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Dark Skin . (updated 10/28)

This is my first story i ever wrote. in middle school. when like they bow wow board was booming. lol, i was gonna add it on here last year but never finish. this time i will. i hope you guys like it and i send out a never important message to everyone.


"<a href="">Mama</a>, <a href="">Daddy</a>. she's not happy here. you guys dont know what she's going through. and she only confides in me. i might
as well take her with me when i go to LA."

"That's my baby" i heard my dad say angerliy as i sat at the top of the stairs and listen to my <a href="">sister</a> have a conversation with my parents

" well do you want your baby to continue to get kicked out of school. to suffer with this bullying that yall dont even deal
with. im the one that goes up to them schools. dont you want her to graduate. to enjoy her teenage years that she has left.
meet new people. have friends. build some seft esteem" my sister said

" yes we do hunny. but you'll be busy as school and this new job offer you got" my mother said as my sister cut her off

" no im not like yall. im never to busy for my little sister. i love her and she 16. stop cradling her"

" look if she soo unhappy. take her. and in four months if she hasnt change. she's coming back to Ohio" my dad said as i
smiled and ran in my room. i heard my sister scream in excitement as she ran up my room

" Kris. <a href="">Krissy</a>" my sister called out for me as she came in

" yes" i answer as i looked at her. my sister was so beautiful.

" i needa talk to you" she said as she sat on the bed beside me " i have some good news and bad news"

"you know how i like it. give me the bad news first so maybe the good news can make it better" i said acting like i dont
know what she talking about. she took a big sigh

" I got a job promotion at chase" she started as i smiled " In LA" my smile went away as i knew i was leaving with

" I overheard yall conversation. i know im leaving with you" i said as a load of relief came off of her

" you nosey punk" she said and hit me with a pillow

" aint nothing gonna change, im still gonna be made fun of. picked, with called fat and ugly because im not a redbone"

"omg. Kristen it's not gonna be like that. You just encountered with alot of ingnorant people. cali is gonna be different
and your beautiful. dont ever doubt yourself. beside you look like me" she said huggin me

" yea i wish. your beautiful. nobody ever talked about you about your skin color" i said as they looked at me

" they did until i stood up for myself and beat up the school. bully. look we are gonna leave all of that in the past
pack up and few of your stuff. i'll call for funiture are your room to be ordered there we leaving in a few days" she
said leaving my room.

i hope she was right, cause where im from. Nobody excepted my <strong>Dark skin</strong>

Check out the cast call i have. i hope everyone likes it so far.


ok my bad ladies. im working on an add/..... im just catching up on some reading myself with the other stories

I will run today ladies.
I was chilling last night.

Run it

Come on !! Hurry and Runnnnn It !

Yo yo Tre u ma boy!
Damn homie!
He is crazy
All detective on Ant

But whats up with Barbie though?
Skank need to step aside
Lay low
Let people stamp on her
She is annoooooyyyiiinnngggg

Kris and Chris bam!
It's the K-C(ris) team toplz!
Hold up

How old is Ant?
I see homie workin and he aint in school

Welp all I know is
Tre will beat any donkey's ass
If they step to Kris wrong

Lmfao iight yall chill. i gotta remember what i wrote.

I guess lol
Run that party scene so I can shake my ass lol

awwww mel is so cute stuttering and what not lol and yayy her date with Ant went well. now lets party

run it

lmfao @zay

i thought the fit was cute af. it's different that's what makes it swwaggg

lol her cuzn is so crazy lol n mel filln tre i c i think we gt sumn thats gon happn looks like cuzn n mel gn gt together need more run it

Wtf am I wearing to this damn party lmao like really.???

That waitress needs her ass smacked for that shyt she tried
to pull on my girl. Im glad Kris is getting out of her shyness.!

Run it.!

im working on the party sence again. :'( sooo much to remember

"So what's his name" Tre asked as candace did my hair

" Anthony"

"where he work"

" nigga footlocker you see him"

"how old is he" he asked

" umm idk, that the reason we going on a date a i guess" i said as candace chuckled

" well nigga ima need his age, address, social security number, nigga i need his birth certificate, he gotta car i need his lisence plate number" tre said rambling on and on and on

" Tre" <a href="">candace</a> said as he kept on talking "Tre, tre, TRE"


" Go eat something" she said as we laughed

" nigga f*** off" he said looking at me " okay here are the rules. nigga no kissing, no f***ing, no looking at each other
, order everything in that b**** if he can't afford it thannnnnnn, you need to hit yo cut" he said as i looked at him confused "ayy im just saying. but im about to leave and wait for this nigga to get here" .

Candace finished my hair and i got <a href="">dressed</a> just in time for <a href=",r:22,s:0,i:143">anthony</a> to get here i came down stairs and seen Tre all up in his ass

" Okay good. Kristen is here so yall can leave" Candace said as we started walking out the door.

" Ayy nigga one more thing. If you try to hurt her.......Kill Yoself. ......... SLOWLY." <a href="">Tre</a> said as closed the door. And Anthony opened the car door up for me

" Im sorry about my cousin" i said covering my face

" Nah it's cool. I watch yo cousin on youtube all the time. the nigga funny af. im just happy to meet him. that's coo af he yo fam"

" haha. it's intresting. " i said smiling as he looked at me

"Soooo, where are we headed"

" You look beautiful. but umm i was thinking we can hit up Abuelo's. you ever been there?"


"Well it's a lil Mexican spot. i think you'll like it" he said as we had lil convo before we went to the spot" You all nervous" he said opening the door for me as we walked in

" we'll this is my first date" i said as his eyes got bigger.

" are you serious. you mad beautiful. why is this your first date." he asked as i blushed

" just havent had time for the whole dating spill." i said picking up the menu. as the waiter came up

" welcome to Abuelo's. what can i get you to drink?" the <a href="">waitress</a> said eyeing Anthony down

" I'll have a water with a lemon please" i said still looking at the menu

" And i'll have a sweet tea"

" Okay i have one sweet tea. what was that you said you wanted" she said smiling at Anthony

" I asked for a water with a lemon" i said putting my menu down and she still completly ignored me

" My date asked for a water with a lemon" Anthony said getting irritated.

"Oh excuse me im sorry. One sweet tea. and one water with lemon. okay" she said walking away and rolling her eyes at me

" omg did you see her" i asked ant

" yeaa i did and im very sorry for her rudeness" he said apologizing.

"no no. you dont have to apologize. im use to it."

i was at home waiting on the girls to come over and get ready for the party. they wanted to meet my sister and Chris lived around the corner so i guess my house was the spot to be.

" Tre answer the door for me" i said in the kitchen

" Nigga tf i look like your slave" he said while answering the door

" Omg. do you know who the fucck you are?" I heard Zaria say

" Umm. i think so. but you can always reassure me if you like" tre said chuckling as i walked in the living room

" Hey guy i see you meet my cousin tre" i said as tesh laughed

" nigga ya cousin is tre melvin. i mean dont get me wrong i run into celebrities all the time. but this nigga is funny af. like, i watch his video's all the fuccking time" she said as my sister came down the steps

" Candace, Tre these are my friends from school Zaria, Letesha, and Melody. Guys this is my sister Candace and you already know my cousin Tre" i said introducing them

" So what party are you guys heading too"

"Kris Future boyfriend Chris's party" Tesh said as me and tre's eye got big (O.O)

"Chris, that must not be the nigga that you went on a date with last night"

"Girl you done changed your hair color, which i like and going on date. you fake and dont tell us nothing" tesh said as i started laughing

" Chris is not my boyfriend. we hardly talk at school. or anything we just cool." i said as tre raised his eyebrow at me

" Nahh it's #TeamKHRIS over here." zaria said " Hey you should come to the party"

" I might slide through. it's my first saturday in LA. i was just gonna stay home and make another video" tre said

" well in that case ima need you to stay yo ass home than" Tesh siad as we all started laughing. "Come on where is your room."

"This way" i said leading them upstairs to my room

" Yoo ya room dope af" Zaria said as i looked over at Melody who havent been saying nothing the whole entire time

" Hey Mel. what's going on. you been quiet since you walked in my house" i said to her

" I...Tre.... i mean... wow. He's. your" Mel said stuttering

" Oh shiit. she has a crush on your cousin. " Tesh said " She use to stutter infront of Matthew every trip but through out the years she got use to that nigga"

" Tesh shut up i dont have a crush" Mel said as everyone started laying the outfits out. We got dolled up and dressed and headed downstairs where Tre was sitting down on the couch waiting for us at.

" Damn females take forever to get dressed"

" Shut up" <a href="">i</a> said as he laughed " Hey sis where you going tonight?" i said looking at <a href="">candace</a> at the top of the stairs

" I have a date tonight" She said smiling

" Ohhh fareal thats how yall do huh? just 2 in one weekend. do i have to stay home and interrogate his ass too?" Tre said putting his hands on his hips.

" No daddy tre"

" ayy i like that name" he said winking at <a href="">Mel</a>. as she smiled. "Ay who im riding with?"

" Melody" <a href="">Tesh</a> and <a href="">Zaria</a> said as we walked out the house.

*passes out* ... Ten minutes ....

awwwwwwwwww man :(
I shall wait longer .. No sweat

yall i lost it all. >.< THE FUUCKKKKK


*anxiously awaits the add*

Runnnnn It !!

ok so i c sumbdy need they ass beat c if i was her i would hav slaped the b**** for talkn to me like that she was doin to much awww chris worried bout her to cute lol her cuzn is so silly i like him she hav a good sis she tryn to help her omg boy is so cute she gt so shy wen she see him its to cute how she react to him wen eva she see him love this story run it

No Problem.. and YASSSS no more writers block.

Must be easy to write about barbie since you can kill her off too. lol

Run it

for those who dont get TeamKhris

kristen: Kris

Christian: Chris

kris + Chris= Khris

teamKhris <3

hi dani thank you for reading my story...

and giving a big comment. love it lots. (i dont like barbie either)

but you guys. my writers block is gone.!! whoot whoot \(^.^)/

i actually have a long post im about to add. just gotta edit and upload the pics so give me about 10 mins or so.

yall gonna like it. i been up since like 10 writing this.


keep the runs coming.

Ohh people who are in the story. let me know who yall are. (i forgot) tell me how yall like the characters. yo characters

and readers introduce yall self:) Please and THANK YOU

*Waves* New Reader to your story. :)

Ok a few things:

1. I dont like barbie. Smh she got a problem and beat down can solve it.
2. I love the girls style all in this story.
3. #TEAMKHRIS (for both of them lol) in this b****!!!! :)
4. I like how her sister and friends are. Many people dont have that anymore.

Run This. I like it alot.

P.s Im Dani btw. :) Hello there.

im thinking of some things. give me time...

keep runnning it. ima try and add again tonight

:( run it

I'm slowly reaching writers block. lol sorry soo ima take a lil break

keep running it.

and bring some suggestions as to what you would like to see next and get my creative juices flowing :)

I'm gonna take a shower...and go to subway dwn the street.... I will be back lmao

lmaooo thank you @Sincerity. im working on a add right now as we speak.

Seriously You're one of my favorite writes!! add again!!

ThisIsAComentary <<<<<<< Is Tre Melvins channel

PRETTY PLEASE ADD AGAIN!!! With a cherry on top!!!