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Breaking Down Barriers

"<a href="">Drea</a>, are you sure this is just going to be an in and out thing?" She rolled her eyes, "<a href="">Cam</a>, I promise you that this won't take long." I sighed and leaned back in my seat. I had more important things to tend to than sit around and party with Andrea and her boyfriend. She finally pulled up to the club and put the car in park. I got off and trailed behind her. She stopped and waited for me. "C'mon girl, lighten up. One day of partying will not kill you. Now walk like the bad b**** you are and let's go." She said linking our arms and walking to the front of the line. Immediately the bouncer let us in. The bass of the club shook the floor as body odor smacked me in the face. "C'mon, he's up in VIP." She said pointing up to the area above the dancefloor. She dragged me up the stairs and the bodyguard there let us in. We walked past various people who were sitting on the couch with females who were just being plain dirty. "Hey babe!" Drea said embracing <a href="">him</a>. I stopped in my tracks, I couldn't believe Andrea's new boo was Marcus. I slowly walked up a fake smile on my face, she finally pulled out from their make-out session. "Cam, this is my boo Trigga. Trigga, my bestfriend Cameron." He smiled, "Nice to meet you Cameron." I looked at him then away. "Please enoy yourself." He said motioning to the bottles that were being brought up.

I really couldn't be here, seeing Marcus brought back to much that I just couldn't bare to handle. After two hours of declining every drink and dance offer that came my way I got up and decided to go find Andrea to tell her I was leaving, I looked around the VIP area in search of her. She was nowhere, I began my journey down the steps and into the large crowd. I was too busy searching for Andrea's face that I didn't see <a href="">him</a>. I stepped back as I felt the wetness sinking into my dress. "This s*** would happen to me!" I said as I looked down to see the stain that was sure to form. "Yo, i'm---" I held my hand up. "It's fine." I said shoving past him. I had finally found Andrea by the bar with Marcus. "Dre." I said tapping her, she turned around her eyes glossed over. I knew she was faded. "Marcus look, my bestfriend is here!" She said her words slurred. "C'mon we need to get you home." I said grabbing her forearm. She pulled away, "No, I don't want to go.I want to stay with Trigga." I looked at him with pleading eyes. "C'mon babe, Cameron is right." She pouted, "But baby..." "C'mon i'll take you to the car." He said holding her up. I trailed behind. We made it back to her car and he sat her in the backseat buckling her up and shutting the back door. "Thank you." I said trying to walk around him but he stopped me. "How are you Cam?" I kept looking down. "Marcus, I need to get her home." "How's my <a href="">son</a>?" I looked up at him. "He'd be better if his daddy would come around more often." I said shoving past him.