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Dark Skin . (updated 10/28)

This is my first story i ever wrote. in middle school. when like they bow wow board was booming. lol, i was gonna add it on here last year but never finish. this time i will. i hope you guys like it and i send out a never important message to everyone.


"<a href="">Mama</a>, <a href="">Daddy</a>. she's not happy here. you guys dont know what she's going through. and she only confides in me. i might
as well take her with me when i go to LA."

"That's my baby" i heard my dad say angerliy as i sat at the top of the stairs and listen to my <a href="">sister</a> have a conversation with my parents

" well do you want your baby to continue to get kicked out of school. to suffer with this bullying that yall dont even deal
with. im the one that goes up to them schools. dont you want her to graduate. to enjoy her teenage years that she has left.
meet new people. have friends. build some seft esteem" my sister said

" yes we do hunny. but you'll be busy as school and this new job offer you got" my mother said as my sister cut her off

" no im not like yall. im never to busy for my little sister. i love her and she 16. stop cradling her"

" look if she soo unhappy. take her. and in four months if she hasnt change. she's coming back to Ohio" my dad said as i
smiled and ran in my room. i heard my sister scream in excitement as she ran up my room

" Kris. <a href="">Krissy</a>" my sister called out for me as she came in

" yes" i answer as i looked at her. my sister was so beautiful.

" i needa talk to you" she said as she sat on the bed beside me " i have some good news and bad news"

"you know how i like it. give me the bad news first so maybe the good news can make it better" i said acting like i dont
know what she talking about. she took a big sigh

" I got a job promotion at chase" she started as i smiled " In LA" my smile went away as i knew i was leaving with

" I overheard yall conversation. i know im leaving with you" i said as a load of relief came off of her

" you nosey punk" she said and hit me with a pillow

" aint nothing gonna change, im still gonna be made fun of. picked, with called fat and ugly because im not a redbone"

"omg. Kristen it's not gonna be like that. You just encountered with alot of ingnorant people. cali is gonna be different
and your beautiful. dont ever doubt yourself. beside you look like me" she said huggin me

" yea i wish. your beautiful. nobody ever talked about you about your skin color" i said as they looked at me

" they did until i stood up for myself and beat up the school. bully. look we are gonna leave all of that in the past
pack up and few of your stuff. i'll call for funiture are your room to be ordered there we leaving in a few days" she
said leaving my room.

i hope she was right, cause where im from. Nobody excepted my <strong>Dark skin</strong>

Check out the cast call i have. i hope everyone likes it so far.


I'm need her to get just a dash of self confidence. She know damn well he was flirting with her. She was all blushing and s***.
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She shouldnt doubt herself. Shes beautiful. And Im a great big sister. Thats something I would do in real life.

Runn It !!

She IS beautiful, don't need nothing to change her personality.
Her sister is a supportive one, I like her
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No more runs ? :'(

ok she shouldnt douht her self bt run it

okay ladies, Internet is back! ^_^

update to players prayer and ghetto tomorrow

enjoy. & GOOD NIGHT

It was Wenesday and we got off the plane to cali. it was like a breath of fresh air. it was sunny and nice. and hot. i looked
over at my sister and seen she had a big kool-aid. smile . i walked through the airport behind her as we retrieve her purse
and my bookbag. she called a cab. and took us to where we will now be calling our . <a href="">Home</a>

i stepped out the car and looked straight ahead of me. as my sister got out after me

"this is it?" i asked her

" yea this is it." she said giving me the keys " go on. open the door" i said as i walked toward the door to opend it.

<a href="">It</a> was beautiful. and i cant believe it's just me and my sisters place. it't ours. like im living with someone who care about me and not always busy. i said as i looked into the <a href="">Kitchen</a>. <a href="">livingroom</a>, and the <a href="">family tv room</a>. i was in awe walking slowly
as my sister grabbed my hand and lead me to my <a href="">bedroom</a>. <a href="">bdrm</a> <a href="">bdrm</a> A/N:(pretend the lecie lettering say KRIS)

"If you wanna change it up thats fine. we can go out and buy stuff to spice it up" she said as i started tearing

" why are you doing this? like why you dont have to take on this resposiblility. Do i have to get a job?" i said looking towards her

"No. Mama and Daddy was to busy anyway, so i was taking the responsiblity in Columbus anyway, Now that were in LA we can have a fresh start." she said wiping the tears that fell

" nothing is gonna change. im still gonna be ugly candace, people are still gonna make fun of me. we cant just run away from that"
i said sighing

" you right. everyone isnt going to like you. but you will have some people who will, Kristen your a amazing person"

" your suppost to say that" i said as she scrunched up her face

" No im not. i aint ya mama, i actually suppost to play like i dont even like you" she said sticking out her tongue" i have a idea. Let's go shopping. we can get your hair done, nails done. a few new outfits a cell phone. make you look fly for school next week" she said as my eyes got big

" NEXT WEEK" i yelled

" come on Kristen -___-" she said as we walked out the store.

" I dont know how to feel" <a href="">I</a> said as i came out the hair salon.

"do you feel cute?" <a href="">She</a> asked as i smiled and nodded my head.

"good cause you look it" she said as we got in the car " I actually like them. Touch of Class, they mise as well be seeing me every 2weeks" She said laughing looking at me looking at myself in the vanity visior. "you feeling good about yourself?"

"i guess you can say i am" i smiled looking over at her. i looked nothing like how i did back in Columbus. Right now i look
like Candace

" Good come on" she said getting out of the car walking up towards the mall " do you trust me?" she asked looking at
me with a grin

"of course i do" i said as we walking into forever21

" okay ima dress you, and you cant tell me no" Candace said going to work. picking up clothes and having me try it on.

" i dont like this" i said holding the clothes " it's too tight. and short" i as she laughed

" i told you you cant say no lil girl" she said as we walked ro the register. After we was finish. we went into footlocker
as couple guy was looking at me " aww shoot Kris look. you got a couple guys looking at you" she said as i blushed

" they could be looking at you" i told her laughing. Man it feels good to be in LA.

"Only one way to find out" she said as she walked out the store. My eyes grew big and I almost decided to follow her when one of the guys that work there decided to speak

" Welcome to Footlocker, You have anything in mind for today" <a href="">he</a> asked as i just stared at him. He was georgous. And he smiled. maybe it was his job he was just being nice,

"umm....I-I'm not su-sure. I'm ju-just looking" i said stuttering as i covered my face. i looked between my fingers to see him looking at me smiling.

"your cute. come with me" he said as i followed him. OMG did he just say im CUTE " These are the new j's that came out this week" he said as i was blushing at the fact he called me cute. " You not a Jordan fan?" he asked as i looked at him

" i like the shoes. but umm.. i never really wore jordans before" i said getting nervous again

" why you nervous ma lossen up" he said touching my shoulder. OMFGEESH im about to die. "These are the new <a href="">Nike Air Maxes</a>"' he showed me as i pick this shoe up

" i like these" i said looking at him he smiled

" you got style ma, i had to pick them up yesterday, i like em too" he said laughing " what are you a size 7" he said as i shrugged " oh yeaa. never really wore the j's or maxes. come on well measure your feet" i followed him as we walked pass the group of boys that was looking at me earlier.

"Yo Ant let me get these" a guy called out

" yea i got you let me help her real quick" he said as the guy smiled. i sat on a chair and he kneeled infront of me with a metle thing in his hand "put your right food on here" he said as i did "got ya feet done and stuff. okay where ya man at you tryna
look good for" he asked laughing as i covered my face

" me and my sister just decided to have a girls day. hair, nails, feet, " i said shyly

" well it looks good" he said as my sister came up

" okay i had to take the bags back to the car. how is everything here" she said smiling as i gave her a mean mug she laughed.

" eveything is cool. we just getting her shoe size than picking out some kicks she want right?" he looked at me as i nodded

" sweeeet" my sister said looking like the Kool-aid man. with that big ass smile on her face.

"okay 7 1/2 in mens. which is 9 1/2 in womans" he said " you know what you want. he said leading us as we picked out our shoes we was getting. after we paid for them we left and went into the t mobile store

" he was cute" Candace said nudging me

" yes he was" i said smiling

"he was checking you out too " a frown creep across my face

" no he wasnt. he was just doing his job nothing big" i said as my sister sighed with frustration

"whatever. just pick out what phone you want."

Ooooooooo love it already run it :D

i love this story all shades are beautiful run it

I like it.!
Run it boo boo.!!!

I really like this so far!

I love it, dark skin is BEAUTIFUL. *claps for the darkskin girls* S/O to us. lol. RUN ITTTT !!!!

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Little Sis! Black is Beautiful! Run it!

Story of my life! I definitely can relate i had to grow to love the skin I'm in! RUN IT!!!

run it run it girlie!!!

run this.

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Dark is Beautiful !! She better own it !

Runnnnn it !!

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