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<a href=" ">Charli</a> was a 22 year old woman who had the oppurtunity to be on MTV's show REAL WORLD. Being that she was on the show she had to make a lot of different appearances, some involving celebs. One particular appearance she had the oppurtunity to meet famous artist, Chris Brown. And she wasn't impressed in the least.

Chris did everything he could to get Charli's attention, and once he was able to capture it he chose not to give up. Even with his best friend Mijo not too fond of the idea of him dating her. He was so unfond of it, he told Charli that Chris wasn't interested and should move on, which caused the two not to speak for a month. Chris finally grew some balls and was determined to win Charli back over so he popped up on her on a vacation and won her affection potentially causing the two to officially become an 'item'.

Once that happened, Charli moved into her OWN place in LA to be closer to Chris but was determined to get a job and make her own money because she did not want to depend on Chris' money. She found a job at a corporate bank office, where she met <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Ryan</a>. Ryan was smitten by Charli, but kept his distance knowing that she was in a committed relationship. It didn't stop their friendship from blooming.

After working for a while Charli began to become more wrapped up into work than she did her relationship. One night Chris was fed up with Charli working all of the time and not making time for him that he chose to hang out with his ex girlfriend Karrueche and Draya, where the two had planned to sabatoge his relationship by forcing him to cheat on Charli. They were close, but he got out of the house before anything could really happen. It was too late however because Karrueche had already posted a picture of the three of them on Instagram and Charli had seen it. That night she broke up with him and refused to see or speak to him for a month.

Charli was hosting a party for her being on the cover of Teen People and decided to invite Ryan to the event as her date. Once word got back to Chris he rushed to the event to win his girl back. She rejected his advances until he popped up at her house that night and she could no longer deny the fact that she missed and wanted to be with him.

About a month after the night of their reunion Charli discovered that she was pregnant, and every time she tried to find the oppurtunity to tell him, something would come up. She was wanting to tell him one night in a Miami studio, but he was too busy to talk to her. She ended up calling Ryan that night and Chris was upset that she would call another man who liked her around him. As they were driving home they got into a serious accident and the doctor told her she had lost the baby. She went back to her hometown to heal up and to take a break from Chris when he arrived in her hometown and Charli was still throwing up. They went to the doctor together and she found out that she was still in fact pregnant and was finally able to tell Chris. They did their best to keep her pregnancy a secret from the media until one day Chris was ustreaming and Charli walked across the screen.

At this point of the adds, she is 8 months pregnant going on 9 and she is preparing for the birth of their baby.

New readers I WISH ya'll could have read the first part of the story, so you guys could get ALL the specifics, but the board deleted it, so here you go! :) Enjoy.


Yes at the BET Awards after party! That whole night was crazy. Lol I used to have them doing the freakiest sh*t. All that died after they had Carys. Probably what caused the break up for real O_o

Baby let's get naked!
Just so we can make sweet love!

They better make love! Not f***! But make love! Not have sex! But MAKE SOME GUIDE DAMN LOVE! But they need to wrap it up though, we don't want Carys number 2 to come. That would be double trouble! I'm so happy that they are possibly about to get back together! I missed them more than they missed each other, hell. Ain't nobody got time for that breakin' up s*** lmao.

But omg Nicole you remember that scene when they was in the club and Chris put his jacket over him and her when they were sitting down and he started fingering her so she was like "I want you." so he told her "You got 5 minutes, meet me in the car." Lmao and they went outside to the car and had a quickie! That was what this reminded me of for some reason. That was hilarious. They some freaks on the inside.


Like they dont even have to get back together just yet,
but they HAVE to have sex.
the sexual tension is so clear

Lol you don't sound like a creep. It's been a WHILE since I've posted a sex scene for these two..but whose to say they're going to have sex?! *evil smirk*

OK so...i don't want to sound like a creep
HAVE to do the sex scene for this next add.
it's only right!!

I'm so happu they are finally making up like it's been forever!
they need to just stop with the nonsense and make this work for them and for the baby.

I'll be very happy to see them back together

Omg yes! They're getting back together!!!

YAY! gosh Im so happy right now
run it

*jumps for joy* Yaaaayyyyy ! Make Up time

I love that she finally admitted to herself that she still cared.

Runn It !!

thats wat im talkn bout chris show her who u love im so happy char came to her senes cus i was gtn upset wit her im glad she taught chris sumn frm this run it

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww im so happy , charli finally giving in n lettin him know how she feel.. i got so teary eyed.. i just loved them together..its beautiful. please update soon . run it...

<a href="">Charli</a>, <a href="">Aja</a>, <a href="">Michelle</a> and <a href="">Shantae</a> all followed behind <a href="">Chris</a> and his friends as they entered his insanely packed birthday party. French Montana’s ‘Pop That’ was blasting through the loud speakers as everyone was dancing and going wild.

“Chris Brown is in the BUILDING!” DJ Khaled announced as everyone started getting even more live. Chris smiled at all the love he was receiving while they were being escorted to his exclusive VIP section. They all got comfortable as shots were being passed around and the section was getting filled with men and women combined.

Charli gave Chris his space as she danced and drank with her girls as the party quickly thickened. She was having a good time when Aja tapped her on her shoulder and turned her in the direction of Chris and his friends. They were all receiving lap dances from a few girls that looked like strippers. Charli wanted to shrug it off knowing that Chris was single, but she remembered she had to play like he wasn’t.

She handed Aja her drink and slyly walked up to Chris and the girl and gently scooted the girl out the way. Chris looked up at her in shock before he instantly began to smile hard.

“Jealous?” He asked as she smirked and straddled him and started to slow grind as a huge circle formed around the two of them.

“Awww sh*t here come baby number 2!” Mijo yelled as the crowd began to laugh. Charli and Chris both chuckled as well as she gave him a little more of tease before standing up. She didn’t want to give him that much attention. She strutted off leaving her mark and walked back over to her girls. If Chris wanted her attention tonight, he was going to have to fight for it.

“I really don’t think you should give up on him.” Aja said to Charli as they moved to the other side of the section. Charli looked at her best friend in bewilderment.

“Huh?” She asked to clarify as Aja laughed and shook her head.

“You think I ain’t know the two of you aren’t together. I know my best friend. And I can tell ya’ll been broken up for a while.”

“I’m just not a challenge to him anymore. His ass got too comfortable.” She sighed taking a sip of her drink and looking back at Chris who was staring at her intensely.

“Trust me, he knows better than to get comfortable with you. He loves you Char, and you love him too. Whether you want to admit it or not.” Charli nodded as she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Chris smiling casually at her. He reached out his hand.

“Hello there, beautiful. I couldn’t help but to admire you from across the room…” He introduced as she couldn’t help but smile back.

“Oh is that right?” She asked seductively as she took a small sip of her drink.

“Yes, what brings you by here tonight?” He asked flirtatiously in her ear. She shrugged a little.

“Mm..some guy named Chris’ birthday party. You know him?” She asked playfully remaining in character.

“Ah, I do. That would actually be me. And your name?”

“Charli. Charli Morgan.”

“Charli! You were on Real World right? Big fan.” He smiled before he bit his lip sending chills down her spine.

“And you’re Chris as in Chris Brown? Not too much of a fan.” She said flatly causing him to chuckle. He leaned in and kissed her softly on her neck before moving his lips to her ear.

“I miss you so damn much.” He confessed breaking his character. She gently wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her chin on his shoulder.

“I know.” She replied, not yet ready to confess that she missed him as well.

“You look amazing tonight. Reminds me of the first night I saw you. You were so confident in yourself and free. I wanted so bad to experience the freedom you already possessed. You didn’t have a care in the world for this fame sh*t that everyone surrounding you wanted so badly.” She took in his words as they swayed softly to the music. It didn’t matter that it was a fast song playing. They were lost in their own moment.

“What happened to us Charli? When did it stop being about us and become about everyone else? What happened to this?” He asked as he intertwined their fingers. “We promised we’d never let anyone or anything come between us after all that Drake sh*t.”

“We broke our promise..” She said softly.

“I want my girls back.” He sighed as he hugged her a little tighter.

“W-when’d you get the tattoo?” She asked as she felt him smiling against her cheek.

“About two months ago.” He confessed as she was taken aback.

“What? Me and you were barely speaking. And I just told you that I was dating Ryan.”

“I know. Who you are to me will never change regardless of our status. You taught me how to love genuinely and you gave me the greatest gift love can give. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. I’ve shared some of my greatest moments with you. You’re my best friend through everything, and the love of my life above that. I never lost faith that you’d come back to me.” She stepped back and searched his eyes hoping they would confirm the truth.

He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He kissed her again and she allowed the kiss to deepen. She left a soft moan escaped in his mouth before Chris pecked her lips once more before he gently bit her bottom lip. Both of their eyes were glossed over from the liquor they had consumed.

He opened his mouth to speak before he was bum rushed by his friends and taken to the front of the stage to be sung happy birthday. They locked eyes and softly smiled at each other before Charli broke the glance touching her lips. She could still feel Chris’ kiss lingering there.

The night had finally come to an end and Hood escorted Charli and Aja to their rooms. He ensured Aja was in hers safely before walking Charli to her room.

“You gonna be good Chuck?” He asked as she nodded and walked into her room closing the door behind her.

She hadn’t gotten the chance to say bye to Chris before being rushed out of the party to beat the chaos. She wanted so bad to tell him that she missed him and loved him, while she had the drunken confidence to do so. She was tired of playing hard, she just wanted her family back. She took in a deep breath as she rushed to the door preparing to find Chris’ room to tell him herself. As she opened the door she was startled to see him standing on the other side of it preparing to knock.

“I love you.” Was all that managed to escape his lips before he came into the room and picked her up in one motion allowing the door to slam behind them.

OMG thank you guys for all of the beautiful comments!!! You guys brought me back to sooo many moments in this story that i had forgotten about!! For some of the new readers I'll repeat a few scenes in newer posts so you can share and relive some of the older readers favorite moments! I am so honored and pleased to know that you guys enjoy this story and support it soo much! Nearly brought tears as I re read some of the feed back! Fame is my baby and my first fanfic in a while so i take great pride in it!! Thank you so much for supporting this story and Fan of a Fan! Continue to support and comment on both!! Adding now...

Shoutout to the new silent reader lol. There are so many wonderful stories on this board and I am honored that you consider one of mine your favorite! Means so much as writer!

My Favorite Moment Would Be When He First Said I Love You To Charli && They Was At The BET Afterparty:)))

Every time someone mentions
scenes and little things
from the original first story,
i get sooo upset. smh.
feels like i missed a lot
and it sounds GOOD!

Ruuuuun it (:

Hey!!!I've been a silent reader for a while because I wasn't a member but I finally joined today...OMG you have like the best story on this bored and its so realistic!!I'm in love with itMMnow chris n charli better make it official!RUN IT


awwww that was kute! :) ihope they make it official again.
ook soo umm 1st things 1st thank yu @_tnicole_ for jus
mentioning us...the louisianians. thank yu that meant alot.
and yea its ok out here now....real hectic bt its ok. our
power is finally bak on.....FINALLY! bt bak to the story....
she told him she loved him bak.....aaaawwwwww (tear) lol bt
umm im glad her and ryan actually talked it out and he
understands....great lover/friend thing lmao her and her
friends are crazy lol love her and chris. and idk if ihave
a favorite part because ilove the whole story....umm ithink
wat ilove most abt the story is that she culdnt stand him at
1st and now look.....they have a child together :) she kinda
cnt stand him at this point in this relationship bt im jus
sayin they have a whole life together now......ithink the
other part iliked was the fact that she proved mijo wrong
:)remember all the mean stuff he tld her in the past and
now look. and jus everything. her and chris was doin gud
up until the ryan thing. ijus love chris and charli's
relationship....PERIOD! :) like isaid yu make this seem so
real ilove it! iwish iwas in ilove this so wat
ineed is for yu to RUN IT! YES PLZ THANK YU! :)

My favorite scene was that night that she kissed Ryan for the first time then Chris came along and they conceived Carys.

I loved that add cause they wasn't on speaking terms then and she was at the club with Ryan and everything, ignoring Chris and what not. It was just so sweet.

I think my favourite scene is when Chris came to Miami and was standing on the porch in the rain. TO me that was beautiful because it meant he was willing to go the extra mile.

That and the scene after Carys was born and they were tweeting
I thought it was absolutely hilarious

My most recent favourite is where Ryan finally got a clue! Boo n*gga!

I'm sorry about not commenting!
I've been travelling and for the first time ever I was jet-lagged or allowed myself to actually feel it...not sure.

Home boy! You knew you were the rebound, why are you catching feelings?! You set yourself up for that because Stevie Wonder could see that she was still in love with him! Just uh work my nerves.

This moment must be recorded lol. The queen of avoidance has returned his love! Now what that means is what exactly because Miss Charli gets lost in her own head and it may be the alcohol speaking but, I'm going to pray it's the truth.


omg she finally said it back been waitn on it sumn one gtn freaky tonite they drinkn n filln they self lol twerkn n s*** niggas bout to clown at the club then cum back to the room n clown n the bed lol o n shad no he gtn aja ass n the bed lol like tyga said n his song "got a badass b**** jus bouncen on my d***"lol run it

finally caught up (:

Run It!!

im with jazzy when chris and charli first made love
and then when he sang to carys those are some off my
fav parts

then my other favorite parts when chris was acting
thirsty as fck to find out where charli would be at
so he can try and talk to her lol before they actually
went together

another is when chris would drop charli off at
the bank and bring her flowers and make her lunch and
stuff; he so damn sweet and caring and lovin'
ugh...that's when ryan was dead jealous lol

my last favorite part is when charli saw the tattoo
of her and carys name on chris; it shows how much
chris has really changed and truly loves charli and
his family.

<em>Chris was up watching ESPN when he felt his heart suddenly drop. He didn’t understand what was causing this disturbance so he got up..</em> <strong>All the times I've had that happen. smh.</strong> <em>..out of his bed and walked in Carys’ room first and saw her still sleeping peacefully. He then walked across the hall and gently pushed opened Charli’s door. She was tossing and turning frantically in her sleep. He could tell she was having a nightmare. The only time she would calm down was when he held her tight and close. Against his better judgment he gently climbed in the bed with her and wrapped his arms tight around her while softly planting a kiss on her ear.</em>

<em>“Everything’s okay baby. I’m here.” He said softly as he felt her body relax. She snuggled closer under him and let out a soft sigh of relief. He could feel her heart beating fast as he gently rubbed her back until he heard soft snores. He was going to miss this more than she realized.</em> <strong>* sigh * </strong>

<em>4 Months Later</em>

<em>Charli lied on her back with her hands wrapped tight around his neck as he looked softly into her eyes while resting in between her legs.</em>

<em>“I don’t want you to be making an emotional decision right now..I understand everything that we’ve gone through..” He started as she tugged on his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. She didn’t want his worries to ruin the moment.</em>
<strong>*sigh* Why, Why, Why?!</strong>


<strong> Woman, Why Are You Doing This to Me??!</strong>
<em>“How long you gonna keep doing this to me?” He asked as he started to put his pants back on.</em>

<em>“Doing what?” She asked, saddened that their night couldn’t continue. She was sexually frustrated.</em>

<em>“Playing with my emotions. I already knew you weren’t going to say it back before he texted you.” He said sitting on the bed as Charli stood in front of him.</em>

<em>“I just don’t feel the same way that you feel about me right now.” She said softly rubbing his head. He looked up into her eyes.</em>

<em>“But you want me right? I love you, but I’m not going to be used to take up the space he used to fill. I can never come over here when Carys is here or awake and I always have to leave before she does. You don’t even trust me to meet her yet and we’ve been trying this out for the past few months.” He sighed as Charli began to feel bad. She never wanted Ryan to think she was leading him on. She truly did care about him more than he knew, but she wasn’t ready to tell him she loved him.</em>

<em>“It’s just too soon.” She said softly as he stood up and grabbed her hips before planting a soft kiss on her lips.</em>

<em>“Maybe more like too late.”</em>

Charli is asking for trouble and creating something dangerous for her own heart...

<em>She stopped for a moment and turned to look at him. “Who was it?”</em>
<strong>[ Eyes wide af. Charli, NOOOO. Dont ask that! *covers eyes and reads through fingers* ]</strong>

<em>"Aren’t you tired of hurting me already? It’s obvious you feel like you can do whatever and still think I’m going to be here. I’m not doing this with you anymore. I deserve someone that wants to be my boyfriend ALL of the time, and talks out sh*t that makes them uncomfortable. I’m DONE with this. I refuse to be a part of another cycle of good times, until you f*ck up"</em>


<em>She eventually found her way in front of a house. She parked and got out, holding back tears as she walked up and banged on the door hard until it eventually opened.</em>
<strong>Charli?! Two W r o n g s DONT Make a Right! smh...</strong>
<strong>Oh then she about beat him up and he's like,</strong> <em>Stay as long as you need to.”</em>


<em>"But don’t fight for her until you’re ready to KEEP her. That girl loves you more than anything, but you really have to stop being stupid.”</em>

<strong>Speechless....</strong> this. hits. H A R D. smh. * wipes tear away *

damn so many scenes to choose from *digs into memory*

when Chris showed up at the beach house in the pouring rain to get charlie back. and that's the first time they made love....I think

when they were all playing with the nerf guns around the house having a mini war lmao that was funny

when Chris was shopping for her when he was mad at her that was like a classic scene for this story.

and of course when Chris sang Carys to sleep

ohhhhh and when they went to have a quickie in the car and had to time their re-entry back into the club so no one would notice. since no one knew they were together yet officially.

Honestly, I just wish Ryan would just shut the f*** up! Like, I like him or whatever. I like that he is there for her, but you see that she just got out of a relationship and you still try to get with her like come on dude. You HAD to know Chris wasn't going no where. Hell, everybody else in this motherf***er did! You just need to *poof* out the picture.

But Charli, smh lmaooo you turning up tonight huh? I see ya girl! And I'm glad that she finally said it back. I been waiting. OMG Chris and Charli remind me of that song off of Grand Theft Auto Vice City "Waiting for a girl like you" by foreign. Listen to it and imagine Chris singing it or playing it for her. It's an amazing song lol.

Run it Nicooooole lol

ugh...i can't even deal with ryan no more
it was love at first sight with him, and
urmmm bruh...she don't love ya ass iight?
chris got her heart...ok maybe she got some
love for ryan but it dont compare to the passion
she got for chris and it damn sho don't COMPETE
with the love chris has for her
so his sexy hypnotizing puppy dog eyes and perfect
chiseled chest beautiful greek god plump lips havin ass
....*breaths* can go have a damn seat lol
yaaaaaaaaaassss charli! *round of applause*
*tears* im so proud she comin back to her
damn senses

Run It

<em>Chris balled up the letter and pulled a lighter out of pocket to set it on fire. He watched as the letter engulfed in flames before he put it out with his shoe. So many emotions were running through him as words from the letter kept flashing through his mind. He was pacing his room trying to contain his anger and rage when he felt his phone vibrate. He prayed it wasn’t Charli, because he was ready to let her have it.

<em>Just got this feeling…you ok? Did Sarah contact you about the song?

<em>It was a text from Robyn. Even after their breakup she would always randomly text him to check on him when she would get a bad feeling. He always knew her to have <strong>perfect</strong> timing.</em>

<em>Na. Come over.</em>

<strong>Dammit!! No. No. Noooooo!</strong>


<em>He grabbed her hand and led her into his bedroom, and then pushed her on the bed.</em>

<strong>Oh. Oh fr. Oh heeeeeell NO! Not. In. Their. Bed!? So, you like to set s*** on fire, huh? Fr Chris?? Well since you like playing with fire, Imma burn this bed with that island hoe in it!! UGH!! Just that part had me MAD, almost in tears, put my MaryJ hat on and said, no, Im NOT Gon Cry. [ smdh. tf? im gettin too emotional.. lol! ]</strong>


<strong>Oh woman you playing games with me?! I was all tense, mad af. Then it hit me:</strong>

<em>he looked up and noticed the family photo him, Charli and Carys had taken for the past Christmas holiday. Carys was smiling brightly in between her two loving parents. His heart immediately sank...</em>

<em>She nodded a little as she swallowed her pride. “You actually let me go huh? You’re really in love with Charli. She pushed past my place in your heart.”</em>

<em>“Her and a beautiful girl by the name of Carys. I’ve moved on and let our situation go. I dated you when I was in a different place. Young, angry and dumb. I f*cked up BAD with you Robyn. So bad that most deem it unforgivable. But you forgave me, God forgave me and I forgave myself. And I became a better man. Charli received that man…”</em>

<em>“And I didn’t.” She stated while looking up at him, her green eyes piercing his.</em>

<em>“You didn’t..with me. But it doesn’t mean you can’t experience that with someone better than me. This, right here, is not how you want me. I’m not doing this out of love, but you are. I’m not going to be responsible for any more of the pain you feel.”</em>

<em>“Yah..dis righ here is bitter sweet.” Chris looked at her confused.</em>

<em>“What’s sweet?”</em>

<em>“’re ah peace. That’s all I wan for you Chris. To be healed and whole, and to be able to love freely again. You’re in love wit your fahmaly, and it would be selfish of me to try and destroy that.”</em>

<strong>OH NO! But wait, their promises.. He let that chick in their home, in their bed?! All Charli had was a LETTER! Oh, this is NOT good.. </strong>


<em>“I truly do love you for my son. I mean this from the bottom with my heart when I say he has never been happier with a woman. ANY woman. I mean I’ve never had a problem with any of Chris’ girlfriends, I even still talk to Robyn and Kae. But YOU, are truly something special Charli. You’re so patient and kind with him. And he is so protective and careful with you. I’ve never seen him be so loving and affectionate. Especially since he’s matured. He met you at the right time. And the two of you gave me such a beautiful grandchild.” She said placing her face in Carys’ neck while she giggled.</em>

<em>“I just love you two together. I really do. I know I never really express that to you, but I do. I love you like my own daughter.” She finished as Charli blushed.</em>

<em>“Aww, thank you Momma J. That means the world. You’re the most important woman in his life, so to have your approval and support is everything to me.” She said sincerely as Joyce smiled.</em>

<em>“Pretty soon when he places that ring on your finger, you’ll be the most important woman in his life. And I am perfectly fine with that.”</em>

<strong>Wooow that hits home.. smh..</strong>


<em>“Let momma tuck you in.” She joked as she began to pull back the covers. She smiled looking at Chris and he returned the favor before his face fell as he looked down. She looked down to see what had changed his mood suddenly and her heart almost instantly broke into pieces.

<em>“W-w-hat is an empty condom wrapper doing in our bed Chris?!”</em>

<strong>Damn... *looks down , smh *</strong>