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Clouds Over Brooklyn (Repost)


Brooklyn is a 20 year-old artist from Brooklyn, New York. Lost her mother at a young age and lived with her father, who eventually married Tangie - a cold woman that made Brooklyn's life a living hell.

Brooklyn, in love with street murals, was arrested after getting caught doing a mural on a billboard in Manhattan. When the city woke the next morning, as she sat behind bars, a very established Chris Brown woke up to find Brooklyn's mural across the street from his Manhattan apartment. He was intrigued immediately.

After jail, and a court order to stay the f*** away from street murals, Brooklyn ventured to the art district where she met <a href=>Hadley</a>, a gallery owner and artist herself, who agreed to let Brooklyn work in the gallery. They became close, and built a very strong bond.

While working with Hadley, she found out that her older brother, Brian, died while overseas serving the country. His death hit her hard. He was her heart. She eventually moved in with Hadley, who exposed her to city life. During one of Hadley's gallery openings, Chris Brown came in and he and Brooklyn were introduced to one another. He loved her art.

After building a friendship with Chris - one that was stimulating, intellectually and artistically, they grew close, despite Chris' long distance relationship with Karreuche. When she returned, they became quite distant. Brooklyn was dragged to an industry party with Hadley where she met Aubrey Drake Graham.

Hesitant at first, she agreed to meet with him and the two of them became friends. She even went on tour with him - but that didn't last. Against everything that Brooklyn stood for, she could not and would not live that fast paced lifestyle. So she broke things off with Aubrey - after they had taken their relationship to a physical level. She was known for that.

After she returned, she came home to find that Brian, her brother, had a wife and son, Josiah. She began to spend time with her nephew, searching for pieces of her brother. She fell for Josiah, and noticed a strain on his relationship with his mother, Marissa.

Tangie's daughter, Brianna, was beginning to hang with the wrong crowd, and it was painful for both Tangie and Brooklyn, who loved her dearly. At one of Hadley's openings, a man presented himself to Brooklyn and offered her the opportunity to come to LA and do some art with his company. Brooklyn pondered the idea, seeking opinions from both Hadley and Chris - neither of them wanted her to go. Chris even poured out his heart to her - and kissed her - in front of hundreds of cameras.

When Brooklyn went to see Chris, and ask him to come with her to LA, Chris revealed that his new girlfriend was there to stay. He wouldn't be joining her. A broken-hearted Brooklyn went to LA, cut her hair and began a new life.

She bought an art gallery and met a hottie named Peyton that she got a littttttleeee friendly with, earlier than she should've. Hadley advised her not to, and was angry when she found out that she did. Chris was back in the picture. He wanted Brooklyn to do his album artwork, so she did, but she didn't want anything to do with 'em!

They argued a little, but their bond was stronger than they thought. Due to negative publicity, Chris' label told him to take time off, so he moved to be closer to Brooklyn. While out in LA, Brooklyn found out about the death of her sister, Brianna. She returned to Brooklyn, where old memories of her mother's death and of Brian's death caught up with her. She returned to LA, to find a supportive Chris there. He poured his heart out (again nigga?) and Brooklyn accepted.

Now together, the two of them attended the Video Music Awards, where Brooklyn felt out of place and uncomfortable in what she was wearing. She didn't wanna go, but she did for Chris. When she got there, she realized that it wasn't at all what she hoped for - she was alone for the majority of the show. She did however, meet Rihanna. Score! Drake came and joined her and Chris saw from backstage. He wasn't too happy. What will he say?


After the shoot was over, Geron grabbed his bag and put it over his shoulder, before he stopped in the middle of the gallery, watching me sweep.

"Hey," He called.

I looked up and stopped sweeping, "What's up?" I asked.

He smiled a little, "Once I get some money I'll come and buy one of your pieces," He said, pointing around. "You have a...fascinating perspective." He said. "We all have lenses, right? Things our vision sometimes. Shape the world around us. Looking at your art," He said, stopping in front of one of the pieces.

I hung on his every word.

"Looking at your art, I almost feel like we're looking through similar lenses." He said, looking over at me.

"Ever lose someone close to you?" I asked.

"My mom when I was sister recently." He said, looking at me now.

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said softly.

"Who was it for you?" He asked.

"My mom...and my brother." I responded.

"I see it," He said, nodding.

He turned to leave but he stopped and smiled, "That thing you said earlier, about me being art. You're art too, Brooklyn. Beautiful, timeless art." He said softly.

He left the studio and I smiled and exhaled, damn near weak in the knees. What a guy...

P wanted the first shoot to be done in the art district, where my gallery was so I scoped out a spot and the entire camp came down and set up shop in my gallery. The female models arrived, followed by Geron. My stomach filled with butterflies. I felt like a little girl. He shook everyone's hand, introducing himself, as I busied myself with receipts. He came up to me and smiled.

"You're Brooklyn," He said, leaning on the counter.

"I'm Brooklyn," I responded, looking over at him.

"This is your gallery right?" He asked, his eyes glued to me.

I nodded, "Yeah. You into art?" I asked.

"Sure." He responded. "I can't really produce it...but I'm a collector of it." He said.

I smirked and looked over at him, "You can't produce art?" I asked.

He nodded, "Never been good at it." He responded.

"You are art." I said, before I turned and went to the back.

Geron stood there for a few moments before he smiled and headed to make-up. The door to the gallery opened and Mycah walked in, a little shell shocked, until she saw my face. She walked quickly toward me and hung close to my legs, as she received glances from people in the room. She tugged at my shirt. I kneeled down.

"How are you today?" I asked.

"Fine. Who are these people?" She asked.

"There's a photo shoot today. They're just using the gallery to get ready for it." I said, looking at her.

She nodded and looked at me, "Can we still eat?" She asked.

"Sure. I've got some pasta in the back." I said, standing up.

She followed me, looking over her shoulder. She sat down and I noticed that the hoodie had been cleaned.

"Who cleaned your hoodie for you?" I asked, trying to get her to tell me SOMETHING about her life. Anything.

"Francis," She mumbled.

I took a bite of my pasta and studied her, "Who's that?" I asked.

" foster mom." She said softly.

Hm. I continued to eat, to find Mycah staring at me. "What's up?" I asked.

She smiled, "Do you have a boyfriend BK?" She asked.

"I used to," I said, nodding. "But I broke up with him."

"Why?" Mycah asked.

"It was time." I responded.

After we finished eating, Mycah said that she had to get back home, so I stood up and followed her outside before I kneeled down and ran my hand across her head. She leaned in and hugged me for the first time. I smiled a little.

"...does Francis know that you come here, Mycah?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No."

"Does anyone know?" I asked.

"Just me and you." She responded.

"Are you alone with Francis, or do you have siblings?" I asked, struggling to put together the image of this broken life that Mycah had hidden beneath that hoodie of hers.

"There's 4 other kids at the home." She said.

I nodded and rubbed her arms softly, "...have you been taking care of your arms?" I asked.

She nodded, "I did what you said." She said softly.

"Okay. Well I'll see you tomorrow," I responded.

"You won't. It's Saturday." Mycah said softly. "I can't leave the house."

"Well can I pick you up?" I asked.

Mycah shook her head fervently, "I'll get in trouble." She said. "Francis will think that I've told on her."

I scrunched my face up but nodded, "...okay. Well get home safely. I'll see you Monday."

She turned and scurried off before I stood up and exhaled, stuffing my hands into my pockets. I looked up to see Geron standing in front of the camera. I studied him curiously before I walked back into the gallery.

<a href=>I</a> walked into the studio, to find Pharrell already seated at the table, next to his business partner and another woman. I smiled and greeted everyone before I sat down and opened my notebook. We were doing casting calls for our line today and P was looking for male models. The door to the studio opened and in walks <a href=>him.</a> I smirked. Typical Abercrombie boy. He slid us his portfolio and I went through the images, unfazed by him. I looked up just as he took off his shirt and smiled to myself. This would be a fun day. After what felt like a million declines, P looked down at his watch and shrugged.

"Guess I'll send out a tweet this week and we'll have another one next weekend," He said.

I shut my notebook when the door opened and <a href=>he</a> walked in. My mouth dropped a little and he smiled and handed me his portfolio, his eyes on me. P looked up from his phone and I could tell from the look on his face that this guy was exactly what he was looking for.

"What's your name?" P asked.

"Geron McKinley. From Houston, Texas. I'm 22 years old." He said, his hands in his pockets casually.

P had him take off his shirt and I blushed. He was skinny. I liked. He put his shirt back on and P asked him a few more questions before he shut his laptop and folded his arms, leaning forward. I knew that he was about to offer him the gig.

"I don't really like to jump through hoops. You fit the role. Seem like a cool kid. You tryna jump on board and be the face of BBC?" He asked. "It's time for me to pass the torch." He said, laughing a little.

Geron's face lit up and he nodded, "Absolutely." He responded confidently.

His eyes shot to me and I smiled at him. I stuck out my hand, "Welcome to BBC." I said.

He shook my hand, looking me in the eye, "Thank you."

YAY! finallyy again i get to read it lol i love this story

Thanks for reading!

Awwwwww, RUN IT@

Chris done pissed me the f*** off like you really gone go back to Rihanna when you have Brooklyn who is actually your "Soulmate"!!!
&& Mycah is someone that will fill up the hole in Brooklyn's heart so she can be whole and maybe in future I could she her adopting Mycah if they get soooooo close:)))

Omg who is this little girl?!! I hope she stays as safe as she can. Why is she on the streets?! I just hope things get better. As for BK and Chris, I hope they get it together, but if they don't, its ok. Run it!!

Poor thing :(


I just wanna start off by saying THANK YOU FOR ADDING!!! and for being a great writer
This add was killer Chris is a douche for pulling this bulls***

I love how P gave her that brotherly advice

I still love hadleys swag and how she can read BK even over the phone

Awww poor mycah it saddens me when people harm children

S/O. TO BK for helping her out and doing her thing with the gallery

I wanna see what comes out her and Chris's relationship will he say forget Robyn and own up
And try to win back BK

Run ittttttt

Too pumped for this add yay.
All Im gonna say is fcuk you Chris. Cold jerk move bra. Being with Rihanna and not being man enough to tell BK, then gone say lets talk about it later .. Uh no bra It dont work like that. Glad BK basically told him to fcuk off. Now Trey could get it lol. But maybe Hadleys right maybe she does need to mess with average dudes and not a celebrity ya know. Mycah seems like a sweet girl with a tough life and odd course Brooklyn wants to help her. Wonder what's her story? I hope BK can help her though. An wheres Drake these days?Carms this story is fabulous. Loved the adds. Run It!!!!

I live fir these stories of yours.
Poor baby she shouldn't have to go thru that!

I'm glad she gave Chris the business! He need to get his shxt together!!!

I agree with Hadley she needs some regular and consistent!

It felt so good to read these adds. Chris is something else smh I just have no words. Poor Mycah :( I feel like she's gonna like a younger Brooklyn and Brooklyn is like Hadley in this situation. Just looking out for her and her best interest.

Run it

Poor thing (Mycah) I'm so happy Brook told Chris where to get off because he's so wrong


We met at my gallery everyday for lunch. At first, I wasn't sure she'd come but after 5 consecutive days, I expected her. Mycah would walk in, wearing the same hoodie and tennis shoes as yesterday. She alternated shorts however, and her hair smelled like shampoo, so I knew that she had a home somewhere...I just wondered how she got here. It was raining one afternoon and I was late getting to the gallery. I turned the corner to see Mycah sitting outside, soaked. I ran across the street and opened the gallery. She walked in and took off her hood.

"Come on, I've got some dry clothes in the back." I said.

She stood firmly, apprehensive.

"Come on, you're gonna be sick." I said.

She followed slowly behind me. I handed her a dry shirt and she looked at it and then up at me.

"Do you have a bathroom?" She asked.

"Yeah in the basement. Just change here, I won't look." I responded, turning to my laptop.

When I turned back around, Mycah had changed, but she was still holding onto her hoodie, covering her arms. I took the wet hoodie from her and went to hang it up, when I turned and saw her arms...bruised. She was black and blue, and there were burns. I touched them and she flinched.

"Baby," I said, kneeling down and examining her arms, before I looked at her.

Mycah was crying silently.

"...who did this to you?" I whispered, afraid of asking her something so personal. I didn't even know if she trusted me.

She didn't say anything.

"Can I take you to the hospital?" I asked.

Her eyes got big and she shook her head vehemently. "No no no no-" She said.

"Okay, okay." I said softly. "I won't take you. I'm gonna look up how to care for these burns though, okay?"

She stood by the door as I looked it up online. I took her downstairs to the bathroom and ran her arms under cool water before I wrapped her arms in a loose bandage. We went back upstairs and shared some pasta that I brought from home. She was quiet. I looked over at her.

"You wanna tell me about where you come from?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No..."

"Do you like movies?" I asked.

"I haven't seen many." She said, looking over at me.

"Can I take you to a movie? Or do you have to go home?" I asked.

Her eyes lit up, "I can go to a movie," She said.

The rain had stopped and there was a theater a few blocks over. When we finished our food, we walked over to the theater. We shared popcorn and candy. When we left, I took her back to the gallery and gave her the hoodie back. She put it on and looked up at me as I stood at the door, worrisome.

"I'll see you tomorrow," She said.

"...Will you?" I asked. "You promise?"

She nodded, "Bye BK." She said, leaving the gallery and running off down the street.

I planned to follow her the next day.

<strong>1 Month Later</strong>

"You need someone regular."

I sat on the stoop outside of my gallery and watched as people rode their bikes up and down the street, stopping at different shops. I exhaled and nodded.

"I do." I said, lighting a blunt and inhaling the smoke.

"Just a regular guy, who can spend time with you when he gets home from his 9 to 5. A sweet guy, with a dog and maybe a fish, who secretly plays the guitar or some s***." Hadley said, as I spoke to her on the phone.

"Keep the dog, get rid of the fish." I said, smiling. "Maybe I should come back to Brooklyn, huh? Just forget about the gallery, the deal with P...just be regular again. I hate this celebrity s***, lowkey."

"Why?" She asked.

"I don' people knowing me. I don't want to be seen or known. I'd rather have a dope ass gallery that people stop by while they're headed somewhere. I don't want my gallery to be the destination, you know?" I said.

"You're smoking, aren't you?" Hadley said.

I laughed, "Yes but that's not the point, Had! I miss the intrinsic part of art, right? The part that made me do it because it was the ONLY way for me to live. When I fought for art, 'cause I knew that I had a right to do it. I miss those days man.." I said, shaking my head and sending the smoke out of my nose.

"You're a long way from tagging buildings, Brooklyn." She said.

"Tell me about it," I responded. "I miss Brian man. He came to me in a dream the other night. He always does when I'm hurting and haven't dealt with it."

"Is this about Chris?" She asked.

"Well yeah, I guess. I just get tired of dealing with s***. I wish it'd just disappear and I didn't feel like there was a big ass rock in my heart...weighing me down." I said softly.

There was a kid across the street, panhandling. I scrunched my face up.

"Let me call you back," I said hanging up the phone.

I stood up and squinted, before I looked back at my gallery and then across the street. I walked over and kneeled down.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," She responded.

I smiled a little and sat down next to her, "What you doin out here?" I asked.

"You smell like marijuana." She responded.

"How old are you? 40?" I asked, my face scrunched.

"I'm 12." She responded.

"Why are you out here?" I asked.

"I need money for lunch," She responded.

"So go ask your mom," I said, wanting to see her response.

"I would if I had one," She responded. "You giving me change or not?"

I studied her before I stood up and took the can from her, "Come on. I've got some Chinese food inside." I said softly, before I walked across the street and opened the door to the gallery.

The girl followed, walking inside, her hands shoved into her oversized hoodie that she was 70 degree weather. I wondered if she was homeless...but I figured I'd start with her name.

"What's your name?" I asked, handing her a carton of shrimp fried rice.

"...Mycah." She responded.

"Mycah..I'm Brooklyn." I responded.

"Like the name of your gallery? Bridges over Brooklyn?" She asked. I nodded.

She sat on the floor and folded her legs before she dug into the food. I hadn't ever seen a kid eat that fast. I hadn't ever seen anyone eat that fast. When she finished, she stood up and threw it away.

"Well thank you," She said, turning to leave.

"Hey!" I called.

She looked at me, "Where are you sleeping tonight, Mycah?" I asked.

"I got some place." She responded.

"...think you'll be hungry again tomorrow around...1 o'clock?" I asked.

She studied me before she nodded, "I like pizza." She mumbled before she left the gallery.

I smiled a little and finished my food.

Oh. My. Jesus! YES Brooklyn, YESSS! I love the way she stood up for herself. She's not playing any games. I'm happy her business is booming. I think that's great for her. I don't want her with Trey however. I think a regular dude is fine, it she decided to start dating. I wouldn't blame her if she slowed down and didn't want to date at all right now.

Chris is an as*hole. Simple as that. He's wasn't man enough to tell her straight up, and I respect Brooklyn for not trying to run away from the truth. Not sure where she and Chris go from here, but I hope her life stays on track.

Chris has also given room for Drake to slip right back in. Not saying I want her to be with him, but if she did, it would certainly give Chris a dose of his own medicine.

RUN IT! Thank you so much for adding to this story! I REALLY LOVE it. Great job!

Pharrell got me a ticket to the official Clive Davis after party so I decided to go...alone. When <a href=>I</a> got there, I went to the bar immediately and ordered a drink. I sat down on a stool when I felt a hand on my back. I looked up to see <a href=>him</a>. I smiled a little.

"What you drinkin, beautiful?" He asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know," I responded.

"I would," He said, smiling. "So that I can make sure that your glass remains full all night," He said, sitting down next to me at the bar.

The bartender brought me my drink and I took a sip and stuck out my hand.

"You're Brooklyn," He said, shaking my hand.

"How do you know me?" I asked.

"People know you now...I've been meaning to come by your gallery but I'm never out here really. So when I saw you sitting here, I had to come introduce myself." He said, smiling.

I had always been mesmerized by Trey Songz's smile but to see it in real life was breathtaking. He ordered himself a drink and we carried on a conversation for a while before he asked for my number and returned to VIP. I stood up and walked through the party, picking up on conversations, checking out everyone's outfits. I finally ran into P and he pointed upstairs.

"Go upstairs! There's money up there. Deals are made in clubs." He said.

Pharrell had invited me to join him on his clothing line, BBC. He wanted to change the face and asked for my help. He was hoping to expand his brand. I agreed. When I got upstairs to VIP, the first face I spotted was <a href=>Chris's</a>. I studied him for a moment. He looked different...darker. He wasn't smiling, but he was facing a blunt and talking to the people around him. He looked up and noticed me as I took a sip of my drink and bobbed my head to the music playing. His eyes were glued to me. Pharrell came back upstairs and invited me to sit with him in his room. I glanced at Chris and our eyes locked as I passed. I sat with Pharrell in his private room, and we smoked hookah with the rest of his crew. After about an hour, I was ready to go home. I'd made a few contacts and had a decent time. I stood up and left the room, walking toward the steps. Chris stood up and followed me. He grabbed my hand and I turned and looked at him, just as Rihanna came walking out of the room. She glanced at the two of us.

"You..." He started.

I stared at him, waiting on him to finish. "I?" I responded.

"...what's up? I mean, we haven't talked." He said.

"Nothing's up, Chris." I responded, shrugging.

"You're over it? Just over it?" He asked.

I nodded, "I'm over it. Rihanna's waiting for you." I said, turning to leave again.

He grabbed my hand once more, "Okay okay I'll be in LA until Tuesday. We can talk or some s***...get everything straight."

"But it is straight, Chris. It's loud and f***ing clear. You went overseas and you invited your ex to join you. And it's FINE but man up to it and stop pretending like it's not that. Man the f*** up. You don't even look the same. I hope you're happy." I said, turning and leaving.

Why couldn't he just keep it real with her?? He's so damn stupid I bet she feels dumb and foolish if she doesn't she's hella strong cause I'd be heartbroken

Rumors were spiraling out of control that Chris was back with Rihanna. Chris was overseas doing his Carpe Diem tour while I was back in LA. My gallery was blowing up. I'd been featured on Pharrell's Youtube channel, where I did an interview and showed him around my gallery. Celebrities came by my gallery frequently on Saturdays, so I had to step it up. I hired people to work the gallery, clean it. I had caterers, who brought in food for the weekend. <a href=>I</a> walked through the gallery, greeting people and making sure that everything was in order. The door opened and a large group of people came in. Theophilus London walked in, with Pharrell, who spotted me almost immediately. He walked toward me and smiled.

"I had no idea that you were in town," I said, kissing his cheek.

"I figured I'd stop by and surprise you. I'm on the ground for another 3 hours. I really wanna rap business with you so be expecting a call within the next few days," He said.

I smiled and nodded, "Dope, I'm down with whatever." I said.

A photographer stopped the two of us and snapped a photo before Pharrell looked at me, concern on his face.

"Have you spoken to Chris?" He asked.

I nodded, "A little bit," I said, exhaling.

I tried not to think about it. If I was getting played and this nigga was thousands of miles away, falling for his ex again, wasn't much I could do.

"I've seen s*** like this play out. Be careful. If you've handed him your heart, snatch it back before he forgets that it belongs to you." He said.

I nodded, "Thanks, P." I said.

"Fasho," He responded, greeting some fans that were coming up wanting to take a picture.

I grabbed a glass of champagne and tossed it back, before I plastered on a smile and continued to sift through the crowd, making sure that I spoke to everyone. We made a ton of money, like we always did on the weekends. Seeing a semi-empty gallery at the end of the night was empowering, but exhausting as well. Art had to fill those spaces and, I'm not so sure that I have enough inspiration to go around. After I sent my employees home, I grabbed a bowl, filled it with strawberries and went and locked the gallery doors. I dimmed the lights and sat on the floor, eating my strawberries and drinking the last of the champagne. My phone vibrated from the floor and I looked to see that it was Chris. He was in Germany. It was mid-day there.

"Hello," I answered.

"What you thinking about?" He asked.

"These strawberries," I responded, my mouth full.

"Wanna know that I'm thinking about?" He asked.

"Sure," I responded.

"You. I just saw Pharrell put up some pictures at the gallery. Wish I could've been there. How'd it go?" He asked.

"Great..we made a couple thousand." I said softly.

"That's awesome. I miss you. Do you miss me?" He asked, softly.

"...yeah I do." I said softly.

The line fell silent for a moment, and I could hear some spray cans in the background. My face lit up.

"Are you painting?" I asked.

"Nah, Mijo is." He said.

"...when was the last time you did?" I asked.

"I don't know. It's been a long time. I never feel like it anymore." He said. "I just sketch stuff for my line, you know?"

I frowned a little before I looked up and exhaled. " Robyn there with you?" I asked.

"Mmm..." He started.

Mmm was a filler for Chris. When his brain had to think quickly, he'd fill the space with Mmmm, hoping that it would appease me but I'd already caught on before he even said the next thing.

"Yeah she's here." He stated. He didn't say anything else, nor did he attempt to explain himself.

He left those words dangling there, until they choked. I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. I shrugged it off and grabbed another strawberry.

"Good luck tonight. I'll catch you later." I responded.

"I love you," He said lowly.

I looked up, "Scream it." I responded.

"What?" He responded.

"Scream it. Say it louder so that everyone in the room can hear." I responded.

"You're being childish," He said.

"Robyn doesn't know that we're together, does she?" I asked.

He exhaled. "Mmm,"

I hung up the phone and sat it down next to me. The next morning, when I woke up, the internet was in a frenzy, after Rihanna posted a picture of <a href=>them</a> on instagram. I stared at it, with a blank face and turned off my phone. I had enough proof. I was finished.

Lol! Alright, if you find Move Love I'll add. I've got time to tie up some loose ends. I'm about to catch up on this one and add within the next hour.

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Yes I was determined!!! I love her writing this was one of my favorites

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I'm becoming VERY impatient, I love your stories. I need a add to this, Move Love, Twice and Collisions. Thank you! Its been WAY too long.