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<a href=" ">Charli</a> was a 22 year old woman who had the oppurtunity to be on MTV's show REAL WORLD. Being that she was on the show she had to make a lot of different appearances, some involving celebs. One particular appearance she had the oppurtunity to meet famous artist, Chris Brown. And she wasn't impressed in the least.

Chris did everything he could to get Charli's attention, and once he was able to capture it he chose not to give up. Even with his best friend Mijo not too fond of the idea of him dating her. He was so unfond of it, he told Charli that Chris wasn't interested and should move on, which caused the two not to speak for a month. Chris finally grew some balls and was determined to win Charli back over so he popped up on her on a vacation and won her affection potentially causing the two to officially become an 'item'.

Once that happened, Charli moved into her OWN place in LA to be closer to Chris but was determined to get a job and make her own money because she did not want to depend on Chris' money. She found a job at a corporate bank office, where she met <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Ryan</a>. Ryan was smitten by Charli, but kept his distance knowing that she was in a committed relationship. It didn't stop their friendship from blooming.

After working for a while Charli began to become more wrapped up into work than she did her relationship. One night Chris was fed up with Charli working all of the time and not making time for him that he chose to hang out with his ex girlfriend Karrueche and Draya, where the two had planned to sabatoge his relationship by forcing him to cheat on Charli. They were close, but he got out of the house before anything could really happen. It was too late however because Karrueche had already posted a picture of the three of them on Instagram and Charli had seen it. That night she broke up with him and refused to see or speak to him for a month.

Charli was hosting a party for her being on the cover of Teen People and decided to invite Ryan to the event as her date. Once word got back to Chris he rushed to the event to win his girl back. She rejected his advances until he popped up at her house that night and she could no longer deny the fact that she missed and wanted to be with him.

About a month after the night of their reunion Charli discovered that she was pregnant, and every time she tried to find the oppurtunity to tell him, something would come up. She was wanting to tell him one night in a Miami studio, but he was too busy to talk to her. She ended up calling Ryan that night and Chris was upset that she would call another man who liked her around him. As they were driving home they got into a serious accident and the doctor told her she had lost the baby. She went back to her hometown to heal up and to take a break from Chris when he arrived in her hometown and Charli was still throwing up. They went to the doctor together and she found out that she was still in fact pregnant and was finally able to tell Chris. They did their best to keep her pregnancy a secret from the media until one day Chris was ustreaming and Charli walked across the screen.

At this point of the adds, she is 8 months pregnant going on 9 and she is preparing for the birth of their baby.

New readers I WISH ya'll could have read the first part of the story, so you guys could get ALL the specifics, but the board deleted it, so here you go! :) Enjoy.


YAY!! I'm so happy she said yes! That was like thee best proposal EVER!! Everything is just so BEAUTIFUL!!!
Im glad their relationship made it to this point! #TrueLove =)


I finally caught up loved how Chris set up the scavenger hunt I knew he had something up his sleeve but that was just amazing! The way he proposed I was over here crying it was so beautiful scenery and all. Just amazing so happy Charli said yes

awwww i loved it was to cute run it

That was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!
That was, like the wedding proposal girls dream of.
It was epic and very thoughtful.
I'm glad as hell that she said yes!
This is real love.
Run it.

1 maybe 2 more adds left before the end of this story! Thank you all for making this repost successful. I think it's just that since this story is a repost it doesn't get as much love and readers as it used to. I appreciate all of my readers who have been here from the beginning and all the new readers who have given this story a chance and love it just as much as the old readers!! You all are extremely appreciated. My first story on this board wouldn't have made it this far without you all! It's just time to let Charli Chris and Carys live in peace! Plus I want to focus on the development of Fan of a Fan.

Thank You all so much! You guys have been nothing short of A M A Z I N G!

Awwwwww yay Charli!!!



RUN IT:)))



I awoke several hours later to the stewardess tapping me on my shoulder. I looked at her strangely before she pointed to the window.

“Mr. Brown wanted me to wake you and you tell you to look out of the window before we land.” She smiled as she opened my window.

I was thrown off by the brightness as my eyes adjusted. I looked out of window and was in awe of what I <a href="">saw</a>. It was breath taking and beautiful and I couldn’t figure out where I was. It looks familiar though. Why was he taking me to an island? And I remembered that he said he would see me on the other side, would that mean he would be here?

About thirty minutes later the plane landed and I was escorted off to be greeted by the hot sun. I quickly shielded my eyes and gave a quick surveillance of my surroundings before stopping my eyes on <a href="">him</a>. We quickly rushed to each other and he pulled me tight into his chest.

“I will always lead you to me, no matter what side of the world you’re on.” He said in my ear as I held him tighter. I missed him so much. He set me down from our embrace and kissed me tenderly on my lips before smiling at me.

“I’m so happy I didn’t get off this plane to another note.” I sighed happily as he smiled.

“I was going to leave another one, but I missed your ass.” He said biting his lip before kissing me again.

“Where’s my baby?” I asked beginning to worry. We were with each other and there was no sign of Carys.

“She’s with your parents.” He said grabbing my hand and leading me into another direction.

“What? I just talked to my mom last night. She was in on this?” I asked as I watched his head nod. I looked past him to see us walking towards a helicopter.

“What the hell Chris?! What is going on?!” I asked as we stepped closer to it and a pilot stepped out of it and held the door open for us.

“Trust ya man.” He winked before he motioned for me to get on first. I said a small prayer before I stepped on and took a seat as I watched Chris get on and the door shut behind him.

“Wait, you know how to fly one of these?” I asked as he put the head set over my ears.

“Yep. I’ve flown a helicopter over a dozen times. I first learned when we were shooting Takers. It’s easy.”

“Is there any more secrets I need to know about you?” I asked as he started pressing numerous buttons and I felt the large machine shake. “Where are we going?”

“I need to take us to our final destination.” He smiled before he kissed me on my cheek. “Ready to lift off?” He asked as I grinned before nodding. This whole thing was sexy and exciting. I felt the helicopter begin to lift off the ground and before I knew it we were suspended in the air.

“This is amazing.” I said as I looked out the window at everything below us. The scenery was looking more and more familiar.

“Let me take a picture.” He said as he lifted his phone with his free hand and took a <a href="">pic</a> of me. I was nervous as hell posing for the picture because I was scared that we were going to crash.

“Chris, you get more and more amazing every day.” I smiled as he turned and grinned at me. I turned to look out the window again. “Where are we?”

“You’ll find out soon enough Love.” He assured as I felt the helicopter tilt.

Several minutes later Chris landed the helicopter in a secured sanded area and there were people that worked at the landing station that assisted us off. I looked around and knew exactly where we were. Everything seemed so surreal. This was the very location that I first met him nearly three years ago; Cancun, Mexico at the MTV showcase.

“Chris. You did NOT bring me here.” I said excitedly as so many emotions fled to my brain. He turned and smiled at me as he grabbed my hand.

“I did. There’s more.” He smiled as he grabbed my hand and led me down the beach. It was strangely quiet and the sun was beginning to set. I looked out ahead at a lit area, as the ocean was hitting our feet.

“This brings back so many memories.” I sighed as I looked up at his grinning face. The setting sun kissed his skin perfectly.

“It does. This is where I first laid eyes on the love of my life. She may not have known then, but I was determined to make her my girl the moment I met her.”

I blushed, “No you didn’t babe.”

“I may have put on a front at first, but there was something about you that captured my attention like no one else had. You were beautiful and confident, and you didn’t care about the hype of it all. You were humble and just happy to be you.” He said innocently as I looked up and smiled at him.

He slowly came to a stop and I could see reflection of light in his eyes as I turned around and gasped at what I saw. I felt him let go of my hand as I walked closer to the <a href="">scene</a>. I could hear soft music playing in the background as I took in everything. Tears were filling my eyes. I had never been more in love with the person who had set all of this up for me just to make me feel special. I had no idea what I had done to deserve such a love as this.

I turned around to thank him and my heart fell to the pit of my stomach when I saw him right behind me kneeling on one knee.

“Chris..” I uttered barely above a whisper as he softly grabbed my left hand.

“Charlotte Simone Morgan, ever since the moment you came into my world you’ve shaped me into a better man. You came and showed nothing but love, appreciation and respect, for me, but most importantly yourself. You were one of the few people in my life who wanted nothing more than my time, love and effort. And even though it was hard for me to display it at first, I loved every minute of the chase and desire to get to know you more and to navigate my way inside your heart. You are worth every bit of my soul, and with God on my side I am willing to dedicate my life to making you and Carys the most important women on Earth. All I want is my family, and I am striving to be the man that you both need me to be. Will you do me the honor in making me the happiest man in the world by being your husband, friend, lover and confidant?” He slid his hand deep in his pocket, pulled out small black box, and then opened the reveal the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. He slid it onto my ring finger as the tears were streaming down my face.

“Is this real?” Was all I could choke before he giggled.

“Will you marry me, Charli?” He asked as I quickly nodded and pulled him up off his knees and pecked his lips repeatedly.

“Yes dammit! I will marry you!” I said in between tears as he wiped them away while pressing his lips against mine.

“Thought this moment would never come.” He happily sighed as I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

“I did. There’s nothing I want more than to be Mrs. Christopher Maurice Brown.”

Your welcome :) damn girll take your time itl be worth it! RUN IT

awww i just love the scavenger hunt.. its so cute.. different. romantic.. awww i love chris n charli.. the ideas u have for this story are great.. ur one of the best writers on here..keep it up .. cant wait for the next update

The notes, the little scavenger hunt type thing, LOVE it!
He should actually send her on a scavenger hunt leaving notes with pictures of them and with their friends along the way, leading to the proposal. Or the notes turn into a puzzle to spell out "will you marry me?" Something to take her back to the begining, where the first met and take her through journey of where they are now and... too many ideas. But Im soooooo excited!!! Take your time, Take your time! I know it's gonna be GRRRRREAT!

Run It!

Im liking where this going! Run!!

Charli Gone End Of Crying By The End Of This Scavenger Hunt:)))

awww thats to cute run it


cnt wait 2 c whats next! its soo romantic so far =)

Prally won't be able to add to this just YET. I'm working on making this special, so I'm being very careful with the way i write. Be patient with me ladies :) Fan of a Fan is updated tho!

Awwwww, that's sooo freaking cute!!!

This has brightened my night. Been away for a while, and my day didnt go well. Im glad I came back to see this add. Nicole you are awesome!

Run It!!

I love it, OMG I can't wait for the next add. This is so cute, RUN IT!

Awwww this is so sweet. I'm starting to tear up a little because I know what this will lead to :))) and i'm listening to 1+1 in the background lol making it even more romantic

run it

this is soooooooooo sweet!
for real!
I can't wait until she gets the real surprise.
it's going to be epic as hell.
run it.

Thank you Miss Angie!! That means so much!

Lmaooooo great minds think alike Nicole!!!!!

Ugh I SO meant to write in for him to tell her to smell the notes!!! I swear I was going to add that in! Get out of my head Tia!! Lol!

Ur an amazing writer I read other stories on this board mostly to pass time until you add!u have amazing attention to detail!! Back to the story.. I love were its going bit Damn! Girl you left us hanging!lol RUN IT

Ur an amazing writer I read other stories on this board mostly to pass time until you add!u have amazing attention to detail!! Back to the story.. I love were its going bit Damn! Girl you left us hanging!lol RUN IT