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<a href=" ">Charli</a> was a 22 year old woman who had the oppurtunity to be on MTV's show REAL WORLD. Being that she was on the show she had to make a lot of different appearances, some involving celebs. One particular appearance she had the oppurtunity to meet famous artist, Chris Brown. And she wasn't impressed in the least.

Chris did everything he could to get Charli's attention, and once he was able to capture it he chose not to give up. Even with his best friend Mijo not too fond of the idea of him dating her. He was so unfond of it, he told Charli that Chris wasn't interested and should move on, which caused the two not to speak for a month. Chris finally grew some balls and was determined to win Charli back over so he popped up on her on a vacation and won her affection potentially causing the two to officially become an 'item'.

Once that happened, Charli moved into her OWN place in LA to be closer to Chris but was determined to get a job and make her own money because she did not want to depend on Chris' money. She found a job at a corporate bank office, where she met <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Ryan</a>. Ryan was smitten by Charli, but kept his distance knowing that she was in a committed relationship. It didn't stop their friendship from blooming.

After working for a while Charli began to become more wrapped up into work than she did her relationship. One night Chris was fed up with Charli working all of the time and not making time for him that he chose to hang out with his ex girlfriend Karrueche and Draya, where the two had planned to sabatoge his relationship by forcing him to cheat on Charli. They were close, but he got out of the house before anything could really happen. It was too late however because Karrueche had already posted a picture of the three of them on Instagram and Charli had seen it. That night she broke up with him and refused to see or speak to him for a month.

Charli was hosting a party for her being on the cover of Teen People and decided to invite Ryan to the event as her date. Once word got back to Chris he rushed to the event to win his girl back. She rejected his advances until he popped up at her house that night and she could no longer deny the fact that she missed and wanted to be with him.

About a month after the night of their reunion Charli discovered that she was pregnant, and every time she tried to find the oppurtunity to tell him, something would come up. She was wanting to tell him one night in a Miami studio, but he was too busy to talk to her. She ended up calling Ryan that night and Chris was upset that she would call another man who liked her around him. As they were driving home they got into a serious accident and the doctor told her she had lost the baby. She went back to her hometown to heal up and to take a break from Chris when he arrived in her hometown and Charli was still throwing up. They went to the doctor together and she found out that she was still in fact pregnant and was finally able to tell Chris. They did their best to keep her pregnancy a secret from the media until one day Chris was ustreaming and Charli walked across the screen.

At this point of the adds, she is 8 months pregnant going on 9 and she is preparing for the birth of their baby.

New readers I WISH ya'll could have read the first part of the story, so you guys could get ALL the specifics, but the board deleted it, so here you go! :) Enjoy.


nooooooooooooooooooo! not the end! *faints*
there must be more afterwards lol

muahahahahahaha *evil laugh*

You will know shortly Tia lol. Don't be scared girl! lmao!

Nicole!!!!! Whatchu MEEEEAN it's not gone end how we expect? I mean isn't everyone supposed to have a happy ending? And if they don't have a happy ending then I'm going to need to know what happens after that!! Oh God, you just made my f***ing heart drop, I need to know what happens. *bows head to pray*

Run it towards a happy ending :(


it's taking me a little minute because I had to do a little research.

this story is not about to end how ya'll expect...take it how you want good or bad ^_^

aaaawww, I'm so excited that Chris actually changed her mind about the whole marriage thing!!!

The last chapter was the most complete dream proposal ANY woman could ask for... smh, almost dropped some tears on that joint bruh!

Can't wait to see how their party goes down..... *I see big booty hoes in the future!!!

run it run it girlie!!!

awwww im soo glad that they're getting marriiiieeddd!!!!
aaahh icnt wait to see how this goes! Charli and Chris
are the perfect couple and they belong together! :) and
Carys is so funny lol the whole lil island thing he set
up was a great idea and it was beautiful! iloved it! lol
seems like errything is coming along well...cnt wait!


awwww run it

Ruuuuun It ! (:

love love it.. run it please
cant wait to see what happen next

aughhh i just fcking love these two
they're like the best, i'm glad she
said yes and carys is so damn cute
she all bossy, she know what the hell
she singing! lil girl bustin up chris'
and charli's mood lmao they can't
get it in for sht. that wedding planner
should've been shut the fck down with
her 'it should be a big wedding'
having ass! smh she just tryna get put
on with her skills
anyway these love birds are crazy,
especially chris but in the end they
were made especially for each other

Run It <3


I'm so excited!! I love a happy ending PAUSE I love a finished story lol

Run it

Can't Wait For The Bachelor/Bachelorrette Party!!!
RUN IT:)))

Awwwww, RUN IT!!!

Awwwww and again, Carys, just does the cutest things in the world! Lmaooo And her even singing her ABC's all wrong was cute and how Chris and Charli just tuned out the weeding planner lol. Poor woman.

And Chris is just a little freak "I bet you gone be good and tight." Lmaoooo hell naaw, good going Carys, stopping his foul ass mouth from saying that around you! Poor thing, you just have to sit there and listen and you just decided that you just done had enough so you stopped him! *high five* lol. Hell, she might be a baby but she know what be goin' on!

I can't wait until the wedding, I agree with them though, I'd rather them have just a little park wedding with close friends and family, not too many people you know? Carys being the flower girl, Lil Drew being the little ring barer. I think that would would be very cute and private.

Hope everything goes as planned.

And for that party their about to have, they better BEHAVE!!!

Run it

Awwwwh..carys is so cute! And chris n charlie are just the perfect couple :) RUN IT

Carys don't play no games behind that mic lol they are too cute


You know what, Nicole, This is crazy!
My mini-me is ALWAYS singing with her microphone I got for her last Christmas. So I LOOOOVED that part about Carys. I kept thinking about how my lil one does it ALL the time. Her new thing is to "remix" <em>Twinkle Twinkle Little Star</em> lol!

And Im ready to see whats gonna happen at this <em>joint</em> party! Man I Love Dem Strippas! lol!!

Bring on the wedding & that cake cake cake cake cake!!

[ why am i bein so lame today? smh. lol ]

Run It!!

Thank you all for your comments! snuck in an add while i'm at work.

Jazzy- thank you so much! I'm happy they got you hip! lol

<strong>Six Months Later</strong>

Chris and Charli sat in their living room with their wedding planner, Lisa, as they carefully watched Carys play with her toys in front of them.

“Okay, so I talked with the caterer this morning and they have the menu that you guys wanted. Um..” She said looking over a few papers. “Buddy is flying out tomorrow with his crew to make your cake. Did you still want to be featured on his show?” Lisa asked looking at the two of them as they looked at each other.

“For the Cake Boss? I might have to make that happen.” Chris grinned as the three of them chuckled. Chris was a huge fan of Cake Boss and asked for him to personally make his cake.

“Ok, if so, then you guys need to meet with him and the camera crew tomorrow morning to describe what you want before your flight leaves to Nevada.” Lisa said jotting down some notes. “I’ll get the contracts to you in the morning.” They both nodded as she went over more arrangements.

“Rehearsal will be immediately when the two of you guys get back Saturday, so try not to party too hard. I want to go over it at least 3 times before the rehearsal dinner. Your family members who are not attending the party tomorrow will be here Saturday morning. The hotel arrangements and airport pickups have been made...” She rambled on as Charli smiled at her baby girl who was holding her toy microphone singing her ABC’s into it.

“It’s starting already.” Charli said quietly nudging Chris and nodding her head in Carys’ direction who was still singing her heart out into the mic. Chris smiled brightly at Carys. By now they both had tuned Lisa out.

“Guys..hello?” Lisa said causing both of them to look at her. They both gave her a puzzled look. “You have no idea what I just said do you?” She asked causing them to giggle.

“Look, we’ll meet up with Buddy tomorrow and then take it from there before you get on your flights. I have to go down to the Mansion and make sure set up is going accurately. You two will be Mr. and Mrs. Brown on Sunday. Exciting stuff!” She said in a stressed tone as she gathered all of her paperwork. She had been working hard to insure that this wedding was going to be perfect for the two of them. Charli stood up to walk her out as Chris stayed back to play with Carys.

“A-D-D-D-D-B-B-G-H-T-U-B.” She sang into her toy microphone as she looked up at her Daddy. Chris smiled as he sat on the floor to be eye level with her.

“Carys you know those aren’t the ABC’s.” He giggled as he tried to take the mic from her. She quickly snatched it away from his grasp and poked her lip out.

“MINE Daddy!” She snapped as Chris looked at her wide eyed and threw his hands up.

“I don’t want any trouble!” He laughed as she narrowed her eyes at him holding her toy closely.

Charli walked back into the living room and plopped down on Chris’ legs and wrapped her arms around his neck before resting her head on his collarbone. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“You know..we can say eff this wedding and get eloped in Vegas tomorrow. That option is still on the table.” Neither one of them wanted a big over the top wedding, but somehow Lisa had managed to create them a big over the top wedding. They were both very simple minded when it came to the entire thing.

“We can go downtown to the courthouse for all I care. I’m just ready to be your wife.” Charli sighed as Chris nodded before thrusting his pelvis up causing her to jump.

“Me too! I’m ready to consummate this thang.” He joked as Charli chuckled. Since their engagement they had agreed not to have sex until their wedding night. They knew they hadn’t waited until marriage to have sex, but while they were in marriage counseling with their church Pastor they wanted to go about things the right way.

“You ain’t the only one. I hate having to sleep in separate rooms.” Charli pouted as Chris placed a soft kiss on her poked out lips.

“It’ll all be worth it. It’s going to feel like the first time, which will make it special.” He said tucking some of her hair behind her ear and pecking her lips again. “Mm..I bet you gon be nice and tigh..” He stopped when Carys began tugging at his shirt wanting his attention as well.

Charli laughed, “She always stops you right before you talk about “it”. Like she knows or something.” They were trying their best to watch their language around Carys. She was in that stage where she mimicked everything.

Chris planted kisses all over Carys’ cheeks and tickled her causing her laugh before she ran off to play with her toys again. He wrapped his arms tight around Charli’s waist before looking at her.

“You ready for our bachelor and bachelorette party tomorrow night?” He asked as she nodded. Mijo and Aja were planning some huge joint party at the Bellagio Hotel. They had no idea who was on the guest list and what all was going to happen.

“I can’t believe we allowed those two fools to throw us a party. You know it’s going to be crazy right?” She asked rhetorically as Chris smiled.

“Oh I already know. But as long as I get to see my beautiful wife-to-be there then I’m coo.”

“You sure you ready to marry me?” She asked as Chris grabbed her left hand to study her engagement ring. He loved the way it looked on her finger.

“I’m more than ready. If I didn’t marry you, I wasn’t going to ever get married.”

Yayyyy! So beautiful. I'm happy, Run it!

AW LAWDDD! That was beautiful *claps and wipes tears* Chris did it. He definitely put in his work. That was an amazing moment man. Now that's love. From his heart, Charli would never have gotten something so special and meaningful like this from Ryan. Gotta love Chris goofy ass lol.


Cue gasp!!!!! I'm so happy she said YES!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!! God I'm so happy right now but I can't smile like I want to because I'm hanging with my Granny [lol] and if I smile like a damn idiot at this phone she going to automatcially say "What you smilin' for?" Lol. And I've had to many of those moments! Thank GOD! She said yes! I'm still on the fact that she said YES! YES! YES! YES! YEEEEEES! She said YES!!!! *deep breath in* *deep breath out*


He flies helicoptors? really? Wow! I would have been s***ting bricks in that thing lol. I hate anything that isn't on the ground, includeing fair rides lol. If it's not on the ground then I ain't getting on it! And the fact that he took her back to where they first met was so sweet! Loved the whole thing! I cna't wait for the wedding though! I can't wait for Carys to see the ring because I just have a feeling that she is going to do something extremly cute! Awwwwww I just can't WAIT!!!!!

Run it to that wedding and this oncoming sex scene I feel coming Lmaooo

*wipes tears* that was just beautiful. I'm all choked up lol I can't believe they're finally engaged and happy. They went through so much bull and I'm glad it's ending on such a wonderful note.

Nicole you are an amazing writer!! I'm so glad Lele and Oshyn had turned me on to this story. It was amazing *round of applause*

Run it

It's so beautiful!! I feel like we should be celebrating. lol.
Im cheering and clapping over here. lol. Nicole this story is awesome. And all good things must come to an end but we still have Fan of a Fan. and that story is my life! Whew. smh.
CHARLI SAID YES! [ in my TomCruise voice ] lol!!

Run It !!

Awwwww, yay for the beautiful couple!

Awwwwh beautiful . I don't want it to end :( RUN IT

I absolutely loved this story!!! I Will def miss it

that was so beautiful.. tears., what a perfect proposal. i loved the way he did it.. i know charli is so happy and they are living their fairy tale endin.. love this story so much and will miss it but it has become a #classic story