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<a href=" ">Charli</a> was a 22 year old woman who had the oppurtunity to be on MTV's show REAL WORLD. Being that she was on the show she had to make a lot of different appearances, some involving celebs. One particular appearance she had the oppurtunity to meet famous artist, Chris Brown. And she wasn't impressed in the least.

Chris did everything he could to get Charli's attention, and once he was able to capture it he chose not to give up. Even with his best friend Mijo not too fond of the idea of him dating her. He was so unfond of it, he told Charli that Chris wasn't interested and should move on, which caused the two not to speak for a month. Chris finally grew some balls and was determined to win Charli back over so he popped up on her on a vacation and won her affection potentially causing the two to officially become an 'item'.

Once that happened, Charli moved into her OWN place in LA to be closer to Chris but was determined to get a job and make her own money because she did not want to depend on Chris' money. She found a job at a corporate bank office, where she met <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Ryan</a>. Ryan was smitten by Charli, but kept his distance knowing that she was in a committed relationship. It didn't stop their friendship from blooming.

After working for a while Charli began to become more wrapped up into work than she did her relationship. One night Chris was fed up with Charli working all of the time and not making time for him that he chose to hang out with his ex girlfriend Karrueche and Draya, where the two had planned to sabatoge his relationship by forcing him to cheat on Charli. They were close, but he got out of the house before anything could really happen. It was too late however because Karrueche had already posted a picture of the three of them on Instagram and Charli had seen it. That night she broke up with him and refused to see or speak to him for a month.

Charli was hosting a party for her being on the cover of Teen People and decided to invite Ryan to the event as her date. Once word got back to Chris he rushed to the event to win his girl back. She rejected his advances until he popped up at her house that night and she could no longer deny the fact that she missed and wanted to be with him.

About a month after the night of their reunion Charli discovered that she was pregnant, and every time she tried to find the oppurtunity to tell him, something would come up. She was wanting to tell him one night in a Miami studio, but he was too busy to talk to her. She ended up calling Ryan that night and Chris was upset that she would call another man who liked her around him. As they were driving home they got into a serious accident and the doctor told her she had lost the baby. She went back to her hometown to heal up and to take a break from Chris when he arrived in her hometown and Charli was still throwing up. They went to the doctor together and she found out that she was still in fact pregnant and was finally able to tell Chris. They did their best to keep her pregnancy a secret from the media until one day Chris was ustreaming and Charli walked across the screen.

At this point of the adds, she is 8 months pregnant going on 9 and she is preparing for the birth of their baby.

New readers I WISH ya'll could have read the first part of the story, so you guys could get ALL the specifics, but the board deleted it, so here you go! :) Enjoy.


Aaaawwww Poor Charli!!!#phuckyourex ;)
Let Chris In So He Can Give You Some REAL Lovinnn♥

Charli was mostly quiet the rest of dinner and Chris took notice. She thought his conversation about marriage was dropped but it wasn’t. He was going to figure out once and for all why she was avoiding going in depth with the topic.

They drove in a peaceful silence until he noticed Charli smiling to herself as she jumped a little in her seat.

“What are you over there grinning for goofy?” He asked laughing a little as she giggled in embarrassment.

“Nothing.” She said trying to hide her smile.

“Tell me!” He chuckled as she let out a breath.

“Kegel exercise.” She confessed as Chris paused to remember what it was before he instantly busted into laughter.

“You over there squeezing your pussy lips together?!!” He laughed as she smacked him in his arm.

“Shut up Chris! It’s not funny!!! And that’s such a nasty word!” She shrieked as he continued to laugh.

“I’m sorry bae, but damn! What are you doing that for?!”

“I’m trying to make sure it’s tight again. You see how big Carys’ head is!!” She defended as he continued to laugh.

“Ha, you cool babe. You ain’t gotta be over there doing that. Silly ass.” He said as their laughter calmed down and they continued to ride in silence before pulling up to his house. He watched as she set her clutch down on the table before he spoke again.

“ it me?” He asked sincerely as she raised an eyebrow.

“Huh? Is what you?”

“Am I the reason why you don’t want to get married? You don’t see yourself marrying me one day?” He asked as Charli’s heart sank. She never wanted him to believe that this had anything to do with him.

“That’s not it Chris.” She sighed as she looked down. He walked up and placed his finger on her chin, lifting her head up.

“Then what is it? Let me in.” He pleaded looking into her eyes. She felt the tears building but looked away to keep them from falling. She hadn’t talked about this in a while.

“I never really got in depth about my boyfriend before you..” She said softly as he looked at her.

“Yeah, you mentioned him before a long time ago, but you seemed over it.” He replied waiting for her to continue.

“Well…he was my first love. We started dating young, when I was like 17. I was so wrapped up and infatuated with him. Everything I did revolved around him. We spent every moment that we could together for the first couple years, and then things changed. We started arguing more, and he would disrespect me constantly, but I would always go back in hopes that we could make things work. He would accuse me all the time of cheating, and make me feel so wrong about every little thing I did. I just figured he loved me so much that he would never do the things he accused me of. Until one night, while we were living together I got a call from a girl saying she was 2 months pregnant with HIS baby. Something that I always wanted from him, but felt like I could never give. It broke me Chris. BROKE me to the point I even wanted to kill myself, because I couldn’t imagine being in this world without him. It made me distrust love, distrust people. That’s why I took the opportunity with Real World. The old me would’ve never done anything like that, but I had nothing else to lose, and I wanted to escape anything that reminded me of the past. I felt as though I could never give someone all of me ever again, that’s why even now I still hold back from you. And I just don’t want to ever be in a commitment that I can’t get out of. That’s scary loving and trusting somebody just to find out that everything you believed to be true was a lie. And you being surrounded by so many women just scares me even more with you. You’re not just some random dude...” She said as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Chris gently wiped them away with his thumbs as he cuffed her cheeks in his hands.

“I will NEVER do that to you Charli. Married or not. I know what I have at home. I don’t have to lose it again to understand that.” He softly said as he leaned in and pecked her lips before staring into her eyes. “Let me make his wrongs, my rights.”

She sniffled a little as he scooped her up and cradled her in his arms. He carried her upstairs and carefully laid her on the bed. He opened the blinds to let the moon shine through and turned on some soft music before he removed his shirt and lied down next to her. She turned on her side to face him, and he gently grabbed her neck to push her lips against his.

“You going to let me love you? For real this time?” He asked searching her eyes. She softly nodded her head.

“I’m just scared Chris. I don’t want my heart to ever break again.” He planted kisses on her forhead, then cheeks then lips.

“I’m going to fix every inch of it. Trust me. Okay?” She searched for the sincerity in his eyes before she nodded.

“I love you.” He said as he began to plant kisses on her neck before returning back to her lips. He softly pecked them before Charli pulled him into a deeper kiss. They began to make love, for the first time.

Chris realizes now that charli is
The.only woman he needs
And.aLLC them.groupie btches
Are worthless nothing.compared
To.a.real. Woman like charli
hope.they. Get married
Charli need to stop trippin

Run it

RUN Charli RUN!!! LMAO

this add as well as this story... got me to kinda thinking
if this was real - would we [as his fans] really
be supportive of chris getting married...
I can't even front and pretend i strickly care for his happiness lol

Of course we have our opinions on who he's dating
but we don't get the real insight on his personal dating life,
unlike this story...
I think thats why everybody is encouraging the marriage.
because they've grown to know and love charli
but carry own...readyy for the next runs hurry :)

Charli needs to stop hiding behind her insecurities and marry the man.

He really has changed and hes such a great daddy.

How can you say no to him.

She needs to say yes.

Run it

Y'all are going IN! Love it. You'll find out her reasoning VERY soon.

Carys= CARE-riss

Thank you!

I'm on Charli's side - No Marriage !
but I got a feeling it's eventually gonna happen anyway

Wow , just marry him !

She is so ...ugh.

I Have A Feeling Something Happened For Her
Not To Wanna Get Married?!?

char jus shut up and marry chris dang lol run it

Ugh. Sometimes Charlie just pisses me off! Why won't you just MARRY HIM! He loves you, you love him. He owns your heart and you own his. I know she's scared, but life is all about chances. Take a chance at marriage. But I love their family so much. I love how much Chris cares for Carys. How do you pronounce that by the way? I love the way Charlie can still be sexy after pushing out a baby lol. I just love them. And I'm so freaking happy that you re posted! I'm still gone check out Everybody hates Chris AND Fan of a Fan.

Run all three stories

run it loven it still

More later. RUN!! :)

Chris walked into the house after dropping Carys off at his aunt’s house for the night. This was the first time she had ever stayed over night anywhere without them and he was already missing her terribily. He didn’t know how he was going to respond when he started touring again.

He noticed the house was extremely quiet. Normally Charli played music while she was getting ready but he heard nothing from downstairs. He walked up the steps and began to open their bedroom door.

“Babe..” He started before he was cut off by seeing <a href="">Charli</a> lying on their bed. “Damn.”

She gave him a seductive smile, “Like what you see?” He nodded looking like a kid in the candy store as she slowly got off the bed and approached him, wrapping her hands around his neck. He planted several soft kisses on her lips.

“Damn baby. You trynna have dessert before dinner?!” He grinned as she chuckled and shook her head.

“No. Just trynna be sexy for you. It’s been a while…” She said softly rubbing the back of his neck as he instantly became hard as a rock.

“Man…as much as I want to strip this off of you..we have reservations.” He sighed giving her one last kiss on the cheek before attempting to calm down. She smiled as she went to grab her clutch.

Chris had taken them to a nice Italian restaurant and reserved a section just for them, to ensure their privacy. He pulled out her chair as she took a seat.

“Well look at you, trynna be fancy tonight.” She smiled as he took a seat as well. He ordered them a bottle wine with their meals. The waiter took their order and their menus, as Chris grabbed Charli’s hand and kissed it.

“I love you.” He said softly as she smiled at him.

“I love you more big head.” She teased.

“I miss my chunky butt. You don’t know how many instructions I was giving Aunt Jackie, like she aint raise 6 kids.” He sighed as Charli giggled.

“I love how much you love Carys. Especially you taking this time to watch her grow. I know you miss your job.”

“I do. But right now Carys needs me. And little does she know, I need her. I’m NEVER going to get these moments back. I want to be apart of her first words, her first crawl, her first steps. All the smiles and laughs. I don’t want to miss these moments. As long as I’m spending it with the people I love the most, I’m not worried. I don’t want to be that father that was too busy chasing money, that he missed the true fortune in life.”

“I appreciate you so much for that.” She smiled as she took a sip of her wine.

“…Marry me…Charli.” He blurted as her eyes widened almost choking on her drink. “Not now..but eventually.”

“Chris…” She started as she slowly set her glass down.

“Charli, I love you, and I love my family. I don’t want to lose that. Believe me, I never used to want to get married either. I never had a reason to, until you came in my life.”

“I don’t want you to think that just because I had your child, we have to get married…”

“But I don’t think that. I wanted to marry you since the moment I fell in love with you. That night I saw you at the Teen People party with Ryan. I knew then that no matter what you said, I was going to make you my wife.”

“The night we created Carys..” Charli smiled thinking back to that night. She knew she was in love with him too.

“Just don’t rule me out. I’ve become a better man with you in my life, a faithful and committed man. And I don’t want anybody else. You have everything I need. You’re intelligent, funny, classy, mature, and captivating…My heart skips a beat every time I see you.”

“Your corny ass.” She teased as she noticed his facial expression hadn’t changed. “You’’re serious?”

“I’m serious about you. And our future. Yes.” He said as they interrupted by their food arriving. Charli was relieved. She didn’t want to discuss this further.

Please Add Soon:)

Ok THAT was the last add. I'm writing up the new one. Coming soon. PLEAASSEEE Run and Comment. I miss all my beautiful comments from the original post :( #tear. Also check out Fan of a Fan! that story is gonna be dope :) Thanks pretty girls!

Charli walked into Ryan’s apartment admiring the scene as she held the gift he had gotten Carys in her hand.

“I thought you were going to bring her by? I wanted to meet the princess in person.” <a href="">He</a> smiled as he closed the door behind her.

“No, she’s spending time with Joyce before we leave tomorrow.” Charli smiled as Ryan motioned for her to have a seat on the couch. She sat down while placing the box on the coffee table as Ryan joined her.

“So, what did Chris say about the bracelet?” He asked as he picked the box up to admire it once again.

“I uh..I didn’t tell him. Just thought it’d be best if he didn’t know.”

“He gets that jealous?” Ryan asked as he looked up at her.

“Not lately, but I just don’t want to cause an argument that’s not needed if I was just going to give it back.”

“Hm.” Ryan said nodding. “So are you ready for this?”

“For what Paris?” He shook his head.

“A life with Chris.”

She paused for a moment before nodding, “I love Chris. I truly do. And I appreciate him so much for taking time out to spend time with Carys right now.”

“But what about when he really goes back to work? The appearances, the tours, the women. Are you going to be ready for him to be his brand again?”

“That..I’m not sure. I can only pray that he calms down now that he has a child, but only time will tell that much.”

“I’m not trying to get you to doubt anything Charli, I just want you to be happy when it’s all said and done. I know you, and I know the lifestyle you eventually want in the end. Just don’t want you to get lost in it. You hold up a strong face being the woman in his life, and I applaud you for that. But now you have Carys to worry about too.” She nodded.

“You’re completely right. Which is why I’m going to do my part to make sure this works. Carys deserves a family…”

“A happy family. So I’m guessing you guys are talking marriage?” He questioned as Charli instantly shook her head.

“There’s goes the M word again.”

“You don’t want to marry Chris?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to marry Chris. I just don’t want to get married.” She said as she began to pick at her nails. She was tired of having this conversation with everyone.

“You can’t always be afraid to take risks in love Charli. That’s what loving another is all about. Marriage is the ultimate risk, and the ultimate expression of love. It provides a covinent, a seal of protection, over your unity, between you, your husband and God. If you feel as though the person you’re with could never honor those vows, why be with them?”

“I’m not saying it’s not possible. Just why get logistics involved. Why complicate love with marriage?” She asked as Ryan chuckled.

“You’re viewing it all wrong…”

“The world doesn’t value marriage anymore, so why should I?”

“So you’re one with the world now? Who cares what everyone else does and doesn’t do. Just because one man cheated, who says the next one will. Just because one marriage failed, doesn’t mean yours has to. One day, someone will change the way you view marriage and love. I only hope it’s Chris.”

<strong>2 Months Later</strong>

“I am sooo kicking your ass right now.” Charli spat as she aggressively pressed the buttons on the controller.

“Bull sh*t.” <a href="">Chris</a> said focusing on the screen as we went to make another lay up. They were playing 2k13. Chris was the Miami Heat and Charli was the Celtics.

“Pierce for three! BOOM! B*TCH!” She yelled as Chris smacked his teeth. He looked over to see Carys lying on her stomach attempting to crawl. They had been working on giving her more ‘tummy time’. She was turning red with frustration but kept trying.

“Look bae, Carys think she swimming.” Chris laughed pausing the game as they both looked at her squirming and kicking her legs.

“She’s getting better at resting on her hands though!” Charli smiled as she stood on all fours in front of her baby. Carys looked up at her and instantly started kicking her legs faster trying to get to her mom.

“Like this baby.” Charli said crawling infront of Carys as she continued to kick. She became even redder as she started to whimper in defeat. She just paused and placed her head down as Chris and Charli both laughed.

“My poor baby!” Chris giggled as he picked her up and sat her up inbetween his legs as her head rested on his stomach.

“Now back to this ass whooping!” Chris said unpausing the game before Charli could get to the controller.

“Ugh! This cheating ass nigga!” Charli yelled as she quickly grabbed her controller to continue to play.

They had recently just got back from Paris and were currently residing in Chris’ house in Tappahannock so he could stay out of the public eye. Carys was getting the opportunity to meet all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins on his side of the family.

“Think I’m gonna U-Stream tonight. Do some question and answering for my fans. I keep getting so many posts on my message boards asking where in the hell I’m at.” Chris said casually at they continued to play.

“That’d be cool babe.” She said still concentrating on the game.

“BUT before I do that, I want to take my lady out.” He smirked as she shot him a look.

“Really? On a date?” She asked.

“Yeah Dork. On a date. I’ll have my Aunt Jackie watch Care Bear. It’ll just be me and you tonight!...Then thousands of fans.” He giggled as she shoved him a little. She was looking forward to some much needed alone time with him.

<a href="">Charli</a> finished giving <a href="">Chris</a> a massage and got of his back and laid next to him on her stomach. She crossed her arms as she rested her head on them. He turned over to face her and gently grabbed her waist as he finally looked her in her eyes.

“Let me in.” She said softly as she gently stroked his temple. He had been quiet for the last few days. She was doing everything she could to relieve his stress. He sighed as he leaned in and kissed her nose.

“You and Carys are my life.” He said looking into her eyes.

“What’s wrong babe? Tell me.” She said picking at some of his chin hairs. He always loved it when she did that for some reason.

“I’m tired Char.” He simply said.

“I can see it. In your eyes.” She confessed as she began stroking his face again.

“I’m tired of trying so hard to prove myself. I’m not the same man. I promise I’m not.” Chris choked as a single tear escaped his eye. He was finding himself more emotional than usual.

“Your supporters and fans know that Chris. Stop letting a few negative people get in the way. You’ve done everything you could and that you’re supposed to do. People are going to feel how they feel regardless.” She soothed as he closed his eyes and nodded. She leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

“I love you so damn much Charli. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. You and Carys bring my world so much joy in the midst of all the bullsh*t. I know I always got my girls.” He said as he tucked some of her hair behind her ear so he could get a good look at her beautiful face.

“I’ll never forget the day I saw your evil lookin ass at the showcase.” He laughed as she smiled. “You were so not interested in me, in the least bit.”

“That’s because you seemed childish as hell. Which was accurate.” She teased as he smiled at her.

“Let’s move away when we get back. Like somewhere random. Like Idaho or some sh*t.” He said as Charli busted out laughing.

“I’m not gonna move to no damn Idaho.”

“Please? I just want to be ghost for a while. Just stop doing my own music for a minute and just paint and maybe write songs for other people. I just want to be around my family.” He sighed as he looked into her eyes.

“We can just look at Paris as a mini vacation, but really move somewhere and be ducked off. I’m tired of being tracked. I’m tired of being criticized. I’m tired of being relevant to the world. I just don’t feel like being Chris Brown right now. I just wanna be Daddy and Babe. I love those two hats the most.”

“What about your fans Chris? You can’t just abandon them.” She said as he nodded.

“I know, and I won’t. I might do a few U-streams to answer questions and have open chats on my website to where they can talk to me. I want to be more personal for them. Each fan truly feels like they know me in their own special way and I want to give them more of me. Give them a chance to talk to me more.”

“You’re really serious about this?”

“As a heart attack.”

“Well where ever you go, me and Carys are right there with you.”

Aja walked into her new master bedroom to find Charli packing up a few of her old things for Paris. Once Charli had officially moved in with Chris she had given Aja and Shantae her condo.

“Where’s my baby?” Aja asked as she looked around hoping to see a carseat.

Charli smiled, “With her father at the studio.” Her eyes widened.

“By herself?!” Aja asked as she plopped down on her bed and watched Charli get more things out of the closet.

“Yes. Chris knows what he’s doing. It’s Mijo and the rest of the knuckle head crew I don’t trust. Trell has a daughter, but he’s with her and Heather today.” Aja just shook her head.

“My poor baby.” She sighed. “Oh hey, something came in the mail for you the other day. I think it’s a present for Carys.” She left the room in haste and came back with a small box. Charli raised an eyebrow at the package before opening it. She found a diamond bracelet inside and smiled before looking at the card. It was gift from Ryan.

“How sweet.” Charli said to herself as she pulled out her phone to call him. He answered on the second ring.

“Well Hello Miss Morgan.” He smiled in the phone as she blushed. She loved hearing his voice.

“Thank you so much for the gift…” She started before Ryan cut her off.

“I thought it was the least I could do for my alleged daughter. According to the blogs.” He joked as Charli chuckled but continued her statement.

“I can’t accept this Ryan.” She sighed. “It’s too expensive and Chris would never allow another man to buy his daughter something like this.”

“Ah, understood. I wasn’t sure if I was over stepping my boundaries or not. Just really didn’t know what to buy the girl who has everything.” He laughed as Charli joined him. She was happy he understood.

“Maybe..we could meet up soon? So I can return this to you before I leave?” She asked hopeful for a positive response.

“I’d like that.”


Chris sat in the studio as he read over all of the negative reviews being said about his album.

<em>Chris Brown hits women. Period.</em>

He balled his fist in frustration. When was it ever going to be about the music again?

“Stop reading that sh*t.” Mijo said snatching his phone away sensing the sudden change in his mood. They were back home from the studio waiting for Charli to arrive.

“I swear I just want to be disappear off the face of the earth sometimes. My past will forever haunt me.” Chris said lowly as Mijo sat next to him. Carys was lying peacefully on a blanket on the couch with them.

“It’ll only haunt you if that’s what you allow it to do. You get like this every time you release an album…”

“Because Mijo! Look what happens! I get scrutinize every time about everything else BUT the music. They want to say my music sucks because of my past, I can’t dance because of my past, I can’t act because of my past. They get mad at me for EVERYTHING I do! They’re mad when people accept me. They’re mad when people forgive me. They’re mad when I win an award. They’re mad when I perform. They’re mad when I win. Every f*ckin time dude. Every time.” Chris said as the emotion began to become clear in his voice.

“It’s all starting not to be worth it. I find less and less reasons to be here every day. To stop trying and let everyone else win.” Chris said placing his face in his palms with frustration. Mijo placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Well I know for sure one person that has never seen any wrong you’ve down. And she’s lyin right next to you. She’s depending on you to be strong for her and to love her with everything in your being. You can’t keep letting all this negative sh*t consume you because you have to be positive for her sake. Never let her see you sweat. If you feel like you want to lose to everything else, at least keep winning for her.” Mijo advised directing his attention towards Carys. She stirred and slowly opened her eyes and instantly smiled at her father who was looking down at her. She began squirming, desiring to be held by him.

Chris sniffed and reached his arms out to pick up his baby and showered her with kisses. He held her tight as she rested her little head on his chest listening to the sounds of his heartbeat.

“I’m going to always win for her.”

“So Charli, you clearly didn’t help make this baby at all. She looks just like her pappy.” Aja said as she held a sleeping Carys in her arms. Her, Michelle and Shantae were all over the house to spend time with Charli and the baby while Chris was in the studio wrapping up a few songs he wanted to leak before he went overseas.

“She has my eyes. A lighter version of them.” Charli defended as the girls nodded.

“I give her that. But she definitely favors Chris. She even has light brown hair like his.” Shantae said as Charli sighed.

“I know. He knew she was going to look like him too. Just didn’t think she’d be the niggas twin. My God.”

“So how is he doing with her? Be honest.” Michelle asked as they all directed their attention to Charli. A smile crept across her face.

“He’s doing really well. He’s an amazing father already. Nothing means more on this earth than that little girl. She’s going to be a daddy’s girl for sure. The other night he sung her to sleep. Everytime he sings she gets so quiet and starts smiling. I cried the first time she did.” Charli confessed.

“Aww! You’re already a sappy mommy!” Aja said in a baby voice as the girls laughed.

“I can’t help it! They’re my heart.” Charli said as she leaned over to look at Carys. “She has my cheeks too.”

Shantae laughed, “Girl quit trying to look for you in her face. That’s ALL Chris!”

“So I saw the alleged picture that’s going around the internet of her. That baby looks NOTHING like Carys. Whoever they got that picture from needs to be fired.” Michelle commented as Charli nodded.

“I know, I saw it too. I went to twitter and was like the picture that’s going around is NOT my baby.” Charli said as she watched Aja pass Carys over to Michelle.

“It’s ridiculous. They want to know what she looks like sooo bad.” Shantae said shaking her head.

“Right. I was like why do ya’ll even care?! What does the appearance of my child have anything to do with your everyday life? Then they’re saying that Carys must not look like Chris, that’s why we won’t post any pictures. And truly it’s because everyone is so fascinated with it. I see why Beyonce didn’t want Blu to be seen for a while.”

“If the world saw how adorable she is, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.” Michelle said as she lifted Carys up and planted a kiss on her cheek. “She is just the CUTEST!” Charli smiled when she felt a vibration on her phone. It was a text from Chris.

<strong>I miss my princess.</strong>

<em>AWW! I miss you too.</em>


<em>Word?! She’s sleeping right now.</em>

<strong>You’re my Queen.</strong>

<em>You’re my Ace.</em>

<strong>Corny ass.</strong>

Chris laughed to himself as he finished texting Charli. He was waiting for his engineer Joseph to play back a track he was working on. Mijo and his cousin Keeis had joined him and K-Mac in the studio.

“So when are you leaving for Paris?” Kevin asked as he crossed him arms.

“About three weeks. I can’t wait to get the f*ck up out of here. The paps have been really pushing my buttons lately. I don’t care what they say about me, but getting my daughter and my girl involved really pisses me off.” Chris said as he clentched his fist.

“That’s real sh*t bruh. Some people just seriously have no respect.” Kevin replied as they all nodded.

“Aye, but I really have the cutest God baby on earth.” Mijo smiled as he spun around in an office chair.

“I know. She came out perfect. Looking just like my ass too. She makes faces like Charli though.” Chris said as he looked at the lock screen on his phone. It was a picture of Charli and Chris both giving Carys a kiss on each side of her cheek.

“What ya’ll name her again?” Joseph asked as he was tweeking parts of the song.

“Carys Monae Brown. My initials.”

“For whatever reason they keep calling her Christina on the net. They seriously don’t know sh*t.” Keeis said shaking his head.

“I know. Charli had to address that photo that’s going around the other day. They’re just really too into my kid right now.” Chris said as he unlocked his phone and hopped on Twitter. He ignored the thousands of unread replies as he went to compose a few tweets. He hadn’t tweeted since before Carys was born.

<strong>chrisbrown:</strong> Carys. NOT Christina. #biitch

<strong>chrisbrown:</strong> Loving my mini me! I will protect that little girl with my LIFE!

<strong>chrisbrown:</strong> @officialCharliMorgan thank you for giving me the greatest gift! I LOVE YOU more than you know babe.

<strong>chrisbrown:</strong> I got the greatest girlfriend! #phuckyobabymama

The studio filled with laughter as they all read Chris’ tweets, which was sending Twitter wild.

“You’re dumb AF nigga! You came back on some trassshhh!” Mijo laughed as he started to RT all of Chris’ tweets along with the rest of the world. Chris giggled as he went to his timeline to see Charli had just mentioned him on her page.

<strong>officialCharliMorgan:</strong> hahaha Chris ain’t sh*t.

<strong>officialCharliMorgan:</strong> RT @chrisbrown: I got the greatest girlfriend! #phuckyobabymama – Love HIM! #phuckyodeadbeat #yobabydaddyaintshiit

<strong>1 Month Later</strong>

Chris and Charli were sleep in their bed when they heard faint cries come through the baby monitor.

“Your turn.” Charli said without flinching or opening her eyes. They had worked a system and Charli got up the last time to tend to baby Carys. Chris slightly groaned before hopping out of the bed and down the hallway. They were waiting until after Carys’ two month check up before they took her out of the country to raise her in peace. The paparazzi stood outside of his house faithfully, all trying to get a peak of the new baby. None of her photos had been released and everyone was dying to know what she looked like.

Chris rubbed his eyes as he walked into her room and smiled down at her as he approached her crib. Her face was red and soaked with tears.

“What’s the matter with my Care bear?” He cooed as he picked her up, kissing her and gently patted her back. He felt her diaper and could feel that it was filled with piss. He walked her over to the changing table as her cries began to soothe. She whimpered while he changed her.

“Let’s get lil mama a bottle.” He yawned as he picked her up and grabbed a pre-made bottle out of the mini fridge in her room. He carried her and the bottle downstairs and placed the bottle in the bottle warmer that was in the kitchen. He would have to remember to thank Aja for the 100th time for buying them that. It came in handy and always got the bottle at the right temperature. He bounced baby Carys up and down to soothe her crying as he waited for the bottle to warm up completely. When it finished her squeezed out a little milk on his wrist to ensure it was just

“I wonder what mommies milk taste like.” He said intrigued as he lifted his wrist to his tongue to taste. “Hm. Kinda gross.” He said as he looked down at Carys who was looking up at him. She was only slightly whining now. He walked her back upstairs and took a seat in the rocking chair in her nursery. He placed the nipple in her mouth and she calmly drank as she looked up at him with her bright eyes. Her eyes were still more hazel than brown. The doctor said that most babies are born with colored eyes, but Carys’ seemed to have stayed longer than they had expected.

“You want Daddy to sing to you?” He asked as he began to rock a little bit. She continued to stare at him as she drank her meal. ‘Next to You’ always reminded him of her. He began to sing a softer more acoustic version of the song.

<em>“You got that smile…that only heaven can make. I’ll pray to God everyday, that you keep that smile. You are my dream..there’s not a thing I won’t do, I’ll give my life up for you..’cause you are my dream.”</em> He sang as Carys began to slow down her sucking on the bottle. She smiled a little with the nipple still in her mouth showing her dimple.

<em>“Baby, everything that I have is yours, you will never go cold or hungry. I’ll be there when you’re insecure, let you know that you’re always lovely, girl…cause you are…the only thing that I got right now…”</em> She stopped drinking and he removed the bottle from her mouth and placed her on his chest so he could burp her. He began patting her back as he softly sang the chorus in her ear.

<em>“One day when the sky is fallin..I’ll be standing right next to you, right next to you. Nothing will ever come between us, cause I’ll be standing right next to you..right next to you.”</em> He heard a small burp but continued to softly pat her back and rock her so she would drift back to sleep. He gave a light kiss on her head.

<em>“If you had my child..”</em> He softly sang closing his eyes as he instantly thought of Charli. <em>“You would make my life complete..just to have your eyes on little me, that’d be mine forever.”</em> Charli quietly stood at the doorway to Carys’ room as she secretly watched Chris sing her to sleep, his eyes closing as well. He started to softly hum the rest of the song before getting quiet, and Charli noticed Carys was all the way sleep. She slowly walked into the room to look at her babies. She gently removed Carys from Chris’ arms and laid her back in her crib. She didn’t want Carys to get used to sleeping on them, so she wouldn’t be spoiled. She looked back at Chris who still was sleep, not even noticing that she had removed their daughter from his arms. She leaned in and softly kissed his ear as he stirred and blinked his eyes open.

“Let’s go back to bed baby.”

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“Come on baby! Push!” Chris encouraged as Charli took long deep breaths, trying to gain the energy to push for another ten seconds. After her water breaking at the studio, Chris instantly rushed her to the hospital and all of their close family and friends were anxiously waiting in the waiting area for the arrival of the new baby.

“Come on Charlotte, let’s try to push for another ten seconds. Ready?” The Doctor asked, as Charli nodded. Chris wiped the sweat forming on her forehead. “Ok, one..two..three…” He began to count as Charli gave it everything she could. Chris looked down to see a bundle of hair beginning to poke out of Charli’s vagina.

“What is that?!!” He asked more intrigued than scared. He was in awe and disturbed all at the same time.

“It’s the head! You’re doing great Charlotte.” The doctor encouraged as Charli breathed heavily. “Another ten seconds.”

“You’re doing great baby. Just keep pushing.” Chris said to Charli as he gave her a kiss on her temple. They had been at this for 10 hours. The doctor began to count again as more of their baby began to squeeze out.

“Almost there! One more big push! Give it all you got!” Charli took in a deep breath and began to push with everything in her body. As she tensed up she heard her baby’s first cry as the doctor pulled her all the way out.

“It’s a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations you two!” The doctor said as a tear fell from Chris’ eye while he cut the umbilical cord. His beautiful baby girl had finally entered the world on May 2, 2013. Just three days before his 24th birthday.

“Baby, she’s beautiful.” Chris said to Charli, kissing her cheeks repeatedly as Charli tried to look as the nurses cleaned and inspected her daughter. The doctor and another nurse were currently sewing Charli up and cleaning her up before the family was allowed to enter the room. She watched as the nurse finished cleaning her daughter, wrapped her up tightly in a blanket and handed her to Chris.

“6 pounds, 4 ounces, 22 inches long. She’s as healthy as can be.” The nurse smiled handing her to Chris. He cradled her carefully in his arms. The tears wouldn’t stop streaming from his eyes. She looked just like him. His nose, his freckles, his dimples, his lips. She was a spitting image of her father. She had Charli’s big beautiful eyes. Charli rested her head as she watched the two of them as she wiped away a tear.

“Have you guys picked out a name for her yet?” The doctor asked Charli to make light conversation while he finished operating on her. She smiled and nodded.

“Carys Monae Brown. Carys means ‘to love’.” She said as she continued to watch Chris walk around the room with baby Carys.

“Hey my beautiful princess.” Chris cooed as Carys opened her eyes wide. “I’m your daddy. I promise you I’m going to be the best daddy to you. I’m going to protect you and your mommy with my life. Believe that. I’ve never loved anyone more in my entire life than the love I have for you right now. I will never let anything happen to you. I’m going to teach you how to dance and sing..” He said as he started to sway with her in his arms. He walked over to Charli as they finally finished her up.

“Let me hold her.” Charli giggled as Chris looked from Carys to Charli.

“I don’t want to let her go.” He sighed as he finally handed Carys to her mother.

“She looks JUST like you.” Charli smiled as Chris leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

“She’s beautiful baby. We did good.” He said as he left the two of them and went to the hallway to allow everyone to meet the new member of the crew. Baby Carys.

<a href="">Trell</a> sat on the couch with Chris and Charli watching the First 48 as he looked at the two of them disgusted.

“Nigga, I really can’t believe you’re doing this sh*t right now.” Trell said looking over at Chris who was rubbing Charli’s feet.

Chris shrugged, “Her feet get swollen nigga.” He said as Charli stuck her tongue out at Trell.

“Dawg, I dig that. And I don’t mind feet, but HER feet! Damn!” He said as they both laughed.

“F*ck you Trell!” Charli said flipping him the bird.

“I love my baby’s feet.” Chris grinned as he began to suck on Charli’s big toe. Trell’s mouth dropped as Charli laughed.

“Really bruh! You suck toes?! I’m not using anymore cups in this mothaf*cka.” Trell said shaking his head as Chris and Charli giggled.

“I’ll be right back babe.” Chris said as he gently set Charli’s foot down. She watched as he hurried up the stairs.
Trell looked over at Charli, “Any day now. You ready?” Her face instantly lit up.

“More than ever! I’m just ready to hold my baby in my arms. See their features. If they look more like me or more like him.”

“I hope more like you. Chris is an ugly ass nigga.” Trell said as Charli chuckled. “I just can’t believe ya’ll having a little..” The sound of Chris’ voice cut him off.

“Come upstairs with me babe.” He said walking over to the couch and reaching out his hand to help Charli up. She waddled behind him up the stairs as they walked into the bedroom, she could hear water running in the bathroom. He led her into the master bathroom and saw his Jacuzzi tub filling up with water and bubbles. Candles were lit all over.

She smiled, “What’s all this babe?”

He started to remove her shorts and shirt, “I just want to bathe you. Help you relax a little.” She instantly blushed as he removed the rest of her clothes until she was completely naked. He turned off the running water and then grabbed her hand to assist her in the tub. He sat on the edge as he grabbed a loofa and poured soap on it. He gently began to rub it all over her body.

“This is so sweet babe.” She said as she leaned over and pecked him on the lips. He smiled seductively at her as he rubbed the loofa over her breasts and back.

“I swear if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d ride the hell out of you tonight.” She said causing him to giggle.

“Due time babe, due time. I just need you to feel good right now. I’ve been watching some birth videos and that sh*t looks painful.” He said as she nodded.

“I know. I heard it’s ten times worse than the average period cramps. And if it’s anything like these braxton hicks contractions I’ve been having, I’m done for. Those hurt like-a-hoe.” She finished with a little southern twang. Chris smiled to himself knowing she was starting to get an accent from being around him and his cousins all the time.

“I’m just ready to meet my mini me.” He said as she looked up at him.

“How you know they’re gonna look like you?” She asked.

“I’ve been getting on your nerves the most. They’re going to look like me.” He said before he started singing random melodies and lyrics as he continued to wash her up. She laid back a little and closed her eyes as she listened to his voice.


Chris was in the studio working with Polo da Don on a new dance track he had in his head. He knew Polo was the perfect person to create his vision. They were working on putting a sample together when the door to the studio opened and closed. He looked up to see <a href="">her</a> as his heart skipped a beat. Her facial expression remained blank.

Chris turned to Polo, “Can you give us a sec?” He nodded as he got up and gave Rihanna a hug before leaving the studio.

Chris leaned against the sound board crossing his arms, “What are you doing here Robyn?” She shot him a look of disgust.

“So. This baby sh*t is true huh?” She asked as he swallowed hard and nodded. He knew where this was going.

“She’s due any day now.” Robyn bit her lip and shook her head to keep the tears from coming out of her eyes.

“Why her Chris? Why allow her to have a baby and not me?” She finally asked as one tear escaped as she quickly wiped it away. He sighed as he let his head fall slightly.

“That wasn’t my decision to make with you Robyn. That was what you wanted at the time.”

“To protect you. And your career. You were only 18 Chris.”

“It wasn’t just my career you were thinking about. Good Girl Gone Bad was getting you a lot of buzz and recognition at the time. You were finally turning into the star you always dreamed of. Don’t pin that on me. I never suggested for you to get an abortion.”

“But you didn’t stop me either. You didn’t want a baby with me? You don’t wonder what our little boy or little girl would’ve looked like?” She asked.

“I used to wonder every day. But just like a lot of other things, I put that behind me. And now I’m about to have my first child with someone I love deeply..” She cut him off.

“Second child.” She said as he sighed.

“Robyn, why are you doing this? We can’t change what happened. None of it. I love you, I truly do. But that part of my life is gone. Me and you have been cool, let’s just keep it that way…” The door to the studio swung opened and they both quickly turned their heads to see Charli standing there gripping her stomach.

“Babe..?” Chris started until he noticed a liquid coming from between Charli’s legs onto the floor.

“Oh my God…” Robyn gasped as Charli quickly looked down and up at Chris.

“My water just broke.”