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Clouds Over Brooklyn (Repost)


Brooklyn is a 20 year-old artist from Brooklyn, New York. Lost her mother at a young age and lived with her father, who eventually married Tangie - a cold woman that made Brooklyn's life a living hell.

Brooklyn, in love with street murals, was arrested after getting caught doing a mural on a billboard in Manhattan. When the city woke the next morning, as she sat behind bars, a very established Chris Brown woke up to find Brooklyn's mural across the street from his Manhattan apartment. He was intrigued immediately.

After jail, and a court order to stay the f*** away from street murals, Brooklyn ventured to the art district where she met <a href=>Hadley</a>, a gallery owner and artist herself, who agreed to let Brooklyn work in the gallery. They became close, and built a very strong bond.

While working with Hadley, she found out that her older brother, Brian, died while overseas serving the country. His death hit her hard. He was her heart. She eventually moved in with Hadley, who exposed her to city life. During one of Hadley's gallery openings, Chris Brown came in and he and Brooklyn were introduced to one another. He loved her art.

After building a friendship with Chris - one that was stimulating, intellectually and artistically, they grew close, despite Chris' long distance relationship with Karreuche. When she returned, they became quite distant. Brooklyn was dragged to an industry party with Hadley where she met Aubrey Drake Graham.

Hesitant at first, she agreed to meet with him and the two of them became friends. She even went on tour with him - but that didn't last. Against everything that Brooklyn stood for, she could not and would not live that fast paced lifestyle. So she broke things off with Aubrey - after they had taken their relationship to a physical level. She was known for that.

After she returned, she came home to find that Brian, her brother, had a wife and son, Josiah. She began to spend time with her nephew, searching for pieces of her brother. She fell for Josiah, and noticed a strain on his relationship with his mother, Marissa.

Tangie's daughter, Brianna, was beginning to hang with the wrong crowd, and it was painful for both Tangie and Brooklyn, who loved her dearly. At one of Hadley's openings, a man presented himself to Brooklyn and offered her the opportunity to come to LA and do some art with his company. Brooklyn pondered the idea, seeking opinions from both Hadley and Chris - neither of them wanted her to go. Chris even poured out his heart to her - and kissed her - in front of hundreds of cameras.

When Brooklyn went to see Chris, and ask him to come with her to LA, Chris revealed that his new girlfriend was there to stay. He wouldn't be joining her. A broken-hearted Brooklyn went to LA, cut her hair and began a new life.

She bought an art gallery and met a hottie named Peyton that she got a littttttleeee friendly with, earlier than she should've. Hadley advised her not to, and was angry when she found out that she did. Chris was back in the picture. He wanted Brooklyn to do his album artwork, so she did, but she didn't want anything to do with 'em!

They argued a little, but their bond was stronger than they thought. Due to negative publicity, Chris' label told him to take time off, so he moved to be closer to Brooklyn. While out in LA, Brooklyn found out about the death of her sister, Brianna. She returned to Brooklyn, where old memories of her mother's death and of Brian's death caught up with her. She returned to LA, to find a supportive Chris there. He poured his heart out (again nigga?) and Brooklyn accepted.

Now together, the two of them attended the Video Music Awards, where Brooklyn felt out of place and uncomfortable in what she was wearing. She didn't wanna go, but she did for Chris. When she got there, she realized that it wasn't at all what she hoped for - she was alone for the majority of the show. She did however, meet Rihanna. Score! Drake came and joined her and Chris saw from backstage. He wasn't too happy. What will he say?


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Aaawww Brooklyn Don't Feel That Way About Art!!!

I stood in my art gallery, touching up one of the pieces I was finishing, as it hung on the wall, when my agent walked in, taking off his sunglasses.

"Very, very nice work here, Brooke. Clean lines, lighting is impeccable. Can't say that I expected anything less." He said.

I smiled, folding my arms and looking over at him, "So what's up? What do I owe this wonderful visit to?"

"Traveling opportunities." He said, looking over at me. "The French Riviera has been painted a million times! There's an art festival that'll be taking place in France in July and they want to vote on the best one. You have the opportunity of a lifetime - worldwide recognition."

I pondered the idea, then looked over at him, "Can I put my own spin on it? That's the only way that I'll do it.

"Don't feel like you need to make a decision right now, but think about it." He said, smiling and turning to leave. "I'll be in touch!"

"Thanks Fred." I said, turning back to my painting.

I continued when the door opened. I looked over my shoulder to see Peyton and exhaled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Just wanted to see what's up. It's been a while," He said, sitting down next to me on the floor and studying what I was painting. "Everything been cool?"

"Yeah," I responded, nodding and dipping my paintbrush in some water.

"I apologize if I...kind of rubbed you the wrong way that day. I really didn't mean for it to upset you. I honestly thought that you would've been down with that." He said.

"If anything...I apologize for giving you that impression, Peyton. You and I, we had sex but that...that's it. We don't go beyond that. We don't continue. That's it." I said, hearing the door open.

I looked over to see Chris standing there. He raised an eyebrow and Peyton looked at me.

" you two are back with each other?" He asked.

"We weren't together before," I responded, studying his face.

Peyton smirked, "Cool, Brooklyn. I'll see you around." He said, standing up and leaving the gallery.

Chris looked over at me, "So you bunned him too?"

I rolled my eyes and went back to painting. Chris sat down on the floor with his back against the wall looking over at me and smiling.

" how many guys have you actually slept with, Brooklyn?" He asked.

"Let's not go there," I said, warning him with my eyes.

"I'm really just curious. This is us, doing what we always do. Just talking." He said.

I dipped my brush into the black paint and held it above the canvas before I looked at Chris.

"I don't...count, really but, it would probably be around 13," I said softly, looking anywhere but his face.

When I finally did look at him, he didn't look upset. He was actually rather satisfied.

"Well how do you feel about that number?" He asked.

"Disgusting." I responded. "But it's my number. I can't take any of it back,"

"You don't wanna know mine so...feel okay about yours." He said, laughing a little and pulling me towards him.

I sat in between his legs and he wrapped his arms around me, kissing my cheek.

"Brooooooooklyn," He sang.

"You've never sang to me," I said softly.

"You've never asked me to." He responded.

"Yeah I know," I said laughing a little. "I just thought that's what entertainers did. They just...sing all of the time."

"Singing isn't even as fun as it used to be. When it becomes your job and your life depends on it, it's a lot harder to enjoy it." He said.

"...I'm beginning to feel that way about art," I whispered.

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It just seem like the argument was blown outta proportion
& chris seemed way more calm than she did......
and drake randomly pulling up was awkward lol
but idk feels like i'm reading about a unhealthy relationship

I'm mad I didn't get to read the fuller version ;/
I need more details, starting here definitely bites

Welcome Mia! Thanks readers!

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Hi everybody! My name is Mia, an I'm new. This is my first time on any borad lol.. Idk how to post pictures or anything.

those two are so weird but I love them, glad you repost it I was mad when the original got deleted
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I love Brooklyn because she doesn't let anyone mess over her and she says what's on her mind

They asses are nuts, Im intrigued to see this relationship with BK and Chris pans out. BK's gangsta. She aint taking no BS.
S/N: So mad the original got deleted I was a week behind on add because I was on vacay, Mylast add was she finding out her sister was dead....
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Their relationship is strange, lol.



Chris something else!

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I lowkey love Brooklyn's hard shell behavior. lol


Chris is childish...He acts as if everything have to go his way or else

Aawwww She Is Toooo Gangstaaa:)

alright that's it for right now. I'll add more later. I'm going to add to Move Love now.

I lied limply in my bed, watching TV. The phone rang and I grabbed it, putting it to my ear.

"Kitty's Brothel, how may I assist you?" I answered.

"WHAT!" Hadley said, bursting out into laughter.

I smirked and sat up, "Hey lady." I said.

"How was last night? Was it dreamy?" Hadley said.

"The exact opposite. I'm threw with that nigga Chris." I said, shaking my head.

"Why?" Hadley asked. "Things were going so well with you two."

"Yeah well...remember that little fiasco that he had with Rihanna a few years back...that was almost us in the car last night. I coulda punched him in the throat." I said.

"What was the argument about?" Hadley asked.

"...Drake. During the show, Drake came to speak and Chris saw. He got pissed and told me that he was <em>threw</em>. One thing these niggas will learn is that I will live without them. Period." I said.

"Don't act like you aren't hurt, Brooklyn." Hadley said.

"I mean of course I'm hurt Hadley. But I'll be okay. I've been through harder s***, a guy can't-" I rambled, but was stopped in the middle of my talking with my own shielded emotions. "A guy <em>isn't</em> supposed to break me, Hadley." I said, through my tears.

"They can't break you. You said it right the first time. Cry. It's okay for a little while. But you'll feel better tomorrow. Something tells me that this isn't it for you and Chris anyway, hun. You two have something really special." Hadley said.

"I thought so too, until he disregarded me the way that he did last night." I said. "I'm tired, Hadley. Of everything. Of Brianna, Brian, Josiah, my daddy, Chris, Peyton. I'm TIRED!"

"Take a deep breath. You're having a hard day today and it's okay to have a couple. Just take it easy alright?" Hadley said.

I nodded as if she could see me when the doorbell rang. "I've gotta go. Thanks."

"Love you!" Hadley said.

"Me too," I said, before I hung up the phone and walked down the hall, pulling the door ajar to find a huge bouquet of roses in my face.

I looked down to see some mint colored Vans and smacked my lips.

"What." I mumbled.

Chris walked inside and sat the roses down, a big grin on his face. "You don't like the roses?"

"I hate flowers. Do you see any vegetation in this b****?" I asked, slamming the door and walking down the hall.

Chris followed and grabbed my hand. "Hey." He said, cupping my face and pecking my lips.

"Those flowers are cliche and I lowkey feel insulted. You needed to come so much harder." I said.

"Only you would complain about a $400 arrangement of flowers." He said.

"Yeah well you f***ed up last night. Shoulda spent a G." I said, letting go of him and continuing to walk.

"I know I did, that's why I'm here. But I wasn't the only one yelling in that car." He said.

"I lost my cool. I know I did. But I only do when I'm provoked. Let's set something straight alright. There will be no dominant-submissive bulls*** in this relationship. Everything is 50/50. I love you. I do. I want you in my life, but the minute I feel like my life is endangered, or that I'm facing something bigger than me, you've gotta f***ing go. Period. I don't do that s***. I <em>won't</em> do that. Know the line. Don't cross it. We there?" I asked.

Chris smiled a little, "Ay ay captain. I'd never...put my hands on you, if that's what you were hinting at." He said.

I nodded but in the back of my mind, I'd keep an eye on his temper. If I had to beat a nigga's ass...I would. I smiled a little.

"Those flowers still suck." I mumbled.

Lol Thanks For Keeping The Story Going:)

Chris and I left the theater, shielding our eyes from cameras as we scurried to the truck. Chris opened the door but got in before me, which he never did. I got in and shut the door, to find him staring out of the window quietly. I slid toward him and smiled a little.

"Your performance was...breathtaking. I teared up a little," I said, exaggerating. "I'm kidding, but it was nice."

He didn't responded and I raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong with you?" I asked.

He shrugged, "Saw you talking to Drake." He said.

I smacked my lips and slid over to the other side of the car, "You're a child."

"I'm a child? You know I don't like that nigga. And y'all used to f***? Like that's disrespectful. Had that nigga in MY seat." He yelled.

"First, lower your mothaf***in voice." I yelled, "I could give a f*** less about all of this noise you're making. Let that Chris Brown ego leave the got damn car 'cause I'm talking to Christopher." I yelled back.

He sat quietly and looked back out of the window. "Whatever," He said, shrugging. "I'm threw."

"Oh, you're threw?" I asked, my vocal cords strained.

He looked at me, "I said I was threw, Brooklyn. If we don't have loyalty-"

"Kill that bulls***. Ay, drop me off right now." I said to the driver who kept driving, "STOP THE GOT DAMN CAR!" I yelled.

He slammed on the breaks and I flicked Chris off before I got out of the car and slammed the door. His driver drove off. Chris took a deep breath and looked over his shoulder, to see me, taking off my shoes and beginning to walk. He smacked his lips and sighed, rubbing his temples. I started to walk down the street, my face stained with tears, but I sucked that s*** up and kept moving. A car pulled up next to me and the window rolled down revealing Aubrey's face.

"Brooklyn, you okay? Stop the car." He said to his driver, before he got out.

"Yeah I just-" I started to say but I stopped and shrugged. "I need a ride." I said, softly.

"Come on," He said, opening the door.

He got in behind me.

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