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.Baby Daddy. [9/28]

Twenty-one year old <a href="">Eric King</a> was your average college student. He attended class in the mornings, well atleast tried too, and partied at night. Everyone knew him for his good looks and vibrant personality. He was somewhat of a trouble maker but only to a certain extent. Most people knew him for his wild tactics and crazy ideas, which is the reason females were very attracted to him. But how will his life change when he gets an unexpected guest, one that can possibly change his life for either good or worse.


run it

run this!!

yeah i feel you, D !

Nan, i'm gunna give it a go here.

Until then this is the only add i will do. Haha

lord Danyy . . .

mad && this aint myy post

I wanna be in it!
All your stories are good!