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Dark Skin . (updated 10/28)

This is my first story i ever wrote. in middle school. when like they bow wow board was booming. lol, i was gonna add it on here last year but never finish. this time i will. i hope you guys like it and i send out a never important message to everyone.


"<a href="">Mama</a>, <a href="">Daddy</a>. she's not happy here. you guys dont know what she's going through. and she only confides in me. i might
as well take her with me when i go to LA."

"That's my baby" i heard my dad say angerliy as i sat at the top of the stairs and listen to my <a href="">sister</a> have a conversation with my parents

" well do you want your baby to continue to get kicked out of school. to suffer with this bullying that yall dont even deal
with. im the one that goes up to them schools. dont you want her to graduate. to enjoy her teenage years that she has left.
meet new people. have friends. build some seft esteem" my sister said

" yes we do hunny. but you'll be busy as school and this new job offer you got" my mother said as my sister cut her off

" no im not like yall. im never to busy for my little sister. i love her and she 16. stop cradling her"

" look if she soo unhappy. take her. and in four months if she hasnt change. she's coming back to Ohio" my dad said as i
smiled and ran in my room. i heard my sister scream in excitement as she ran up my room

" Kris. <a href="">Krissy</a>" my sister called out for me as she came in

" yes" i answer as i looked at her. my sister was so beautiful.

" i needa talk to you" she said as she sat on the bed beside me " i have some good news and bad news"

"you know how i like it. give me the bad news first so maybe the good news can make it better" i said acting like i dont
know what she talking about. she took a big sigh

" I got a job promotion at chase" she started as i smiled " In LA" my smile went away as i knew i was leaving with

" I overheard yall conversation. i know im leaving with you" i said as a load of relief came off of her

" you nosey punk" she said and hit me with a pillow

" aint nothing gonna change, im still gonna be made fun of. picked, with called fat and ugly because im not a redbone"

"omg. Kristen it's not gonna be like that. You just encountered with alot of ingnorant people. cali is gonna be different
and your beautiful. dont ever doubt yourself. beside you look like me" she said huggin me

" yea i wish. your beautiful. nobody ever talked about you about your skin color" i said as they looked at me

" they did until i stood up for myself and beat up the school. bully. look we are gonna leave all of that in the past
pack up and few of your stuff. i'll call for funiture are your room to be ordered there we leaving in a few days" she
said leaving my room.

i hope she was right, cause where im from. Nobody excepted my <strong>Dark skin</strong>

Check out the cast call i have. i hope everyone likes it so far.


oh and one more thing. to understand Tre Melvin's role in this story is to know him. lol

so go on youtube. and check out a couple of his video's subcribe to his channle cause he's funny af.

but add coming up


iF YOU WANT MORE RUNS I'll give it to you!!1

Khris be getting the tasty cakes lol f*** that barbie b**** and what she think. she just jealous cus girl you bad af.

run it

lmfao... i do another add... but i want more runs you guys...

pretty plllleeeaaassseeeee

Ohhh !! That b**** barbie need her s*** rocked well. She don't want me to come iup in that mothaf***in school and lay hands on that ass. So b**** back back !!!

She be working her outfits !!!
But that is besides the point !!! She bout to go on a date!!

Tre is the ultimate c**kblocker but he brings me so many laughs!!

Aww chris cares! But imma need him to.control his hoes

Runn it

Come onnn add again!! that add was good af!! PLEASEEEEE

"Hey Kris. what you doing tomorrow night?" <a href="">Malik</a> asked me as we sat in our Physics class.

" Umm nothing really. why whats sup"

" Well everybody heading over Chris house he having a party. He wanted me to ask you to come"

umm... Chris couldnt ask me hisself? " Idk i mean he could ask me hisself couldnt he?. and plus im not tryna get into it with his girlfriend again." I said as Malik scrunched up his face.

" He asked me to asked you because i see you more than he do. and girlfriend. who tf is his girlfriend"

"Nevermind. if the girls go i'll go" i said and finished my work i was doing. Class was over and i havent uttered a word to Malik since he asked me to go to chris party. We was walking to our next class which was journalism when i seen <a href="">barbie</a> heading towards us. She bump into me on purpose while smirking.

"Malik you need to chill. walking with her before i tell Sharnice. you do know who that is right? your girlfriend. yea and when she come back in town she aint gonna have you walking with that ugly b****" She said smirking as i felt like i was on the verge of tears.

" Yo Alexa you need to chill like right now. Me and Kris is just friends." he said as her eyebrow raised

"Kris huh?"she said shaking her head as she walked away as i look at Malik and he seen my eyes watering

" A tear better not fall Kris and im not playing. f*** that b**** yo. Come on" He said dragging me to my next class. we sat in journalism and i couldnt even focus on my work. All i kept thinking about is why in the hell Barbie dont like me. I decided to hop on twitter that the girls made for me yesterday.

<em>IamKrisWhite: i seriously dont wanna be here :(</em>

I got up and decided to go to the bathroom. i didnt want the class looking at my cry. i got to the bathroom as the tears just fell. My phone vibrated and i seen a bird on top of my screen.

<em>MyblackisBEAUTIFUL: What happen.? sorry im not there. text me

<em>Teshthas***T: we're talking at lunch.</em>

I pulled my phone out and texted my sister.

<strong>It's starting to happen here too.</strong>

<strong>Just chill kris. everything will be better. you not going through this alone. you wanna leave</strong>

<strong>:'( Yessss</strong>

<strong>Tre gonna come get you. im at work</strong>

she said as i heard someone come into the bathroom. Just my luck. i was looking in Barbies face.

" look at this. im glad we have some alone time.i fell like i need to let you know some things. I need you to stay the fucck away from Chris. idk what you thougth this was. but he's mine"

"we're cool. i just moved here-" i got cut off

"shut up while i'm talking. that's the problem. you just moved here. and you can moved the fucck back you nasty ass trash. and just for the record. Chris doesnt like your type" she said laughing and walking out the i just broke down in
tears. i dont even like Chris and she gonna talk all tha bull because she thinks i do. ughh i dont wanna come back here. i thought to myself as i grabbed a paper towel and wiped my face. i looked in the mirror and i new i looked fuccked up. my phone vibrated and i seen it was a message from Tre letting me know he was outside. i walked out in the hall. practically running. when i heard someone call my name i turned around to see <a href="">him</a>. oh gosh my life cant get any worst.

" Where you headed so fast?" he asked giving me a hug, when he pulled back he seem my face "have you been crying?" i covered my face

" i gotta go" i began to walk away as he grabbed my hand i turned around and looked at him

" What happen?" He said as i shook my head " you gonna keep lying" he asked as i pulled away from his grip.

" Chris i gotta go" i said walking away.

When my sister got off work. she layed in the bed with me while i just cried on her lap. i felt my head beging to hurt and Tre banging on the door wasnt gonna make it any better.

"Tre go away" <a href="">candace</a> said playing in my hair

" I just wanna know why my lil cousin crying that's all. i know it isnt because of some lil nuts at that school.... wait.. no homo
... wait that was totally unexceptable." he said which made both of us laugh.

" it's not a guy at her school tre"

" ohhhhhh so it a ugly ass b**** than" he said in his ghetto <a href="">female</a> voice.

" she's not ugly" i whispered as candace heard me and i began to cry some more

" do you want me to pay one of these ratchet hoes to beat the fuuck outta her Kris" he asked clapping his hands together "you know they about that life girl. expecially if i pay them hoes" he said in his gay voice. which made me smile. he always be making me laugh even when this nigga is dead funny.

" you wanna go to the mall.?" candace asked as i shook my head

" ok go hop in the shower. i'll be downstairs. " she said as i went to go to the bathroom took a shower and got <a href="">dressed</a> as i made my way downstairs my <a href="">sister</a> was smiling yet tre's retard ass was looking at me with <a href="">his</a> mouth open

" fucck your mouth open for?" i said as he started nodding his head

" its cool i'll just buy a shotgun. no biggie" he said as we left the house. When we got to the mall i follow Tre straight to footlocker. i was looking around for some school when i heard someone speak behind me

" what's sup beautiful." <a href="">he</a> said as i turned around looking at him

" hey" i said blushing and covering up my face

" i was wondering when you was gonna bless me with your presence again" he said as i just looked at him " yeaa. that was pretty corny wasnt it" he said as we both laughed. "what can i get you today"

" im just here with my cousin. im not getting anything today" i said sa he looked at me nodding his head still standing there
i started rubbing my arm and looking around.

" umm this is akward," i said as he rubbed his neck

" can i take you out to dinner" he said as i eyes bugged out

" as like a date?" he laughed

" yea i believe that whats they are called. "

" KRISTEN. COME ON" Tre yelled as candace hit him

" maybe i can get your number?" he asked as i nodded and gave him my number

" ima text you when i get off" he said as i smiled and walked away

" tf you Talking to niggas for . fucck wrong with you" tre said as i laughed

"Tre your such a c**k blocker" candace said laughing

" I know and i do my job well" he said laughing

" can we go to the hair shop. dye my hair black" i asked candace

" ohh hell no. take me home" tre said as we left the mall

" Nigga that was the plan anyway" candace said as my phone started vibrating

<strong>umm. i hope your not mad that i have your number. Tesh gave it to me. i'm just worried about you. why was you crying please talk to me. </strong>

Thanks for the comments you guys. It's really motivating me to move forward with this story!!

to the people just comment run it. come on you guys. i would reallu like to know how you feel about this story. so please say more than just run it.

Any silent readers....SPEAK UP!! I dont bite. :D

working on a add right now. soooo run it

Thanks for the comments you guys. It's really motivating me to move forward with this story!!

to the people just comment run it. come on you guys. i would reallu like to know how you feel about this story. so please say more than just run it.

Any silent readers....SPEAK UP!! I dont bite. :D

working on a add right now. soooo run it

Ummm I'm gonna need this barbie b**** to have a \_.

Kris, don't let that hoe get to you.

I'm glad she's able to tell her friends about her life story.

Run it.

all caught up!!! that barbie b**** is anything I hate ass females like that. these stories be making me wanna fight so much lls. i'm glad she has real friends now that have her back already. and Chris and Khris ohhhhhhhhh lol I feel a relationship in the works. but why Barbie calling him Bae is she thirsty or are they together??

Runnnn it

Runnnnn It !

Run it

Ladies keep running it. Add coming today.

run it

Reading on my phone. Will comment later.

Run it!!!

Ill run it!

Normally Im a quiet reader but I just had to say something about this story! Every so often I go a couple of months without listening to music or watching music videos and I just recently started watching 106 again. I see very little to no dark skin girls in videos and that really pisses me off! Im not all that dark myself but I love to see us black girls show our shine and the reasons behind why we are who we are. I shouldnt matter if your light or dark skin...all that matters is your intelligence, determination, and self-respect! I applaud you for writing something like this cause this is a very big subject in the black women community and I really like what u have so far! Please keep adding and I will keep reading!

No run ? :(

Aw Barbie lucky I wasnt there or else I
would beat that ass...dang Chris need
to put that little bytch in her place

Run it.!

I got a ride from Melody home since my sis was tryna be funny and act like she couldnt come pick me because of this so called "surprise" . I told Melody i was gonna text her later and got out the car and made my way in the house. i went upstairs in my rooms to put my purse down as my sister came

" You left me hanging candace, on my first DAY" i said being dramatic

" Nigga shut up. obviously you had a good first day. you made a friend who took you home" she said rolling her eyes laughing " you see your surprise?" she asked smiling.

"no where is it?"

"in the tv room" she said as i left my room heading back downstairs with her following me. i walked in the tv room seeing <a href="">him</a> sitting on the couch eating and watching tv.


" Iight nigga if my food falls. that's yo ass" he said putting his plate down and hugging me

<cite>a/n: iight you guys if you dont know who tf Tre Melvin is go on youtube and look up his channel at ThisIsACommentary</cite>

"I missed you" i said hugging my cousin Tre' " What are you doing here"?

"Well my agent has some people in LA that wants to check me out. And Candace said i can stay here until i get my s*** together. sooo i was on the next flight." he said smiling at me

" How is ThisIsACommentary?" i asked as he got excited

" It's cool. it's going real well. we have snapbacks now and shiit. you know the videos on youtube is going well also. i need to make another but i havent had time " he said as i smiled. i was soo proud of him. " but whats up with you? how was school today?"

"it was good. i met alot of people. aint no bullshiit happen today because of my skin color, but a couple of girls been
looking at me weird" i said shaking my head

"f*** them baldheaded ratchet ass b****es" tre said which cause me to laugh.

Me and my cousin was up all night just chilling, clowning, and eating. That nigga can eat. flat. They next day i got <a href="">dressed</a> for school.

"Where in the ultimate FUCCK is the rest of your clothes?" Tre asked as i got sad and started walking up stairs

" no no no" candace said pushing me back downstairs "tre stfu"

"whaat i dont want them niggas looking at my lil cousin." He said shrugging as me and Candace walked out the house.

"Yooo Kris!!" i heard someone call for me as i walked into the school as i looked around and seen <a href="">Them</a> walk up

" Hey Malik, Hey Chris" i said shyly covering my face as he smirked

" You look nice today" chris said as we started walking down the hall. OMG DID HE COMPLEMENT ME????

" Thanks" i said as it got quiet. and Malik just starred at us.

" umm. okay? akward af" he said walking away. as <a href="">Melody</a> came walking up with Letesha.

" Girl you looking bad af" Melody said as Tesh agreed.

" What's poppin #teamKHRIS?" <a href="">Tesh</a> said smiling as chris shook his head

"Chris baee" This <a href="">lightskin girl</a> walked up to him who was very pretty kissed him on his cheek. "why didnt you come over last night bae"

" i fell asleep" he said dryly. the girl caught me staring at her and frown

" the f*** is yo ugly ass looking at?" she said to me as i looked away

" yoo biitch you need to chill. before my fist will be something you staring at" Tesh said as Melody grabbed her

" Yo Barbie calm yo ass down" chris said shaking his head

" im sorry bae i was just wondering why the f*** her ugly was drooling at me. she wont just magicly appear to look like me if she stare" she said as i started backing away

" ALEXA SHUT THE f*** UP" Chris said grabbing Tesh again after she tried to go after barbie once again. "Bring yo ass you wanna be gangster" He said pulling Tesh and i made my way towards the bathroom. Melody came in after me

"Kristen are you crying" she asked as i grabbed the paper towel covering my face "Mama talk to me what's going on?"

"I use to always be teased back home in Ohio. Because i wasnt a redbone i wasnt pretty, and because i wasnt a size 0. i was fat. my sister tool this job here and wanted me to come with her because i was always changing schools. my parents was always working." i said catching my breath. as Melody grabbed me into a hug.

" Your coming over my house after school. i have something to show you.

I walked into Melody's house right behind her and headed up into her room and seen hella pictures of her.

" you model?" I asked her as she got her laptop

" Yeaa. and im not lightskin" she said looking at me " Look at this" she said as i looked at this tumblr page of her and looked
at this <a href="">picture</a>. " I have people writing me just like you with low self-esteem. they look up to me because i promote how dark skin is beautiful. Kris, you wishing you had lighter skin. but these light skin girls. want there skin darker. Why the hell do you think they cant wait till the summer to tan they f***ing body?" she said as i laughed " kris black is beautiful dont ever let anyone tell you different. Expecially Barbies faking having ass. reason being why we call her BARBIE."

She said as we talked and she showed me more pictures and post people wrote to her. than Zaria and Tesh came in the room

" okay tesh told me what happen, kris are you okay?" <a href="">Zaria</a> said sitting down on the bed with me

" She should of whopped her ass. that's what she should of done" tesh said obvioiusly pissed.

" im not that type of girl. i dont stick up for myself. " i said looking up at Melody as she held my hand

" We your girls. Mise well, let them know what's going on too". she said as i took a deep breath

" Well... i grew up, basically hating my dark skin......" I started telling my new friends my old life

lol run it her shyness to cute chris seem like he filln her bt for now her crew is cool run it

Run it! :D
Homegirl stop being shy, she ones ate those ones you have to keep a close eye on.

Ok so I kinda need to find that cast call because
I forget who I am in this story lol

But anyways...this was.a good first day im happy
she made so many friends already and im shocked
Malik remembered that day at the mall...cute add (:

Run it.!!!

Love connection between Chris and Khris! That's cute lol. Her crew seems cool I hope all the chicks vibe. Run it girl I like this!

Seems like a good first day to me !! And she is working that outfit !! Cool crew :)

Mhmm whats the surprise?

Runnnnn It

"Kristen let's gooo. wake up it's time to go to school" my sister said as i moaned in the pillow. how did wenesday come so soon. i lifted my head up and looked at my window where the sun was tryna come through at . " Come on Kris. i have to get to work. and i gotta take you to school" she said as i got up and walked to the bathroom and did the morning routine.

"CAAAANNNNDAAACCEEEE" i yelled as she came in still doing her make up " you dont need a mirror?" i looked at her applying eyeshadow on

" i've been doing this for years. my face never change" she said as i laughed " what's sup tho"

i bit my bottom lip " umm. can you pick out my outfit" she got excited as she set her make up stuff down. left out the room to wash her hands and came back runnnig to my closet..

"BOOM" she yelled as she layed my outfit down on the bed. "sit down so i can do your make up" i did. as she plugged in the flatiorn and did light make up on me. to still look natural

" why put make up on before your dressed" i asked as she flatiorn my hair straight but yet with a fluff to it.

" because say you dressed and you put your make up on. you eyeshadow spreads on your shirt. than you wipe it and it mix in" she explained " get dressed. we'll go pick up some Mc Donalds on the way" she left out as i got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror bugged eyed.

"CAAAANNNDAAACCCEEE" i called again as <a href="">she</a> came in dressed putting her earrings on.

"ohh yeaa, you swagging" she said smiling than shook her head. "no no noo" she came closer lifting my shirt "dont pull it down either" she was walking downstairs. i stood there looking at myself in the mirror. i decided to grab my phone and take a <a href="">picture</a>

I walked into the school. Looking lost af. I went into the office to get my schedule. as i heard the bell ring letting me know that
i was late for my first class. i walked out looking at my schedule so my head was down the whole time as i ran into a girl

" Damn " <a href="">she</a> yelled rubbing the back of her head

"im soo so so so soo sorry. i seriously didnt mean to bump into you. i was reading my schedule and i waslking looking im sorry" i said apologizing over and over again as she started laughing.

" it's okay ma. i was texting so i didnt see shiit either. you must be new" she said as i nodded " Im Melody" she said introducing herself.

" Im Kristen"

" what classes you have?" she said looking at my schedule. " cool af. we in the same classes, follow me" she said as i followed her to our first class

" Ladies your late" Mrs. Adams said

" Tell us something we dont know Mrs. Adams" Melody said sitting down in a desk near the back. luckly there was a seat next to her so i sat down.

" Okay students like i was saying i would like for you to read through pages 40-62. And answer these questions." Mrs Adams said as she gave papers to the beginning of the rows to pass back.

" I hate AP US history" Melody said as i giggled

" really i love history period so im excited about this class." i said as she looked at me with a raised eyebrow

"tutor me?" she asked as i nodded

History was ok since i meet Melody. i still felt like their was people staring at me weird. i tried to ignore them. but it didnt
help. I walked to my locker which is across the hallway from Melody. i unpacked a couple of things as she came up behind me with a guy.

" Hey Khristen. This is <a href="">Malik</a>. Malik this is Khris. The new girl on the block." she said introducing me

" What's sup, ayy you lil mama from the mall the other week" He said as i got nervous.

" Yea you remember that?" i asked him raising my eyebrow as i closed my locker and started walking with them

"Yea mama. You and your sister shut shiit down when yall came in. Every nigga was checking for yall" he said as i covered my face in embarrassment.

" Ohh shiitt Khris, teach me your ways" Melody said as Malik and her laughed walking into Honors Physics with me behind them. Physics was a pain in the ass. But when we was in there Malik was clowning which was cool.

" Fuuuuck we got Journalism next." Malik said as Melody laughed.

" Chill. it'll be cool" Melody laughing running up to this pretty lightskin girl with curly hair

" Fucck what she talking about" Malik said to me as he walked over there also. i followed

" Hey Zaria. This is the new girl, Her name is Kristen. Kristen this is <a href="">Zaria</a>" Melody introduce.

" Hey how are you?" she said with a big ass smile on her face.

" im fine" i said shyly

" aww your nervous. lol it's cool your with us. so you'll get used to things" she said touching my shoulder. i was amazed
at the fact that she was lightskin and she was being nice to me. " well i gotta go. i'll see yall next period. for lunch"

" hell yea . that what im waiting on nigga" Malik said as we walked away.

" Okay this is Zaria, from last period. and this is <a href="">Letesha</a> there both seniors so we'll only kick it with them durning lunch" Melody said

"hey mama whats sup" Letesha said to me " you can call me tesh" she said. omg. this girl is gorgeous

" im khristen. you can call me Khris." i said as she laughed

" omg. another "Chris" in the group" she said as i raised my eyebrow in question

" wait what" i said as she pointed to the door. and three guys walked in making one of those entrances from a movie.

"That, <a href="">Christian Blakely</a>,<a href="">Trevonte Neilson</a> , and <a href="">Matthew Shaw</a>" tesh said

" My future husband. " Melody added as i laughed

" Nigga he dont want yo ass"

" He does. He just dont know yet" She said as everyone shooked they head and they guys walked towards our table

" Whaaaddd uppp boi" Malik said giving the guys dap.

" Whats sup, hey" everyone greeted as one guy walked to Zaria giving her a kiss. as you heard cat calls and whistles

" I missed you" he said smirking

" We was just in class together tre" Zaria said laughing

" Yeaa. i wasnt talking about that tho" he said winking as she blushed

"okay guys anyway. nasty asses. We have a new chick in the crew. Everyone this is Khris. Kris, Matt, Tre, and Chris" she said laughing as he looked at me smirking

" Chris?" he said looking at me

Khris" i said smiling.

" Cute" He said as it began to get quite within the group

" Thanks." i blushed. i almost covered my face as i felt my phone vibrate.

" Yeaa. ya name is too" he said smiling. as i heard ooooh from the girls. i looked down at my phone and seen a message

</em>I have a surprise for you when you get home.</em>

Sooo. I see a story like mine is wandering around here. *shrugs but update coming up

She's really self-conscious.
I hope something helps her see herself as pretty.

I wish one of those boys would have said something to her.
Help her feel the better about herself.

Run It!!!