props I see lol. Again I swear they some freaks lol. Hold up tho did I hear right Malila sais she's been eating awhole lot for the past week hmmm, could she be... Oh I hope so. lOVED THE ADD. RUN IT.

Freaks, freaks, freaks. Omg! :O and the fact that her parents are even freakier, they just so silly and cool. Sex addicts huh? I like the idea of them being overly intimate, damn freaks. They keep it hot all the time, Tristian fine ass! Whew. He's such an animal! Ah. I'm glad her family likes him, I found it cut how Imani clings to him too, he could really be a great father figure. That damn Alicia. (tehehe, it feels weird to say a name that's in my story, ahahah) took his chance away. Damn dummy! Anyways, I'm glad they wanna have a family and get married, they want the same things in life.

I sniff commitment.

Thanks for the comments so far ladies!!

Run it!!

I like Malila's parents LOL..but to be honest they're a little bit freaky..TOO freaky for me; I'd die of embarassment or probably shock. Each post gets better everytime, I'm getting hooked to this

Run iT! <3

They're alll freaks!!!! Like s***!!! Lol But I can tell they love each other. I'm glad her family adores Tristan. Now it just makes things easier. Awww at them in the tub.

damn they are some serious freaks! i can deffinatly see where Malia gets it from though her parents are wild as f***! run it

3 weeks later, Tristan and Malila are on a plane to Pittsburgh! Malila and Tristan are taking two weeks off to visit Malila’s family and they are both very excited! Tristan is very excited but also very nervous; he will be meeting Malila’s parents! He just hopes and prays that they like him. Trent and Nia are keeping Kevin for Malila, since he can’t stay home alone. Anyway, Tristan and Malila are sitting next to each other and Malila is resting her head on Tristan’s shoulder and they have their hands locked.

“Baby? Do you think your parents are going to like me?,” Tristan asked.

“Tristan baby they are going to love you. Don’t be nervous or scared. I have told them everything about you, and they both love what they have heard so far,” Malila asked.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive baby. Now give me a kiss.” Malila closes her eyes and puckers her lips and Tristan smiles and licks her lips and Malila opened her eyes instantly and hits Tristan’s chest, then wipes her lips.

“Tristan! Stop being nasty!,” Malila exclaimed.

“Please like you don’t love it. With your nasty a**,” Tristan said smartly. Malila just sticks out her tongue and Tristan quickly leans in and sucks on her tongue and Malila slaps his arm and Tristan pulls away while laughing and Malila just glares at him.

“Tristan we are on a public plane, behave yourself,” Malila said.

“Oh woman please. I would f**k you on this plane and not give a d**n who’s watching…..s**t you can hop on this d**k right now and I will not stop you,” Tristan said. Malila just smacks her lips and rolls her eyes as Tristan chuckles to himself.

“Ok baby let me get a kiss. No funny business I swear,” Tristan said. He closes his eyes and puckers his lips and Malila looks at him and she leans in and gives Tristan a gentle kiss, but of course Tristan couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and he slid his hand up Malila’s shirt and gently squeezed her right breast. Malila pulled away from Tristan and she looks at him and he is just grinning hard.

“Tristan you are just bad,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“I know….when we get to Pittsburgh, we need to find somewhere to f**k. It’s already been like 3 hours since the last time, and I am feigning for it bad baby. I need it….you’re just too sexy I guess,” Tristan said while smirking.

“That and I got that good good,” Malila said while grinning.

“Oh you’re feelin’ yourself huh? But you know you do…..but I don’t think we will be staying in the same room at your parent’s house right?”

“Babe I told you all about my parents…..we will definitely be sleeping in the same room, and I am sure my parents will put a stack of condoms and sex toys on the dresser.”

“D**n! Really?!”

“Yes I am sure about that.”

“D**n I can’t wait!!” Malila just laughs at Tristan and leans in and pecks Tristan’s lips.

“Baby?,” Malila said.

“Yes gorgeous?,” Tristan said.

“You’re so handsome Tristan… have the most handsome face and your freckles are so cute to me,” Malila said while giggling.

“You’re so sweet baby. I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” Tristan pecks Malila’s lips and Malila rests her head back on Tristan’s shoulder and yawns a bit and Tristan smiles to himself and wraps his arms around her and holds her tight as she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. Tristan just admires Malila sleeping and he takes his left hand and gently runs his hands through her hair. His eyes travel down her body and land on her stomach and Tristan smiles a bit. The thought of Malila ever carrying his child, just makes him smile. The way him and Malila have been having sex, he just feels that Malila could easily get pregnant. Tristan would have no problem with Malila getting pregnant and he just sees them having a house full of kids someday, married, and just happy together. Tristan kisses Malila’s cheek and rests his head on Malila’s and holds her close. 45 minutes later, Malila and Tristan land in Pittsburgh! Tristan gently taps Malila to wake up and she slowly opens her eyes and he kisses her forehead.

“Baby we’re here,” Tristan said softly. Malila smiles and nods her head and yawns and then kisses Tristan’s cheek. Once they are allowed to leave the plane, they walk hand in hand out of the plane and towards the baggage claim and Malila smiles so big when she hears <a href="">her parents</a> calling her name.

“Mommy! Daddy!,” Malila exclaimed. Malila quickly runs to her parents and she shares a group embrace with her parents. She holds them so tight; she is ecstatic to see them!

“Baby girl you look so good!,” Malila’s mother said.

“Thank you mommy,” Malila said. Malila pulls out of the embrace and then <a href="">this little girl</a> runs up to Malila.

“Malila!,” the little girl exclaimed.

“Imani! Baby girl look at you! You are so big!,” Malila said happily. Imani giggles and reaches up to Malila and Malila picks her up and kisses her all over her face.

“Malila you’re so pretty,” Imani said.

“Oh baby girl thank you. You are pretty yourself,” Malila said.

“Malila, baby girl don’t you have someone to introduce us to?,” Malila’s father said.

“Yes who is the cutie?,” Imani said while giggling.

“Everyone, I would like for you all to meet Tristan, my boyfriend and the love of my life,” Malila said.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Morrison,” Tristan said while extending his hand out. Malila’s mom and dad just look at each other and laugh and then they pull Tristan into a tight embrace and Tristan just laughs to himself. Malila’s parents pull out of the embrace and look at Tristan and smile big.

“Tristan it is so nice to meet you. You are all our baby girl talks about these days. I’m Sandra,” Malila’s mom said.

“Yes our baby girl has never sounded happier. I’m David,” Malila’s dad said.

“It’s so nice to finally meet the two of you,” Tristan said.

“Hi my name’s Imani,” Imani said while waving at Tristan.

“Hi Imani, I’m Tristan,” Tristan said while smiling big.

“Oh you’re so cute!!,” Imani exclaimed.

“Aww aren’t you sweet? You’re a cutie pie yourself,” Tristan said cutely. Imani just giggles and reaches out to Tristan. Tristan looks at Malila and Malila smiles and nods her head and Tristan smiles and opens his arms and Malila hands Imani to him. Imani just smiles and leans in and kisses Tristan’s cheek.

“Aww you’re just a sweetheart huh?,” Tristan said. Imani just giggles and <a href="">this woman</a> comes up to Tristan.

“Excuse my daughter, she just loves meeting new people….I’m Malila’s cousin Lauren,” the woman said.

“Oh it’s fine. I’m Tristan it’s nice meeting you,” Tristan said.

“Nice meeting you too….Malila I see you got a fine one huh?,” Lauren said.

“Oh so I’m not fine then huh?,” <a href="">this man</a> said. Lauren just laughs and goes over to the man and kisses his lips.

“Baby stop. It’s not even like that and you know it,” Lauren said.

“Yeah better not be. Hey Tristan, my name’s Damian,” the man said.

“It’s really nice to meet the both of you,” Tristan said.

“Daddy Tristan has drawings like you on his arms,” Imani said.

“Yes he has tattoos like daddy… have some very unique ones though Tristan, never seen any like them before,” Damian said.

“Thanks. I actually designed them myself,” Tristan said.

“Wow that’s impressive Tristan,” Sandra said.

“Thank you,” Tristan said.

“Alright, how about we get your bags, and head home? We have a feast waiting for you,” David said. Tristan and Malila smile and nod their head and go to the baggage claim. Imani is clinging to Tristan already and Malila just admires this. She can tell that Tristan is really good with kids already. Once Malila and Tristan get their bags, they all head to Malila’s parents’ <a href="">house</a>. Once they get there, Malila and Tristan get their suitcases and the family walks inside. Malila is greeted by a few other family members such as aunts, uncles and other small cousins. They all like Tristan too and Tristan is so kind with all of them! It’s time now to eat and Malila’s family cooked a soul food feast! Everything looks great! Malila and Tristan all fix their plates as well as everyone else. Damian and Lauren fix Imani’s plate.

“Tristan, honey you help yourself. You eat as much as you want,” Sandra said.

“Thank you so much Sandra. Everything looks great,” Tristan said.

“You can get seconds and thirds, we have more than enough,” David said. Tristan just smiles and nods his head and looks at Malila and she smiles at him and Tristan leans in and pecks her lips. Once Malila and Tristan have their plates fixed, they sit next to each other at the table and her parents sit at the head of the table. Lauren, and Damian sit down across from them and Imani stands with her plate in her hand and looks at her parents.

“Mommy, daddy, do you mind if I sit next to Tristan?,” Imani asked nicely.

“Only if it’s ok with Tristan,” Damian said.

“Oh it’s fine with me Imani,” Tristan said. Imani just smiles big and she places her plate next to Tristan’s. She then climbs onto Tristan and sits in his lap and gets comfortable and starts eating. Tristan and Malila are both laughing so hard right now, and Lauren and Damian are just shaking their heads at her.

“Little girl, you said you wanted to sit next to Tristan, not in his lap,” Lauren said.

“Well this is what I meant,” Imani said.

“Tristan man, I’m sorry,” Damian said.

“No it’s ok. I don’t mind at all,” Tristan said.

“See it’s ok mommy and daddy,” Imani said while smiling big. Damian and Lauren laugh and then THIS LITTLE BOY sets his plate on the other side of Malila’s plate and then climbs in Malila’s lap and Malila smiles and kisses his cheek multiple times as he gets comfortable in her lap.

“Now Malila all these kids love you and you are so good with them. When are you going to make me a grandmother?,” Sandra said. Malila just looks at Tristan and they both just smile at each other and her parents caught onto this.

“Malila Alexis Morrison! Is there something you need to tell me?!,” Sandra exclaimed.

“Mom….well….I’m not pregnant to my knowledge, but me and Tristan have been trying to conceive,” Malila said.

“Thank goodness, you know me and your mother aren’t getting any younger,” David said.

“…..You two aren’t mad?,” Tristan asked in shock.

“Mad? Of course not why would we be?,” David asked.

“Well….you two just met me and me and Malila haven’t been together terribly long,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I could see the love you have my daughter the second I saw you two together….I know you two are in love and I am sure you two have discussed children and you two are adults and very responsible…..listen Tristan, David and I had Malila when we were only 18 and we weren’t married either. But we both knew that we were in love and love is all that matters. Now if Malila wasn’t in a relationship, then I would have a problem, but since she is and you two are in love, I have no problems….and I would be very happy to know that I could be a grandmother,” Sandra said.

“Wow….that means a lot to me. Thanks,” Tristan said.

“Guess you two won’t need some of the things we left for you in the bedroom you two will share while you are here,” David said.

“Your father is right….and we reinforced the soundproof walls as well so you two can be as loud as you want,” Sandra said.

“Mom!,” Malila said fully embarrassed.

“Oh Malila don’t mom me….you know very well I use to hear you and Kevin all the time and I know you have heard me and your father too many times to count,” Sandra said while laughing. Tristan and David just laugh so hard and Malila looks down embarrassed.

“Aww babe don’t be embarrassed one bit,” Tristan said.

“Yes this is a part of life….and me your mother bought this book with hundreds of positions, you and Tristan are more than welcome to take a look. Damian and Lauren have already done so,” David said.

“Yes we did….Malila that book will change your life,” Lauren said while laughing.

“Your whole family is full of freaks huh?,” Tristan whispered to Malila. Malila just narrows her eyes at him and Tristan gives her a funny face and she just laughs at him.

“What are you all talking about?,” Imani asked curiously.

“Uh….baby girl we will tell you when you’re older,” Damian said.

“Ok daddy,” Imani said. Tristan and Malila enjoy a very nice dinner with Malila’s family. Tristan really enjoyed getting to know Malila’s family and they were all so sweet; Tristan sees now why Malila is so sweet. Once everyone is done eating, Malila goes into the kitchen with her parents.

“Mom and dad do you need help cleaning up?,” Malila asked.

“Yeah we don’t mind helping you two,” Tristan asked.

“Sandra baby, how about you and Malila go and talk, and me and Tristan can put up the food, how does that sound?,” David suggested.

“That’s fine with me,” Tristan said.

“Yeah same here,” Malila said. Sandra takes Malila’s hand and they go into the living room and sit on the couch; it’s only them in the room. Tristan and David go into the kitchen and start to clean up and put up the food.

“Malila baby girl, Tristan is such a nice man. He is also very handsome, baby girl you did good….whenever you looked at him, I saw your eyes light up and I haven’t seen that look since Kevin….I know how hard it was for you after he died, but he is heaven looking down on you and he would not want you to be sad for him….he would want you to be happy. And I know Tristan makes you happy….the love you two have for each other is very apparent and I am so happy for you. I love you so much baby girl,” Sandra said.

“Mom I am so glad you like Tristan. He was very worried that you and dad wouldn’t like him, but I knew you two would. And mom I love you so much too. I am so happy to be here with you and dad. I miss you too so much,” Malila said. Malila and Sandra share a long embrace and then Sandra kisses Malila’s forehead multiple times. Once Tristan and David are done in the kitchen, they both go out to the family room with the other family members and Malila and Sandra join them. Malila and Tristan talk with her family members until about 8 pm, which is when everyone starts to leave. Damian and Lauren are getting ready to take Imani home. Right now, Malila is holding Imani in her arms and kissing her cheek.

“Baby girl I am so happy I got to see you today,” Malila said.

“Me too Malila. I miss you,” Imani said.

“I miss you more….but we need let you get to sleep. We will see you tomorrow ok?”

“Ok Malila.” Imani kisses Malila’s cheek and then looks at Tristan and smiles and reaches out to him. Tristan smiles and takes Imani from Malila and kisses her cheek in a silly way and Imani just laughs.

“Imani it was nice meeting you. You are so sweet,” Tristan said.

“Thanks cutie you’re sweet too,” Imani said while giggling.

“Ok little girl, stop flirting with your cousin’s man,” Lauren said while laughing.

“Excuse her Tristan, she gets all that flirting from her mother,” Damian joked. Lauren slaps Damian’s chest playfully and he grabs her waist and kisses her lips multiple times.

“Mommy and daddy kiss! Eww!,” Imani said. Damian and Lauren laugh at her and Damian takes Imani from Tristan and she rests her head on her daddy’s shoulder.

“Tristan man it was so nice meeting you, you seem real cool,” Damian said.

“Thanks man same to you,” Tristan said. Damian holds his fist out and Tristan smiles and daps Damian.

“Ok Malila we will be back tomorrow to spend the whole day with you ok? It’s so good to see you, we miss you here,” Lauren said.

“Ok and you know I miss ya’ll too,” Malila said. Malila and Lauren hug and then Malila hugs Damian and Imani and then Tristan hugs everyone and they all leave. Right now it’s only Malila’s parents and Malila and Tristan left at the house.

“Ok we will show you two to your room upstairs,” Sandra said.

“Mom….I hope you didn’t go too overboard with the room….you know what I mean,” Malila said.

“Mmm well…..let’s just say baby girl if you aren’t pregnant now, you will be by the time you leave after these two weeks,” David said while smiling. Tristan just laughs hard and Malila narrows her eyes at him and he quickly purses his lips closed.

“Let’s just go upstairs and you can decide for yourself Malila,” Sandra said. Malila just shakes her head at her parents and Tristan grabs both of their bags and then Sandra and David lead Malila and Tristan upstairs. Sandra opens the door and Malila and Tristan look around the room, which has a dominatrix theme. Malila sees a black, leather outfit for her, along with a whip, two pair of handcuffs and the bedspread is red and black. Malila sees a stack of Magnum condoms on the dresser and she opens the drawer and sees a few vibrators as well. Malila just shakes her head and looks at her parents smiling big and she looks at Tristan and he has a smirk on his face.

“Malila I wasn’t sure if you brought your special vibrator from home, so I got you another one that is a similar size and shape…..just in case Tristan and your dad decide to go out for some male bonding, and decide to leave us women alone, you will have a way to cope,” Sandra said while smiling. Malila looks at Tristan and he raises an eyebrow at her and Malila looks back to her mom.

“Ok we will leave you two alone, there are some treats for you two in the fridge. Enjoy your night,” Sandra said. Sandra and David hug Tristan and Malila and then leave the bedroom closing the door behind them. Malila just looks at Tristan and he locks the door then looks at Malila and he has his eyes narrowed at her and she looks down and Tristan moves closer to her and crosses his arms.

“Malila look at me,” Tristan said. Malila looks up at Tristan and he glares at her a bit.

“So that’s how you could hold out on me all that time huh? You were using a vibrator when you were horny you had options huh?,” Tristan said.

“Um….well I just…I only used it a few times…..but what you have to offer is 100 times better,” Malila said while smiling.

“Oh don’t smile at me like you’re innocent….you know you could have told me when you were horny, I would have gladly taken care of your needs…..and now you are going to pay for that.” Malila just narrows her eyes at him and bites her lip; she LOVES his aggressive side.

“Mmm….what are you going to do to me daddy?,” Malila asked sensually.

“Well one you better strip and lie down in the bed and wait for me….no touching yourself either…I am the only hands that give you pleasure tonight you hear me? S**t I am going to handcuff your hands so you can’t do anything….now strip,” Tristan said demandingly. Malila just smiles and she looks at him and slowly takes off her clothes. Once she is completely naked, Tristan looks her up and down and Malila sits on the bed. Tristan takes the leather outfit and whip and sets them aside on a chair. He takes a pair of red, furry handcuffs and looks at Malila.

“Stand up and turn around with your hands behind your back,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and she stands up from the bed and turns around so her back is to Tristan and puts her hands behind her back. Tristan slaps each of her a** cheeks and Malila giggled as Tristan puts the handcuffs on her. Tristan moves her hair to one side and then starts sucking on Malila’s neck and Malila moaned the second Tristan’s lips touched her neck. Tristan takes his right hand and runs it down her right breast, stomach and then slowly rubs her clit.

“Baby….you’re teasing,” Malila moaned.

“D**n right I am and you are not going to tell me to do anything tonight. I do what I want, on my own pace you hear me?,” Tristan said in Malila’s left ear.

“Mmhmm yes daddy.” Tristan smiles to himself and he turns Malila around and kisses her deeply. Malila wishes she could put her hands all over him, but she can’t and in a way this turns her on even more. Tristan pulls out of the kiss and looks at Malila and he can tell she is very turned on right now, but he wants her to wait, just how she made him wait!

“Sit on the bed….with your legs open,” Tristan said. Malila nods her head and she sits on the edge of the bed and opens her legs and Tristan looks down at her p***y and smiles.

“Is she wet for me?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes she is baby,” Malila said.

“Feel how wet she is,” Tristan said. Malila just cuts her eyes at Tristan because he knows d**n well she can’t do anything with her hands!

“Oh that’s right your hands are tied up huh?,” Tristan teased.

“Baby,” Malila whined. Tristan just laughs and he takes off his shirt and beater and Malila just smiles at him.

“Baby you’re so sexy,” Malila said. Tristan just licks his lips and he goes into the small fridge in the corner of the room and opens it and sees a bottle of Hennessey and he just smiles. He takes a glass from the dresser and puts a few ice cubes in it and then pours Hennessey into the glass about half full. He closes the small fridge and looks at Malila and takes a few sips of his drink. He can tell Malila is getting restless and he smirks at this. Tristan quickly finishes his drink and then sets the glass down and walks over to Malila and Malila looks up at him. Tristan takes off his pants and boxers and Malila smiles big when she sees how hard he is already. Tristan slowly strokes his d**k and Malila just watches him and she opens her mouth and looks him in his eyes.

“Oh you want it in your mouth huh?,” Tristan said.

“Yes baby please,” Malila said.

“Ok that’s fine with me.” Malila moves to take Tristan in her mouth, but Tristan moves his d**k away from her mouth. Malila tries again and Tristan again moves it away. Malila looks at him and she glares at him.

“Tristan stop,” Malila said.

“Wait didn’t I tell you that you are not going to tell me what to do….just for that, you have to wait longer now,” Tristan said while backing away from Malila. Malila just pouts and Tristan laughs at this.

“Lie down,” Tristan said. Malila smiles a bit and she lies down on her back and spreads out her legs. Tristan hovers over her and kisses each of her breasts and kisses down her stomach and then licks her clit and Malila moaned out in pleasure. Tristan licks it a few times and then stops and Malila just looks at him like he is crazy.

“Baby…this isn’t fair,” Malila said.

“Why not?,” Tristan asked.

“Because….I just want you to f**k me and you’re teasing me.”

“Oh I am going to f**k you alright but on my own time.” Malila just looks at him and he lifts himself up from on top of her and he gently rubs her p***y lips and then slides a finger inside and he can feel how wet she is.

“Mmm she is wet huh?,” Tristan said.

“Yes….and she wants your d**k inside of her,” Malila moaned.

“Oh I like the sound of that….let’s just get something straight right now though… more f**kin’ vibrators. Soon as we get back to Richmond, you are throwing it out.”

“Yes daddy I hear you. I will throw it out.”

“Ok……now turn around doggystyle.” Malila nods her head and she turns around on her stomach and Tristan pulls her legs so she is in doggystyle. Tristan slides right inside of Malila and starts thrusting in and out of her fast and deep.

“Tris-Tristan!!! S**t baby! F**k me!,” Malila yelled in pleasure into the bed.

“Mmhmm who’s p***y is this Malila? Huh?,” Tristan said while slapping her a**.

“Mmm….it’s mine,” Malila said while turning her head to smirk at him. Tristan raises both of his eyebrows at her and she bites her lip.

“Is that right? Mmm oh you are definitely going to pay for that s**t.” Tristan pulls out of Malila and he turns her over on her back and pins Malila’s legs down to the bed. He slides right back into Malila’s wet p***y and he starts beating it up!!

“Now….we are going to try this again….who’s p***y is this Malila?,” Tristan said through grunts.

“Uh…Tri-Tristan….ahhh!,” Malila screamed out loud.

“I did not hear an answer,” Tristan said while rubbing Malila’s clit.

“Oooo! Tri-Tristan baby! It’s yours! This is your p***y not mine!,”Malila yelled.

“That’s f**kin’ right.”

“Ba-baby you are going to make me cum!”

“I want you to cum all over this d**k baby.” Malila just wants to pull Tristan closer to her, but she can’t. She wants his arms wrapped around her.

“Baby…mm….lay on top of me and hold me please,” Malila pleaded. Tristan smiles and leans down and rests his chest against Malila’s and wraps his arms around her as he continues to thrust his in and out of her deep and fast. Tristan continues likes this and within minutes Malila screams out as she reaches her climax. Minutes later, Tristan reaches his climax as well and shoots his cum right inside of Malila. He collapses on her chest and they are both breathing heavily. That was the fastest sex they have ever had! Tristan wipes his forehead of the few sweat beads that built up and then sits up and pulls Malila up with him. He takes off her handcuffs and Malila immediately wraps her arms around Tristan’s neck and kisses him deeply. Malila then looks at him and smiles big.

“Tristan I love you,” Malila said.

“I love you too gorgeous,” Tristan said. Malila pecks his lips and then hugs him tight.

“You want to take a bath together?,” Malila asked.

“I would love that,” Tristan said. They both get out of the bed and Tristan runs them a bath while Malila puts her hair in a high bun. Malila then goes into the bedroom and takes out the bowl of strawberries her parents put in the fridge and walks back into the bathroom and sees Tristan already in the tub. She smiles and hands him the bowl and she gets in and sits in his lap. Tristan takes a strawberry and puts it to her lip and Malila eats it and then smiles at him.

“You’re still hungry? After all that food you ate babe?,” Tristan said.

“Yes I am….you know this past week I have been eating everything in sight,” Malila said. Tristan raises an eyebrow at her; he knows what this could be a symptom of and he just smiles big at this thought!

“So baby what do you think of my family?,” Malila asked.

“Oh Malila your whole family is so sweet I see where you get it from. Your mom is very pretty I see where you get your good looks from and you definitely get your sense of humor from your dad. Your parents are real cool and I like the both of them already. Your dad and I talked while you and your mom talked and he said he approves of me….that made me so happy because I was intimated by your dad of course….but I am just glad both of your parents like me….and Lauren and Damian are real nice too….and Imani she is a sweetheart. I think she likes me too,” Tristan said while laughing.

“Yes Imani definitely likes you. She is such a sweet little girl, Lauren and Damian are doing so good raising her….they have been together since they were 17 years old, got married when they were 18 and had Imani when they were 19. So Imani 7 now, she is growing up so fast and I love her to death.”

“And she loves you. She clings to you Malila I can tell she misses you.”

“And I miss her too….I miss my family so much, I wish I didn’t leave so far from them….but Richmond is where my career took me, so that is why I moved. I tried so hard to find a good job here in Pittsburgh, but I just couldn’t at the time.”

“Would you like to move back home, here to Pittsburgh?”

“Yes I would love to….if me and you have children, I always dreamed of raising them here, just because this is where my family is and I want my parents to be able to see their grandchildren whenever they want….but I love Richmond too….if I didn’t move there I never would have met you handsome,” Malila said while rubbing the back of Tristan’s neck.

“Aww you’re so sweet…..but baby if you want to move back here, you know I would move with you.”

“….You would do that for me baby?”

“Malila I would do anything for you, you should know that by now.”

“You’re right and I do know that Tristan…I love you.”

“I love you too.” Tristan sets down the bowl of strawberries and then pulls Malila into a tight embrace and gently rubs her back. Tristan is just so happy right now. Meeting Malila’s family means everything to Tristan and he realizes that her family is now his family and he just smiles to himself; a family is all Tristan has ever really wanted.

:-) I had to comment again..I <3 Tristan and Malila their relationship is...I can't even put into words. Dang they don't get enough of each other's loving, I'm surprised Malila can still walk after messing around with Tristan that's too much sexiness

Run iT! <3

New Reader
First of all i LOVE the connection Tristan and Malia share. They are like the perfect couple. Even though they have their hard times but what couple doesnt?
And the sex.... OMG had me wishing i was her for an hour or 2 lol. They are soke freaky ass people.
I love the story so keep running it!

I wish I was in Malila's place right now; I feel like I connect with her in some kind of way, she's my favorite character besides Tristan

Run iT! <3

I'm sure her parents are gonna love Tristan (: But Malila changed him for the best and that's great!!

Run it!!!

This has me all hyped. I've cried, yelled, got excited and even been all happy. this story had me on an emotional roller coaster. Tristan is just amazing and Im glad he found malila.but cant wait to read more!!

My goodness they are some straight FREAKS. Both of them LOVE the hell outta sextin one another. i like theyre they wanna start a family together and the rate there going Malila will be preggo soon lol.
It's good Tristan git to meet Malila's friends and hang, and meet some guys, they seem to have hit it off well, I think theres some good friendships to come with he Trent and Austin
Aew they painted together thats seemed fun and arousing. Esp to Tristan lol. I love them, its good to see them happy for a change. And Malila going to visit her fam in Pittsburg sweet.... Tristans gonna meet his future family.... Cant wait, hope it turn out as good as his meeting her friends
Loved the add, Run IT!!!!

she lovesssssssssssss the D


Run It!

freaks come out at night, freaks come out at night!

Just a quick add for you ladies!! Next add will be Tristan meeting the parents :)

So five days pass and Malila and Tristan have become incredibly close. With their newfound intimacy, they have learned things about each other that they didn’t know before. They have been having sex every chance they get and it has been unprotected and neither Tristan nor Malila have a problem with this. It may sound crazy, but they just trust each other that much already. They are both so happy and they have both been searching for the happiness they find in each other for a while. Anyway, it’s Friday night, and Malila and Tristan are going out with Malila are her friends tonight. Tristan is finally going to meet Nia and Erica, along with Trent and Austin. Tristan is actually excited and it will be nice for him to have some male friends to talk to. Right now, Tristan is sitting on Malila’s bed waiting for her to finish getting ready. She is putting on her makeup in the bathroom and Tristan is watching her. He looks her up and down and smiles to himself. She has on skinny jeans, a fitted tank top tucked into her jeans, along with stilettos. She also has on a long necklace, and hoops to match and her hair is completely out. Tristan stands up from the bed and walks into the bathroom and walks behind Malila and wraps his arms around her waist and starts to gently kiss her neck. Malila just smiles at Tristan as he does this.

“Baby you’re so beautiful,” Tristan said in between kisses.

“Awww thank you baby. You look very handsome tonight,” Malila said. Malila turns around in Tristan’s arms so she is facing him and she looks him up and down. He has on khakis, a polo to match, and a nice pair of Jordans.

“Thank you….mmm you look really good right now….you sure we can’t have one more round babe?,” Tristan asked.

“Baby we have had three already today,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“But you’re so d**n sexy…..when we get back home, your a** is mine,” Tristan asked.

“I wouldn’t mind that one bit….but babe let me finish getting ready so we aren’t late ok?”

“Alright.” Tristan pecks Malila’s lips and then lets go of her waist and goes out to the living room and sits with Kevin while Malila finishes getting ready. At around 8 pm, Malila is all ready to go and she comes out of her bedroom and sees Tristan sitting on the couch with Kevin sitting next to him.
“Ok baby I’m ready,” Malila said.

“Ok,” Tristan said. He pets and kisses Kevin’s head and Malila does the same and then she and Tristan leave Malila’s apartment and head downtown in Tristan’s car. Once they pull up the bar/grill and Tristan parks, they both get out and walk in hand and hand. Once they go in, they hear Malila’s name being called. Malila turns and looks and sees Nia, Erica, Trent, and Austin sitting at a large half-circle booth and Tristan and Malila smile and wave. They walk over to the booth and Nia, Erica, Trent, and Austin all stand up and hug Malila and then they all look at Tristan.

“Ok everyone, I would like for you to meet Tristan, the love of my life,” Malila said while smiling big. Tristan looks at her and smiles and Tristan then looks at everyone and extends his hand out.

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” Tristan said. Tristan shakes everyone’s hands as they introduce themselves to him. After the introductions, they all sit down at the booth and start looking at the menus.

“Tristan it’s nice to finally meet you. The only thing Malila talks about is you,” Erica said.

“All good I hope,” Tristan said while smiling.

“Yes all good. She always says how perfect you are for her,” Nia said. Tristan looks at Malila and she smiles and pecks his lips and Tristan smiles and rests his hand on her thigh.

“Awwwwww!,” Nia and Erica shrieked in unison. Malila just laughs and looks down embarrassed and Trent, Austin and Tristan shake their heads while laughing.

“That’s women for you,” Trent said. Trent and Tristan nod their heads in agreement.

“Well Tristan I would ask you about you like what you do and where you’re from, but Malila has told us everything we need to know…..every detail we know,” Nia said while laughing.

“Oh really? D**n baby don’t you do any work while you’re at work, or do you just talk about me?,” Tristan joked.

“Oh haha whatever….you’re not funny,” Malila said. Tristan just laughs and the waiter comes and takes their drink orders. All of the couples talked amongst themselves until the waiter brought their drinks and then took their food orders. The couples enjoyed a fun evening together. They talked and laughed about everything and Tristan really enjoyed getting to know Malila’s friends. At around 10 pm, the men decide to get drinks from the bar, while the girls sit at the booth and talk.

“Girl Tristan is fine!!,” Nia exclaimed.

“He sure is! He is so handsome,” Erica said.

“Thanks ya’ll….I agree with you two,” Malila said while laughing.

“So things between you seem to be going good….ya’ll seem very close tonight,” Erica said.

“Well I told ya’ll we had sex for the first time on Saturday,” Malila said.

“Mmhmm…..ya’ll are some straight up freaks,” Nia said.

“Girl I know….but ever since then….we have just become so close, it’s like….gosh I can’t even explain it….but….I need to tell ya’ll something,” Malila said.

“What?,” Nia and Erica said in unison.

“Well…..the next day, Sunday… and Tristan….well we had sex in the shower that afternoon…..and…..we didn’t use a condom,” Malila said.

“What?!,” Nia and Erica exclaimed in shock.

“Malila! You ho!,” Nia said. Malila just laughs and shakes her head and Nia and Erica laugh as well.

“Malila…..are you on birth control?,” Nia asked.

“No I’m not….but ya’ll know me and Tristan both got tested for STD’s and all that and we were both completely negative…..but something came over him….and we just got so caught up and when I realized he wasn’t wearing a condom, I told him and he was in shock….but….he asked me to have his baby,” Malila said. Nia and Erica’s mouths just flew open and Malila just stares at them for an answer.

“Girls say something,” Malila said.

“AWWWWW!!,” Nia and Erica screamed.

“Ya’ll hush!,” Malila said.

“Are you serious though Malila? You and Tristan are already talking about kids?,” Nia asked.

“I know it’s soon huh? He just let out so many emotions to me that day….he says he has everything he wants, but a family,” Malila said.

“Malila if you and Tristan are ready for kids, then it doesn’t matter how long you two have been together as long as you’re both ready and have love for each other….now are you ready?,” Erica said.

“Actually….I am ready. I have always wanted kids and I see myself being with Tristan….well for the rest of my life…..I may sound crazy but I just feel in my heart that Tristan is the one for me,” Malila said.

“That’s not crazy at all Malila. It’s actually really beautiful you are going to make me cry,” Erica said while frowning.

“You are right about that Erica…..Malila you have been through so much in your life and you deserve Tristan….and if you do end up pregnant, you know me and Erica will do nothing but support you…..I will be the best aunt to your child,” Nia said while smiling.

“Awww! Are you two sure we aren’t rushing?,” Malila asked.

“If you don’t think so, then we don’t think so. You and Tristan are in love anyone can see that,” Erica said.

“I agree Malila….Malila whenever you talk about that man, all you do is smile. I know he makes you happy and if you do end up pregnant, then I will be so happy for you,” Nia said.

“Awww I love ya’ll!,” Malila exclaimed.

“Love you too!,” Erica and Nia responded. Malila scoots closer to Nia and Erica and they share a group embrace. Meanwhile with the men:

“So how long have ya’ll been with your women?,” Tristan asked.

“Me and Erica have been together for seven months,” Trent asked.

“Me and Nia have been together for nine,” Austin asked.

“How are you and Malila doing man? Last weekend she was real upset when she came out with us,” Trent asked.

“Yeah I know, but we are doing so much better now. Better than we ever have been…..last weekend though she spilled her feelings for me and I just left her hanging, but that was my own cowardness,” Tristan said.

“Bad relationship past?,” Austin asked.

“Yeah that is exactly why,” Tristan said.

“What happened? Me and Austin both have had awful past relationships too,” Trent asked.

“Well…basically my high school sweetheart and fiancée….she cheated on me and ending up aborting the baby we were expecting together….but shortly after that she got married and had a daughter,” Tristan said.

“Whoa…..that’s f**ked up man I’m sorry,” Trent said.

“Yeah that’s some foul s**t,” Austin said.

“It’s alright. Alicia left my life for a reason, and I honestly am so much happier with Malila….what about ya’ll? Tell me about your bad relationships,” Tristan asked.

“I don’t think anything can compare to a woman aborting your child, but my ex cheated on me as well, but with my brother…..I think it’s even worse that they are married now and have a son,” Trent said.

“Wow really? D**n that’s rough….so what about family get togethers?,”’ Tristan asked.

“Yeah that s**t sucks….I have to see them happy together, and sometimes I think her son should be mine and we should be married…..but I have accepted it….but I refuse to forgive either of them….that s**t hurt me too deep…..I love my nephew to death though,” Trent said.

“D**n I couldn’t even face the two of them together….Alicia lives here with her husband and daughter and when I do see them around town, I just get so angry,” Tristan said.

“I understand completely, it’s rough….but what I have with Erica makes me forget about every bad relationship I have had. I love her to death,” Trent said.

“I feel you on that….what about you Austin?,” Tristan asked.

“Well….my ex she struggled a bit, money wise… to make some extra cash, she started prostituting….and when I found out that she was f**king n***as for money, I just couldn’t stay with her you know? I was so angry and hurt that she would do that. She said she never had any feelings for any of the men, but still, you don’t just give your body up for money, whether you are in a relationship or not….I’m just thankful that she required the men to use condoms, or else I would have been beyond pissed,” Austin said.

“D**n man I’m sorry that’s rough….ya’ll have had some rough times with women….but it didn’t seem to change you two that much….I know I became cold and bitter,” Tristan said.

“Naw man life’s too short for that,” Trent said.

“Yeah I agree and everything happens for a reason you know?,” Austin said.

“Ya’ll are right….I remember when I first met Malila, I really didn’t give her the time of day and I was rude as f**k to her….I called her a b***h, and I even told her that all women were just good for p***y and that included her….my heart was so cold…but even after all of that, Malila did not give up on me….I guess she gets what she wants,” Tristan said while laughing. Trent and Austin also laugh at Tristan’s statement.

“Malila is a good woman though. All of our women are….we should be thankful, I know I am,” Trent said. All the men nod their heads in agreement as they look at their woman across the restaurant at the booth laughing and talking and a smile spreads across the faces of all the men. The women see all of their men looking at them and they all smile and wave and then blow kisses at their men and the men smile and wave back. Tristan motions Malila to come over and all the women stand up and go over to their men. Tristan wraps his arm around Malila’s waist and Trent and Austin do the same to Nia and Erica. Malila leans in and kisses Tristan’s cheek multiple times.

“Babe you want a drink? Cranberry juice?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes baby please, you know me so well,” Malila said while smiling. Tristan smiles and pecks Malila’s lips and then orders her drink and the couples stay and talk amongst each other for about 45 minutes later and then they all head home. Tristan exchanged numbers with Trent and Austin and he is actually really happy that he has some male friends now. He knows they will be nice to talk to every now and then. Tristan and Malila are headed to Tristan’s condo right now and once they get there, they both get out of the car and then go inside. Malila slips off her shoes and Tristan does the same as he closes the door behind him.

“Baby are you tired?,” Tristan asked.

“Mmm not really why?,” Malila asked.

“….I want us to do something….I have this idea for a drawing, and I really want to paint it…will you do it with me?”

“Of course I will baby….let’s change first.”

“Ok baby.” Malila and Tristan change into t-shirts and shorts and then Tristan takes Malila to his garage. Tristan opens this huge suitcase and Malila sees him take out numerous cans of spray paints and Malila just smiles to herself. Malila sits on a nearby stool and watches Tristan pick up the black spray paint and he shakes it as he looks at the blank canvas in front of him. Malila watches as he outlines a character in black and then he draws a huge set of teeth in black as well.

“Baby? Why do all of your characters have such big teeth?,” Malila asked.

“Well….I think it’s because of my insecurity of my teeth. I have always hated me teeth,” Tristan said.

“You’re joking right?”

“No babe I’m serious,” Tristan said while laughing a bit and turning around to look at Malila.

“Tristan…baby you have the perfect teeth. Your smile is beautiful,” Malila said. Tristan just smiles and Malila smiles and she gets up from the stool and moves closer to Tristan and wraps her arms around her waist and looks at him.

“I love your smile handsome,” Malila said.

“Awww aren’t you sweet? Help me fill in the teeth. Get the white paint,” Tristan said.

“Ok,” Malila said. She pecks Tristan’s lips and Malila picks up the white spray paint and Tristan moves so he is standing behind Malila and he picks up her hand with the spray paint and he guides Malila through painting in the white teeth and Malila just smiles to herself; she loves this. She likes how Tristan and Malila have something they can do together as a bonding activity. Tristan moves closer to Malila so their bodies are touching and wraps his arm around her tighter like he doesn’t want to ever let her go. Malila turns her head and looks at him and he is very into the drawing and Malila just smiles to herself. Malila focuses back on the drawing and once the teeth are filled in, Tristan continues drawing the character and then draws 2 more characters. Once Malila and Tristan are done, they both stand back and admire their artwork. Tristan is standing behind Malila with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

“Tristan, I love it when you hold me like this,” Malila said softly.

“I love having you in my arms Malila….I just can’t even explain how much,” Tristan said while gently rubbing Malila’s stomach.

“Tristan baby I love you so much. You mean everything to me,” Malila said while turning her head to look in Tristan’s eyes.

“I love you Malila….you are my everything,” Tristan said.

“I’m not going anywhere baby….I want to live my life with you by my side,” Malila said. Tristan just smiles and pecks Malila’s lips multiple times.

“Baby I was thinking about going to Pittsburgh in about three weeks. Are you still coming with me?,” Malila asked.

“Of course baby I am ready to meet your parents. I will tell my boss first thing on Monday that I will be taking off…..I am very excited to meet your parents and your family,” Tristan said.

“Aww you’re so sweet….every time I go back home, I usually visit my brother and Kevin’s graves. I also visit Kevin’s parents, since we were very close…..would you do those things with me?,” Malila asked.

“Malila I will do anything for you. Of course I will go to your brother and Kevin’s grave and to visit his parents, I would not mind at all baby…’s going to be hard for you huh?”

“Yes it is….visiting my little brother’s grave is…’s just so hard….he should be graduating college and starting his life, but he’s not here and that just hurts me….and visiting Kevin’s grave is always difficult…we would be married by now if he was still alive…..but he’s not here but I know he is not in pain or hurting where he is….and I have met someone just as amazing as him and that’s you Tristan….but I swear Kevin’s dad is Kevin’s twin and whenever I see him, I just burst into tears.”

“And that’s understandable Malila….if you cry, I will hold you until you stop I promise. I am here for you.”

“I know baby….I can’t wait for you to meet my parents. I know they are going to love you….and I can’t wait to see my family I miss everyone so much….I have this little cousin named Imani that I just love to death….that little girl is a sweetheart. She is going to love you I already know.”

“Aww well I can’t wait to meet everyone. I am very excited.”

“Same here baby.” Malila picks Tristan’s lips and then his cheek and Tristan just smiles at her.

“Ok babe, you got me hard from me just standing behind you and holding you close… let’s go f**k ok?,” Tristan said while gently squeezing Malila’s a**.

“Tristan! Ugh! You are nasty!,” Malila said while turning around and hitting his chest.

“Um I know your nympho a** is not talking to me about nasty!”

“I am not a nympho!”

“Baba a nympho is a female that loves sex. You called me every day this week to come f**k you during your lunch break so you love sex and that therefore makes you a nympho….nothing to be embarrassed about, I love it,” Tristan said while grinning hard.

“…Ok fine, you’re right….well let’s go then baby…..can I be on top and take control tonight?,” Malila asked sweetly.

“Mmhmm babe you can do anything you want to me.” Malila just bites her bottom lip and smiles. She takes Tristan’s hand and they walk back to his condo and make love for the umpteenth time this week; neither can get enough of the other and Malila and Tristan wouldn’t have it any other way.

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