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Left a pool n da limo tho nd
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Aint heard from this story in a while.... RUNNNNNNNNN ITTTTTTTTTTTT

I feel bad for Shawnie.

Still eager to here from Nautia.

I'm here!! Sorry it took so long for me to catch up. But smh I knew simone was gonna get in some trouble for that s***. I just had that feeling. Better learn soon girl. You gon be in for some s*** if u don't. And shawnie, and mecy both goin thru s***...even though mecey brought hers on herself...what's done in the dark always comes to light. And I STILL can't wait until Maurice finds out about her ass! Man oh man smh. Natasha's getting the best deals and s***, even though her offers are a little strange...too much drama lol I still love it though! Run this s***!

Really good story:))) I've been a silent reader for a while now and it's a painful and enjoyable read lol. RUN IT!!!



I sighed and looked at my love with sternness.

"Silence means?" 

She panted trying to catch breath. "S-silence." 

"Good girl!" I pushed her knees into her chest further as I swatted and rubbed her soft but firm, bare bottom. I had made her dispose of her panties just minutes before. We were in the limo, on the way home.

"I don't understand why you want to use your voice now anyway. You did so much screaming and yelling earlier, you should want to rest it. Am I Right?" 

I asked this as I eased in the the 1"/5" gauge, with heat reactant lube, into her anal orifice. She took deep, ragged breaths, holding back her cries.

"Y-yes..yes Maurice....oh god!" she said in loud whispers as the sex toy took it's needed place. I lowered her legs and placed her dress neatly over her not to expose what was about to happen. *evil grin* This was going to be fun.

I let down the back window. "We're ready now, Terry." I said to my bodyguard.

He nodded and got in. He still looked a bit winded. Mrs. Dixon puts up a good fight. He had to bear hug and carry her out the restaurant her and her daughter destroyed, because Mr. Dixon couldn't contain her.

I looked over at Simone. I was proud of her in a sense, cause she did HANDLE her mom. That vice grip she had around her neck was something to see. Her father and had to pry her away like the jaws of life.

Once her mom did get free she tried to top her, but Simone began to slap her around like a rag doll. We eventually separated them they started to tear up the restaurant.

I had to keep myself from rooting her on. It was like me taking down an opponent. She's definitely picked that trait up from me. Too bad I'm going to have to break it.

I like a good fight and I don't mind Simone being able to defend herself, when it's necessary. Tonight just wasn't one of those times.

Yes, her mother was way out of line for her comments. Even I was growing weary. But with those kind of people, people who are always negative, there's two things you can do....

Kill them with kindness or ignore them. Simone did neither. She let her mother get the best of her. Let her emotions cloud her judgement.....and training. So now she's going to be taught another lesson.

You act an ass in public, I punish your ass! Literally!

I lifted the back panel that allows me to speak and see Terry, and vice versa,  and spoke to him over the intercom. 

"Take Fulton to get us home please. And circle it til I tell you to stop." 

Simone shot me a look of distress and wantonness as Terry called back. It's doing the trick already. Good!

"Uhm, Fulton is under a lot of construction, Mr. Hamilton. The road is very rugged!"

I looked at Simone and smiled wickedly. "I know."

I could hear the gulp that Simone swallowed. She started to plea but gripped my thigh with super strength instead when I flipped the vibrating mechanism on for the toy. She sat up, trying to ward off the intensity, but I sat her back.

"Uh uh! You will sit back and enjoy the ride."

She was breathing so hard it sound like she was wheezing. As soon as we turned on Fulton she gritted her teeth to keep in the yelp I know she wanted to give.

"I' clothes!" she said. Her voice raspy but filled with pleasure.

"The seat too, actually. But I don't mind. So long as your quiet!" 

I sat back watched her body convulse over and over again. Each time she came, a small sigh of release would escape her luscious lips. That was soooo sexy.

We circled Fulton at least ten times before I finally she and I couldn't stand it anymore. I made it home and we got out the limo, leaving the pool Simone left behind. 

She made another one soon after. You see, we only made it to the kitchen once we got inside our home. I sat her in the sink and sank deep inside her vaginal orifice, gauge still in too. And let's just say, that swimming pool was more so a water fall.





"You guys want me to do what?" I asked The Harper's and the wife's best friend.

"We would like for you to be our own, personal sex slave. To be able to do as we please with. At any time. Day or night. We would pay substantially too." Mr. Harper said.

When they called me over here, I wasn't expecting this at all. I was anticipating our usual sexcapade adventure. 

"You guys know I can't. I have a job already and..."

"If you don't mind me asking, how much do you get paid a month at My Pies?" the best friend asked.

I thought about it. "A good month, 25 thousand dollars.

"We'll pay you double!" the wife said strongly. "So long as you quit your job."

My eyes almost fell out their sockets. "You guys would pay me 50 thousand dollars a month just to f*** me? Why?"

The husband stepped forward and gingerly grabbed my right titty. 

"Because you have the best pussy in the world and we want it all to ourselves. So what do you say?"

Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. For 50G's a month, these white people could have there way with my kitty!



"Hey boo where you at?" I said walking into my apartment. Spec said he wanted to talk to me about something. We've already made things official with us. What else could he possibly want to discuss? Marriage? A baby? It's a little soon for all that.

I walked into my living room and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Ryan sitting on the couch with Spec. Holy s***!

"Uh h-hey babe! What's going on?" I said trying to play this cool.

"So I was at work today..." remember he works at the plant, "...and I was asking around about open positions, cause I know you just recently quit your job, and got directed to my immediate supervisor's office. Meet him, Ryan Keller." he said pointing to him.

I didn't know they worked at the same place of business. But I should have put it together. Ryan did tell me that he was a big wig at some plant. There's only one in our area. How could I be so stupid?

I looked at Ryan who smiled devilishly. "Nice to meet you, ma'am!" he said holding out his hand for me to shake it.

Is he serious? What kind of twilight zone am I in? I shook it, hesitantly. "Hello."

"So hears the deal. He's offering you a position as his secretary. Starts at 40 thousand a year. With benefits. The only catch have to leave me to be with him."

"Huuuuh!" 0_o He knows!



"Marcus just listen to me. Let me explain!" I said reaching for him. He moved back.

"Explain what? That you're a slut! Man I can't believe this s***! You got by my boys out here clowning me. Two of them done had you. You know how that make me feel! What that made me look like when I found out from them that my girl is a grade A hooker?"

I could see the hurt in his eyes. I never meant to hurt him. I was going to tell him about My Pies when I thought the time was right. We've only been seeing each other for a little bit. I didn't know how to tell him.

"Baby I'm sorry! I was gonna tell you but I was afraid. I thought you would leave me!" I said shedding my tears.

"Thought? You better know that s***! I can't be dealing with no hoes like you! Could give me an incurable disease or something!"

He headed for his front door and swung it open. "Get out!"

There was nothing else left for me to say or do. He'd made his decision about me already. I walked to the door and paused, looking up at him before I walked out and he slammed the door behind me. Damn!

I want to SMACK her mom. On life!!!!!! And I'm happy Trey knows about Laila with his crazy ass lmfao! Laila should think about marrying him tho bc the same thing he did to his looney toon of a wife is the same thing he could do to her. He has ALOT to prove before it goes there I think.

Sooo...can anybody explain to me why u would even agree to come to this dinner of u were just gonna act like an ass all night?? Her mother should've just stayed the f*** home, I hope simone choke the s*** out her ass...Trey is kind of confusing to me...he's got some proving to do before I can be 100% back on his side. Run this s***!

Amber bout to be mad af. Im glad.Trey found out about Laila and the baby. I knew he wanted to be with her.

Simone Mom needs to be slapped. How dare she call her own daughter a hoe. Smh.

Run it.


"Where you about to go hoe? We just got back from the graduation and you dipping already?" I....

....asked my new room mate Natasha. She moved in with me when Simone moved out. (I miss my pooh) I thank Natasha for moving in though because she didn't have to.

Me and Natasha both are financially secure enough to have our own spot, but since those stalker incidents happened, everyone including myself, felt it was safer for me to have someone with me. As of right now, I'm not so worried. 


...looked at me through the mirror she was fixing her hair in. 

"Yeah...duty calls. My 'family' is adamant about getting at me while the getting is good, since they know I start my cycle next week..." I put my hand up to stop her. 

"Spare me the details!" I said growing disgusted. Those people are obsessed with her. Why the hell do they know when her time of the month is? That's too personal.

She shrugged. "Sorry, just thinking out loud..." she looked off "....although it's never stopped them before. They still lick and d*** me while I'm on. They like to actually! I wonder why..."

"Don't make me puke up the food I just ate! That's just plain nasty!" I said with my nose turned up.

She giggled. "Speaking of food, how you think that dinner is going with the Dixon's and the Hamilton's? WWIII?" 

I shook my head. "I hope not. Mr. Daniel will probably be better to deal with than Ms. Sarah. That woman is a certified nut job when she wants to be. I believe Mr. Hamilton has met his match with her."

She nodded. "Well, tell me all about it when I get back." she said turning to leave. "I'm out!"

"Bye." I told her as I entered my bedroom and I heard the front door close behind her.

I was so tired from walking around that big ass stadium from earlier. I'm bout to close my door and crawl in my bed and me and my baby girl are going to get us some beauty sleep. (Idk if it's a girl, but I hope so) 

About ten minutes later there was movement coming from the front part of the house. I didn't hear the door open but figured Natasha had come back.

"What'd you forget this time?" I asked sarcastically. 

I don't set the alarm on purpose for at least 30 mins after she leaves because she's always forgetting something. Her phone. Her wallet. When she didn't respond, I sat up in my bed, confused.

Another sound came. Ahh sookie sookie nah! I jumped up from my bed ready for whatever. I'll still get it up there, pregnant and all. I opened my door, with my baseball bat in hand and smacked my lips when I saw who it was. Should have set my damn alarm.

"'s you." I said dryly. "Still sneaking I see. You could have just knocked." I said throwing my bat to the ground and walking back to the bed.

"You would have slammed the door in my face if I had."

"Damn right!" I said getting under the covers. "And now, you can let yourself out!"

"Don't be like that baby!"

I shot him a look. "Don't go there! I'm not your f***ing baby, Trey!"

Yeah, it's him. HE'S the one that's been stalking me. I thought it was his loony ass wife. Especially with the vandalism. 

But Trey wouldn't do that so that only leaves one other candidate. I'll deal with her later.

But that's why I wasn't tripping about my stalker. Well, I did trip at first......


"Who's there?!" I yelled as I stood alone in the doctor's office parking lot. I had an appointment today for my baby. 

I was all excited about it too until I walked out my door this morning and found mine and Simone's tires to her car slashed.

That feeling came on strong and I jetted back in my house. I quickly called Simone and she rushed over with Mr. Hamilton in tote. 

Who was doing all of this? Probably that b**** Amber! Boy if I catch her ass out in these streets somewhere she's a dead woman. 

Simone was beginning to get really worried for me. For her sanity and my safety, Mr. Hamilton had a state of the art security system installed in the house, plus he got me a brand new car, fully loaded with that viper car alarm system that projects the snake...

....(I thought that was really how the system works as a child....hehe) and all in a matter of two hours. Ah, the perks of being friends with a billionaire's wife. :)

Anyway, I went on to my appointment later, still with that feeling. Even while I was inside I felt it. Well I've had just about all that I can take. Whoever this is, is about to get it.

"Show yourself damn it! I'm pregnant and..."

"What?!!" he said stumbling from out the bushes. "I thought you were just getting checked out! You're pregnant?!" 

I bulged my eyes in complete shock. 

"Trey?! You sick bastard...."

I lit into his ass. He had his hands up trying to dodge my hits but I was still getting them in. 

"What kind twisted ass s*** are trying to pull huh?! You stalking me now?! Are you f***ing crazy..."

He caught me off guard and grabbed my arms, pinning them down to my sides and pulling me close to him. He proceeded to kiss me with all that was in him, I suspected. 

I was pass dizzy when he pulled back and looked at me with tender eyes.

"Crazy in love with you...yes!"

          (END OF FLASHBACK)

Trey went on to say that he was missing me terribly. He said he knew staying with his pregnant wife and taking care of her was what he SHOULD do, but not what he WANTED to do.

He wanted to be with me he said. He said all the things he said to me that night at the hotel was a lie. He claims he was suppressing his feelings for me.

He then said that he thought I would eventually come crawling back to him, so that way he wouldn't have to. 0_o Nigga please! f*** you think I am?! Desperate?! Not Laila Summers boo!

And now that he knew I was pregnant with his baby (he knew it was his) he knew where he needed to be. I knew too. With his nutcase of a wife!

He was shocked as s*** when I told him to kick rocks. I don't pedal around for no man. Even if it is his seed I'm carrying. He played me all the way to left, when before it was suppose me and him forever. I ain't got time for the back and forth. You left me, me and my baby are great. End of story!

Trey didn't seem to get that concept just yet though. He stays following me now. I just ignore him. What's done is done and I ain't turning back.

He sat down on the bed. "You gone always be my baby." he said leaning to kiss me. I was hesitant but I always give in to his deadly kisses. He reached his hand inside my covers and went straight for my belly. He rubbed it smoothly as we continued kissing. The connection that was there was so strong.

I had my eyes closed but when felt a tear hit my face I opened them. He was looking at me, so lovingly, just like he used to. 

"I love you Laila!"

I sighed. " have a wife and...."

"I'm getting a divorce. I filed the papers today." he said swiftly.

"...Wh...What? Why?"

"I love Amber. I have since jr high. Nut I'm not in love with her. We've grown together and apart in the 13 years of our relationship. We've just ran our course. I'm not trying to hurt her and I know I'll hurt her more if I stay and play this out for our child. That environment wont be good for us or the baby so it's best I end it now."

I just sat there. "Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because when the divorce is finalized....I want you to be my wife! Please Laila! I know you love me too. Say you'll be mine and marry me!" he begged.

I looked him in his eyes. "............"



This is the quietest dinner I've ever been to. You could hear a pen drop in this restaurant. My appetite left before we got here. I've barely touched my food. I'll hear about that when I get home. 

(Maurice says he wants me to grow some more meat on my bones. Ha! But I think he wants to fatten me up another way....hmmm?)

My mom has been shooting daggers at me all night. If I didn't have Maurice's hand on my knee and his voice in my head I'd let her have a piece of my mind.

You should have seen her when Maurice first spoke to them. My dad shook his hand but she had the audacity to just look at his like it dog poop on it. He withdrew. I was so embarrassed.

I knew Maurice wouldn't be phased by it, I just don't like that it happened. She can be so juvenile sometimes.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you guys. My Moni here has told me so much about you." he said wrapping his arm around me.

"To bad we can't say the same about you." my mom, Sarah,...

...said slyly. "Although there's nothing NOT known about you. Down to what size condoms you wear." she said giving him a once over. She was taking it there early. Btw, that wasn't a compliment. 

My dad gasped, appalled. Maurice clenched his jaw to keep from laughing in her face. He was only respecting her cause she's my mother. Insults don't bother him. 

He could handle them and handle mine too, if necessary. He didn't have to now though, cause two can play at this game. 

"Well I don't know. Cause we've never used any! Come on and let's get this shindig over with!" I said walking towards Terry, who was waiting for us at the limo.

I could hear my dad and Maurice snicker at the face I knew my mom gave me. Idc! I got in the limo and waited for them. Maurice entered first.

"That wasn't very lady like..." he chastised. "...but it was funny. So I'll let you slide. That was your only freebie."

I smiled at him trying to make me light hearted. How sweet!

"I have a feeling that I'll rack up a number of infractions before the end of the evening." I leaned in and whispered. "...I NEED to be reprimanded for my bad behavior!" I grinned devilishly.

"I look forward to disciplining you!" he said nibbling my ear and letting my pearl's favorite 'toy' run in and out of it.

I was two seconds from jumping his bones when my parents got in. Heck!

"So where are we going and how long are we going to be. I have better..." my dad, Daniel,....

....stopped her mid sentence. "I'm sure it'll be just fine, where ever it is." he said. I love my dad. He was always the one to give things a chance.

"I had Maurice rent out my favorite restaurant, Pablo Naruba, so we could have a private, nice dinner." I smiled looking at him.

My mom scoffed. "The place that serves the $200 dinner rolls?" she rolled her eyes. "I think that's ridiculous for people to spend that kind of money. Just showing off!"

I wasn't trying to show off to them. Impress, maybe. I just wanted this evening to be special. At that very moment I wanted to do two things. Tell her to go to hell and go home. But I couldn't because Maurice wouldn't let me. 

I had nothing to say after that and everyone has been quiet since. Once the silence got to loud, my dad broke it.

"So did you meet our angel?" he asked.

"That's rhetorical if I've ever heard." my mom mumbled. I glared at her. She's making me out to be some kind of hoe.

He cleared his throat. "I met her at a pie tasting event six weeks ago." he answered looking at me, endearingly. 

"Her beauty caught my eye as soon as I walked through the door. It was love at first sight for me. We've been together ever since." he said kissing my palm.

Awwww. He's going to make me fall in love with him too. My dad nodded with a smile. 
"Well it seems like she's smitten with you. I'll be honest in saying, I was a bit disturbed about finding out my daughter was married, to a billionaire, over the evening news. I was thinking why in the world..."

"It's obvious why Daniel..." my mom interjected. "....she's pregnant."

I almost chocked on my water. "Excuse me?!"

"You basically said it with that smart ass condom comment you made. Why else would a billionaire marry you?! All this talk about love! He doesn't love you! He feels sorry for you because he knocked you up!" she retorted.

I could feel Maurice grip my thigh. His patience was wearing thin with her.

"I can assure you Mrs. Dixon that Simone is not pregnant. Also I would never marry her for such a reason. I truly love her. More than myself." he said, heartfelt. I almost melted.

"Oh please. I may not be rich but I'm not dumb either. What could you possibly love about her? You two barely even know each other. Plus she's way out of your league...."

"Mommy!" I said flabbergasted. I can't believe she just said that. She looked at me head on.

"You must have really wanted to be in TV. Had to sleep your way to the top. I thought I raised you better than that Simone!" she said with her voice filled with disappointment. 

"That's enough Sarah!" my dad warned her.

"Wouldn't be surprised to find out your starring in one of those pornographic films. 'f*** My Boss' Vol. 1 featuring Simone as 'The Gold Digger'!"

The next thing I knew...I was going across the table for her neck.....

TREY LIFT THAT SHIRT UP!!!! I swear I want to jump in this story and slap him!!! He ain't trynna go to a doc appt?! Nothing?! I'm happy he said Laila cuz wifey need a clue! Her crazy ass. I can't stand her lol.

Okay to Simone and Maurice. I hope this doesn't end their happy honeymoon phase with Jim meeting the folks. Hopefully he turns on his charm.

And that telepathy stuff is creepy af! Lol if be tripping of I could hear my mans thoughts lol

Run it!

O_o Ohhhh Noo he didn't !!!! its about to go down.. I am mad that she is really tryna go through with this, smh .. hoes!!

I think her dad might have to warm up to Maurice alittle but her mom aint with it at all..

Runnn It

You'll see what happens with Nautia, later! I'll try to add again real soon!!

Laila? Amber bout to go TF off on Trey. And that just means Trey is only with Amber because of the baby and he wants Laila. Laila needs to let Trey know.

Awww. Maurice is meeting the in-laws. I hope that goes well. I still wonder how he does that telepathy s***.

What happened to Nautia and her plan?

We need another add!


"Simone Tenne' Dixon-Hamilton. Suma Cum Laude. Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications!" the dean of students announced.

Cameras flashed everywhere! Every major media outlet was here to see ME walk across the stage. I felt like a star!

"That's my b****! You go girl! Whoooo!" Laila screamed at the top of her lungs. I hung my head in embarrassment.

"That's my baby! That's my baby!" my dad hollered as well. More embarrassment. My mom just smiled. (fake)

"Get it Mrs. Hamilton!" Mecey, Natasha and Shawnie elongated. I'm starting to blush.

'Congratulations are in order....later' I could hear in my head. I looked at him at he winked. I'm as red as my cap and gown.

Whew! Finally, after four long years of hard work and dedication, I'm graduating! Honestly, the last month was the hardest part.

This past month has been BANANAS!!!
From getting married, to becoming the overnight topic of conversation of the world, to this point, was a whirlwind.  Things are just crazy!

I didn't know at first how I was going to adjust my old life to my new addition. :) Maurice is sooo well known, which made me known too. All before I was just invisible, little ol Simone. Now I'm 'Mrs. Hamilton' as everyone address me. Hehe!  

I was on the cover of every magazine, headline news for every gossip column and TV program. Everyone wanted to know me! Be me! It was overwhelming. 

My husband, God I love saying that, schooled me quickly on how to manage and handle the media. I take it one day at a time now and it's getting better with each passing one. 

Being in the limelight is tough though. Take my first day back at school for example. You could have sworn I was the first lady of the United States with the way they treated me. With good and bad regard.

The dean of students all but handed me my diploma and told me I didn't have to finish out the semester if I didn't want to, being it was only three weeks left. 

It didn't hurt he was a friend of my husband's family and he felt obligated, almost honored even, to offer this option to me.

I had pretty much fulfilled all my requirements as far as he was concerned. I told him I couldn't do that though.

I don't like things handed to me. I like to work for them, so him basically 'saying' I graduated wasn't going to fly with me. It wouldn't with my husband either. There's that word again....

When that happened, or lack there of, then all of my professors decided to give me special treatment, saying I could turn in my assignments whenever I needed to because they knew I had 'better things to do!' 

Did I mention that all my professors were either women or gay men?! Smh. I didn't take that offer either.

And the girls on campus! Oh my word....were they off the chain! Some threw shade so much that, if I were a white girl, I'd be pale as a ghost! But others, were just too outlandish.

I lost count on the chicks walking up to me asking for threesomes! A threesome?! What the fu...fudge they think this is?! My husband and I are monogamous. His freaky deaky days with other women are over! I told them all as much too!

A few had the unmitigated gall to laugh in my face and all but say 'we'll see!' Now see that right there, could really get you popped! 

NOBODY messes with MY man! 

These harlots couldn't just let me be great! My husband spoke, telepathically, to me numerous times when I was about to stomp a few of them. I had to take it to the limit a couple of times, which resorted in punishments. Not that I minded. ;)

I'm just glad to be moving on from the constancy of all that. I'm praying that once I start working that I encounter people who aren't into all the fuss about me.

I got hired at SunDial. They gave me my dream job. I am now the new Head Broadcasting Producer for all of their cable programming.

I was nervous at first about accepting the job. Why? For one, I didn't even apply for it, didn't know it was available. I smelled a rat quickly, named Maurice. 

He had basically told me I could have one or more of his networks to do as I pleased with. I declined. No offense to him, but I didn't want him to just give me what I've work so hard for, just because we're married.

He gives me the world already, when all I need is him. (Sappy I know! Lol!) He didn't like that I didn't accept it, but let me be, technically. (Like I said, I know he had something to do with me getting that job.) 

Seeing as I had no real experience, Maurice gave me some pointers on what to do and how to run things. He's so smart, I wish I could sex his mind sometimes. No judging. He does it to me!

I'm so excited! I can't wait until Monday! But right now...I'm about face a big obstacle I've been avoiding for four weeks. Maurice...meeting my folks!

He greeted me....

...with a sweet peck to my lips. I smiled as best I could.

He saw right through it. "You're still apprehensive." he said plainly. 

I nodded. "I'm not sure how this is going to go." I said wearily.

He rubbed my arms. "I told you not to worry your pretty little head. This will be fine. Parents love me!" he joked.

I laughed a little. "With what you're known for, I highly doubt that!"

He whispered in my ear. "Ah! Scared they'll find out about our video in Bora Bora...."

I blushed feverishly. We swore never to speak of that unless we were alone and able to rip each others clothes off soon after. Needless to say, we were the stars of our porn convention! Ugh!! Its no fair he's standing here cool, calm and collected and all hot and bothered.....

"Ahem!" I heard a voice clear behind me. I knew who it was. Oh we go. Maurice turned from me and extended his hand.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dixon......"



"Where the hell have you been?!"

He smacked his lips. "Not tonight Amber! I'm not in the mood!"

"With me, you never are! I wonder why that is?" I said folding my arms across my chest. "Now again, where were you?! I've been waiting on for three hours and..."

"I had to work late...again." he said dryly, looking me in my eyes. 

I sighed. "...Well that's the third time this week. What they got you doing at the plant that's so time consuming?" I quizzed.

"I volunteered. Just give us some extra cash. For the baby." he said quickly.

Trey works at P&G. That 85 an hour be hitting us off proper as it is. Plus my  job at the boutique is my play money. Even with my frivolous ass, I know we don't need no 'extra' cash! Something ain't right!

But I don't want to start pointing fingers at him, for him to turn them around on me...and he find out I'm not pregnant! So I'll let him be...for now.

"Oh. Ok." I said walking up to him placing soft kisses on his neck. He gripped my hips and rubbed my fake baby bump. 

This thing is so cool. And realistic. It inflates and deflates to the size you need it to be. It even has motion sensors to make it feel like a baby is moving inside. Almost makes me wish it was real.

"How bout we go start working on my son's sister!" Trey said sensually, nibbling my ear.

I giggled. "We haven't had my daughter yet and you're already on to the next!" I said.

He nodded as he scooped me up and made his way to the couch with me. He tried to lift my shirt over my head, but I stopped. Thankfully I had on a tube top shirt. I lowered it to give him access to my breast.

He waist no time taking each one in his mouth, sweetly sucking them, just how I liked. It had been a minute for us, and was so ready to feel him deep inside me.

I flipped him on his back and straddled him, going straight for his belt buckle. He lifted up my skirt. I made sure not to far, so he wouldn't see anything. 

I moved my panties to the side and just as I released my homie lover friend from his boxers. I was so wet for him, I could feel my juices already starting to flow down my thighs.

I slid down on him and we both gasped at the feeling.

"Ah....I missed this so much Laila!...oops!"



Run it! Asap!

Going to try my best and add tonight. I'm kinda behind! Sorry :(

I really wonder what Nautia has up her sleeve.

I think Laila should tell Trey about the baby so his crazy wife wont try to steal the baby.

Maurice and Simone are adorable.

Update Soon!

Run It :)

she is really plotting to get maurice.. jealous of a lil girl ha... i hope chris dont fall for it.. run it plz

Ok, mistress no life having ass is really pissing me the hell off. I hate desperate b****es! U look sad! And Kenya's dumbass just goin right along with the s***. U gon feel real sorry when u get caught. I love how genuine Maurice is with Simone though. He really does care, and that's a relieving feeling to realize that she's not being played, or knowing his reasoning for why exactly he is how he is with her. I'm understanding him a lot better now, even though I still may not agree with all of it. I'm never gonna get over him tricking her into marrying him and s*** lol Run this s***!