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<a href=" ">Charli</a> was a 22 year old woman who had the oppurtunity to be on MTV's show REAL WORLD. Being that she was on the show she had to make a lot of different appearances, some involving celebs. One particular appearance she had the oppurtunity to meet famous artist, Chris Brown. And she wasn't impressed in the least.

Chris did everything he could to get Charli's attention, and once he was able to capture it he chose not to give up. Even with his best friend Mijo not too fond of the idea of him dating her. He was so unfond of it, he told Charli that Chris wasn't interested and should move on, which caused the two not to speak for a month. Chris finally grew some balls and was determined to win Charli back over so he popped up on her on a vacation and won her affection potentially causing the two to officially become an 'item'.

Once that happened, Charli moved into her OWN place in LA to be closer to Chris but was determined to get a job and make her own money because she did not want to depend on Chris' money. She found a job at a corporate bank office, where she met <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Ryan</a>. Ryan was smitten by Charli, but kept his distance knowing that she was in a committed relationship. It didn't stop their friendship from blooming.

After working for a while Charli began to become more wrapped up into work than she did her relationship. One night Chris was fed up with Charli working all of the time and not making time for him that he chose to hang out with his ex girlfriend Karrueche and Draya, where the two had planned to sabatoge his relationship by forcing him to cheat on Charli. They were close, but he got out of the house before anything could really happen. It was too late however because Karrueche had already posted a picture of the three of them on Instagram and Charli had seen it. That night she broke up with him and refused to see or speak to him for a month.

Charli was hosting a party for her being on the cover of Teen People and decided to invite Ryan to the event as her date. Once word got back to Chris he rushed to the event to win his girl back. She rejected his advances until he popped up at her house that night and she could no longer deny the fact that she missed and wanted to be with him.

About a month after the night of their reunion Charli discovered that she was pregnant, and every time she tried to find the oppurtunity to tell him, something would come up. She was wanting to tell him one night in a Miami studio, but he was too busy to talk to her. She ended up calling Ryan that night and Chris was upset that she would call another man who liked her around him. As they were driving home they got into a serious accident and the doctor told her she had lost the baby. She went back to her hometown to heal up and to take a break from Chris when he arrived in her hometown and Charli was still throwing up. They went to the doctor together and she found out that she was still in fact pregnant and was finally able to tell Chris. They did their best to keep her pregnancy a secret from the media until one day Chris was ustreaming and Charli walked across the screen.

At this point of the adds, she is 8 months pregnant going on 9 and she is preparing for the birth of their baby.

New readers I WISH ya'll could have read the first part of the story, so you guys could get ALL the specifics, but the board deleted it, so here you go! :) Enjoy.


Rihanna Don't Start No s***!!!

Uh Oh. smh. Can he EVER get a break??!

Charli's mom approves & hopes for wedding bells. Good!

Run It !!

aww hell bytch bye!! aint nobody tryna c u! rihanna need 2 go on somewhere! ugh...chris needs 2 go hm with carys...

Lawd I wish she (Rihanna) go on somewhere cause causing drama

Adding more tonight! Thank you!

Charli sat at the table across from her mother as they continued their late night conversation. She decided to stop in her hometown to visit after dropping Carys off in New York to be with Chris on his tour. She enjoyed her night catching up with old friends and family and was saddened at the thought of having to leave it all behind the next day.

“So, tell me why somebody emailed me that video of Chris practically raping you on stage!” Her mother chuckled as she shook her head. Charli’s mouth dropped.

“Seriously?!” She questioned in disbelief as her mother nodded.

“Yep. Got the email at work. I was like lawd what is this boy doing to my baby?!” She laughed as Charli chuckled in embarrassment. The video of her and Chris had gone viral on World Star Hip Hop and every gossip blog you could think of. Most were shocked because Chris had never openly done anything like that with any of his previous girlfriends.

“You got it at <em>work</em> mama? Do people at your job have nothing better to do?”

“Apparently not.” Rochelle chuckled as she took a sip of her tea. “Have the two of you discuss wedding plans…?”

Charli groaned, “Momma…”

“What?! I want to see you happy Char. And Chris makes you happy whether you’re willing to admit it or not. You two are made for each other. Even with all the problems you guys have faced. What’s a relationship without problems?”

“I just don’t want to be trapped momma, you wouldn’t understand.” She sighed.

“How would I not?”

“Daddy has been perfect to you, you never knew what it was like to feel betrayed or heartbroken..” Rochelle quickly cut Charli off.

“Ha. Are you kidding me? After being together for 30 years you believe your daddy was PERFECT to me? Honey..” She said shaking her head and sipping her tea. Her eyes widened.

“Ma, don’t tell me daddy cheated..” Rochelle let out a light laugh.

“Baby we’ve BOTH cheated. Your father cheated on me shortly after we got married while I was pregnant with your brother. And I held so much resentment in me towards him even after I chose to stay. So much that a year after Jarrell was born, I cheated on him and it started a vicious cycle of us getting back at one another. We were both spiteful in our actions, but we didn’t have the courage to leave. So we had to do what is extinct in most relationships these days..”

Charli looked up at her, “What’s that?”

“We had to FORGIVE each other. What is love without forgiveness? If you don’t love someone through their faults and mistakes then you simply do not love that person. People may have frowned upon me for making the decision to stay with your father, but I loved that man with everything in me and I wasn’t going to let him go over something I was guilty of as well.”

“But how,” Charli began as she had a heart full of questions. She never knew this dark aspect to her parents’ marriage. “How did you forgive him?”

“Only with God’s help were we able to do so. He had to always remain the glue to how we kept this relationship going.” Charli nodded as she took in her mother’s words.

“You and Chris are made for each other Charli. I’ve never felt so strongly about something in my life. I know in my heart he wants to marry you, and you shouldn’t be afraid. True love isn’t always perfect..but it’s worth it.”


“Now Teyanna, you sure it’s not a problem for you to keep an eye on her while I’m at this appearance?” Chris asked his good friend Teyanna Taylor while holding a sleeping Carys in his arms. He was in New York City for his next stop in the tour and had an appearance at a club the night before the concert. He tried everything he could to get out of it, but his management had already confirmed.

She waved him off with her hands, “Yeah Chris I gotchu.” She replied while popping her gum and reaching out for Carys.

“I love spending time with my niece, even if she is knocked tf out.” She giggled as Chris released Carys to her.

“Ok, I’ll be over right after. You mind if we crash here tonight?” She smacked her lips at his question.

“You seriously asking me that sh*t? Bye! You’re going to be late. You know Pat don’t f*ck around.” She said tapping his shoulder with her free hand. He gave Carys a soft kiss on the cheek before meeting Big Pat downstairs to head to his appearance.

He hopped into the escalade that was waiting for him where he was greeted by Hood, Red and Keeis. Hood attempted to hand Chris the bottle they were sipping on but he turned it down.

“Stayin sober tonight. Gotta go home to my baby.” Chris said proudly as they all nodded in respect.

The club was well underway and packed wall to wall with people when Chris arrived. He greeted the crowd and a few models that were in his section before he took a seat as he put his sunglasses on. He wasn’t in the mood to party or do anything. He would rather sit at home and watch his baby sleep peacefully in his arms. He was growing tired of this life. His home and family life offered him so much more.

“Yo, here comes trouble.” Red said in his ear as he motioned his head in a different direction. Chris looked up and nearly cursed to himself when he laid his eyes on <a href="">her</a>. He already knew no good was going to come out of this surprise guest.

Awwww that performance was amazing! But I can't help but think this tour is going to bring drama like I feel like someone's (Chris or Charli) is gonna cheat (I'm hoping I'm wrong)

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i think that was my fav post!!! So freakin lovely!! =) Picture perfect

Run it!

i think that was my fav post!!! So freakin lovely!! =) Picture perfect

Run it!

Awwh that was so sweet.....can't wait to see what will happen when carys is on tour!!loved this it!

I was too excited like I was at the concert. lol.

Run It!!

awwww that was to cute and sweet i loved it run it

omg that was the sweetest. I got a thug tear trickling down my face lol I ain't know what as about to happen. for a second I thought he was gonna propose.

run it

Ya'll was cryin?! Awwww!!!

But no, Chris is not going to propose.........Yet. ;)

When and IF he proposes it's going to be over the top lol

Awwwwwwwww, beautiful family! That was so sweet, Chris! RUN IT!!!

im over here in tears like i really just seen this.. that was beyond beautiful. he sung love to her and the baby. it dont get no better than that n thats one of her favorite songs.. how cute.. he is really steppin his game up ..i love it.. howw can u top that// chris is def showin charli its real lol
run itttt

awwww that was beautiful!!!! Chris is really changin. and ilove it! that was so beautiful! imissed this Chris......that was great on stage and in front of the crowd.....and carys is beautiful and she is a cute lil lady. ilove her too. and ithink charli shuld do the movie jus becuz it culd be a great opportunity for her and thats gud she lettin him take carys on tour. that'll be gud for her and chris they can get sum daddy daughter time :) icnt wait for another add RUN IT! YES PLZ THANK YU!

@.Dreaming_iYA... I Thought He Was Gonna Propose Too:)))
But I Love Him Singing This Song Cause Its An R&B Classic && It Being Charli's Favorite Is Even Better!!!

Oh my goodness! I was over here acting like I was a person in the crowd lol! Over here screaming and singing the song. Both Take You Down and Love. Love is my f***ing SONG! I love it! I I shed a tear when that song came on and I was trying to read and sing at the same damn time. I failed. Lol. I had to read and sway to the music.

Girl you did it with this one! This is the best so far! Carys is the prettiest little thing! She does the cutest things! She is truly something else! The love in that family. It's so great. The love coming from me towards this family tho. It's unbelievable.

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I was freaking out!! I thought he was about to propose.
And "Love" is MY song. I was just singing that the other day. lol!

I thought for sure Carys was gonna run out on stage when Mijo was following her.

They are too cute together!

Run It !

Beautiful ! Just beautiful .. :)

Chris is really doing all the right things. I hope he can keep it up. I am excited about carys going on tour !!

Char should really do the movie. I mean she has enough business to keep the money coming in but I guess a movie couldn't hurt .

Runnnnn It

Thank you!

“Mijo, don’t be letting her run all over the place!” Charli yelled as she watched Mijo follow <a href="">Carys</a> around. <a href="">They</a> were back stage at Chris’ first performance to kick off his Tour in LA. He was already on stage completing his set.

“I’m not Chuck! I’m watching her!” He yelled back as Carys walked in and out of seas of people. Charli shook her head as she turned to look at Aja.

“He’s about to let her do whatever the f*ck she wants.” Aja laughed as Charli shook her head.

“Oh I already know. She runs all over him.” Charli said as she watched Chris from behind the stage. She loved watching him perform. She hadn’t gotten the chance to attend any of his shows in a while, so she was happy to be a part of this one. The energy from the LA crowd was insane.

“So how have ya’ll been lately? Must be good for you to be here tonight.” Aja smirked as she nudged Charli a little with her shoulder.

She blushed, “We’ve been perfect since his birthday. Just taking things slow. But now things are truly going to slow down when this tour starts. I don’t know what I’m going to do without both of my babies.”

“I can’t believe you’re really letting Carys go on tour with him.” Charli shrugged in response.

“He’s her father and he begged me to be able to do it. I know he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. I actually need this break though, because I have meeting after meeting about this movie they want me to be in.”

Aja’s eyes widened, “Movie?! Wow seriously? You going to do it?”

“The only reason why I’m considering it is for Carys’ sake. I need to make sure that on MY end she’s taken care of. But what I’m not going to do is this damn reality show they keep pitching to Chris and I. I am DONE with reality TV and Chris would never go for that sh*t.”

“Reality show?! Tf they want ya’ll to have one for?!”

“Well apparently ever since the pictures from Carys’ birthday party released everyone wants the inside scoop on Chris as a parent and spouse. They think we’re the new hottest couple/family to surface.” Charli said crossing her eyes as Aja chuckled.

“That’s because they’re obsessed with Carys not ya’ll.”

“Probably, now that the world finally saw what she looks like. I have the cutest child.”

“Chris’ little twin.” Aja smiled but quickly looked startled when Big Pat walked up and began to pull lightly on Charli’s arm.

“He wants you on stage.” Pat said as Charli’s eyes widened.

“The hell he don’t!” She said resisting his pull. She listened and heard ‘Take You Down’ start to play in the background.

“I need a girl on stage…MY girl.” She heard <a href="">Chris</a> call in his microphone as her heart dropped to her stomach. She hated being put on the spot. Pat didn’t look like he was going to let her go that easily so she sighed in defeat as he escorted her on stage. The crowd instantly started going wild as Chris smirked at her before biting his lip.

She blushed as she looked at the crowd and gave a small wave before Chris grabbed her hand and led her to the small couch like furniture they had set up. She felt nothing but nervousness as all eyes were on her. He stroked her leg seductively as he began to sing.

<em>”Whoa. Here we are…all alone…in this room…Ooohh”</em> He started as he walked around her while the dancers were grinding in the background.

<em>”And girl I know where to start and what we’re gonnna do. I’ll take my time we’ll be all night girl..”</em> He looked at her seductively as Charli was playfully dancing in her seat.

<em>“So get ready babe. I got plans for me and you…”</em> He quickly snaked his body over top of her and began to thrust his pelvis against hers as the crowd immediately began to scream.

<em>“It ain’t my first time but baby girl we can pretend. Hey let’s bump and grind girl tonight we’ll never end.”</em> The background music played while Chris planted a soft kiss on Charli’s neck before standing back up to sing.

<em>“Let me take you down, I really wanna take you down and show you what I’m about. Can I take you now?”</em> He sung while grinding in front of Charli and climbing back on top of her.

<em>“Your body body oh. Your body body up and down. Do don’t stop girl get it,”</em> He grabbed Charli’s hand and placed it on his d*ck as he grinded while biting his lip. Her mouth dropped in shock as she looked at the crowd. <em>“Quit playing wit it. Can’t take no moreeee.”</em>

He licked Charli’s leg before going up and planting a kiss on her lips as the music continued to play. <em>“I wanna take you down, I really wanna take you down. Take you down..yeaahhhh.”</em>

He got up and continued to dance and sing the rest of the song for the crowd as she smiled and clapped. He would walk past her sometimes and grab her hand while he sang and occasionally she would rub on his chest and abs. She was starting to love all of the attention.

The song ended and she prepared to get up but Chris stopped her with his hand as he took in heavy breaths to calm down from the performance he just gave.

“I got one more song for you baby.” He grinned into the mic as the crowd screamed wondering what on earth he could possibly sing to her next. She heard the instrumental play and surprisingly the song that was playing was not one of his own.

<em>“Love…so many things I’ve got to tell you..”</em> He began as Charli quickly covered her mouth in shock. <a href="">Love</a> by Musiq Soulchild was her all time favorite song and she used to beg Chris to sing it to her and he never would.

<em>“But I’m afraid I don’t know how, cause there’s a possibility that you’ll look at me differently. Love, ever since the first moment I spoke your name, from then on I knew that by you being in my life, things were destined to change cause…”</em> The crowd instantly started going wild when Mijo brought baby Carys out who was more than excited to see her father. Mijo handed Carys to Charli as Chris began to serenade both of his girls.

<em>“ many people use your name in vain. Love, those who have faith in you sometimes go astray. Love, through all the ups and downs the joys and hurts. Looveee, for better or worse I still will choose you first. Oooh, oohhh.”</em> He sang as he walked up and placed a tender kiss on Charli’s lips. Carys quickly grabbed both of her dad’s cheeks and placed a wet sloppy kiss on his lips as well as both he and Charli giggled.

“I love you.” She said accidently into the mic as the crowd began to scream. A tear had tricked its way out of her eye as Chris wiped it away with his thumb. This was one of the sweetest things he had ever done for her.

“I love you more.”

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Carys is a trip for doing that, and it would be funny if she got that from Charli!!!

I'm glad that they are slowly working back to where they were before and even better <3

Love those two as a couple, can't wait for the next add!!!

run it run it girlie!!!

Run It Run It !


lmao Carys is something else.

I like that they're taking it one step at a time and reminiscing.

run it