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.Baby Daddy. [9/28]

Twenty-one year old <a href="">Eric King</a> was your average college student. He attended class in the mornings, well atleast tried too, and partied at night. Everyone knew him for his good looks and vibrant personality. He was somewhat of a trouble maker but only to a certain extent. Most people knew him for his wild tactics and crazy ideas, which is the reason females were very attracted to him. But how will his life change when he gets an unexpected guest, one that can possibly change his life for either good or worse.



Aww Eric is so cute with his lil baby. Maybe he needs to be apart from Trina if he cheated on her. run it!!!

damn nigga wasnt think bout that he cheated lol run it

damn....well at least Eric is a good father so far. i had to laugh when she s***ted on herself and these fools didn't know what to do. i like it so far. Run it!!!!

I smacked my lips. "Rian, please stop crying." I said patting her back with my eyes still closed. I only slept a few hours and I was tired. Her crying started to develop even louder and I sighed opening my eyes and getting up. The clock read 9:43, I shook my head and walked out of the room with a crying Rian. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen where all the guys sat eating breakfast. They all had evil glares as I walked past them and began making her a bottle. I had went on google last night to see how people made bottles, if you ask me this was one thing I had perfected. I warmed up her milk a little in the microwave and took it out testing it on my hand. Once I felt it was good enough I popped it in her mouth. I leaned against the counter yawning. "You look like s*** bruh!" Brandon said biting into his Recess Puff cereal. "Man, she woke me up three times last night." They all looked at me. "s***, she woke us up too!" Mel said. "For real, I heard her crying hard last night." Devin said shaking his head. "My bad y'all. I didn't think she was that loud." "Maybe you should move into Brandon's room since that nigga has the farthest room and never hear's s***, and its bigger." Mel said. Brandon looked up, "Would you trade me dude?" He nodded, "if it means making space for my niece than sure." I dapped him up. "Thanks bruh." I looked down at the now empty bottle and removed it from her mouth, now burping her. "Yo, were out." They all said getting up. "Where y'all headed?" "Well Brandon and I are going down to the school to see if we can change our classes." Mel said. "And i'm gunna pick my mom up from the airport." I nodded ane dapped them up making my way back to my room. I laid Rian inbetween all the pillows and walked to the bathroom and handled my business. As I brushed my teeth I made sure she was still laying there, I watched as she grabbed her feet and giggled, causing me to laugh. I rinsed my mouth and wiped my face turning off the light and walking to the bed laying beside her and watching her play with her feet. I was so wrapped up in what she was doing that I didn't hear my phone rang. It rang again and this time I leaned over and grabbed it sliding my finger across the screen and answering. "Hello?" 'Babe, I want to have lunch with you today. I'll meet you at Olive Garden.' Katrina's voice rang through the phone. "What if I had plans?" I said staring at Rian who was scratching her face, I pulled her hand away as Trina chuckled on the other end of the phone. 'Babe, everyone knows you're a spur of the moment person.' I sighed, curse my personality. "Fine, i'll see you there in thirty." 'Okay bye, love you.' "Mhm." Was all I said before hanging up. I looked over at Rian who was now just staring at me with wondering eyes, "Are you ready to go and meet a friend of daddy's?" She just stared, I chuckled and picked her up setting her in her carrier and grabbing my clothes to shower. I set her right by the bathroom door and turned on the shower hopping in and getting undressed behind the curtain. I would peak my head out every so often to make sure she was doing fine. I finished up and turned off the shower reaching for the towel and wrapping it around my waist before pulling back the curtain. I steppedout of the shower and grabbed the carrier and setting Rian in the middle of the room as I quickly got dressed. I slipped on my jeans and t-shirt soraying some cologne while putting on my shoes. When I was done I walked back to where I left Rian and took her out and laying her on the bed so I could change her diaper. She clapped her hands as I wiped her and slipped on her new diaper. I adjusted her onesie and put on the leggings that Romel insisted we got her along with a t-shirt. She didn't have shoes so I just left her in her socks. I put her back in the carrier and buckled her up grabbing her diaper bag and making sure she had everything in there. I grabbed her and the bag and filled up a thermal with warm water for her bottle and placed it in the diaper bag. I double checked thag I had everything and then made my way out.

I pulled into the Olive Garden parking lot and got off getting Rian from the backseat. She had fallen asleep on the ride here, so she would be asleep for a while. I walked towards the entrance with the pink diaper bag over my shoulder and carrier in the other. As I was walking I mentally prepared myself for the conversation that was sure to happen between Katrina and I. I walked in and searched the room for her, I finally saw her with her back towards me sitting alone in a booth. I walked over and smiled, she looked up and smiled. "Hey babe!" She said pecking my lips. She looked at me from the diaper bag on my shoulder and the carrier in my hand, her smile still present. "Are you babysitting?" I shook my head and took a seat. "Uh, something like that." "So is she a younger cousin?" "More like daughter." I said below a whisper. She choked on her water. "What was that?" "I said, she's my daughter." Her eyes bucked! "DAUGHTER!" She yelled, everyone turned around and looked at us. "What do you mean daughter?" She questioned in a lower tone. I rubbed the back of my neck. "Well see, it's a real funny story." She crossed her arms. "Go ahead Eric, please tell me this oh so funny story because i'm not laughing." I took a sip of my water and began on the story. "We were just kicking it and then Sky said she was leaving but when she opened the door she called me and 'boop' next thing you know the baby is in my home." She looked at me her arms crossed still. "So you're telling me you kept this random child that you found on your doorstep instead of taking her to child protective services." "She's my child though." She widened her eyes. "Eric, for all you know this could be some random b**** pinning her child on you!" I sighed and turned the carrier towards Trina. "Is that enough proof for you to believe that she's mine." She gasped. "You two are identical, down to the freckles." I gave her that, told you look. "Okay, so how old is she?" I shrugged. "I was thinking about taking her to the doctor's later this week." She didn't speak. "Eric, how long have we been dating?" "Two years, why?" She shook her head and chuckled. "You cheated on me at some point." "What?" I questioned. "You obviously cheated on me at somepoint in our relationship if you have that child." I diverted my eyes from her and rubbed the back of my neck. "Know what, call me when you find her mother." She said getting up and leaving. I looked down at Rian who was still sleeping. "Might as well eat since i'm here."

lol run it

I pulled into the Target parking lot and parked my truck. Rian had spit out her pacifier somewhere along our trip here and was now screaming at the top of her lungs. We all sighed and got off the car inbuckling her from the backseat and walking with the carrier. "We couldn't have gone to Wal-Mart? We look gay as f*** walking into Target together." Devin said walking behind the group. I shook my head and stuck a crying Rian into the shopping cart. "Where's the baby section?" I said pushing the basket. "Shoot, I don't know. You act like I shop here." I sighed and continued pushing the basket as Rian slowly stopped crying. We finally found the baby section and began looking around. Devin walked infront of me throwing things in the basket. "Nigga, what the f*** are you tossing in there?" I asked. "Bottles and s***." We soon came across all these different baby foods and stuff. "So what type of food do I get her?" I asked Devin glancing over all of the type of Gerber baby foods. "Well, Alex usually gets the apple, pear, banana and strawberry, squash, peas, carrots, and I think this one and this." He said throwing a few into the basket. I had this look of disgust on my face. "Those look nasty as hell." "He also get this baby cereal s*** and formula." I nodded and we continued walking, I stopped before the baby shampoo and grabbed her some, all the while Devin came back with more onesies, bibs, and wipes. "What about diapers?" I asked. "I'll go find them." He said walking off. I stood there playing with Rian as Romel and Brandon appeared before me. Mel had on a baby beanie that looked like cookie monster. "Yo Eric, check this s*** out nigga." Brandon said playing with a baby toy and tossing it into the basket. "Nigga, we are not getting that." I said taking it out. He smacked his lips. "Look what we found though." Mel said holding up a pink <a href="">tracksuit</a> "I though this s*** was fly, I mean now she can kick it with us on our trill days. Then I was thinking we can get her <a href="">this</a> so she can roll with us when we go to a club." He said holding them up, pleased with himself that he chose those two articles of clothing. I shook my head. "One, she doesn't need those and two, my daughter will not be partying with us." Mel and Brandon shook their heads. "Damn nigga I feel sorry for Rian, especially because you're her daddy." Mel stated walking off. Devin came back with the diapers, "Alright, I think we got everything we need." He said, I nodded and pushed the basket back to the front of the store. I stood in the checkout line throwing the all the items on the conveyer belt, while Devin, Romel and Brandon all sat on the bench waiting on me. I pulled the cart infront of me and checked on a sleeping Rian. I watched as the <a href="">cashier</a> scanned all the items. She smiled at me. "She's adorable, is she yours?" "Huh, uh yeah." I said rubbing the back of my neck. "What's her name?" She asked ringing up the last bit of things and giving my total. I pulled out ny card and slid it. "It's Rian." She smiled. "That's such a cute name." She said handing me my reciept. "Thanks." I said walking off. "Hey!" She called, I turned around. "Here's my number, call me sometime." She said smirking. I smiled and walked off. The guys just looked at me. "I don't think Trina is gunna like that very much." Brandon stated. I rolled my eyes. "Damn, so baby Rian is a chick magnet? I for sure will be taking her out with me." Mel said putting her into the backseat. I shook my head, what did I just get myself into.

I looked at the clock, it read 3:13 in bright red letters. When I had got home from the store I fed her and tried to bathe her, it wasn't a great success since I didn't know what I was doing but I had gotten the job done. After that I had laid her to sleep, and she slept that is until now. She was crying so loud and I had no other choice but to wake up. I had done everything, I fed her, took off her pajamas and left her in her onesie nothing worked until now. She silently laid on my chest, her crying now low whimpers that were starting to fade. I reached over and covered her and I with the comforter. I hummed a tune and rubbed her back as her whimpers just stopped. I looked down at her and watched as she moved up and down with my breathing. How is that in a matter of a few hours this little girl could grow on me? It's like now that she was here, I would let nothing happen to her. To say the least i'm actually glad that God sent her my way. I watched her sleep a little while longer as my eyes slowly started shutting, sending me into a deep slumber.

When I typed this, it totally reminded me of that episode of Full House when uncle Jessie was on the couch with Michelle. Just thought i'd throw that out there. lol

@averynicole i heard that from someone else too. Funny things is, i've never heard or seen the show.

This is like that show on abc family! But the girl isn't a lesbian...I don't think
Run It!

Aw they need a woman's touch them poor boys don't know a thing about babies let alone a little girl lol but Eric better catch on quick

wow guys that dnt no wat they doin lol smh

whats going on wit the babys mama is my main question...n 4 dudes + 1 baby girl is a hot mess off rip lol. they dnt knw shyt abt babies unless they have one fr fr.

awwww I hope they figure out how to treat and care for the baby

Sorry for the typos, im on my phone

I stared at the letter and read it over a few times. Could this child really be mine? I don't even remember concieving it. "Well what does it say?" Sky asked taking me from my thoughts. "All it says is that her name is Rian and she's my child." They all looked at me like I had four heads. "Who did you f*** raw my nigga?" Devin asked digging through the diaper bag. "I don't know." I said shrugging. "Well, you obviously implanted your seed in some b**** because this baby resembles you in every way." Mel stated looking between the baby and I. "I don't even know how to take care of kids." I said looking at her. "You have two younger siblings Eric, you should know how." "Yeah but Rhylie is a year younger than me and <a href="">Jeremiah</a> is two years younger. I never really watched them as children. I mean what about you Dev, you have <a href=",0,214,314_.jpg">Ashley</a>. She is way younger, so at some point you watched her." He shook his head. "Nope, she cried too much so I was never home." "What about your brother <a href="">Alex</a>? That nigga is sixteen and already has a kid." I said, he nodded in agreement. "You're right, lemme' give him a call, see if that nigga can help us." Devin said walking off. "What do we do with her in the meantime?" Sky said peeling and orange. "Well who else has younger siblings?" I said looking around. "Nope, don't look at me. I am an only child." Brandon said backing away. "But Mel has younger brother." I looked over at Mel. "Don't count on it. I only took care of <a href="">Ciyan</a> for five minutes when my mom walkedout of the room to grab something from the kitchen." Brandon, Romel, and I all turned our attention to Sky. She stuck a piece of orange into her mouth and realized we were looking at her. "What?" "You have a younger sister, right?" She nodded, "Yeah but, I never really took care of <a href="">Faith</a>." "Damn, your sister is fine as f***! She's eighteen now right? Would you mind if I holla'd at her." Mel questioned. "Ew, no!" I smacked him. "This isn't the time, we need to focus on the situation at hand." "C'mon Sky, you're a female. So let your motherly instincts come in and watch the baby." Brandon stated pointing at Rian. "Nigga, I will hurt you." She said standing up and pusbing us out of the way. "Now move, so I can pick her up." We all moved and watched her take Rian out of her carseat. "Hi babygirl, i'm your auntie Sky." She said in a baby voice. A little smile formed on Rian's face. "And that right there are your two dumb uncles, and your. even dumber daddy." We all glared at her as Devin came back into the room. "Well, what did he say?" I asked with hopeful eyes. "What did who say?" "Your brother dumbass!" "Oh, he didn't answer." "Then what took you so long?" Questioned Brandon. "I was talking to Sochi." He said moving his eyebrows up and down. I smacked my forehead. Why did God put me in this predicament.

"Well fellas, I leave you all to tend to her by yourselves." "You're leaving?" I asked, she nodded. "I need to get home to my baby." "What am I suppost to do with her?" She sighed, "Just take care of her, i'll be back in the morning." With that she walked out leaving us four idiots alone with a baby. "What's that smell?" Dev said sniffing the air. We all began sniffing, until Brandon came across the baby's butt.. "Aw man! She stinks! He said plugging his nose. I lifted her up and smlled her butt and then quickly turned away. "Well, who's goung to change her?" They all steped back. "She ain't our kid." Brandon mentioned. I sighed. "Bring me the diaper bag." We all stared the Rian who laid on the couch giggling. "Nigga, why is she so happy. Does she realize she s***ted in the goddamn diaper?!" Mel said with a look of disgust. "So how do I change her?" I asked. "I've seen Alex do this a few times, but i'm not sure.' Devin said. "Well, let me try. What do I do first?" "Well obviously you have to take off. her pajamas." I sat on my knees infront of her and unzipped her pajamas. "Why the f*** is she wearing two sets of pajamas?" Brandon questioned. "That's her onesie dumbass. Okay now you unbutton that." I unbottoned it and were faced with her diaper. "So you're going to pull those little straps back and the. open the diaper and start wiping her down with the wet little towel things, then lift her butt and put the new one on." I folowed his instructions as they stood around and watched. I pulled her diaper down, as we all jumped back in shock. "DAYUMM!!" We all said in unison. "Yo, what the f*** were they feeding her? That is not what s*** is auppost to look like!' Mel exclaimed walking away, until he was a good distance. Rian laid there laughing. I held my breath and cleaned her up the best I could. I slipped on the diaper , and lifted her up. "Does the diaper look like it's on right?" "Her ass cheek is hanging out." Brandon mentioned, I adjusted and slipped back into her clothes. "That wasn't that hard." "So what did they leave in the bag?" I asked taking a seat with the baby in my arms. Brandon rummaged through it, "Uh, nothing but diapers, those wipes and another set of pajamas." "What does she eat?" We all shrugged, "Just as long as she isn't hungry we're good." And just like if she knew, she started crying out of nowhere. I began to bounce her up and down trying to calm her down. "Aye, does she have one of those pacifier things in the bag?" Romel looked through the bag and pulled it out. I stuck it in her mouth and her whimpering slowly decreased. "What do we do? We don't have any food to give her." Dev said with a distraught look. I sighed and sat up placing her in her carseat. "Well than, I guess we're taking a trip to the store."

oh s***

damn wat the hell the b**** jus gone leave the bby on the porch and not ring the door bell run it

TF? who leaves a baby on a door step lyke tht? She wrong 4 tht! what if nobody was comin outside anytime soon?? SMH

Run it

After our lunch session at that Mexican restaurant we were just lounging around the house. "Sky, <a href="">Deja</a> ain't mad that you haven't gone home to see her yet?" Brandon questioned laying down four two's in our game of bulls***. She shook her head, "We had an argument the night before, all because I didn't want to stay home and watch a goddamn sappy ass chick flick." She said laying down a two three's. "When y'all argue do y'all have make-up sex?" Devin questioned with an eyebrow raised, Sky rolled her eyes. "Like i'm for real Sky. I'm interested in how you and Deja get intimate." He said with quotes around the word <em>intimate</em>. She turned and faced him. "It's none of your damn business how Deja and I have sex. What you should be asking is how Sochitta managed to have an orgasm with your small as d***!" Brandon, Mel and I looked at him with wide eyes, chuckling at the burn he had just recieved. "If you must know a nigga had her screaming last night. I know my pipe game is on point." She scoffed. "Sure she wasn't faking it?" "Shut up, bet you can't even make you b**** cum." She chuckled lightly. "I don't have to she cums the moment I step into the room." We all started laughing at the mug face Devin was giving Skylar. "Damn bro! You just got owned!" Brandon said holding his side. "Whatever, atleast i'm not the one that's gunna get my ass whooped when Eric finds out you f***ing his sister." When I heard that, I swear I broke my neck turning it so fast to look at Brandon. "You f***ing my sister dawg?!" He shook his rapidly, "I would never do that Eric, You my boy, I would never disrespect you like that!" I glared at him, "I'm watching you. Let me find out you are and that's your ass." I turned my attention back to Sky, Devin, and Mel who were laughing. "So Sky back to you. Don't you ever just wanna f*** a dude. Like c'mon." Mel said taking a sip of water. "Nigga's never cross my mind. I like ass and titties." "You think you and Deja would do a threesome with me?" Mel asked pushing the question. She turned and smacked him upside his head.

"Well, if you ladies excuse me I need to get home." Sky said getting up and grabbing her car keys. She dapped us all up before making her way towards the door, I waited until I heard the door lose but it didn't. "Uh, Eric?" "What's up? What did you forget?" She didn't answer. "You need to come see this." I smacked my lips. "Man Sky, I don't have time for games. What is it?" "Nigga, hurry the f*** up!" She exclaimed, I sighed and got up out of my seat making way to the door. I appeared behind her and stopped as my eyes widened. "I think someone left you a gift?" She said glancing at me. I looked down at the <a href="">baby</a> that sat in the carseat, her eyes wandering. Beside her was a diaper bag and note. " What do I do with it?" I asked, she smacked me upside my head. "Well first you have to take it inside you can't leave it here on the doorstep." I was hesitant at first to grab the carrier but she pushed me. I carefully grabbed it and the bag taking it inside as Skylar followed suit. "What's that?" Devin asked as I set the baby down on the diningroom table. They all came and gathered around, "Nigga, why you got a baby?" Mel asked with and eyebrow raised. I shrugged. "Here read the note, it's obviously directed towards you." Sky said shoving the paper in my face. I grabbed it and read my name on the front of this note in cursive.


<em>Surprise! Surprise! Do you like the gift you just recieved. Isn't she precious, she's all yours now. Her name is Rian, and she is your child. Everything you'll need to take care of her is in that bag. Have fun taking care of our baby girl!</em>

<em>Baby Mama</em>

These niggas crazy lol run it!


lol run it

"Eric, get your ass up nigga!" Someone said kicking me in the leg. I opened one eye trying to block the sun from blinding me. I looked up to see Brandon with a black trash bag in his hand. "What time is it nigga?" I asked laying my head back and rubbing my forehead. "It's 1 o'clock." "Damn!" I turned to my left to see Romel knocked the f*** out beside me, I shoved him. "Mel! Wake yo ass up, we have to clean this place up!" He groaned before opening his eyes and squinting. He adjusted his glasses and looked around the room. "Damn! WE THREW A RAGER!!!" He exclaimed. "Man, shut that s*** up!" Skylar said walking out down the hall and into the kitchen. We all turned and looked at her. "Didn't you go home last night?" I asked, she shook her head. "I was too faded, so I crashed in Mel's room." "Then where did I sleep?" Mel questioned now confused. "You slept with the hookah last night." She said grabbing some Advil from the cabinet. He turned and stared at the hookah that sat on the coffee table and smiled. "Well we all know that hookah is my one and only love." We all laughed at his dumbass comment.

I stood up and began to help Brandon clean up as did Romel while Sky cleaned up the kitchen. "Where's Dev, shouldn't he be in here helping y'all?" She questioned while sweeping the floor. "Yeah, where is that nigga?" Brandon asked cleaning up the cups from all around the house. "Y'all niggas stay talking s***!" Dev said walking out from the hallway in just his boxers. "Where've you've been all night nigga?" I exclaimed turning off the vaccum. He smiled, "getting what should of been mine a long time ago." We all shook our heads at this nigga. "Babe, do you know where I left my shoes?" She asked walking out from the hallway adjusting her shorts. She looked up and noticed all eyes were on her. "Oh, hey guys." She said waving shyly. "Y'all this my girl <a href="">Sochi</a>. Babe that's Eric, Brandon, Romel and Skylar." We all waved. "So do you know where they're at?" "What they look like?" Sky questioned. "They were gold and pink." "Bathroom." Brandon, Mel, Sky and I all said in unison. She nodded and walked off.

"Who here has a hangover though?" Sky asked, we all raised our hands. "Well than get your asses up, I know this great mexican restaurant that has this bomb ass shrimp c**ktail to get rid of this s***." We all looked at her. "What we waiting on then! Lemme' go put some clothes on real quick." Dev said running down the hall and into his room. We all sat there just talking and waiting on Devin to come out, he finally came back adjusting his snapback. "Alright, let's bounce." We all filed out of the house and to our cars, I needed to get rid of this goddamn hangover asap.

run it dany :)

lol katrina smh bye b**** lol
sounds like a damn college party

run it

lol damn he jus straight dissed her ass lol he could hav atleast told her to go lay on his bed so she can get sobbered up lol

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" The whole crew chanted as we watched our boy <a href="">Brandon</a> down four Corona's one after another. <a href="">I</a> shook my head and walked over taking a seat next to <a href="">Romel</a> who was chilling alongside others with the Hookah. He shook his head, "That dude is wild yo!" I nodded taking another sip of my beer. "You seen <a href="">Devin</a>? That nigga went straight ghost." I asked now taking part in the hookah action. Mel smiled at me his eyes real low, "saw him head to the back with that cute ass <a href="">asian</a> he's been tryna get at." I smiled. "My nigga!" I exclaimed taking a hit. I sat back in the couch watching the house warming party, my boys and I were throwing, take place. Romel, Devin, Brandon , and I had finally decided to leave the dorm rooms and get ourselves a place. "Hey you! This party is the business!" <a href="">Skylar</a> said taking a seat next to me. I smiled, "it really is, huh?" She chuckled and took a sip of her beer. "Oh! <a href="">Katrina</a> is walking around here making a fool of herself looking for you. I told her to cool it on the liquor but she just ignored me." I smacked my lips and sighed. "I'm gunna go find her." She shrugged and replaced my seat. "Good luck with that." She said now taking place in the hookah action.

I walked past groups of people who were either drunk or high. I stopped before Brandon who was talking to my babysister <a href="">Rhylie</a>. "Have y'all seen Trina?" They shook their heads, I sighed and continued walking through the sea of people. I stopped and grabbed another beer until I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "Eric! Baby! I finally found you!" I turned around to see a drunken Katrina. I shook my head, I swear this girl never knew how to hold her liquor. "C'mon lets go to your room." She said trying to pull me back to my room. "Nah, i'm cool." I said releasing from her grip, she turned around with a quickness. "Eric, please! I just want to please you!" She said with drunken words. "Nah, you need to go home. This sloppy drunk look is not cute." I said walking away and leaving her there calling after me. I walked into the kitchen and began downing shots, might as well live it up!

Aww this is cute!!!! I like this!!!

Sounds really good! Run it!!!!

Run It!!!