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would chris brown do better singin' or rappin'

Hi i know u know tha talented fine singer chris brown have u eva wondered if chris breezy would do beta singin' or rappin' lez talk 'bout it


BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

LiL Sexy!!!!!!!

i mean i've herd him freestyle an he was good. but he actually said it hiself. before he new he could sing he'd rapp. then he figured he could sing so he'd go to the football an basketball games an sing to the ladies.

basically what im sayen is he can sing to my heart anytime. an dance on me ya digg. but if he got a nice lil rapp game. we can battle.(if ya'll no what im talkin bout)

{im in love an i dont kare wat people say}

Well i look at it like this chris brown would be good singin rappin or being a doctor or what ever he want to be so its up to him to do what he want either way hes gone be good at what he do and im be behind him 101% of the way.