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Yo Excuse me Miss!

I hate everyone.

My family sucks and my friends think im this perfect girl who lives in this perfect house with this perfect life and a perfect dog. But truth is im Insecure.I hate my Frizzy hair, my big lips, the way my eye twitches when im nervous and the fact that no one understands me.

In school, im on the verge of being an outcast.

the little attention I do get is from when my teachers ask me questions and I answer them.

I open my locker to grab my books. The thing about the location of my locker is that its always a reminder of something that I can't and never will have. Chris brown.

Chris brown transfered here from atlanta last year and he already owns the school. He is perfection, he has perfect caramel skin and that dimple when he smiles never fails to make ones knees go weak.

"MO!" Tonya yells physically ripping me from my beautiful trance. "did you hear about Felix's Party?" she adds. Tonya is way more popular that me. Ever since she started dating Aaron the captain of the football team, shes been moved up on the pupularity ladder which gets her endless invitations to parties. but a party? Parties have people... alot of people. People that I have nothing in common with and can never keep a conversation with.

"Yes I did", I say not showing any interest at all.

"Well are you going?"

"Uhm... I dont know", I respond.

"C'mon Monica, its your senior year and you haven't been to any of the parties. When are you going to start living?" she says.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Tonya for having a best friend like me because I dont ever go out and do any of the things she likes doing. I wonder if she ever thinks about dropping me as a friend all together. I know if I was my bestfriend I would.

We head into 4th block and I hit her with one of those pathetic excuses ' I have no time to live' as i set my bag down on my desk. I wish Tonya knew how bad I would kill to go to one of those parties and how I would kill to be someone else. Someone fearless!